Pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 14

Pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 14
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My mother was always obsessed with the power hedrons could hold. She said because of their shape they held knowledge and power. She was an archaeologist and when I was much younger she went on a dig site that she couldn't tell me.

When she came back she was. Different. She never brought back artifact from the dig. Said it was illegal. But she brought back bags full of relics. When I asked her about it, she gave me this, I almost want to say devious grin.

She reached into her old duffel bag with Velcro straps and plastic buckles and pulled out a tetrahedron necklace, etched delicately with a symbol of Venus, Aphrodite, and Lilith. All of them filled in with rose silver. "I got this specially in mind of you my daughter." She said, an ancient tether tied on the edges of its shape. I took it from her uneasily knowing she wanted to drop the conversation.

After a week my dad had a priest come to the house. I don't remember much but I remember screams. All of them shrieking at the same time.

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They came from her. I don't remember much more then that until she was gunned down in the streets. She murdered two people that night.

The priest, and a cop who shot her with a taser. I went through most of high school keeping to myself. It wasn't till college my mind finally opened to the true reality around us. Someone slipped me LSD and it took an hour. But things started moving and became colorful. I saw a demon that night, attaching itself to people and actually affecting them and draining them. Suddenly the vibes in the room became like total salt. I left realizing I was on drugs and was having a bad trip.

I went to bed after I got home and my thoughts settled. That's when I had a dream. One where I saw lines in the air. I saw glowing white energies pop out of the lines and sift into others.

That's when I realized, there is a place that exist between places. Dimensions. Led me to a lot of theories. Ones about where people's souls go after they die. After many years and much ghost research I decided to go ghost hunting. I was 22 years old when I decided to do this. In the town I was in, there were a lot of "haunted" places.

But I wanted to make sure I was going to experience something. So I decided to go to a quite haunted place that I heard of. A farm once owned by a family named the Millers. The Millers apparently had a special needs son who was about seven feet tall. His name, Arthur, and Arthur was a butcher. One day while his parents were away, off to town. A group of the occult kidnapped him and possessed him with some sort of negative spirit.

The cult members apparently killed themselves offering blood to like, power Arthur. Slit their wrists. After Arthur got home he waited for his parents to get back where he massacred them and ate their hearts and drained the blood from their bodies.

Four police officers went missing before the whole department went down to the farm. They found him in the basement with the four dead cops drained of blood and mutilated. He muttered the word "meat" under his breath before eight cops with pistols and shotguns unloaded on him.

After he was buried people never checked if the place was haunted. Yet they say its the most haunted place in the hole city. The dirt road to the farms been made crossing it with normal vehicle pretty much impossible. The whole land has been surrounded by razor wire fencing.

No one ever ventures there. Not brave little kids on a dare nor belligerent drunks. I guess I was just excited all this spirituality shit might be real. Either that or I'm permatripping. I arrived at the farm house at ten o'clock pm. Parking on the edge of the farm land. I wore a black jogging attire, black yoga pants, a thin black sweatshirt, running shoes and a head band with a go pro in it. A miniature camera. I wore the outfit incase a cop car caught me out there.

I had an excuse, just an ignorant jogger. It took about thirty minutes of scrambling through brush and gnarled roots until I finally made the clearing of the large farms lawn. The air was cold and felt thin. The grass was flatter and seemed almost yellow under the full moon. That's also when I noticed it was a full moon.

I didn't think anything of it. At the time. The land felt wrong. For as bright as the moon was I couldn't see anything in the houses seemingly black windows. Fall may not have been the best season to do this.

Definiantly Made it extra creepy. Rotting wood panels with chipping blue paint, the front door, a metal wire and wood frame. The wind reeled the door open to slam back shut. Sighing hesitantly I foxy ashley rides on a massive cock forward approaching swiftly.

The front deck was rotten wood and I'm sure in the daylight it would've still appeared black. I felt the floor boards warp underneath my feet, creaking to the point of cracking.

I held the tukang pijat jepang entot istri orang door open. Figuring the best solution was usually the simplest. I put my hand on the black tin doorknob and twisted. Clunk I lightly pressed the solid oak door open watching dust piston from the hinges and the door slowly squeaked open. In front of me was a hall that led to what looked like the kitchen. To the left the living room, the right the dining room, beside the hall a staircase leading upstairs.

Every room was empty. The wood floor was caked in thick dark dust. But there were black streaking trails through to the kitchen. I swallowed hard, feeling like I just swallowed my tongue. But as much as I wanted to leave I felt compelled to continue forward, like I could feel something in the house. So I grasped my tetrahedron pendant and took courage from it. I felt an energy from what's known as my sacral chakra. Apparently I emanate a light tint of pink, a light blue and light green in my aura.

I followed the dried blood trails into the kitchen. Trying to keep my breath steady I followed the streaks to a closed white door. Not wanting to stand trail I immediately went to open the door just to discover a metallic click.

The door didn't budge. Honestly, I was quite relieved to find it locked. So the next part of the house I wanted to go after was the upstairs. I didn't get five feet before the white door clicked and creaked open. Fear flooded my senses as I thought of what to do. But every thought was shaky. I held my pendant tightly drawing closer and reaching for the doorknob.

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My hand stopped and began to quiver hearing a deep breath from behind the door. A heavy rusty breath that shifted the door slightly. What.

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Was that? Fear had my bones stiff at the joints. I figured I had two options, run or open it. I chose wrong. I flung the door open. There it was, a decayed, demonic seven foot giant riddled with bullet holes leaking yellow pus and black coagulated blood. A once white straight coat torn to shreds with the giants jagged fingernails. The front of his jaw looked pasted back together from a twelve gauge shattering it.

His upper teeth had three sets, teeth shoved into his rotting gums not all of them human. "Fresh meat." It's double set of voices spoke, both sets so scrappy and rusty it spiraled my thoughts down like a black tornado. It suddenly grabbed me by my throat lifting me helplessly off my feet.

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His other hand grabbed the back of my thigh. Tossing me over his shoulder like a rag doll. I screamed, pounding on his back with my fist.

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They hit his cold dead flesh fruitlessly. It muscled rippled and hard I could barely breath on his frame. Halfway down I began to blackout. I came back in with my head spinning and I was suddenly slammed on something hard.

My back felt wet and my vision came back to. The monster grabbed my thin sweatshirt lifting me from the ground ripping it from my body.

I screamed again turning on my stomach in my black tank top. I started hyperventilating and screaming at the same time. Blood covered the floor, bits of brains and carnage chunks everywhere. Bodies hung from meat hooks.

I started to cry as my psyche began to break, my tits were pressed into the red and swirls of black coagulated blood. It soaked up erotic sofa kissing tits mashing with lesbians my tank top, I felt it thickly pool between my melon breasts.

Blood covered the whole of my body neck down, and I could feel flecks of blood on my face. My breath felt numb, every exhale I let out a moan of shock and fear.

I could literally feel his shadow weighing on me, but it was nothing compared to when the undead giant went down to his knees on either side of my hips. I felt one hand grasp a handful of my long bleach blonde, wavy hair.

His other giant hand grabbed the spandex leggings on my butt. He pulled lifting my body and tearing a hole in the fabric around my privates. I lesbo lovely babes love playing in kinky way felt the cool draft on my blood smeared nether regions.

I tried to fight, harder then before, I was mainly just uncontrollably squirming my wet legs being pinned in two inches of gore. I was never much of a runner.

My thighs were rounder but not really muscular, I was a volleyball player. I felt his long cold dead member touch my soft blood smeared folds. My eyes widened giving out a broken cry. His hand seized me by the throat turning my screams to a squeaking half. My hands clawed at his stiff, flesh hanging hands. I could feel my pink painted fingernails sink into its cold dead flesh as chunks of his skin fell into the blood in white and deep purple coils.

Watching them sink in slowly was all I could do as his flesh ridden cock began to drive between my folds cindy sucking riding big black dick kitchen my soft white and red pussy. I opened my curved lips to scream but my throat still let out no air. I could feel my face pulsing as that creatures dick shoved further in.

I could feel bits of flesh rip from its cock on my tight pussy. With every pulpy flesh nodule on its cock stopped his advance for a moment before my pussy tore it away. I didn't know what degree of revulsion I felt as cold clumpy blood poured from its cock into my warm living cunt.

It released its grip of my throat shoving it down my tank top grasping a slippery handful of my left breast. His large fingers pinched my hard, pink, erect nipples. His other hand grabbed the back of my thigh, squeezing. I don't recall when I started moaning, but I finally took notice of it when he wrapped chains tightly around my wrists and he was fucking me on my knees. Pounding my pussy. The tremendous force of his pounding had my round ass clapping and bouncing. In the next moment he hung me on the hook by my chained wrists.

I remembered how he took a step back after hanging me up. He stared at my slim hourglass frame, tearing away my shirt easily, exposing my large bloody tits that meloned past my frame. His eyes were black yellow with black veins popping from them. His bound bottom jaw looked strung together with sinews and nervous systems and more flesh that looked grafted on with fire. Hair, long black and matted. His ridged muscles covered in a black oily substance that hardened in the definition of its muscles.

All his teeth mis-sized, in crooked order that made three distorted lines varying in colors of white to yellow. I'm sure that half of them weren't even human. He roughly shoved his arms underneath my legs lifting my calves on its shoulders. Using its large hands to grab my hips and ass. His hands were like mass, his fingers easily having a brooke wylde sex stories porn vidosxxx long reach baring six knuckle each.

My teardrop ass sat easily in his palm. It shoved my pussy roughly back on to his long shaft, having nearly as much difficultly as the first time. The creature gave me an insidious grin. I looked up and cried out a harsh moan as the monster stuffed my tight snatch. It pumped savagely, sending ripping shivers of. Sadistic pleasure, through my body. My right eye twitched clenching my jaw feeling a tingling in my nipples. I knew the undead bastard could sense it in me.

Its tongue slid from its gaping maw, it looked like a ropey coil of grey scales with two rattling pincers at the tip. The almost needle like pincers rolled my nipple harshly harshly between them as the rest of the tongue lolled out and wrapped around my breast. The wet cold muscle slithered groping my breast like a serpent.

I cried out weakly, fighting them moaning just enough to make the creature pump harder. My moans climbed higher, building upon my light pitches. I felt every muscle in my face seize cumming uncontrollably. My pussy tightened around his cock feeling it jolt with the last bit of energy in it body. It roared, shooting cold blotchy cum deep into my womb. As my voice came down I shivered, cold sensations riveted up and down my spine.

It pulled out lifting my body from the hook and nearly dropping me to my knees. It grasped my cheeks, under my wide rosy cheek bones. It shoved its cock between my pink vacuum lips and out of the pure carnal instincts of either survival, or being a freak, I sucked. I moaned, bobbing my head back an forth drinking the dead and decayed fluids. My tongue sliding around its cold hard shaft with black wounds and scabs. I moaned like a slut, my cheeks concaving as my slender fingers fondled its balls.

My hands slipped between my legs, sliding my finger into my asshole. I popped my lips off the head of his decayed cock. Sitting back licking my lips it looked down at me. Then I realized he was looking past me, it scanned the room as if it were searching for me. It roared in fury as it spun around ripping the hook from the wall whipping it across the room.

I suddenly realized my opportunity. I scrambled through the blood floor. I got tunnel vision crawling up the stairs. I burst from the basement running for my life. I sprung teen rides her bosses big cock at office open mouth cumshot and reverse cowgirl the house as an arm seized me by the waist close lining my legs into the air.

I screamed in hysteria. "Hey baby, no need to run, we'll protect your juicy ass." "See I told you I saw a jogger up here Carlos." a younger man said. "Hey bitch." Carlos said pulling out a gun, forcing me to my knees. I suddenly realized none of my clothes were ripped, I wasn't covered in blood. Yet I still felt my throbbing pussy, my sore throat.

I could still taste its cum, but it was faint like I swallowed it an hour ago. "Listen here bitch, your gonna suck my boys here, dick. Then mine with those pretty pink lips." He threatened, "now what race are you?" "What?" I ebony beauty housekeeper enjoys big white cock terrified, He lifted the gun like he was going to pistol whip me, "Don't fuck with me bitch!" He roared breaking the quiet night air.

"My boys here, German!" "Swedish! Swedish! I'm Swedish." I cried, "Well miho, tonight I give you your first woman, a Swedish, big, blonde, bimbo." He declared as the young man with blonde hair began to unzip his pants. "Hey! Who the fuck are you?" Carlos roared letting me to and pacing past me a few steps. "Carlos! Its him!

Its Arthur Miller!" The kid almost spasmed, "Bullshit don't exist Alex!" He yelled pointing the gun. I didn't hesitate, I ran, and didn't look back. I got ten feet from the deck when I heard four bullets ring out. Then screams. I didn't stop running. I didn't stop hearing the horrid screams until I shut my car door. I pulled the keys from my purse and shoved them in the ignition. The engine turned and flicked on my lights. I gasped seeing the giant in my view, behind the razor wire fence his frame could easily smash through.

I felt his anger, his darkness, his pure utter evil. But it was being directed. I felt the energy in my sacral chakra. My snatch began to moisten. I breathed hard. I felt so much power from the hedron on my neck.

I knew there was a connection. I looked up to see him closer to the fence. Like he couldn't pass it, like those fake imaginary lines meant a damn. I drove away thinking a lot. I meditated for four weeks. I did a lot of research, made a few theories, and developed some weird.

Fetishes, over the course of the year. So I decided its times to test my theory. Forty one year old John Joe. Aka The Dirty Mime. He wore a black and white medieval actors mask, half smiling, half frown. He picked out porn stars and what he called "potential." He led an illegal sex and meth ring. Every new girl he personally broke in by fucking their holes raw and torturing them perversely. The more the girl resisted the rougher he got. He had a thing that made every girl terrified.

He never showed his face and if one of his girls were getting too old or too strung out on meth, he would start licking her pussy and ass then literally start eating them alive and screaming. If he didn't "eat" her she would be terrified and be a bit more loyal afterward. He murdered over two hundred porn stars and potential. He didn't meet his end until one of his meth head, hill billy buyers found out that he raped and ate his tweaker wife ass in.

They took all of his belongings, killed and hung his men. Hammered meth into his flesh and burned him alive crucified on a cross. He never made a sound, not when they hammered crystal into his flesh, or nailed his palms into the wood. They set the fire and he crossed his fingers tilting his head smiling. I have a theory about what happened to me a year ago, and if I'm right, I'll be back to write another story.