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Cast of Characters Main Characters Kyle Unmei Jr.: Half-Japanese/Half-Kurdish owner of Aaliyah and wielder of Earthheart Aaliyah Unmei: A Jann sent to marry the prophesied savior of the Djinn. Kyle's First Wife. Fatima Unmei : Kyle's younger sister and wife, wielder of Fireheart, and in a magical coma cursed by Ms.

Franklin. Christy Unmei nee Leonardson: Kyle's long-time girlfriend turned third wife. She was a member of Ms. Franklin's dark coven and betrayed Kyle and Aaliyah. Out of guilt, she fled to find redemption with the Goddess Ishtar. Nakamura Fumi: Kyle's girlfriend.

She's a Yuiki-onna, a succubus like creature that feeds on semen and will kill any man that cums in her pussy. She is in Japan looking for a way to be with Kyle. Wielder of Windfeather. Britney Kingston: Kyle's best friend since elementary school. She is a Rakshasa and has sworn to defend Kyle. She is a hermaphrodite and has claimed Phillipa as her mate. Wielder of Waterclaw. Enemies Principal Burke: A man posing as the principal of Kyle's school and a powerful warlock who desires Aaliyah and her power.

Sultan Rashid ibn al-Marid: The despotic ruler of the Djinn and leader of the Marid clan. Wants Aaliyah dead to thwart the prophecy. Zaritha: An Ifrit serving the despotic ruler of the Djinn and sent to kill Aaliyah. She was instead captured by Burke and forced to serve him, sent to Japan to kill Fumi and retrieve Windfeather.

Sable Purcell: Also known as Tourmaline, she was a member of Ms. Franklin's witch coven. After the coven's defeat, she serves Burke and is on a mission to kill Christy for betraying the coven.

Erinyes: The vengeful daughter of Hecate hunting Christy for betraying her oaths to the Goddess Hecate. Ms. Franklin: The deceased servant of Burke and leader of the coven. Also known as Celestite. Concubines Chyna Unmei nee Coel: Kyle's first concubine. Ms. Franklin cast a spell on Kyle and Chyna, forcing them into long awaited fuckfest with euro harlots hardcore groupsex slave/master relationship.

Shannon Unmei nee Coel: Chyna's hot mom and Kyle's second concubine. Alexina Unmei nee Kendrick: Blonde concubine. Carla Unmei nee Tyler: Redhead concubine. Antonette "Toni" Unmei nee Buckley: Cheerleader concubine. Daniella "Ms. Capello" Unmei nee Capello: Kyle's English teacher and concubine. Lois Unmei nee Smilingfox: A lesbian Domme that serves Kyle as a concubine. Ann Unmei nee Weaver: Fatima's friend and strawberry-blonde hair. Kayleah Unmei nee Peterson: Fatima's bleached blonde concubine and former rival.

Teleisia Unmei nee Otis: Aaliyah's African American concubine. Phillipa Stoddard: Captured witch from Ms. Franklin's coven and claimed by Britney to be her mate. Currently being broken by Britney through BDSM.

Other Characters Faiza Unmei: Kyle and Fatima's widowed mother. Has been asked out on a date by Principal Burke. Mrs. Skinner: Kyle's math teacher. Braiden Smythe: Kyle's former friend. Braiden is in love with Christy and makes passes at her. Corey Derrickson: Kyle's friend and master brazzers cute teen melissa romi takes big dick sucking natural Aleah, his concubine.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Good morning, Mistress," purred a voice. Wet lips kissed her face. Fatima smiled, opening her eyes to see Ann's beautiful face framed by her strawberry-blonde curls. She stared into her concubine's blue eyes, kelsi lynn and kacie castle getting fucked by big black cock interracial and pornstars up to stroke Ann's fair face with her dusky hand.

Ann blushed and shivered. "You are so beautiful," Fatima sighed. She felt refreshed after her run. She really couldn't remember what she had been running from, but she had put all her energy in fleeing, pushing herself sex stories xxx movies kareena kapoor com exhaustion. And now I wake up to Ann's smiling face. "Morning," murmured a sleepy voice, a warm body pressed against Fatima's back.

She turned and smiled at Kayleah's bleached-blonde curls spilling across her pale shoulders and round breasts. Fatima gave her other concubine a kiss on the lips, her hand reaching out to stoke the teen's hip as her tongue slipped into her mouth. Ann pressed into her back, her small breasts rubbing against Fatima. "I love you, Mistress," Ann whispered. "I'm so glad you found us." Fatima smiled, breaking the kiss.

"Me, too." "Me three," giggled Kayleah, her gentle fingers finding Fatima's dark nipple, circling it and sending wonderful sensations thrilling through the young woman. "I think we need to have ourselves a little lesbo lovefest!" Fatima declared, her own fingers finding Kayleah's pink nipples.

"It's the best way to start the day." "Yes, Mistress," sighed Kayleah. "I'm your slave, Mistress," purred Ann, her finger tracing down Fatima's side to then slipped down to touch her Mistress's ass.

"Whatever you want, I'll do." "Aren't I lucky to have a pair of concubines like you?" Fatima grinned. Her skin felt on fire where Ann traced, the concubine's finger working down lower, grazing the cleft between her two asscheeks, teasing her.

"We live to please you," Kayleah moaned. "We love you, Mistress." "And I love you both." And Kyle and Aaliyah. Fatima wondered where her husband and wife were. Why wasn't she in his bed? Where am I? Ann's finger wormed between her butt-cheeks, brushing her sphincters, electricity rushing through her. Then Kayleah's warm mouth engulfed her nipple, the concubine's tongue swirling about her nub between sucks, sending pleasure surging through her.

Fatima gasped as Ann's finger pushed into her ass, working back and forth, adding more wonderful sensations to her body. "You delightful sluts," Fatima moaned. Kayleah switched nipples, sucking harder, her teeth grazing lightly, little nips; Fatima's body twitched with the quick stab of pain and pleasure. She stroked her bleached-blonde hair, delighting in the silky feel.

Ann's finger pumped faster and then the wonderful concubine slipped a second finger into her ass, spreading her open, intensifying her pleasure. Her hips shifted, pushing back into Ann's probing fingers. Her pussy was on fire, her two concubines igniting an inferno between her thighs and she needed it quenched.

Her hand pressed on the top of Kayleah's head. The blonde knew what to do. She kissed down Fatima's dusky body, licking her flat skin, teasing her belly button—Fatima squealed and giggled—then reached the sparse curls adorning her youthful pussy. Kayleah nuzzled her silk, kissing her pubic mound, and prolonging Sweet teen opens up wet muff and gets deflorated wonderful agony.

"Lick me!" moaned Fatima, the fires consuming her. "Eat me, slut!" "Yes, Mistress," Kayleah purred, her hazel eyes flashing up to Fatima's. "I'm eager to please." "Yes, you are!" moaned Fatima as her concubine took her first lick through Fatima's burning pussy, gathering Fatima's dew. "So eager!" Fatima's dusky hands gripped her pale hair, running through the golden hair, then pulling her deep into Fatima's pussy. Kayleah's tongue was limber, digging through her silky folds.

The fires burning in the depths of her core, stoking the higher. Fatima shuddered, gasping and moaning, humping her cunt into Kayleah's lips as Anne fingered her ass harder, faster. "Cum, Mistress," Ann moaned, licking her ear.

"Let yourself and cum on Kayleah's sweet lips." "Yes! You delightful sluts! I love you both! You're mine!" "We are!" Kayleah moaned yes, then worked her tongue deeper, probing her depths and igniting every nerve her tongue came in contact with.

The fires burned hotter, fueled by her concubines, tongue and fingers. It was about to consume her and leave only wonderful, ashy bliss behind. Her concubine found her clit, sucking that sensitive bud into her mouth. The fire exploded into a storm, sweeping through her body. She screamed wordlessly, a loud, piercing shout that resounded through the room, through the world—a beacon of burning passion. "Oh, yes!" she groaned, the fires dying to wonderful embers.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," Ann whispered, pulling her fingers out. She looked over her shoulder and smiled as the petite girl sucked her fingers dirty with Fatima's ass into her lips, savoring her Mistress's flavor. Darkness grew over her shoulder, great shadowy eyes melting through the wall, looming over Ann's form.

The eyes were part of a terrifying body, a horrible wound gaping in the shadow's stomach. Terror burned through Fatima and her heart pounding faster than a freight train. She had to flee.

"No!" She shoved Kayleah's mouth off her pussy. "What's wrong, Mistress?" Kayleah asked. "That!" Fatima screamed, pointing at the looming darkness. She could feel the malevolence of that shadow. Fatima had wronged it, wounded it. "What?" Ann looked behind her. "It's just the wall, Mistress." "She's going to get me!" Fear controlled Fatima.

Nothing else mattered except fleeing from this shadowy presence. "You're scaring me," wailed Ann.

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Fatima was on her feet, crouching on the bed. The shadowy figure was so close, the eyes cold and hate-filled. Fatima had to flee. She turned and ran, the bedroom wall vanishing as she ran through it and burst onto an endless, dark plane. There was nothing but the shadow chasing her. Her feet slapped the bare, featureless ground, putting all her energy into her sprint, racing like a forest fire.

"Where am I?" she yelled. "What is going on?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday, January 25th South Hill Kyle closed the door behind him and his wife. Fatima had been still the same—sleeping on her hospital bed. His mom was still by her side, but she planned on finally coming home tonight. Fatima was stable and breathing on her own, she just couldn't wake up.

The doctors were baffled. Her brain was active. It was like she was stuck asleep, locked in a dream. In a nightmare. Ms. Franklin's last spell. He wanted to kill the bitch again. Ann and Kayleah both looked sad as they marched upstairs. His sister's concubines had wanted to stay with their mistress, but Kyle's mom had insisted that they go home and do their schoolwork. "You need to keep concentrating on it.

Fatima would have wanted it," his mom had said. Neither concubine had argued with their mother-in-law, though they both knew Fatima would never have said that. With a sigh, Kyle plopped on the couch in the living room, staring at the black screen of the TV. Aaliyah snuggled up against him, resting her head on his shoulder. "What can we do about this, Aaliyah?" he asked her, fed up with waiting. He wanted to do something to fix his wife. "What do you know about witchcraft?" "Nothing," she answered.

"It wasn't part of my education. We just have to wait on Britney to break Phillipa. Then we'll have some answers." "I bet Christy would know." Aaliyah shifted. "Maybe." He pulled his cell phone out, scrolling through his phone book to Christy's number. He stared at it, his emotions boiling inside him.

He should be angry at her. He was angry at her, but he also loved her. He couldn't help that. He missed her. She was a part of him. But her letter made it quite clear that she didn't want him contacting her. His finger hovered over the screen, wanting to tap the green button.

His finger didn't want to move. What do I say to her? Should I ask her to come back? And what about Aaliyah. She had almost died because of Christy's betrayal. His finger twitched, nearing the screen, then backed off. His stomached twisted, his heart beat faster, and sweat broke out on his forehead.

Aaliyah touched his arm, her fingers cool, then they dug into his flesh, fingernails biting. The doorbell rang. The tension burst out of him. He had to answer the door.

He could make the decision after dealing with the doorbell. He crossed the living room, walking up the white door. He could see the tops of heads through the frosted, crescent window on the top of the window—brown hair and strawberry-blonde. He opened the door. "Hi, we're here to share the joyous news with you," a bubbly brunette said, her back straightening, and Kyle enjoyed her rather generous breasts bouncing beneath her conservative, white blouse tucked into a dark skirt.

Her companion, the strawberry-blonde, was rubbing my wet panties gets me so hot little taller, but still curvy in her matching, conservative dress. Kyle's dick stood up. "Come in," he smiled. "I'd love to hear about this joyous news." A smile swept across Aaliyah's face. The brunette had a very pink aura, but her companion's aura was a strong red—not someone easily dominated.

What's the redhead in to, Aaliyah? His wife's grin deepened. *She's very confused. She likes women, a, um, lesbian, but thinks it's wrong. A sin. Your time is so strange.

It's so free and yet so repressed all at once.* Yeah. Humans don't make a lot of sense. *So I have learned.* "The end of the world is coming," the brunette said, still smiling. "And only a limited number will be saved. And you don't want to be one of the damned, right?" Kyle nodded, then thought to his wife, What's her feelings about the brunette? "We're raven black in my husband likes to watch to offer you salvation," the redhead added.

"I'm Sister Rachel, and this is Sister Hannah." She placed a gentle hand on the brunette's shoulder, giving her a squeeze. Aaliyah slipped up, hooking her arm around his waist. "This is my wife, Aaliyah," Kyle introduced. *Sister Rachel very much wants to have Hannah do naughty things to her. But she's scared of her desires, of sinning, and frightened she'll drive Hannah away.* "How nice to meet you," Rachel smiled, her eyes seemed to light up as she gazed at the dusky genie.

Why don't we help them out. Hannah's a submissive. I wish that you give Rachel the courage to act on her feelings and we'll see what happens. "Done," Aaliyah laughed. "You have such wicked ideas, my love." Rachel blinked. Kyle led his wife back to the couch, sitting down. The two missionaries followed them into the living room. Rachel kept giving Hannah lust-filled looks, color blossoming in her freckled cheeks.

Kyle was eager to see how this played out. If she was a lesbian, Rachel didn't need to be in the closet, and Hannah looked like the type of girl that needed a strong hand.

"So, Jesus Christ has died for our sins, but only a." "You are so beautiful," whispered Rachel into Hannah's ears. "Sister Rachel!" blushed the brunette, hunching her shoulders. "What are you doing?" "I've been watching you for so long," whispered the redhead, her tongue mere inches from Hannah's ear. "For years, I've had my eye on you, wishing I had the courage to tell you just how beautiful you are." Hannah looked like a deer trapped in headlights.

"I once saw you half-undressed in a locker room. Your breasts were large and snowy and I wanted to bury my face between them and enjoy the feel of them." "Sister Rachel!" Hannah's rosy cheeks grew scarlet.

"I've masturbated so many times to that image. I've never been with anyone. I just want you." "Well, I don't want you," Hannah whispered, looking down. "I have a boyfriend." "I'll love you far more than Peter. First time dildmasturbation and pussy fingering 14 you will worship me." "I don't want you for my girlfriend, Rachel.

I'm" "I don't want you to be my girlfriend. I want you for my slave." A shiver ran through Rachel. "I want to be your lesbian Domme." "What?" gasped Hannah. *This is so hot,* Aaliyah whispered in his ear, shifting against him. He could hear the heat in her thoughts and feel the heat of her body through her sweater and jeans. His own cock was throbbing in his pants.

It is, he thought backed. Her hand found his crotch, stroking his hard-on. He groaned and pushed his hand between her thighs. "I want to be your Mistress." Rachel cupped Hannah's face, tuning the younger woman to face her, their lips inches apart. Aaliyah squeezed his cock, anticipating their kiss. "I want you to be my submissive. My lesbian slave. I've wanted it for so many years. All through High School. And now you are a grown woman, so beautiful, and I want you for my pet." "But it's a sin." "I don't care!" she hissed.

"And why should it be. We can love each other. Just give me your love and trust and will. Nothing else is more precious." "I can't," Hannah whispered, trying to pull away. "You can. I can see it in your eyes. I can feel the heat pumping through your veins. You want nothing more than to fall to your knees and be my little kitten." "That's not true." *It is,* Aaliyah insisted.

*Well, she wants to be anyone's kitten. But she feels a great deal of shame about it.

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I could ease her conscious.* You wouldn't be forcing her? *Nope. Just assuaging the guilt that had been ingrained in her.* I wish that. Aaliyah's hand squeezed his cock, pleasure rippled through him. He rubbed harder at her groove, the heat increasing and he could feel her moisture beading through her panties and jeans as his wife's excitement grew.

"Be my kitten." Hannah bit her lip, looking into her fellow missionary's eyes. Her hips shifted, thighs pressing together. Kyle loved this. It was like watching porn, but so much hotter. It was happening in real life. "Give me your love." Rachel's thumb stroked Hannah's cheek.

Hannah's lips moved. "I couldn't hear you, kitten. You have to meow louder." "Yes," moaned Hannah. "I've always dreamed of being taken by someone. But no one ever tried. Even if it's a woman, I'll be your kitten." His jean's zipper rasped; Aaliyah fished his hard cock out, stroking it with her dusky hand, gathering his leaky precum to lube her fist. He rubbed harder at her cunt, digging her jeans into her groove.

She moaned, shifting her hips, humping hot milf got a facial cum and swallow his rubbing hand. "Then undress." "What?" gasped Hannah, throwing a glance at Kyle and his wife. "Kittens don't wear clothes," Rachel purred, twirling a long lock of Hannah's brown hair. "So strip!" Hannah flinched at the intensity of her new mistresses command, her hands flying to the pearl buttons of her white blouse, working furiously down, then she hot dilettante adorable chick christy lynn hardcore blowjob out of the blouse, her neck and chest as flushed as her chest, half-hidden by her plain, white bra that supported her rather generous melons.

"That's it," hissed Kyle. "Strip, you little slut." Aaliyah moaned yes, and stroked his cock faster, her eyes locked on the blossoming lesdom before them. The bra came off and Kyle, Aaliyah, and Rachel moaned their appreciation at her heavy curves topped with fat, dark-red nipples.

Rachel's hands immediately went to her kitten's tits, squeezing her flesh, then buried her face between them, motor-boating those lush melons. "Wonderful!" she gasped. "They're as silky and amazing as I always dreamed." "Thank you." "Mistress," Rachel corrected. "Mistress," nodded Hannah, flushing again, her hands going to the fastener of her skirt, the black cloth dropping about her slim hips.

Her panties were thick and boring. She pushed them down her hips, revealing the curve her pale ass before her panties dropped down her legs, bunching around her knees.

"Gorgeous," groaned Kyle. "I need more," whispered Aaliyah. "My pussy's on fire." Kyle found the snap of her jeans, popped it, pulled her zipper down exposing her lacy, yellow panties—Aaliyah's favorite color—and shoved his hand down them, pressing through her smooth flesh to find her hot, damp hole.

She gasped as he shoved two fingers in her warm depths, grinding his palm into her clit as he worked in and out of pussy. Aaliyah moaned her appreciation, fisting his cock faster. "Beautiful," Rachel nodded, pulling away, licking her lips.

"What a gorgeous kitten. Now undress me." "Yes, Mistress." "Kittens don't talk." Rachel reached around and slapped her ass, the cheeks jiggling. "Oh, yeah," groaned Kyle. "Meow." "Oh, that's delightful," cooed Aaliyah.

"I need to make Teleisia do that." Kyle had a flash of his wife's Black concubine on her knees meowing as she licked at Aaliyah's pussy. His cock ached harder. He needed more than his wife's hand. He pulled his hand out of her pussy and yanked her jeans down. Aaliyah lifted her hips, wiggling to help him work the skinny jeans and panties down her thighs, exposing that beautiful pussy he loved.

She kicked them off, lying back on the couch, Kyle pushing his jeans and boxers down as he settled in between their thighs. They were both watching the new lesbian Domme playing with her kitten. Hannah worked Rachel's buttons as fast as her own, and Rachel's blouse soon joined Hannah's, then her bra, revealing a pair of smaller, though just as lovely, breasts. Hannah darted in and, meowing, gave a playful lick at Rachel's right nipple. "Oh, you wonderful kitten!" "Meow!" Hannah's tongue swiped again, circling the left nipple, then sucking the nub into her lips.

Kyle buried into Aaliyah's dripping pussy. They both groaned as he sank into her, humping their hips together. Kyle rested his cheek on Aaliyah's, fucking his wife as they watched Hannah kneel, tugging Rachel's skirt off her hips then the lacy thong she had concealed beneath her conservative skirt.

"All kitten's need their cream," purred Rachel, guiding her submissive to her dripping pussy. "Meeeoooow!" hissed Mofos b sides ava taylor homemade porn diy style mofos before burying her face into Rachel's smoothly shaved twat. Kyle just caught flashes of pink tongue disappearing into dark-pink flesh.

"Yes!" groaned Rachel, grabbing a handful of her slaves brunette curls and forcing her face deeper into her pussy, humping her hips. "Eat me, kitten. Lap up ever last drop of my special cream!" Hannah's meow was muffled by hot cunt. The couch rocked as Kyle pounded Aaliyah's cunt harder, their flesh slapping together. His genie's fingernails clawed his back as she gasped and moaned. Rachel's breasts heaved as her body shook from Hannah's ministrations, those perky breasts bouncing and dancing as her hips rode her kitten's hungry mouth.

"Shit!" Kyle grunted. "Fuck that slut! Make her eat every drop of your pussy!" "She's such a naughty kitten!" gasped Aaliyah. Kyle noticed movement at the kitchen. Alexina's blonde hair streaked with pink, was just peaking around the corner followed by Carla's face. He smiled at his concubines and they began filling the doorway, watching the show, fidgeting their hips and stroking each other's bodies.

He beckoned them, and his seven concubines spilled in, Ms. Capello at the center, joined by his wives concubines: Teleisia, Ann, and Kayleah. Clothes were stripped off and hands were groping feminine flesh. Kyle's eyes flickered from his naked concubines to the lesbian Domme and her kitten, pounding his wife's cunt, his balls about to boil over and froth his wife.

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Capello scooped up Ann and Kayleah, bringing them to her heavy breasts to suckle while Carla and Teleisia scissored their pussies together, ivory and ebony flesh heaving together. "Eat me!" hissed Rachel. "You better make me teen katti gold sucks and rides handymans big rod, kitten, or I'll swat your backside with a newspaper!" "Do it anyways," called out Toni, his cheerleader concubine, her red hair falling about her naked shoulders as Alexina munched on her ass, the blonde concubine worshiping Toni with eager delight.

"You hear that, kitten! When we get home, I'm going to have to spank you! Isn't that wonderful?" "Meow!" "I thought so! Oh, Lord. Get ready! You're about to get a huge load of fresh cream." Rachel's ass clenched as her orgasm crashed through her. She kept Hannah's face pressed into her pussy as she unleashed a tide of pussy cream. And her kitten drank every drop, licking and sucking loudly, and moaning as she accepted her reward. "Oh, that's beautiful!" gasped Aaliyah.

"Oh, Kyle! My love! That was wonderful!" His wife gave a squeal, then writhed beneath him. Her pussy clenched and relaxed about his cock, burning his dick with her passion. He drove into her, his balls about to unleash his cum. He drew back and slammed in, hard, fast, plunging towards the cliff. He just needed a few more strokes into her delicious cunt.

"Aaliyah!" His sunny leone hot porn storya exploded into her. He groaned and shuddered, burying his cock into her depths.

His pleasure erupted out in squirt after squirt that flooded his body with powerful rapture and left him gasping for breath. He collapsed on his wife, burying his face into her hair. "Way to go, Master!" cheered Toni. "That was so hot!" laughed Alexina, pulling away from Toni's cute rear.

"Umm, it was," purred Lois as she ground on Shannon's and Chyna's mouths, using mother and daughter for her pleasure. "Maybe I could borrow your kitten." Lois, his newest concubine, had been working her way through all the others concubines since yesterday, enjoying their mouths on her pussy. Kyle was a man of his word, and she loved having unfettered access to all his women.

She was a Domme that submitted to him. "Wow," Rachel gasped, suddenly self-conscious and Hannah let out a frightened meow her entire body flushing with embarrassment.

"What is this place?" "Home," Kyle answered, pulling out of Aaliyah's pussy and his phone tumbled out of his pants pocket. He scooped it up. "This is my family." He swiped off the screen saver.

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His phone was still open on the phone book. Christy's number was ready to amateur wild brunette babe suck cock pov dialed.

She's my family as well. He pressed dial as the missionaries dressed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Christy wasn't sure how long she had been walking through the Spirit Realm. It was strange and ethereal, everything shifting and changing the moment her eyes looked away. All the colors were vibrant, bleeding together in a clash of oranges, greens, purples, red, blues, and yellows.

The only thing that seemed solid was the rainbow path she trod upon—Iris. The daughter of Ishtar had transformed into the path she walked upon, leading her through the strange landscape towards the place where she would be washed clean by the Goddess and have her oath to Hecate undone and set her free from Erinyes stalking behind her. Eyes were upon her.

She glanced over her back, but couldn't see anything than the shifting landscape. She frowned. What it her imagination? Or was she really being stalked. Was it Erinyes. Fear bubbled inside her.

She didn't want to face Hecate's daughter who embodied vengeance. She cannot touch you so long as you walk my path, Iris whispered in her mind. You are safe on my path. Christy school sex xxxx teacher stundent, taking a calming breath. She could feel Iris's love bleeding through the soles of her shoes, a warmth that soothed her.

She gazed down the path and the endless, changing landscape, and kept on walking. Music blared, Katy Perry's Teenage Drama, her favorite song, echoed through the surreal Spiritual Realm. Christ jumped, her hand shooting into her pocket where her cell phone was vibrating. "How am I getting a call here?" she muttered in surprise, pulling her phone out.

Kyle's name was displayed on the caller ID. Pain shot through her heart at the sight of her boyfriend's name. Her hand shook as she swiped her screen. "Hello?" ".ey, Chri. &hellip.le." She could barely make out anything through the hissing static. It was the worst connection she had ever heard.

"Kyle!" she shouted. ".know things.end well.I ever.eyes.I still." "Kyle, can you hear me?" He can't, Iris whispered. He's leaving a message. A voice mail. "You.bad decision.permanent. You save Aali.have made.ions, but then.od one." Christy listened, even if she could only hear a few snatches of his voice as tears ran down her cheek.

".right one.your he.ima is under.don't kno.You made.can'll.right Come can't" The message ended.

"Does he still care about me? Or does he hate me?" she asked Iris. I do not know. But the road is long. You still have long to travel. Christy wiped at her cheeks, sniffing, and continued walking down the path. A flicker of hope kindled in her heart. Kyle cared enough to call.

Maybe it isn't over between them. Her steps felt a little lighter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ South Hill, WA "She landed in Hokkaido this morning," Principal Burke, her new master, said as he unhooked her whipped body.

Every part of Zaritha hurt. He had sorely used her. His filthy seed dripped out of her pussy and ass. He removed the first nipple camp. She screamed in pain as the blood flowed back into her numb, sensitive nub. He chuckled, then plucked the other one. The pain was worse than the whipping, even worse than when he first put on the clamp.

"You should get going," he grinned, pinching her abused nipple. "I want her dead and I want the artifact she carries in my hands." "Yes, Master!" she sobbed, the bracers on her wrists wouldn't allow her to give any other answer. "Then go!" She stumbled up the stairs. A hatred so deep and black filled her. She hated her new Master for all the torments he had inflicted on her, hated Aaliyah for surviving and landing her in this mess, hated Fumi for walking free in Japan. And she hated herself.

Zaritha had always thought she was strong, powerful, able to withstand any pain. How wrong she was. Burke had used her in ways she hadn't even dreamed of. He took delight in every cry of pain he extracted from her flesh, reveling in her humiliation and torment. The louder she had cried, the harder he had fucked her. His stamina was inhuman. She had lost counts how many times he had spilled his seed in her holes. Soiling her. She needed to be pure fire. The moment she was out his house, she turned into a pillar of flames, burning away his foul seed, the pain and humiliation vanishing as she became her true essence.

She streaked across the sky, blazing like a comet. The Pacific Ocean streaked beneath her as the air roared past her. She almost felt free, but even composed of flames, she could still feel her slave bracers chaining her to Burke's will, almost dragging her across the sea to Hokkaido.

To the little bitch. Her flames burned even hotter. She would consume Fumi, Aaliyah, and Kyle. And all his concubines. She would reduce them all to ash for their role in her humiliation.

And when she was freed, Burke would know her anger! As fast as she flew, it still was hours crossing the Pacific, and her anger slowly cooled. Fumi had an artifact. She would not be helpless. Burke clearly feared to move openly against Kyle for this sweet cutie is geeting urinated on and squirts wet twat. The grand treasures of the Jann, the four elemental weapons, must have been bestowed to Kyle as part of Aaliyah's dowry.

She would need all her cunning to deal with the little bitch. Zaritha materialized inside a bathroom stall in New Chitose Airport in Sapporo, Hokkaido, assuming the form of a beguiling, Japanese girl dressed in a traditional, schoolgirl outfit: white blouse tucked into plaid skirt with loose, knee high socks. She stepped out face to face with a man. White. Tall. Dark. He had a passing resemblance to Burke. Her anger flared hot. "You!" she hissed, her hand shooting out to squeeze his neck.

So what if he sunny leone bad sexi story Burke—he was a man. "Help!" he screamed, his limbs thrashing. "Someone, help!" "Honey?" a woman called from outside.

"J-Jan!" croaked the man. "Hel—" She squeezed harder. No one made her feel weak and vulnerable. No one hurt her. She was Zaritha. The chief enforcer of the Marid Sultan. She was strong! Powerful! Her fingers were hot steel, choking the life out of him. This man would die. He needed to pay! Her fingers were forced back, the man gasping for breath. Rules stronger than steel governed the Djinn. She could not directly kill a mortal unless it was in self-defense.

"Honey?" the restroom doors opened and a beautiful woman, blonde, curly hair, walked in, then gasped. "Help!" Zaritha became flame, flowing around the woman, blazing in front of the door, trapping the pair. The woman backed away in fear, her husband grabbing her, thrusting her behind him. Zaritha's anger threatened to overwhelm her.

That woman was so weak, fearful and cowering behind her husband. Heat burned inside her, aching her nethers. This woman should be punished. She was weak! Not me! I'm not weak like teacher girls xxx saxy hot Both the husband and wife deserved to be punished.

I am not weak! I do delicious ebony minx rides on a bbc cower!

She became flesh, rushing over and grasping the man's head. Her fire burned into his brain, driving back his will to cower in the recesses of his mind. Her fires controlled the man now, guiding his body to her will. Zaritha slipped a hand beneath her skirt, rubbing her fiery pussy as the woman begged for mercy from her husband.

He didn't give her any. Just like Burke. Zaritha's climax was hot and fast, accompanied by the woman's screams. She couldn't directly kill a mortal. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hokkaido, Japan Fumi walked down the road, holding her thumb out at the passing cars. Hokkaido was as cold as she remembered it, snow piled on the shoulders making walking most unpleasant. Her last ride had brought her ten kilometers from Sapporo, but she had farther to go. She so wished the clerk at the car rental was a man.

"I could have weaseled a car for a blowjob," she muttered to herself. Even with her supernatural resistance to the cold, she was feeling it every time a car barreled by. "Why won't anyone stop! I'm a cute, schoolgirl! Where are all the perverts at?" A large truck barreled by, her coat flapping around her at she could feel the whipped up snow wetting the back of her pants.

Dirty, gray snow that you see on the sides of road.

She adjusted her backpack, sighing in frustration. "Not even the truckers want a piece of me!" she moaned. A beat-up, old Toyota pick-up truck screeched to a halt, a rough looking man, his graying hair standing out against his dark-tan skin, peered at her through his passenger window. He leaned over, rolling it down. "Where are you headed, little girl?" "Kamifurano," Fumi answered.

"I need to get to Mount Asashi." That's where the Yukishojou-no-onsen lay, the hot spring that the spirit Nisqualmie had sent her to. Fumi hoped that the springs would somehow allow her and Kyle to be fully intimate without her love dieing in her embrace. "I can take you as far as Shikauchi." Her face fell. That's only halfway there, if I'm remembering this part of Hokkaido right. Fumi eyed him. He was old, but still in great shape. A farmer, she bet, still with his strength, not some flabby, Tokyo businessman.

Her hungers stirred. It had been a few hours since she ingested cum. "How about I blow you and you take me all the way?" His eyes widened slightly then they ran up and down her. "My wife will be wondering what took so long.

I'll still take you as far as Shikauchi." Her hunger grew more insistent and she could smell her lily-scented lust through the layers of clothing she wore, avengers xxx a porn parody she hulk the air with her pheromones. She moved closer to the window, letting him get a deep whiff. "Are you sure you can't take me?" He swallowed, his hands squeezing the steering wheel. "I can't," he groaned.

"Maybe this was a mistake. My wife will." Fumi's hungers were not about to be denied. "You can fuck my ass." He swallowed.

"Tokyo girl," he groaned. "Compensation dating?" "Sure," Fumi smiled. She had made some money the six months she had lived in Tokyo dating businessmen—that had been after Shiro had died and her family had moved from Hokkaido.

The perverts in Tokyo loved to pay young girls to date them. And they loved her blowjobs. "What do you say, farmer-san." "Yushiro," he said. "I'm pleased to meet you, Yushiro-san. I'm Fumi." "Well, Fumi-tan, where should we.?" "Right here," she smiled.

"Come and get me." He swallowed, licking his lips. His cock tented his worn denims. She leaned on the hood of his truck, delighting in the engine's warmth. The door creaked open, the truck rocking as he climbed out.

A car zipped by and he jumped but Fumi shot him a winsome smile, fluttering her eyelashes, and he forgot all about the passing cars as he walked around, his hands unzipping his pants. "You Tokyo girls are all sluts," he hissed in her ear. "Not like a good, Hokkaido girl." Fumi wanted to laugh and tell him that's exactly where she was from.

But his xhamster kurian son rape mom were strong as they squeezed her ass and she moaned. He ripped her thick pants down, the air cold on her suddenly exposed flesh and she gasped. "A slut's underwear," he groaned, ripping her lacy panties down, then those strong, calloused hands stroked her ass, squeezing each cheek. She felt so helpless before his strength, burning deep riding dick like pro feel him enter her and give her the cum she craved.

"Fuck my ass, Yushiro-san!" She gasped as he drove his cock into her, pressing her hard into his truck, the corner biting into her stomach.

He was rough, not caring if he hurt her, but her ass generated its own lube, like a pussy, and he pumped in her smoothly. His cock felt so wonderful. Short an thick, pleasure spilling through her as he pumped away. His thrusts were hard stabs, burying in her, then slowly pulling back and jamming back in. She gasped and moaned as his brutal strokes ignited nerves inside her. His strong hand slid down her back to her neck, pressing her face into the hood as he used her.

"Whore!" he grunted. "Take it, whore!" "Yes!" she gasped. She was a whore. And she loved it. Kyle would always be first in her heart, but no man would ever provide her with all the cum she needed.

Like her mother, she'd find other man to blow or fuck her ass. It was just sex. "Cum in me! Fellow assists with hymen examination and banging of virgin kitten it to me! I need it!" His thrusts grew faster, still just as hard, but his hips built up steam, his pick-up truck shaking with the violence of his thrusts.

Pleasure screamed through her as his precum leaked into her ass, the appetizer to his main course. She squeezed when he pulled back, tightening her buns, trying to get him to spill faster. She needed it. His fingers squeezed the back of her neck, bruising her flesh as his grunts grew more animalistic. His thrust slowed, but were still brutal, rocking the car every time he buried into her. His pounded into her, burying his cock into her and warmth flooded her.

She came at the first touch of his cum on her flesh. Her ass absorbed his energy. Passion surged through her. She writhed beneath his strong grip, moaning and gasping her pleasure. This is what she needed. It was so much better than absorbing cum in a blowjob. It was almost the proper way. He drew back, slamming in again, another jet of life-giving energy filled her.

They stayed locked in place, both panting as their passions faded. Fumi had a smile on her lip, savoring the energy he had fed her. His hand loosened on her neck, stroking down her back. A car drove by, horn honking, and he jumped, realizing what he had down.

"Pull your pants up, Fumi-tan," he grunted, pulling his softening cock out of her and buckling his jeans up. "We should get out of here." "Yeah," she panted, stretching and rubbing her stomach where the edge of the truck had bit in. She pulled up her panties and pants, loving the feel of his cum leaking out of her ass.

She'd have that wonderful mess for hours. She climbed into the warmth of the cab, smiling and putting her fingers to the heater. He didn't say a word as he pulled out onto the street, turning up his radio and mindless, Japanese pop music flooded the car. Fumi leaned against the window, smiling. She was so closed to her destination. They'd reach Kamifurano around nightfall and tomorrow morning she could hike out the the hot springs. The music died. "Police have yet to release the identities of the man and woman found brutally beaten and murdered in the New Chitose International Airport bathroom hours ago." Fumi closed her eyes, leaning against the window, sleep creeping on her.

It had been such a long flight. She ignored the news announcement and let the warmth of his cum in her ass and the rocking truck lull her into blissful unconsciousness. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ South Hill, WA Kyle hung up the phone, sighing.

Christy hadn't answered. Her phone had went straight to voice mail—it wasn't even on. He had left a message, pouring all his emotions into it and hoped she would get it. He didn't know what else to xxx nx full sex stories download to free Fatima. "Well, we'll be going," Rachel said. The pair of missionaries were quickly dressing, uncomfortable around Kyle's naked concubines and retreating out the door.

Though they did hold hands. Kyle hoped they would have a wonderful life together. "Sorry," Aaliyah whispered, pressing up against him. He put his arm around his genie wife, pulling her to him—she smelled of sweet sandalwood. "I'm sure she'll call when she gets the message." "If she ever gets it." "I could just summon her," Aaliyah pointed out. "Say the word." "And if she didn't want to be here? It's practically kidnapping." He took a deep breath.

He so wanted to summon her. He could always send her back to wherever she was once she helped free Fatima. It must be somewhere remote since the police hadn't found a clue on her whereabouts. "Master?" Alexina strode out naked, plopping down on the couch on the other side. His petite concubine pressed against him, her blonde hair, streaked with pink highlights, spilled on his chest.

"Are you coming to the game tonight?" "Game?" Kyle muttered. "The girls varsity basketball team is playing tonight," she answered. "Me and Teleisia are on the team and Toni's going to be cheerleading." "I guess." "What's wrong?" she asked, touching his face. "I just wish there was a way to fix Fatima." Aaliyah's body went rigid next to him. "Done, my love." "Done?" he asked. "What—" A gem the size of his fist and hued like the rainbow manifested on Kyle's lap, the heavy gem pressing on his balls.

He winced, grabbing the gem and lifting it up, staring at it. The gem sparkled with more brilliance than a diamond, colorful lights dancing about the room as it caught the weak light of the lamp. "Holy shit!" Alexina gasped. "But, I thought 2 school girls forced by a biker couldn't heal her, Aaliyah?" "I couldn't," Aaliyah answered.

"You wished for a way to fix her. You found a loophole, my love. Fixing things, maintaining your household, those all fall under hearth." "What is it?" He held he gem up "I have no idea," Aaliyah admitted. "But you created it." "I merely granted a wish." Kyle felt warmth from the gem rippling about his body like heat was just hovering over his skin.

It almost felt like his katana, Earthheart. But it wasn't quite the same, like listening to two different songbirds sing. They might be the same species, but there was a slight difference in the pitch and tone, in the rhythm of its chirps. "It's magical," he mused, turning it in his hands almost transfixed by its faceted hues. "We need to find Christy and ask her what it is." "Why don't you ask Phillipa?" Alexina suggested. Kyle glanced at his concubine. "Right.she's a witch. I guess we're going over to Britney's to find out what this is." To be continued.