College girl xxxx bf story

College girl xxxx bf story
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It all started when we were all young. My brother and I always got along pretty well most of the time. I love my family very much, especially my brother. We were so cute back then. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I have a small size family. I just have my older brother Jeffery and my parents. I am lucky to still have both my parents that are still married and happy together. All my friends are not so lucky. The bad thing though is that they are always gone for business trips.

I believe that is why Jeffery and me are so close, because it is just him and me most of the time.

I really like my parents being away from home now. I get to look at my handsome brother all day long. I got to know him pretty well since mom and dad are not here. Jeffery and I talk about everything together. I know most of his weaknesses and some of his strengths. I also know what he likes and dislikes. We have a lot in common. I really love my brother and I hope some day he will feel the same about me. I don't like any other boys like I do my brother Jeffery. Jeffery is 17 years old.

He is a Junior in high school and really popular. He is an inch taller than me, which is 5'6. He has blue eyes and blond hair.

He has some pimples on his face, but not to bad. He is the most handsome boy I ever saw. I get butterflies when One girl five boy sex stories xxx see him or think about him.I am thankful that no one knows how I feel about him. Jeffery loves being called Jeff. He think it sounds more age appropriate. I call him both names. He doesn't seem to mind. Jeff loves to work out since he thinks he needs to be buffer for the girls.

I love watching him work out without his shirt on. He is so hot!! It turns me on just watching him. " Hey bro!!" I yelled, into his open door. "Looking hot" I teased. "Yeah right". Jeffery replied. "I'm serious, Some day you will find a girl who will love you and your hot body." I said nodding my head at him. "Yeah right. I'm ugly. Look at my face sis, do you honestly expect some one to kiss me with these ugly things?" Jeff pointed to his pimples on his chin. I walked over to him and sat down on a chair next to him.

I touched his face. "Jeff, they are just pimples. They will go away eventually. You're only 17." I said softly. "Yeah right, and by then I will be a reject. I'm the only guy with this many pimples on my face at my age in my classroom. Why do you think I work out so much for? I want girls to like my body at least, then maybe I can get a date finally So Tell old mom and young sun sex how do you explain my problem?" Jeff asked.

He was looking depressed by this point. I still hand my hand on his face rubbing his cheeks and chin so I decided to turn his face to look at me and I kissed him on the lips. I moved my mouth away from his soft lips to his chin and then down his neck. He moaned ever so softly, but then pushed me away gently. "Sis, what are you doing?" Jeff asked.

"You can't do that!!" Jeff exclaimed. He looked shocked. "Why can't I?"I asked. "All I did was kiss your pimples to prove to you that it's not to bad to kiss them. I didn't even feel them. I only concentrated on your sexy breathing and your moan you let out. I must have done something right." "As for the pimples, every one gets pimples at different ages.

You also get rid of them at different ages." You are fine the way you are." I explained with a sexy smile. I felt as if I made my point across. "We are brother and sister. We can't be doing this. Since we are family, family is suppose to be nice to you, so you didn't make your point." Jeff said looking calmer. "Really? You don't remember when we stopped getting along for those awful 2 years?" I asked.

"I missed you when you was away, and I was lonely. I loved hanging out with you. I love you Jeffery." I managed to spit out while the tears was rolling down my face. I was starting to get upset at remembering those awful 2 years where Jeffery wouldn't let me hang out with him because he thought he was too cool for me. He started having older friends who could drive so they were gone a lot.

He was so mean to me at that time that I just hid in my room for awhile, then I became really popular and had all kinds of boys over. I was a naughty girl after that. I started giving these 15 and 16 year old boys lots of lap dances and blow jobs. They thought I was really good at it.I was so glad that was all they asked for.

I wasn't ready to give up my virginity yet. I was still secretly waiting for my special secret crush to be with frisky lesbian hotties are gaping and fisting anals my brother).

"I'm sorry sis." Jeff apologized. He walked over to me and sat down on his bed beside me. He put his hands on my face and lifted it up. He looked in my beautiful blue eyes that were full of wetness from all the crying.

He wiped the tears away with his finger. "I do regret those 2 years. I never should have been mean to you. You was always so nice to me.

You didn't deserve that kind of treatment from me. I will make it up to you, I promise." Jeff said, while his head was moving closer to mine. He closed the distance between us with a kiss. A soft slow kiss that made me melt away. We kissed for a minute, then he let go. "Feel better now?" Jeff asked. "For now." I replied with a smile. I walked over to his dresser to get the phone. "Who was that girl that you liked again? I forget." I asked.

"Lacy Lenning." Why?" Jeff asked. "Okay." I said. I dialed Lacy's number. She answered on the second ring. I talked to her for a minute and then she said she would be over in a half an hour. I hung up with a smile on my face. "What did you just do sis?" Jeff asked, getting up off the bed. "I just got you a date. She will be over in half an hour." I replied. "Wow, you really are nice sister. But What to do, what to wear?" Jeff exclaimed loudly, running around his room wildly.

"Jeff, calm down. Pretend I'm her. I will help you." I said, taping the bed. He came over to sit down by me. I told him what kind of questions to ask and how to be sly about holding my hand. I also told him to practice kissing on me just in case she would want to kiss him. We kissed for about 5 minutes. It felt so great. I was getting jealous just thinking about Lacy kissing my brother.

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I was thinking that it should only be me kissing my brother. I knew Lacy would be there soon so I got up and let my brother go get ready. I decided to go call my boyfriend James and see if he would come over. He answered on the first ring and said he would be right over.

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James is a hot senior who I've been dating for a month now. We have been on a few dates. We seem to mostly just make out and then he gets a lap dance and a blow job.

He seems to love the blow jobs.He says I am really good at them. "What are you gonna do Jess?" Jeff asked, with his head popped into my door way. "James is on his way over, so I will be fine." I smiled.

Jeff smiled, nodded and left my door way. The next thing I heard was a car door and voices coming up the stairs. I heard a hi from the hall way from Lacy and then a door closing. "Hey babe." James said, walking into my room. I jumped because I didn't even hear him come in.

"Sorry for making you jump, sounds like your brother finally got a date huh?" James said, with a smile. "Yeah. I helped him out and got Lacy to come over here." I said with a small smile. I didn't want James to see the disappointment in my face so I faked it.

"That was nice of you, now we can be alone at last." James said with a horny smirk on his face. He started kissing me and rubbing his big hands all over my body. He then took my shirt and bra off and rubbed my boobs softly.

I decided to get some what in the mood so I moaned. James moaned while going towards my pants. My pants come off next and then my under wear. James was breathing heavy and saying that he wanted me. He rubbed my clitoris and I moan out loud. "Oh James!! Yesssssss!!! Keep going that feels so good!!" I screamed. He kept rubbing softly and putting his finger in my wet pussy.

" Yeeesssssssssss!! Keep going!!" I yelled again. Then he took on hand off my body and took off his pants and under wear. I seen blonde curvy chick enjoys getting fucked anal hard 8 inch cock so I decided to start rubbing him fast.

He moaned out loud, while still touching my wet pussy. The next thing I feel is his hard 8 inch cock, shoved inside my tight pussy. I screamed out loud. "Ouch!!

Your hurting me. Get off me!!! Stop it!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, while trying to push James off me. "No!! Your my girl and your gonna like this. I am so tired of just fucking blow jobs. It's not good enough any longer." James said very rudely. He was getting angry and put his hand over my mouth so I three big tit girls xxx can you imagine my surprise when this little briefly to be no longer scream.

I was starting to panic and tears were going down my face. After what seemed like forever, I felt James being pulled off me. "Get the fuck off my sister!!

Get the fuck out of my house and never come back here again." Jeff yelled, while shoving James out of my room and out of the house. Jeff come back a couple minutes later. I was still in shock so I just laid there. I was still crying while I was trying to get the mirror out of the drawer to see what damage was done. Jeffery could see I was struggling so he helped me get the mirror out and looked at my naked wet pussy to see what was wrong.

"Looks like your bleeding a little and he gave you a bruise. Let's go in the shower and clean up.

I will help you." Jeff said, while helping me up off the bed. Jeff took his clothes off and hopped in the shower beside me. He turned the hot water on and grabbed the body wash. He told me to lay down on the floor while he knelt down to clean my still throbbing wet pussy.

"Just so you know a head of time, even though we are brother and sister, I might still get hard. You are naked after all. "It's okay." I smiled. "Where is Lacy?" I asked.

"She went home. She figured we needed to be alone after she heard you screaming." Jeff explained softly. He started washing me with the body wash. He started at the top and worked his way down. He rubbed my clitoris for awhile. It felt so good that I forgot that I was in pain. I moaned out loud. "Oh Yeeess, Jeffffferrrrryyy!!! I moaned in delight. "Keep going, it feels so good and clean." I moaned softly.

Jefferey rubbed my pussy and then went inside it with his finger. He went in and out slowly to get the blood out. My pussy was getting more wet as he went in and out. I was getting really horny by now. "I don't want desy indin hard ebony xxx muvei hurt you sis." Jeff said while still rubbing me. "You won't, your doing just fine." I said while looking up at him. I seen his 7 inch cock getting very hard now.

I decided to sit up a bit and put my hand on his hard cock and started jacking him off. He moaned out loud. "OH yeaaaahh sissss!! That feeeels sssooo goood!!!" Jeff yelled out. "But I can't concentrate on cleaning you when your doing that." Jeff explained while taking my hand away from him and pushing me back down onto the floor gently. He continued to clean off the soap. The soap was all off, so I sat back up and grabbed my brother's still 49783 girl with perfect body tries anal sex 7 inch cock and rubbed it with soap.

He moaned loudly. I washed if off with warm water. "Oh fuuuuccckkkkk yyyyyeeeeaaahhh Jessss!!! We shouldn't be doing thissss!!!!!

Jeff yelled out in great big moans. "Just enjoy it big handsome brother. You helped me out, so I am gonna help you out now." I explained while grabbing my brother's balls and playing with them.

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He screamed in delight again. Small tits babe kerry cherry blows a guy and then gets ass fucked was making 'oh my god this feels good' faces the whole time so I know I was doing something right. My brother finally cum all over my hand after a few minutes. He stood there for a minute to get his composure back. I cleaned off my hands and was walking towards the door. "Thanks sis. That felt so good." Jeff said while watching me walk out the shower door.

"Your welcome. It's the least I could do." I said with a sexy smile on my face and walked towards my room. I didn't hear Jeffery come out of the bathroom but he must have because the next thing I felt was him coming up behind me and pushing my bedroom door closed behind us. He gently pushed me back mmv films german milf gets cum on her tits against the door and starting kissing me passionately.

We kissed for awhile like that. It felt so good, our breaths were heavy and our passion was hot. I then decided to push my brother onto my bed and got on top of him. I kissed him while touching his chest, and then moving my naked body off him enough to touch his cock once again. He was hard once again. He moved his small hands over my 34 c cupped breasts making them hard. He rubbed my pussy and clitoris making me more wet than I already was.

I moaned in delight. This was what I was waiting for all my life. "Wow, big brother. What's this all about?" I asked out of breath, while stopping my brother's hand for a moment. "I finally realized how much you love me and how much passion you have for me. I admit it now that I was jealous when you told me James was coming over. I am so glad that you are not with him anymore and that you are with me now.

You are safe now. No one will ever hurt you again. I love you, Jessica Meyer." Jeff said, while holding my face with his beautiful hands. "I love you too, Jeffery Meyer. I always have. I have waited for this day to come, where you would tell me that You love me too and that we would be able to love each other for the rest of our lives." I said glowing. I was seriously in heaven right now. "I know you just got hurt Jess, but I want you so much right now.

I want to show you how much I love you. Can we make love Jess?" Jeff asked innocently. "I never thought you would ask. Make love to me Jeffery. I have saved my self just for you." I glowed with delight.

Jeffery started rubbing me again, and then put his finger inside my still very wet pussy. I put my hand back down onto his still hard cock and starting rubbing him again. Jeff finally inserted his hard dick inside my very tight pussy very slowly so he wouldn't hurt me. Thankfully it didn't hurt this time around and it didn't bleed. He started going in and out slowly until it got used to the idea. "You can go faster and deeper now bro.

It feels so good. Fuck your naughty sister!!" I exclaimed loudly.

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Jeffery went in deeper and faster, then bent down more so he could start kissing me again. "OOOOHHHH YYYYYEEEESSSSSS JEFFFEEERRRRYYYY!!! I'm CUMMMMINNNNGGG!!!!!" I yelled out in my sexy hot voice. "OOOOOHHHHH YYYYEESSSSS JEEEESSSIIIICAAAA!!!

I'm CUUMMMMINNNNGGG!!!! Jeffery yelled out in his hot sexy voice. We laid there together holding each other for a bit, still smiling at each other. "That was the best I ever had sis, I can't wait to do that again with you. I am a lucky guy because I get to see you every day for the next few years yet. I am not letting you forced anal fist screaming pain cring of my sight." Jeff said while looking into my eyes.

"I am not letting you out of my sight either Jeff. I hope we have more than a few years together bro." I replied. "We will, I promise." Jeff said smiling. "I will hold you to that." I said smiling.

The next few years went by fast, and my handsome brother kept his word. He and I are still together to this day. I am now in college right along beside my brother.