First time virgn pussy blood

First time virgn pussy blood
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She was beautiful in every respect and at just 24 years old she had still not yet reached her prime. Tall and slender she walked with grace and ease as she extended her long slim legs before her with a confidence of a woman who knows how desirable she is just at the very sight of her. She had superb breasts not that they were large, in fact they were quite small but they formed perfect symmetrical cones with proud pink nipples.

She was naturally blonde and her hair was closely curled, hanging just below her shoulders.

Her bone features were fine and her skin like porcelain and when she sat in certain lights she resembled an exquisite Pre-Raphaelite painting. Her one weakness was her love of oral. She was expert in giving and she delighted in receiving. Her most extreme orgasms had always been the result of oral stimulation and she would offer herself for hours to receive such feelings. He knew this and shared her love of oral but he particularly loved to give her the pleasures she desired.

They posessed a Burgundy red leather upright chair with deep padding and punched buttons and this was her throne.

In the evenings she would sit there, dressed in light flowing garbs with her long legs wrapped in sheer silk stockings held by the most delicate lace suspenders. He would sit cross legged at her feet, facing her and waiting for her to expose herself.

She would slide herself to the front of the cushion and leaning away into the back of the chair, she would slowly part her legs for him and raise her clothing to reveal her pussy trimmed with silky light hair.

She would then divide her legs so that each fell over the arm of the chair, leaving her before him in full unashamed view. This was all she did for now and she sat there with a look of anticipation and waited for his first touch. He was in no hurry though and he sat there, entranced. Not just at her beauty but also amazed that she had chosen him to be her lover. He studied her pussy before him. Slim light pink lips with the delicate bud still hidden in its sheath.

As he stared he saw those lips begin to take on their life and slightly twitch in expectation of what was to come. He leaned forward to take his face right up to her pussy and he inhaled deeply, absorbing her aroma and enjoying the knowledge of her expectancy. His nose nudged the light hair at the front of her pussy and he stroked it gently by nodding his head before her.

His tongue extended and he gently drew it along the seam between her lips, listening to her intake of breath at this first touch. He savoured this pleasure sex stories very sexy full xxxxxx story 2019 1 haros gave him and gently lapped along angelica haciendo su segundo video porno simpatica trio length, gradually and slightly coaxing them to part for him.

Her juice began to flow onto his tongue and he licked it gratefully down, revelling in her slightly salty taste. When he had moistened his tongue with her juices, he extended the tip and probed her sheath to entice her clit out. The little rosy bulb popped through almost instantly and began to swell to the attention he gave it. He twirled the tip of his tongue around and around in gentle circles as he felt heard her gasp out loud and she exploded in a supreme orgasm.

He lowered his tongue and slid it inside her to feel the throb of her climax as it surged through her body. Now, inside her he began that same twirling motion with his tongue and lapped against her inner walls, draining the mucous juice from her and swallowing it deeply and hungrily.

This he did over and over and over again. She had not moved her posture and was still spread eagled over the chair arms as eventually he slowly eased his tongue back out of her, licked around the rim of her pussy, flicked her clit once more and then sat back on his haunches to admire her again.

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Now her pussy was open and her lips were distended with the surge of blood in them. She was still twitching in the spasms of her sequential orgasms and he watched, fascinated at the inside walls of her throbbing pussy. She grasped her thighs tightly with her hands and held them still sexy bibi has her tight butt slammed for him as she whimpered gently to herself in her pleasure.

Her head was tilted slightly to one side, her mouth open as she breathed heavily and her eyes were upturned in her head in her ecstasy. "More!" she whispered. He couldn't refuse and he leaned forwards into her and began repeating his series of movements again. He knew her. He knew exactly what she needed and he knew how to give this to her.

He also knew in his own mind that he was privileged in the excitement she gave him in return for the pleasure he gave her and in his gratitude he carried on giving her that pleasure again and again until she was satiated. Finally, she touched him.

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He felt her fingers gently caress the back of his head and then circle to the sides of his face which she then tilted upwards to peer into his eyes. "Now!" was all she said in a gentle husky murmur and he raised himself to stand alongside her as she turned her head to his rigid cock.

Her tongue was as expert at giving oral pleasure as she herself was at receiving it. She had discovered how to make it feel soft and yet solid as she circled the tip around the bulbous join of his cock and settled beneath it to softly stroke the thread of skin there.

He marvelled at the pleasure he was feeling from just the tip of her tongue as it stroked backwards and forwards on that skin at the join between the shaft and head of his cock. She then flattened her tongue and curled it upwards at the sides to wrap it around the head of his cock where she used her tongue muscles to rhythmically stroke it.

She gave him his ecstasy in reward for that he had given her and as she felt him tense, ready to explode, she eased her attentions latina teen gina valentina rides a meaty cock gently slid her head forward to take the whole shaft into her mouth, back to the brink of her throat where she 'clucked' her muscles to stroke him again, yet differently.

This change eased the pressure in his balls and these different feelings now allowed him to continue to receive her attentions to his pleasures.

He gasped and looked down to see her lips enclosing his cock shaft and he thrilled as she began to slowly back her head until busty redhead needs a cock hardcore blowjob nestled around the tip before sliding forwards again.

Her warmth enveloped him and he begged her to give him his release as she sank him back into the recesses of her throat and began to 'cluck' on him again.

This time, when she felt his pressure rise, she offered no resistance and she allowed him to explode his essence deep into her mouth and she gulped him down, spurt after spurt as he trembled before her.

When his balls had given their final stream of semen into her she halted her 'cluck' movements and allowed him to slide forwards to rest in her mouth, still on her tongue. This she now used to gently stroke him and to ease any remnants of his cum out of him. Slowly she took him out of her mouth and allowed him to sit back again before her and she leaned forwards to kiss him gently and he tasted himself on her. Again they had given each other such pleasure that they both remained as they were, staring into each others eyes in wonder.

Both had used only their mouths to achieve this and neither had needed any other stimuli from any other part of the body. He crouched before her, silently studying her and knowing her mind was with him yet elsewhere as she recalled both the ecstasy he had given her and also the taste she had experienced from him as result of the sensations she had given in return. She wallowed in these thoughts, and the warmth overcame her as she pondered her expectations of their next experience with each other.