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Brunette latina blowjob big schlong sucking oral big dick and teen
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I was aware that boys and girls were different, but in the early 1950's, there wasn't that much information readily available to teenagers. When I was sixteen, I began dating Cathy who was just a few months younger than I.

We were in the same algebra class trying to understand Mrs. Thomas' version of higher math. We started seeing each other in order to study for a test, but by the time we had taken the test, we started making excuses to get together after school to study. It was early in October when I asked Cathy for our first date. We went to see April Love starring Pat Boone.

Afterwards we had a hamburger and malt at Ruth's cafe then walked slowly to Cathy's house. Before I left her at the door, I asked if she would like to go out again sometime.

She smiled her yes then disappeared through the door. As the weeks went by we studied together every afternoon and went out nearly every Saturday night. By November, fetish slave webcam and kiss feet sexy young girls alexa nova and kendall woods take a were madly in love, and began to go further than just a goodnight kiss at the door.

Although it was not bitterly cold where we lived, it was too cold to spend much time outside after a movie.

I couldn't afford the gasoline that it took to keep the car warm for long periods necking, so we tried to come up with ways to spend private times together other than in the car after movies. We discovered that the school provided an ideal solution. After the last class, everyone disappeared quickly leaving the schoolrooms deserted. Cathy and I discovered that the janitor stuck to a regular schedule, leaving the photo lab to the last.

Since the dark room necessarily had a lock on the door, it provided the security and privacy we wanted. The best part was the old leather couch where students sat while waiting for the photo chemicals to do their work. We simply locked the door and set the developer timer to warn us thirty minutes before the janitor was scheduled to come by. There was an exit to the outside adjacent to the photo lab, so we could slip out unnoticed.

We spent two or three afternoons a week, sometimes actually doing homework but mostly studying each other. In the beginning, I 'accidentally' bumped her breasts from time to time watching for her reaction.

Although there was no reaction, neither was there much encouragement. As the weeks went by, I got more aggressive, and began feeling her breasts for real. Cathy resisted in the beginning, but I believed it was only token resistance for appearance sake.

By early December, I was getting so frustrated that often, I had to go home and seek relief for my aching cock. I decided that either we had to go further, or I had to break off the study sessions. One afternoon while we were in a passionate clinch, I slipped my hand under Cathy's blouse and up her back to the clasp of her bra.

At first she stiffened, but then relaxed. I ran my fingers over the outline of her bra and the shoulder straps. I tried to unhook the clasp, but couldn't manage it with one hand, and there wasn't enough room in the blouse for both hands. After a while, I tired of playing with the clasp and began working my hand around to her tummy. I stroked her soft skin, slowly working my way upward to her bra.

I gently cupped her breast, then explored upward so that I had my hand on her chest above her breasts. Cathy was moaning softly, pressing her hips against my painfully swollen cock. With this encouragement, I began unbuttoning her blouse from the bottom up.

She didn't notice what I had done until I had both hands on her breasts with her blouse wide open. At first, she pulled the blouse closed over my hands, but when I began kissing her she relaxed.

We had left the red lights on which provided enough light to see but wasn't brilliantly lighted. After a few minutes, I began trying to slip my fingers under her bra from the top, but she stopped me.

Just when I was getting the nerve to try again, the alarm rang. Cathy jumped as if she had been shot, and began buttoning up. Once again I had to hurry home for relief! The next day during algebra class I was aware of Cathy eva lovia fucked by her ex bf during highschool reunion pornstars hardcore me. After class, she took my hand as we walked to the cafeteria. When I asked her about the after school study, she said that she had to help her mother right after school, but tomorrow would be fine.

I was concerned that she might be upset about the events of the previous day, but her squeeze of my hand seemed to say it was OK.

The next afternoon, we met in the lab immediately falling into a passionate embrace. Within minutes, we were laying on the couch snuggling together. "I'd like to feel your breasts," I said after summoning up my courage. "What do you think you have been doing for the last several weeks?" Cathy responded after a quick breath. "I mean I want to feel them bare," I said with a pounding heart.

Cathy looked at me for several seconds, then took my hand and guided it into the top of her blouse. I pressed downward, slipping my fingers under her bra and inching my way down to her nipple. I played with her breast and nipple for several minutes, marveling at the delicate smoothness and the strange donut like ring under the surface.

I was especially fascinated with her firm little nipple. After ten or fifteen minutes, which seemed like only two or three, I reluctantly removed my hand. "Did you like it?" she asked. "Oh Cathy, it was fantastic," I murmured.

"I'd really like to see them too." Cathy sat motionlessly for several seconds before saying that she really wasn't ready just yet.

She must have sensed my keen disappointment, because she kissed me for a long lingering time. "They felt so soft and smooth," I said when we finally broke. "Are they always soft?" Cathy nodded with a look of puzzlement in her eyes. "Why do you ask?" "Just curious, when I get excited about you, I get hard." Her puzzled expression deepened. "Would you like to feel it?" I whispered. Cathy hesitated for a moment then nodded. I lay back on the couch loosening my belt and unsnapping my jeans.

Carefully I took her hand and slipped it under the band of my shorts. With my huge erection she immediately encountered the tip. With a little gasp, she looked at me with a question mark on her face. "It's huge," she said incredulously. "Is it always that big?" "It is whenever I am thinking about you. That is why I asked if your breasts were always so soft and smooth.

When I get excited about you, my cock gets big, but most of the time it is soft and much smaller." I explained. She began to run her hand down the length of my manhood, finally, reaching my balls. I told her to be careful, because they were real tender. Gently she explored and cuddled them, then worked her way back up to the tip. She expressed amazement that the tip could be so soft on the surface, but hard just beneath.

Once again the alarm rang, bringing a reluctant end to our explorations. As we got our clothes into acceptable shape for public, I must have made a little face as I adjusted the most painful cock I had ever experienced.

When Cathy asked if something was wrong, I kind of shrugged then told her that boys started to hurt if they stayed hard for a long time. "Can you do anything about it?" she asked innocently I didn't know what to say, so didn't answer for some time.

Cathy looked at me with a question mark on her face for several seconds before the light dawned on her. "Oh, you don't want to talk about it, right?" I nodded shyly, as we turned the lights out and slipped out of the lab.

The next afternoon I could hardly wait to get to the photo lab. As soon as the door was closed and the alarm set, we fell onto the couch. In an instant, I had unbuttoned her blouse. Meeting with no resistance, I decided to go further. As I began slipping the blouse off her shoulders, Cathy watched intently. "Promise me you won't try to go on when I say stop," she said with a pleading note in her voice.

I nodded as I kissed her, pulling her blouse off her arms. Cathy snuggled close as I explored her bare back. I ran my hands up the straps, and slowly slid them off her shoulders and down her arms. Pulling back, I could see that the tops of the cups were loose enough that I might be able to get them off her breasts. Gently I tugged the straps down her arms, sucking in my breath in an involuntary gasp as they completely exposed both breasts.

I sat there for several seconds drinking in the beauty of this symbol of womanhood. I had never seen bare breasts, and the sight of the smooth white skin utterly took my breath. Cathy sat perfectly still, watching my face intently. "Do you like them?" she whispered.

Nodding, I reached out to touch them . Cathy shuddered slightly then leaned against the back of the couch. I began massaging both breasts, feeling the silky smooth skin, and the remarkable firmness beneath the surface. Not knowing how to proceed I began kissing her neck, working my way down to her breasts. With my kisses between her breasts, I could feel the softness on both cheeks.

Gently I worked my kisses over to one of her nipples and began sucking. Cathy trembled as she cradled my head, pressing it against her symbol of femininity. As I sucked one breast while massaging the other, we gradually slid down until we were laying full length on the couch. I kept on sucking and cuddling hoping nothing would bring this to an end. By now my cock was as rigid as a steel poker. In its rapid growth it was somewhat constricted, causing some considerable degree of discomfort.

Finally I had to make some extra small escort stretched by a huge cock. As I reached down to adjust it into a more comfortable position, Cathy asked what I was doing.

I stopped sucking and pulled back looking into her face. "Are you sure you want to know?" I asked. "I'm laying here bare from the waist up. What do you think you are hiding from me?" replied Cathy with a bit of sarcasm in her voice. "I have to give my thing some more space," I explained. "Is that what you call it, a thing?" "Well, that's not what we usually call it," I replied with a noncommittal shrug.

"What do you call it attractive hottie bonks in a non stop manner she asked with a teasing look. "Well, lots of things, different things for different occasions." "Tell me," she teased. "Cock, prick, tool, bone, hard on, pecker, that covers it most of the time." "OK, now tell me what you do to make it stop hurting after its been hard for a long time." I sat there for a prolonged moment then said quietly.

"I jack off." "What?" she said with a look of total puzzlement. "Well, I make it come." "I don't understand what you are telling me." She said with a puzzled voice. "Well, it's kind of hard to explain," I murmured. "Try," she urged. "If I do, then I get to ask you all the questions I have ever wanted to know about girls," I bargained. "OK by me," she urged.

I explained briefly about the white stuff that comes out of my pecker when I rubbed it for a while. "So that's the stuff that makes me pregnant," she observed. "I'm sure it is," I replied. "So we got to be careful." Cathy nodded solemnly. "How much comes out?" "About a tablespoon full I guess, I never measured it, but it is enough to make a handkerchief pretty sticky." Cathy sat quietly for a few moments. "Would you show me?" she urged. "Are you sure?" I asked.

In response, Cathy reached for my belt, and tugged it loose. I stood as the belt came loose, and slid my pants down to my knees. I still had my shorts on, but my bulging cock was not to be restrained by such a flimsy garment.

Cathy stared wide-eyed at my bulging shorts. Hesitantly she reached out and touched my cock through the shorts. Carefully, she pulled the band forward, further and further until at last it cleared my throbbing member. I helped her by sliding them to my knees as I sat down on the edge of the couch holding my breath in anticipation. Cathy stood open-mouthed staring at my huge erection. After what seemed like an eternity, she reached over and cradled the thing in her warm hand, trying to encircle it but not able to get her fingers entirely around the girth.

"Do you want to make it come?" I asked. "What do I son fuckin mom after work xstory she whispered in response.

I told her to just move her hand back and forth gently. I had grabbed a paper towel holding it in readiness. Even though Cathy moved her hand awkwardly, the feeling was incredible. I knew I would come in a few short seconds, but I was almost dizzy with anticipation. A few times her fingers brushed my belly sending waves of shuddering pleasure pulsing through my body. Suddenly, white-hot fluid shot out of the tip, spurting over the towel and onto the floor.

Cathy stared open mouthed as my cock quivered hot girlfriend sucks and rims her boyfriend ass jerked in its spasms. Wow, wow!" was all she could say. I fell back against the back of the couch, breathing hard.

Cathy had continued to hold my tool as she watched my orgasm. Presently, she realized that it had lost some of its rock hard stiffness. "How fast will it get little?" she asked wide eyed. "Usually pretty fast, but with you holding on, it may not go down very much." Cathy let go as she contemplated what we had just done. My cock subsided to about 60% of its teen beauty sucks dong big dick and blowjob size, and began to droop a bit.

With my passion somewhat subdued, I began to have guilt feelings about what we had just done. Apparently Cathy sensed my changing mood.

"What's wrong?" Not wanting to admit my feelings, I said that it was about time for the alarm, and we probably better get dressed. Cathy sat quietly for several seconds. "Are you bigger than most boys?" "Well, I haven't seen other boys when they are hard, but I've heard that about six inches is average and I am nearly seven inches, so I'm probably some bigger than average.

Why do you ask?" "Well, I know where it is supposed to go, and I just can't imagine how it could fit in there!" she responded with a quivering voice. I stood up taking her hands pulling her to me. Gently, I kissed her, conscious of her breasts against my chest. As she reached for her bra, I asked if I could watch her put it on. She smiled shyly and nodded. I watched intently as she slipped her arms through the straps.

I was especially curious how she was able to manage the hooks in the back, but she made it look easy. As she put her blouse on, I pulled up my shorts, and adjusted my cock to a comfortable position. Cathy watched, commenting about wondering what boys did with their thing.

Soon we were both dressed and ready to clear out before the janitor arrived. As we were about to leave, Cathy hugged me turning her face up for a kiss. I kissed her as tenderly as I could then led her out the door. The next morning I hurried to school hoping to see Cathy before our first class.

She was waiting at our regular place. "How do you feel?" she asked. "OK," I replied, "How about you?" We made small talk for a while waiting for the first bell rang. "Want to study tonight?" Cathy nodded with a little smile, and hurried off to class. It seemed as if every hour of the day was a day in itself.

At last, we were alone in the photo lab. I kissed Cathy with as much intensity as I could manage and she responded with similar enthusiasm. I had my amateur stockings sex ivy impresses with her ample breasts and ass on her breasts while she was grinding her hips into my cock. In seconds, our breath was coming in fast shallow bursts. "I want to love you so much," I whispered in a husky voice. Cathy responded by pressing more tightly to my cock and kissing me again.

She was wearing a sweater, so I simply pulled it off over her head, tossing it aside on the couch. Instantly, I began fumbling with her bra. After what seemed an eternity I got it off and tossed it onto the couch with her sweater. Once again I stared at her magnificent jutting breasts before reaching to stroke them. Cathy snuggled against me pressing her tummy against my erect cock.

I began running my hands over her firm bottom, pulling her closer and closer. Soon her breath was coming in short gasps. I pushed her onto the couch and lay beside her, pulling her close. After a several minutes of playing with her breasts, kissing and sucking them, I had an idea.

Standing on my knees, I maneuvered her onto her back in the center of the couch. Positioning myself between her legs, I pushed her skirt up to her waist. I could see her pink panties barely covered by her pearl white slip. Even though I was fully dressed, I lowered myself over her and pressed my cock where I thought it should go. I began thrusting into her bottom, trying to simulate what I imagined making love to her would be like.

Cathy responded by pressing her bottom up against me, holding me tightly in her arms. We continued like this for several minutes, until it seemed as if we had to do something more. I stopped and rolled off panting like an exhausted little puppy. We cuddled for a few more minutes then I began to stroke her thighs, running my hands up higher and higher. When I reached her panties Cathy put her hand on mine. "Please don't try to go all the way." I kissed her gently and assured her I wouldn't go any further than she wanted to.

Once again I began stroking her thighs, moving cautiously upward. As I slipped my fingers under the leg band, Cathy shifted slightly, rolling her hips upward. Gently, I probed this most sacred area and felt busty milf alexis fawx fucked by stepson fingers slip into a warm slick tunnel.

Cathy stiffened momentarily. "Please be careful, you are inside me." Gently and tenderly, I explored this epitome of femininity. Not understanding much about female anatomy, I simply moved my fingers around, probing and, getting acquainted with this new and wonderful mystery. Her panties were offering significant limitations to my explorations, so I reached up to the waistband, tugging them downward.

Cathy stiffened, grabbing my hands pushing them away. "You promised you would stop!" she said firmly. "I just want to see what you look like, you got to see me," I argued. "OK, but promise you won't try to put your thing in me." I agreed and once again began fumbling with her panties. Mature housewives and chubby grandmother playing with dildos later, they were clear of her legs and her skirt and slip were up around her waist, exposing her tummy and bottom to my hungry gaze.

I sat there in wonder! At first all I could see was what appeared to be a mass of hair. Gently, I pressed her legs further apart so I could get a clear view of her sex. What a wonder! Instead of a simple smooth bottom with a slit like my baby sister had, there were little pink lips and all kinds of intricate folds. Once again I began to probe her bottom. Without the interference of her panties, my finger slipped into her easily sliding to the full depth. Cathy shuddered, lifting her hips to meet my invasion.

I probed and stroked for several minutes marveling at this astonishing part of a female that I had never seen before. Not knowing exactly what to do next I began sliding my fingers up and down this amazing object. Suddenly, Cathy grabbed my hand and held it in one place at the top of her opening. "Right there, oh it feels so good." I began to probe, watching her in amazement as her bottom jerked and twitched when I hit a certain spot. After several minutes, she asked me to stop. "Am I hurting you?" I asked urgently.

"No, it just feels so good that I am about to ask you to put your thing in, and I am afraid I will get pregnant." Reluctantly I withdrew, and she put her panties back on. "If you take your pants off, I will help you not to hurt if you like," she suggested.

Cathy giggled as I tore my pants off and got out of my shorts. This time, I took them completely off instead of just pushing them down.

Cathy asked me to stand up so she could see what I looked like. "Would you take your shirt off? I'd like to see you naked," she suggested. Once again I nearly tore my clothes to shreds getting them off.

Cathy grasped my purple hot cock and began stroking. Shortly it began jerking and pulsing, spurting white stuff all over.

This time some of it splashed onto her hands, causing it to feel slick and warm on my cock. I had to grab her hand and hold it still to keep the pleasure from turning into pain. After the sensation subsided I showed her how to milk the last of the stuff out of my cock. "What a mysterious tool!" Cathy observed. "Mysterious? What about you?" I observed. Once again, we hurried to dress and clean up any signs of our having been there.

For the next two weeks, we spent three evenings a week exploring each other's bodies, pushing closer and closer to what we knew would ultimately happen. The third week of December, Cathy stopped me when I tried to run my hands under her skirt. "Not today," she whispered with a pleading look.

"Why not?" I asked. Cathy sat silently for several seconds before answering in an embarrassed voice. "I'm having my period, and I don't want you to see it." Something about the way she said it told me not to push the point. "How long will this last?" She explained that by next Monday, we could play around again.

Cathy willingly helped me not to hurt three times that week. By now I was getting used to the feeling of her hand on my cock so I didn't come the instant she touched me. The following Monday we played around for about an hour then decided it was time to help me out before we left. By now we were fairly comfortable being naked in front of each other.

For some reason I just couldn't come, and my cock started getting a little sore from the rubbing. Cathy said we needed some Vaseline to put on it to make it slick. I replied that I thought I knew a way to make it slick. With that, I pushed her back on the couch and maneuvered into a position to put my cock into her pussy. Cathy started to object, but I told her I would only put it in far enough to get it slick. As she opened her legs, I attempted to slip my tool into her dripping wet hard ass fucking with a newbie erin on a comfy couch pornstars big tits. The instant I xrihana best play sex vidio her, Cathy shrank back saying it hurt.

I lay still for a moment but she continued to insist that it hurt, and I should take it out. By now, her dewy wetness was all over the tip of my cock, and the increased excitement of actually touching her pussy with my cock and the wetness combined to have me come after only a few more strokes.

We reluctantly cleaned up and left the photo lab, slipping out the side door. As we walked toward Cathy's house, we made small talk, avoiding what we really wanted to say. "Cathy, I love you so much, I want to show you how much if you will let me." Cathy was silent for several minutes. "I love you too, and I want to do it with you, but I don't want to get pregnant." "I have some rubbers, so we should be able to do it without you getting pregnant.

"I don't want to do it the first time in that smelly old lab," she replied. "And I don't want to do it in a car, it seems kind of, well just coarse." "Where do you think we could do it?" I asked.

"I don't know, let's think about it and see what we can come up with." The next morning in school, Cathy raced up to our meeting place with a big smile on her face. "Guess what?" Before I could say a word, she rushed on to explain that her parents were going to spend the week between Christmas and New Year's Day at a company retreat in Las Vegas, Nevada. They were flying out early the morning of December 27, and wouldn't be back until mid afternoon Dec. 31.

Her little brother was going to stay with Grandpa and Grandma, but they wanted Cathy to take care of the dog and water the plant, so she would have to come by the house every morning and night. She had convinced her parents that it would be simpler for her to just spend the night in her own bed so Grandpa wouldn't have to drive her over every morning and night and wait for her to walk the dogs. Although Christmas always came slowly, this one seemed to come especially slow.

I took my present over to her house on Christmas Eve, but there was so much family around that we didn't have a chance to be alone. Her parents greeted me warmly, having come to expect me to stop by on weekends to talk.

Cathy gave me a package telling me not to open it until I was alone in my room. I blushed, and told her I would come by after Christmas dinner the next day. When I got home, I hurried to my room i caught my brother masturbating preview by amedee vause open my present.

I could tell it was a book, but had no idea what it could be. As I pulled the wrapping off the book, I smiled with anticipation. It was a library book telling how to prepare for married sex. Cathy had slipped a note inside the front cover saying that she really wasn't hinting about getting married, but thought we might need some information. That afternoon and evening I devoured the book with mounting excitement.

The next day I hurried over to see Cathy's presents, and see if we could have any private time together. Finally we told everyone we were going to a movie and hurried outside. As soon as we were out of sight of the house I pulled onto a side street.

In an instant Cathy was in my arms locked in a frantic embrace. I was at a fever pitch from reading the book and looking at the pictures, but mostly in anticipation of tomorrow night. "Have you looked at my Christmas present?" she asked. I nodded then asked if she had read the book. She explained that she hadn't read my book but had another one that she checked out for herself.

We spent the evening sharing the ideas we had learned. Before I took her home Cathy helped me not to hurt. As she finished she observed. "Next time, I won't have to use my hand!" We had agreed that I would come by her house about six the next evening.

If her Grandfather's car were there I would walk on by and come back after he had left. The next afternoon I told my parents I was going out for the evening and slipped out the door. I had hidden a bag in my car earlier in the day, so just put on my coat and left.

As luck would have it, I saw a car back out of the driveway as I was turning the corner two blocks away. Luckily, her grandfather went the opposite direction so he couldn't see my car coming down the street. As we previously planned, I drove on past her house, parking about a block away on a side street. I slipped down the alley and tapped on the back door. Cathy opened the door, and after a quick glance around I stepped in closing the door quietly. In an instant Cathy was in my arms as I smothered her with my kisses.

I was pulling my coat off trying not to break the kiss. "Let's not go too fast, OK?" Cathy whispered in my ear. With great reluctance Fit blonde teen alyssa branch wants bfs cock babes stepped back looking at her with anticipation. Cathy had prepared a snack for us, but I really wasn't hungry, at least not for food.

Cathy remained resolute insisting that we go slow and enjoy the evening. At last we had finished the snack Cathy had prepared and moved into the living room.

Once again I took Cathy in my arms and smothered her with my kisses. My hands were all over her, tugging at her blouse. This time she offered no resistance, responding by snuggling against my chest. After several minutes of cuddling on the divan, Cathy took my hands. "Would you like to see my room?" I jumped up following her to her room on the second floor. Quietly she opened the door revealing a beautifully decorated room.

I was awe stricken at the sheer beauty of the room. The double bed stood under a canopy, draped with sheer pink curtains. I walked into Cathy's room glancing around at the girl things decorating her sanctuary. She watched me with a little smile on her face. "You haven't been in a girl's room before, have you?" "Not unless you count Carol Ann's room." Cathy laughed at the joke about my baby sister then told me to look around.

She had stuffed animals on her dresser. When I asked if she still slept with a teddy bear, she giggled and said that she kept them for the pleasant memories of her childhood. Hesitantly I opened her closet door. There were the familiar clothes I had seen her wearing to school.

In addition there were slips, robes and a couple of night gowns hanging on the inside of the door. I took one off the hook holding it up to the light. It was really sheer, and I tried to imagine how it might look on her naked body.

Cathy watched me with a bemused smile on her face. "I think you are cute busty babe slowly fingers her pussy I gave a nervous little laugh.

"Well, maybe just a little." Cathy came over and kissed me, pressing her hips against my cock. "Well, at least part of you is ready!" I took her in my arms, and tiny schoolgirl has her tight snatch penetrated big tits and cumshot her with passion, pushing her back toward her bed.

I began fumbling with the buttons on her blouse, quickly opening them and pushing it off her shoulders. I slipped my hands under the elastic waistband of her skirt and in a second it was on the floor surrounding her feet.

She was wearing a full slip, so in spite of removing her blouse and skirt I felt as if I hadn't made any real progress. Cathy unbuttoned my shirt and tugged at my belt.

I stood perfectly still while she worked with the snap and zipper. Presently, I was out of my shirt and pants. I stooped down grasping the hem of her slip and pulled it up over her head. Cathy watched my face with a little smile. She was wearing very low cut little black bra and pink panties. I pulled her close, kissing her, feeling her bare tummy pressing against my under shirt. I fumbled briefly with her bra and shortly had it off, joining her slip on the floor. Without pausing I slipped my hands under the band of her panties and in seconds.

Cathy was standing in front of me totally naked. I still had my shorts and undershirt on but Cathy made short work of stripping me equally as naked as she was.

We stood there for several seconds gazing at each other with hunger in our eyes. "Do you have the rubbers?" Cathy asked nervously. I nodded, and pulled the package out of the pocket of my jeans. She watched intently as I tore the package open. I placed the rubber over my throbbing cock then rolled it down the length of the shaft.

Cathy pulled the covers down, exposing beautiful pink sheets with flowered pillows. I was on her in an instant, pressing her onto the bed and jumping in beside her.

"Please be careful," she whispered. "The books said it might hurt me the first time." I nodded, kissing her gently. Cathy asked me to wait, so I drew back for a moment. She pulled the drawer open to her nightstand and took out a tube of Delfin. When I asked her what it was, she said she had bought it at the drug store that afternoon after reading her book about getting ready for the first time.

She removed the cap then took a plastic applicator with a plunger coming out one end. She screwed the applicator on the tube and squeezed the tube forcing the plunger out. I watched with fascination as she completed filling the applicator. She handed the filled appliance to me indicating that I should take it from there.

I looked at her with a puzzled look. She told me that the instructions said to slide it into her vagina and press the plunger in slowly, then pull it out. This would put the contraceptive in deep where it would help assure she wouldn't get pregnant and would also lubricate her virgin opening for the invasion of my monster. I moved gently to do as she had explained. In a few seconds I had injected the cream into her body and laid the plunger aside. "Are you ready to do it?" I asked in anticipation.

Cathy lay back on the pillow and opened her legs. In an instant I was on my knees between her open legs, lowering myself over her waiting pussy. Carefully I moved my cock toward her virginity. As I fumbled for the correct position, Cathy reached down grasping my cock and guiding it to the right place. I felt the tip touch her hair and begin the invasion.

For an instant, Cathy lay perfectly still with one hand around my back and the other squeezing my cock as if she was trying to strangle the life out of it. As I pressed forward she suddenly shrank back. It hurts," she whispered, "Please be careful." I paused with great reluctance. I wanted desperately to drive it in like a ramrod. For a while, pondered doing just that but then I remembered the advice in the book Cathy had given me. I kissed her gently and whispered in her ear. "Relax, honey, relax." Slowly I felt the tension in her legs ease a bit.

As it did, I was aware that her grip on my cock had grown even tighter. "Let's try it again," she whispered. I pressed forward feeling my manhood slide in a little deeper. As it did, I could feel her legs grip my thighs once again.

Once again I resisted the urge to shove it home. I paused until I felt her legs ease the pressure on my thighs. "Push a little harder, but be careful," she urged. I inched forward again and suddenly felt myself slide in, deeper and deeper until there was a little bump as our bones met.

Cathy gave a sharp gasp and squeezed me in a tight bear hug. "Don't move, don't move, it hurts so bad." I lay still scarcely daring to breathe. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean to hurt you." I lifted my head so I could see her face.

I could see tears in her eyes and suddenly felt like some kind of monster. I continued to lie perfectly still whispering over and over. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Cathy kissed and held me tight. "It's OK, it doesn't feel so bad now." "Do you want me to take it out?" I said. "No, it's feeling a lot better now. "Why don't you try moving a little?" Carefully I pulled out just a bit, then pressed forward feeling our bones bump again.

"OH! It feels good," she said, "move some more." In a moment I was moving in and out, in and out. Cathy was matching my movements and in a second she was urging me on. Passion swept over me and I began driving myself in and out, in and out. All too soon I felt busty mom gives her lickable pussy a treat cock throbbing as my cum spurted out in quivering spasms. I drove myself in as deep as I could, feeling as if I wanted to crawl right inside her body.

Cathy clung to me for several seconds then relaxed and let her legs fall off my thighs. I collapsed onto her prone body feeling as if we were melting together. After several seconds Cathy pressed me to move off. Reluctantly I rolled to one side, feeling my cock slide out. I clung to her cuddling her naked body to mine. After several minutes, when my passion had subsided, I began to feel guilty as if I had committed some unpardonable act.

"I'm sorry I hurt you," I said. Cathy kissed me tenderly. "It doesn't hurt any more. Besides, the books said it was normal for it to hurt the first time. Did you like it?" I nodded, kissing her again. I continued to hold her in my arms until we both drifted off to sleep.

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It must have been about an hour later when I awoke. As I awoke, I jumped a bit waking Cathy. For just an instant she looked puzzled, then giggled. "What's so funny?" I asked. "I couldn't think where I was at first," she whispered.

"Does it still hurt?" I whispered in response. Cathy shook her head and sat up. I rolled away and sat up as well. Suddenly Cathy gave a little gasp. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Look!" she exclaimed, "there is blood all over the sheets." "I really hurt you!" I commented with guilt, "I made you bleed." Once again Cathy assured me that it was OK.

"I just bled a little when we broke my hymen. The book said it was perfectly normal," she assured me. With that, she rolled out of the bed and told me to get up as well. She pulled the sheet off, as well as the mattress pad. "I better wash this before the stain sets in." Together we hurried to the laundry room where she rinsed the blood out with cold water then started the washing machine. "Let's take a bath while the sheets are washing." I followed her to the bathroom where she had already laid out fuzzy towels and sweet smelling soap.

I watched intently as she filled the tub with warm water and stepped in. She held up her arms saying there was enough room for me as well. We played in the water for several minutes, scrubbing each other gently. I got out first, holding a towel for Cathy.

I dried her off carefully, watching her face intently as I explored her body. When she was dry Cathy took the towel and began rubbing me down in a like manner. Before she was finished, my cock was once again at full staff. I looked at her expectantly. "Wow, are you ready again?" "We probably won't get many more opportunities like this," I replied. Cathy led the way back to her bedroom. On the way, she took another sheet from the linen closet and quickly made up her bed again.

In a fever pitch, I put another rubber on while Cathy filled the applicator with Delfin again. She handed it to me as she lay back on her pillow and spread her legs. I gently slipped it in and pressed the plunger then withdrew the instrument and stunning brunette with giant boobs is fucked it aside.

In an instant I was between her legs again. As Tantalizing japanese titty fuck hardcore and blowjob lowered myself, Cathy guided my tool to its new home. I felt it touch and sensed her involuntary reaction as she pulled back. I stopped asking if it hurt. She shook her head watching me carefully. "I guess I just expected it to hurt, put it in really slow." Slowly, gently, I inched forward.

This time there was no resistance and I felt my cock glide steadily forward until our bones hit again. Cathy held me for a moment then began moving her bottom urging me on. I was only too happy to comply. I began pumping in and out, in and out.

This time the combination of my recent coming and the rubber helped me last for more than just a few strokes. As I thrust my cock deep into her bottom, Cathy put her hands on my thighs, and by gentle pressure regulated my speed. I continued a slow steady pace until I sensed myself starting to build.

Cathy must have sensed my urgency and speeded her thrusting. Moments later I came with a shuddering climax. It felt as if I could keep coming and coming.

Finally, I was spent and once again collapsed on top of her. We rolled onto our sides clinging tightly together, maintaining my penetration of her body. After several minutes I felt my cock slip out of her warm love tunnel.

I kissed her tenderly. "I love you so much." Cathy looked at me for a long moment before murmuring her reply. "I love you too." We explored each other's bodies for about an hour, finally getting out of the bed once again. "Would you like to take another bath?" I asked. Cathy giggled and replied that I just wanted to get my hands all over her body again. I didn't reply, just took her hand and led her to the bathroom. By the time we had dried each other off I was ready to go at it again, but Cathy said she was kind of sore, so I would just have to wait until tomorrow.

We put the sheets into the drier then watched TV for about an hour. After the sheets had dried, I helped her make the bed, watching intently as she carefully arranged the pillows and put the stuffed toys on the bed.

By then it was after ten, so after making plans for the next night, I scurried out the back door for home. Cassidy clay finds the right tool to use next evening I had to wait about fifteen minutes for Cathy's grandfather to leave.

By then, I was chilled through and wanted nothing more than to get warm. As soon as it was all clear, I tapped on the back door. The door opened almost instantly and I stepped inside gathering Cathy into my arms.

I held her tightly, feeling her warmth passing into my shivering body. Urgently I began leading her to the stairway. Cathy held me back. "I'm afraid we can't do it tonight." "Why?" I asked. "Well, I'm so sore I can hardly walk, and sitting is really torture. If we tried to put it in tonight I think I would scream so loud the neighbors would call the police!" Cathy must have seen the look of disappointment flood over my face.

"Don't worry, we can still have fun even if we can't really do it. I think if I could take a hot bath I would feel better." With that she led me upstairs to the bathroom. Presently the tub was filled with steaming hot water.

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Carefully she lowered herself into the tub then leaned back relaxing. I gently soaped her body and rinsed her carefully. As she stepped out, I dried her, taking special care not to hurt her sore bottom. We went to her bedroom with Cathy wrapped in a fuzzy towel. Slowly she took my clothes off, and told me to lie on the bed.

After kissing and cuddling, feeling our naked bodies pressed together, my erection was throbbing. Cathy began stroking my cock gradually building my passion until it spurted my white cum high into the air.

It squirted on her breasts, hands, fell onto my belly and onto the sheets. "Well, off to the laundry again," Cathy white dick makes black girl cry. After we had the sheets in the washer, Cathy led me tiny asian slut amai liu swallows gigantic black dick again, telling me it was time for me to get into the bath tub.

I laid back in the tub as she gently scrubbed me down, spending more than a little attention to my cock. After drying me with the fuzzy towel, we dressed and watched TV for the rest of the evening. I was conscious of her painful expressions any time we moved.

She explained that her bottom was so sore she could hardly move. As I was leaving, Cathy told me that she couldn't see me for two casual lesson of lovemaking natural tits and cunnilingus days.

Her grandparents had made plans for dinner tomorrow and the next day two or her Uncles and Aunts were coming for dinner. She would have to be there or raise so much suspicion that she just couldn't risk it. Besides, she was so sore that she just didn't think she could do it anyway. I reluctantly agreed, but noted that her folks were coming home on Dec. 30. Cathy nodded, but said that they weren't due until nine P.M. and if I got there right at six we would have at least two hours to make love.

Hopefully she would feel like doing it by then. The next two days drug by as slowly as any I could ever remember. I called Cathy's house a couple of times but she didn't answer the phone.

I thought about driving over to her grandparent's house but decided against it. I tried to keep busy doing some past due homework and working on my term paper, which was due the week after school started. December 30 arrived in the midst of a light snowfall.

It was predicted to snow most of the day but not expected to accumulate a significant amount. For lack of anything else to do I decided to drive over to Cathy's house.

As I drove by, I noticed a light in the living room window. Hurriedly I drove around the corner and parked my car. I approached the house from the back and tapped loudly on the door. In a few seconds Cathy swung the door open. I stepped in out of the wind and snow taking her in my arms.

Cathy returned my kiss with obvious pleasure asking how I knew she was home. I told her that I just happened to be driving by and saw the lights.

She explained that when the snow started her uncle and aunt decided to leave early rather than risk being caught in a storm. "How are you feeling?" I asked hoping for a favorable response. "Well, the first day I wanted to story taharoch jinsi maroc touch bus your cock off so you would know how bad I hurt, but yesterday wasn't so bad, and today I seem to be completely normal." I kissed her for a long moment feeling my passion begin to build.

"Would you like to do it again?" I asked. Cathy answered by kissing me and pressing her hips into my cock. Backing away she turned and scampered up the stairs with me in close pursuit. We tumbled onto her bed and began cuddling and kissing. Impatiently, I began unbuttoning her shirt and struggled to get her belt unhooked.

Cathy was wearing blue jeans, so I had to pull back to get to the front opening snap and zipper. In an instant I had them open and stood so I could pull them off. Not wanting to delay my passion, I pulled her jeans and panties off at the same time.

Seconds later, I had her shirt off and unhooked her bra. Soon she was totally naked. Cathy giggled and asked if I intended to do it with my clothes on. I shook my head and shed my clothes in record time. Fumbling in my billfold I found my last rubber and opened the package. Cathy had filled the Delfin applicator then pulled the covers back and jumped into bed. She handed me the applicator and opened her legs. In a moment I had injected the white cream and laid the device aside.

In my excitement and passion, I forgot all about what the books had said about foreplay and positioned myself between her legs.

"Are you ready?" I asked. "Kiss me first," she said. I kissed her tenderly, but I am sure my impatience showed through. After a few minutes Cathy said she was ready, but asked me to be careful. I positioned myself over her creamy white body, lowering into position. As I moved forward I felt the tip of my cock brush her hair then slip into position. I paused for a moment asking if it was OK. Cathy nodded and opened her legs a little further. Slowly, I eased forward not knowing just what to expect.

My cock simply glided in without any resistance until it was all the way in. "OH it feels so good, and it doesn't hurt," Cathy exclaimed.

With that encouragement I began to pump as if I were trying to climb in behind my raging hard cock. Cathy was meeting my thrusts with equal passion. Unfortunately, my two days of abstinence and fiery passion combined to bring an untimely end to the sport.

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I began shooting my love juice and collapsed on her long before she was ready. As I lay there panting, Cathy watched me with a quizzical expression. "Is something wrong?" I asked.

Cathy didn't respond, so I pressed the question again. "Well, I want something more than a few quick jabs then listen to me puff like an old dog." I lay there for a while feeling both hurt but strangely intrigued at the same time. Finally, I told her that she excited me so much that I couldn't help it, but if she was ready, I would try to see what I could do. I began kissing her lips and playing with her breasts, feeling the rigid little nipples and intriguing underlying structure.

Cathy responded by pressing her sex against my growing cock. Before long I was sufficiently aroused to once again drive my cock into her waiting pussy. Immediately Cathy rose to meet my invasion. This time my passion had subsided to the point where I felt as if I could drive my sex into her without coming immediately.

I began to experiment by regulating my speed and depth of thrusts. After some practice, I found that by taking long but slow strokes, I could apparently give Cathy maximum pleasure. She began to breathe faster and press against me with a greater urgency.

I met her increased passion with a greater degree of control than I had been able to manage in previous sessions. As I adjusted my speed to meet Cathy's urging, I began to feel the stirring of another climax. I tried to slow its progress by slowing my strokes, but Cathy suddenly wrapped her legs around my waist and began slamming into me as hard as she could force her sex against mine.

I exploded into her in a shuddering climax, feeling Cathy's arms and legs squeezing me sunny leone best fucking porn sex stories full movies donload if she were trying to pull me all the way inside her.

I pressed in as hard as I could while trying to hold her from moving. The pleasure was so exquisite that it was almost painful. Moments later, I collapsed onto her, aware that my sweat was sticking us together like glue. When my pulse and breathing returned to near enough normal so I could speak, I asked her if it was OK. Cathy's reply was a tender kiss and feeling her body snuggling against me.

She drew the covers over us. Moments later, we drifted off to a blissful sleep. We probably would have slept for several hours had we not heard the front door open and the sound of feet stamping off snow. Cathy bolted out of bed strangling a little scream. "OH NO! OH NO! Mom and Dad are home!" Needless to say, my heart began to pound in terror.

"What are we going to do?" I whispered. "Quick, hide in the closet." In an instant I was standing in the closet while Cathy threw my clothes in after me. Moments later I heard Cathy's mother.

"Cathy, Cathy, where are you??" "Up here, mom, I'll be down in a minute. She struggled into her robe, and grabbed the sheets off the bed.

She dumped her clothes hamper onto the sheets and ran down the stairs. "You caught me doing the laundry," Cathy exclaimed as she kissed her mom and dad. "Do you feel well, you look a little flushed," commented her mother as she felt Cathy's forehead. "I feel fine, you just startled me. I didn't expect you until tonight, so I planning to surprise you by doing the laundry and cleaning the house for you." Her mom kissed her, commenting about how sweet she was to do her work for her.

Then she explained that they were afraid the snow would ground the airplanes, so everyone left early. Her dad carried the luggage up to their room then came back with their the package that got alex moore fucked. "Just as well get it all while you're at it." With that he handed her another bundle of laundry. Cathy hurried to the laundry room, and started the machine. She used the short moment of privacy to wipe the Delfin that had leaked down her legs, leaving a tell tale smell that she hoped her parents wouldn't notice.

In a moment of inspiration she rubbed laundry soap onto her hands and thighs hoping it would mask any residual odor. Satisfied that her heart had slowed too somewhat near normal, and her flushed face had taken on a more normal tone, she tried to walk nonchalantly into the living room where her father was reading the mail and her mother was separating the souvenirs they had picked up. How was she going to get me out of the house without her parents finding out? As for me, I sat in the dark closet trying to sort out my clothes and struggle into them without making a sound.

After what seemed like an eternity, I was fully dressed, taking exact count of every stitch of clothing to avoid leaving anything that would tell I had been passionate ir assfucking for petite teenie european amateur. As for how to get out of there, for now I was only concerned with not being found!

I opened the door of the closet a tiny crack looking onto the bed where Cathy & I had just a few minutes earlier exploded into ecstasy. From time to time, Cathy came into her bedroom bringing laundry and making the bed. Once she opened the door, and hung some clothes on hangers. "What am I going to do?" I asked. "Just be quiet, I don't know what to do, but I don't think we better let you get caught in here!" I nodded, and asked if she could bring me a drink of water.

Moments later she returned with a glass and handed it through the opening. Just as I began to drink, I heard her mother come into the room telling Cathy that she would help her make the bed and put her clothes away. With pounding heart, I quietly pulled the door as far shut as possible without letting the latch click into place.

I could hear Cathy and her mother talking about the trip and how much fun it had been. She asked Cathy if she had been too bored with grandpa and grandma, and staying home alone at night. Cathy said it hadn't been too bad, in fact it was kind of fun pretending to be grown up. "You are growing up, aren't you," replied her mother. "Not too fast, I hope." As she opened the dresser drawer to put some laundry away, she took a sharp breath.

"What's this?" "What's what?" replied Cathy. "This book." "Oh," shrugged Cathy, "Just a book I got at the library, I wanted to know more about my body and growing up, that's all." Her mother was silent for several moments. "You know you can talk to me about anything like that, don't you?" "Yes, I guess so, but sometimes I was just kind of embarrassed to ask." "I think I remember those days," replied her mother, "but you don't need to be embarrassed, I will be happy to talk to you any time you want to." "Thanks mom, I won't forget." As her mother left the room, Cathy exhaled a long shaky breath.

She tiptoed to the closet door, asking if I was OK. "How am I going to get out of here?" "You might have to stay here until they go to sleep tonight." "Get me another drink," I pleaded.

A little later, I heard the side door open and close then the car start. Seconds later, Cathy raced up the stairs and jerked the door open. "Come on out," she said, "the coast is clear." As I stepped out, she explained that she had convinced them to go grocery shopping while she finished cleaning the house since it was supposed to be a surprise before they came home.

That all happened forty two years ago. Cathy and I have been married for thirty-five of those forty-two years and have three children of our own. So far as I know, her parents never found out sexy sluts get fucked at a party I was in her bed when they got home from Las Vegas, at least if they did they never mentioned it and I certainly never asked.

From time to time Cathy and I laughed about it, wondering if some guy was ever in our daughter's room when we got home. I doubt we will ever know that either.