Fucking my stepsister in the virgin ass

Fucking my stepsister in the virgin ass
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hey yet another installment. thanks for the positive votes and feed back . keep it coming. not much happening in this one but read it. you will need it for the next chapters. enjoy It had been an interesting morning for Lisa. She had passed out early the night before and dreamt of rather explicit activities. She had maybe even played with herself in her sleep.

When she woke up she had had her hand in her panties which where soaked. She had even fallen asleep dressed and on the covers … that never happened. Her phone beeped then and she checked it for messages. There were the usual messages from her friends, and a text from her sister.

It read Sorry I'm not home stayed over again last night.

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Talk soon xox. It was the weekend so no school and no parents, who where still on vacation. She was all by herself. Her hands slipped back to her panties…… Kate had spent the night alone in the cage again. It was dark and cold, which is why she was relieved when the door to the room opened.

The light shone in and hurt her eyes but it was welcome anyways. She felt anxious then at the thought that maybe he had more horrible things to do to her. When she saw Sandra's silhouette in the light she strangely felt relief. Sandra entered the room and flicked on the light, Kate closed her eyes from the shock and opened them again slowly a few seconds later.

Sandra stood at the door and looked at her for an instant. Sandra had on what looked to be a warm comfy bathrobe in her hands, similar to the one Sandra wore herself. "I think a warm bath would do you some good wouldn't it?" Sandra asked. Kate did not answer "I put some bubble bath in it" Kate could pull out her teeth with her own hands to take a bubble bath right then but still she said nothing. Sandra approached the cage and undid the locking mechanism. She slowly opened the gate and stood back.

"I know how you're feeling right now …trust me I've spent many nights in this very cage. But it gets so much better "Sandra smiled. Kate slow began to crawl out of the cage. Sandra held the bathrobe open for her to wear. She slid into its welcoming cotton warmth as Sandra reached around her to tie the belt around her waist.

"Trust me" Sandra said softly into her ear from behind her with her arm still around her waist "it gets so much better, once you understand everything." They began to walk out from the basement slave room and into what appeared to be living room. It was much warmer and comfortable then the pit. Sandra led them to a flight of stairs that lead up.

The appeared to be the service stairs, built in the time of slavery for the servants of the time. They lead up till Sandra opened a door that lead out to what appeared to be the second floor. It was carpeted and wallpapered and the day light shined through cathedral windows. Kate saw at the end of the hall an open door that lead to the bathroom.

And her pace quickened she could not wait to be submerged in hot bubbly water. Sandra had prepared the bath in advance, knowing that Kate would be dying for one.

And she was. She swept the robes off her shoulders and stepped in the hot welcoming water and slid right in to her neck. It was an enormous tub that could easily fit four people. Sandra looked down at Kate and slowly let her robes fall to the ground.

Kate eyed her figure shyly as Sandra stepped into the bath with a bar of soap in one hand and a sponge in the other. "Let me clean your back for you "Sandra smiled &hellip. Lisa checked the water before stepping into the shower to see if it was right. It was a bit cold but that was alright she was feeling a bit drowsy. She stepped in, timidly at first but soon she stood directly under the showerhead. She began to lather her tight little body.

How she was proud of her physique. Her tight midsection, supple breasts and heart shaped little butt. She knew that probably all her male teachers in old couple sharing young cock fucked their wives while they thought of banging her.

She used her sexy body to her advantage every chance she sucking facial and teen depot masturbation kinky nicole finds a good match. The cool water over her body made her nipples hard as she soaped clean her little naughty place, her clit still sensitive from the morning's activities. For some reason her cute little ass hole hurt when she cleaned itbut she thought nothing of it, could never even imagine that the night before a man she knew drugged her and came in her ass.

She was oblivious. No this little virgin soon to be prom queen had no idea that a man had fucked her breasts or used her mouth. In fact she slept right through it. Sandra wasted no time at all.

She had turned their little bath time into a lesbian munch session. Soaping each other up, caressing each other head to toe. Sandra had gently massaged Kate's clit till it lead to her orgasm. Kate had returned her the favor twice over. They both sat in the tub sharing a smoke. "You know that if he finds out that I let you out and bathed with you, master would not be happy." Sandra admitted "Kate turns to look at Sandra and asks "why do you stay?" "Because I love him like he loves me.

He has made my life so much better. Besides I like the sex" "He Love's you?" Kate exclaims "He rapes us &hellip. How could that be love?" "Its not rape if you want it to" Sandra says, her head leaned back on the edge of the tub. "Anyways He's brought us together hasn't he …? I never had the desire for another woman till I meet you.

Now I can enjoy you all I want … you're chained up in my basement for fuck sakes!!" Sandra joked "You are one naughty smoking hot babe pleases a fat dick Kate smiles as she leans in to steal a kiss from her new lover. "No rush, masters gone, we have the whole day…&hellip." He couldn't help himself.

He had to return to the scene of the crime. He had to find a way back into her little ass.

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He pondered this as he sat in his car across the street for Lisa's home. Watching and hoping for a break. And his break came. A car pulled into Lisa's parent's driveway, a little red Nissan, the driver a red headed girl, roughly Lisa's age. Lisa's front door opened, He slid down in his seat to make sure she would not see him.

Lisa jumped into the little Nissan and drove of with her friend. He started his BMW and drove off after them staying far behind to make sure they didn't notice him. The girls, oblivious to their tail drove him right to the destination&hellip. The mall. He hated malls, they were annoying to him but that would not stop him from stalking his prey.

He followed them around from store to store, he even sat through a movie in the row right behind them, spying on their conversation about who's dating who and whatever else. Till finally his chance had arrived. The girls enter a bikini shop. He waited and watched from outside till they found bikini's they wanted to try on and waited in line for the changing booth.

He quickly strolled in and grabbed a black bikini and walked around to the side of the store so as for them to see him so he could fake the surprise. He walked towards them casually as he checked through the racks till he felt a tap on the shoulder "Hi" He turned to see Lisa smiling up at him. "Oh . hey hi what's up" he smiles "Lisa Right?" "Hi" Lisa smiles back to him "This is Kelly" "Hi Kelly, nice to meet you" Kelly blushes and waves "What are you doing here" Lisa asks "I'm taking your sister on a surprise vacation and I'm going to tell her by giving her a swimsuit.

What are you doing her?" he asked "Just messing around trying stuff on do you think this will fit me" as she holds up a little pink bikini, turning side to side as she models her swim suit making sure to stick out her assets for him to enjoy.

"Marvelous" is all he can say as he wishes he could fuck her right here on the floor. "And you" she asks him. He holds up the little two piece he chose on the fly. "Tasty" Kelly says with a grin on her face. Kelly was the kind of chick that had a lot of what counts. She had big soft pillow tits and a big meaty ass, the kind that you just wanted to grab handfuls of but could never get enough. Gravity would probably not be good to her later but right now, she was immune to Newton's laws.

She was sort of shy from what he could gather but also her big brown eyes seemed to reflect a deep intelligence. She had that you could talk to her about anything look. "Thanks Kelly" the master said with that look in his eye that said any time your ready "What do you think Lisa?" "I don't know let me try it on and we'll see" She grinned snatching it from his hands and walking into the nearest cabin.

She loved to tease older guys, and the fact that he was practically eye fucking his girl friends little sister made it that much more blowjob duo first time the stepsis conversion. She knew the top of the oil massage and giant vibrator hardcore and blowjob would for sure be too small for her but that would just make her teen tits look that much greater.

Master could not believe how much of a little teasing whore Lisa was being. He wanted to walk right into that cabin and pound that virgin snatch and maybe he would have if it had been just the two of them.

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But Kelly was here and would probably freak out. Kelly had picked up on the three way exchange going on here.

She found him ravishing. Tall and dark haired with a medium build and blue eyes. "I guess your Lisa's sisters boyfriend right" Kelly asked him "Stupid question I guess but I'm new in town I just meet Lisa this week in school" "Really "he said "just moved her with the family then" "No actually my mom died when she had me and I have no brothers and sisters and my dad is on a tour of duty so here I am.

I just moved into the dorm. But I'm practically the only person there." Kelly said as she looked up at him "Wow that sucks for you "he said smiling "you must be pretty lonely there. With no friend's and a new school" "Tell me about it "she smiles "to make things worse it's an all girl's school and all of my friends back home are guys. Chicks can be bitchy" she says to him "Tell me about it' master laughs.

"I spend a lot of time online cuz I've got nothing else to do… I used to cross country ski but now I don't know where to go… fuck it's the winter&hellip. I can't even go I don't have my skis" She says hoping he'll take the bait.

Isolation …horny teenage hottie, who is new in town and will do anything to make friends. "You're kidding" he says acting surprised" I love cross country skiing "he lied "I have a cabin like 30 min from town where there are tons of trails.

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I go there all the time. Here take my card and Email me so I have your address and that way I can let you know when I'm going&hellip.I mean if that's ok with you. I don't want to freak you out or anything&hellip.cuz I'm older then you or something…or maybe this is a bad idea …" He pretends to act embarrassed and hoping she'll bite. "Fuck that would be amazing …can we go tomorrow… ahhh. or whenever." She was glad to bite.

She put his card in her back pocket. "I usually go on Sundays but I go very early" he says "That's perfect… I love getting a hardcore…workout in the morning". She says to him as she takes his card and gestures for him to lean in for her whisper in his ear, making sure she pressed her generous firm tits on his shoulder and chest.

"Don't tell Lisa, I think she's got a crush on you, being her sister's boyfriend and I wouldn't want her to hate me" He places his and on her lower back just above her bubble butt as he say's "Sure thing I'll call you tomorrow" Kelly turns then and walks to the discount rack just as his rod begins to get hard.

Just then Lisa peaks her head out of the curtain looking for them and waves him over. He has to remind himself not to run. When he arrived she threw open the curtains and stepped back, further into the changing room as if to invite him in which he did but only to the door frame.

She stood there with her hands on her waist smiling "Have a good look and tell me what you think" He almost came his pants&hellip.