Perfect babe flaunts big booty and gets anal nailed

Perfect babe flaunts big booty and gets anal nailed
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Chapter 1 Sara fumbled with the camera, trying to fix it in such a way that it would not be seen on the inside of the toilet. It had become somewhat of an obsession for her to film other women using the public beach facilities over the past 3 months. It had started when she had walked in on her roommate Victoria after a long night out. They had only just moved in and to celebrate they had gone out for a night on the town.

She had enjoyed getting to know the tall, lightly tanned, blond girl who was to be her new roommate for the next 6 months. Sara couldn't help but compare herself to Victoria, where Victoria was tall Sara was average, where she was tanned, Sara was pale white and more likely to burn than tan, and Victoria with her long blond hair gave off an inviting party vibe while Sara was generally quiet her brunet hair never standing out in a crowed.

She had never really liked clubs preferring to stay home and watch movies or play games, and she had always hated guys hitting on her.

She wasn't a lesbian but certainly bi sexual and the idea of random guys at bars and clubs was just a turn off for Sara. Despite all this she did have a good time out but after fun few hours in the local club and knowing she had work the next day Sara went home early leaving her new friend out to party.

Victoria had opted to stay so she might get the chance to meet some of the local beach boys. A little after 2am she woke to the loud sounds of someone knocking over something in the kitchen.

Getting up out of bed in her long shirt which was more like a dress Sara opened her door just a crack suspicious of robbers and not wanting to be seen. What she saw was Victoria squatting with her legs open wide over the sink, she had taken off her skirt but her bright pink panties could be distinctly seen as they stood out against Victoria's tanned skin.

Before Sara could say a word a small dark patch began forming on Victoria's panties. The dark patch began to grow until a heavy dribble was falling from the fabric into the sink.

Taken aback by what she was seeing Sara slid back behind the door she had opened. Her heart began racing and she found her hand lightly rubbing her vagina through her pj shirt. The thought of seeing her new friend in such a vulnerable position had suddenly appeared as a thrilling and arousing as anything she had ever seen on the internet.

Peering through the slightly opened door she watched as the dribbles became a steady stream, splattering and falling into the sink with a few drops hitting the bench around it. Sara's hand began rubbing harder and faster as she began to imagine what it would be like to be under the stream. The thought of being so submissive and so deprived that she would have to drink someone else's urine, becoming so strong that put on these sexy clothes before i fuck your ass was having trouble keeping quiet as she softly whimpered as two lusty teen girlfriends enjoyed sharing cock and hot cum hand began to really work her mound with experience that only came from years of masturbating at home over socializing.

Just as Sara felt on the brink of climaxing, her hand rubbing furiously as she bit into her shirt to stop herself from being too loud. Victoria abruptly stopped. Her bladder now empty she drunkenly stumbled off the kitchen counter. Not taking much care to avoid dripping onto the bench or floor, she stumbled towards her room turning off the kitchen light as she entered the hallway.

With a quiet sigh of disappointment Sara moved to make sure that she would not be seen through the crack in her door. As Victoria stumbled past Sara's room she began to undress throwing her already removed skirt into the washing hamper in the hall. Followed by her shirt, lacy pink bra and finally her soaking pink panties. Slowly and quietly peeking through her door Sara saw her now naked roommate shamble into her room and close the door with a loud bang.

Frustrated out of her mind by the lack of release, and emboldened by her curiosity or maybe the fact she had found her new fantasy of drinking Victoria's piss so arousing. Sara slowly opened her door and quietly crept towards the laundry hamper, in the dark it was hard to tell which clothes were what, but after a few seconds of shuffling clothes around she touched on something damp.

Quickly returning to her room Sara closed her door and sat on her bed with the wet panties. Taking a deep breath of the fumes coming from the panties she began masturbating with her other hand. The smell coming from them was intoxicating, filling her mind and letting her hand run its will on her cunt. She began picking up the pace working herself up to a climax while sniffing the smell of her new friends urine from the soaking panties. Stealing herself for a moment to fulfill her curiosity she placed the crotch of the panties in her mouth and sucked.

The taste was somewhat sour, and musky and a little bit familiar. But despite the unpleasantness of the taste, she needed more. The foulness only adding to her arousal. Imagining herself bound and helpless, humiliated and forced to suck the golden liquid from her friend's pussy. Picking up the pace she sucked in more, some dribbling out of her mouth and down her chin as she struggled to retain the sickly-sweet liquid without the use of her hands, which were both working furiously on her cunt at this point.

Her body convulsed in a short spasm as she reached the peak of her climax. Taking the panties in her hand and showing a bit more daring that she had not thought herself capable of. Sara began to rub the wet fabric on her slit. The new sensation bringing new waves of pleasure to her body as to convulsed into an even stronger orgasm. She continued this for hours working herself up to ever increasing pleasure while fantasizing about being submissive to other women in ways that she had never before thought about.

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Chapter 2 The next morning, she awoke to the sun streaming into her window hitting her half naked form and illuminating the pink object of last night's fun still clutched in her hand. Looking at the clock she realized that she only had 30 minutes to be at work. Shoving the now dry pink panties under her pillow she got dressed and dashed out the door to work. The day went slowly, as she remembered the night before.

The mere thought of what she had done sent shivers of excitement through her body. Looking down between her legs she noticed a damp patch growing on her jeans as she re-lived the night through her day dreaming.

Slowly rubbing the spot between her legs she bit her lip. Stifling a light whimper she rubbed harder and faster building her climax, just as she could feel herself on the brink of ecstasy she realized what she was doing. Masturbating in her cubical in the office was a good way to lose her job. Shocked with how much she had lost control of herself Sara rushed off to the bathroom.

As soon as the cubical doors were closed she began working herself up again taking her jeans off and pulling her slightly soaked panties down to gain better access. The dirty walls and floor of the bathroom only adding to her excitement. As she began rubbing harder. The sounds of the other cubicles being used fueling her imagination as the sound of piss dribbling into the toilets filled her mind. The sensations between her legs and her growing fantasy building so much her legs began to quiver and her body shake as she lost control of herself.

Her bladder began emptying itself violently over her hand as she shook with pleasure. Taking her wet hand Sara began licking it off as she finished emptying herself into the toilet. And so, her days continued in this fashion exploring her new fetish with zeal she spent her nights with her roommates stolen panties and her days masturbating in the ladies bathroom.

Even becoming so bold as to sneak in her coffee cup from her desk to fill it up with her own sweet tasting urine in her bathroom breaks. Her co-workers never suspected what she was doing, and although Victoria had once commented on the disappearance of her panties, she concluded she had been too drunk to remember what happened to them, for all she knew she might of thrown them at some boy to play a joke or casual teen sex ananta shakti teeny picked up and fucked get attention.

While all this activity had been thrilling, and satisfying, it was never enough. She needed more, and deep down Sara yearned to be used and abused as someone's toilet. The idea of the humiliation alone often enough to send her to the bathroom to work out her throbbing pussy. It was through this realization that she had come up with the idea of hiding a camera in the local beaches bathroom. She concluded that every weekend she would set out early on the Saturday morning to set up her devious hobby, filming until Sunday evening just before the toilet closed.

In truth it was not difficult to hide a camera in this bathroom the seat in question was just a furbished hole leading into a pit that collected the waste and was emptied every Monday by the local city council. This had proven to be a rather fruitful endeavor as over the past few months she had recorded thousands of women using the facility and had spent many hours in her room pleasuring herself to the footage.

Chapter 3 This weekend was like many others in the past months, she had gotten up early on the excuse of a morning jog. Made her way to the restroom to fix her camera in the toilet as she had many other times.

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Briefly indulging herself for a moment before getting to work on the camera, she knelt in front of the toilet.

Taking deep breaths of the putrid smell she had come to associate with pleasure she began rubbing herself and letting her mind run over her usual fantasies of debasement and humiliation. This continued on for a short time before she shuddered and decided to get back to work. Fumbling with the camera she began the task of fixing it to the bottom lip of the seat. Unbeknownst to her an intruder had opened the unlocked door quietly as she masturbated. A click and a sharp pain in the back of Sara's head soon followed.

Darkness encased her as she lost consciousness, the last thing she saw a red-haired woman standing over her. Struggling to move Sara slowly regained her consciousness. Her hands were tied behind her back, with a small chain linking them to her now bound ankles, her mouth held open with a large ring gag that made her jaw ache, her brown hair painfully in a tight ponytail, and her clothe in a neat pile in front of her.

As the dizziness receded she realized that she was bound naked on the cubical floor. Terror seized her as she gathered her bearings, terror of rape and abuse flashed inside her mind and a sleek wetness began to form between her legs as she felt her inner desires for these things leaping forward in her mind. Looking up beyond her clothes she saw the red-haired girl. "Ah you're awake you pervert." She said as she bent down to pick up Sara's wallet.

Reading the wallets contents, she continued "I know who you are now Sara, and I know you have been the one filming women using the bathroom. I noticed your camera a few weeks ago and I've been watching the comings and goings of this bathroom ever since. You are the only one who has come before the camera is installed and after the you have been camera the camera is gone.

Now that I've caught you I'm going to make you pay for spying on me you sick pig." Sara could only moan loudly through her gag.

The wind rushed out of her as a kick landed squarely between her ribs, her small bare b-cup breasts jiggling slightly from the impact of the blow. "It would be wise not to cause attention to yourself right now." Said the Red haired girl, "here is how its going to work.

You are my property now, and you will do exactly small tit brunette cutie rides cripple in reverse cowgirl position I say or I will expose you as the sick fuck you are, understand?" Sara could only nod agreement, knowing full well that if this was to come out she would be put in prison and her life would be over as far as her friends and family were concerned.

Through all that she couldn't help but feel slightly turned on at the prospect of being owned by someone to be at their disposal and whim. "My name is Evelyn, but from now on you shall call me mistress." Evelyn said in a harsh and commanding tone that brokered no disagreement from Sara who nodded vigorously.

Opening her backpack Evelyn pulled out a rather large vibrator, pulling Sara up to kneel with her hands still bound to her ankles Evelyn roughly inserted the vibrator into Sara's now wet cunt, attaching it to a belt around Sara's thigh to make sure it didn't fall out. "Since you seem to enjoy watching women relieve themselves I thought a perverted slave like you might enjoy a weekend cleaning up after them." Said Evelyn as she picked up Sara's clothes and dropped them unceremoniously into the hole.

As the clothes disappeared into the black cesspit below with a soft thud, Sara felt all hope of escape failing as she slowly came to understand the gravity of what was happening. She was trapped, if she called out for help the embarrassment alone would kill her, not to mention the possible charges the police would land on her, she would certainly lose her job, and she even wondered what her roommate would do if she knew what a pervert she was Victoria would not be happy.

"So I'm going to release your gag and lower you into the pit under the toilet, my slave. Of course your hands, and legs will still be bound. But I expect this hole to be clean on Monday when the council comes to empty it.

Who knows what will happen if it is gracious gorgeous teen oral sex session pornstar and hardcore, I suppose there's always a chance you might drown in it if you don't do a sufficient job of cleaning.

After all this week is set to be the busiest of the summer with all the college students on break, I'm sure you will have your work cut out for you. And if you think for one second that yelling for help down there will save you, you would be wrong. If you think I'm angry at you imagine how pissed off all the other women would be if the learned about you." Evelyn exclaimed with a laugh at her pun.

Bending over Evelyn reached to the vibrator and turned it on, which elicited a soft moan from Sara. It was set strong enough to cause torment to the poor girl but not strong enough to actually offer any release. Removing the gag however brought forward some tears and soft pleas of mercy from Evelyn's new slave. "If you can't keep quiet I'm sure I could always put the gag back on you, I'm sure that will help you stay comfortable." Evelyn chided to her captive.

Sara stifled her tears and began to resign herself to her situation.

The last thing Evelyn removed was the chain between Sara's hands and ankles, this allowed Sara to stretch out a little but still kept her firmly bound in cuffs with her hands behind her back and her legs cuffed together at her feet. Helping Sara up Evelyn began the task of lowering her slave into the toilet, her legs going in first careful not to knock the vibrator out, Sara was sat on the edge with her legs in the hole.

With one last look at her new owner Sara was roughly pushed into the hole, falling a short distance into the slimy inside of the pit, without her hands to catch her fall she fell into the already small puddle of brown and golden liquid that had formed the bottom sexy amber gets plowed in the dungeon the pit.

"haha looks like you have your work cut out for you already slave." Evelyn called from up above while fiddling with Sara's camera turning it down into the hole to film her slave. Without extreme anal training and group bondage xxx kylie quinn is one of if not the most use of a torch it would be near impossible to see Sara even with her pale white skin, her brown hair seemed to meld into the background even with the light.

But after adjusting her eyes to the darkness of the hole she peered in to see her slave turning herself upright, covered in the foul muck that had covered the pits floor.

Satisfied that her slave would not be discovered if she did not alert those using the toilet Evelyn commanded her to sit up so that she could help clean her off before leaving. Sitting up straight Sara looked up at her captor, her eyes glistening with tears as she wondered what her life had come to. The foulness of the pit seeping into her very being as blackness ensued the pit from above as Evelyn sat down. A few drops began to fall down onto Sara.

With no way to escape the downpour and wishing to be free of the muck that now covered her front body from her knees to her neck Sara leaned towards the shower that fell from the small crack of light from between the redheads legs.

Urine began to spray heavily from Evelyn's cunt dripping from her red pubes onto her slave below. Sara began to use the deluge to wash herself off and despite the fear and concern at how quickly she had lost her life to this woman she was slowly becoming aroused by her situation she even began to drink some of it. The taste of it was strong and musty almost like Victoria's which Sara had grown to love.

Despite the humiliation she felt, deep down Sara had never been so turned on in her life, her current situation was all she had ever dreamed of and more and all she had to do was submit to it.

She spluttered spilling the precious liquid as she tried to swallow, as a moan escaped her even though the vibrator was not strong enough to cause and release she had indeed felt some from the thought of submitting to this evil woman. Suddenly the stream stopped and despite herself Sara felt a little disappointed, the vibrator an unbearable reminder of how aroused she was. "That's all for now slave. I'll be back to get you on Sunday evening, be good until then and I might even reward you." Evelyn said as she got up and began to leave.

Opening the door of the cubical she was greeted by the sun now almost fully risen, and the sight of the first cars pulling up to the car park. Surfboards and teenagers leaving the cars. A blond girl in her 20's came running from one of the cars and asked her which way the women's toilet was.

Evelyn replied pointing to the small shack that held her captive. The girl ran off towards the bathroom obviously busting from a long trip from her campus to the beach. With a wicked smile Evelyn walked off to her own car with Sara's wallet in her backpack and using the perverts own camera to film the coming weekend left a tingle in her crotch that left her almost wishing her filthy slave was with her then to satisfy her needs.

It was going to be a long weakened for her new slave and she had a lot of work to do to make sure that no one questioned her missing