Sex fairy tales submissive slut slave gets rough treated

Sex fairy tales submissive slut slave gets rough treated
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I am a member of one of the top sororities at a college in San Diego CA. I had an awesome sexual experience that I needed to put on paper. I have a roommate who is absolutely beautiful with a perfect body. She pretty much gets any guy she wants. We know a lot of fraternity guys and through the sorority grapevine get to know a lot of details about them like who is good in bed, who is terrible and other stuff. One night we were sharing details with other girls in the sorority house when a girl said she had some details on a guy we all know and think was is very cute and nice.

He had a great reputation as not being a love em and leave em kind of guy. He also does not appear to be a big trash talker who will try to spread rumors after he has sex with a girl. Some guys will talk about a girl for months after he has sex with her. There are so many guys in the fraternities that just want sex and plugging both holes on cam on cam squirting amateur more. Sometimes that is all I want, but it is nice to think that sex with a guy at least has the possibility of being more.

Shaun is nice and a total hottie. I had not heard many details about him because he does not sleep around much, or maybe just because he does not talk shit about girls after. We all knew that a stud assists with hymen checkup and shagging of virgin nympho sister named Ann had been getting on him but she was not talking much.

And now we know why. She wanted him all to herself. She finally let the cat out of the bag and said that he has a huge cock. His penis is supposed to be very very thick and long, not too long so as to rearrange your intestines, but described as the perfect length.

It was supposed to be between the thickness of a beer bottle and a Soda Can. And he is awesome in the sack. That night back in our room Lisa and I started talking about how we both had dated many guys with nice and mostly average sized cocks. Lisa said she had been fantasizing about having sex with a guy with a very large cock. In bed with the lights out redhead cute girl walk in house naked lingerie bigboobs shared a few stories of our bigger penis experiences.

I was getting turned on by hearing about Lisa getting fucked by these big members and I started to rub myself under the sheets. Lisa said " Have you ever wanted to have sex with a guy with a monster cock" I giggled and said " Oh yeah!

that sounds hot" I didn't tell Lisa that was a secret fantasy of mine Lisa noticed that my voice was shaking " Are you ok Cindy?" I tried to regain my composure after rubbing my clit. "Um oh yeah I am just a little tired and hot after hearing your stories" " I am going to flirt with Shaun next time I see him and hope he takes an interest" Lisa said smoothly " Lisa you are such a naughty little girl " I joked. While thinking maybe I would try him on for size also.

" Yeah I really want to feel his monster " we both laughed really hard. We both settled in for bed. Then I really started to fantasize about Shaun and me together. I was thinking how hot it would be to have my hand on that huge penis as I guided it into my hot dripping wetness and feeling stretched as he entered me. I reached down for my nub.

I really needed some sex. I had not been with a guy for months and was really feeling horny. I guess I must have been making some noise as I was in my little fantasy world because I opened my eyes to see Lisa in the moonlight standing next to my bed. I could see through her tank top nightie and see the outline of her perfect large breasts. "I heard you moaning Cindy and you are making me hot" Lisa whispered as she sat on the edge of my bed.

I had heard rumors about Lisa, that she had some trysts with girls but hell it seems like most girls have experiences with other women in college. Sex with girls is trendy in college today. It seems almost common. I must admit when we were picking roommies I thought I might as well room with a hottie like Lisa.

I would rather look at a beautiful girl with a great bod rather than any other kind of girl. I was secretly hoping the rumors I heard were true. "Oh shit Lisa I am sorry . its just that I am so horny " I stammered " and all this talk about Shawn and his monster dong got me so hot" " Me too sweetie " purred Lisa as she reached her hand toward my breast.

Mine are not as big and perfect as Lisas but I sure do get lots of looks from both guys and girls when I wear revealing tops. Lisa seemed so confident just like she always is, as she found my erect nipple poking up from under my nighty, she began to rub it between her thumb and forefinger. "Does that fell good" I felt a surge of energy in my wet pussy.

"Oh fuck yes Lisa" I moaned as I reached up to feel Lisa breast through her nightie. My stomach was so full of butterflies. My trembling hand grasped at her large breast. I could not get my hand around it but I sure did get a handful. With this Lisa knew I was ready. I could see her beautiful face lean toward me as she moved in to kiss me. I did not think I could feel anymore excited than I already did but as soon as her lips reached mine I felt a jolt of excitement shoot from my tummy to my sopping pussy.

After a long hot passionate kiss Lisa reached under the covers and I thought I was finally going to get some much needed penetration into my wetness. But instead she grabbed my nighty and pulled it up over my breasts. She then took a nipple into her mouth and ravaged my fully erect nipple with her toungue and lips. " Oh my god Lisa I am so turned on.I think I am going to cum" I could not hold back.

I was already so hot from my own fantasy about Shawns large cock and then to have Lisa doing this to me was too much. I had to come right now. I reached down to my clit and rubbed it a few times. Lisa knew what I was doing. She pushed my hand aside and slid her long fingers into my tight little pussy while rubbing my clit with her thumb. That brought on my first huge orgasm of many to come. " Uhhhhh.ohhhh Fuuuccckk" my voice shook with the tremor of my orgasm.

" Oh Cindy that is so fucking hot" Lisa pulled her fingers away from my moist opening and removed her top. I managed to fumble and get my top off also with a little help from Lisa. Good thing she helped because I was in another world from the huge orgasm I just had. Lisa then stood to remove her panties, I could see her naked form in the moonlight. I was so excited to think that I was going to be able to explore Lisas naked body I could not wait to return the favor.

Lisa climbed on top of me. I spread my legs to let her on. Her huge breast came down slowly onto mine as she kissed me. I reached up to massage those beautiful tits. " Cindy you are so sexy" Lisa cooed " I have wanted this for a long time " I was still so excited I could not believe that I could or would be turned on so much by the touch of another woman and feeling her body and breasts pak ceel opan balad xxx storys mine.

Lisa paused from kissing me for a moment and looked at me "Lisa please make me cum again" I moaned. "Have you ever been with another girl before?" "No " I responded I could barely get any words out because I was feeling this strange combination of nervousness and total excitement. "Well if you thought Shawns big cock would feel good, You might be surprised how good a woman can make you feel" Lisa whispered confidently into my ear.

As she said this she was grinding her pelvis against my wet pussy. It was a familiar and unusual feeling all at the same time. I had felt this before but there was always a penis attached. I liked her grinding more. I was rubbing her perfect ass as she nibbled on my ears and neck. Lisa then moved to my nipples again. I managed to rub the sides of her breasts as she worked on mine. Lisa slowly turned around and kind or rolled onto side.

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We were now in a semi 69 position. I had never seen a woman from this angle before. One of Lisa breasts was resting on the bed and the other was formed around my hip as she moved in to lick me.

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For the first time I could smell her pussy. It was very near my face, shaved bald, smooth and glistening in the night light. The smell was intoxicating.

'Oh my god' I thought I had never been eaten like this before. My head was spinning.

I felt so good and so nasty at the same time. I was so excited I was up for anything. I was rolling my head from side to side with my eyes closesd the feeling was absolutely wicked.

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I rolled to the right and suddenly my face was practically in Lisa dripping crotch. She must have moved her hips closer to me because my face was practically in her. I opened my eyes and it was beautiful. Lisa moaned with me as I licked her an had my first taste of another woman. I don't know how she did it but we were in a sixty-nine and I was enjoying my first tast of a woman and I really liked it.

Lisa must have been pretty hot because she was really responding to my inexperienced tongue. I was really just mirroring what she was doing to me. We were both moaning and I was almost ready to explode again. Lisa was right, I was surprised that she could eat me so well. Only a woman know a womans body. She found all the spots my boyfriends did not know about. I came again, hard. I knew Lisa was really liking what I was doing but after my juices rushed out onto her face there was no doubt that I came again.

Lisa stopped and got up on one elbow. " Cindy, sweetie, I have a wonderful surprise for you" "Lis tonight with you has been one of the best surprises of my life.

you are so beautiful " I couldn't believe I had the nerve to say that. Lisa disappeared into the closet. She turned the light on and I could clearly see her naked body. I could not really believe that we had just been together and it felt so right, so exciting.

She found what she was looking for and turned the light off in the closet. My eyes were still adjusting to the moonlight when I realized what Lisa was up to. She had this huge monster penis that was attached to her body with straps she was on me before I knew what was happening.

I could see her little hand guiding that thing to my very wet opening. I was as liz and ana share a bbc interracial brunette as I had ever been if not more. That thing was fucking huge.

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"You are really really sweet beauty nika plays with her pink pussy to like this" she said as I could feel the tip attempting to enter me. "OH my GOD" I gasped as the top had barely slid into me. It was so unbelievably thick. I had to reach down to understand how big it was. I could not wrap my hand around it. It seemed to be as thick a a beer bottle.

The butterflies were back in my tummy and I was shaking as Lisa slowly penetrated me with her cock. "You look so sexy, you are so stretched" Lisa growled as she pushed further into my little pussy. "Stop" I protested It felt so fucking good and it hurt at the same time. "God it feels unfucking believealbe" I groaned " Let me get used to it" "sweetie you can't really get used to it" Lisa declared knowingly "just take it" She insisted as she pushed the cock further into me. Hardcore story xxx sex old man with hot sex boy then carefully began to withdraw her monster.

I was even more turned on. I was so hot and turned on it felt like I was on some kind of drug. I never felt close to being this hot with lust in my life. Lisa began to work it back and forth and I was letting out a kind of gutteral groan. I looked down and could not comprehend that it was only halfway into me. It was already stretching my pussy like never before and reaching depths never before touched by any guy.

One of my hands was grasping at the sheets to keep me in place on the bed as an anchor to Lisas slow thrusts. I reached the other up to Lisa, she leaned in, and I pulled her onto me. I began to kiss her wildly. I felt another orgasms come out of the depths of my womanhood like a freight train. The feeling was overwhelming being stretched like this, while her large breasts were bullying my much smaller breasts under the weigh of hers.

I shook as yet another awesome orgasm pulsated through my body. A new wave of my wetness came through my pussy. Not like it needed anymore and Lisa sensed this as she pushed up off me to feed me more of her cock.

I did not think she would get much more than half in but I could see that now she was up to ¾ of the way in. So this is what Shaun would feel like I wondered in my mind which was still spinning under the force of what Lisa was doing to me. I half thought, 'that poor Lisa was all the giver and not getting much from me' but I could tell as I watched her glide in and out of me that she really busty bridgette is a sucker for anal to like fucking me.

Her large breasts were swaying freely in all directions as she worked on me. What an amazing sight. I had never come this many times in my life from having sex and another was on the way. We were both sweating and the sheets under my hips were very wet from all my juices and the sweat from both of us.

Lisa sensed I was ready to come again from my short rapid breaths and she really began to thrust faster. My head was spinning and I felt numb and tingly I just went limp as the last orgasm ripped through my body. Lisa sensed it would be a good time to stop since we had been at it for over an hour.

In my daze I could see Lisa standing next to me on the bed removing that monster. I could not believe that was inside me. Lisa leaned in and gave me a peck and said "nighty night". Like that she was gone to her bed. I could not speak I just smiled and went to sleep. I slept like a rock. When I woke up I would have contemplated whether it was all a dream or not if it were not for the massive wet spot on my bed and the soreness between my legs. I looked over and Lisa had already slipped out to class.

Being the shy type like I am I wondered what it would be like when I saw Lisa again later in the day. I knew I did not need to worry too much as Lisa is so confident and comfortable she will be able to make both of us feel at ease about one of the most awesome experiences in my life. You can be sure Lisa wanted some help in return. I may write those stories in the future. I have another story about Shaun.

I'll have to tell that one later.