Lucky dude gets to bang hot chick

Lucky dude gets to bang hot chick
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Feeling groggy as she came awake Sally lay still for a moment, then trying to move she felt the restraints on her wrists and ankles, confusion hits her as still not fully conscious she tries to move again wondering why she's cuffed to the bed. Slowly massive black boner for hot michelle avanti pornstars and brunette comes back to her, her husband Mike asking her to meet his boss for drinks and a nice evening.

At first she didn't want to do it but Mike talked her round saying that it would be good for his job prospects and that would mean more money for the both of them. Finally she remembered giving in and was shocked when Mike said his boss had sent over the outfit for her to wear, looking at it she almost laughed thinking Mike was joking but seeing his worried face she realised it was really what she was expected to wear.

The dress, if you could call it that was Black and almost see through to start with and then she saw it was split up the side high to the waist, then there was the underwear, a bra that would barely hold her 40E breasts and a pair of panties that was more like 2 small triangles of material connected by a piece of string, the shoes were no better the heels must have been 6 or 7 inches and Sally wondered if she could even walk in them.

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Sally was the first to admit she wasn't a super model but she wasn't a hooker either, when she refused to wear the outfit Mike begged her to reconsider. His boss wouldn't be happy if she refused and it might even mean Mike lost his job, Sally realised he was being truthful and since the town's main business, its car industry, had closed more and more people were losing their jobs and having to move away.

Sally knew Mike was one of the lucky ones at the moment but if she refused she had no idea what might happen. Finally she reluctantly agreed, the night had come and she dressed in the hateful outfit, waiting in her living room for the limo that Mike's boss had said he would send to pick her up.

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At 8pm on the dot the car arrived and wrapped in her longest coat she would have run to the car if she hadn't been wearing those damn shoes. Sitting in the back she couldn't see the driver at all, waiting nervously she tried to look out the windows but they were so tinted she could hardly make out anything.

30 minutes later the car pulled up at a set of gates which opened on their own, then it pulled through and all the way up to the house and into the large garage, stopping as the doors closed behind it.

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Sally sat for a few minutes before she realised no one was going to open the door for her and climbing out she stupidly left her coat on the backseat as she closed the door, realising what she'd done Sally tried to get it but the door was locked.

Seeing only 1 other door she went up and tried the handle but found it locked so knocking she called out, surprised when another woman opened the door and ushered her in. glancing at the woman Sally saw she was wearing an almost identical dress but in deep red, the woman looked embarrassed and beckoned Sally to follow her.

Following the woman through the corridor they entered a large room luscious babe valerie kay blows hung gardener for the 1st time Sally saw Mikes boss, he was tall good looking and impeccably dressed, he was also not alone. 4 other men were present each with a woman standing near them, all the women were looking embarrassed but also either nervous or terrified, Sally couldn't decide which.

Mike's boss smiled at her, 'thank you for accepting my invitation Sally' he said Sally bit back a reply remembering Mike had told her not to have a go at his boss as it would definitely lose him his job. Swallowing the retort she smiled and thanked him for inviting her, though she was sure the smile was more a grimace.

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'Please let me look at you' mikes boss asked, feeling like a piece of meat or a hooker Sally walked forward and turned a full circle, 'gorgeous, the dress suits you' he stated.

Sally noticed the other men were watching her as she moved, one of them a huge fat man licked his lips almost hungrily making Sally shiver with revulsion. The young girl beside him wearing a purple dress looked petrified her eyes looked like they were red from crying, she couldn't have been more than 15 years old sally thought, as he put his arm around her and Sally could see him fondle her small bottom I the mirror directly behind them.

Suddenly Sally's stomach was in knots as she realised what was expected of her, Mike's boss had crossed to her and putting his arm round her waist guided her to the sofa and lightly pressured her to sit, as she sat Sally tried to hold the dress so it didn't slip and reveal her long smooth waxed legs but the sheer material wouldn't stay where she put it when she let go, finally feeling humiliated she let it drop between her thighs, at least its covering the front of these damn panties she thought!

Each woman took a seat with exactly the same results, though Sally noticed the young girls dress showed even more than the one she was wearing. Then the house staff came in carrying drinks and each woman was given a drink in a glass matching her dress colour, Sally sipped hers not knowing what to expect, she was surprised when she tasted a sweet almost sickly flavour instead of the wine she was expecting. After a few minutes the men invited each of the women to sit with them as they played cards, Sally started to relax as she watched them, finding it hard to follow huge cock for big silicon booty game she looked around and caught the eye of a maid who came over and refilled Sally's glass, surprised Sally hadn't realised she'd drunk it all but took the refilled glass again and sipped it.

Feeling a little giddy she looked at the other women and noticed they were all looking a little 'spaced out' as Mike would call my mom and her boyfriend on our couch. Looking at the young girl Sally was shocked to see the fat man had pulled her dress down and was fondling her small pert breast while she sat there looking on as if nothing was happening.

Coming to herself a little Sally felt a hand on her thigh and looked down bemused as it slid up under her dress and onto her Pussy mound, she felt herself shudder but couldn't move or do anything else as the hand explored her. A part of Sally was even more shocked when instead of closing her legs she moved them wider so the hand could go further, she felt the useless panties pulled to one side and a finger slip inside her pussy starting to rub up and down, when it touched her clit she almost jumped but couldn't move as the finger rubbed and teased it, making it swell and harden.

Sally felt her breath coming in short gasps as the finger continued its work and her pussy pulsed as she became wetter with each moment. As Sally watch the card game she still couldn't work out what they were wagering, a slight thrill went through her when one man said 2 hours black, the fat man immediately counter 3 hours black for 4 with purple.

Sally looked at the young girl again this time she saw a flicker of fear and without realising it noticed she was wearing a purple dress. The bidding went on for several minutes when with almost a cry of triumph the fat man dropped his cards, each of the other men shook their heads in defeat and Mike's boss clapped his appreciation. 'Shall we continue?' he asked, the fat man looked at him and shook his head 'I'm ready to collect what I've won' he grunted.

Then Sally saw more staff enter and each one lead one of the women away, when someone touched her shoulder she jumped and looked up, a maid took her unresisting hand and lead her out of the room to a bed room where Sally sat on the bed without being told too.

Sally wasn't sure how long she sat sunny leone sex sex stories amazing xstorys com but she looked up as the door opened and the fat man entered wearing only a dressing gown.

Coming over to her he pulled her to her feet and started to maul her breasts, Sally unable to move almost screamed inside her own head as she watched the fat man tear the flimsy dress from her body, and heave her huge breasts out of their inadequate supports, pulling on one nipple as he greedily sucked at the other. Not satisfied with pulling her breasts out of the bra he ripped it off her as well. Sally was shaking as he pushed her down to her knees and opening his robe exposed his fat stomach, barely seen under the fat rolls was his cock, just sticking out from his groin.

Sally stared at it for a few seconds and when she heard him command her she couldn't stop herself from starting to stroke it and then horrified she felt her body move as if on its own she lean forward and started to suck his cock, all the while the man was grunting and groaning like a huge disgusting pig.

Suddenly he started to buck his hips and Sally felt him cum in her mouth, 'swallow it you bitch' she heard him say and again horrified she did as she was ordered. Pulling her up and pushing her back onto the bed the fat man forced Sally's legs open and tore the panties off her, looking up at him unable to move she saw him licking his lips again as he grabbed her pussy roughly and mashed it hard, his fat fingers pushing roughly and deeply into her as he abused her pussy, all Sally could do was moan loudly trying to beg him to stop but no words came out and the massive ding dong causes wench to cum just drove him on more.

Finding her clit he pinched and pulled at it making her wince and tense as he was trying to make it harder, unlike the earlier exploring fingers Sally hated the touch of this gross fat man but even he was making her body react, she felt her pussy flood and her 1st orgasm hit her, her body flopping around with no control of its own, Sally began to cry silently as the fat man knelt and buried his face in her throbbing, pulsing pussy greedily lapping at her juices as they young big cock guy bangs female agent out of her making her cum harder.

When he pulled away sally thought he had sated himself but she was shocked a she felt his weight come down on her defenceless body and she felt his now hard cock enter her, with no thought for her the fat man fucked and fucked her until her came filling her pussy and falling on top of her. Sally must have passed out then, as she came too she heard voices and looking groggily up she saw Mike's boss and another man near her, this time Mike's boss came to her, lightly stroking her hair he murmured an apology for what happened but it was unavoidable he said.

Sally tried to sit up and found herself manacled to the bed, she tried to struggle realising whatever she had drunk had started to wear off, and panicked as one of the maids forced more or the drink down her throat, Sally felt her will slipping away again and bemused watched as Mikes boss slowly stripped, this time the hands that touched and stroked Sally's body were gentle almost loving and Sally sighed loudly.

Feeling the hand move to her thighs Sally opened them without thinking and felt the fingers explore her hot swollen pussy again, this time the touch brought pleasure instead of pain and Sally moaned, opening her legs wider.

A mouth touched her pussy gently kissing it and then a tongue licked round and round finally slipping inside to search for and find her swollen clit licking and teasing it until with a soft cry Sally orgasmed again and again. Arching her back with pleasure Sally suddenly felt something big tit nadya ampampquotoctomomampampquot suleman plays with pussy then interviewed her lips and opening her mouth willingly let the hard hot cock that pushed against them inside, slowly she started to suck as she opened her eyes she saw the 2nd man over her his cock buried deep in her mouth, moaning louder still Sally felt her legs released from the manacles and raised up as she felt another cock bury itself inside her still pulsing pussy bringing another orgasm on.

Slowly each man fucked her building the speed seemingly in unison they started to cum, Sally was forced, willingly, to swallow all the cock in her mouth gave as Mike's boss's cock filled her pussy to overflowing. Mewling like an animal Sally tried to ride his cock for ages as she sucked the other man's cock dry, finally they both pulled out and Sally xx story deepika sex story out again.

Waking up in the limo, Sally was confused as it pulled up to her home, dressed in the ridiculous outfit she stepped from the car shakily and walked inside, unsure if it was all a dream. Mike was asleep, so as not to wake him she went to the spare room to undress… slipping the dress of and letting it drop to the floor Sally froze. She knew then that it hadn't been a dream&hellip.

Those stupid panties were missing and she could see the trails of dried cum on her thighs, collapsing Sally sat and stared for hours until mike came in, 'how did it go last night' he asked&hellip.

All Sally could think was how could she tell him what had happened?

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