Hq purn best sleeping on bad son xxx sex

Hq purn best sleeping on bad son xxx sex
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Hello guys! I know it's been a long time since I have posted anything, life has gotten in the way big time. Kenneth and I moved out of Kansas after I finished school. I got a degree in history and my teaching certification, I now teach high school history.

It is the best job I could ask for. Kenneth is almost 16 and has babe tries anal in the great outdoors telsev boyfriend. Everything is amazing. Anyway, I wanted to give fiction a try.

If you guys like this I will keep going with it. Enjoy~ 8th Grade was shaping up to be as enjoyable as sex with a cactus. No friends, nothing to do, bullied constantly, and lying to my mom so she would have one less thing to worry about. Yah see, my dad died in a drunken accident when I was 6, and ever since mom has raised me by herself.

She has a decent job, but she also takes care of dad's mom, who is ailing quick and needs lots of care.

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Lucky for us we had some good people from our church who help out a lot. But, back to the subject at hand. My name is Max. I am 13 years old, 5'5" 132 lbs, and a 5ish inch dick. And I am gay, in the closet, but gay. I have had 0 experiences with boys yet, but I jack off and fantasize about it a lot.

A few of the guys from my school, one in particular has always peaked my interests, Aaron. Aaron is this smoking hot 7th grader, he's Mexican american, 5'6", and in the best shape.

The only reason I know that is because he lives a couple of blocks from me and I see him jogging often. He didn't seem to have a lot of friends, he wasn't overly popular but he did hang out with most of the jocks, at least while at school. The only reason I know that is because he lives a couple of blocks from me and I see him jogging often. He plays football and baseball. I don't have any direct contact with him, but he has said hi to me a couple of times.

Back to football. My math teacher Mr. Miller is also the head football coach, and knows how lonely I am, he has been nice to me since I started middle school, and that is rare, even for my teachers. Anyway, he asked me to be his equipment manager. I said yes, simply because I knew it would give me access to all the hot and foot fetish boot fetish tube porn boys. I could not wait. There was a downside though, Matt.

Matt was an asshole. Matt's dad is a cop, and I guess that translates into Matt thinks he can get away with anything. He picks on all of the "outcasts" as he puts it, but its me he targets the most. Its like a ritual for him, every morning He shoves me into my locker, and every afternoon he trips me. Every. Single. Day. And of course, he is also on the team. He is a hotty, but he is a dick and I would want no part of him. I knew once he found out I was going to be manager, he would make my life a bigger hell (how could he do that though, right?) Either way, I was going to find a way to enjoy it if it killed me, and oh boy I had no idea.

The first few days went as expected, no one really noticed me unless Sex games by naughty lesbian lovely babes had to give them something or help them fix something. Which wasn't all that bad, because Matt really didn't pay much attention to me, it was a nice change of pace. A couple of the guys made small talk before and after practice, but that was about it.

When practice started, I made sure everyone had what they needed, I watched them practice and gave them water when they wanted it, and cleaned up afterwards, towels, pads, etc. The biggest bonus is watching them undress and get in the shower. All the dicks, all the abs, all the asses. It was the fucking best. I thought I was good at hiding my peeping.

No one seemed to notice, the only person who ever did was Aaron, he caught me once, smiled faintly and went about his business, but that was the only time that I saw someone catching me.

T The season started out well for us. Aaron busty nymph gives titjob and slurps hot cum a running back, and a good one. We won our first 2 games without much effort at all. It seemed like we would have a great season, then during the 4th week of practice before our 3rd game, shit went down. During practice one of our really big linemen fell on Aarons arm and broke his wrist.

Our lineman felt so bad, big black guy named Maurice, coach had me take Aaron into the locker room and help him change so his mom could come get him and take him to the doctor.

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Honestly, I really didn't think about what I was going to get to see, because I felt bad and I wanted to help him, nothing else mattered, at least not right away. So, I took him up the hill to the school and the locker room and got him to the bench in front of his locker.

"Dude I am so sorry that happened to you out there" "It's okay, shit happens" "You aren't mad" "How can I be? I mean Im upset that Im not gonna be able to play anymore but I cant really change that" "well I guess if you put it that way… Uhm, I promise Ill be careful but I need to get you out of the gear and into your clothes before your mom gets here" "Yeah I know, thanks for helping me, and thanks for all your work, you bust your ass for us and no one ever thanks you" "No one has ever thanked me beyond coach miller before." "that's not okay, we need you Max." At that point I blushed a little, I am so not used to that he noticed but didn't say anything, he was in pain.

"Alright lets take this one thing at a time, lets get your jersey pads and under armor off first, that's the hardest." "okay." So he lifted his arms up, wincing in pain, and I slowly lifted the shirt off of him, his right arm was the hurt one, so I took it off his latin bbw fucked by a big black cock arm, then carefully pulled it off his right and his head.

He gave me a faint smile as I got the shoulder pads off. Next was his undershirt, which was going to be hard because it was skin tight. So as I started to take it off things started to click, his abs, they were so defined. His skin looked so smooth, I stopped and looked. It was for too long, because he noticed almost right away.

"Uhh, max, everything okay?" "Huh?

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Shit I'm sorry my mind wandered (stupid)" "Oh, well okay, can we keep going?" "Sure Im sorry" So I lifted it and hot his left arm out, then slowly took it off his right, he grunted in pain as I slowly took it off.

Once that was over, things got a bit easier. The only problem was, this meant I was gonna be up close and personal with his junk, and I was going to get a good close up view, both good and bad, because sex xxx ba story com dick was already starting to react to his being shirtless. But I had to keep going. So he sat back down and I took off his cleats, and socks. Then I untied his pants and took them off.

Leaving him in his underwear, and under that, his jock strap. I paused for a second and looked at him, he looked at me as if giving me permission to keep going. And I he stood up so I could take off his boxers. Which left the strap. I could see his bulge. A faint outline of his junk, I was nervous, but so very excited. So I pulled it down, what seemed like super slowly, but it really wasn't.

Then, his dick and balls were completely exposed. and my face was just a few inches from it. It was a little chubbed, maybe from all the contact, and almost 2 inches long.

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I figured it might be close to 6 fully erect but I couldn't be sure. I stared at it for a few seconds before he broke the silence with. "First time you've seen another guys dick that close before?" "Yeah&hellip." "You know Ive seen you checking everyone out during changing and showering." "Wha.?

No no I don't do that" "Its okay dude, I don't have a problem with it, and Im not going to tell anyone, don't worry." "really? But why?" "I don't see a reason why I should." "Oh. Well thanks I guess." While we were talking, I was still kneeling in front of him and his glorious dick. I could swear it started to get hard.

After a few seconds I knew he was. I was already rock hard, and even at my position I think he could tell, because my tip was sticking up and you could sort of see it through my mesh shorts.

"uhh uhh. Aaron, you're getting hard" He started blushing. Standing there, not knowing what to do. His dick grew and grew, and eventually got to full attention, and I was right, it was about 6 inches long, a little bit less, but not by much.

I stared at it, in awe, it was beautiful.

Nice girth, and a perfect head, no big veins either. I guess I started to operate on auto pilot because the next thing I knew, I was reaching out and taking it in my hand. Slowly going up and down staring at it while I went. When I touched him he let out a small gasp, but showed no signs of protects. He just looked down at me with his saucy skinny brunette milf rams a naughty studrsquos tight ass opened a bit, in shock.

I kept going at a slow pace, and eventually I took my other hand and massaged his balls. He threw his head back and let out a soft moan, forgetting all about his broken wrist, his arms hung at his side and he let me continue. After a few minutes I decided I wanted to see how far I could take this. So I leaned in and licked his head. He let out an audible gasp and looked down at me.

I stopped for a second but he didn't say anything So I did it again, and then a third time. All while jerking him off and massaging his balls. Finally I decided to keep going. So I stuck his head in my mouth and started swirling my tongue around it. By now he was moaning a bit louder. And it started to echo, he realized this and closed his mouth. I motioned him to sit down and I kept going. I bobbed my head up and down and swirled my tongue around his head.

I kept going and going, picking up the pace as I went. After about 6 minutes he patted me on the head and whispered, "Dude, im gonna cum". But I was ready. He went rigid and moaned softly as he orgasmed and shot 4 hot ropes of cum into my mouth. I swallowed every drop and made sure I licked him clean.

He started breathing heavily and looked at me and said "Oh my god Max, that was amazing." "Yeah ill say, ive wanted to do that for so long" "really?" "Yeah Aaron, you're the hottest guy in school, and even better you're nice to me, even if we never interact, its still more than most people" I thought about it for a second and I asked him "Are you gay Aaron?" He looked at me and said "I don't know man, ive never really been into girls but I think im still attracted to them" "Huh, well maybe you're bi." "Maybe, I don't know." Shit dude, I gotta get you dressed your mom is going to be here any minute While I helped him get dressed it was so casual, as if what just happened didn't happen, only we were making conversation as if we have been friends all this time.

But by the time I finally got his shirt on, he said. "Max that was amazing, and I wanna do that again, not just because it felt so good, but because I wanna spend more time with you. Do you wanna hang out this weekend?" "really?" "yeah you could come over to my place, or maybe I could come to yours?

My parents will be gone this weekend we could have the house all to ourselves" "Oh my god that would be amazing, but I will have to ask my mom. Besides, what about your wrist?" "Oh itll be fine dude, ill be in a cast." "well okay." "would you walk me out front?" "Sure man" So I walked him to his moms car in front of the school, he asked his mom right then and there, and she said it would be great, and malina mars tied up and deeply banged by handsome guy me call my mom and ask her.

She sounded so excited that I was going to spend some time with a friend outside of school, she practically insisted I do it. Aaron smiled at me and got in the car and left, All I could think about is sucking his dick and what more could possibly happen when we were hanging out this weekend. This story is probably far from my best work, but its just an idea that has bounced around in my head for a while. The pacing is meh, but as I develop it I promise itll get better, let me know what you think and ill get to work on a part two here soon, thanks a lot!