Ideal kitten gives blowjob in pov and gets tight vulva fucked

Ideal kitten gives blowjob in pov and gets tight vulva fucked
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Scott wanted to make some extra money, So a friend told him that he should be a male stripper.

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He wondered why he would tell him that. Scott was not sure he could take off his clothes in front of a lot of women in a club. Jim told him that he could just do private parties. Scott said that he would think it over. After a week of thinking he decided to try it out. He set up a website and also added a video of himself stripping on his site. Scott had a nice body.

He worked out so he was in great shape.

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His sister had told him that one of her friends thought he looked hot. A week after putting up his site he received a call from someone wanting him to appear at a birthday party.

It was for a surprise 30th birthday party. He got all the info as to where and what time he would be needed.

He was also told to bring the outfit that would make him look like a delivery driver. Scott arrived at the address that he was given. He knocked on the door and he could hear some of the women inside telling one woman to hurry and fat guy hot babes sex compilation part the door. He heard from the other side of the door, One second. Then the door opened and a very attractive red head answered. She told him that he was a little bit early and that the birthday girl was not there yet.

She then asked him to come in and meet all the girls. He entered and was greeted by five other really hot women. There were three blondes and one Brunette. Scott was then told that he was to go out in the bedroom and wait for the birthday girl to arrive. He waited and soon he heard the other girls yell surprise to the birthday girl. He waited and then he heard one of the girls say to the birthday girl that a package came for you while you were out.

They needed your signature so we had him wait in the room.

Scott opens the door and says Amy I have a package for you. He then has her sign for the package and then the music starts and he starts to dance and strip. All the other girls are screaming for him to Take it off.

He has Amy sit down and starts to dance right in front of her and she is turning red. Amy was a pretty girl but she was not as hot as the other girls. She was about 5ft tall and a little bit chunky. She had a pretty face.

She was the only one of the girls that was not married. And she was in no hurry to get married. Soon Scott was down to just his G String and the girls were still yelling Come on take it all off, We want to see your cock.

Scott was still dancing in front of Amy. She was having a great time having him dance for her. He told her if you want to see my cock you would have to take it out for yourself. Amy started to shake her head no but Jenny the hot redhead yelled to her " Come on Amy we want to see that big cock". Amy reached out and took down his G string and pulled out his cock. She could not believe how big it was.

She was not used to seeing one that big. Scott had been dancing in front of Amy for about five minutes and she grabbed his cock and was stroking it he didn't really expect to have his cock stroked he just figured he would dance and collect his money and head on home.

Then Jenny yelled out " Come on Amy suck that big cock". "If you are not going to then I will". Amy looking at Scott says "Is it ok for me to suck your cock". Scott told her " Normally no but since it is your birthday it is ok". Plus Scott has not had sex or his cock sucked in about two months he agreed to let her suck his cock.

She took his cock sunny leon xxx pornostory com in her mouth and was having a hard time getting most of teen doing huge dick in exchange for money in. She had never had one that big before.

Scott was enjoying the blowjob. As were the other girls. Jenny started to yell out. " I am next getting that big cock in my mouth".

She then stood next to Amy and soon the other girls were surrounding him. He soon had each of the other girls sucking on his cock.

Jenny said " When he is about to cum I get to swallow it". Elizabeth one of the blondes was last and soon Scott could feel himself brother out of work brother raped brother wife sleep ready to cum. Elizabeth yells out to Jenny " He is about to cum get over here". Jenny rushed over just in time as Scott was about to cum, She took all of his cum in her mouth and swallowed as she had said that she would.

Scott started to get dressed and was stopped by Elizabeth. She said "Where do you think you are going". He said " I did what I was paid to do".

"Even more than what I should have done". She tells him that he has to fuck Amy. Scott tells her " I am not going to fuck your friend". "I was hired to strip and dance, Not fuck her". Soon he is surrounded by the five girls and he is soon unable to get out of the house.

Jenny and Elizabeth grab him and push him on the couch. One of the other blondes and the brunette who's name he did not get also held him down. Jenny starts to take off his pants and he is telling her " Stop you cannot do that " Jenny just continued to take off his pants and g string so that his cock would be out. She then grabbed his cock and put it into her mouth to get him hard. Amy came back in from the other room and was wondering what was happening. She could see Scott on the couch with his pants off and Jenny sucking on his cock.

She asks Jenny "What are you sucking on his cock for". Elizabeth tells her " She is getting him hard so that he can fuck you". Amy tells her " I am not letting him fuck me". Jenny brunette anal teen babe petite stepbrothers obsession her mouth off his cock for a second and tells her " Oh yes you are". "Girls get her naked so that she can get fucked". Elizabeth grabs her and one of the other girls start to take off her clothes and she is yelling and telling them to stop but they do not listen to her.

Soon she is naked and being held down by the two. Jenny then tells her " Get over here and sit on his cock". Amy is pulled over to Scott and made to sit on his cock. His cock is right at the opening of her pussy and they make her put it in.

She is bouncing up and down on his cock and screaming from his cock plunging in her. She is yelling that she is about to cum and Scott can feel himself ready to cum. Amy is trying to get him to not cum in her. But the girls are holding her down on his cock and she cannot get off of him and Scott unable to pull out his cock lets go of his cum right into her pussy. He shoots his load deep in her. Amy is finally able to get off Scotts cock and she sees his cum coming out of her pussy.

Knowing that she is not on birth control and that Scott was not wearing a condom. She is wondering if she may get pregnant from this. Scott gets dressed and collects his money and leaves.

Jenny and Elizabeth show him to the door and pay him. And they are also thanking him for fucking Amy.

She hasn't been laid in a while they tell him. Scott continued to strip for private parties but he can still remember that party. One afternoon he arrived home from work to see a letter in his mailbox from Amy.

He reads it and it was a thank you note to him informing him that she really enjoyed having him strip for her and that she knows it was not his choice to have sex with her. She also informed him that she is pregnant with his child and that she does not expect him to support her or the child. Scott called at the number that she put in the letter.

They decided to meet and discuss the pregnancy. Scott decided that he would help her in any way that he could.

And he thought that Amy looked really hot with her baby bump. They soon began dating. Oh Yeah it is a girl. They decided to name her Nikki.