Saucy samantha is a cute chubby blonde who loves to fuck

Saucy samantha is a cute chubby blonde who loves to fuck
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I woke up to find myself in a dimly lit stone room, with a light bulb swinging bare. A dank odour of sweat, semen and blood assaulted my nostrils, turning my stomach. My long, unkempt hair dripped sweat into my eyes, burning them. As I try to clear my face of the hair, I realise that I am separately bound latex house wives scene coast to coast my arms and legs, leaving me open. I am also completely exposed, and a cold draught runs through a hole in the upper corner of the room.

A crackle emerges from a speaker system behind me, coldly saying: "Room 249, detainee number 58. Prepare for first session." And with that, an old iron lock clunked open and I heard the creak of a door, and several paced, methodical steps of heels on stone. Her breath warmed the back of my neck.

Resting her head on my shoulders, I heard her almost sultry voice echo across the room as she dictated: "Well, well, well. Looks like I've got another toy to play with. I was getting ever so-" I interrupted. "T-toy? Who are you, what is this place?" That was the first of many mistakes I would make that night.

She slapped sunny leone sex tatooed guy hard across the face, her long, sharp, polished nails digging in to my cheeks.

"You will learn, toy, not to interrupt me. Now, as I was saying, I was getting rather tired of my old slave, he was getting out of shape. So useless he was. I, as you may have guessed if you have anything between your ears, am your new owner. You will refer to me as 'mistress'. I will refer to you as whatever I please. Got it, bitch?" "What is this place?

Who are you? Why am I here?" She sighed, replying, "This, my little pet, is a dungeon. It's your new home, you'd better get used to it. I have already said who I am, and you are here for my entertainment.

And for those insolent questions, you are to be punished." A leather lash cracked on my back, sending my whole body into a spasm inside the restraints.

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smothering slave with flat stomach and perky breasts She went on to tell me that I was now her bitch, and that I did as she pleased, or I would get punished as I just was. I nodded through tears, accepting my new fate. "Now, now, tears simply won't do, I'm afraid. You'd better cheer up, now. In fact, let's keep a smile on that face." She put something in my mouth to keep it open, a round, open piece of plastic.

Finally, she walked the other side of me, facing me head on. She was stunningly beautiful, a tall, scantily dressed woman in her mid-twenties. Her cleavage almost fell out of her dress. I was confused as to what to feel this beautiful woman was standing in front of me, but I knew what she was going to do with me. The rush of fear and the thrill of arousal raced throughout my body, and before I knew it I was hard.

I braced for a punishment, but to my surprise, what I felt was her soft hands caressing my twitching cock. She removed the plastic from my mouth. "Now look what you've gone and made me do. When I finish this, you will do exactly as told, correct? Good. Now keep your mouth open and I won't put this back in." I did as I was told, not even closing to swallow my saliva.

As she jerked me, she pulled out a long, purple, plastic device. She explained it to me. "This toy, if you have not seen if before, is called a Violet Wand. Allow me to demonstrate its purpose. I have a feeling you might enjoy this, slut, but maybe not." As she touched it to my skin, sparks flew out of the wand, sending me into yet another spasm, as she jerked harder.

The pain, the fear, the arousal, all of it put me on edge. So when my moans became louder, she stopped jerking me, but kept the wand to my skin. "So," she asked, "Does my little slut enjoy this? Being shocked and hurt as his mistress pleasures him?" I was unsure, but I felt I had to be compliant, lest it get worse.

So, I groaned, "Yes, mistress, I did enjoy it." She turned up the wand, making me clench my teeth in pain. "What does my little toy want?

Does it want to cum?" "Yes, mistress! Please!" "Let me hear you beg for it, slut. Then I might think about it." "Please, mistress!

Let me cum! I'm begging you, please!" "Good enough, I suppose. I expect better next time." She turned up the wand once more and went back to pleasuring me. After a minute or two, I get back to the edge.

From out her cleavage comes a shot glass. She places it against my cock, and I blow my load directly into the glass. She pours it into my open mouth. "Swallow." I do as I am told. "This is your life, now, you dirty little slut. You're mine, and don't expect another reward like that soon. Any questions?" "Just one, mistress.

Why did you use the wand as you did that to me?" "That's simple to anyone with half a brain, whore. Association.

We must have you enjoying the pain. By the time we're done with you, you won't only be able to enjoy pain, you'll need it to get along. And that's just what we want." And with that, she left. I could hear her returning with a heavy metal object.

My heart raced at the thought of what was to come, and I broke out in another cold sweat, fearing for what was to come. She walked in, and someone who I could only assume was a guard carried in a stepladder. She reached the top, and sat on it, legs open, shoving her pussy into my face. "Well, don't be a fucking moron. You know my horny girlfriend getting really wild at computer tube porn to do." I didn't hesitate, and went straight to trying my hardest to please my mistress.

I fumbled and acted clumsily, causing her to hit me every time I did so. Eventually she straddled my face, wrapping around my neck and making me lose my airflow. She came, roaring, into my mouth, again saying: "Swallow." And I did. "So, what did you think, pet?

Oh wait, you don't think. That's not your dominion. Let me tell you what you thought. You enjoyed every second of that, especially when I had my toys out for you. Now, for telling me what you honestly thought, let's get you a present." She stepped behind me, retrieving a fairly large butt plug and a small jar of Vaseline, rubbed it all over the plug, making sure not to add it too liberally.

"You know where this is going, slut?" I knew all too well. My ass was going vintage punishment and daddy bandits of bondage get filled with that thing, and for the first time anything was going in there, it was pretty big.

It was shoved in brutally and mercilessly, leaving me screaming myself hoarse and sobbing. And just like that, I was left there, hours on end, with something invading my ass and nobody to scream to. I passed out, but couldn't tell for how long. The only thing that awoke me was the phrase: "Room 249, detainee number 58.

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Prepare for second session."