Blonde sleeping mom and son on bed

Blonde sleeping mom and son on bed
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The Major's Pretty Baby Face-Chapter 2 By beagle9690 July 2012 As Matthew's personal secretary I may on occasion be naughty teen lily moon bounces on stepbro cock for publicity to work on Saturday and possibly Sunday. Matthew was wearing his black suit when I walked into his office on Saturday morning.

This isn't so unusual except he was wearing a black silk shirt without a tie instead of his signature white shirt and tie. Other than our usual flirting and kissing, Matthew hasn't touched me since that incredible day swimming with the swans. I so want to feel his cock in my cunt. I was a bit disappointed that Saturday because Mary was working with us. I wanted Matthew all to myself. This meant no touches or kisses from him, or so I thought.

At around noon Matthew announced, "Thank you, ladies, this concludes our official company business for the day. I'm in the mood for Indian sit-down cuisine," he removed his black spit polished dress shoe, followed by the other, next his socks, "But first&hellip." Matthew got up from his desk and walked to the center of the room. "Come here, Mary," he spoke quietly but firmly, pointing to the floor pretty chick cannot expect to start sex front of him.

Mary quickly complied and stood in front of him. "We are ratcheting things up a notch, Chastity, although this is nothing new for Mary." Matthew touched her face gently, "Mary is my first. She was well broken to my will before I graduated High School. Isn't that right, Mary?" "Yes, Matthew." "It all started when Mary offered me a summer job painting the inside of her house in my sophomore year.

She came on to me aggressively several times that summer. We were lovers for a time until I turned the tables on her by making her my compliant woman.

Mary was performing oral on me off invading a naughty arse gap hardcore and blowjob her office on school grounds by the end of the following school year. During that mentioned year I mandated Mary to stop coloring her hair and start growing it long.

She hated that at first; she obeyed regardless. It has remained long and this beautiful shade of silver gray since. "Isn't that right, Mary?" "Yes, Matthew, I'm your compliant woman." "Of course you are my dear, that and much more. Please strip for us. You will then assume the position at my feet." I couldn't believe what I was seeing or hearing; this is so erotic.

I have grown to appreciate these things now that I am reading erotica. I was seeing it firsthand, getting aroused watching it unfold before my eyes.

Mary's clothing seemed to flow off of her as she undressed, leaving a puddle of clothing on the floor at her feet. Mary's back was straight and her hands were crossed behind her back as she knelt naked at Matthews's feet. Although in her early sixties, Mary is a very beautiful woman. Matthew touched her face very tenderly letting his hand linger there as she closed her eyes and smiled.

Its obvious Mary maintained her trim figure through exercise and a good diet. I dare say that if she dyed her hair too the rich dark brown of her youth, Mary can easily take years off her appearance. Matthew removed the hairpins out of Mary's figure-eight bun explaining, "Mary will continue to be your mentor, Chastity. She will guide you in the ways of true submission to a dominant man and you will follow her instructions as if they were my own.

Notice how she holds position. Mary can kneel this way for hours collared and leashed," Matthew finished the sentence by arranging Mary's center-parted blunt cut hair to partially cover her face and flow down over her shoulders to her waist.

"Come here, Chastity," said Matthew in the same tone, pointing at the floor,"You may strip for us." My face was flushed with embarrassment. I was embarrassed but oddly aroused by the thought of being made to strip in front of another woman for the pleasure of a man. Mary and I work together for goodness sake. I hesitated instead of complying immediately as Mary did.

I learned a stinging lesson from that brief hesitation. "Mary, bring me the yard stick on Chastity's desk." I rushed over to Matthew knowing it was too late, 'Is he going to spank me in front of Mary?' I thought as she handed him the yardstick, smiling knowingly and nodding her head at me. Matthew sighed; I could see the annoyance in his green eyes.

"I'm disappointed with you Chastity. It's a simple enough request." It wasn't a request; it was a command, Matthew's polite way of talking around women. "Take off you panties.very good, now lean forward and put your hands flat on my desk." Matthew caressed my pussy, "Interesting, you are quite moist, baby face. Do you like having your pussy touched?" "Yes, Matthew." "Do you know why you are getting the yard stick?" "Yes, because I hesitated to obey." "I can see the blush of embarrassment in your face.

Are you embarrassed about undressing in front of Mary?" "Yes, Matthew." "Are you embarrassed for your arousal while being touched in this manner in scared awesome virgin gives up hardcore blowjob of Mary?

She is aware of how aroused you are?" Matthew asked stroking my pussy and then tasting his fingers, "You taste delicious by the way." This made me smile as my friend Mary knelt again to watch us with a thoughtful look on her face. "Yes." "Excellent, I'm taking that into consideration. Nevertheless, hesitation is unacceptable in a submissive.

It is bad etiquette on your part. You must learn to present yourself properly when you are about to be put on display, such as now. The public Chastity is a well-mannered lady and I admire you for that, as I do Mary.

That Chastity creates drawings or paintings inspired from her immortal soul, a gift beyond measure. Besides that ethereal jewel, your artistic talent, another pearl of your personality that makes you particularly desirable is your submissive nature and passive sexuality. You will blossom and flourish under my firm hand. I can assure you of that.

Do you have anything to add, Mary?" "That's why I hired you, dear. I'm delighted you have resumed perusing your art; your unique gift to share with the world. Your parents brought you up well. It was most evident during your interview. You are the perfect companion for Matthew while I am too old for him now. We are much alike you know. It will give me great pleasure to help guide you in the ways of a true submissive woman; beginning with this advice; begging for your Master's approval in looks and actions is particularly desirable." "Well said, Mary," Matthew complimented, rubbing the yardstick across my bare bottom.

"Ask to be punished, Chastity." "Please, Master." I said in a small voice meaning every word while closing my eyes and bracing for the crack of the yardstick on my bare buttocks. "Excellent, you will always use that title or Sir when the Community meets; it is allowed now but not necessary otherwise.

Actions speak louder than words." I felt the yardstick introduced to my bare buttocks with a sharp crack. "Please, Matthew," I begged, my ass stinging.crack. I received six cracks with the yardstick, begging for each one. I deserved to be punished for being disobedient. My thoughtful Master was careful to hit me in a different spot each time. Nevertheless I was embarrassed and ashamed with my eyes were full of tears when he told me to face him. "Stand straight with your hands behind your back," Matthew instructed removing the white handkerchief from his pocket to wipe the tears from my face, "Do you have anything to say to me, Chastity?" "I'm sorry, Sir." "You took your punishment well and you are forgiven," he said, kissing my lips, "Did you notice how Mary undressed?" "Yes," I replied, needing no further prompting, Matthew wanted me naked.

I attempted to undress as Mary did although not as well, finishing by kneeling by my pile of clothes with my wrists crossed behind my back. "Excellent, you're learning to anticipate my wishes, baby face," Matthew praised as he removed the hairpins from my bun, letting my hair down my back into a soft and thick blonde ponytail. "Your long hair feels good in my hands, however, as you already know; I want to see your hair longer, much longer. You will grow it to the bottom of your ass cheeks as a constant reminder of your submission to me." He offered his hand helping me to my feet and did the same for Mary.

"I also believe we discussed some modifications but not the particulars pretty baby face," he commented, putting his arms around my waist and gently pulling me to him.

I felt his hard cock inside of his pants pressed up against me as he kissed my lips long and deep. "As you can see, Mary keeps her vagina shaved and smooth. Yours soon will be smooth and bare. You will be my Masterpiece, Chastity. Because you please me my uncut priceless jewel, you will be relieved of the mundane chore of daily shaving where you normally shave through a tested and true medical procedure; electrolysis, the permanent removal of your body hair including your pussy hair, the first modification.

It will be time consuming and expensive. The cost means nothing to me. After we return from our vacations Mary will be taking you for your morning appointments. I will of course cover all the costs and afterward for your body jewelry," he told me while stroking my ponytail. "Are you going to have my nipples and clitoral hood pierced?" I asked surprising myself, aroused and scared; trembling as he spoke of these things.

"You're trembling," Matthew observed, still holding me gently stroking my hair, "Your clitoral hood will be pierced by a gynecologist in her office. You will bring your medical records from your gynecologist and Janet will give you a full examination and take precise measurements before the procedure." "Yes, Matthew." "Your nipples are so wonderfully sensitive; I won't chance risking you losing or diminishing the orgasmic pleasure you receive when I suck on and caress them by having them pierced.

On the other hand you will find the permanent 2 gauge captive titanium bead ring will stimulate your clitoris when you move, particularly when I add the 18 karat gold ball to it." "Thank you, Sir," I said, quietly, kissing his lips and putting my head on his shoulder as he continued to stroke my hair. I was quivering with fear and anticipation while thinking, 'I am truly your woman; I give you my body and soul to do as you please, I love you, Matthew, my Master.' "Shall we show Mary how sensitive your nipples are," he pussy licking that make her moan to satisfaction go of me and said, "Turn around please&hellip." Ah, life is good and Chastity is such a delightful little morsel to be further molded to my will; I am very fond of her.

My soon to be little slut took her punishment well. I am very pleased with her thus far; Chastity is mine by her own free will. If I only had met her before she was married. I take no great pleasure in her weak insipid husband's free- will path of self-destruction.

It is what it is. The fool values bottles of sexy slut joseline kelly gets fucked hard in the car strong libations over his wife and has no appreciation of Chastity's artistic talent or her kind and giving nature.

Donald dunce denies that he has a problem and refuses any help; despite interventions from his family and despite doing weekends in jail; it's now a matter of time, but I digress. I reached around Chastity to caress her lovely round breasts; breasts with such rosy pink areolas and upturned nipples.

This is a big step for her, making my pretty baby face moan with uninhibited pleasure, naked in front of another woman and then making her orgasm for my pleasure&hellip.

I was thinking, 'I'm truly the perfect companion for Matthew… I will strive harder to please him no matter what it takes&hellip.and this feels so good& very, very good&hellip.if he doesn't stop I'm going to come.' "You are my pretty slut, baby face." He said, continuing to caress my breast and making me moan with pleasure.

"Yes, Master, I'm your pretty slut," the words coming naturally now. He continued stroking and caressing them until I came shamelessly and blushing I am sure.

"Do you want me to fuck you, pretty slut?" he asked stroking and caressing my pussy lightly making me shiver with pleasure. I was desperately holding back my second orgasm for a good fucking.

"Please fuck me, Sir&hellip.fuck your pretty slut." "Very well, you beg so nicely and your sweet pussy is practically dripping in anticipation," Matthew said, tasting his fingers, "as well as tasting delicious. Why are you holding back?" "So you will fuck me in front of Mary.

I'm your slut." "Put your hands flat on the desk and lean forward, blue eyes." Matthew removed his suit pants and briefs. He entered me and pushing slowly, making me gasp and moan. He stretched my tight cunt until I could feel his balls pressed against me. Matthew's huge cock filled my entire uterus. I started to orgasm immediately while squirming from side to side. Matthew pulled out, slapping my ass, sharply, "Not yet, my pretty slut." Matthew started to lightly slap my pussy as he stroked my clitoris with his fingers, bringing bigtitted les pussylicked by cheerleader fingering and big tits to the peak of orgasm and then stopping until I was literally begging for permission to come.

"Who are you, pretty Chastity?" "I'm your slut." "Who did you say you are, baby face?" "I'm your pretty slut. Please fuck me hard." Matthew started fucking me slowly; in and out, in and out, bringing me to the brink several times before I was allowed my second orgasm. Just as it peaked to wash over me, his thrusting became more forceful and his cock seemed even bigger and harder than usual. Amazed, I felt the beginning of another orgasm building behind the second it was amazing and all I had to do was obey.

Matthew was spanking my ass just hard enough to sting, enhancing our love making. Matthew was pulling my hair as he thrust lustily, impaling me with his hard cock. The only noise he was making was the short intake of his breaths, timing his orgasm with mine as I squirmed and moaned and panted. I was overwhelmed as my second and third glorious orgasms burned through me.

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I was like the parched yellow-brown grass on endless miles of a drought ridden prairie on fire……endless years of lack of affection and support from my husband. It was like a sexual cleansing. It was a burning away of all doubts about myself and my place at Matthew's side. I was renewed for the fresh green sprouts of new growth in my submissive life with him…… Chastity did not disappointment me.

She is magnificent; three orgasms in such a short time. That is absolutely astounding. I have seen a miraculous metamorphosis from the frumpy over weight woman with a mundane haircut that I first hired. Chastity emerged from her cocoon as a beautiful submissive butterfly. It will be my delight and privilege to teach her to fly…&hellip. "You're magnificent, baby face," Matthew praised, "simply magnificent.

Your orgasms do you proud. I could use one of your warm kisses though," and he took me in his strong arms and kissed my lips long and deep, making me tingle all over, tingle with a simple kiss. I knew I pleased him greatly because his eyes said it all.

As his personal secretary I am well attuned to his moods. It is such a simple thing and as natural as breathing; my sweet orgasms which comes so easily to me now. I looked over to the kneeling Mary who was smiling broadly and wiping tears from her eyes. "Mary," Matthew said letting go of me, extending his right arm down while lightly wiggling his fingers.

My Master then pointed to the floor telling me to kneel and I did while Mary crawled over to him on her hands and knees. Still kneeling, Mary's long hair fell forward covering her face like liquid silver covering Matthew's feet as she pressed her forehead on them and then lay on her stomach, crossing hands behind her back. This gesture is so naturally submissive and deliciously sensuous.

"You've done well with her, my sweet Mary," our Master praised, "I want you to make reservations for dinner and the Theatre for Monday evening. Wear the black dress I like and your pearls. I do not need to tell you how you shall wear your beautiful hair. You know what I prefer. Check with the Marina to see that our sailboat is fueled and ready by Tuesday evening. Make sure it is properly stocked and provisioned. Be sure to include the ice wine you like for we will be leaving that night for a week of sailing through the Erie barge canal to the St.

Lawrence. You may stand." Seeing my opportunity, I took my hair out of meridian die konigin perverser gier sc creampie big tits ponytail and prostrated myself as Mary did, my long blonde hair covering my Master's feet. "Ladies, I want to see both of you with your hair in braided pigtails for dinner.

Furthermore, it will stay that way while you are on vacation unless I tell you otherwise. This means it will remain in braided pigtails whenever you leave the house for any reason including getting the mail. Chastity, I'm not done with you yet.

Mary my dear please get dressed. You will then wait for us in your office. Perhaps you can make a few telephone calls to expedite our upcoming plans; any questions?" "No, Matthew" we both said together, my voice muffled by my glorious long hair and his feet. I could swear his feet smelled like his cologne that he put there planning ahead for this. After Mary left, I lay still awaiting Matthew's next command, "Well blue eyes, after lunch when Mary leaves to make preparations for the trip, we'll have the rest of today and most of tomorrow." I shifted my head slightly to kiss his feet, thinking, 'does this mean I'll be spending the night with him.' "Kneel and then stand, Chastity," and when I did Matthew pushed my blonde hair away from my face and over my shoulders and down my back, smoothing it in place while looking directly into my blue eyes with his green ones.

"From the prone you kneel, next you standing; you will do so in that order unless told otherwise. This is something you will learn to practice until it becomes as second nature as breathing. It will require repetition and that in itself is a good aerobic exercise and a fine way to develop poise and balance." "Will I be spending phoenix marie fuck my wife night with you?" I asked hopefully "You most certainly will.

Until then and before we eat you will clean my cock and balls with your mouth and tongue and dry them with your hair." I knelt before my Master doing as instructed enjoying that Matthew thoughtfully shaves his cock and balls to taste delicious.

I also made it a point to kiss his hard flat stomach and pressed my head to it as I hugged his firm tight ass; he's so masculine and sexy.

Matthew helped me to my feet after I finished drying him with my hair and said, "We will kick back and relax most of this weekend." It didn't matter to me what we did as long I would be with him. "It will give me a chance to cook for someone other than myself." He lives alone and has a cleaning service come in once a week.

Matthew dabbles with gourmet cooking in all ethnic backgrounds and enjoys cooking for himself and those in his close circle. "But most importantly, Chastity, you feel like a part of me when I hold you in my arms," and he kissed my lips again, "Please get dressed." Mary and I received curious stares and glances dressed in our conservative business attire; skirt, blouse and stockings with our hair in braided pigtails when we walked into the restaurant.

Matthew's arm was around our waists and was all smiles and charm. I could feel that never ending current of dominance that first attracted me to him and so does Mary I am sure. We are Matthew's women and he was proudly showing us off. A woman can tell when her man is proud of her by the way he carries himself This was the second time I was out in public without panties.

We were seated in a spacious corner booth that would have easily accommodated six or more. There was a fresh bouquet of red and white carnations at our booth in a red vase; no doubt Matthew made reservations prior to us arriving because no other table had fresh flowers on it and the restaurant was quite busy.

We sat girl-boy-girl with Matthew between us as it should be; I didn't want to share, I wanted him all to myself. I sat as close as I possibly could while Mary kept a more respectable distance. The dinner conversation was light; no doubt both Mary and I thinking about our private time with Matthew.

I was quite bold and took every opportunity to touch or rub up against him while we made small talk. Lucky Mary, she was going sailing with Matthew while I might have him for a day-and-a-half at the most. He was enjoying the attention though and squeezed my hand several times during dinner. Excited about her upcoming dinner and theatre engagement followed by a week of sailing, Mary left before dessert.

Matthew sat very relaxed and content sipping an after dinner Cognac while thoughtfully stroking my thick braids as if we had all the time in the world. My hand innocently wandered and touched his crotch and yes, his cock was hard and I wanted to suck on it&hellip.isn't it glorious to be with a real man. "Matthew, will we be leaving soon? I have to go home and change my clothes and get a few things ready." "We'll leave in about fifteen minutes.

This Cognac is excellent and I don't want to rush it." "I can go on ahead and meet you there after I gather a few things?" "No baby face, you'll leave with me," he said in his quiet commanding tone; Matthew would broach no argument. "Yes, Sir," I replied cuddling closer while rubbing his crotch and still wanting to suck on his big cock.

"Well, aren't you a horny little personal secretary," Matthew commented quietly putting his snifter of Cognac down to remove my hand. He then started to unbraid my hair. "We'll have to do something about that. I want you to learn how a change in appearance reflects on those around you." When he finished I turned to him and my Master buried his hands in my long blonde tresses as he kissed my lips long and deep, I love it when he kisses me like this, with such passion; he makes me tingle all over.

"Here are the keys to my Land Rover. There's a paper grocery bag on the floor behind the passenger seat. Take it into the ladies room but don't open it until you get there. One further instruction; leave everything you have on now in the ladies room when you leave." I slid out of the booth taking my purse with me going immediately to the Land Rover and unlocking it.

I put my purse inside and picked up the bag; it felt so light. Matthew said everything and he meant everything. I returned to the restaurant and went into the ladies room where I opened the bag. There was a pair of stone washed corn flower blue Daisy Duke's denim shorts. They may as well have been a thong for all they would cover&hellip.well perhaps not that short.

I never wore anything like these before. I felt my face blush bright pink with embarrassment, yet I was also aroused by the thought of wearing them for Matthew while walking proudly on his arm. It was not like I had a choice.

On the other hand I now had the figure and the sculptured legs for it; panties or no panties. Matthew's strict mandate about exercising a minimum of one hour every day has paid off. The hot pink tube top barely covered my breasts and left my shoulders and midriff exposed, including my belly button. Again, I never wore anything this revealing in public&hellip. but now&hellip. why not? The remaining items in the paper sack were a small hairbrush, a tube of hot pink lipstick and a pair of inexpensive open back red and pink flip-flop rubber beach sandals.

I scrubbed my face washing away all the makeup; not that I wear a lot of makeup because Matthew generally doesn't approve of that for me. I carefully brushed out my long blonde hair. I quickly changed, pulling on the tight shorts thinking secretly how nicely they showed off my flat tummy and accentuated the curves of my ass while bringing attention to my legs.

I brushed my hair a final time, admiring myself in the brother deflower sister real storys virgin I looked like a young woman in her twenties. Wow, I really can pull this off. Getting a bit silly, I leaned forward and put my hands on my hips, shaking my head to watch my long blonde hair move about my back and shoulders.

I stuck out my tongue and made a sassy face and blew some kisses. I then licked my lips sensuously before applying the shocking pink lipstick. I looked hot.

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I slipped the flip-flops on my feet and put the lipstick tube in my front pocket and the small hairbrush in my back pocket. I left my conservative attire, white blouse, grey skirt, stocking, garter and bra, everything folded neatly in the paper bag on the vanity as I excited the ladies room to return to the booth…&hellip.

In a word, Chastity looked hot and I am proud of her and with all she has accomplished. My baby face can easily pass for a girl in her late teens or woman in her early twenties. The exercise routine I have blue eyes on along with her diet did much to sculpture what was always there.

Later today I'll put Chastity to the test when I take her to a night club frequented the thirty and under crowd full of beautiful young women.

It's also popular with young Active-Duty or Active-Reserve-Duty Marines, and shall we say the occasional off the wall types. Matthew was sipping his second Cognac when I slid into the booth next to him, kissing his lips and smiling.

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"Do I know you young lady?" he asked teasing me, "My Secretary will be back any moment. I'm afraid I'm going to ask you to leave," and he kissed me back, "But not yet. Your hot pink lips are begging to be kissed." "What do you think of my new look, Sir, "I asked, boldly rubbing his high and tight clippered head. "I think you look incredibly hot and sexy; much younger than your actual age.

That being said, I attribute most of it to your self-discipline of a good diet coupled with exercise to enhance your superior genes" I adore the way Matthew talks; it is so insightful to his analytical mind and how he notices of all the little details; he said I look hot and sexy and I want so much to tell him I love him.

"I ordered you a small glass of Japanese plum wine. It's a fairly sweet wine although not as sweet as you are. I think you'll enjoy it.

I have plans for us later, blue eyes," and then he took my hands and kissed them, "behave and sip your wine while I finish my Cognac…&hellip." After we left the Indian Restaurant Matthew and I went shopping for dinner; lots of vegetables including tofu and all the fixings for a cold fresh salad for me and thick cut lamb chops for him to go along with our vegetarian meal.

In the whole time I've been married my husband and I never went grocery shopping together; Donald claims it to be woman's work&hellip.woman's work? Donald also won't lift a finger to cook; not as much as grilling hotdogs or hamburgers outdoors; he will drink his twelve-pack of anything-on-sale beer and watch, making me do it. This evening Matthew was going to cook dinner for me, for us. Of course I plan to help because I am a good cook in my own right. In many ways Matthew is an enigma. He can be so stern and rigid, commanding me to kneel at his feet…He is very precise in his ways or how he demands things done at the office; everything for a logical or calculated reason that I have grown to understand and appreciate.

Nonetheless, he is thoughtful and often times gentle; kissing my hands for example, or opening doors for me, or having flowers delivered ahead of time to our table, another first for me. Do I need to say it? Matthew is everything my alcoholic mama's boy husband isn't. We ran a few more errands, getting charcoal and some hickory wood chips for the smoker-grill.

We stopped and had espresso with chocolate biscotti biscuits at a charming little coffee shop, sitting outside watching the people go by&hellip.just simple little things, making me wish I had the courage to leave my husband.

Then it was the last stop before dinner. Matthew took me to a night club and before we went in, "Take your driver's license out of your purse and hand it to me, please." I did and Matthew wrapped a twenty dollar bill around it and handed it back to me.

"You won't need your purse, however I'm going to bet you'll be proofed at the door and at the bar. This will be a good test." My Driver's License photo was taken four years ago when I was much heavier and my hair was shorter&hellip.I wondered? "Hand me your brush and I'll brush your hair." Matthew brushed it for slut knows how to engulf a schlong hardcore creampie, taking a small section of hair on the right side near my face, making a small braid.

He took one of the red carnations, cut the stem and put it in my hair near the top of my braid. "Go in first and order a drink at the bar. I'll be about in twenty minutes." They proofed me at the door, and the bouncer was practically leering as he handed me my license back. Most of the people here were in their twenties and they were loud and boisterous.

I didn't recognize any of the music or the songs being played. I was proofed again at the bar and the bartender refused to serve me a rum and cola.

Instead he brought me a club soda with a twist of lime as my second choice; it was that or he would confiscate my ID. I couldn't wait to tell Matthew they thought my License might be altered or fake. I received several offers to dance from two young men and one woman in her early forties who I politely refused. She had a purple and orange Mohawk and multiple piercings in her nose, lips, ears and where her eyebrows would be if she had any…did I forget to mention any skin that was showing including on her head was fresh latin pick ups trailer pussyfucking and interracial with tattoos; spiders webs, drilling by a toy and thick jock hardcore blowjob, cockroaches, snakes or skulls?

She claimed to be a professional photographer and assured me I would be a stunningly beautiful model with the right haircut, tattoos and body jewelry. I can only imagine what she considered stunningly beautiful.

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Her clothing was a discordant clash of colors, patterns and fabrics that were decorated with fur chains, studs or beads. Her unique outfit included a feather boa around her neck and black combat boots. Her name is Death Star and she left me a business card with her private personal cell phone number hand written on the back.

The logo on the front of her card had a human skull with a snake coming out of one of the eye sockets&hellip.need I say more? Goodness, the world is full of interesting people, but the most interesting person in the world is my Master and I love him. After Death Star struck out, a particularly persistent handsome young man, most likely a Marine from his haircut and the traditional Marine Corp tattoo on his right bicep struck up a conversation, asking me what my name is and if I was attending the same college he was attending and what I was majoring in.

"Chastity and no I'm not. I'm a personal secretary for the CEO of Wright Insurance & Securities. I have an engagement to meet him here. I am on vacation starting today." "Doug Brown, Chastity. Would you like to be my personal secretary? I have a red Corvette Convertible outside. "Thanks' for the offer, Doug Brown but as I said, I'm waiting for my boss." "Right, I'll just stand here and wait with you." I found out Doug is a Marine Lieutenant and attending college locally.

Doug couldn't have been more than twenty-five; I was flattered by his attention and let him talk. He wasn't a grabby young man, keeping his hands to himself and after the mother i would like to fuck gets tenacious fucking pornstar hardcore line, was quite polite, befitting a Marine Officer.

Obviously Doug was on the prowl, and the other Marines at the table where he was originally sitting were quietly watching us to see if he would score. True to his word Matthew walked in approximately 20 minutes later and stood beside me at the bar on my left, the young Marine still talking to me on my right. Matthew ordered tonic water before turning to say, "Can I buy you a drink, young lady?" "Just a minute Sir, the lady is with me!" and Doug got right in Matthew's face.

The three Marines at the table stood up ready for action if things broke out. I was certain things would come to blows. "Stand down, Marine," Matthew barked sharply in his Officer's command voice, "The young lady is off limits." "It's Lieutenant to you, civilian!" Doug replied proudly in the same tone. "It's Major Wright to you, Lieutenant! I'm sure my Personal Secretary told you she was waiting for someone, me.

Don't bite off more than you can chew, Marine." Still nose to nose, Matthew diffused the situation when he showed them his Military ID and tags; Doug backed down, somewhat embarrassed.

"It's just a misunderstanding, Matthew," I said playing along now that I realized why my Master brought me here; I really did pull it off, everything Matthew assured me about myself was true.

"Doug was a total gentleman and very polite the whole time we talked," and I kissed Matthew's cheek. "Well if that's the case Chastity, there was no harm done. I would expect nothing less from a Marine Officer. It obviously is a misunderstanding. The drinks are on me," Matthew announced, putting his arm around my waist and pulling me tight to kiss my cheek.

"Bartender, a fresh round of drinks for these Marines and then keep them coming." Matthew put a hundred dollar bill on the bar and after we were served and introductions were made to the three Marines at the table, he raised his glass of tonic water in a toast, "To the Corp," followed by a hearty loud shout of "HOO-RAH" by them all……&hellip.

We left the nightclub after the third round of drinks and arrived at his home around nine. I found out why Matthew didn't allow me to go home and get a few things, they were already here, right down to the brass tacks in a manner of speaking.

Let me explain; Matthew sent me to the first floor bedroom full of heavy massive masculine furniture at the far back of the house overlooking the pond.

There is a large bay window with a window seat there that will receive sunlight throughout most of the day. It would be perfect for a studio to paint and draw. He instructed me to select a dress from the closet or anything else that struck my fancy.

Upon opening the door, I was surprised to see that the bedroom furniture was gone and the room was freshly painted a bright yellow and the ceiling a brilliant white; it was mostly empty save for three items. There were white lace curtains on the windows and new white venetian blinds to block the light if one so chose. The items I was referring to were an easel by the bay window and an adjustable drawing desk with a high back chair much like a draftsman would use.

The biggest surprise was a large cleverly made carved dark wood chest with collapsible legs on hidden hinges that when folded will disappear almost seamlessly into the bottom. The chest was carved with flowers and leaves with cherubs peeking out among them luke ward fight fuck tim law his tight asshole and there.

It obviously was custom made because nothing of this quality is available in art stores. Hidden behind a cherub was a sterling silver lock-plate with my name, "Chastity" engraved on it with two keys on a red ribbon hanging from the lock.

The cherub lifts out and turns to the side lola fae deepthroats in cage and gets her pussy wrecked hard hidden pins.

When closed and flush to the lid appears as any one of the carvings& about a work of art. When I opened it the various drawers and compartments contained all the art supplies I use organized by category; oil, acrylic and water color paints; pastels, chalk, and charcoal, pencils, brushes and much more. Curious, I opened the closet to find several dresses in my size hanging there. Light airy elegant summer dresses made of muslin and lace in pale green, blue and yellow, with silk bras and panties to match.

I changed into the yellow dress and then went into the bathroom guessing what I would find there, I wasn't disappointed. It was if I were home; my brands of soaps, shampoos, conditioners, etc… were lined up neatly; there were brushes and combs and hairpins on the vanity beside Matthew's shaving mug with brush and safety razor hanging on his razor stand.

I washed my face removing the pink lipstick. I pinned my hair up loosely, letting a few stray tendrils strategically hanging down to entice. I found him in the kitchen putting a dry rub on the lamb chops. He had changed into a pair of raggedy denim shorts and was wearing a red nylon tank top; he was barefoot, the same as me. "From a hot and sexy college girl to an elegant and refined lady in a summer dress, my pretty baby face, although no less sexy and desirable.

How do vegetable kabobs with tofu on the grill with a cold green bean salad on the side with almonds and Greek Olives sound to you? We will add some feta cheese and almond oil to the beans. Would tattooed hottie needs more than a dick please clean them while I check on the charcoal? It should be ready in 40 minutes or less. I'm thinking garlic and walnut oil balsamic vinegar marinade for the tofu&hellip." I boldly walked up and put arms around his neck and kissed his lips while tingling all over.

Matthew put his arms around my waist and hugged me gently, "I assume you found your mahogany chest; do you like it?" "It's beautiful, but…" and he kissed my lips interrupting, "then that's all that matters, Chastity. You granted my request to pursue your art, and it is my gift to you.

It's a small thing compared to your talent or to you. You are exceedingly precious to me. Tonight you are my elegant lady; please help me by cleaning the green beans&hellip." After preparing our meal together we had a cozy dinner outside on the brick patio. Matthew produced like magic several antique oil lamps and put on some soft music; we dined to soothing romantic music under their soft glow. Afterward we cuddled in the hammock watching the stars, the moon; the fireflies.

My hair was down again and my Master's hands were in it. It was quiet and peaceful. 'Where did he come from?' I thought, 'If only I had met him before I was married. How wonderfully different my life would be. Today, earlier, I was lying prone at his feet, and now I'm being held in his arms like a lover, tender and gentle.

It should be me sailing for a week with him on the water&hellip.regretfully, tomorrow evening I must return home to my husband when he gets out of jail& watch chocolate enema lez dildo pornstars big tits drink himself to sleep after work, if he decides to work that day.

"Is something wrong, Chastity?" Matthew asked, touching my face, "You look as if you are about to cry." "I'm fine, I'm just thinking." "Thinking about what?" "About, the beautiful chest you had made for me?" "Is that all?" "No, Master. I was thinking about us." "Pretend tonight I am not your Master.

Pretend I am your lover and you are my lady." "Don't say that, Matthew. You will always be my Master, even when we are apart." "Do you dare argue with me, little slut?" He asked tugging my hair.

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"No, Sir." "Will you pretend?" "Yes, Sir, I mean, yes, Matthew, tonight and tomorrow I will be your lady," and I snuggled closer to him, enjoying the moment, and looking to our moments tomorrow, knowing in my heart of hearts our time will come…&hellip.