All girl public disgrace ariel x humiliated and used in a queer bar

All girl public disgrace ariel x humiliated and used in a queer bar
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The Prophecy Ch. 5 This is the continuation of the previous chapter, please read the previous chapters to fill in any blanks. I appreciate the feedback and apologize for previous and any future grammatical errors. This story contains fantasy/magic within it and has more interesting magical twists to come. Please note that all characters in this story are 18 years or older. If you're not interested in the realm of seduction, fantasy, action, and adventure then you found the wrong story.

I apologize for how long it took to post this story. I will continue to write this story and create many more in the future. "Boring" seemed to be a word Luke rarely used these past few days.

Even as he sat in class he couldn't help but think of all the events being a sorcerer had granted him. His life had pulled a complete U-turn from the drab of what it once was. Almost a week or so ago he would be sitting in class trying to figure out what to do after school. Now he had part of the day planned for a new contract and more mysteries ahead.

Yet this evening was nothing compared to last night. He had earned himself twenty five thousand dollars to be deposited into his account as well as a meeting for a new contract.

And when he left the fight feeling like a champ he thought he would return home and collapse. Little did he know he would have one amazing night with his sister.

He had planned to take her but…well he thought it would require more planning then the rushed event that occurred. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Without warning Luke suddenly felt Sam's arms wrap about his neck as she moaned in the kiss and deepened it to a heated passion.

Her body pressed firmly into his and he could feel every outline of her frame mash against his own stiff muscles. He drank in her taste, kissing her ever more deeply to drown himself in more of her sweetness. He continued to get drunk on her taste feeling her moan and groan into his mouth as her body quivered in his arms. Her grip tightened about his neck pulling in to his kiss making it more passionate by the second. He didn't fight it nor dissuade it in anyway, he wanted this more than he knew.

The heated passion that flooded his lips from his lust filled sister was unexpected. He knew she fantasized about him but didn't have any clue how much she truly yearned for him. But the kiss itself portrayed all of that and more.

When they finally parted from the kiss he saw the look joy followed with pure embarrassment on her face. He wanted to recover this and fast before she had any doubts. Within a flash his Mind Radio was on and anchored to Sam.

His mind was flooded with her thoughts as he stared into her eyes. "He just kissed me. We just kissed. Not a simple kiss like a brother and sister do. That wasn't even close to what we did.

We made out. Oh god I just made out with my brother! I mean…I knew I wanted this but now that I have it&hellip.this is so wrong but I…" Luke derailed her thoughts by implanting one of his own. One he felt deeply for, "Sam you know you want this and it's ok to do this.

I want this as much as you." Luke pushed the command into her mind and felt it settle along with her thoughts. He knew he wanted her and from the fantasy he shared with her, he knew she wanted him too. Her body relaxed in his arms and she almost melted under the caress of his fingers against her back. She stared at him for a moment longer before pushing away from him with the continued mixed look of joy and embarrassment. He wasn't sure which line of thought she followed anymore as her mind slowly emptied.

Concern welled up inside of him. Did his Mind Radio not work on her? He could read her thoughts but…right now she seemed to only be looking at him with a blank stare and mind. Did he do something wrong and put too much strain on her? Maybe this moral choice was too much?

He was about to try to enter a command in her mind again when she lifted her shirt off her body. His own thoughts where complete derailed and thrown off the bridge when he saw her petite body made bare on his lap. The shirt was curtain lifting off her to reveal her flawless skin. He continued to eye her frame, eyes growing wider as more of her body was exposed. He about swallowed his tongue when he saw her small budding breasts starring him in the face.

Her A cup breasts seemed to have large areolas that he never had a decent view of when she was masturbating the other night. Was her body always so radiant? When the shirt came off her head she was smiling brightly at him like a magnificent portrait. He had seen his fair share of different woman over the last few days, even his own mother, but nothing compared to seeing Sam right now.

She seemed to glow as she blushed and stared at him shyly. Her short dark hair seemed to make the blush on her boyish features more noticeable. He had told her in the fantasy that he didn't want any woman's body but hers and right now more than ever those words rang true. His staring finally made her uncomfortable as her arms came up to cover her breasts. She looked away to avoid staring directly at him yet giving him a side glance as her face became different shades of red.

Words finally formed in his own throat, "You have a beautiful body." This only caused her face to turn new shades of red. Luke absorbed himself in the glow of her beauty feeling it flood his vision. Luke enfolded her into his arms hugging her close as he smiled at her crimson face.

Her eyes where wide and full of shock. Those lovey green eyes, how they mirrored his own in some ways yet none at all. She found his lips caressing hers briefly before they traced her skin.

Her heard gasps from her mouth as his lips traveled down her cheek and found her neck. He felt spark of joy entire her mind and enjoyed being able to find her most sensitive parts by the road map of her emotions. Like a compass, he used Sam's thoughts to find the perfect spot to trail his lips. First he found her neck just above her collar bone.

There he suckled and nibbled at her flesh causing her to squirm on his lap and grip his shoulders. Her fingers dug into him as he teased and attacked her tender flesh.

With her arms griping his shoulder nothing blocked his lips from traveling further my teen gf annika has a big ass and cute tits gf he caught her beautiful breast into his mouth. Her mind and body reacted in bliss as his tongue twirled about her nipple. His fingers gripped her back as she tried to pull away, only causing her body to arch and give him the perfect angle to enjoy her breast.

Her slender body seemed so fragile under his hands, he almost wanted to treat her like a porcelain doll. He held her so firmly yet gently to make sure he didn't hurt her but prevented her from leaving his grasp. Yet her powerful arms kept pushing hard against him, her thoughts being swarmed with the joy she felt at his mouth to the point where it was over whelming her senses. When he finally broke from her breast she about rested limply in his arms.

In the next moment her hands gripped his shirt and jacket in one motion yanking them of his head. It kind hurt feeling the clothes ripped off his torso but he didn't mind when he felt her bare hand press against his naked chest. He smiled brightly up at her as she leaned down and gave him another dose of her bitter sweet lips.

His words didn't express the joy he felt in doing this. Feeling his sister, kissing her, and admiring her. Any words he tried to use to describe it seemed to pale to the real thing. She parted from the kiss so slowly he swore that time was on a standstill. Both their minds where flooded with the pure blissful taboo of stellar czech cutie was tempted in the shopping centre and fucked in pov scene they were acting on.

His hands that stroked and held her back, her fingers that caressed his chest, and their eyes drowning within one another. The excitement that scorched Luke's bones was more thrilling then anything so far. Sam finally broke the slow motion of the world by leaning down and kissing his neck. He submitted to her lips leaning his head to the side. He felt her pouty lips trail across his flesh dripping her sweet mouth down his flesh.

His head lulled back with eyes closed feeling her lips and tongue glide about his skin. The thoughts dropping in and out of her mind flooded so fast he might as well set a movie on fast forward and try to watch it. She focused on the taste and sensation of his body while enjoying how wrong this was, yet how right it felt. All attempts to read her mind where shattered when he felt her mouth in case his nipple. Luke's eyes snapped open as he stared at her sucking his nipple greedily as if it held milk.

He watch in awe and pleasure, his nipples already sensitive from Miss Bradley. Her yes where closed as her mind buzzed with delight. "His taste is so strong. The sweat and the smell. Oh my god I can't believe how amazing this all is!" His line of thought mimicked her own on that.

His bulge threatened to explode in a premature climax or tare open his pants to be free. Much to his torment Sam decided at that moment to start rubbing his already straining bulge. He groaned in both pain and pleasure as he felt the strain tighten even more on his dick. The mix of torment and bliss confused him as he enjoyed his sister's mouth on his nipple and hand on his cock. Yet, the more she teased him the more it strained against the fabric of his jeans.

He was about to lose his mind. He forced his sister to stop and she looked at him with disappointment that echoed throughout her mind. When he moved her off of him she went into a panic. "I don't want this to stop! What's he doing? Is he disappointed in me?" Luke wanted to smile from how much she cared and when he unzipped his pants letting both the pants and boxers fall to the floor he let out a relieved sigh of content.

When he looked at Sam her thought of panic where dashed and replaced with lust once more. "Oh my god, he is really huge. I don't even know how that will fit in me…" Her hand reached out unsteadily and caressed his leg. Her eyes locked on his enlarged eight inch member that stood as hard as ever. He stared down admiring the view of his sisters staring lustfully at his erect member.

As the moment progressed he drowned himself in the thrill of it all. His own hand reach out to cup her cheek feeling her tender skin against his palm. He didn't know if is his hand followed her face or her face followed his hand. Either way he was greeted with the delightful feeling of her lips wrapped about his dick. An unsteady breath escaped his lips when he felt her lips slide further down his shaft.

Her slender mouth only made it half way down his shaft before her fingers came up gripping the other half and he was in heaven. Her mouth worked up and down on his dick while her fingers jerked the rest.

His hands reacted by stroking and griping her hair. He let her do all the work resisting every urge to thrust his hips forward as she continued to work his shaft gingerly at first and picked up pace as she found a rhythm she liked. The pace continued as Sam started to use her tongue along the underside of Luke's shaft. The more she worked him the more he struggled to control his own body from react. She tried to fit more of him into her mouth and he felt her gag as his cock went slightly deeper.

Even though she gaged he found her trying to fit more and more of him each try. Finally she tried to do more than she was ready for and started a coughing fit. He pulled out immediately and went down on a knee to support her. He rubbed her bare back as the fit subsided and smiled at her adorable face.

"I'm sorry I'm not better," she was on the verge of tears and he could see the sorrow radiate throughout her mind. Before it could overwhelm her he kissed her deeply. His lips drowning her sorrow in the heat of his own ignited passion. He pushed her into the couch making her bare body lay against it as his own lips pressed firmly against her own.

His hands ran over her body, fingers caressing her skin and sliding down her frame. His palms gripped her small breasts, massaging them and squeezing them firmly as he kissed her more deeply.

She groaned into his lips as he felt him assault her breasts with his fingers. He reluctantly pulled away from her lips before he was consumed by them.

Yet, he wanted to taste more of her. His lips trailed down her body kissing along the every inch of skin. His hands never moved from her breast, always teasing her nipple between the grips of his fingers. His lips and hands worked her in ways that made her squirm and arch her back. Each movement of her body was followed by his lips trailing further down her frame. Luke made his way further down till he was face to face with her glorious womanhood.

So strange to think of her in such a way. Such a woman in front of him when all of his life he saw her as a tomboy. Now in front of his eyes was the proof of how much she had grown into an amazing woman.

Her magnificent slit that was hidden behind the fold of her pussy's lips, all surrounded by the slowly growing hair after a recent shave.

It was a sight worth a thousand words and more. His head moved between her legs, his breath teasing her moist slit and causing her to shutter. He had been gentle with her through this entire moment and now…he couldn't hold back. Immediately his face was smashed into her pussy causing her to squeal in delight as his tongue slide up and down her slit. As his tongue slithered along her wet hole he found that she tasted even more bitter down below yet the sweetness was there. He was greedy, trying to devour that small bit of sweetness as he pushed his tongue deep into her folds.

As before, her mind was his map guiding him towards bringing her to a stronger orgasm. As soon as the first orgasm ripped through her he felt her fingers rake and grip his hair pulling him into her pussy even more than before.

He would have smiled if his face wasn't being suffocated in her delicious snatch. It seemed he wasn't the only one who was holding back as well. Her fingers continued to grip his hair trying to pull him more firmly into her. He lost all sense of whose thoughts where whose. He was drunk off her taste feeling himself be directed by her thoughts and fingers to bring her from one orgasm to another.

His tongue working expertly throughout her slit and hole, rolling tenderly across her overly sensitive clit. Her body arched from his mouth and tried pulling away as his hands gripped her budding breasts more firmly.

Luke's mind was lost in the sea of her thoughts, being drowned in cute asian exgf bangs her pussy with a dildo scream, both outwardly and inwardly of pleasure. The anchor in her mind was a double bladed sword at the moment.

He knew her every need and pleasure but was drowned in the hidden screams that she bit her lip to suppress. He felt like he would die with his face buried inside her pussy, which in some causes wouldn't be a bad way to go. After time seemed to stretch for an eternity Luke pulled his face from her pussy and stared up at her. She was panting, trying to get all the air back into her lungs.

The sweat rolling down her skin making it glisten in the low light from the kitchen. Adrenaline and lust filled his thoughts, minus her own that streamed bisexual sluts jade and jessica fucking missionary smalltits and brunette his anchor. "That was amazing. My god nothing could have prepared me for that. Is this all just foreplay at the moment? God only knows if I'm this way after sucking his cock and him working my pussy I can't imagine what that cock will do to me." His mind was a bonfire that was drowned in gasoline and her thoughts where the match that set it ablaze with pure greedy lust.

Within a blink he was on top of busty milf and sexy teen fucked on turns on the couch threesome stepmom once more kissing her deeply as his tongue invaded her mouth.

She grunted in surprise as his tongue danced along hers. Her hands reached up and gripped his shoulder their bodies rocking against one another in the heat of passion. Luke felt his cock rubbing against her slit, the juices coating his shaft, as she squirmed and moaned in pleasure underneath him. He couldn't hold back any more, with a smooth stroke he pulled back and felt the tip of his dick enter his sister. He instantly groaned feeling how tight she was.

Then he was confused when he meet some resistance. As he slowly pushed Sam's fingers dug into deeper into his shoulder. "It's going to happen. I'm going to have my first with him." The realization dawned on Luke as he leaned up to look into free sex sister borther moves eyes, "Sam…are you a…" Her legs suddenly wrapped about his waist, "Don't you dare pull out, not after all of this.

I want this…I want you as my first Luke." He wasn't certain how much of it was his own suggestion in her mind or her own desire for him. In either case he didn't argue with her. But, he planted another suggestion in her mind. "Sam, this may hurt only a little but as soon as your hymen breaks you'll be flooded with pleasure to bring you to an orgasm." Luke felt he owed her that since she was gifting him with her first time. Before he could second guess himself he gave a hard thrust pushing into her.

He felt her tare and in turn brought a whimper of pain from her. But, the command sank in easily as she arched hard feeling him fill her up. Her body gripped his dick like a vice, threatening to rip it off.

As she came down from her orgasm her body loosened once more allowing more of him to enter her. Luke was amazed that she was able to take all eight inches of him inside her. She panted and squirmed as he was completely sheathed inside of her. He held it there for a moment longer as he felt her body shutter around his cock fully inside her. Sam's mind and voice rang out at the same time, "My jashamine jaime xxx all heroin, you're actually inside me.

Your cock is inside my pussy." Luke found his mind racing with her own, "And you feel amazing, any tighter and you might just take my dick off." He chuckled and smiled as she laughed back. She punched his shoulder playfully, "What do you expect it's my first time and you're huge." He laughed some more before kissing her. In that moment they just smiled, laughed, and kissed one another.

The playfulness of siblings mixed with the pleasure of lovers as they slowly began to rock into one another. Laughter replaced by moans and groans as Luke started to thrust into Sam feeling every inch of her soaked pussy grip and pull on his dick. "Damn that feel so good," Sam moaned the words out making Luke smile and admire how cute she was.

Within moments their rocking went from soft love making to wild sex. She gripped his shoulder firmly as his hands held her hips pulling her into his cock.

With every thrust their bodies rocked the couch and shook each other to their core. Grandfather fuck daughter in fort her mother family dex heat from it all was almost too much to bear. Their bodies coated in sweat, her pussy slick with her juices and his cock hard as ever hammering into her like a possessed machine. "Keep going Luke. My god don't you dare stop!" Luke knew he was already way to close to his climax.

The mix of taboo, foreplay, her innocence, and the sex made it almost unbearable for him to hold back. This whole erotic situation was driving him crazy.

On top of that his sister's begging both verbal and mental continue to push him over the edge. He picked her up, lifting her into the air, completely taking her off guard as she screamed in surprise. He held her ass firmly as he rocked his hips and dropped her weight on to his cock.

This caused her to scream and pant in pleasure no words forming from her mouth besides the moaning from within. Yet her mind spoke for her, "Yes yes yes! My god I can't believe I waited this long for sex. He is so deep right now.

I'm losing my mind!" Luke was losing his own mind as he continued to hammer into her. The sudden switch in position brought the edging climax away from him only to be fueled once more as he dropped her body down on his cock. The sound of her body dropping on his cock started to become wetter with each thrust. His sister was wild and crazy, driving him completely insane himself. Images flooded from her mind, picturing what it looked like to have his dick inside her.

The feeling of her pussy and the flood of her pleasure and images was pushing Luke further over the edge by the second. It was times like this that Luke cursed his sexual stamina. After today's adventures he was tired and worn.

The adrenaline unable to fuel his worn muscles that insisted on driving into his sister. After about five minutes of him fucking her in the air his body gave out on him. He adjust the fall, landing on the couch, and dropping his sister hard on his crotch which in turn caused them both a new wave of pleasure to course through them.

What surprised Luke was Sam was nowhere close to done. When he sat on the couch she took the lead and began to rock her hips and drop her weight on him. Staring at his sister glistening in sweat, riding his cock with a need he couldn't characterize, and screaming with each impalement on his cock amazed him. Luke felt energized watching her work his shaft.

He found his hands grip her waist and started to thrust up into her. They both screamed in joy and bliss when her voice rang out once more, "Oh shit Luke you're gonna make me cum again!" "Oh damn Sam, if you cum again I won't be able to control it." "Don't, don't you dare try to. I want it.

Fill me with you seed!" Her mind mimicked the thought and continued it. "My god I'm gonna have him cum inside me. It's my safe day so this is going to feel amazing with no risk. Yes, fill me up with you cum!" Luke lost it.

When her pussy quivered and gripped his cock he felt her juices flow over his shaft once more. Within that moment Luke came harder than he thought was possible, especially after sex with Miss Bradley earlier that day. Yet, there he was gushing load after load into the vice grip of Sam's pussy. He just came in his sister's pussy! This day just got interesting and unbelievable all in one. Sam had collapsed against his chest panting and smiling as she tried to regain herself in some small measure.

Luke let his beautiful dakoda enjoys getting rammed brunette and cumshot sink into the couch feeling the adrenaline completely leave his system and feeling more drained then he thought was humanly possible. If his cock wasn't still twitching in his sister's pussy he might have passed out right there. "About time you two, I thought if you kept at it something in my house was going to get broken." Luke almost shot off the couch hearing his mother's voice.

His mother knew what he planned to do but he was worried what his sister would say. His mind was still latched to hers and he felt taut ass slammed by long dick hardcore and russian embarrassment match his own.

"If you to go at it again maybe you should keep the volume down to avoid the neighbors wanting to watch." She giggled at that making her children blush. Sam and Luke shouted in unison, "MOM!" She continued to smile, standing there in a loosely tied up robe. Her light brown wavy hair was drenched with water as it draped over her shoulders. Her blue eyes seemed to no longer hold the usual bags they carried, in fact all her smooth features seamed well rested and clear.

Her C cup cleavage was baby xxx story com song through the robe and as the water continued to drip down her frame Luke felt his cock twitch and threaten to rise in new force. "I told you that it would be worth it. Didn't I Samantha?" Sam's thoughts flooded with embarrassment. Each one branched to at least five others and Luke couldn't read them at all.

Yet, the connection was made without it. "Wait a minute. Did you two set this up to happen?" "Why do you think she was naked under one of your shirts?" His mother chuckled which only caused Sam to blush even further. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- "Did you have another late night at work again?" Yoshiko's annoyed voice pulled Luke back from memory lane.

After all the awkward conversation and laughing last night Luke got some good rest. And now he found himself her trying to work with someone in Biology class who pretty much hated him or thought he was lazy, and there was a good chance it was both. Luke started to feel like he was the slacker that Yoshiko pictured. He spent all day catching up on his other classes and the only easy ones he knew he had was PE (for obvious reasons), English, and Math. Now he was trying to remember every single bit of info he could recall on the stem cell research for reviving the dead.

So far Yoshiko kept an iron clad poker face making sure she focused on her work. Even through all the Walking Dead cracks he had pulled he wouldn't have guessed she thought he was funny if it weren't for the Mind Radio which fed him her occasional thought. Luke had to pull himself together and focus on the work at hand.

"Sorry, ya victoria white and jayden cole pinup lesbian girls right, I've had a rather long night at work.

How much have you looked up on the information I provided you the other day Yoshiko?" Everything in her manners changed instantly. She became more ridged and seemed to radiate the feeling that Luke got from someone before they tried to stab him. Her voice was relatively calm, despite the vibe she gave off, "First of which, don't address me by my first name. No I won't tell you my last name either.

Secondly, yes I did. However the details are mostly speculation and little no details are provided. We may have to scrap the idea." "Or…What we can do there Yoshi is provide example research of how they can make it possible.

Look here they talk about Stem Cells reviving brain patterns, we do our research on how that's possible and then provide more information on how they plan to monitor the stages of revival. Also…you are looking at me like my sister does before stunning blonde cougar has her muff penetrated threatens me with a frying pan.

What is it?" "What did you call me?" Yoshiko stammered the words out eying him funny. "Well if I'm not gonna be allowed to use your first name or your last name.

I'm not gonna call you "It" cause I hated that movie and made me have an involuntary fear of clowns. And I'm not gonna call you "Asian" girl either.

So I gotta call you something." Luke let that sink in and she seemed to resign and nod in submission. He nodded in return and continued, "Look as much fun as it is to cram all this in to the few days he will give us free time to work on this, why don't I just come by your place so we can research and finish the paper. I'd invite you to my place but it's rather small." He thought her mind was strange to understand before under that poker face. But, now she legal age teenager pretty bitches loses fucking control girlfriend and homemade out him with a stern solid stare on across her features.

Yet her mind spoke differently, "Did he just ask me to come over to my house? Well it's just for research and I guess he is trying to contribute. At least he didn't ask me to come to his house that would be awkward.

Should I ask my mom? She is always working. I don't know what I should do. I could get the paper done myself and say he did it but…what is he really like?" Her thought died down after that last question and Luke had trouble keeping his own poker face. Was she just curious about him or did she really want to get to know him? "Fine I'll message you at some point tomorrow for when you can come over. I'll even give you the address." "Thanks, I would kinda need that last one. Unless you plan on putting up a banner saying "Yoshi's place" be careful though if you do that, to many Mario fans out there." Luke held his award winning smile as she kept her same immovable features yet he heard her mind laugh (this girl was the most confusing thing he has run into as a sorcerer, and he has meet Morto's fans).

As usual, Yoshiko was saved from his probing by the bell. As soon as it went off she bolted from the class to do the mile dash to her locker.

Luke thought she should be on track with how fast she moved. He wondered what made Yoshiko tick herself because she was a complete mystery to everyone. She was a straight A student, yet she always acted as if she was falling behind. She was sought after by all academic clubs, and from the Luke's guess by how she ran, some athletic clubs as well. Yet she didn't join a single one and seemed…well more secluded then Luke use to be.

On top of that, most the players at the Las Vegas tournament would just fold staring at her face. So who was she really? As Luke arrived to his last class he was excited to see his horny Professor again. Is mind raced with possibilities of what they might due during class again today. However, fate was cruel today for they had the same boring sub from last week.

Luke sighed his disappointment as he sat in the front rough staring at this man that looked like he was in his early 40's. The salt and pepper hair seemed only to highlight his bronze horned shape glasses.

Luke let himself drift off during his "review' lecture of yesterday's reading. He wanted nothing more than to catch up on much needed sleep. If his favorite teacher wasn't there and the guy kept droning on about a subject they covered already then Luke didn't see much point in trying to stay awake.

-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Luke was more than certain that a new stream of rumors had started about him now.

Why wouldn't they? What would anyone think of him getting into a brand new black Mercedes with tinted windows that was parked in front of the school? Some of the guys even caught sight of Serina as he tried to rush inside of the car.

He hoped they were more focused on the revealing blue leather dress she wore that showed plenty of leg and cleavage to make most men gap than the dark purple skin. Then again the black light might have helped throw them off.

In regards to being subtle with the car and parking they missed the marker by a lot. However, trying to keep the magical world a secret…they weren't too bad with easy cover ups. People believed what they want to believe and if it seems logical then it makes sense. Besides who cares about logic staring at DD tits? Luke sighed against the window as he saw shops pass by in a flash with his thoughts. What a start to a day. By now some thrill would have occurred in his day and yet he was filled with anxiety of this moment.

A contract set up by Morto made Luke more nervous than he had expected it to. Luke slowly realized how much he leaned on Miss Bradley until he had to deal with a situation alone. The busty stepmom threesome sex with teens in the bedroom young old pornstars time he was alone was with Rena, and even then Bradley introduced them.

He couldn't also complain since she provided plenty of eye candy with no strings attached. Then again with Serina in the driver seat he had to make sure his eyes were out the window or he might make another contract with this monstrous beauty. Her purple skin melding with the black light in the car while her goat horns seemed almost like a crown protruding from her brilliant long red hair. Luke could feel her white eyes glance at him from her perfectly smooth yet angular face.

He tried to ignore the leather clad dress she wore that attracted so many eyes at school and only made her DD breasts more apparent while the dress didn't cover any part of her legs. When he handed her his bank information earlier he had to use all his will power not to try and kiss her.

She was amazing eye candy, but it came with a deadly center. Now they sat in the car in silence with her giving him the occasional long stares which he blatantly ignored. Luke felt like he was barely able to squeeze a decent contract from Morto with his random jobs and didn't need to get caught up with Serina who would make a stricter contract. Even though the sex was amazing and almost like he was on drugs and filled him with all sorts of ecstasy and passion and…he had to cut that line of thought quickly before she decided to notice the growing tent sex begg mom xxx story his legs.

Serina finally chimed her hypnotic voice, "So I understand you don't know much about Nina do you?" Luke wanted to ignore it but the saying about curiosity and cats didn't seem to bother him at the moment. "Well she did save me from some goblins when I first got into this business." "She was picked up about the same way you were.

Most of your kind usually ends up that way. You either get attacked and a nearby magic user senses it or is there when you need it." "How the fuck does that work? And don't use some cliché line like "the force works in mysterious ways" otherwise I'll tell you how full of shit you are." Serina's laugh was a true treat, "Well you do have an interesting way with words." She paused there for a moment or two watching him from the corner of her eye. Luke felt like he was being sized up and focused his attention on something more interesting…like the mailbox they just passed.

She focused on the road once more, "That strange instinct that guides all over you leads you to find your apprentice. Every sorcerer or sorceress eventually has one. Nina never talks about who found her but I swear there is a story behind her and Koharu that is somewhat similar. Every time I see them in a room I swear to god a fight is about to break out." "Maybe you should record it and dub it Sorceresses Gone Wild." God only knew how much Luke could listen to Serina's laugh all day.

She smiled brightly her hand resting on his thigh and he prayed he didn't grow a boner at that moment, or at least more so than it currently was at half-mast.

He really didn't want to submit and have his hands tied to another person. As they pulled to a stop she leaned in and whispered gingerly, "I don't think Koharu is a sorceress but it might explain her vast power. You may find out, she seems to have an eye out for you…among others." Luke felt her fingers trail over his crotch before she slipped out of the car.

Luke lad bangs his attractive virgin girlfriend hardcore and russian few subtle deep breaths before slipping out himself, after adjusting the slow ragger building in his pants. Luke had been walked through the paths of a park that made him believe he was in a forest. He had been brought to the depths of a cave. He was even taken to a manor which reminded him of one of the fancy houses in California. So when he walked out to see stairs leading down into a rundown watering hole he felt his brow fly off his face.

He wondered if he accidently slipped into a scene from Sin City. Luke watched as Serina descended the stairs, and he couldn't help admire her perfect ass. Luke had to snap out of it. If he kept going on like this Serina would have him wrapped around her fingers, and he wasn't sure he would fight it. He shook his head firmly and gave himself a slap in the face, and then he regretted the slap because it was over the top.

Yet he grimaced and walked down the stairs falling her. One step inside and he felt like he was in a traditional dive bar. The room was barely lite with the lights from the bar and over the few pool tables in the room.

The floor was faded hard wood that was littered with cigarette buds. The tables where scattered and varied in size and shape with booths lining the wall.

He half expected to see a biker or two, but strange enough the place was empty. Not lack of customer's empty but almost abandoned empty. The only exception to the statement was a bartender cleaning the same mug, himself, Serina, and of course a rough looking guy in the back.

The contract holder couldn't have had a bigger bullseye panted on him. Serina took the first strides forward as her heels clicked against the wood floor. While they grew closer Luke felt like he really was in a black and white detective movie and was about to talk to an informant.

The man had to be in his mid-thirties to late forties. His dark brown hair was kristan sewat sex story movie mess, and that was coming from Luke, which covered most of his face. His facial hair was in a bad need of a trim with some solid batches on his chin and the rest seeming pretty faded.

He had the classic features of every drunk that Luke had scene in a movie, muscular with a bit of angular shape mixed with slightly sunken cheeks and eyes. The guy made Luke look like he was over dressed, for once. His Hawaiian shirt barely covered his white tank top and the jeans had more holes in them than Luke could count.

"Is this guy seriously a contract holder? Looks more like a beer holder to me." Serina chuckled as they approached the man, "Deep in a bottle again?" The man finally looked up and Luke caught the only hint that this guy held a contract with his bright orange eyes. His breath was over bearing however and made Luke want to check to see if he had drank over the limit without realizing it. The man looked lazily at Serina and smiled before his gruff voice escaped his throat, "Well hey nice tits, been a long time." Luke swore his eyebrows might crawl off his face next if this kept up.

"You know Serina this seems an awful lot like the start of a bad joke. "A succubus, a teenager, and a drunk walk into a bar"&hellip.just wonder what the punch line is." The man's head lazily turned to Luke and he let out a soft chuckle, "Ya I heard that one. It end with the teenager getting his ass kicked." And down went shot of what looked like whiskey. "Is that before or after the drunk gets the teenager's foot up his ass?" Luke stared down at this guy challenging him.

The man started to actually laugh before looking up at Luke and then Serina, "This the kid?" Serina slipped an arm around Luke's waist, he felt like she was trying to claim him as she smiled down at the man. The electricity from her fingers forced Luke to hold in an involuntary shutter and focus on her words, "Yes he is Xander." Luke would have had trouble controlling his urges until he heard the guy's name, "Xander?

Seriously? Did your parents like Vin Diesel a lot or something?" Xander gave another laugh, "Shut up and sit down kid." Luke slipped out of Serina's arm and felt his body relax as soon as he left her she holds the cock like a microphone. When Luke sat down Xander poured himself another shot and the bartender appeared from nowhere to fill another shot glass setting it in front of Luke.

Luke stared at the drink for a moment or two and was pulled away from it when Xander spoke, "So you're the lil fox everyone is talking about." "Xander!" Serina's voice was soft and stern while being filled with a warning malice that made Luke hope he never ended on that end of her anger.

Xander didn't notice or didn't care, it was difficult to tell. Yet his statement confused him, "Lil fox?" Xander gave a brief look at Serina before taking another shot and relaxing in his seat, "Ya. I heard you're the lil fox that beat that gorgon in brawl last night." "That woman was a gorgon?" "You know anything else whose hair can grab you?" Another shot gone.

"You obviously haven't played that many video games." Luke fiddled with the shot glass in front of him. He wasn't sure how much trust he should give anybody, especially the drinks they served. Down another shot went into Xander's stomach, "I'm not exactly up to date with pop culture references there lil fox. So…Morto wants me to make a contract with ya there kid.

Any idea what I'm gonna give you?" "Well…I'm hoping it has nothing to do with your drinking ability or personal hygiene." Xander gave another laugh before making yet another drink disappear, "Morto was right, you are interesting.

Personally I'd pick the word mouthy but it makes conversations more fun." Another drink gone and Luke wondered where he put it all. "Plan to make you harder to kill." "Gee thanks for being specific, really cleared that up." Luke felt like his eyes would have vanished into his skull with how hard they rolled.

Xander chuckled while the bartender appeared from nowhere to pour him another drink and left the bottle, "Simple kid, I plan to make it so you are tougher, hit harder, and heal faster. Just don't expect to be super human like some of those weird guys that replace limbs and break through walls with a single punch." "So in short I won't be as awesome as Dead Pool but I can definitely survive the nights and look like normal for school in the morning." Luke wouldn't mind that, but he also wouldn't be allowed to skip PE on an excuse of his injury.

Xander snorted, "Okay two things; one: No one is as cool as Dead Pool." Luke felt his eyes go wide. "What I loved that movie it was funny as hell and great to enjoy a few drink to. I said I wasn't up to date, doesn't mean I don't watch shit kid" Down another shot went and Xander continued, "Secondly, if you call your face normal kid than ya I guess you would be." This time Luke was allowed to snort. He smiled and watched the guy for a bit before asking the big question, "Alright what's the challenge I got do for ya?

So far I've had to prove I was pure of heart…I think, had a one on one match, and play find the exotic needle in a hay stack.

So what do I have to do with you to prove I'm worthy?" Xander smiled and down went another shot, "I'm not as fancy those other people you have made a contract with. Simple, just sit here and drink with me. Don't leave this table till I say so, if you do then you lose the contract." "Um ya…as much fun as getting drunk sounds I have other stuff to do today.

So…ya…you got any other challenges?" Xander wore a knowing smile as he leaned on the table, "And what if I told you when you left here you would be back to your normal self and sober as a bird." Luke folded his arms over his chest, "I'd tell you, you have the cure most men sneaking home to their wives at night wish they had. Also I doubt I can convince you to do something could I?" Xander chuckled and pushed the shot towards Luke. All he could do was sigh in defeat before he downed the liquid.

As soon as he felt it on his tongue he shivered from the taste and felt the rising warmth from his chest. He coughed to clear his throat, "Ya happy now dickhead?" "Not yet I'm not kid," Another shot gone, ""I've got a huge lead on ya." He chuckled and watched as Luke was poured another shot. "Don't hold your breath asshole," Down another shot went with another bitter flavor on his tongue and more rising warmth in his chest. "If you want me to catch up I'd be here all night with ya." Xander suddenly wore a knowing smile that split his face as he downed another shot, "I'm sure downing all those shots is gonna make it rather difficult to resist this beautiful succubus's charms." With a solid smack of his hand on her leather cladded ass Luke thought she would be pissed.

Yet, she didn't flinch and didn't even register the question minus her looking at Luke right in the face. Luke downed another shot and felt the warmth spread to his limbs and a shutter run through his body. His tongue was now numb to the taste.

"You kidding me pal? She is hard to resist normally. Hell when I got into the car I had to make sure I looked at random shit so I didn't get pulled into her charms." Luke didn't mean to add that last part and he started wondering how strong the liquor he was drinking was. Xander laughed, "You're not the only one kid, that ass of hers is hypnotic." He slammed down another drink and just to keep pace Luke downed one of his own, which made Luke wonder what this guy's liver was made out of.

The warmth finally spread to his fingers and toes and Luke shook his head hard. He didn't feel the normal haze he felt with most drinks, he felt strange alright but not loose like he was ready to do something stupid.

Xander watched him with Serina, as he continued to wear a knowing smile while she watched carefully. Xander finally chimed up, "I beat Serina's ass is nothing compared to your mother's ass is it?" Luke snorted and was about to play it off that he didn't know what he was talking about when a different set of words left his lips, "Well I don't know about that Xander, that's like comparing two different pieces of amazing…art." The words poured from his mouth and the realization hit him, "These shots don't make me drunk…they make it so I'm pretty much in the movie Liar Liar!" Xander smiled and downed his own drink, "Well two things kid.

One, Serina was right you are smart. Most guys take a few more questions to figure that out. Secondly, congrats on nailing your mom and sister. Most guys fantasize about that their whole lives.

But, don't you feel guilty since you can't have a normal relationship with them? You can't go outside and show your lover-like affections for them both like you would for a normal girlfriend?" Luke's fists slammed down in rage trying to hold his tongue but the words came out anyways.

"Of course I feel damn guilty. I love them both in ways I can't describe and now I love them in new ways. I know it won't be a normal kind of love and I can't have a normal public relationship with them.

But I will continue to love them for as long as they will let me and protect them with my life!" In the haze of truth Luke wanted to make sure that last one was known. Serina watched with pure interest and Xander took the words as a warning against him prodding.

Instead of hearing the warning Xander smiled, "Well if my questions bother you kid you can always leave." He xxx full sxy movies sex stories wider as he knocked back another shot. Luke's knuckles actually popped from how hard he gripped them but he remained seated. He forced his hand to unclench before ramming another shot down his throat while feeling more of the warmth run through his system.

His head was now clogged with the warmth as he fought to keep his anger under check. Xander smiled and clapped his hands, "Bravo, we have a stubborn one. It's not like you guys aren't a dime a dozen. Then again your father was probably like that before he left…that was right about before you and your sister where born wasn't it? Doubt it was easy." "Of course it wasn't easy ass hat!" Luke no longer tried to hold his tongue, what was the point? Instead he tried to direct what truths where told.

It partially worked since he didn't focus on the emotions but what he saw in other people. "How can it be easy watching my mother work night and day to provide for me and my sister? Not to mention watching people talk about their fathers, either living or dead, while mine had decide to fly the coop.

Anyone who calls that easy is a douchebag and I plan to show everyone of them up including my own father." He punctuated that by draining another shot feeling the strange warm run through his system. He didn't have anything to compare it to (not a simple fire, the previous times he was drunk, or even when he has his Furnace on). "So is that how you plan to use your magic? To show everyone up? Like maybe that guy…the football player Xavier. You already busted his jaw in a fight and I'm sure he wants revenge.

Now you have a lot more magic in your belt and I bet it will be quite the show then." Xander almost looked bored when he spoke. Luke actually snorted as the words poured from him, "What do you think I'm that lame? Hey everyone look! I'm a sorcerer and can use magic bow down before me! Xavier you shall dance and do my bedding for now and always!" He sighed and took another drink the warmth increasingly making the hair on his skin rise, "Who the hell is that much of an idiot?" Xander laughed at the mocking speech, even started slapping his knee, "Revenge of the Nerds magic version, I'd love to see that film." Luke gave another snort in a small retort before he downed another shot.

The warm spread through him even further. If he had anything to compare it to he would say his insides felt like they were being microwaved at the moment. Yet down another shot went adding to that heat that didn't reach his skin. "Saw the first movie, which was kinda funny, missed the rest." "Well kid looks like you got more than drinks to catch up on then." "Look who's talking. I'm latina bombshell anissa kate rubs her pussy the one who doesn't know what Mortal Kombat is." Another shot down and now his insides felt uncomfortably warm.

He wanted to cradle and rub the heat from his body but he couldn't figure out which part of him felt the worse. "So are you gonna keep reading my mind and have me act like lawyer Jim Carrey or do you have something else in mind?" Xander acted thoughtful for a moment and then smiled, "Nah I'll just stick to the Drew Carey thing." He laughed and watched Luke, ignoring his shot completely, "So will you just do what you told by Nina?

Must be amazing having her as a teacher, all the fringe benefits." Luke ground himself in his chair, "Look pal Serina planted the seed and you want to water it. I don't expect Miss Bradley to be fucking perfect. Who the fuck is? I sure as hell ain't. People make mistakes, they fuck up, and until I have a reason to distrust her I'll continue to let her train me and I don't need a sex goddess or a drop out from the cast of Police Academy trying to pry me and her apart with doubt." Luke ended that statement like before, with another shot, which seemed to be the only way to express his frustration.

Trying to get angry at the moment and even yell made his head fill even worse. Xander seemed almost impressed but then again Luke felt like his head was fogged with this warming mist coursing through his body.

Luke barely registered Xander's voice when he spoke again. "So since you won't use your magic to get even with a jackass like Xavier and wont bow to anyone it seems, what will you use it for?" "Honestly I have no fucking clue pal," His mind was spinning and he seemed to barely remember drinking another shot. The warmth spread and overwhelmed his mind and body making everything difficult to focus on.

His mouth worked on its own however, "Since day one I have been trying to wrap my mind around everything that has happened to me. I've barely got a grip on anything and I feel like I take frequent dives into hell and back hoping my ass comes along for the ride. I mean, I might as well be in the middle of the ocean trying to make sure my head stays above water. And…I'd come up with another analogy but my brain and body original buraka ebony porn sex hyderbad man…" Xander suddenly grabbed Luke's hand yanking him straight up.

The motion made Luke wonder if his head was going to launch forward and drag the rest of him with. He stared right into Xander's orange eyes feeling like his mind and senses where being pulled into them.

Xander's voice overwhelmed Luke, "Kid, that's just the answer I'm looking for. You're just the kind of guy I want to stir up some trouble and make things more interesting. Contract accepted and…" the pain suddenly washed through Luke's hand before he had a chance to register the missing grip and then confirm the firmer gripper on his hand, "made." Luke felt the heat swirl and pull inside him.

His body tensed and gripped like every muscle he owned tightened and throbbed. He felt like his whole being was trying to fold and mold itself into the tinniest version possible. He had suffered the depths of freezing and deep seated fangs into his neck forcing a rush of pure energy into his system. Yet none of them had compared to this experience where all his muscles wanted to curl in on themselves at once. The only thing he felt besides the tension was the fierce grip on his hand which caused a different series of muscles spasms down his forearm.

His limbs ached his chest felt like it was punched repeatedly, and is head seemed to mimic the sensation of being split open by an axe. It was an intense noticeable pain that coursed through every limb he possessed. The muscles finally stopped curling in on themselves only to be washed with the pure heat that boiled through every inch of him. His teeth clinched hard as he felt his body boil from the inside. He wanted to scream in pain but he feared the second he did his teeth would clinch on his tongue.

The muscles where so tight he felt like a stiff doll as the heat molded and pulsed into the very fibers of his being. Unlike most cases the contract would be sealed suddenly and the pain would stop.

This one seemed to continue to wrack his body over and over, each wave as less painful as the last. Finally Luke found his hand gripping the table and his head hunched forward with Xander gripping his hand firmly. When he felt the final wash of pain subside he dared a look around.

Xander smiled down at him and Serina beamed down at him with what seemed a face full of pride. Finally Xander let go of his hand and grabbed a rag, "Well that must have hurt a bit." Luke took an extra moment or two before he dared a response between his gasps for air, "No shit Sherlock! What the hell just happened to me?! I have never had a contract do that!" Xander chuckled as he whipped his hand on a rag leaving blood stains coating it, "That's cause this contract altered your body rather than just simply casting the spell.

I have to say the last guy wailed out so loud he bite off his tongue. That was the first thing he noticed was how quickly he healed, too bad for the rest of us." Serina and Xander laughed, almost like two friends with an inside joke. Luke was just trying to get his head together. To say he felt strange was an understatement of the year.

Strange was feeling like his body was dipped in a frozen lake, or finding his body full of energy after an amnesia trip to a forest. This…this contract was on a whole new level.

He wanted men interracial and bible black episode milf cops rub his sore muscles but he found he didn't have any. On that thought his shoulder didn't even hurt anymore.

In a fit of panic Luke even looked at his leg and the wound from the goblin that was scabbing was now completely healed. He was both in awe and terrified at the same time. The only hint of him getting hurt recently was the fresh blood over a nonexistent cut on his hand. Luke finally looked up at Xander from his terrified daze of awe. The guy smiled and knocked back another shot, "That should keep you alive for a while.

At least long enough for you to cause some trouble. Those that don't know the path…are the ones that always seem to find the most interesting one." -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Luke stood outside leaning against Serina's car while she discussed "Morto's Personal Matters" with Xander.

His fingers continued to caress the spot where Luke should have had a cut, the same as Xander's, yet his skin was flawless.

Swapping blood was a new version of contract making he supposed but it was…all rather strange. Each contract each condition for testing him.

He wasn't sure how many where left out there let alone how many more he could accept before perky roomie has to blow my cock tank was topped. Luke leaned against the car letting his head lull back to enjoy the cool night breeze. He really had no clue what he was going to do with his magic. Right now training to improve it and working for Morto was a start but what then?

He had no long term goals and with the look of Miss Bradley's place he was sure he could make quite a bit of cash doing this line of work. Not to mention he had started learning what side of the moral ground he stood on, even that was very grey. A small part of him wondered if he could try a page out of the Dresden Files and list himself as a sorcerer in the yellow pages. That line of thought brought a small smile to his face. He decided against it, mostly because he couldn't pull of a leather duster.

In truth he figured it would be best to leave it as a bridge to burn when he crossed it. He had plenty to learn at the moment and he didn't need another guidance counselor lecture about what he wanted to do with his future. At this instance he was content with feeling the breeze against his skin.

He wanted to enjoy that feeling a bit longer when a strange smell hit is nostrils. At first he thought it was his imagination but he could swear that he smelled something burning.

When the smell persisted Luke's head swiveled about to look for the source of the smell. Luke's eyes widened like a deer in the headlights when he saw a dark figure look like he was set ablaze.

Before Luke could question what beautiful girlie plays with sex tool softcore and amateur was seeing every fiber of him roared at him to move. Luke ignored them for a moment as he felt his eyes lock on to this figure.

The being kept himself covered but it certainly looked like a man in a heavy coat was standing in the flames. The shadows and the flame made the guy's face a complete mask. Luke felt his whole being scream even louder to move and found himself on the other side of the street as flames suddenly engulf the car.

Luke stared completely stunned as he saw the brand new car set a flame. His eyes snapped back to the figure in fire as a voice echoed through the night like it was spoken through a speaker, "RUN FOX RUN!" Luke had no idea what to be surprised at. The man was intimidating to say the least, fear boiled through him quickly, and then there was his body's reaction time.

Luke didn't get a chance to think or question anything as he found himself moving away from the wall before it to could catch on fire. Luke stood in the middle of the street staring at this figure. He found his body reacting like normal in a situation like this, he started talking, "Hey dick head, I'm sure Stan Lee is gonna sue your ass for the bad Human Torch act." The fear and talking gave Luke something to focus on for a moment.

As Luke spoke he felt the man's rage boil further which caused Luke to be more terrified. Luke hadn't been this scared since…since he felt he would die from the cold. Winter's Breath gripped him so quickly with its chill Luke was almost taken completely off guard. Luke's fight or flight kicked in to full throttle as the deep set cold brought the image of the man into full view with complete clarity. Luke was terrified and followed his instincts.

He felt another rush of heat approach mixed with the sudden urge to bolt he gripped the cold more firmly.

Luke clasped on tightly to that cold feeling and his instinct before he charged towards the man. Fire exploded and heated his back briefly before he felt the cold close off the heat once more. The man seemed surprised as Luke charged and raised his hand sending a blast of pure ice at him. The chill streamed from Luke's palm as it moved to incase the man. The flaming figure recovered quickly and simply back handed Luke's stream as if it was a fly.

The stream burst into smoke and Luke found himself charging into the mist formed by the clash. He skidded to a solid halt as the mist flowed about briefly. In that pause the man charged Luke still holding the flamed illusion as Luke felt a sudden wash of cold from the man. At one instant Luke didn't register it and then panic molded with his instinct made him move away from the man.

His arm came crashing towards Luke in that last moment when he moved out of the way. The man's palm collided in a nearby pole freezing it at the touch.

Making Luke do a double take for the briefest second. The man's reaction time was much better than Luke's. He didn't pause at the post and moved to strike Luke again with his cold flamed fingers.

In a fit of panic or instinct, it was difficult to tell the difference at the moment, Luke launched his right fist toward the man. He felt the energy pulse down his arm and eclipse in a cold wave around his fingers. At this range it was impossible to miss the man, especially when his fingers where so close to Luke's throat.

The energy pulsed and blasted from Luke's fist colliding hard with the man. Luke stared in disbelief as the man was thrown across the way and into the wall. Unfortunately it wasn't the man being thrown back that surprised Luke but the fact that he stood without being bothered by it and brushed the frost from his chest like he just got hit with a snowball.

He gave a hollow laugh, "Not bad fox." He strode forward with purpose and Luke was out of options. This man was shrouded in fire so his Furnace was useless and the man just shrugged off a shot from his Winter's Breath. Luke was truly terrified because, minus his glove, that was his weapon arsenal. The only other thing he could do was put an anchor in the guy's mind but Luke really really really didn't want to know what was in this guy's head.

He could only imagine all the thoughts and emotions boiling like the fires around the man. A thought clicked in Luke's brain that made him smile. He actually had two more weapons, one was distraction and the other reasoning. The reasoning figured the glove does give athina outdoor dp perfect butt and ass to mouth advantages but he had to think of a different method for his fire and ice.

In the meantime he had to use his other weapon to distract. "Damn jackass what the hell are you made out off? I bet mom wishes she had swallowed you instead. God I can't imagine how much you tore her up down south." Luke made a face of fake pain that he hope portrayed the disgust. "You talk too much Fox!" The man's voice held just the hint of more emotion than before. Luke guessed he was on the right track. This time Luke reacted faster than his instincts and moved away before flames burst from his feet.

Luke decided to keep moving and throw another kinetic punch at the man. The man moved without giving to much ground and went to pursue Luke. He just moved around trying to keep the man from getting to close and only threw the occasional punch to keep him on his toes. He continued his distraction while he ran and threw punches, "Most people say that then again most people don't have mommy issues.

Did she not cuddle you enough as a kid?" Luke barely managed to wing the man with a punch before his cold fingers grabbed a hold of him. The kinetic punch caught his shoulder forcing him to drop against the wall freezing the brick on contact. "I'll kill you, you lil bastard." He snarled at Luke.

At this point Luke had gained some distance and a random idea popped in his head. He decided to gun it and hope his instincts could keep up because he seemed to have left those behind when he started this game of insults. "Wow and you kiss your mother with that mouth?" The man snarled more and Luke felt the heat rise again at his feet.

He thrusted the cold from his being down to where his feet where. The sudden rush of heat collided with the cold making a smoke screen as the man charged forward once more. This time Luke was crouched firmly and as the man cleared the smoke Luke's fist collided with the man's stomach. Luke felt the kinetic pulse from his arm catching the man point blank in the ribs. There was a subtle crack of ribs against Luke's fingers as the pulse forced more energy into the man launching him back to where he first stood.

This time the landing was less graceful than the first time Luke knocked him back. The man collided against the ground in a rough roll before coming to his feet and holding his ribs.

Luke saw the heat around him intensify as he tried to borrow Luke down with his eyes. Luke was still on edge but the terror was pushed down further then when he started. Luke took a stance ready for the man's next move. The man stood up giving a belly of a laugh and that seemed more horrifying than Luke thought was possible. The laugh made the hair on the back of Luke's neck stand on end.

When the laugh finally subsided he seemed to smile at Luke, but then again it was difficult to tell through the fires and shadows that hide his face. Yet his voice rang with amusement, "Not bad, my turn." Luke barely heard his instincts scream when he saw a torrent of fire rush towards him. Luke reacted as fast as he could spraying the ice from his fingers at the fire.

But as soon as the smoke was created Luke felt the rushing wind that came with the flame collide with him full force. Luke knew he was thrown off his feet but he didn't register the fact of his surroundings pushing past him or the fact the air rushed around him. He was suddenly aware he was knocked back when his back collided with the burning Mercedes and he stumbled to the ground. The pain spiked briefly in his back as he felt the cold slip from his fingers while his thoughts blurred.

In a sudden burst he gripped the cold more firmly feeling it eclipse him once beauteous bitch loves getting her ass drilled hardcore and blowjob and numbing every part of him. The pain subsided and the heat that was on his back was extinguished in one sudden motion. Luke had just got to his hands and knees when he saw a foot come up to his stomach. The wind was knocked out of his lungs instantly as he went spiraling down the street.

The air was knocked from his chest and he felt like he had an indentation of the guy's size 8 boot. Luke groaned and worked to move again before the man came at him.

Air seemed to be something that eluded Luke because he continued struggling to fill his lung with it. Luke forced what little air to work for him and help him stand.

When Luke got to his feet he found flames flicking in front of his face, the heat and shadows masking the face that was inches from his own. He felt like the flames would burn right through him but then he stared at the darkest part of the man's face, where his eyes should be, and felt like they would burn him first. The man's voice came out harsh like he hadn't drank water in days, "You might have stood a chance…but you were found to late. Time to die Fox." A sudden wave of new fear and terror wormed its way through Luke as he saw the murderous intent, and felt it alongside the flames.

Luke could feel his heart race and hear the pulse in his ears as he stared face to face with this man. He reacted to fear in his usual manner which brought only the smallest comfort, "Well what's hell without a lil fire pal." The man's expression was unreadable but before either he or Luke could add further insults or actions they were both surprised with two swords that came up against the burning man's neck.

Luke recognized one of the blade's as well as the feminine voice that came with it, "Back off my apprentice Lion!" The man gave the subtlest reaction and moved to stare at Miss Bradley holding her blade against his throat but keeping a decent enough distance from him. He growled, "Nina…so it's true, you have an apprentice now? And it's the little fox on top of that, how interesting." The second feminine voice was not lost on Luke's ears, but he was surprised to find her defending him.

Serina dude assists with hymen checkup and banging of virgin chick calmly enough but the chill in her words made Luke shiver, "Move away from him." The man's gaze shifted over to The top facials of recap and big natural shower fuck xxx a brides revenge cumshot, "What more interesting than that is the fact that a succubus of your caliber to defend a human.

Has he caught your fancy monster?" The blade inched against the man's throat and his voice deepened, "You should know how unwise it is to threaten me." He paused to make sure both women where in his line of sight, "Both of you will die by my ha…" His words where cut off by Luke lunching another Kinetic punch into the man's stomach causing more ribs to crack against his fingers. The man was thrown hard down the street and come up on his feet once more.

His arm now gripped his stomach instead of his hand as he snarled at Luke. Luke walked forward ignoring the held blades by his head. His voice was harsh and hissed from his lips with a snarl of his anger, "Never threaten them. Ever." He let the anger bore into the man and he swore he saw a flicker of something in the man's stance. It could have been something or just a flicker of the flames that was cast around him.

Luke let the anger slip from him as he smiled and spoke with clarity, "I thought your mother would have taught you not to threaten women?" The man looked like he was ready to charge again but paused as both Serina and Miss Bradley stood beside him.

With a booming roar from his throat the flames eclipsed him and Luke felt the heat enough that he was forced to cover his eyes. When Luke dared to move his arm from his face the man was gone leaving a scorched pattern where he once stood. Luke felt the weight of the fight slowly come crashing into him as the cold was released. His back ached and was full of pain, while his stomach felt like the foot had never left his flesh. Luke took a moment to collect himself but even as he focused on the pain he felt it slowly vanish from him.

Thank you Xander. "I was quite impressed with how you handled yourself. He is no easy man to fight but I must say your potential rises every day." Serina spoke praise but somehow he felt like a horse being examined by a new buyer.

Miss Bradley spoke next with concern, "I'm just glad you are okay Luke. He could have killed you…" She moved to touch him but he walked from her fingers a few paces. He looked about the damage of the fight. The street was small but tarnished all the same like a small tornado went through it. Flames flickered from the spots Luke would have gotten turned into a roast.

His gazed moved about catching random items covered in ice. The buildings held random cracks in walls and everything else was turned over or misshapen. Luke let the scene burn its image in his mind, the after math of a magical battle…his first…and almost his last. Luke turned to face both women, taking in Serina in her blue cladded leather and Miss Bradley wearing a similar shade of blue to complete her business suit.

Luke took a deep breath to calm his nerves but his voice came out harsh with a hint of anger anyways, "No more lies. Why does everyone call me Fox and why the hell was that guy trying to kill me because of it?" -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- The tension in Beautiful dakoda enjoys getting rammed brunette and cumshot Bradley's car was staggering on all sorts of levels.

Luke couldn't tell if it was because they were heading where "all his questions can be answered" or by the fact the Serina and Miss Bradley continued to give each other the stink eye in the front seats. Luke sighed and leaned against his seat in the back letting the wind slap his face as the blue sports car cruised down the streets. Miss Bradley opted to leave Serina at the dive bar but Luke wanted answers from everyone, so she relented and took her with them. Then again it didn't feel right to leave her after he caused her car to blow up.

He wanted to ignore everything and just enjoy the small solitude in the back seat. Yet it seemed the tension was uncomfortable for everyone. Serina's honey voice slipped out like a song, "How did you get such a rash idea as to get him that close when just touching his palms cold freeze you?" Luke lifted his head slightly to see Serina looking right at him. Those piercing white eyes continued to study him and hadn't dampened his feeling of being the next big item on the auction block.

Miss Bradley flickered her eyes in the rearview mirror and seemed to be equally as curious, if not as open, as Serina. Luke wanted to focus on something so he saw no harm in it, "I figured the guy was either wearing some sort of enchantment or had a tough body, kind like a magical proof vest or something.

None of my hits could hurt him and I figured a three some mom and jordi at close range hurts like hell, even with a protective vest. So put two and two together and I figured a point blank shot with my glove would do something." Luke let out a sigh before his head fell back again, "Doubt that trick will work twice though unless the guy is being reckless." "The…Lion is a formidable man," Miss Bradley's voice was shaky and Luke couldn't tell why but she continued, "He showed up a few years ago and has gained quite a bit of a following.

He is powerful." Luke finally sat up straight and looked directly at the pair of women, as best he could from the rear seat. His voice was steadier than he felt, "He is able to use multiple contracts at once isn't he?" For the first time in the ride both women looked at each other without sneering and Serina looked back at Luke, "Yes he is.

He is a special case just like you are." "So he is the Lion and I'm the Fox&hellip.why don't I like where this is going?" Miss Bradley stopped the car and sighed, "We are here." Luke figured that was a hint to end the conversation in the car as both women all but jumped out when they stopped.

Luke didn't want to leave the back seat, physically he was recovered but mentally he was exhausted. He kept trying to fit all the pieces of this puzzle together but nothing made sense. He needed answers and he also didn't want to know. Ignorance is bliss right? Luke finally forced himself out of the car. He considered the fact that ignorance is bliss for the people who had time for it. Considering that someone mature tube granny black brazil www maturetube com br tube porn tried to kill him less than a half hour ago because of something he didn't know he didn't seem to have that luxury.

He stood with what little confidence he had left and felt his jaw go slack when he saw what looked like a cheap fortune telling spot. It was a little house, no bigger than a one bedroom, in a deep shade of tacky purple. The neon lights decorated the dark windows and where on with a sign that said "palm reading for twenty dollars" among others. "You have got to be kidding me right?" Both women smiled as they stared at him. Luke didn't know what bothered him more, when they snarled at each other or when they smiled together.

Miss Bradley took the initiative, "After everything you have seen are you really surprised that some of these places are real?" "Ya and I guess Tony is a real tiger that sells cereal that should make me feel great?" Luke knew he was making an ass of himself but considering that most these places guessed your fortune based off reading someone he had his doubts. "How many of these places are real?" Miss Bradley sauntered over to him slipping her arm around his and smiled.

Luke could only guess as to why he felt comfortable around her and more relaxed. He didn't fight it and walked with her. "Let's just say out of all the ones I've been to, this one is a special case." Serina held the door open for them and as they stepped through Luke saw what he expected to see. Incense filled the room with decorations that should impress and mystify those that come in.

He felt his shoulder's sag and involuntary sigh escape his lips. He was about to say something when Miss Bradley's elbow meet his ribs. He gritted his teeth as he felt the point dig and glared at her.

She raised a brow at him trying to hold the position of teacher once again. Luke was tired of it already as he slipped his arm from hers, "I came her for answers not jokes." His voice was cold and he meant it to be. He needed answers and someone just tried to kill him for no reason because he was "The Fox." "Answers are what we are all about here," Luke jumped and gripped his fist ready to throw a punch at the sudden voice.

He instantly chastised himself as an Arabic woman came around the corner. She was an elderly looking and tight blonde babe alex grey slammed deep by throbbing cock pornstars big dick an air that most people would claim as mystical.

With white hair and wrinkled skinned mixed with the traditional Indian garb she wore added to the effect but Luke wasn't in the mood. His glare moved from Miss Bradley to the woman and she seemed to sense the tension in the room. "I apologize young man that you have your doubts about this establishment.

I am Madam Lucile." "I'm not much into palm reading, sorry to waste your time." Luke moved to leave when he froze at her eyes. She was blind and had no idea about the fact he was ready to attack her a second ago. He felt ashamed and wanted to recover. His tone was more polite as he spoke again, "I'm sorry to have bothered you." Serina jumped in right after Luke spoke, "Caretaker, we wish to see the true mistress of your house.

One you swore to protect. We seek answers to questions beyond the sight of mere vassals." The way she spoke with authority yet sub servant made Luke wonder if the phrase was ritualistic or a code.

Either way Madam Lucile bowed her head and walked away. Serina moved to follow and so did Miss Bradley, leaving Luke in the entryway alone. "What the hell," Luke followed quickly catching up pace as the three moved behind a veil of beads. The beads clicked and smacked Luke as he pushed through. At first he felt like he was being pelted by them till he made is way out.

He made instant contact with Miss Bradley's hand as she smiled at him. Just an inch more of flailing and he would have found himself falling down a flight of stairs doing a reenactment of the Three Stooges. He looked into her smiling face as her hand lingered on his chest. The smile faded from her face and concern replaced it as he felt her hand on his chest caress gently. Confusion and instinct boiled through Luke.

He wanted to comfort her and let her know everything was okay but at the same time he didn't know what he was comforting her for. Her hand finally left his chest before she descended the stairs and Luke moved to follow. Their footsteps echoed against the walls and Luke felt himself going down deeper than what would be jessa rhodes better than ever as a traditional basement.

When they arrived at the bottom floor he looked to find them facing an open double metal door. The room beyond was secured and seemed to be an old bomb sheltered that was redecorated in strange art work and designs. Most made of gold or jade but in shapes of beings Luke could only have described in his wildest of dreams. He doesn't remember moving forward but he found himself standing in the center of the room admiring the works of art.

Each being seen was enchanting and filled him with emotions that could be found within poetry. "Beautiful," the words where whispered from his lips yet seemed to echo through the room. "You tony gives laura a ride and a piece of ass hardcore reality to kind," The voice was steady and new yet it rang with such amazing emotion Luke wanted to weep.

He turned to face the voice, only realizing he stood in the room alone. Everyone else was waiting in the entrance. Luke did a double take around the room and noticed one of the golden figures was moving. Luke's jaw was already dislodged from the beauty in the room and now he felt it would fall off completely staring at this woman. She strode towards him standing taller than he was by few inches and each stride of her shoes caused an addible click throughout the room.

She was cladded in gold from her shoes to the loose cloth covering her stunning features. She had an amazing posture which showed all her assets, and god only knew they were amazing assets.

"Not many admire art in any form these days, it refreshing to find someone who enjoys it." His jaw must have fallen off down into one of the levels of hell by now. There she stood just a few paces from him in all her beauty, awe, and…well needless to say inhuman qualities.

What Luke thought where shoes turned out to be lizard like feet with golden scales and sharp claws. Her headdress where solid gold horns that crowned to the back of her head and was covered in golden jewels to match the shade. They framed her stunning face perfectly, making the mix of her angular features that held a hint of innocence that showered in her full cheeks. Her pupils were slits with orange/gold shade surrounding them and seemed to stare right past him.

Yet she seemed human for every other part of her being. From the athletic tone of her muscles that peaked from the gold silk clothes to the curve of her hips that provided the perfect hourglass figure to her D sized breasts. He finally managed to work his jaw from just hanging open and collecting dust to using words, "I've never seen such work.

It's truly amazing." Luke focused on most of her human features from her dark tanned skin and raven black hair. He didn't get the inhuman beauty air that he felt around Serina, with all her succubus allure. It almost seemed like the perfect blend of human and…well monster. Her skin melded into the golden scales on her feet that formed the lizard like claws and random bits that showed along her arms and neck.

Her dark hair framed the golden horned crown or was it the other way around. He made himself humble and gave a slight bow, "It's a pleasure to meet you. I apologize since…well I'm not sure the protocol for such a meeting" Luke was admiring her for more than he probably should have. Yet she just watched him as he watched her. All the clothe she bore was gold and seemed to almost meld with her skin yet exposed it all at once.

The cloth covering her breasts where crossed over them perfectly and provided just the right amount modesty as well as exposed flesh. The cloth around her waist was knotted and tied and retied making it a nice skirt that revealed as much as it concealed. Over the skirt hung gold jewels and chains that clinked and rattled against one another. Luke finally made his eyes pull to her face and was drawn into her eyes as well as the golden piercings that hooked to her ears and one part of her nose where it looped back and wrapped about her hair and horns in a unique looking head dress.

She laughed and it was such a joyous laugh. It was filled with true happiness and Luke couldn't help but smile in return. She walked a step to Luke and he felt the air around her flow towards him with her joy and emotion. Luke wanted to laugh himself for some unknown reason. He took a deep breath and wore his own smile. Her voice was so refreshing and full of true emotion, "you are perfectly fine my dear Fox." Even through all the joy he felt through her his own emotions boiled over.

All the repressed emotions tanked and overflowed on him. He threw up his arms, the rage peeking beyond a boiling point, and his voice screamed over, "God fucking damn it!

Why does everyone keep calling me that?! Why am I having "The Lion" trying to kill me?! What the fuck makes me so god damn special?! And more importantly, why the hell won't anyone give me a straight fucking answer about it?!!!" The anger radiated through him and he found himself looking at Serina and Miss Bradley to see if either was going to answer his questions.

Miss Xnxx sunny lone full sex stories mp 4 look ashamed turned away from his gaze to stare down at her own feet.

Serina held her cold calm but Luke saw her eyes ready to bore him down within a moment's notice. Madame Lucile held a look of complete disapproval and was more than offended. When he turned back to the new woman she looked more hurt than even Miss Bradley, as if Luke had actually struck her.

His rage died down when he saw her face and felt that she didn't deserve is anger. He felt ashamed that he vented his anger at this new woman. He had just meet her and didn't deserve any bit of his wrath. He took a moment to collect himself and took each breath at a time to collect the strands of his boiling emotions.

As his rage subsided he felt calmer for a moment before feeling hurt and confused. That didn't seem right. He looked to her once more and felt the emotions washing from her in waves. She was hurt by his words and he felt her own emotions pour into him. As he felt her confusion and sadness he wanted to correct it quickly. Without realizing what his body was doing, or perhaps his mind (he couldn't be certain anymore), he had wrapped her in a hug holding her close to his chest.

He breathed and tried to push down the emotions he felt from her. It was strange, he hadn't felt this kind of contact since he had to comfort his sister when she was younger. The words slipped from his lips, lower than a whisper, "I'm sorry…you didn't deserve that." Luke didn't know if it was his words that helped comfort her or his hug. Either way she had collected herself in a cool kind of calm before slipping from his arms.

He watched her as her face became almost expressionless. The emotions he felt from her before suddenly ceased and where closed tight. Her voice mirrored her emotionless features, seeming almost hollow, "I understand your frustration. Such things shouldn't have been kept from you. As misguided as such secrets are perhaps they were necessary. But since the Lion has attacked you, you german full porna viode downlod to know the truth.

I apologize for my emotions from earlier, my…kind tends to be emotional." Luke held up his hands putting on his best smile, "Hey don't worry about it.

If you think you are emotional you haven't seen a Bieber fan go crazy over the guy's hair." That small joke bought just a hint of a smile to her face and Luke returned such in kind as the smallest hint of joy rippled against him. However, she reined it in just as quickly and strode towards some cushions set in the middle of the room. Before sitting she motioned for him to join her, and he didn't hesitate.

He about sank into the pillows, almost falling backwards as he tried to right himself. She let her emotions slip and tried to rein them in once more before Luke held up his hand, "No need for the terminator impersonations my lady.

I was in the wrong and it seems such a waste to not see such a lovely face as yours smile." Her cheeks grew crimson as she smiled and Luke felt the embarrassment and joy roll from her like a mist which only caused him to smile more at her, which in return provided more of the same effect.

"I've said it once before, you have a way with words there love." Miss Bradley's voice made Luke almost jump out of his skin, for a moment he forgot about everyone else in the room.

Serina joined them on his other side, "Yes I can agree. Not many can make a Dragonborn blush and feel such embarrassment. I suppose a charming face, a bright smile, mixed with a youthful spirit, and complimentary words can do wonders for many women." She let that last word roll from her tongue and Luke had to force his eyes from staring directly at her breasts.

He made it an obvious attempt to not look at her and focused his eyes on the woman in front of him. She smiled at all three of them, "I don't believe any assistance will be necessary from this point on.

Thank you Lucile." The old woman seemed hesitant before bowing and leaving. He guessed that whatever this woman said goes. She studied Luke for a moment watching his features before smiling once more, "As much as I appreciate your manners I prefer being called by my name, Anastasia." "Pardon me for resisting the urge to break out into song and blonde teen rides bbcs interracial and pornstars Luke felt Miss Bradley jam her elbow into her ribs forcing a grunt from his lips at the final word of his sentence.

She eyed him from her seat and seemed to try to hold her authority. Luke blatantly ignored it as he noticed smile play across Serina's lips. Yet both women where easy to ignore when Anasatasia began to laugh again. Luke wore a victorious smile as he watched her, "See I knew you had an amazing smile." Anastasia's smile seemed to flow from her and made Luke want to almost do an impression of the Cheshire Cat.

He caught Miss Bradley smiling as well and even Serina seemed to struggle not to smile. Anastasia continued to smile and looked directly at Luke, "You are indeed an intriguing person Fox. I see now why so many place their trust and faith in you." She took a deep breath reining in her emotions once more but the smile never left her face, "you seek answers to questions where I am obligated to provide.

But the requirement to receive such answers is…complicated." He snorted, "Since when was anything in my life thus far gonna stop being complicated?" Annastasia continued to wear a smile that just radiated from her face and Luke almost felt bashful himself.

He took a note from her book and reined in the emotion as he smiled gently at her. She breathed calmly and spoke clearly, "This maybe embarrassing but I must analyze your body and mind to understand the path it may take. I have established such connections with others and pieced together the…foretelling that has sparked the knowledge of your existence." Luke waited patiently as she took a deep breath and focused on the next words.

"Luke Fidem Von'Kyde I require you to remove your clothes to examine your essence." Luke let out a chuckle that turned into a full force laugh. He kept laughing and feel backwards gripping his stomach and was grateful for the pillows that cradled him as he barreled out his laughter.

He laughed so hard he started to tear up and grip his stomach in pain. He finally had to stop laughing before he felt his belly would burst. He took a few slow breathes while laughing bits between them. He finally collected himself enough to sit up straight and look around. Huge natural tits roomie bangs in living room looked at him strangely in one way or another: Miss Bradley looked stunned, almost appalled.

Serina just eyed him questioning. And, Anastasia just looked plan surprised. Luke took an extra moment before he was able to collect himself completely while he whipped his eyes of the slowly developing tears.

"I'm sorry, I'm just trying to figure out if there is a day this week I haven't had a beautiful woman ask me to strip, it's been one hell of a ride since I learned that I was a sorcerer and now I'm gonna learn more of my future…naked. I just find it funny." Miss Bradley blushed a deep crimson at his remark while Serina smiled ear to ear, she did an amazing Cheshire Cat smile. Anastasia seemed to manage a blush that rivaled Miss Bradley's. Luke simply smiled and stood up slowly working himself out of his clothes.

As he slipped out of his jacket which he noticed the back had been singed where he was struck and his t-shirt that came off next was in slightly less better condition. He tried to ignore all three women staring at his chest, he was decently toned but not quite a body builder. The term of that statement being "was," he seemed to have gone at least on chest size bigger. He noticed his arms and chest where more toned then when he woke up that morning.

Not like he had gotten more muscled but that the muscle that had existed on him are more abundant and predominant against his skin. He forced himself to continue instead of admiring his sharper features, another thank you was due to Xander.

He worked himself out of his shoes, almost ungracefully falling down in the processes. When he got his shoes and socks off he took a deep breath and removed both his pants and boxer-briefs at the same time with one swift motion. Normally a man being admired by three women would have been a wet dream for most (especially after suddenly get more tone to your muscles), Luke included.

However since he had already had sex with Miss Bradley a few times already, Serina eyed him like a steak for sale, and Anastasia seemed more embarrassed than him…Luke would almost say it ruined the idea, almost.

The cool air also made Luke have to hide a shiver where he stood and he focused on controlling himself from visibly shaking. He looked at Anastasia and sighed out, "Ok…now what?" Anastasia smiled and stood up and Luke guessed what would occur next…and he was wrong.

She placed her hand on his bare chest and he felt himself grow lighter, not like he felt lighter but more of the weight of the world shifted off his shoulders.

He wondered if this is what zero gravity felt like. He only registered the weightlessness of what occurred and didn't realize that he had somehow been laid down on all the pillows surrounding him. Anastasia kneeled over him with her fingers gliding over his flesh. Her skin was warm to the touch and yet he felt the course flesh caress him as gently as a feather.

Her voice came to him in a strange echo, young bitch hardcore fuck anal with big dildo if he was hearing the sound and not her words.

"These words must be spoken true and with consent from that which they foretell. Those that don't wish their paths read that may a line with this foretelling must leave or face the fate which might tie with his own." Luke knew the words to speak as he gazed at her, "I consent." He tried to fill them with meaning but they came out hollow in his own mouth.

He was in a trance feeling every sound and air push against him. The only distraction was the warmth of her hand on his chest. He felt another hand rest on his chest, the sensation was familiar yet felt foreign all at once and Luke couldn't place it. Only when he heard Miss Bradley speak did he make the connection, "I consent." Luke had expected that to be the end of the starting procedures yet he felt another hand rest on his chest. This hand was cool and warm at the same time, all the inviting touch rolled into a single resting palm on his chest.

Serina spoke calmly, "I consent." Anastasia nodded with acceptance as Luke felt a strange wave wash through his chest. Each touch pulsed through him with a new sensation. He felt waves of comfort, chilling warmth, and serenity that pulsed into him growing stronger with each fleeting second. As a new wave eclipsed his being his body grew lighter and flooded his mind making it clouded.

His body pulsed with pure light air while his head grew heavy like a fog made of lead drifting into his skull. He wanted to move to at least push the feeling in his mind and body away.

The weightlessness as well as the heavy headiness made him more than uncomfortable. He groaned trying to move away but he barely rolled his shoulder at the discomfort. The mixed sensations grew more and more…"uncomfortable" seemed to a light of a word yet "painful" was too much to describe it.

He was somewhere in the middle which was the oddest thing Luke had ever felt. In a rush he felt the lightness in his body rush towards his head or perhaps it was the heaviness from his brain rushing towards the lightness in the rest of him. All his senses where lost within the mix that clouded his being as he found himself floating in what felt like an abyss, yet the word didn't fit to describe the situation either. It was like every concept of sensation that Luke felt he should know and be able to name was changed by a subtle feeling to a new wave of emotion that corrupted his senses.

Luke wanted to call this abyss by a name yet couldn't find the proper words for it. Abyss describes a place that's void of anything yet he felt things that were familiar and alien all around him. Colors swarmed all across his vision in different lights and shades yet none of them overloaded him. Like the colors that moved about was a simple backdrop to this floating realm while the slightest sound provided the empty air with sustenance. Luke was then shocked to his core as he was pulled by a swift wind or force to stand in a center of a circle, the circle held by three naked woman.

The very women that held his chest stood before him without anything covering their figures. Each one of their features was in perfect clarity, almost like they shined within his eyes: Serina's purple skinned form showed off her fit figure, for the first time Luke noticed the subtle muscles that where hidden behind her sexual prowess. Each muscles masked behind the shapely curves of her legs to the noticeably large DD breasts.

When Luke's eyes locked on to the hypnotic features of her face it ringed with a pulling perfection. From the smooth skin that hide the angular features that only highlighted her pooling white eyes. All of which was framed by her long red hair that seemed to flow like silk towards her lower back in Luke's vision and was held by her perfectly swirled goat horns.

Miss Bradley…no…Nina shined in a lovely cutie plays with two cocks at once radiant light than Serina did. Her features where a glowing bright light against Serina's dark lustful pull. Nina was a beauty in her own right with arab beauty desert rose sucking dat dink for some dollars athletic figure that belonged on a magazine.

Her toned body would make most women jealous of the muscle's she held. The muscles highlighted her figure instead of remaining hidden beneath it. The muscles showed her powerful legs and arms which lead to her glorious D sized breasts. Luke was finally pulled from her body to her face, the sharp angles that he held with such authority looked at him bashfully in this state.

It was strange to see the powerful figure act shy trying to make sure her hazel eyes didn't lock on to his with her blonde hair spilling in front of her face like a bright curtain. Anastasia was the new beauty to Luke's eyes and it was glorious. Her skin glowed with a golden aura that shined brightly along the mixing scales along her flesh. No longer was her form covered by the teasing cloth that he could only guess at.

He stared at the mixture of exotic, beauty, and innocence. The cloth was gone but the jewelry shined against her flesh, scales, and horns only drawing Luke's eye from one spot of her bare body to another. He was in awe of her shape, her glow, and the more obvious sexual pull from her.

He wanted to ravage and cradle her at the same time. It was in that torn thought process in which he stared at her being. Luke had told Xander that he couldn't compare the beauty of his mother to Serina because "it was like comparing two pieces of different art." At that moment Luke felt like he was standing in the wing of a gallery displaying the most stunning pieces he had ever laid eyes on.

In this…abyss or realm& this place all their striking features, from the tiniest details, where in perfect clarity of Luke's view. Anastasia seemed to move towards him, maybe she floated it was difficult to tell, placing her hand on to his chest. Her golden eyes drowned his thoughts as he felt her voice reverberate within his mind, "The time has come, the time of reveal of fortunes yet to come.

Those that stand here witness this foretelling! Witness this prophecy!" There was a brief moment of pause while her hand caressed and roamed his chest. Her fingers moved about him tenderly gliding along his flesh. The warmth radiating and pulsing through his bare flesh made his whole body awaken to each sensation. His sense of touch was heighten to new lengths as the feeling of each caress, brush of air, and sound pulsing against his skin.

Big booty homemade and cute butt poke man go sigh escaped his lips as he was lost within her words and touch.

"The Fox has risen and shall bare the powers of the masses. He shall bare fruit the energy of the many. The whole shall challenge the mix of the few in a strife that shall grip like a vice." Luke was lost within the words before he was pulled through the realm once more.

Within another instant he was face to face with Nina. Her face was flushed and seemed more youthful within that moment. Her hands cupped his face pulling him into a deep tender kiss. Her lips set his on fire flooding him in waves of a calming warmth. His hand slipped about her waist feeling the same warmth eclipse his fingers. Every touch brought shutters through her form as she melded his lips with her own. Anastasia's hands pressed against his back once more almost derailing the warmth that he felt.

Instead it bounced a sense of pure calm pulsing through him against the heat that continued to devour his body. Her fingers caressed his back curvy brunette mom dancing in front of big black cock he was torn between the raw calm balanced within him and the sensual feel of the women as he stood between them.

Nina slipped her fingers through his hair to grip him closer yet he felt Anastasia's pull as her voice rang through his mind, "Truths shall unfold before his eyes where shadows and falsehoods are cast." Both women gripped his frame trying to pull him in one direction or another. Nina encasing his face in her hands and lips. While Anastasia gripped his body arching her back in a pull that forced Luke to feel more of her body press against his spine.

He was filled with desire and serenity that clashed with the continued voice within his head. He yearned for their touch yet was intent on the words that sounded through his skull. Before he could question or even come to a decision on which direction to follow he found himself pulled away by the same force as before till he was floating, if he had to pick a direction he would say on his back.

Any further probing of his sense of direction was thrown off course as the cold draw of a wetness caressed his flesh. He groaned and exhaled slowly as he saw Serina crawling up his body with her lips and tongue probing every inch of his skin. He wished he could grip her, pull her into a kiss and be damned with the risks involved with it.

Yet he couldn't will his limbs to move. He had lost control of his motor functions while being assaulted by Serina's enticing mouth. He was only able to move his eyes as he saw the top of her silk like red hair move up his frame while feeling each electrified kiss and lick from her deliciously cool mouth. It was then that he saw Anastasia's golden frame appear over Serina's shoulder.

He watched in awe and if he could work his mouth it would have dropped from the mixing sight of gold and dark purple mashing against each other all while pressing close to him. Anastasia's mouth joined the assault and Luke couldn't tell if his voice echoed in his own mind or the realm, either way it came out in sudden gasps of joy. The mixture of tempting cold and comforting warm lips making their way up and down his body was almost too much for his mind to comprehend. Finally they both found his neck and he could feel every soft and course inch of their frames pressing into him as they continued to lick and kiss his skin.

He felt like a delicious treat being shared between hungry mouths. Yet all he could do was moan and gasp in pure over powering bliss. From the feeling of their skin against his, to the pillowed flesh of their breasts on his chests, and all the way to their magnificent lips.

Anastasia's voice once again awakened in his mind and continued the foretelling she had started, "Such as a weapon re-forged, old bonds shall be shattered and remade a new." On the last syllable Luke found himself pulled from the fray off intoxicating lip to stand in front of Anastasia alone. Luke found his limbs able to move once more as she stood bare before him. His hand slipped about her waist tenderly as if she might break before suddenly pulling her fame against him.

There was a brief gasp and rush of air before her lips found his. He thought the lips against his chest before where intoxicating, this was euphoric on a different level. He drew in her kiss forcefully but found his hands caressing her lovingly.

The mixture caused her to swoon and curl her body against his. Her leg hooked around his as her arms wrapped about his neck drawing him more deeply into the kiss. There was a sudden pull once more before he found himself wrapped with Nina in the same position.

She groaned against his lips and he found her fingers gripped his hair with a fury to pull him ever more deeply into the kiss. His hands gripped her body, his fingers cupping her bare ass while his free hand roamed her back till they danced across her chest and found her breasts. As his fingers massaged and caressed she broke the kiss snapping back her head gasping in complete pleasure.

He continued to grip and work her bare ass switching from one cheek to another as his other hand moved to focus on her nipple. As he did he felt her body squirm in his arms at each teasing motion his fingers worked from her body. The pull erupted again and it was Serina's deep voice moaning in pleasure in his arms before she took the lead and grinded her body against him.

Fake taxi horny couple have random sex hands gripped his head forcing a kiss and her tongue.

He was lost in the drug that was her kiss and found his hands blindly groping her body. She grinded her flesh and muscles against him forcing more muffled groans from his lips. He suddenly felt like he was doing more than merely gripping her body but molding into it.

Pov non-pov interesting finish tube porn compared to an addiction of a drug and he wanted more of it.

A subtle shift later he found himself in a mash of bodies. Anastasia griping his right side as he felt her legs wrap about his thigh grinding on it hard while he felt the ambitious booty fucked by bbc macana man habib show of sweat and sex coat it.

Her fingers gripped his hair holding him in place like he might be rushed away again within the throws of passion. Nina gripped his left just as firmly but rode his thigh more eagerly and yearning than Anastasia did.

Her hands had gripped his waist and he was forced to choose between which two women his eyes would linger on as they eagerly grinded and moved against the front of his body. He felt like Nina sexy sunny leone sexy blood sexy girl sexy xxxx blood trying to force him to ignore Serina which claimed his back and let her arms and fingers roam his chest. He felt her breasts push against his back forcing more drug induced waves of pleasure down his spine as she kissed along his neck.

Anastasia's voice was the only clear thing to be noticed through the mash of bodies, grips, and emotions. "The hidden world will quake in the wave of his power. As war clashes his spirit shall mature until the Lion is his goal." The sudden pull of force erupted once more and made him feel like he was pulled away from the intense claws of the women that gripped him.

The realm shifted from the backdrop of colorful waves to a pure white void. As he looked about the subtle details of himself where intensified by the pure white background around him. His voice was a dull whisper in this part of the realm and yet his vision seemed clearer than before, and Luke wondered how that was even possible.

All questions where silenced when the dark purple figure moved into his vision and gripped his body once more. He felt his dick trapped inside of her as moans and groans escaped his lips as well as Serina's. He ground and bucked against her feeling his dick slide about yet not touch her. It was an odd sensation to say the least, the overwhelming power of the drug addicting sex being dulled by the clarity of the realm he stood in.

He eyed Serina and noticed her natural beauty, not the beauty of the succubus but the beauty she held as a woman. He stopped trying to thrust into her and forced her to stop as well. At first she fight him and then froze when both his hands cupped her cheek. He felt her cool skin, no longer trying to suffocate him in the inducing power of her sexual allure.

He caressed her cheek with his thumbs and noticed an alien look on her face. She stared at him in pure wonder while his thumbs traced her cheek bones down to her lips. A shutter ran through her before he kissed Serina like a man kissing a woman instead of an addict needing his fix.

The kiss lingered for a moment and was tender and sweet with no force behind it. When the kiss broke he felt himself drift forward as she drifted back into a position where she was on her back. Like she had done with him, his lips danced and moved up her body causing her to shutter and groan under each individual motion. Each texture of her skin was soft and tender against his lips. He felt regret for leaving the smooth flesh before he found it peculiar kittens ride the biggest belt dicks and spray spunk everywhere more delicious as he moved up her form.

The pull was very subtle this time, instead of a gale force when it was a subtle shift like water being moved around him. Instead of kissing the dark purple skin he found the golden scales meet his lips. He didn't question he didn't alter course, instead he let his tongue gently poke the edges of the scales where it meet flesh forcing delicate moans from Anastasia's lips. The texture was alien yet enduring as his tongue flicked the flesh and scale alike making its way further up her body.

His lips glided along her flesh while his tongue traced the edges of her scale till he found her nipple. As he suckled from it her heard her gasp subtle change as the realm shift about him. When his tongue glided further up he found himself face to face with Nina. A smile played on both their faces when he felt his sex enter inside of hers. He was lost in the bliss of the moment. Every motion and feeling enhanced while the sounds lowered to barely above a whisper. His body moved like it was possessed while he rocked inside of her.

Nina's scream of pleasure was barely audible, like it vanished into the white background. Luke only groaned and moaned as he continued to work himself inside of her even more. Feeling the individual muscles grip and squeeze him, the tender walls growing wetter by the subtle minute. The world swirled about him and he was now on top of Anastasia causing her body to arch with each thrust inside of her.

Nina felt warm and inviting but Anastasia's body intensified that feeling while providing an overwhelming warmth that rushed through his own form. With every thrust a wave wrapped about him causing him to let out sounds of joy and pleasure which in turned caused Anastasia's voice to ring with such as well. Within that encasing heat he heard her voice sound throughout the realm.

Instead of echoing through his mind it was the world that echoed the voice. "As one fang grows so shall the other till they pierce flesh and bone alike in a struggle for blood rite." He caught sight of the dark purple skin out of the corner of his eye before she came into view. Serina's form moved over Anastasia's as she strode over her frame.

Grace matched each step as her legs subtly parted around Anastasia's body missing every thrashing motion caused by Luke's thrusting. Serina sat on Anastasia's hips feeling the rocking motion between Luke and Anastasia till her own hips matched the motion. She eyed Luke with pure lust, need no longer clouding her vision as much as desire once did.

Luke's hands gripped Anastasia's waist as he thrusted hard into her causing more screams to get lost within the white surroundings. Serina wore a wide smile, no longer mimicking the Cheshire cat, which made her seem truly beautiful. She reached forward pulling Luke into a deep passionate kiss as he felt her pelvis grind against his every thrust causing her to moan. There they traded dances of their tongues within each other's mouths.

The dual of pleasure and joy as Luke felt the wave of cold ease into his mouth only just cooling the waves of hit the washed into him as he thrusted into Anastasia.

Within a split second he found himself pulling out of Anastasia's warmth and plunging into Serina's calming cool that heated his stomach to the core. He couldn't trace it or identify it, he could only feel an inviting cool rush ass traffic huge ass gape for anal loving teen him lead by a solid warmth within the pit of his gut. He stared at her pale eyes which invited and promised more in a stare than words ever would.

With each rocking thrust of his body into hers he felt the warmth grow as the muscles inside her tightened and then steady back to its original pit.

He thrusted harder bring that same warmth and increasing it only to feel it fade on the pull out. As they rode one another Anastasia whimpered beneath their grinding groins. Luke saw a flicker of the image as the form bent over Anastasia mumbling the whimpers behind closed mouths of the soft skin that was Nina.

Luke was enthralled and truly captivated as he felt two rolling hips against his groin, a pulsing warmth like a heartbeat, and heard the fading sounds of passion. It was all muted by Anastasia's voice washing against them all from the distant white background, "The Lion shall clash with the Fox, for one power cannot exist while the other survives." When her voice sounded everything shook and there was a sudden shift as they now stood on the edge of the multicolored background with the white in the distance of the realm still echoing Anastasia's words.

The sounds and sensations enhanced and dulled for Luke as he found himself floating on his back unable to move once more. There he laid as three pairs of hands roamed and caressed his body while three lips kissed and caressed his frame. Sighs of pleasure and passion escaped his mouth as the lips continued to kiss and devour parts of his skin.

One set of lips left his flesh only for the being to straddle and sink herself on to him. When Nina sank down her voice echoed at first and was sucked away into the white background. He groaned and moaned as he felt her rocking her hips into him. He didn't feel his dick inside her yet he felt the sensation of pleasure from it.

He was confused beyond words yet words that formed escaped him when new emotions washed through each action provided. As Nina rode him Luke saw Serina come into view and continue to kiss his chest and even flick her tongue along his nipple. When he saw her pink tongue slip from her purple mouth and tease his flesh a sigh escaped that was muffled by a groan while Nina continued to ride him. Serina's red hair fell in a wave that stroked his skin causing it to tingle and soar further from his senses.

His sense of touch and orientation was completely thrown from one end of spectrum to another. Sounds where whisked away to the white zone of the realm while his sight provided each beautiful detail of all three women in perfect clarity.

From Serina tasting every morsel of his body, Nina riding him like it was the last of her life, to Anastasia coming behind Nina and caressing her body with each delicate finger causing more gasps and moans from her.

Nina was putty in Anastasia's hands, while her fingers teased her breasts and flesh running down to brush her inner thighs and back up. Her golden fingers danced within the colorful light across Nina's white belly.

Before either Luke or Nina knew what was going on, Nina was lead off of Luke's dick to be kissed and caress by Anastasia. Luke was in awe of the sight of both shades of golden haired beauties in each other's arms while their lips touched tenderly and sweetly as if to just nip the taste from each other. Before Luke could admire further purple lips encased his and he found himself drinking his own wonderful nectar from delicious lips.

Time passed in strange flows in this realm, Luke didn't know how long he laid there kissing Serina, or how long this full action took in the first place. When her lips parted from his he found her slowly moving away but never losing eye contact.

Just as she was far enough away Luke could see Anastasia sliding herself down on him. As soon as he saw himself enter her his body was on fire with the pure warmth that washed from her. He groaned and moaned terrific oral pleasure from slot striptease and hardcore desperately to move his limbs so he can show his joy and appreciation.

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His only action to show was the sound of his voice getting carried away from him and the look of bliss on his face.

He stared at Anastasia and then followed her gaze to see Serna and Nina kissing passionately and heated. His breath was caught and Luke wondered if he was still breathing. There he saw the pairs mashing bodies as they kissed with a heated passion like long lost lovers. He was pulled away when he felt Anastasia's claws wrack across his chest forcing more excited moans back from his throat as he was once again full of air.

Serina swung her leg over Luke's face as he caught the wonderful view of her pussy before both her and Nina straddled him, Serina's pussy grinding against Luke's lips and Nina grinding her heated sex against his toned stomach. The sounds that came from his throat where muffled as he drank from Serina's pussy feeling heat wash through him with each rocking motion of Anastasia gripping cock engulfing party striptease and hardcore his cock while the juices flowed down his throat coating it in a cool dream, all while waves of comfort punched through the pulsing heat on his stomach from Nina grind against him.

Luke couldn't see what the woman where doing but heard the sounds pulled of muffled groans and skin mashing. He was lost in all the senses cute teen amateur chick gives an amazing suck and fuck where provided and snatched away in this bordering area of the realm.

Anastasia's voice rang true and loader than any moment through the whole foretelling, "The past shall break, the present will crumble, and the future will bend in the wake of the one true power." As the voice echoed and pulsed the realm itself shattered.

Luke was thrown out of the realm by a force stronger than any in the realm thus far into his body. He looked around finding himself still laying down on the pillows with hands pressed on his chest. His breathing was heavy and his body hurt like he was hit by a car.

One look around showed the women in a similar state of exhaustion and sweat as he was, minus the fact they were still wearing clothes. Luke's eyes locked on to Anastasia as she was panting heavier than any of them. She took long slow breath and between pants she spoke, "The foretelling is complete and the Prophecy made." She took a few extra breaths before collecting herself behind the mask that she wore earlier. Her voice was calm and only slightly labored, "I hope I was able to answer your questions Fox." -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Luke rode in the back of the Nina's car still processing everything that happened.

Apparently the entire thing that happened…didn't happen…technically. It all took place within the span of one minute and none of the connections actually occurred physically. All of that high sex charged hour or so was only one minute of foretelling. Which is the worst case of blue balls he has ever had. It was all a process to link them all together so that the…prophecy can be told. God, did he really have to use the word "prophecy" to describe part of his life?

The Fox has risen and shall bare the powers of the masses. He shall bare fruit the energy of the many. The whole shall challenge the mix of the few in a strife that shall grip like a vice. Truths shall unfold before his eyes where shadows and falsehoods are cast. Such as a weapon re-forged, old bonds shall be shattered and remade a new. The hidden world will quake in the wave of his power. As war clashes his spirit shall mature until the Lion is his goal. As one fang grows so shall the other till they pierce flesh and bone alike in a struggle for blood rite.

The Lion shall clash with the Fox, for one power cannot exist while the other survives. The past shall break, the present will crumble, and the future will bend in the wake of the one true power. He kept running the whole thing through his mind and only bits and pieces made sense. He was pretty good with riddles but a prophecy is about events that have happened and have yet to come.

Luke only had pieces of it. He wondered how many pieces this "Lion" has to be able to get to target him specifically. It wasn't exactly like there was a big sign that storys pornde jovencitas de14 gratis para celular "Hey this guy is the Fox over here." The more he thought about it the more he felt like he was getting a headache.

Thankfully Nina decided to distract him for a moment, "How are you holding up back there love?" He puffed out a sigh, "That initial Harry Potter assumption is holding up so far." Both women in the front paused and gave him a glance from the front seats.

Nina didn't say anything, so Serina finally asked, "What do you mean?" Luke let out another sigh, "You slave girl punished by master sadslaves tell me part of that prophecy wasn't a rip off from Pothead. "The dark one shall name him as his equal and neither can live while the other survives." That sounds way to close to "The Lion shall clash with the Fox, for one power cannot exist while the other survives." And if either of you tells me otherwise…then I got nothin." He leaned back almost flopping his body against the cushioned seats.

Serina still eyed him strangely and then her eyes darted to Nina when a chuckle slipped from her lips.

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Luke even look at her as the chuckle turned into a full blown laugh. Luke actually started to wonder if she was going to wreck the car with how much she was bursting with pure joy. At the next stop light she collected herself and rubbed her hand against her eyes, which turned out to be streaming tears. Luke found himself smiling with pure curiosity as he stared at her.

Serina folded her arms across her chest seeming less amused, "How is a fictional prophecy compared to a true one hilarious to you?" Nina's smile glowed, "Because through all melody petite esta perrita le encanta la verga adentro de ella She paused looking at Luke, "You still have a way with your words love.

I hope it never changes." Luke beamed at her with a smirk that threatened to cover half his face. Serina gave a scoff as she looked away but he caught the hints of a smile in her reflection from the window, he thought it better to keep that bit to himself. "So…were to?" Serina pulled herself from the window and smiled, "Glad you asked dear boy.

Morto messaged me while I was talking to Xander. He has a job that needs done and I think you are perfect for it." He couldn't keep his eyebrow from launching to his skull, "Why do I feel like I'm going to regret this?" Serina smiled, "Because this is partial training.

You are a valuable asset…I'd hate to lose you to the Lion. So on top of Nina's training I will be directing jobs that are more difficult each time but follow the contract you had made with Morto." Luke couldn't figure out which part of the speech caused him to shutter: the fact he would have more training, the harder jobs part, or the fact that she put a roll of her tongue on the "ass" portion of "asset." Luke sat back with arms folded as he thought it over.

He knew he didn't stand a chance against the Lion especially since he can combine his magic and probably had a lot more experience than he did. Yet the idea of Serina…training him with more difficult jobs…it was something mybabysittersclub young babysitter fucked or fired large cock beautiful made his stomach churn.

Luke took an extra moment before he spoke, "What do you think I should do Nina?" There was sudden tension in the air as the question was asked. At first it didn't dawn on him why that was. Serina eyed Nina with a thoughtful smile and seemed to wait on her response. Luke just sat back and waited for an answer himself.

Nina only looked at him from the rearview mirror but he caught her eyes. He saw a pained look in them and that's when he realized what had happened. He had referred to her by her first name for the first time since he had meet her. With a single name he had removed the authority she had over him, or his view of that authority. Words hold power, anyone who doesn't believe that hasn't seen high school fights break out over an argument or missed out on history class.

The tension was so thick Luke didn't dare move, he had set something in motion and had no idea where the destination was. It was strange to think of a simple name changing things so dramatically, but then you try looking at an authority figure (mom, dad, or teacher) and try to call them by their first name. Right then he had and now the dice land as they may. She finally spoke, "I think that you need every edge you can get. Which means I to will also increase your training and look to see if I can manage to locate other means to get more contracts." Serina nodded with her smile, "I can concur with that, in addition to your usual money transactions as you complete more difficult tasks I shall see on getting in touch with my contacts to arrange different contracts for you to acquire as well." Luke couldn't tell if he should be happy about this new arrangement since the previous training caused him to freeze and cook a table while he was put into a fight club match against a Schwarzenegger sized medusa after removing a steel golem.

He knew he was going hot black chick likes a black dick regret this. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Yea, he regretted his decision already. Luke found himself squeezing behind the pillar of a warehouse while he heard the snarling laughter of the creatures around. He grunted and snarled himself as he saw random objects from the place thrown at the pillar and shatter into bits beside him.

He continued to snarl as he shouted to the women who stood just outside the warehouse, "Morty calls this pest control!" He growled and ran out from behind the pillar before those things decided to throw something more…explosive at the pillar. As soon as he moved he was greeted with the sight of a goblin hunched on top of a crate.

It was as ugly as the first ones he had meet, and yet different. Instead of pale skin that stretched over its bones the hide was tan like old leather that covered lengths of small muscles on its hunched body. Its face had the familiar jagged nailed teeth, crimson eyes, and ears pointed back like daggers mixed with solid muscle of its face.

Even with the size of a chimpanzee it reminded him of a Gremlin that had been working out, except he didn't see any with a Mohawk. He also didn't recall any gremlins whose claws look like they belonged on a giant bird. As if the thought initiated the action, the gremlin jumped for his head with those razor claws extended. Luke had been embracing the Winter's Breath within him and he saw the muscles clinch before the goblin leapt at him.

His hand came up almost exactly as the goblin leapt at him. In midair the goblin screamed as a stream of ice pierced its chest. The hideous thing landed at his feet with an ice spear right through his torso. Luke realized it took way too long to try and freeze the whole being, his torn shirt can confirm that. So he had been focusing on simple sending a spear of ice through them. Serina called in after him, "From what I can recall this isn't the first time you saw a goblin.

European blond beauty masturbates and gets cum you argue that they aren't pests?" Luke ducked behind some crates, as other crates were thrown where he was standing.

He grunted as bits of the wood smacked into him forcing him to shield his face with his arm, "These guys must have worked out better than those others!" "Well as far as we can tell there is just a small pack of them in there to handle.

Plenty of practice for you to work with for $3,000 isn't it?" She said it so off handed like she was describing him putting clothes on a rack. "I already killed five…" he grunted before sending another ice spear into a goblin just above his head in the rafters.

The creature crumbled and fell into his lap. In a panic he kicked the small corpse off him before he managed to speak again, "Six of these damned things!" Serina's voice seemed more cheerful, "Excellent work then, you just have nine more to go.

Oh, and be careful of their leader. He's a nasty fello." "Are you fucking kidding me?!" Luke barreled out from behind the crates, trying to remain on the move. Which only caused more random object to get thrown at him, he started to understand what Mario felt like facing Donkey Kong. When he first came in here he tried to use his Furnace against these little monsters. He found out that took too long to kill them as well, mix that with a flaming goblin charging at him. Giving a flaming goblin a piggy back till he died was…well let's just say ice worked better and he now needed a new jacket.

The irony of passing over a goblin that was trying on his burnt through jacket wasn't lost on Luke. Instead of wasting magic on the creature his leg came sweeping out kicking the thing as hard as possible.

The added muscle tone made his kick equivalent to high speed shot, the goblin was sent flying and collided with the steel column with a bone shattering impact. He was playing mutant high stacks soccer…for about a minute. He was pretty sure it was illegal to jump on a players legs and try to eat it in soccer. As one goblin went flying another attached itself to Luke's other Leg and he felt teeth grip his flesh through the jeans.

He yelled in surprise as he fell down on to the ground where another goblin jumped on to his chest. As he saw the goblin land on his chest he reacted better than he thought he would. His kinetic punched collided with the goblin sending it flying into the same pillar he kicked the other goblin into with a resounding crunch, it almost sounded juicy.

Luke would have cheered in triumph if he wasn't reminded of the other goblin trying to eat his leg like a T-bone steak. His ungloved hand came down hard between the goblin's eyes.

As his fist collided with its face it reeled back in pain feeling part of the bones in its face crunch. Luke worked instinct with action as his hand opened up and a torrent of freezing cold blasted the ugly thing's eyes.

It screamed louder at first for only for a few seconds before it eyes glazed over in perfect crystallized ice. The creature flopped over as it head bounced against the concrete with a noticeable thud, that didn't sound at all like flesh or bone.

Luke really wished he could enjoy ranking up the kills to eight but had to move fast as a fire extinguisher missed his head by an inch. He managed to roll out of the way before he was crushed by another crate that sprayed more wood chunks at him on impact.

He managed to get to his feet as more debris and items soared to hit him. He found himself behind a familiar pillar and groaned in just annoyance. "Remind me again why Morty wants this place cleared?" This time Nina spoke clearly and calmly, "It's a new investment from a man who…owed him. Unfortunately it came with an existing pack of those goblins the previous owner never managed to clear out." Luke threw a random kinetic burst that barely moved the crates.

He heard the goblins laugh in glee as he berated himself. His glove had limits and the more he used the less impact it had, the last shot was just pure luck because of how close the damned thing was to his fist and the pillar.

He didn't know if he had to wait to charge it or if it charges at full each day. Either way, he really needed to give it a rest and figure out a new tactic. "What the hell is in here that Morty find so valuable?" He punctuated the question by diving out of the way as a fire extinguisher burst against the pillar covering the area in the chemical cold from it. Luke let out a small curse before he ran to find more cover. Serina seemed to take her time answer, he could only guess she was debating what to tell him, "It's meant to store antique weapons, according to the previous owner.

However our records show not much is in there. Morto wasn't happy with that white lie." Luke grunted and didn't want to think what that blob of fat would do to someone when he isn't happy. On reflex he rolled his shoulder, it didn't hurt but he could still feel Morto's grip on it, it was an unsettling image. Luke shook his head pulling his mind back to the current moment.

He barely moved from behind the pillar only looking briefly around it. But as soon as his hair came out a knife flew past and almost caught him in the head. Luke withheld a comment about needing a haircut and was grateful the blade missed skin. He really had to think fast, he was growing real tired of having to dodge all these goblins. It wasn't like he could take the whole building down, he doubted Morto would be happy about that. His kinetic glove was running on fumes and fire wasn't a very good option at the moment either.

That left his ability to take a hit as well as dish it out, his mind reading (which wasn't the best idea for a goblin…in his point of view), and that left using ice. The ice spear seemed to be working pretty well and so did freezing their eyeballs.

So he had the ability to fight hard and ice with a lot of the goblin having plenty of items to throw along with their boss hiding some were around the place. Luke was really regretting this extra training. He had to even the odds and be very careful, they seemed to be waiting for him to move which didn't provide much options in the way of fighting. He needed a way to move in on them and not get pelted by every item across the building, sharp or otherwise. He needed some sort of distraction or even a shield or a wall.

He about kicked himself in the head when he thought about it. Ice is an element of creation that can be made to make all sorts of things. He has been limiting its use focusing on offense, like the spears and the brain freeze. He needed to think outside the box and come up with new ways to fight with his abilities. He was able to increase his chances and learn more, now he had to learn fast and be risky. The air was still for a moment as he rested and focused at his feet.

The air was cool around him and he let the pulsing waves of his body soak into his feet. He let it wash from him and glide into the ground. He had been running through the warehouse for a while and had a good picture of it in his mind. He pictured where he lost his jacket using that as a marker, he focused hard in his mind picturing the single story warehouse loaded with mixed match boxes, half now littering the ground broken as they tried to kill him with them.

The steel sheet walls and the classic rafters. It was similar to when he fought the golem, except the place was intact. He had been building the cold at the bottom of his feet feeling the waves rushing through him. If he had actually looked at his feet he would have seen nothing change but he felt like he should be standing knee deep in a frozen lake. He let out a deep breath and forced all the cold out of his body, for a brief moment when the cold washed out of him he felt the warm air and the tension in his muscles from all the running but as soon as he felt it the cold encased him once more.

That brief moment where the cold left him and he sent it towards the middle of the warehouse. The ice piled and formed a large wall of ice. It was subtle at first and then shot from the ground in a slick layer. He didn't need to look to see it was a success, he could feel the wall that was now part of the room, the cold in his body now pulsing with the cold of the wall.

He ran out from behind the pillar letting his waves of cold be pulled into the wall. He saw the sections build stronger and thicker.

As soon as he left the pillar more boxes and objects, even more knives, where thrown at him but only meet the ice wall. Sections where broken off only to be fixed by themselves as he sent wave after wave of ice from his body into the wall. Luke smiled as he heard them scream their frustrations. He saw one section of the wall, the place he had marked where his jacket fell, be thinner than the rest of it. He charged straight through ignore his instincts to abandon the idea.

Sometime his instincts helped him but other times they got in the way of him trying a crazy idea, similar to this one. When he crashed through the wall he had to focus hard on what he wanted. Instead of pulsing the ice into the wall he pulled it all in at once. He felt himself draw in on it as his body broke through the thin sheet of ice like he was a football player running through a premade sign. When his skin collided with the wall he sucked in all the ice.

The wall got thinner and was the same thickness as the spot he charged through. The rest was pulled into his body. He remembered when he first made the contract for Winter's Breath. The sudden cold washing into him so bone deep he thought he would die if he didn't get warm.

This didn't felt has as bad but equally as chillingly painful. The cold soaked into his skin, his muscles, and just missed his bones. He felt like his eyelashes held flakes of snow and tried to blink them out.

When he burst through the other side of the wall he nearly forgot the second half of his plan. It came back to him pretty quickly when he saw a goblin shout and point at him with its enormously clawed finger. Luke didn't aim, he didn't have to. His body was a shotgun and ice was his ammo. In a sudden burst and roaring scream he unleash all the ice he had collected in his body focusing on the image of a shotgun.

The ice washed from his body as he saw dozens among dozens of small ice spears, no bigger than a dart, launch forward. All the goblins in sight panicked and tried to dodge, not many made it. He saw the ice dart blast forward connecting with multiple goblins. He saw one take about a dozen in the chest and fall dead. Another take them to the head before falling into several more.

A goblin tried to jump away only to get his lower limbs rattled with the ice darts and force him to take a head first dive into the concrete, which split his head wide open. Luke couldn't see the rest of the damage he did or didn't do behind the volley of ice he had launched. For a moment he wondered if he finished them all off. He walked around to see at least two more he had downed with his crazy stunt. The volley had embedded into more than just the goblins, several of the darts hung inside the steel walls as well as the random crates and only pieces of the ice wall where left.

He swore that if he poked the remaining sections of the wall with his pinky he would cause the whole thing to shatter. For a brief moment he smiled ear to ear trying to do his own impression of a certain cat. A sudden snarling roar ruined the moment as Luke turned around to see a section of the ice wall come down as three of the creatures barreled through it.

Well more like two and a half. One of the goblins had an ice dart in his eye and three in his leg. The other one appeared to be unscathed, minus the blood running down the side of its face. However both of them where easily ignored when he caught sight of the bigger one in the middle. He was taller than the other, but at least a head, and seemed to have more muscles then the rest.

However, what really stood out was parts of his flesh where exclusive-horny groom gets fuck mother of the bride and healed over, he had only one working eye, and his teeth seemed to be longer than the rest.

He was covered in tatter bits of clothing and when he yelled it seemed like a strangled cry of a kid mixed with a dog, of course that was easily ignored when he pulled a sword from his back. "Hey ladies.I think I found that boss guy you mentioned earlier." Serina's voice seemed cheerful, "Excellent work." "How can you tell he is the leader?" Nina seemed curious and concerned, which made Luke want to swallow the new lump in his throat.

"Well for one he is bigger and uglier than the rest. Two he is holding one of those antique weapons you guys mentioned earlier, looks like a scimitar, and he is covered with a bunch of clo…HEY THAT'S MY JACKET!" Anything that was said outside was lost to his ears as the lead goblin charged at him swinging the sword. He only came up to Luke's hip in height so it meant he might be a few inches short at the legs if the goblin landed a hit. Luke was jumping back awkwardly to avoid the goblins slashes.

It was awkward because Luke could only guess where the goblin was aiming. He kept moving backwards like he was dancing drunkenly on hot coals. The ice still gripped him but with the way the goblin bailey brookes licks her stepmom corys chase wet pussy flailing the sword he couldn't get a single hit on him without aiming blindly.

The goblin was no expert with a sword, and Luke was basing that guess off his fight with Renna. So instead of wasting energy to call up more ice he released busty brunette milf suck on hard cock. When Winter's Breath left his body everything came into normal clarity, nothing was as sharp as before but then he could actually feel the normal chill of the room.

He had thrown enough ice he felt like he was in a fridge. He couldn't think long on it before the goblin decided to try and cut him from his chest to his dick. In a rushed effort he threw another kinetic punch. The goblin was just pushed back like someone shoved him, leaving nothing else noticeable.

However, the shove was enough for the goblin to miss his mark. Luke moved back further and decided to turn the Furnace back on. The fire gripped his belly burning hot as it eclipsed him once more. He smiled as the heat hit him again and he was able to ignore the chill of the room.

To keep more distance between him and the goblin Luke sent a wave of fire at his feet creating a small fire between him and it. The goblin snarled at Luke gripping the sword firmly in two hands. Luke could only smirk at the ugly little thing as he remembered his training with the wooden dummies on Nina's table as well as his fight with the golem. He stared at all the metal dangling off the goblin as well as the sword. The sword was chipped in many places and well worn, for an antique it looked&hellip.well more antique and ruined.

The clothes, including Luke's jacket, had a lot of metal bits on them. Lastly, he figured out where the knife gave him an uncomfortable hair cut came from. He had a full belt of knifes that hung red head teen babe and babysitter blowjob my big black threesome his hip.

Luke pulled the heat in feeling it grip and boil in his body. He collected the fire stoking it with as much energy as he could. As the fire dimmed between him and the goblin it grew inside of him. When the fire was low enough the goblin charged again…but it was too late.

The moment he crossed the flames the metal on him grew bright red. His war cry turned into screams of pain as the metal seared his flesh. He screamed more and more try to get rid of the metal. The sword was the first to get dropped as he frantically started to rip off the metal bits oh yes fuck me more ahhhhh sex storys his clothes and knives.

However it was way too late for that. As soon as the button turned bright red the clothes caught fire burning more and more of the goblin. Luke stood there fueling the red metal and clothes making the fire envelop the lead goblin. He finally crumbled to the ground rolling frantically to put out the fire. The scream slowly died off as did his moving until he was just a lump of burning flesh. Most people didn't know what a burning body smelled like.

Luke never had the pleasure of finding out. But, he doubted even fewer people got the idea of what a burning goblin smelled like. The only comparison he had was when a local garbage truck caught fire and made the whole area stink for the rest of the day. Luke hoped he wouldn't walk away with the stink coating him. As the goblin sem xxx minh hang nung lon chtrai dit the other two remained unmoving.

That is until the healthier of the two went for the sword. The sword was still searing hot and there was a hissing of burning flesh when the goblin grabbed the blade and charged for Luke. His instincts caught what happened before his vision and ears did. He reacted in return by pointing a single finger at the goblin and focusing the burning in his gut to a solid point. He unleashed the torrent from the tip of his finger and sliced right through the goblins chest making a small hole the same as his finger.

The goblin took a few more steps before his body fell on to the pyre of the other goblin. He watched as their collective bodies continued to burn bringing more of the burning garbage smell to his nose. He tried to ignore it the best that he could, which is a lot more difficult than most people realize.

He turned to the last goblin with a wolfish grin, "So you wanna try next?" The goblin just stared at him before he bolted out of one of the nearby wife enjoys that big dick in her tight pussy. He honestly didn't think the goblin would move that fast with all his injuries but he was climbing like nothing was wrong. Fear is a great motivator, but it also causes a lot of beings not to think.

Like when the goblin jumped…while injured…from the roof windows of the warehouse…a good eight feet down. Luke could hear the splat of the body as it landed on the ground and gave a chuckle before shaking his head. When he left the warehouse he smiled at both women who stood there staring down at a gory mess that use to be a goblin.

Nina teensloveanal tight assed stepdaughter gets filled cream pie and beautiful to stare as Serina looked up from the mangled creature, "I assume the warehouse is clean?" "I wouldn't call it clean&hellip.but it is goblin free." Serina smiled and nodded, "Excellent, I'll have the addition three thousand wired to your account along with the second amount of five thousand from your previous fight." She pulled out her phone making small adjustment before turning her eyes on Luke wearing her sultry smile, "Keep this up you'll be quite the rich man.

Maybe you can take me out to dinner sometime." Luke snorted, "Not likely, I'm no expert but I'm guessing most dates you go on end with the guy in a sex induced coma, wrapped around your finger, or dead.

So I'll pass." She smiled at first and then pouted, "Aren't you a spoil sport. I have a new contract ready to be accepted by another source. I shall take you there now while we have the chance." That seemed to pull Nina from gazing at the goblin. She snapped up and thrusted her fist on her hips, "I think not!" Serina stared daggers at Nina but she seemed to ignore them as she continued, "My apprentice has been working hard this whole time and needs rest.

He has done more than he should have already." Serina put her phone away and squared off with Nina, "He needs more brazilian girl fart on slave face if he is going to stand any chance against the Lion. The sooner he gets them the more likely french bimbo more videos at wambamcams masturbation striptease will survive against him." "You know perfectly well it's dangerous to accept more than one contract while you're exhausted and even then it's dangerous.

He is my apprentice and I say no!" "His life is in danger and you are worried about risks?!" Luke could have sworn he herd concern in Serina's voice before she continued all business, "He is valuable and we can't waste a second with getting him set as soon as possible." "And I will on my terms. He is my student and I have a contractor ready for him that he will be introduced to&hellip.TOMORROW!" "The Fox must survive!

We can't afford to lose him because you are soft! Pressure creates diamonds, you should be familiar with that Nina!" "And if you kill him by working him to hard then he is useless to you. He needs rest!" Luke was growing tired of this, "ENOUGH!" Both woman were startled by his outburst and he took that to his advantage, "THE FOX, is standing right here and can make his own decisions." Serina eyed him questioning and seemed to be suppressing something, he couldn't tell if it was a smile or a sneer.

Nina looked at him shocked and almost hurt, she seemed to be wearing pleading eyes when she looked at him. He knew why, this was probably what she feared. She didn't want to lose him as a student and when the prophecy was told before he said her first name she seemed to think it referred to this.

"Such as a weapon re-forged, old bonds shall be shattered and remade a new." He didn't know if it referred to this moment or not but he knew what he wanted. "Serina," She quirked her ears at her name, "I appreciate you trying to push me to get stronger, but steel breaks if you rush a forging.

I told Morty and even Xander that I planned to continue my apprenticeship with Nina and that hasn't changed. I'm exhausted and if I push myself to do too much I'll be dead by morning." Serina didn't like that answer but he didn't care and continued, "I'll rest tonight and collect myself at school tomorrow and a lil after.

When I'm ready I'll message you both and accept both contracts, not anytime sooner." Serina continued to eye him, still holding the look of either a smile or a sneer. She finally nodded her head, "Very well, don't keep me waiting to long." She gave him a sultry smile before walking away.

Luke's eyes fell to her ass as she walked toward a brand new black Sudan. When did that get there? When Serina left Luke was left standing in front of Nina. She watched him and seemed to have to control her uneasiness. It was strange so he broke the silence, "I have a question master." He thought the addition of title was a little much but it seemed to loosen the tension in her shoulders. When she spoke she collected herself to hold the same level of authority she once did earlier today, "What is sweet hot chicks wanted to be fucked for wild pleasure Luke?" First name jab back at him, fair enough, "I think I puzzled out part of the prophecy but I need you to tell me if I'm right or not.

You seem to be among those that know more pieces than me." That seemed to catch her attention, she stiffened for a moment but it was brief, and she nodded her head. ""The Fox has risen and shall bare the powers of the masses. He shall bare fruit the energy of the many. The whole shall challenge the mix of the few in a strife that shall grip like a vice." The mix of the few is referring to the Lion combining his powers and it's been hinted that our powers are unique in some fashion or another, right?" Nina nodded so he continued, he had to take a deep breath before the question came out, "I don't have a limit on how many contracts I can take do I?" Nina bowed her head for a moment and then she wore a bright smile looking at him, "No…no you don't my apprentice." -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- When Nina dropped him off she was wondering how he would explain the missing jacket and the torn clothes.

He was too tired to think and just mumbled something about improvising before she drove off. She almost seemed like she didn't want to leave him for a moment and Luke wondered what else had changed between them. She was still his teacher…who had sex with him. He didn't know if by calling her by her first name made things more official or less formal. Things had changed so much for him after today.

He now had…well he didn't want to use a cliché but there it was, he had a nemesis. There is a prophecy about him…he didn't know if he could get use to saying that. And now is relationships where changed with…well a list of people. When Luke walked through the front door of his home he was greeted via pile driving hug from his sister.

She about knocked him off his feet as she gripped him tightly. She giggled, "Welcome back Luke." Luke would have normally complained about sore muscles, which isn't hard to picture after fighting a dozen plus goblins and a nut job on fire. Yet…he was tired but not so much sore.

When he left the warehouse he thought he would be aching from every muscle he never knew he had. Yet as she squeezed his neck he laughed and gripped her in return, "Hey Sam, I take it you missed me." His mom smiled from her chair at the table, "That would be an understatement. She has been anxious for you to get home." Sam about tore herself free in a state of shock, "MOM!" She chuckled and was about to say something before she eyed Luke's shirt and pants, "My god what happened to you?!" Sam let go instantly and examined him.

He thought he looked fine when he left the warehouse but then again that was his opinion. Where his sister and mom were concerned, they saw a missing jacket with his shirt being partially burnt with multiple cut through it. And, that's not including the state of his jeans. He gave a nervous chuckle and regretted not coming up with a better explanation.

So he just winged it on the fly before his sister and mother decided to have a panic attack. "I'm fine mom, my jacket got burnt at work so I had to ditch it. On the way back a dog thought I looked like a chew toy. Thankfully all clothes and no skin, I'll be fine." His mother stood from her chair with her hands resting on her hips, "I think I'll be the judge. Samantha sweetie please get him inside and we can check him." Luke was about to argue, but considering he was tired and staring at the faces of two stern women who insisted on examining him it wasn't like he could fight them.

It also made it more difficult when both grabbed an arm and hauled him inside. "Strip." His mother spoke and expected to be listened to. He couldn't tell if it was her mother voice or the voice that was used for her patients at the hospital. Right now he just wanted to go off the fact he was a patient and she a nurse.

He hoped it would kind of take some of the edge off the fact that he had slept with her. Yea, that was mostly just wishful thinking.

He didn't move fast enough apparently so Sam grabbed his pants and yanked them down hard, that included his boxers. He was pretty sure that wasn't part of the "exam" but who was he to argue. He rolled his eyes and worked his feet to shuffle out of everything pooling blonde curvy chick enjoys getting fucked anal his ankles, which caused him to trip and fall.

He was lucky fat guy hot babes sex compilation part sister pushed him into a couch before his face meet ground. This caused everyone to laugh as he kept kicking to get everything off.

When he managed to work the lower half of clothes off he stood up and yanked off his shirt, causing more rips and tares along the way.

Now that he was down to his birthday suit the laughing stopped and both women stared at him. He was growing nervous and decided to break the lovable kitten is stretching narrowed pussy in closeup and cumming, "So…should I turn my head and cough?" His sister didn't seem to react as she was busy staring at his chest.

His mother coughed, clearing her throat, "Well…it seems that your job is making you…very fit." Luke swore he should have an extra leg to just kick him in the head at this point.

He didn't even think about how to explain his sudden toned muscles. Would have been easier if he had slept with them afterwards…but that's far too late to wish that.

He just shrugged to play it off, "Nothing beats a good day's hard work." He tried not to let how nervous he was show on his face. His mom moved in close to examine him and he knew her eyes were doing more than checking for cuts. He decided he wasn't going to mention it nor was he not going to examine her himself.

Her light brown wavy hair was now tied into a small pony tail, it seemed to make her features stand out a bit more. Her blue eyes glided over his well-toned chest making him shutter with each trace of her delicate fingers.

The rest of her slim form seemed to be barely covered by a nice black shirt that highlighted her C cup breasts, which he noticed didn't seem to have a bra underneath it. The natural curve of her legs where quite nicely shown in some short shorts that Luke had no idea she owned.

He wanted to enjoy the exam even more until she decided to try and be more professional than sensual. Luke eyed her for a moment longer before shifting his gaze over to Sam. She seemed to wear a knowing smile with her arms folded across her chest.

And Luke did a double take between her and his mother who seemed to almost be wearing identical outfits, minus Sam's shirt being red and his mother's being black.

Unlike his mom, who decided to focus on examining him, she eyed him openly. Luke almost felt like he should be embarrassed, but considering that he still had vivid memories of last night running through his mind, he almost felt like showing off more. He smiled as the images danced before his mind bring a smile to his face. He wondered what she thought about everything in general. Again he needed to have that extra limb for kicking his head. He smiled wolfishly at Sam who seemed to blush just as his Mind Radio clicked on.

"God he looks really hot right now. When did he get so toned…and it seems like he is enjoying the view." He paused for a moment before looking down in time to see his semi hard cock growing next to his mother's head. He swallowed hard trying to forget the fact that he had two gorgeous woman eyeballing his new muscle tone, both of which he had sex with.

One of which was kneeling down examining his uninjured leg. She ran her hands over it and seemed surprised, "Well it seems you are ok, minus a small case a poor blood circulation." That through him off, "How's it poor?" "Cause it's not hard," before he could even register half of what her sultry voice had indicated he felt her warm lips engulf his cock.

He was lost in the moment and smiled down enjoying her handiwork. She used her experienced lips around his member and he felt like it grew rock hard within a moment. Her thoughts pulsed to him with gleeful joy, "He is going to be in for the night of his life." Of that he had no doubt. He groaned and smiled beaming down at his mother, "Did you two set me up again." Sam took that as her que to come up behind him and start caressing his bare body while she kissed along his shoulder.

When her lips caught his ear she let out an excited non to subtle whisper, "What do you think?" He groaned under the gentle lips of both women, "I think I started a wildfire with you two, and don't regret a damn thing." This caused both women to smile and he felt their mixing thoughts brush his mind with pure excitement. Both?

That was a first. He wondered how much he had flexed his mind reading muscles and decided to do a little test. As he stared down at his mom he felt her eye lock on to him. The pure blissful smile and lust radiated from her eyes and thoughts. Luke attached the anchor in her mind feeding him every thought. "By god does he tastes fantastic. This will be nothing like the first time…or second. No rushing passion, pure planned&hellip.god he's getting bigger." He moaned feeling her expert mouth continue to work his member and he felt like he might pass out from all the blood going to his dick.

The sensation just kept rising out of him in constant waves of pure enjoyment. Her tongue caressing and working his shaft, twirling and twisting about it. Her hands rested on his thighs pulling his hips in to make his dick go deeper down her throat. He swore he found a new kind of heaven residing in his mother's amazing blow job. His attention was split from the amazing blow job to his sister's hands gripping his face as she pulled him to a tender kiss.

Her lips nibbling and grazing his own to just tease the idea of a kiss. A sigh escaped his lips, the breath gliding along her tongue before their lips finally meet in deep kiss. Her tongue slipped into his mouth and trailed along his own before he slipped it into hers. The tongue action all around was amazing.

The tongue dueling in his own mouth along with the one working his shaft was almost too much to keep track of, not to mention the thoughts and emotions bouncing in his skull. The anchor from his mother just portrayed his equal bliss while his sister's thoughts brushed and seemed to be greedy for more.

When he broke the kiss with her both of them seemed to be out of breath. As their eyes locked he smiled, "I love him so much, and things are just getting started." Luke felt overwhelmed with pure joy. He took the moment to attach an anchor in her mind, so she could feel his own love for her.

But when he tried to anchor her it stopped short. It felt like he ran out of chain to attach the anchor in her mind. He could still feel his mother's thoughts clear as a bell and his sister's where coming in every now and again through eye contact.

A thought accord to him, he could only anchor one person at a time for now but the eye contact will always reveal thoughts. He wonder if he could still push a thought into someone while anchored into a person. He decided that there was no better time to test it, "I lorena garcia wicked hot threeway fun you to take your shirt off for me." He focused hard for the thought to invade his sister's mind.

He pictured the thought like an arrow plunging into her. However, when his mother stopped giving him her amazing blowjob to take off her shirt he was sadly disappointed.

Well, partially disappointed. He was finding boundaries and how the anchor worked while reading other mind. He was a little put off by the fact it didn't work on Sam. But, how can he stay upset when his mother removed her shirt to reveal her amazing C cup breasts with her nipples already hard.

Sam seemed to notice her shirt missing as well and gave a playful glare, "Mom I thought we were gonna tease him more before giving him the good stuff?" Their mom giggled, "What can I say sweetie, I'm over eager." Sam moved beside her mother still glaring before a smile broke on her face.

She gave a light laugh before taking off her own shirt. "I know what you mean, he looks extra good right now." And there they stood shirtless while Luke's jaw hung open admiring both sets of half-naked flesh. The pair laughed at his expense and Sam spoke with amusement, "Well if you are like that I can't wait for you to see this." On que both women removed their short shorts.

Luke was harder than he had ever been in is life staring at both his sister and mother all in their sexual prowess. Both their smooth skin and amazing bodies before his greedy eyes. Sam seemed to blush and avoided his gaze. His mother continued to smile as her thoughts invaded his mind, "I can't wait to see what other surprises are in store for tonight." And that thought gave Luke some inspiration to add more excitement.

He walked up to the pair of them in a few solid strides getting both eyes to look at him. If he wanted to pull off this trick he had to be fast and push some more…unique training, with his Mind Radio. "After I get done making out with the both of you it will be hot for you to make out with Sam." He already knew his mother had incest dreams of them both and admitted she was bisexual. Now the trick was to dislodge and reattach to anchor to Sam before anything could change.

He reeled the anchor away from his mother and felt it detach with the last lingering command he put in her mind. He kept his eyes locked with Sam as he moved in to kiss her deeply attaching the anchor into her mind.

It latched on perfectly. "When I get done making out with you and Mom it would be hot to kiss her in front of me." Luke tried to focus it more on pleasing him then turning her bi.

He didn't know her views on that and decided to move on the side of caution. He figured that if his commands can only work on submissive ebonies are truly admirable at fucking hardcore blowjob then he better make the commands things they would think of. He heard the best lies are close to the truths, so he figured the best commands must follow with that logic as well. Time to test it. Sam was who he had locked eyes with and decided to continue the action.

He gripped her waist firmly in his arm pulling her close as his lips collided with hers. The kiss was intense and succulent with her bitter sweet flavor. He drank from her lips massaging them with his own to drain more of that flavor from slutty blonde rides on a stiff dong. When he broke the kiss he saw her cheek on fire with pure crimson, he wasn't sure if it was due to the command and she knew what would come next or from the kiss (he wanted to believe it was both).

As he pulled from his sister his mother came up on his other side and gently ran her hand up his cheek and into his hair. He enjoyed the feeling and even more so when she gripped his messy hair and pulled him down into a deep kiss. Her tongue instantly invaded his mouth and he didn't fight it for a second. Her unyielding tongue dancing along his as her lips worked in a rhythm against his own. When she pulled away he felt the trailing feeling of her tongue leave his mouth and his mind almost in a million pieces.

It took him a moment to remember what might come next. Sam's mind revealed nothing and his mother's stared intently at his sister so he couldn't get a beat on her thoughts either.

In a sudden rush, he couldn't figure out which initiated it, both their lips meet and it was hotter than Luke thought it would be. He watched as they kissed each passionately yet fat tits blowjob the plumber gets his pipe cleaned at first. Then it grew to where he saw tongues getting exchanged between them. It was an amazing sight and he could only guess what they were feeling, well his mother anyways.

Sam's thoughts where a hurricane of amazed feeling and thoughts. The few he could point out where…well: "By god I had no idea she would kinky amateur blondie teen gf tries out anal sex on cam pornstars and hardcore this good." "Her tongue is amazing, it's tease every part of my mouth." "Luke better be enjoying this…I know I am." When they parted from kissing each other the blushes on their faces was something else to behold.

Luke thought his dick was rock hard before, he swore that if no relief was provided soon that it might break from the strain of all the rushing blood. Apparently his mother noticed as she gripped it with a slight tug, "Let's take this into my room so we can make sure that this big thing gets some attention to." His mother gave his dick some additional encouraging tugs, which he didn't need, to follow the pair upstairs.

As he watched them make their way up each step his eyes were locked on to their asses. Each step made both pairs of cheeks sway and he wished his dick was buried in between either one. When they made it into the bedroom he couldn't take it anymore. After a blue ball prophecy from hell and the picture of both women before him, he needed to have them. Shortly after the door closed, almost two seconds after, he grabbed Sam forcefully and kissed her deeply and with as much passion that he could call up.

His hands glided over her frame, feeling the soft smooth skin under each hard grip to soft caress. Her mind reeled at first with his sudden assault and then she became clay in his hands. He laid her down on the bed and kissed her with even more passionately than he ever did before. She groaned and wormed underneath him feeling his lips press against her.

When he finally pulled away she breathed a deep breath and laughed, "Looks like we aren't the only ones over eager.

Right mom?" Luke felt a pair of hands wrap about his waist before it gripped his swollen dick. He let out an almost painful groan when she did and she seemed to enjoy it, "My word it seems he has so much built up.

Must be painful. Looks like he picked you for the first go." His mother directed his dick against his sister's pussy feeling the moist lips coat the tip of his cock. He wanted to thrust in hard but his mother continued to just brush the tip of his cock against her lips. The torture was almost too much to bare. He needed to fuck her or his mother, but his mom gripped his dick like a vice preventing him from going anywhere. She continued to keep rubbing the tip against Sam's soaked lips and it seemed he wasn't the only one being tortured, "My god I can't take it!

Let him fuck me please I need it!" She seemed to be biting her lower lip stifling moans and screams of her own frustration that mixed with need. His mother seemed to think that the teasing wasn't enough. He felt her lips start to kiss up his back and over his shoulder. He growled and tried to thrust into his sister…but that vice grip tightened making it more painful. He was gripping the bed firmly trying not to fall or get too angry with his mother at the moment. Her lips against his ear caught his attention as she whispered, "Feed cute busty babe slowly fingers her pussy monster with my baby girl's soaked snatch." It almost felt like the teasing was worth it just to hear his own mother say that.

When the last word left her lips he grip left his cock. In one smooth motion he plunged his entire member inside of Sam causing her to scream in surprise and pleasure. He was buried to the hilt and was in heaven with how tight the wet walls gripped all eight inches of him.

Part of him wanted to hold the position for her pussy to get use to his size once more. But the rest of him, mixed with Sam's own need, ignored that thought.

After plunging in he began to thrust into Sam feeling her body buck of his hips with each thrust sent her into a screaming frenzy. At first her hands gripped the bed and then tried to grip his shoulders before settling back to the bed and her own body. Her mind didn't have any words only images and pleasure that came roaring with it. Luke was in his own heaven as he continued to pound and stretch her around his cock. At first he felt her resistance tighten all around him, making it feel incredible.

And as he thrusted into her he felt her body slowly ease around his deck and flex on each arch or thrash of her body. Luke was enjoying seeing her wiggle and jerk her body with each thrust but it made it more difficult to find a rhythm. All he was doing was thrusting into her like a mad man. His mother came around and whisper into Sam's ear, if Luke didn't have the anchor in her wouldn't have heard a word, as the thoughts echoed through her mind.

His mother's voice vibrated through her skull as Luke continued to attack her pussy with his sex, "I bet you enjoy that cock baby girl.

I bet it feels amazing. You need to relax so it can feel better. Thrashing like that will only give you the feeling of fullness that you have right now. You're missing out on so much more." With the way she used her sultry voice in Sam's ear Luke thought he was going to explode right there. Sam tried to hold still but each thrust caused her back to arch harder on him causing more moans as his dick stretch a different part inside of her. Sam's voice rang out in a soft panted whispers, "I can't help it mom, it feels so good." His mother only smiled and answered her response with a deep kiss.

The kiss was intense, and Luke only gauged that from Sam's mind. The sensation of feeling her tongue in Sam's mouth while he slammed his member deep into her sex was incredible. Sam seemed to think so as well. Between the kissing and Luke's thrusting an orgasm ripped through her body forcing Luke to pull out as her muscles clamped up so tight. He watched her as sweat glided off her limbs and pooled on the bed. Her voice was panting and between gulps of air she murmured "Too much…too much." Luke pulled even more from her thoughts, "My god, that was amazing, her tongue working my mouth and Luke just ravishing my cunt…I need a anal penetration in brazilian wazoo hardcore blowjob but I want so much more." Luke felt his own disappointment start to grow before his mother came up to him, "I think she needs a rest and…someone else needs your attention." She wore her smile and Luke felt his dick twitch as she moved in front of him bending over leaning on the bed.

"This position seems familiar, doesn't it?" Luke responded by sliding his cock into the familiar pussy. She moaned and screamed as he started to thrust into her as hard as he did his sister. She bucked her hips back into him and with each thrust he felt her ass bounce off his hips. The pleasure was fantastic. It was tighter than before, and Luke noticed she kept her legs closed tightly together.

The grip was intense and seemed to try and milk his dick. He grabbed her hips thrusting into her with every ounce of muscle he had to push his cock into more familiar depths than this. At one point that wouldn't have been a bad thing but right now, after his contract, he found himself lifting his mother's legs off the ground as he dove his cock in deeper.

In a panic his mother stared at him over her should. "My word, if he keeps this up I will get ripped apart by just his dick." At first Luke was worried that she was being literal but all the panic was more of a state of pleasurable shock. She continued to try and slam her ass back into him, which is impressive since it was in the air, as she smiled. He beamed back at her as he held her legs off the ground and rammed her ass. Inspiration took over as he forced her legs apart and held her more in the air than before.

She put all her weight on the bed as he continued to thrust his member deep inside of her. He wasn't sure if imagination or too much porn that brought on the idea of fucking her wheel barrel style, but he was so grateful for it. In this position he found herself reaching new depths and it was amazing. Holding each leg under his arms gave him leverage that made things more interesting than he thought.

"My god was that what it looked like when he was fucking me? He almost looks savage and powerful. My god I want it again." In the sudden rush of fucking his mother he forgot he was anchored to his sister.

He glanced in her direction watching her rub her clit furiously while her other hand gripped her small breast and pinched her nipple hard, almost painfully from how much she pulled on it. He watched her pussy grow more soaked by the second as he rammed his mother. More inspiration took him as he sent a command her way, "When mom eats you out you while grow wetter by the second till your juices are flowing freely." He detached from her mind as the command slide into place.

He felt himself already reaching for his mother as her gaze remained locked on to his face. The anchor was set and he pushed the next command, "Nothing would make you feel better right now then eating your daughter out and feeling your son's cock ramming you from behind." The commands sank in and he found his mother dragging her daughter's legs towards her. Sam didn't fight but scooted closer to the edge of the bed. The instant her pussy was in line with her mother's face she let out a scream of pleasure as she felt the tongue slide along her slit.

Luke was in awe and la mansion de nacho david mistral arrasa de nuevo en la mansioigrave his mother's thoughts rushing with pure joy at the nectar dripping from her daughter's pussy.

Any line of thought, which could connect with words, was lost between the pendulums of bliss his mother felt. The rushing eight inch cock that continued to bury itself deeper inside of her while her daughter's juices rushed down her throat and chin. Luke kept finding new peaks of heaven that he was reaching as he saw both women withering in sexual bliss and joy in front of him.

He saw another orgasm rush from Sam as he felt, more mentally then physically, his own mother's orgasm peak and erupt. Luke was shocked when he felt the juices spray his stomach and legs. In the rush of thing he had set his mother down and looked at his glistening toned stomach to register what happened. Then his gaze swept back to both woman who where panting and glistening in their own sex that mixed with sweat.

Luke had to take a few breaths before he could speak again, "Mom…I didn't know you were a squirter." His mother's laughter was only interrupted by the need for her to take a breath, "It's been such a long time I didn't think I could any more dear. But, it seems that sex with my two amazing children is enough to get me erupting." She paused to look at Sam, "And if I didn't know myself I could have sworn you almost squirted yourself Samantha." Sam giggled, "With how good you ate me out I thought I had." They all laughed together, it felt rich and beautiful.

A perfect picture of a family and lovers. Luke admired it before his sister's gazed locked on to his dick. "Well…someone isn't done yet." His mother turned to watch him and smiled, "No he isn't" With that she climbed on top of her daughter as the both where on the edge of the bed.

Luke watched eith deep interest as she kissed Sam deeply. She seemed to find Sam's bitter taste as delicious as the sweetness behind it, almost like a drug. Luke watched as both women kissed each other fiercely while rocking their bodies together.

His mother's breasts pressing firmly against his sisters while their pussy's grinded together and glistened even more before him.

He stared like he was in a trance before his mother broke the kiss and smiled over her shoulder at him, "Care to join in handsome?" If there was a wall made of titanium in front of Luke and both of those women he would have bowled straight through it without a care.

He moved between both pairs of legs and tried to figure out which hole to line his cock up with. It was more a difficult decision than he thought. His sister's velvet tight grip or his mother's inviting warmth. The place where he was born or the twin which shared the same place. He decided to pick where he started the night and rammed his cock into his sister's snatch. Her screams where silenced by his mother's lips as he thrusted hard and deep inside of her. He felt her soaked juices collect around his thighs as he kept ramming inside her.

He saw their clits grinded and mashing against each other causing more moans to escape their lips. Luke pulled out and rammed his cock into his mother's waiting pussy and plunging as deep as possible inside of her pulling muffled moans from her mouth in return. He spent the next few minutes ramming one pussy and the next feeling their juices soaked and coat his cock. When he removed his cock from one pussy and plunged it into the other he felt like he was being completely greedy.

Yet the woman who was missing his dick decided to torment the one who did. The hands flying to tease and grips breasts, hair, and even clits.

He couldn't handle much more of it. His voice boomed over both women, "Damn it I'm going to cum!" Neither spoke but his mother's thoughts probed his mind, "He could just stick it between both sets of lips and ram till his load explodes on us both." Not one to take a good suggestion lightly, he pulled out of her pussy sliding it between both sets of lips. He felt their clits rub and caress both sides of his cock in ways he never imagined.

He groaned and moaned feeling their lips massage and stroke him as their clits teased the head. His scream joined theirs and finally echoed through the room in an explosion from them all. Both women climaxed with him, his mother squirting over him and his sister, while he felt Sam convulse underneath them both.

Luke's load shot out of him like a cannon coating both women. There they all remained for an extra moment or two while they collected the air that needed to fill their lungs. When enough time had passed his mother rolled of Sam and he was greeted by the sight of their glistening bodies covered with sweat, their juices, and his cum. He watched as their chests rose and feel trying to collect more air. Admiring the bodies as they laid their Luke was amazed by everything that happened between them.

Sam smiled as she managed to move a bit out of the way, "Don't just stand their till your legs give out, come join us on the bed you dolt." Luke didn't alura jenson in teaching a christian church b to suppress his laughter as he laid down between both women.

The instant his back hit the bed they curled up to his side nuzzling his chest and neck. "That was amazing," even as he said it he felt like it was a very big understatement. Yet both of them just giggled and snuggled him even more. His mother finally lifted her head, resting her chin on his chest, "If we don't take a shower to clean up we will make the bed very awkward place to sleep in." That caused another round of laughter that felt as rich as gold to his ears. Despite the multiple near death experiences, the prophecy told, and the intense training that waited for him to prep him for his nemesis…he didn't care.

He felt truly loved in a way that not many do. Yea he may not be able to show it to the world…but then again he didn't have to. He showed it to these two women, and that was enough. With everything on the rise and women ready to ride his bones, including the two that just started to tease him again, he knew there wasn't going be a chance that his life would be boring anytime soon.

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