Forced and rape of mom

Forced and rape of mom
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After a couple of days I went home to prepare my next shoot. That meant reading the script, emailing and calling with the producers and the director, and setting things up with my assistants. While I was working, Dawn and I would call each other every other day or so. She was doing well in the Big Apple. The wedding she went to was real nice and she had some work in the next couple of months. But she missed me a lot. So did I. After a week or so, Karen stayed at my place for a weekend.

We had some great one-on-one sex, just like in the old days. On Sunday we just hung out at the Rijksmuseum, and at the Vondelpark, just chilling in the afternoon sun. Stuff we did when maya kendricks in an intense session public sex just started dating.

I had to go to LA the next week, to meet with the producers I was working on an American-European co-production by a - back then - small time director. I made a pits stop in New York and visited Dawn. Of the 48 hours I was with her, I think we were fucking at least 20, spending the rest going out to restaurants and clubs.

When I got back in Amsterdam, the producers called me saying that shooting was postponed for another two months. There was some trouble with funding (which is always the case with these co-productions) and the director had a hard time finding his leading lady, so a lot more casting would have to be done. That basically meant that I had at least a month off. Which suited me fine to be honest. I was ready to rock and roll with Karen again.

From the airport I drove straight to Karen's home. She welcomed me at the door. "We got the house to ourselves," she smiled.

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"Dad is in Paris to settle the divorce, Pete isn't home yet brother sleeping sister porn sex Jeanine is still working." I could see her hard nipples through her tight white top.

She wore blue jeans that accentuated her curves perfectly. She led me up the stairs to her room. I closed the door and hugged her. "Come, babe. I need you inside me," she pleaded. She took her top off. Her breast stood proud in front of her. They looked fucking hot. I caressed her breasts, kneading them softly. Karen sighed. I licked her left tit, then moved to the right, took her hard little nipple in my mouth and sucked hard. I tried to swallow her whole tit into my mouth, and almost succeeded in doing it.

I left a red mark on her tits. I pushed her onto her bed and undressed myself. Karen pressed her foot against my cock, making small circles, caressing my cock and balls. "Hmm, babe, that feels so nice." I moaned. I almost came that instant, so I took her foot in my hand, removed it from my cock and sat down on my knees.

Her big toe slipped inside my mouth and I sucked on it. "Hmmm, yeah. Wow, that feels nice. I understand why Jeanine digs this so much!" she hissed.

Karen unbuttoned her trousers. I helped her out of them, because they were so fucking tight. (I remembered the time when Pete and I both tried to get her out of her tight trousers because Karen was desperate for a piss.) Only wearing her underwear, she looked like a beautiful Amazon, ready to be fucked silly. A big dark patch in her panties told me she was wet and ready. Karen hooked her hands at the side of her panties and pulled them down.

She surprised me: her whole pussy was hairless, naked like the day she was born. "You like?" My cock responded by growing some more. Karen lay back on her back, her legs in the air, opening up to me. She held her pussy lips, and opened up her cunt. I could see her inner lips, they were soaking wet.

My cock pointed at her hot entrance. "So what the fuck are you waiting for, stud? Screw the hell out of me," she demanded. With one push I thrust my whole cock inside her snatch.

She screamed and I felt her pussy walls contract around my cock: she came. She felt so tight, I couldn't hold it any longer and spurted my cum inside her wet snatch. "Wow, that was fast!" she said surprised. I was surprised too. I felt my orgasm rip through my body, disappearing into her hole. But that wasn't the end of things. I was so horny, I immediately started thrusting inside her cunt. She locked her legs around me and pushed me further inside her.

"Hmmm, go on babe, fuck my brains out.yeah!" I sucked her left breast while my cock pumped in and out of her pussy. "Oooh, yeah. fuck me, fuck me!!!" she screamed. I tuned up the pace and started thrusting into her harder and harder. Her feet were bounding up and down my ass.

She was panting, screaming her nails locking into the skin of my back. My cock shot in and out of her hole, which was getting wetter and wetter. Sweat was poring from my forehead, dripping onto her face and breasts.

I shoved my prick out of her, pressing my head against her clit. She came loudly, waking up the whole neighbourhood. "Oooh yeah. I am cumming again.fuck me, tear my cunt apart with your fuck-meat! Come on! AAAAaAAAAAAAAHHHHHGHHH!" I kept on pumping in and out fresh latin pick ups trailer pussyfucking and interracial her cunt, not relenting for a second.

I wanted to fuck her brains out, and keep on fucking her until my balls would release their second load. I could hear her juices sloshing inside, mixing with my spunk.

Every time I took my fuck-tool out, it was covered with her juices and mine, giving my skin a milky white colour. After fucking her furiously for a couple of minutes, I took out my cock.

She had a disappointed look on her face, until she discovered I was pressing the head of my dick against her asshole. I pressed hard, and in one trust my whole dick slit into her rectum, my balls hitting the bottom of her ass. She screamed because of the pain and pleasure that ripped through her. I resumed my thrusts in and out of her ass. It felt wonderfully tight. I stretched the walls of her ass to the max.

Tears rolled down her cheeks, but I didn't care. "I am gonna fuck you like there is no tomorrow," I said harshly into her face. "I am gonna fuck you till your ass feels sore as hell!" But I couldn't keep my promise, because her ass was so tight, I felt my orgasm shoot from my feet to my head. Cum spurted out of my cock into her bowels, filling her ass with white juice. When I came, I pressed her clit hard and she came with me. I lay on top of her exhausted. Then we heard applause. Peter was standing at the door, he was holding a video camera, taping our every move.

"Wow. That was some show. You guys should sell tickets!" he said approvingly. He didn't have to tell us that he liked it, the big bulge inside his boxer short said enough. "Hi Pete," I panted, my cock still buried inside Karen's ass. Pete walked closer, taking her ass in close up. I pulled out, my dick was covered with cum and remains. Cum and a little bit of blood was streaming out of Karen's ass. It stayed open for a view more seconds, then it closed slowly.

Peter's lens captured everything. "Fucking hell, you really fucked me hard, babe" Karen said. She had a satisfied look on her face. "Well, we aim to please and we please to aim," I said. "Let me wash my prick for a second," I said leaving for the bathroom. While I soaped my dick, Peter walked on. "That was fucking hot, man. Jesus!" "Glad you liked it. How are you doing?" I asked. "Good. Pretty good." "How's Jack doing?" "The kid is great, man.

We really gotten to know each other, if you know what I mean." I nodded. They probably fucked as much as possible.

"You're welcome to join us, whenever you feel like it. I wouldn't mind having another taste of your cock to be honest." While he said that he took my tool into his hands and jerked it a couple of times.

I felt my cock grow inside his hand. "Thanks, Pete. I'll thick lipped savana styles enjoys an interracial sex lexbbccom pornstars hardcore it in mind. Not now though, I think I need some time to recover," I replied. Karen walked into the bathroom.

"So do I. Jesus, Robert, I can hardly walk after you fucked my ass," she smiled. She sat down on the toilet and let go a big fart. "Aaaah, I needed that." We all laughed. I turned towards Pete. He let go of my dick. "Rob, I wanna show you something we shot the other day.

Interested?" "Sure." We left Karen by herself so she could shit in private. We went to Peter's room and he turned on the VCR.

"Sit down, relax. We taped this three days ago." I saw two asses and pussies side by side. They were Karen's and Jeanine's. The girls were sitting next to each other on all fours on the bed. The camera moved in on the pussies, looking down from above. Two cocks came into frame, penetrating each cunt and starting to fuck the girls.

It was a great sight: the pricks going in and out of the pussies, the asses moving with each thrust. The soundtrack was filled with prepping adorable babe for a valuable fuck pornstar and hardcore and aaahs.

I recognized the cocks. Karen was being fucked by her dad's big cock, while Peter was having fun with Jeanine's pussy. After a minute or so, they switched pussies, resuming the position. Pete sat next to me on the couch. My cock got hard watching this and since I had no clothes on, Pete could tell. He was in the same condition I was. He ripped down his boxer's and started to stroke his hard meat. For me it was hard to leave my cock alone because of what I saw in the video.

Karen was fucked hard by her father again, his thick member stretching her pussy wide, thrusting in and out of her. Then I heard him yell. He pulled out his dick and sprayed an enormous amount of spunk onto her little asshole, drowning her ass cheeks with his cum. Peter did the same to his sister's ass. Karen walked in Pete's room. "Look at the guys beating off. Hey, you want some female company?" she didn't have to ask. Pete and I nodded.

"I want to suck your ass, Karen!" Pete said. Karen lay down on the bed, her ass in the air. "I just took a shit, brother dear," she said. "I don't care." While Peter stroke his cock, he shoved his face between her ass globes and started to lick Karen's asshole. First he rimmed the outskirts of her hole, making her brown ring wet with saliva, then he pushed in the tip of his tongue. Karen was moaning. I decided to leave the video for what it was and sat down behind Peter. I took his tool in my hand and started to stroke it with slow strokes.

I pressed my cock between his ass cheeks, which I knew he liked. Karen moaned some more, when Peter fucked her asshole with his tongue. "Oh my, I just love your tongue in my ass brother!' Karen sighed. "Maybe you like this too," he replied by pushing his cock into her ass. "Ow, don't fuck me there. Robert just fucked me raw already!" Karen yelled.

But it was too late. Pete pushed his cock into her bum. When he was halfway he pulled out of her again, only to push back in a second later. Karen screamed with agony. But instead of asking him to stop she said "Yes, fuck my ass, Pete.

Fuck it!" Pete started to speed up his thrusts, shoving in and out of his sister's ass. Two can play that game, I thought. I took the tube of K-Y jelly from the nightstand, covered my cock and pressed its head against Pete's sphincter. Since he got fucked there often, I slipped in with a lot of ease. "Oooh yeah, Rob.

Fuck my puckered little hole!" he said with a horny voice. While I fucked his ass, he was fucking Karen's asshole. After a couple of seconds we found a rhythm that worked for all of us.

Moving up and down in unison. Every time I pushed my cock into his triple play mia bangg amp havana ginger, Pete got pushed into Karen's ass. This way I was fucking them both at the same time and loving every second of it.

It felt great to have my dick into such a tight asshole, hearing Karen and Pete pant and moan at the same time. I locked my hands into Karen's hands and we held each other tight during the triple fucking. "Remember what we did yesterday?" Peter asked Karen. "Oh, yessss" she replied. I wanted to know what happened and Karen told me.

She just had a shower, and when she walked out of the bathroom, Peter and Jack were just coming down the stairs. They had been in Peter's room, watching some porn. They were both naked. When they saw Karen, both their cocks got hard. Pete teasingly blocked Karen's way to her bedroom. "Sorry lady, but you have to pay toll taxes if you wanna go this way." "Not now Pete, I've got loads of stuff to do," she replied.

But Peter awesome ground breaking live orgy with bootylicious honeys relent. Karen felt Jack's prick press against her ass. "Wow, hold it cowboy. Watch were you point that thing," Karen smiled at him. Jack smiled back, admiring those wonderful ass-globes of hers. Pete held Karen's shoulders and gave her a kiss. Reluctantly she opened her mouth to let his tongue in. At the same time, Jack took his cock and shoved it into her pussy.

Karen gasped by the sudden penetration, feeling her pussy being filled by Jack's nice hard cock. It wasn't the biggest she ever had, but it was a nice size. Still, she didn't feel like fucking that day: "Please Jack, stop it! Let me go guys." Peter embraced Karen, locking her into his arms.

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His cock pressed against her stomach and her clit, his body crushing her tits. Jack held her tights while he fucked her with nice slow and long strokes. "No, Karen. We won't let you go until we cum all over you. I know this is what you want anyway," Pete replied. Pete's cock still pressed against Karen's clit, making her hornier by the second. Karen could only pant and moan. She was locked between two cocks, nowhere to go.

A victim of her sexual desires. Every thrust of Jack's cock made it harder for her to resist the raving feelings inside her body. Somewhere at the back of her mind she knew that letting Jack fuck her was crossing a line she and I both had set a while ago, but she couldn't resist.

She just couldn't even if they would have let her. "You like it, don't you, getting fucked by Jack. His cock was just in my mouth and now it is filling your nice little cunt, my slut sister!" Pete said. "Hmmm, yes. fuck me Jack.

Fuck me harder!" Karen admitted, overwhelmed by her lust. Jack complied, fucking her harder and harder he loved to feel her slick pussy walls enveloping his dick.

He loved to see her ass cheeks jiggle every time he thrust his cock inside busty milf alexis threesome with teen couple. He felt like a lucky guy, to have spotted Karen and me fucking a while ago. And now to fuck with Pete on a regular basis, learning all kinds of stuff about sex. Pete took one of Karen's nipples in his mouth and sucked hard on it, making the nipple grown between his lips.

His hand played with her clit, making Karen even more wet. "Oohhh, Godd, right there.yeah. I I am cumming!!!!!" she screamed. After her orgasm washed over her, she was too weak to stand op.

Jack let her sit down on all fours and was still pounding his hard cock into her wet slit. She was in the same position she was in all those months ago, when Pete had grabbed her and fucked her for the first time. The memory of that fuck made her cum again. Jack was getting close too. "Ooh yeah, fuck me.f-fuck my slutty cunt! B-but pull out when you cum. Come on my back and ass, don't come in me." Karen gasped. Pete sat down in front of Karen, presenting his cock to her mouth, which she eagerly swallowed.

Pete started to fuck her mouth with his tool, sometimes reaching the back of her throat, making her gag a little. Karen's body was shaking, her tits were shaking from the double pounding she had to take from the two horny guys. Tonight she was their fuck slut, a willing body ready to be filled with their cum.

Karen's pussy walls started to contract, squeezing Jack's cock. "Fuck, I am gonna shoot my load!" Jack said. "Cum inside her slutty pussy!" Peter demanded. "No, take it out.please" Karen pleaded. She had just had her period and was about to start to take the pill again. However, she didn't have any in the house because she forgot to get new ones last week. She was unprotected.

It was too late. Jack had too hard a time letting go of that sweet tight cunt of hers. Jack started to groan, followed by his big load of cum shooting into Karen's tight cunt. She felt his cum fill up her pussy, while her cunt contracted in orgasm. She came again. Then she felt her mouth being filled with Pete's hot spunk. "Yeah, take it, take it all slut sister!" Pete panted. Jack's cock slid from her wet snatch, leaving a trail of cum ooze out of her.

Karen got up. "Jesus Christ guys. Skaypta masturbation yapan turk kizi what you've done to me. Now I am gonna have to take another shower." They all laughed. Karen went to the bathroom, to clean up her pussy as fast as possible. Pete followed her while Jack remained in the hall, recovering from his orgasm, savouring the feeling in his body. He had just fucked Karen for the first time, and if it was up to him, it wouldn't be the last.

Her cunt was even tighter than Jeanine's and he just loved the sight of his cock in her snatch. For him, things couldn't get any better. "Why didn't you want Jack's cum inside you?" Pete wondered. "I am not on the pill, man." Karen said, with some panic in her voice. Pete looked disturbed, but after some thinking replied "Just get one from Jeanine for tonight.

Or take a morning-after pill." Karen looked relieved. Why didn't she think of that? Then again, it was tough thinking when two cocks were inside your body. "You're right. In that case, wanna have another go? You might as well, now I am all worked up," Karen joked.

Pete nodded. Karen lay down on the bathroom floor, the rug preventing her from having to lie down on the cold tiles. Peter fucked her missionary style while she sucked on Jack's cock. They both sprayed their cum on her hot little body. And now she was fucked by her brother again. "Ooh, guys, I love this. Fuck me harder!" Karen screamed. I saw her face expressing eternal bliss her eyes closed, her mouth open and her cheeks flushed red. Every time a small orgasm ripped through her body, her legs shuddered accordingly.

I loved the feeling of Pete's ass against my stomach. His nice round hairless globes felt hot as hell. I never wanted this engagement to stop, but of course also good things cum to an end.

"Sis, I can't hold it. I am gonna shoot my load!" Peter said while he filled his sister's asshole with big globs of his man juice. Karen came at the same time. Pete's ass started to squeeze my cock and I couldn't hold it anymore.

I squirted my cum into his bowels too. I left my cock inside his ass, until it deflated to a smaller size. Then I heard Karen moan "Guys, could you please get off me, you are kinda heavy you know." I pulled my cock from Pete's ass with a pop, while he did the same with his dick.

Pete left the bed and said he'd be back with some drinks after he cleaned up. I lay down on Karen and gave her a kiss on the mouth, my cock lay between her ass cheeks, which felt more like a pool of goo with all the stuff flowing out of there.

"God, I can't sit for a week," Karen joked. She turned on her side and we spooned up for a while. My cock got semi-erect and without a warming I pressed my soiled hard rod, which was just inside her brother's ass a moment ago, into her slit. Karen gasped, surprised by the sudden huge jock enters mouth of a awesome teen hardcore and blowjob. I lifted a leg so I could penetrate her deeper and started to furiously pound into her soaking wet pussy.

"So my little slut. You let neighbourhood kids fuck you now too?!" I said in a playful tone. "You let him fuck you and cum inside your tight pussy? You need to be punished. Punished badly!" "Yess. I am a slut. Punish me, rape my pussy!

Fuck me, tear me apart!" Karen screamed.

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I pounded harder and harder into her pussy. She was a bit dry and started to feel raw. But still I kept on fucking her. Shoving my cock in and out of her cunt, trying to get inside her fucking womb with the tip of my cock. The playfulness disappeared and my mind changed into a malicious mood.

I felt lust and anger and all different kinds of emotions. I got on top of Karen, spreading her legs wide and furiously pounded my cock into her helpless pussy. She was totally dry now, and her pussy walls felt like sandpaper.

It really must have hurt her, because tears were running down her cheeks. God, this hurts!" she cried.

"Go on! I deserve it. I am sorry, I am sorry." she said softly. I felt my load being pumped from my balls and shot my cum deep inside her womb. Coating the inside of her dry used-up pussy. I slid my cock out of her wet hole, and it looked worn out. Her cunt stayed open. Her lips were red and scorned.

She hugged me, held me tight. We kissed a confused kiss. Later that night we were lying in bombshell kayla kayden seduces her husbands friend bed. Karen lay with her head on my chest, playing with my chest hairs. It was time to talk the big talk. "Honey, I think we have to talk," I started.

She nodded. "I know." "Okay, listen.

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I think that things are getting out of hand. I mean, I was fine with you having sex with family members, how odd that may sound. But if other people are getting involved." "I know what you mean. Jack was not part of the deal. And believe me, it was never supposed to happen.

It just happened and I am sorry." "Yes, but what about next time. I mean you never know who might walk in?" Karen looked at me, a little disturbed.

"What do you mean by that?!" I stroke my hand through her hair. She could tell by the look in my eyes that I didn't mean it in a bad way. Karen nodded.

"You're right. I don't know what has gotten into me. The last couple of months were a real eye opener. I've done things I couldn't have imagined before this all started. When Pete and I fuck it feels so. right. Like it was meant to be. It all really brought the family closer. But let's face it: I've become the family cum slut.

And God I love it." "I know. Listen, I would never want to stand in your way in anything, you know that right?" She smiled. "I know, you are really cool." I took a deep breath. I knew I had to say it, but it was hard to do. "Karen. I love you. Always have, but. I don't think I can do this anymore.

It's been interesting and very hot and satisfying. But I don't steering a paddleboat is not the only summer fun this anymore. I don't want to share you with other people. I want a monogamous relationship. What we had when we started out." So, I'd said it. I had loved fucking around with the family. I'd had broaden my horizon a lot. But now I felt it was time to move on, and if necessary, without Karen.

She looked at me, then stared in the distance, thinking. I broke the silence.

"I don't want you to have to choose between your family and me. So, maybe it's a good idea that we stop seeing each other. At least for a little while." So that's what happened that night as far as I can remember.

I always try to forget the drama in life as soon as possible. So I'll spare you the dramatic scene that unfolded after this, since I don't want to be reminded myself. But Karen and I did split up, went our separate ways. We kept in touch, and talk to each other a lot. She'd doing fine. No boyfriend, but there is plenty of cock going around the house.

Sometimes she told me all about it when we talked on the phone, or met for coffee. She once told me that she and Jeanine visited their mother in Paris and that Jeanine had fucked her there with a strap-on. More stuff happened in Paris, but that's another story. A month after the split up I flew to New York to meet Dawn, with whom I had talked a lot during that month. I needed to clear my head, set some things straight.

I missed Karen, but knew I had made the right decision. While I am writing this, Dawn is reading with me over my shoulder. I am sitting in her bedroom. The story has gotten her horny and during the writing of this chapter she has been fingering her clit and pussy. She sits on the bed and has that look in her eyes. so riding on a huge male weenie hardcore blowjob time for me to go. I hope you've enjoyed the story.

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Love to hear your constructive comments. Cheers, Darklord