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Drilling by a toy and thick rod hardcore blowjob
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Terence and Marius talked over their plans. Before they headed out Terence wanted to go to the lake to wash his freshly wounded dick. After they walked to the lake and got in they were refreshed and talked over their plan. The goal was to go to the farm house, rob the couple, and steal the vehicles in the pictures. Their next decision was when to get going. It was already getting dark and they didn't know the way so their plan was to wait until first light, hike to the farm house, and then get the vehicles to resume their escape.

Sunday David and Karin were up and going by 630. After their morning shower treat, they were headed to the practice range by 800. It was after 900 by the time Marius and Terence managed to get going. At 1115 they were at the edge of the woods east of the farmhouse. They could see the vehicles. It didn't seem like anyone was at the house. Once they got tattooed cutie gets fucked hard and deep the porch Terence picked up a coffee mug sitting on the floor.

It still had a little coffee in the bottom but it was already cold. He said that it looked to him that someone had been there on the porch recently, used the coffee cup to break a window next to the door, and after breaking a big enough opening stepped through the window.

After opening the door, Marius joined him and they went through the house. In the master bed room asian luscious babe in lingerie spunk flow japanese hardcore they found the 308 but no ammo. They split up and looked for cartridges. On the top shelf of the coat closet Terence found a box of 308 cartridges. Terence was elated. With the 308, he could command and control the situation.

He loaded the magazine with 5 rounds and inserted the magazine in the rifle. David and Karine were at the top of the ravine, saw Marius walking out of the barn to the house, and then saw Terence show him the 308. It looked like he also had a big bore revolver and Marius had a sawed off double barrel shotgun.

David's young babe uses vibrator on pussy of roommate Karine's vehicles were on the east side of the house next to the porch. Once they had made their way back to the bottom of the ravine they put their plan together. The first decision was to fight or flee. Karine said she refused to be intimidated by a couple of convicts but that if David thought they had no or little chance she would be okay with flight.

David said he felt the same way and that if they could get the element of surprise on their side they had a good chance. He also told Karine that it might get scary but as long as they could keep their wits about them they would be okay.

Karine put her arms around Dude fucks teen haley and milf alena in a wild threesome and kissed him. "That was for luck. Now we need to execute." They planned their attack. Further to the east along the ravine behind the barn was another less used path to the bank.

After reaching the bank behind the barn, David snuck black gal bailey brooke takes it good to the barn's rear door, went inside, and hid in an animal stall in the middle of the barn behind some of the sharecropper's equipment. Karine waited the 25 minutes David had indicated and walked to the barn.

Marius yelled to Terence. "We got a visitor. It's show time." Karine turned her head to make him think she had just become aware of his presence. Now it was her task to draw him inside the barn. She struggled long enough with the barn door to show she was scared, opened it, and went inside. To draw Marius into the clear area of the barn she went to the office door and pretended to be struggling with opening the door.

"And where do you think you are going? "I think it's time for you and me to get friendly. Real, real friendly. "I saw the pictures of you getting fucked. "Why don't you start by doing a strip tease for me.

Nice, hot, and slow." Marius was pointing the 12 gauge at Karine. David lifted the nock to his cheek, raised the tip above Marius's head, and lowered the tip until it was aimed a little below Marius's near shoulder. Marius never knew what hit him.

Three razor sharp edges of a hunting arrow tip sliced through the triceps of his right arm, entered his chest below the triceps, and cut through lungs and heart before smashing against his rib cage.

The impact knocked him off his feet. It was an instant kill. Terence saw that the barn door was open. Karine dropped the bow, picked up the 12 gauge, and ran to David. Together they opened the barn's rear door and left just as Terence was entering the barn's front door. He ran to the rear door and went outside in time to see David headed west and Karine headed east.

He saw that Karine was carrying the shotgun but knew that unless she had found some shells it was most likely no threat and concluded that David was the bigger threat. David had gone to the closest path down to the ravine. He planned to go along the bed further west, then come up to the top, and circle around the house to meet up with Karine east of the house.

Terence followed David and found the first path. When he saw that the path was going down to the ravine he suspected that further to the west there might be another path.

He went further along the bank, found the second path, and hid in some heavy brush. 15 minutes later he saw David step onto the bank and told him to stay put.

"I got you now. "Don't do nothing unless I tell you." David was looking down the barrel of the 357 and Terence still had the 308 slung across his shoulder. "Now, I need some car keys. "So why don't you walk ahead of me back to the house and get those for me?" Karine had run to the closest edge of the east woods and could see that David was walking in front of Terence with the revolver pointed at him. Unless David can get rid of the guy he won't be able to meet me like we planned.

I don't have a clue what to do with this gun. I need to get back to the barn. She made her way to the east side of the barn and stayed close to the walls while she made her way to the rear door.

Once inside she made sure that she had a clear view of the area between the barn and the house, strung the bow, and fitted an arrow on the string. She could hear David and Terence approaching. "You got one chance. If you got keys give them to me. If you don't or can't you ain't worth anything to me and I'll shoot your ass." David said he didn't have the keys.

As Terence was taking aim at David with the 357, Karine was preparing to shoot. She took a deep breath, pulled the nock to her cheek, and as the tip came into alignment a little below Terence's right shoulder released. The tip struck Terence's right shoulder as he pulled the trigger. Even though it was only a target arrow, the strike was enough to throw the slug off so that it hit David in the calf muscle of his right leg.

Terence yelled in pain. "God damn it." Terence ran inside the barn as Karine was leaving through the rear door, ran to the rear door, and went behind the barn in time to see that Karine was headed toward the eastern woods. He chambered a round in the 308, took aim through the scope, and squeezed.

Nothing. He looked at the trigger. It wouldn't budge. Then he noticed that the bolt hadn't completed seated. He tried to push the bolt in to chamber the round. It wouldn't budge and the harder he pushed, the more the cartridge became jammed in the chamber.

Disgusted, he dropped the rifle to the ground and headed off in the direction Karine had gone. He still had the 357, she only had a bow, a sawed off shotgun with no shells, and he still had the upper hand. David took off his belt, tied it tight around his leg, limped to the back of the barn, and got the 308. He saw that the bolt hadn't completely chambered the round. It was the same problem he had when trying his brother's reloads. The slug hadn't been seated deeply enough in the casing.

With the 308, compound bow, and arrows he climbed to the loft, went to loading door on the rear of the barn used for hay, and opened it enough to have a clear view from the woods east of the barn to the ravine to the west.

He could see Karine hiding in the middle of the rows of corn in the garden 125 yards away and that Terence was headed toward the garden. From this distance, the bow was not going to work. The 308 was the key. David looked at the scope. He couldn't tell if it had been knocked off but was confident that the open sights were still on.

125 yards was well within his capability to make a good shot without the scope. He loosened the mounting screws and dropped the scope on a bale of hay. To clear the jam, he did what he had done before.

After removing the magazine, he pulled the bolt back leaving the cartridge jammed in the chamber, broke off the tip of a target arrow, and used the blunt end to push the cartridge free of the chamber. Once he had replaced the oversize cartridges with fresh ones he put the magazine back in and chambered a round. It had taken over 15 minutes to clear the jam, take off the scope, and replace the cartridges.

He looked toward the garden and could see that Karine was standing with Terence aiming the revolver at her. She had dropped the bow and the shotgun. It looked like he had told her to do a strip tease. She had already taken her shirt off and moved her hands behind her back to undo her bra.

Terence slipped his pants down and started jerking himself off. After 10 seconds, he pointed to his cock and holding it in his hand motioned for Karine to come suck him off. Karine was more aligned with Terence than David wanted. He wished he had the scope still on. But he didn't see any alternative. He bit down on the slug of one of the oversize cartridges, took a deep breath, and exhaled while squeezing the trigger.

The 150 grain hollow point slug slammed into the back of Terence's head a little off center between the tops of his ear lobes. His head rocked forward and then jerked back like a bobble head puppet as pieces of tongue, nose, mouth, and eyes exploded off his face engulfing Karine in a sticky red cloud.

Karine reached the closest of the eastern trees in less than 2 minutes before she stumbled, stopped with her chest heaving, and gulped in air. It suddenly hit her what had happened. I can't think of any other explanation.

David! David did that! He saw what was going on and killed the guy! David looked for Karine. He didn't see her and was worried that she had been hurt.

David limped to the ladder, used his arms and his good leg to lower himself to the ground, and crawled on all fours to the porch. His leg hurt badly and he wondered if it was broken. He turned around and climbed the steps one butt lift at a time.

By the time he had managed to climb the steps, Karine had reached the bottom of the stairs. She took the stairs 2 and 3 at a time, ran to David, threw her arms around him almost knocking him down, and buried her head in his chest.

What had started as a peaceful happy Sunday had escalated into a tense fight to the death duel culminating in the death of two hardened prison escapees. But they had prevailed and David's arms around her released her built-up terror in a tidal wave.

She was crying, trembling, and shaking so hard she could barely gasp in a breath of air. He held her as tightly as he could hoping to help her calm down, kissed her cheeks, and ran his fingers across her scalp and back of her neck to try to relax her.

His own leg ached and his heart pounded like a bass drum. She tore off her clothes, used her bra, jeans, and panties to wipe her face, led him to the hammock, and yanked his hand to her breasts. With all the extra adrenaline and being emotionally wound up almost to the breaking point himself he was so stimulated that the sight of Karine's naked body lying there and the feel of her breasts hit him like a lightning bolt.

He was night sleep in one bed porn so rock hard that he had to unzip his fly and unbutton the waistband to push his pants down. She was already so wet that he turned her sideways on the hammock, lifted her butt, and penetrated her in a single thrust to start fucking her with one of the most swollen erections he had ever had.

14 thrusts after initial penetration she came in a series of megumi gets so much cum in mouth after is fucked 30 vaginal contractions spread out over more than 45 seconds and he came inside her so hard that the muscles on the bottom of his feet twitched.

After 21 more thrusts, she came again. He continued to push inside her for over 30 minutes and came inside her with the second most semen draining ejaculations of his life. Emotionally exhausted they fell asleep on the petite teen loves big rocket in her twat with her head resting on his chest. About 300 they heard a car driving up the gravel road, got out of the hammock, and went inside to put their clothes on.

David could see that it was a Texas Ranger in a marked vehicle pulling up next to their vehicles. He limped out onto the porch and sat on the top of step. The ranger stopped at the foot of the stairs and started telling him why he was there beginning with the prison break on Friday. "Three convicts escaped on Friday from the state jail in Jacksboro." David held up his hand and stopped him.

"Before you go on I think I should tell you what has gone down here at the farm today." Karine had cleaned herself up a bit and came out with two glasses of water with ice. The ranger looked closely at her. Her eyes were red and her cheeks seemed flushed. He wondered if she had been crying and if David had beaten her or something. She gave a glass to the ranger and went back inside to get water for herself.

David told the ranger that he wanted to wait until she came back to join them before he continued. Once she had come back to the porch she asked David how his leg felt. David said it was okay enough to talk. The ranger's attention was focused on the two of them, listening intently to what they fervent chick is gaping tight snatch in close up and having orgasm saying.

He asked David about his leg. David said he would get to it but it didn't hurt right then and he would try to finish while he felt okay. The ranger asked Karine if she had been crying. She said she had and that he would understand after they told him about the day.

David went through the events as best he could remember them pausing from time to time to ask Karine if he was leaving anything out. Once in a while, Karine would add something that David hadn't been witness to or respond to the ranger's questions. When he had finished telling the ranger about killing the first convict with a hunting arrow, the ranger asked him to take him to see for himself. David told him that his leg hurt after being shot and that a lot of walking was something he preferred to not do until someone looked at his leg.

The ranger asked David, "Do you want me to look at your leg? In this line of work, I've seen quite a few gunshot wounds?" David answered him, "That's probably a good idea." The ranger looked at David's leg and told him that even though he had seen worse he should get it looked at as soon as possible. "Before you go with Karine to see the body, I think I need to finish telling you about the day while I still can." After David finished telling about getting shot, retrieving the 308, witnessing Terence's attempted rape of Karine, killing Terence, and then making his way to the porch he told the ranger that he didn't think there was much left to tell from his side but that Karine might have some things to add from her side.

Karine told the ranger about luring Marius into the trap, shooting Terence with a target arrow, Terence's attempted rape, her run to the woods, and then coming back to the porch. The ranger asked Karine to take him to see the bodies. Standing over Marius's corpse the ranger spotted Susan's cell phone. Back at the porch, the ranger flipped through the pictures, gave Susan's phone to David, and called the medical examiner and coroner to come out. While Karine took the ranger to see Terence's body David flipped through the pictures.

In addition to the pictures, he also found a recent GPS read out showing the route from their office building in Fort Worth to the farm. When Karine and the ranger came back he was carrying the sawed off 12 gauge, the 357, and Karine was carrying her bloody shirt and the bow. The ranger told him that given the circumstances it was a heck of a shot to have made with Karine so close. After Karine finished telling a few last things that had happened that David may not have witnessed the ranger told them there were a few last things they needed to know.

"The third convict was caught Saturday after he ran out of gas just outside of Jacksboro. After all that he did, he wound up only a few miles from where he started, and he's now back in jail waiting for arraignment.

The reason I came here today is that inside the car map pocket, we found a map from an office building in Fort Worth to this farm. I used it just now to come here. We checked the car registration and found it registered to Jerry and Susan Becker. Susan Becker is the person the phone is registered to. "We don't know where the Beckers are. They dropped their kid off on Saturday at day care and never came back. Since the phone is registered to Susan Becker and there is the map, she has probably been around here recently.

I would like to bring in a couple of dogs to see if she has. Is that all right with you? And if you want, I will ask the prison doctor in Jacksboro to come out and he can take a look at your leg. " David replied, "I think bringing the dogs is a great idea. I looked at the photos on the phone. I think they were taken from the west side of the woods east of the porch.

And you may not have public agent sexy british asian fucks for strangers cash that there is a GPS read out for getting from the office building we work at in Fort Worth to this farm.

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"And I would really appreciate the prison doctor coming out to look at my leg. It's starting to ache really badly. "One last thing though. "This one is kind of delicate. We are married but not to each other. Is there any way for us not have our names blasted all over the news on this?" The ranger told them that all they needed to do was to write out the events as they had just told them to him. He, the doctor, and the people coming for the convicts' bodies could witness them signing the documents.

Anything further could probably be handled without them and if need be they could come out and deal with everything discretely.

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Karine and David wrote out their statements. Once the doctor, medical examiner, and coroner arrived they signed their statements, had them witnessed, and took pictures of amateur solo softcore masturbation fingers hard nipples hd hip thrust shaved tat statements with their phones. While the doctor worked on David's leg, the ranger and the handler worked the dogs.

At the edge of the woods, the dogs picked up a scent and led them to the Beckers' bodies. When the ranger returned to the farmhouse he told David and Karine that he had found two bodies and a camera with a long distance lens to the east next to a lake and asked them to go with him to make an identification. Once they and the ranger had gone to the lakes area David and Karine identified the bodies as Susan and Jerry Becker.

The ranger notified the medical examiner and coroner that there were two more bodies and sent them the GPS info. David said he could detect a fairly strong burnt wood smell, that he thought a fire had burned close very recently, and asked the ranger if he could snoop around a bit.

He followed the burnt wood smell and busty britney amber sucks many black dicks the spot where a fire had been built and a spit assembled. Near the spit he found some bones of a small animal with a little flesh still on them. He told the ranger about smelling something Saturday morning from the farm house when the wind was blowing from the east and now he thought it was probably the prisoners cooking something on a spit over the fire.

As the ranger was taking them back to the farm house he asked David if he knew whose land the lakes were on.

David said the farm included the lakes to the east. The ranger gave David the camera. "As far as I am concerned the camera and the phone were found on your land and are yours to use however you please." Back at the farmhouse the ranger handed David the map. "You said that you found a GPS entry directing someone how to get here from an office building in Fort Worth.

Do you recognize the cell phone number?" David turned to Karine. "Would you get the map I gave you from your car?" After Karine came back with the map David had given her she showed it to the ranger. "That's a copy of the map David put on my desk in the office. Here is the original. It's his cell phone number." The ranger gave the copy of the map to Karine and told them that he didn't see that he needed to take up any more of their time and gave them his contact information in case they needed to get in touch with him.

As for having their names kept out of the news he told them not to worry. He felt that what David and Karine had done was in complete self-defense and the state of Texas should give them a commendation if anything for getting rid of two crappy criminals and sparing the state the expense of a trial and execution.

After working for the state as a ranger for over 24 years, the state Attorney General, county district attorney's office, state prison authorities, and he were on very good terms. They would do what was necessary to protect their privacy. It was after 600 when the ranger left. It had been quite a Sunday. David told Karine that he thought they should get things tied up and go back to the city. Karine said it was already late and unless he was hurting she wanted their visit to end in a more pleasant way.

David was a little loopy from the pain killers the doctor had given him and said that he didn't think he should be driving just then anyway. While Karine made the salmon on the grill, corn on the cob, and green peas David made a list of things to wrap up around the place after their visit.

He went down the list: • Repair broken window. • Clean 308. • Get a new box of cartridges for 308. • Sight in the scope on the 308. • Leave note about brother's reloads. • Move bicycles from lakes to barn. • Close-up barn. • General policing. After supper, David wrapped his leg in plastic and against the doctor's advice about mixing alcohol and pain killers walked across the deck to the hot tub with two glasses of red wine. He did heed the doctor's advice to keep from immersing his leg completely and took a seat on the top edge of the deck with his good leg in the tub.

Karine walked out of the master bedroom onto the deck naked. He couldn't take his eyes off her and could have looked at her for hours but from the chill bumps all over her, her contracted areolas, and her erect nipples he knew it was too cold for her to stay out of the hot tub much longer.

Any harder and those tips could pop off and kill someone. "Get in the water before you catch cold or your nipples could pop killing someone. I've already been shot once today." Karine looked down at her nipples and laughed as she walked down into the warm water. "Too bad, I couldn't have popped one off at one of the convicts today. It would have been funny to see the surprised look when one of them got killed by a flying nipple tip." She sat down next to him on the seat, took the glass of red wine he extended to her, and took a sip.

David said, "Red wine. Soaking in warm water. A quiet evening with nothing but night sounds. What is missing?" "Not much. "Thank you for coming this week end. "I'm really sorry that you got so frightened today." Karine replied, "I came here of my own free will.

"And I am still here of my own free will. "What do you think Susan and Jerry Becker were up to?" "Probably blackmail or extortion. "Of us." "Do you think they got what they deserved?" "I don't think they deserved to be killed.

But what happened to them was the result of their own attempt to do something ugly to us when we didn't do anything to them. I figure their own greed probably caused them to put themselves in danger. And they paid the price." "But we didn't deserve to be threatened and fighting for our survival either. And that was the result of their actions. And if they were still alive, I would not forgive them for that. "You can't control peoples attempts to do bad things. "I am just so grateful that you are so capable with the bow and a rifle.

"We probably need to talk about what we are going to say if we are asked back in the office about the Beckers." "I don't know why someone at the blonde sucking dick and taking creampie through glory hole should ask us about them.

As far as I'm concerned, I have no real evidence of what happened to those two people. The pictures are just pictures. Do you think we should keep them?" "I think I would like to. This is a very noughty amerika wife sex story end to remember and I may want to prove to myself that it actually took place.

"We can put them on a stick drive and lock it down with a strong password." "I think I would like to do the same thing and then delete the ones on the phone and the camera." "That sounds smart." "You and I were here this week end. But that's nobody's business but ours. "As for the Beckers, it is not our responsibility and I have no actual knowledge to clarify what happened to them.

So, someone else's speculation is just as valid as mine. "And I am very grateful that you were willing to learn to shoot with the recurve and became so capable so quickly. The shot you made to hit the guy holding the revolver on me was nothing short of remarkable. One for how well you did it. And two for the circumstances under which you made it." "I am so very happy that I learned how to do something to protect someone.

I think I would like to continue to learn to shoot with the bow. Maybe you could continue to teach me?" "By all means. "Do you think you might like to hunt?" "I think I do." "We'll look into getting what you need when we get back to the city?" "I'm getting really sleepy.

"Can we go to bed soon?" "I think that's a great idea. "I'm ready if you are." It had gotten a good bit colder while they were in the tub. After they got inside the house, they went to the shower and cleaned up. Clean, dry, warm, relaxed, and just a little intoxicated, Karine lay her head on his chest and closed her eyes. He listened as her breathing slowed and became a steady rhythm.

It was so relaxing to hear her sleeping peacefully that he fell asleep with her head on his chest. About 600, Karine woke up. She felt David sleeping next to her. Maybe he would like a wake-up call? She reached behind her, pulled him tight against her, and wiggled her butt against his crotch.

With some of the effects of the pain killers and wine still in his system he was still practically asleep but the sudden feel of Karine's warm butt pressing against his soft penis and her warm nipples brushing against his hands were enough stimulation for him to respond. Her nightshirt was loose enough that he lifted it over her head, tossed it on the top of the quilt, pulled her butt against him, and began gliding the tip along the inside lip.

She wanted him inside her and moved her pelvis for him to enter her. He lifted to move the tip to her vaginal opening and penetrated her with three short thrust and pause combinations. To feel her pressed against him while her vagina held his penis inside, he pulled her butt back toward him with one hand and pushed her chest forward with the other.

He had been in her for about 30 seconds and moved his hand from her back to her breasts. He was about to tell Kathy how good she felt this morning when he squeezed one of Karine's breasts. Unless she had added at least a cup size, gotten a hotter, firmer ass, and a tighter pussy overnight this was not Katherine! He suddenly became fully awake, realized where he was, and who he was with.

He threw the covers down so he could watch Karine's butt as they fucked. Each time he pushed into her, her ass would jiggle. He loved to watch a woman's tits bounce as he fucked her and switched positions to stand on his knees with his thighs straddling her bottom leg and her back turned so that she was lying flat facing him.

Each time he completed a penetration her nipples lifted and fell in a loop. The stronger the penetration, the bigger the loop. He wanted so see just how big a loop he could make with her nipples and started thrusting as hard as he could. The increased power of his thrusts was not being lost on just moving her nipples in a loop. She moved her hands to his ass and pulled him into her to reach orgasm with a series of 18 contractions lasting over 30 seconds. He wasn't finished and stood fully upright next to the bed, swung her around sideways, cute babe gets a rock solid pecker her legs and hips, and penetrated her.

She quickly reached her second orgasm. When he felt the first few compressions squeezing his penis from all sides, he came in her with a series of 5 powerful contractions that ended just as her orgasm was finishing.

After a shower and breakfast, he did a look around. There were some things he had to take care of and asked her if she wanted to go to town with him to buy some things. She asked him if he thought he needed her help. He told her that it might take him a little longer with his leg but it no longer hurt badly and he could take care of things by himself. She asked him if he would like to come to dinner at her house that evening and if he did she would go back and start making lasagna.

About 1000 he was back at the farm with a new box of 308 cartridges, a new pane of glass, and the bicycles. A little before 300 he headed back to Fort Worth. After going by his house to drop off things from the week end he called Katherine to touch base. She was enjoying her visit and asked him about his week end at the farm.

He told her it had been moderately eventful. That evening he got to Karine's house about 630. She had some modern jazz playing softly and had put out a couple of candles.

After dinner, they sat in the den on the brown leather sofa talking. Karine asked him if he had any regrets about their week end. "About the only regret I have is that it's over. Do you?" "I have the same regret.

Do you want to try getting together from time to time?" "Yes I do." "I do too. One concern I have is hurting Mark.

And you probably have the same concern about Katherine." "With the intensity of all that went on this week end, it is going to be a very long time until I forget anything about it. David made a suggestion, "We're big kids. "Why don't we agree on this? If either of us gets uncomfortable to continue getting together in anything beyond a professional capacity, we will not have to explain or defend a decision to discontinue any other aspect of our relationship to the other." "I think that's a good thing for us to agree on.

But I know that I'll probably be hurt if I think it is because of me and not because of something else. "But I am willing to take a chance on being hurt if it means I can continue to have a relationship with you." "And if at some time one of use decides that it would be good to make a stronger commitment to each other do you want to talk about it?" "Yes." David said he thought he should go home for the night.

They both had work tomorrow and probably needed to be well rested to handle any fall out that might come their way after the week end.

They spent Tuesday and Wednesday by themselves in their own houses. There was a short meeting Wednesday to announce that the Beckers had been found murdered.

Pyaasa haiwan ebony horror movie part 2 office took up a collection to send flowers. Karine did not contribute to the collection, said she had special feelings for the Beckers, and would send something on her own. David said he also had special feelings for the Beckers and would send something on his own.

Together they made a contribution to the Texas Rangers retirement fund. The gossip around the office was that the Beckers were probably the victims of a car hijacking gone wrong. David had his leg looked at on Thursday and the doctor told him it was healing well and that he could go ahead and do anything he wanted but to come see him again if it started hurting or if he was concerned. Friday David picked up Katherine and Karine picked up Mark and the kids.