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Real brother and sister sleeping boob pressing
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Author's notes: Hiya! I'm feeding into my cravings to write, and as such, this story is made up completely on the spot. If anything sounds familiar, it's coincidental. This story will not be erotic, so if you're looking to beat your meat, do it to another story! (Unless you enjoy death - in which case, you need help!) Just to point out the obvious, I don't condone any of the bad stuff that happens in this story. I have much respect for the law, which is part of my reason for writing this up, to show that good does come from them, and the sacrifices they make.

Constructive criticism is welcome, but please remember, I'm not writing these to become a top author on here, I'm just writing because I enjoy it.

--- "Glazed?" Asked the shop attendant. "Yeah, thanks." Jay laughed as the man disappeared. The stereotype of cops and donuts was certainly true. Cops loved donuts, but don't most people? It was curious to Jay how the whole donut and cop thing came forth, but it wasn't on his priority list to find out. Jay was your typical everyday guy. He was muscular, and had some fat, but not enough to slow him down.

Body wise, he was skinny, but he was a bit big boned as per his family genes. With slick black hair and dark brown eyes, he didn't stand out in a crowd. Unless of course, he was in uniform. Straight out of college, the 25 year old enrolled into the police academy. It had been rough on him mentally and physically, but he pulled through. Jay was at the point in his career where he could ride alone, but as every officer soon figures out, two is better than one. Jay knew it'd be a few minutes since it was lunch time, and took the opportunity to reflect.

Coming ebony bbws getting fucked by bbc black market of high school, being an officer wasn't something he had even considered, but after years of college and listening to things on the news, he realized what he had to do.

His grand father had been a cop with the NYPD during his mid years, and often would teach Jay a thing or two against his parent's wishes. With a brain full of knowledge, Jay was a successful officer, who had some impressive arrest records, and never had been shot, but there had been some really close calls.

"Thanks." Jay said as he took his donuts and walked to his squad car. Usually, cops never rode alone unless they requested it, or there was a shortage of cops. Jay, however, while understanding the risks, opted to ride alone. A voice came over the radio. "We have a 10-31 (crime in progress) suspected assault along the alleyway behind Dan's club.

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Advise a 10-40 (silent run, no lights or sirens)" Jay picked up the radio and started the car. "Unit 34 responding." Jay safely sped away, only turning on the lights when running through red lights. Jay hated actually breaking the law, but if breaking the law means saving someone, he'll do what he has to. Jay slowed the car down as he turned into the alley, and quickly stopped the car, as he could clearly see a man fighting with a woman.

The man was oblivious to the new presence as he threw her to the ground, and Jay knew what was coming next.

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Flipping on the flashing lights, Jay drew his weapon, which was a black M9. The standard pistol was either a Glock or Beretta, but Jay preferred the M9 over both. "POLICE! Get off of her and keep your hands behind your head!" The man, startled, grabbed the female, and held her in front of him as he pulled a revolver from his jacket. Jay eyed the fellow, who teen bdsm did you ever wonder what happens when a superhot teenager cocktease eventually in a long jacket, and looked to be in his 30s.

It was hard to tell if he was drunk, crazy, or just angry. Jay needed to call in for back up, but it'd be difficult to move with two guns in the picture. "Drop the gun, and this can end peacefully." Jay slowly walked forward. "I don't want to hurt you." The man just smiled.

Little to Jay's knowledge, the man was high on drugs, and was hell bent on killing someone. Jay eyed the female, who appeared in her teens, 18-19 at most. The look in her face told him she was scared shitless, and luscious lopez got a taste of extreme hardcore sex with mike angelo couldn't blame her. "C'mon, let her go. She didn't do anything." He waved the gun slightly, grazing the muzzle along her cheek.

"You really want me to let her go? Put down your weapon, and surrender to me." Jay held back a laugh. "Can't do that. Let her go, or I will use force." "Really, you'd risk shooting this pretty young lady?" Jay hated to admit it, but the guy was right. He'd never shoot in his situation unless he had a clear shot and knew her life was in immediate danger.

"Surrender yourself, or I blow her head off!" He cocked the revolver, holding it to her temple. "No, no, don't." He said, and slowly dropped his weapon. This isn't what officer's are told or trained to do, but he had to save this girl before she lost her life.

"Let her go, and you can have me." "I have a better idea." He smiled evilly. "Follow me." Jay cautiously followed until they got to a parking garage (which wasn't far), and stopped at a van. "Get in." He said, opening the back doors, and shoved the female in. "No. Let her go." "I've got the gun, get the fuck in the van!" He yelled, and held the gun toward Jay's face. With his cop instincts taking over, he reached for the man's hand, and hand, and tried twisting the gun away.

He shoved the guy to the ground, and attempted to punch him with his free hand, while the other tried holding the gun down. The man, having been in the Vietnam war, had skills under his belt, and kneed Jay in the stomach, tossing him off.

The man got up, and aimed the gun at Jay's leg, and shot him. The blast rang loudly in the garage, and left Jay screaming in pain, clutching his leg. The bullet had went through and through, leaving him bleeding. The woman covered her mouth, scared, and watched with regret. "GET THE FUCK UP AND GET IN THE VAN!" He yelled. Jay crawled himself into the van, and laid down, in sheer pain.

"I'm sorry." The girl sobbed. "I.I shouldn't of gone down that alley, I'm sorry. You're hurt because of me." Jay's body shook as he lost blood, but he ripped part of his shirt, and wrapped it around the wound, preventing the bleeding. "It's.not your fault. Are you okay?" "Yes.b-but you're not." She said sadly. "Hey,'s not your fault sweety." Jay said, regaining control of himself, and trying to fight the pain to look strong for this young girl.

"My radio." He fumbled, and discovered it was gone. Bastard probably tore it off during the fight. "What's your name?" "K-Kami." She said, still scared. "I'm Jay." He smiled. "Do you know that man at all?" "N-no, he just appeared behind me as I walked." "I hate to say it, but I think all we can do is wait until we stop." Along the drive, Jay discovered she had just turned 18 a few days ago, and was walking home since school was a half day.

The van made a quick stop, throwing Jay against the van, and he prepared himself for whatever was to come. "Get the fuck out, lets go." The man said as the door opened. He dragged Kami out, then grabbed Jay by the arm and violently yanked him from the van. "Lets go!" Jay fell hard onto the concrete of the facility, and as he got up, realized it was some sort of warehouse, or a storage garage. Either or, he'd probably be screwed. ---- Back at the crime scene ---- Witnesses who heard the revolver fire called 911 immediately, and within seconds, two more squad cars pulled up.

"Shit, it's Jay's car." Said Danny, a lt. "Dispatch, we have an officer missing, send every available unit and SWAT." Danny scoured the area until he could see blood on the ground, and tire marks. God help him. He thought. ---- ---- Jay and Kami were taken to a room which looked like an Executioner's chamber. There was a flat, metal table, and around it stood various instruments that Jay identified as torture methods.

"What do you want?" "Simple, revenge. You killed my son during a drug bust.

You ruined my life, took my only child. Now, it's pay back." Jay looked at shimla hotal room twgirls one boy man again, and it hit him. Back when he'd first become a rookie cop, the Sgt invited him to partake on a drug bust that involved a big time gang at their crib. All went smoothly up until entry. Once the battering ram busted the door, the shots began.

Bullets had flown literally in every direction from the drug dealers and from cops. When it all ended, no cop was injured, but the entire clan of drug dealers were killed. "I'm sorry, but your son was a drug dealer who opened fire on police officers. We did what we were supposed to." "SHUT YOUR MOUTH! " WHACK! The man hit Jay with the butt of the pistol.

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"Now, get on the table." Jay wasn't in any position to refuse, especially since Kami was close by. He couldn't risk her life. Jay got on the table, and watched as he was restrained to it. "Let her go.please." "Nah, she's good." He said coldly, and loaded the revolver. "First, I'm going to let you feel how my son did." With that, he shot Jay three times in his right leg, then three times in his left.

Jay cried out in pain as the bullets lodged themselves in him. Kami watched in horror, and gulped. There was nothing that could be done.

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"And." He shot Jay in his arms and hands, then his stomach until the gun was unloaded. Despite the choice of location, the shots could still be heard by others, who immediately called police.

"You can handle bullets, lets see." The man took a can of gasoline, and poured it over Jay's hand, then took out a match, lighting it. "N-no.please.please." Jay screamed in agony as the match hit his hand, engulfing it in flames. He flailed about, his hand burning away.

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"AHHHHHHHH, AHHHH" He yelled. Indian wife doggystyle tube porn when the flame reached his wrist did the man put out the fire. Jay's hand? Burned away, nothing remained. Jay looked at himself in horror. His hand.literally burned away. Before he could even contemplate what just happened, he found the same thing happening to his other hand and feet.

Slowly, the man burned them off until Jay had no feet or hands. "You've gotten everything to deserve." He hissed, and poured the gasoline over Jay's body, and lit the match. "" he said weakly, and turned to see Kami, crying, watching. Jay's body was engulfed in flames as the man threw lit matches to him. Jay screamed and cried in pain, struggling, trying to get free.

Sirens rang out as the entire police force showed at the warehouse. SWAT teams moved into position, and within seconds, the doors were busted open, while SWAT came int through the roof.

The officers drew their weapons as the man reloaded his gun, and fired. The gun battle lasted a few minutes before the man was finally taken down. The officers, who were too busy with the gun wielder to notice Jay, finally approached to help him. The sight made most of them throw up, while some cried. The sight before them was a man burned alive, no hands, no feet. His body charred, almost unrecognizable.

When Danny walked in, he sighed sadly, and noticed a female. "Are you alright?" Kami shook violently, but managed to talk. "Yyes.he.your officer.he saved me." Danny took off his jacket, and placed it gently over the body out of respect. No one else needed to see this. A few months passed since Officer Jay's death, and it still hit everyone hard. That was the most violent crime against an officer in the city's history, and probably ever. Danny was still a lt. "Sir, there's a female out here wanting to talk to you." "Let her in." The sight of Kami, the female Jay had saved, surprised him.

"Kami? How can I help you?" "I want to join the academy.

After what Officer Jay did, I owe him my life." She smiled softly, Danny was taken aback, but smiled. "It'd be an honor. If you have time, we can work it out today." "Thank you." She said as he got up and left the room for paperwork.

She thought to herself. "I owe you everything, thank you. I'll never forget you."