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Japani sexi full sex stories vedio
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Henry fumbled for the key. Why had he told his father and stepmother that he'd keep an eye on their house while they were away? After a long day at work, the last thing he wanted to do was drive half an hour out of his way to check in on plants and a spoiled cat. Besides, there was no reason his stepsister couldn't take care of things. Five years younger than Henry, Kirstin was eighteen, more than old enough to take care of the house she still lived in. "She isn't home much," Henry's father had explained when he'd made the house-sitting request.

"Between her college classes and her job, she's almost never around. Some nights she doesn't even come home." Surely his father wasn't na? enough to think Kirstin was staying out all night because of work and classes.

But Henry figured it wasn't his place to break the news that sweet, innocent Multiple creampies in stretched fuck holes for wacky tart anilingus cumshots was probably out partying.

Or fucking. Henry finally found the right key and opened the door. All the lights in the house were off. All except one. At the far end of the hallway, the family room light was on.

Kirstin must have forgotten to turn it off. "Damn kid," Henry muttered. He headed down the hall. As he got closer to the family room, he heard noises. More specifically, sex noises. "She wouldn't," he thought. At the doorway of the room, Henry paused. Should he grab whatever kid Kirstin was with and shove him against a wall, or just tell him to get the fuck out?

Grabbing could be a problem he thought; it might get him accused of assault.

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So yelling it would be. Henry looked into the room. His eyes opened wide as he saw his little stepsister naked on the couch, gasping and moaning as she fucked herself with a large pink dildo. Henry's cock immediately stood at attention. Kirstin was gorgeous; he'd noticed that before, but her body. God, no wonder she was out all night sometimes. As though on its own, Henry's hand rubbed his cock through his pants.

Fortunately, Kirstin's eyes were closed. "Fuck, yes!" she groaned. "Oh, my god, fuck me!" Henry went closer, careful not to make any sound that might let Kirstin know he was there. Her breasts were possibly a B-cup, firm and round and with nice pink nipples pointing straight up, Henry estimated. Her pussy was smooth julianne james tracey adams aja in classic sex clip I'm sure blonde hair had once surrounded her pussy.

As Kirstin thrust the dildo in and out of her cunt, she tweaked her nipples. It was one of the sexiest things Henry had ever seen. Kirstin's hand was a blur as she rammed the stiff dildo in and out of her wet cunt. He couldn't resist the temptation any longer. He undid his pants and grasped his large cock. As he watched his sexy stepsister nearing her climax, he stroked himself toward his own.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Startled, Henry let go of himself. Kirstin's eyes were open now; Henry had been paying so much attention to the dildo in her pussy that he hadn't realized she'd seen him. "I could ask you the same question," he said. "I." Kirstin laughed and looked at the dildo that still protruded from her. "Guess I can't lie my way out of it.

I was horny. Got a problem with it?" "No, but I have the same problem." Henry went to her and took hold of the dildo. "What do you think you're doing?" Kirstin demanded. "This." Slowly, Henry moved the dildo in and out of his stepsister's cunt. "How does that feel?" "You- you can't-" Kirstin let out a moan.

"Henry. ah, fuck! Stop!" Henry let go of the dildo. "You want me to stop?" "No. I mean, yes. I mean, shit, Henry, you're my brother!" "I'm your stepbrother, sweetie.

Not the same thing." He pinched one of her nipples. "I could fuck you, and it wouldn't be any problem at all." Kirstin slapped his hand.

"It would if I didn't want you to fuck me." "You're lying there with a dildo in your cunt. You want to be fucked." Henry pushed his pants down so Kirstin could see his cock. "Would you rather be fucked suny leone with jorde el ninpolla a dildo, or by this?" "Holy shit!" Kirstin wrapped her hand around his shaft as if to prove to herself it was real.

"Henry, it's fucking huge!

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You mean I've been living with this all this time and never knew it?" Enjoying the feeling of his stepsister's hand on his cock, Henry said, "I don't think you would have been interested before. But how about now? Which do you want, Kirstin? Your dildo or my cock." "God, I'm such a fucking whore." Kirstin licked his cockhead.

"I want this." "Good answer." Henry pulled the dildo out of Kirstin's pussy and tossed it aside. She giggled. "I hope I remember to pick that up afterward." "Might be kind of hard to explain if your mom or my dad found it," Henry agreed.

He knelt between Kirstin's legs and lined up his shaft with her pussy. "Ready for this?" "I've never had one that big. Fuck yes, I'm ready!" Henry slid the first inch of his cock into her.

"God, you're tight!" he said. "You sure you can take me?" "Give it to me…NOW HENRY! The harder the better!" With one hard shove, Henry slammed his cock into his sexy brother out of work brother raped brother wife sleep pussy.

She screamed as the full length and thickness of his shaft penetrated her. Without giving her a chance to adjust, Henry began thrusting in and out of her. "Is this better than that fucking piece of rubber?" he asked. "Fuck! Oh, my fucking god! Henry, fuck me!" "I'll take that as a yes." "Oh, fuck!" Kirstin screamed again, not in pain this time.

Henry felt her cunt clench on his cock as she came. It was too much for him. With one last hard thrust, he emptied his balls into Kirstin's wet pussy. He pulled out and stood. "Feeling less horny now?" "Yeah." Kirstin grinned. "But it's just a matter of time before I'm horny again." "You've got your little toy there." "Uh huh." Kirstin grabbed his cock.

"But I'd rather have this again. Good thing my mom and your dad are gone for the weekend." Henry studied his stepsister, taking in the hard nipples on her B-cup breasts, her flat stomach, and her shaved crotch. Their parents had been married for ten years, and he'd never noticed how hot Kirstin was until a few hours earlier. Kirstin winked at him. "What are you looking at?" "One of the hottest bodies I've ever fucked," Henry replied.

Giggling, Kirstin struck a pose, one hand behind her head, the other on a thrust-out hip. "You really think this body's hot?" "Hell yeah." Henry went over to her and covered her tits with his hands. "Very, very hot. Especially after that fuck. Oh, my god, I thought you were going to fuck me to death!" "You started it." Kirstin reached down and fondled his half-hard cock, bringing it rapidly to full hardness. "You're the one who fucked me with my dildo." "You're the one who was fucking yourself on the couch when I came in," Henry countered.

"Beautiful woman fucking herself with a piece of rubber, what was I supposed to do? I couldn't let you suffer." "Sure you couldn't. You just didn't know what else to do with this hard-on." Kirstin knelt and took Henry's dick in her mouth, engulfing the head and sucking hard.

Henry shuddered; his little stepsister was damn good at sucking! "That's good, baby," he said. "Keep sucking my cock. I'm going to cum right down your throat." Kirstin released his cock and looked up with a grin. "No, you're not.

You're going to cum all over my tits." Fuck! Just the words were enough to almost make Henry do just that. Never mind the image that leapt into his mind. Kirstin winked again and licked his shaft, then resumed sucking as much of his thickness as she could fit in her mouth.

Henry looked down at her, loving the sight of Kirstin's blonde head bobbing on his cock, and sent up a silent thanks to their parents for asking him to house sit while they were away. He'd resented the chore until the moment he saw Kirstin on the couch with the dildo in her cunt. Now he hoped their parents would decide to prolong their trip. As she sucked, Kirstin gripped the base of his shaft in one hand and fondled his balls with the other.

"Fuck, yes!" Henry exclaimed. "Damn, Kirstin, I'm going to cum!" Kirstin stopped sucking and aimed his cock at her tits. She jerked him hard and fast until he shot several thick streams across her chest.

Then she scooped some of his cum up with a finger and stuck it in her mouth. "Yummy!" "You're one hot little slut, she holds the cock like a microphone know that?" Henry helped her to her feet.

"Want something to wipe that off with?" "Why would I want to wipe it off? Don't I look hot with my step-brothers' cum on my boobs?" "You're the hottest thing I've ever seen, but you have to get dressed sooner or later. You don't want my cum all slender teen chicks acting like director in casting threesome your clothes, do you?" "Why not?

And why do I have to get dressed, anyway?" Kirstin sat down on the couch. "I don't usually wear clothes when I'm alone. Or when I'm with a sexy guy. Don't you like looking at me?" "Yeah, but." Henry couldn't figure out how to finish his sentence. Unless Kirstin had somewhere to go, she was right; there was no reason for her to get dressed.

She was definitely giving him new insight into her life; he understood now why she was often out all night, as his father had told him she was. "How often are you naked with a sexy guy?" "Does it turn you on to hear me talk about fucking other guys?" Kirstin laughed at the shock on Henry's face. "Yes, Henry, I fuck other guys. Don't you fuck other women?" "Yeah, but I'm five years older than you." "You going to tell me you were a virgin when you were eighteen?" "No, but I didn't fuck just anyone, either." "Neither do I.

I'm picky.

They have to be gentlemen, and they have to be hot. I get laid four or five times a week, to answer your question. Sometimes more. Does that bother you? Because before you even think about judging me, let me remind you that you just fucked your stepsister a little while ago, and I tried to talk you out of it." "You didn't try very hard.

And I'm not judging. I'm just surprised. You were always so quiet when you were younger. I didn't think you'd ever have a boyfriend, and you're telling me you fuck a different guy a few times a week?" "Not always different guys. I have a few fuck buddies. Sometimes I want to do someone I haven't done before, though." Kirstin spread her legs, giving Henry a perfect view of her shaved pussy. "Like my i have a wife nikki benz and tasha reign step-brother that I've lusted after since forever." "You have, huh?" Henry stroked his cock, bringing it back to hardness.

"So you liked fucking me? Even though according to you, you tried to talk me out of it?" "I liked it." Kirstin licked her lips. "What woman wouldn't like fucking a monster cock like that? Bring it here, Henry. Fuck me again." "Didn't you get enough the first time?" Henry teased her, rubbing his dick, his eyes glued to hers. "Fuck, no. There's no such thing as enough. Bring it here." "Beg for it." "I don't beg any man.

I'm worth more than that." Kirstin closed her legs. "If you don't want to fuck me, fine. Your loss. That dildo's still around here somewhere." Henry didn't want to lose this chance.

He hadn't had enough either. "Maybe it turns me on to hear a woman beg," he said. "Maybe it makes me fuck her harder." "Oh, really? Then please prove it. Please." Ignoring her sarcasm, Henry went to her and pulled her legs apart. He knelt between them and asked, "Should I eat you, or just fuck you?" "Just fuck me. You'll have plenty of time to eat me later. I'm planning on keeping you here all weekend." "As you wish." Henry positioned his cock at her hot milfs cherie and reagan licking each others pussy and pushed hard, burying himself to the hilt.

Kirstin screamed. "Fuck, oh my god, that's so fucking good! Hard, Henry, fuck me hard!" Henry obliged, pounding his cock into her cunt until she screamed again. "I'm cumming! Oh, fuck!" Her pussy contracted along his cock.

Since he'd just cum moments earlier, Henry could have kept fucking her, but decided not to. Let her wait a little longer; he could certainly wait. He pulled out and sat beside her. "What the fuck are you doing?" she demanded. "I came, you came, and I'm taking a break. Go wash your tits and get some clothes on so I can take you out to dinner." "Dinner? Where?" "Wherever you want." "Do I get dessert, too?" Henry grinned. "Yep. Right back here. So hurry up, and wear something sexy." Smiling, Kirstin planted a kiss on the head of his cock and hurried to the bathroom to shower.

To be continued.