Tight pussy is fucked hard hardcore blowjob

Tight pussy is fucked hard hardcore blowjob
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I have told you about the sexual adventures of my wife Melissa and myself over the last 10 years of our marriage. Our marriage and bond has grown stronger through our living out of our sexual fantasies together.

We never do anything without the other present! Our sexual horizons have grown and we continue to have no problems thinking up new kinks to turn us on. We aren't in to pain or any of the weird stuff, but we have experienced many things together, both new and old.

This particular story was one of my fantasies for a long time and it starts with a hot petite teenage girl and roleplaying that she was an innocent young woman being seduced by an older man. I will give you an idea what I look like. I am 6' 3", 215 lbs., I am 48 years old and from what I've been told, I'm not a bad looking guy. I am a professional and I work out regularly so I am in good shape.

My cock is 7.5 to 8". It's sometimes is bigger depending on how excited I am at the time. Sometimes my cock will swell to almost 9 inches and I am a heavy cummer. As you may think, finding a willing 18 year old woman is not always easy for someone my age, but I have an ace in my pocket! I have a sexy wife who teen roxy dee gets anal doggystyle sex a personality that attracts people and she is an executive with her company and she hires younger women exclusively for the business.

It's not an escort service either, it's a respectable company. We have fucked a few young women from her work, but they are generally business like young women who appear older than they are.

What I wanted was a young woman who looked 18 and acted it as well or could atleast play that role for the night. After some searching online we located an 18 year old named Jenna. Jenna was a cute petite woman with beautiful perky breasts and shoulder length blonde hair.

Jenna weighed richelle ryan gets her fat pussy fucked pornstar knockers 105 pounds and was about 5 feet tall. She was just what I was looking for and she agreed to meet us. We met Jenna at the local mall in Victoria's Secret of all places! Jenna had a cute smile and she was damn sexy. We took her to one of the food stands at the mall and we explained what we were looking to do. Jenna listened intently and said, "Sure, I'll try it, he's sexy!" as she giggled telling my wife.

So over the next week we talked to her every night on the phone and got to know her a little she never thought it would come to this she us. We set the encounter for the weekend at our house. Jenna said she was excited to come over and she had some ideas of how to enhance the night.

The night was here and Jenna knocked at the door, I opened the door and there she stood in a little pink mini skirt, skin tight top and it was obvious she had no bra on underneath.

"My car broke down, can I call my parents?" she said sheepishly. "Sure, Come in." I said. "Mm, ok, where's your phone?" as she stood there looking around with a schoolgirl smile on her face. She looked so sweet and acted very innocent at first. "Over there." I said with a smile. As Jenna walked, she accidentally dropped her purse and when she bent over she exposed her sexy bottom even though she wore cute little pink panties, I saw just enough to make my cock swell.

She dialed the phone and said, "Oh no, nobody's home!" About this time my wife Melissa came out and introduced herself to this poor little lost girl.

Melissa was just wearing her bra and panties, that she had bought at Victoria's Secret that night. Jenna acted embarrassed seeing my nearly naked wife "Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know anyone was here." Melissa apologized. "It's ok, It's no big deal really." Jenna said trying not to look at Melissa. This girl was really good at playing innocent or was she playing I wondered. I mean, she was dressed like a teenage slut, but she was playing her role perfectly.

"Could you guys give me a ride home?" Jenna asked with a pleading in her voice. "I can't, I have to stay here because I'm expecting a call." I responded. "Please, I really have to be home and I don't want to be late or my parents will take my car, I'll do anything. I can even pay you." Jenna said pleadingly. "Hmm, what could you pay me with?" I asked as my big cock swelled even bigger as I sat on the couch. Jenna looked at Melissa and smiled nervously. "Ya, what can you pay with?" Melissa asked.

"Um, I don't have any money on me." Jenna stammered.

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"Come here and sit down." I told her. Jenna came over and sat next to me. "I know how you can pay me." I said. "How, I don't have anything on me?" Jenna said with a breaking of her voice.

I began to unzip my pants and Jenna looked and her eyes got big, "No way, I'm not doing that. I'm not a slut you know!" Jenna said loudly. "Well walk home then!" I told her. "I can't, it's too far to walk, If I suck you will you take me home?" Jenna said like a frightened little girl. "Sure, I'll take you all the way." I said with a devilish smile. Melissa wankz babe tatiyana foxx has her face creamed down on the couch, "It's ok Jenna, it won't hurt you." "But, I have never sucked one before." Jenna said.

"I'll help you." Melissa purred at her. "Well, if you promise to take me home, OK!" Jenna said with a nervousness in her voice. I unzipped my pants and my cock stuck straight up! Jenna looked at my cock and said, "It's too big, I won't be able to get it in my mouth!" Melissa had gotten the camera and told her what to do and coaxed her a little.

"Well, ok I'll try it." Jenna silently said. Jenna took my cock by both hands and pulled it close to her mouth and begin to lick the red swollen head of my cock.

As she did so Melissa coached her and Jenna stroked my cock with her two little hands as she kissed and licked the head of my cock!

Jenna began to try and fit my cock into her wet, warm little mouth as she stroked me. First she got the head in and she sucked just on it. Then with Melissa coaxing her she attempted to put more in to her mouth! Jenna worked her cute little mouth down on my shaft and she sucked hard as she stroked my cock.

"Get on the couch next to me!" I ordered Jenna.

I positioned her so I could watch her suck my cock but I put my hand on her small tight ass. "No, that's out!" Jenna demanded. "Just suck my cock and enjoy it!" I told her. Almost instantly Jenna returned to sucking my big cock.

I massaged her firm little ass as she sucked. I put one hand on her head and every time she would try to say no, I'd push her mouth back on my cock! I kept kneading her tight little ass cheeks and slowly worked a finger busty prisoner used as sex slave hardcore and bondage slightly brush her mound as I kneaded her ass. As I did this, she swallowed more of my shaft and moved a little closer so I could get my finger closer to her tight little slit.

"That's it Jenna suck that big cock, suck it good!" Melissa said. Jenna sucked and stroked my cock and finally, I slide a finger under her panties and began to rub her tight, wet pussy! "No!" Jenna uttered as my finger began to slide in to her. I again pushed her head down as she sucked my cock. I slide my finger in to her and she let out a gasp as I flicked her little clit. Jenna sucked my cock harder as I massage her clit and she began to breath heavily as my big finger slide in to her honey pot.

Her pussy was tight and she had no pubic hair at all anywhere! I rubbed her clit as she sucked my cock and I slowly slide a finger in to her tight little ass. When I did this, Jenna moaned out loud and began stroking my cock harder! "Don't cum in my mouth!" Jenna said between moans. I finger fucked her tight pussy faster and her pace sucking my cock and stroking me picked up!

All of the sudden, I began to shoot my huge load in to her mouth and she tried to pull away, but I held her head down as my cum erupted in to her mouth! As my cock erupted and she gagged on my cum, I finger fucked her ass and pussy faster and soon she stopped struggling against my cum spurting in to her mouth and gulped it down as best she could, her pussy was soaking wet and I could feel her quivering on my fingers so I knew she was cumming too!

I stopped filling her mouth and she leaned back, "I told you not to cum in my mouth!" I just smiled, "I'm planning on cumming in your pussy too!" "No way dude, nobody's ever came in my pussy, I don't want to get pregnant!" Melissa was enjoying the filming of this hot thrilling blowjob from sultry awesome chick hardcore amateur and she was playing with her pussy as she filmed.

Jenna looked at me, "Please take me home!" she cried. "As soon as I fuck your pussy Jenna." "No, please your cock is way too big!" she pleaded. I sat stroking my cock until it was hard again, "It's ok Jenna, his cock feels great!" Melissa told her. Jenna looked at my cock and figured she might as well if she wanted a ride home. I told Jenna to undress totally and she did as I told her. She stood in front of me and she was very cute and very petite!

I wasn't even sure if my cock would fit in her without hurting her. I pulled the rest of my clothes off and Jenna nervously straddled me.

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Melissa got in front of us to capture when my cock began to penetrate her tight pussy. Jenna grabbed my cock and I told her "Just slowly lower yourself on it, go slow Jenna." "Ok" as she looked me in the eyes as she guided my cock to her wet slit.

Jenna paused and slowly began to lower her incredibly tight pussy on my cock!

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"Ouch, it's too big!" She exclaimed. "Go slow!" Melissa and I said to her as she lowered her pussy a little more! It felt like I was fucking her ass, she was that tight! Finally I could feel the head of my hard cock begin to enter deeper in to her wet pussy. It was so fucking tight and as she impaled herself on my cock, I kissed an sucked her nipples. I slutty schoolgirl has her tight pussy hammered cumshot facial her ass cheeks as she took deep breaths as she lower her pussy on to my cock.

"This is so fucking hot, her pussy is fucking tight!" Melissa said as she filmed it. My cock slowly slide deeper and deeper in to Jenna's tight little pussy until she could take in no more.

Jenna began to slowly pump her pussy up and down on my cock and moaned with each stroke, I think a little from pain and some pleasure! I didn't take long for Jenna's pussy to accept my full girth and she began to pump her pussy harder as she got wetter on my cock. Soon Jenna was taking my whole cock all the way in to her tight slit and she pumped her pussy back and forth.

I could feel every part of the inner walls of her pussy and I had to be poking her stomach each time she bottomed her pussy out on my shaft. Jenna began to pump faster as I sucked her nipples and massaged her tight ass cheeks, she was moaning loudly and I told her "Your fucking little pussy is so tight Jenna, I love it!" She smiled wryly as she tried to hit the right spot each time as her moans grew louder, "Fuck me, oh fuck me with your big cock!" she stammered as our pace grew furious!

Jenna let out a scream, "Oh my god, I'm fucking cumming on your cock, fuck me with that nasty cock!" she demanded. She pumped her pussy and I told her that I was about to cum and it was like a light bulb went off in her head, "No, don't cum in me, please don't cum in me!" Jenna pleaded.

It was too late at that point, I grabbed her tiny hips and thrust my cock deep in to her and I began to shoot my cum deep in to her pussy! "No, please, No!" Jenna begged as her pussy convulsed as she came harder as I shot hot cum up her pussy! Jenna stopped pumping her pussy and sat the shaking as my goo filled her, I could feel her pussy gripping and pulsating on my cock! Jenna looked at sex story badshah merexstory badshah main der with my cock still inside her, "You came in me, nobody has ever cummed in my pussy.

I hope I don't get pregnant!" As Jenna slowly withdrew her cum soaked pussy from my shaft, Melissa caught my cum as it ran from her little pussy!

Jenna rolled off and Melissa handed me the camera to film her licking my cum from Jenna's pussy! Melissa kneeled between her with her ass sticking up and I grabbed a dildo and began to fuck Melissa's hot pussy as she ate Jenna's pussy. Melissa brought Jenna to another major orgasm as she ate her sweet cum soaked pussy and then shortly after that, I brought Melissa to a mind numbing orgasm with her dildo!

It was a fun night and even though Jenna was role playing, I am not sure how much was real or her acting, but I can tell you her pussy was one of the tightest I have fucked and her body was second only to Melissa's!