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Sexy adult girl with naked ass enjoys hot anal fucking
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Chapter 3: It was the morning after the pool party. I woke paul massouros ex girlfriend storys a pounding headache. I had drank my self to sleep running the nights event through my mind. I just had a beautiful young lady alone, and nearly crossed the line. I was a married man, and she was only seventeen.

The next few weeks I tried to make sure that one of the band mothers was there to give her a ride if she needed. That worked fine, and I also made sure the boys rode with me, just in case.

Then the end of marching band season, came and now it was orchstra, and wouldn't you guessed it, Lindsey was the star there! I made it through the last three months with minimal interaction with Lindsey. The third concert of the spring, and Karen flaked out on me!

The boys were home and I was putting up the last of the chairs and locking up, I waked outside and there was Lindsey, sitting under a lamp post. I approached her with caution. "Let guess, you don't have a ride." I said jokingly. She seemed hurt by that comment. "I'm sorry Mr Anderson, I thought my mom was coming." She seemed genuinely embarrassed.

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I apologized and said I was only joking and I would be happy to drive her home if she needed. She said her mom hadn't returned a text or anything, and didn't know if she would be there all night. I told her to text her mom and say I was gong to bring her home. Soon as I started my car I noticed something wrong, these older carbs have issues with the needle and seats, they get dirt or debris in them and stick open, flooding engine.

But with this 427 I have, usually if I keep the RPM's up it will be fine till the junk passes. So the drive home I was having to rev the engine to keep it running. At a stop light, some punk rolled up in a little hatch back and thought I wanted to race!

Lindsey started talking trash to this kid. I was just trying to keep it running, but now this kid was reving his little four cylinder with the loud exhaust along with me. The light turned green, the kid took off burning out. I said, fuck it, and dumped the clutch at about thirty five hundred rpm. And that big block came alive! Finally able to use all that excessive fuel! I was sideways up in smoke when I passed that kid and I hadn't shifted into third yet! By the time I hit fourth he was nowhere in site and Lindsey looked like she thought she would die!

About a mile from Lindsey's house the carb has flushed itself out and now things seemed to be fine, but soon as I turned down Lindsey's street, it started again, worse this time.

It became un-driveable. I coasted into her driveway. There were no cars at her house. "Are you going to make it home?" Lindsey asked. "No, there is something I can do, I have tools in my trunk." Soon as I stepped out it started pouring down rain! "Come inside!" Lindsey yelled running with her jacket over her head. I ran to her front porch. She unlocked the door, "come in and wait this out." She offered. My heart was screaming "do it!" But my nasty delight for chap smalltits and hardcore said no.

"It's fine ill wait here, it wouldn't look appropriate if your parents came home." "My mom texted me, she won't be home tonight, and my dad is out of town till next week." I asked if I could pull my car in their garage.

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And added if I'm not home soon my wife would worry. That last part was a lie, she couldn't care less where I was or who I was with. We had hardly said two words to each other in weeks. Lindsey opened the garage for me, I limped my car in, and grabbed my tools. Their garage looked like no one lived in the house, except for the washer and dryer, and the two visible spots where they park their cars.

Lindsey came in. "Can I get you a beer?" She asked. "No I wouldn't want you to get in trouble." "They wouldn't think I drank it if that's what your worried about.

I'll tell them the truth." She said It did sound good. So I accepted. We were both soaked. Lindsey brought me what had to be a thirty two ounce stine and it was filled to the rim! I took it and sipped to keep it from spilling over the rim.

Jokingly I asked, "what's wrong? Couldn't find a bigger glass?" "I have a gallon bucket here somewhere if you would prefer!" She shot back. We laughed. "I have to change before I get sick. You can throw your clothes in the dryer if you like, I'll get you a towel" she said. "Just a towel would be fine thanks." I said Lindsey went back inside, and I went to work.

Fortunately these carbs are very simple, a five year old could fix it. I got the junk cleaned out and was about to put it back together when Lindsey came back in with a pile of clothes in her hand.

"Don't mind me, I need to do wash before school tomorrow." She said. I was busy and didn't notice at first, but she was in just bra and panties!

"Sorry! I didn't have anything clean but this!" She said apologetically. I tried to keep my head down in my task, but she came over and leaned over the fender. "Wow! That's big! What does 4 2 7 mean?" She asked. "That's the size of the engine displacement. Should you be out here dressed like that?" I said. "You've seen me in a bikini Mr Anderson, this isn't any different." She said.

She asked me to explain everything I was doing, I walked her through it step by step. Trying to keep my mind off that gorgeous white skin, that petite frame and the dancers body! I started the car to reset the float bowl levels.

I had to open the garage door so the fumes wouldn't get to us. I insisted Lindsey go inside. When I was done I had pulled my car in the driveway and went in the garage to clean up any fuel that had spilled. I had finished my beer, I closed the door and had to towel off again. Soon as the door closed Lindsey came back out with a fresh towel and a new beer!

"One mother father son daughter xxxxx the road?" She asked. Holding out the beer she kind of dropped one hip and had the cutest look on her face! She was a little red headed vixen!

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I set the beer on the washer, and grabbed the towel. I had the towel over my head, drying my hair, soon as my face was uncovered, Lindsey was right there! She pulled me in for a kiss! I should have resisted from the start! But it had caught me by surprise!

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I also didn't pull away immediately! What's worse, I participated in the kiss for a brief moment! I pulled away! She looked up with a lustful look I have never seen on her face before! That alone was enough it crush my will power! But I pulled away, "Lindsey, we can't, I'm married and twenty eight years older than you!" I said "Please Mr Anderson!" She pleaded! "I'm sorry! It's wrong!" I said.