Watch alicia angel do the lawnmower in this fantastic scene

Watch alicia angel do the lawnmower in this fantastic scene
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standing in front of my fathers house the sky is getting dark,i looked up enjoying the view of the twilight for it has been long since i last enjoyed such a five years ago my father died the doctor said it was some sort of animal attack for his trout was ripped open and his body was like death itself,i was only 10 when he died and now am in highschool.i started walking to my friend's house then i saw a man forcing a young girl in her later teen to a lonely area by the street, he seem not to take notice of me so i followed him trying hard not to be seen the man trew her on sunny leone fuck full sex rajwap floor, pinned her down as he forced a brutal kiss to her lips.he tied her mouth with a cloth and like a beast ripped off her clothing as she screamed but it was useless.he slapped her by the face and started sucking on her ''c'' sized barest at that point i realized how turned on i was, but instead i decided to call it all quit with the drama and help the poor dark haired,pale & beautiful girl.

Immediately i tried to get up what i saw confused me,she pushed him off her, stood up and said "all you men are the-same, you are horny all the time yet you don't value the opposite sex,you are very selfish and cruel that is why i will have a clear conscience" she moved up to him and started a wet kiss.

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The wet kiss seem to last forever when thy started striping each other and they flay on the ground with the man laying on top of her.he started on the nipples playing with the left and sucking the right as she started morning then she said " stop teasing and and fuck me like you will never fuck again".

At this point even though i cannot see the mans face i am sure he would be surprised as much as i am(knowing that few minutes ago she was literally dragged to this area and showed resistance to the best of her capability).

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Like a flash he jammed himself fully into her.she seemed but the man was fast enough to put his hand over her mouth so the shout was almost completely mute. At this moment i wanted to get my cork out and stroke it for it was Beginning to hurt,but i stayed put because if i eventually got found out i would not look so embarrassing,i watched as he started with slow long strokes and then all of a sudden lost control and was fucking her with full fast strokes and in a few minutes she announced that she was going to cum, with strength that i can't seem to know where it come from she rolled over him and started riding him fast and in a minute or so she started cuming and fell on him still riding him,and the man started dick wanted to burst at the view then she rose her head in pleasure, that is when i saw those canine teeth and the horror of blood all over her face.i dashed out from the area not minding being noticed and ran as fast as my leg could take me home.

The next day I woke up and hoped that yesterdays incident was a dream so i prepared for school took breakfast with mom and aunt Betty and was off to school.

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It was a new section and new students are arriving to the school so since am not begin noticed by the girls in school, a new catch would be a good thing,that is when this hot pale skinned girl entered the school gate alone with load of stuffs so walked to her and offered help and she handed me a box before looking up. I almost jumped out of my skin its that face, that terrible killer's face.

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