Hot amatuer ssbbw gets titty fucked and rides cock

Hot amatuer ssbbw gets titty fucked and rides cock
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I have been working at this place for a while now.

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The boss is really hot. I went to work like normal, it's a catering business and I have to do the cleaning, it's a shit job but anyway. She always finishes her work a little bit before me, so she gets changed and comes out while I'm just baby xxx story com song. And this is where I was very surprised because she was wearing some really slutty short shorts.

And she has the perfect ass. So she came over and was standing about three meters in front of me and she bent over so much I could see her pussy lips.

From then I had an idea in my head that she might come on to me, eventually. But later I was being realistic and thought no way. Anyway the next day I made it obvious to her that I was perving on her but she didn't really respond, until she did the same thing as the day before, she bent over and I could see her pussy lips.

I was so hard at that point. I pretended that I had to go past the change rooms and I went in and shut the door. I locked it and opened her locker.

She had her phone sunglasses and her clothes that she was going to change into that afternoon. So i pulled down my pants and rubbed my dick all over her glasses. When we finished that day I saw her wearing them. And had a bit of a laugh. I told my mate about how hot she is and that she teases me and stuff with bending over and he came up with the brilliant idea of getting a condom putting it in my wallet and just leaving it half out of my wallet and have my wallet next her locker with the door open.

I made sure I remembered exactly where I put it and waited until she went in to get changed. When I went cum sprayed euro cougar pornstars and european to get changed about five minutes after her it had quite obviously been picked up And not been put back in the right place.

when I went out she smiled at me but didn't mention it.

I then started to get worried that it might have been a coincidence and that I might have just been in the right place at the right time. I then decided the next day to take a massive risk and when I went in to the locker rooms.

Before she had got changed at the start of our shift I decided I was going to cum on her glasses, then see what she did.

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So I locked the door and got out my reasonably large semi-hard 9 inch cock and then had a beat off to the smell of her clothes, I cummed on the sunglasses.

Right on the lens, she definitely wasn't going to miss that.

I then went out and went about my business. Her and myself were the only ones left their because we work later. I saw her walk in to get changed and I was incredibly nervous and was worried if she might take it the wrong way. I heard her shout out "Matt" o shit " can you come hear please?" "yep" I replied. I walked in expecting to get the sack or put on sexual harassment charges or something. She just said "hey do you know what this shit is on my glasses?" "ye sorry about that Ella I really am sorry it's,just blond girl picked up and fucked at home party you are really good looking and all." "what are you talking about what is this?" "it's my cum." their I've said it.

"oh." is all she said. Then she did something really unexpected, she picked up the glasses and licked all of my cum off.

"yum your cum tastes nice." She then pulled down my shorts and underparts and released my hard 9 inch dick "wow you have a big cock." She then took all of it in her mouth, she was moving her head so fast it was the best blowjob I've ever had. I could feel myself about to cum but I didn't tell her I wanted her to taste me again.

She seemed to feel it also because she took my cock out of her mouth and I started cum on her face then some went In her mouth and on her clothes, "you've got a,shitload of cum!" She tried to lick as much of it off her face as, she could but,their was still a fair bit on her and on her top.

"can we have sex?" I asked "where's that condom you had?" she asked , "oh damn I threw it away." "oh we'll no sorry I don't want to get pregnant. You can have my ass though." "ok." She then stood up and she pulled her pants down. She bent over and I could see that delicious wet pussy through those pink panties, I just started rubbing her pussy for a while.

She started moaning a lot and after about five minutes she cummed in her panties, they were really wet then. I pulled off her panties and started kissing her beautiful ass cheeks while continuing to rub her pussy. Then I savagely ate her pussy out licking her clit and playing with it with my sex with nice looking sweetheart interracial hardcore, she soon cummed again and my face got drenched.

I then realised all this time tending to her my dick had slightly softened and you really do need a very hard cock to anal fuck. And she told me shed never been fucked up the ass before so it would be very tight.

So we decided to kiss a little bit while she wanked me off I then got pretty hard but to make sure she sucked me for 20 seconds or so. Then she stood up and bent right over again.

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I pulled open her ass cheeks to reveal the opening. I slowly inserted the end and slowly pushed all the way in. She let out a little moan an said "you feel so good Inside me." I then slowly picked up the pace until she was moaning so hard and my cock was throbbing like crazy it felt s good to finally fuck her then suddenly I released my hot cum inside her and it was the best feeling ever.

She said "thank you your cum is running out my ass." "thanks Ella your ass is fucking beautiful." We now fuck regularly and shooting my cum into her never gets old. Thankyou for reading.

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