Real czech busty brunette at the casting

Real czech busty brunette at the casting
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I had been dating my ex for quite a few years so I was pretty heartbroken when she moved to an out of state college and decided not to try the long distance thing. After a few months I stopped feeling sorry for myself though and carried on with my life. I was 22, living at home with my parents and my sister, we were both going to a local trade college and living on campus almost doubled our monthly costs so we just stayed home.

One night I was sitting at my desk working on a paper when I got an email. It was a reminder about a party I'd already rsvp'd with my ex, Janice, took me ages to get on the welcome list but I opened it and read through. I shook my head, though about who I could ask to replace and swore, all my friends were couples or prudes.

I sat going through my phone contact list in the hope I'd forgotten someone then my sister, Maya came into my room. "Thanks for knocking Sis, I could have been sitting here jerking off." I said. "Whatever, you wait until everyone's sleeping, I know your filthy habits." She replied, we both laughed. "You need something?" "Yea, ran out of paper and forgot to buy more, can I borrow a pack? I'm going shopping tomorrow but wanted to get this paper printed and in the mail." "Sure, you know where it is." "Holy shit you got a gold invite?" Said Maya, looking at my screen.

I quickly minimized the email. "No, don't be nosy." "Dude, I know what that club is, I'm not the prude I make out to be." "I don't know what you're talking about." I said, I could feel my face go red. "Uh huh, so if we pull up that email it won't be an invite to a sex party for swingers?" I froze at that point, Maya grabbed my mouse and pulled up the email. "Oh, sorry, I see why you were upset." She said, stopping on the 'Couples Only' in bold writing.

"It's fine, Janice wanted to go, she wanted to watch me fuck an older woman and suck off a guy." "Y. you're bi?" Said Maya, whispering. "Kinda, curious I guess, I've never done anything, fuck, I shouldn't have told you that." I said, looking down. "I don't care, I think it's hot as fuck. You can tell me anything, I won't tell a soul, I told you I lost my cherry to a married guy and you didn't spill." "Well it doesn't matter, I won't be going anyways." I said and closed the email.

Later that night, Maya came back into my room with a new pack of paper that she'd bought to replace mine, I was watching Netflix on my tablet, sitting with my feet up on my bed, "You could have just borrowed a few sheets of paper sis but thank you." "I have another 4 papers to print off over this next month so I needed it anyways." She said then sat down on my bed.

"So um, I'm thinking, I think you should still go to this party." "I can't, is couples only, I won't even get past the door." "What if I pretended to be your date, once we're inside we can split up and enjoy whoever we want, it'll be fun." "Why would you want to go, you're outgoing, attractive and have a great body, I'm reserved, don't know how to pick up women and not that great looking." "First of all, thank you, that's a very nice compliment but you are handsome and we'd be going to have sex with strangers, not pick up dates." "Still don't know why you need to go." "I don't get enough little brother, my ex, before the asshole cheated on me, could barely keep up with me and I love sex." "Okay then." "Okay we can go?" "Yes." "Yay!" She said then japanese n america mom and son coffee sex fairy tales me.

The weekend finally arrived and I showered and shaved ready for the party. Mom commented it was so nice we were going to a movie together but I played along. Maya husband and wife first night suhaag raat sex story dressed real nice, light makeup, her hair in a ponytail and a light summer dress. She drove us to the venue in her car. "You look really nice Sis." I said, trying not to look at her cleavage "Thank you, I shaved everywhere too." "That's uh, nice I guess." Maya gave me a look and before we pulled down the street where the venue was she pulled over to the side of the road and took her seatbelt off.

Thankfully the street was secluded, no houses in sight, she undid the first few buttons on her dress and unclipped her front clasp bra letting her breasts spill out. I was a little shocked. "W.what are you doing?" I said. "Getting that reaction out the way, if we're going to pretend to be a couple it would look a little odd if your eyes popped out your head the first time you seen them. Kiss me." "What? We can't! Fuck, I knew this would go wrong." "Well it's too late to back out now, if you don't kiss me I'll take us home and you can spend the night jerking it to what might have been." I paused for a second then leaned over and tried to give her a quick peck on the lips but she grabbed the back of my head and kissed me passionately, not slowing until I met her ferocity.

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"Now touch them." She said, holding her breasts. I reached over and fondled her breasts until her nipples hardened. "Good." She said then covered up again. "Sorry, I didn't want you acting like my brother and blowing our story." "It's fine." I said with a smile.

I adjusted my erection in my shorts, Maya looked down and smiled. "You just keep throwing me compliments huh." "Well they are nice tits Maya." We parked and made our way to the door, the lady knew my name, asked who my lovely date was. "I'm Clara, this man is terrible at introducing me." Said Maya with a smile.

"Well it's lovely to meet you Clara. Oh, we have an introduced rule in place for new guests at the request of our main members, we've had an increase of couples coming together then just splitting up so any couple who have been less than 3 times must wear these." Said the host, holding up 2 velcro cuffs joined together with a long piece of pink ribbon.

"Oh we understand." Said Maya with a smile. "Well, dressing rooms are through there, find yourself a locker and there will be robes and slippers, other than the cuffs it's all you'll wear. Taking the cuffs off is fine while you're playing together but if any of my mentors see any singles walking without them they'll ask you to leave. Do have fun, you're both cute so I'm sure you'll find a few playmates." Said the host and sent us away. Maya didn't say anything, she undressed and watched me while I did, my heart was pounding in my chest.

She stood in front of me naked when I still had my boxers on. "This is me sweetie, take a good look then give me a kiss. If you want to back out now's the time but once we walk through that door in our robes I'm your girl and I expect you to treat me so Lose the shorts." She said quietly.

I put my boxer shorts in the locker and stood before her naked. "Wow, you are not small are you." She said looking at my cock.

She held me close to her and we kissed, just her naked breasts pressing against my chest got my cock hardening again. "Sorry, I can't help it." Astonishing tanned babe giving an oily nuru massage and sucking cock in the bath brunette licking said as it poked her.

"I take it as a compliment, come on, lets tie ourselves together and get laid." We put our robes and cuffs on then made our way into the room, we were there pretty early but there was a few other couples wearing robes most were naked though.

Most of the couples were a little older than us, some around our parents age and some were maybe early 30's. A woman in a pink t-shirt with 'mentor' written on the front came to chat with us.

"Hi, welcome, I'm Brittany, Gina said it's your first time here, I'll hang with you a bit, get you introduced to a few folks. What are you hoping for, I'll point you at the right people." She american mom and son taboo. "Well, at the very least we both want to swap with an older couple but I am very keen for my boyfriend to have his first bi experience." Said Maya. "Oooh, how yummy. I know just the couple to introduce you to, both really nice, late 30's but both sexy as hell and both bi, want to have a chat with them and see if you click?" Said Brittany.

"Sure, that would be great." Said Maya. Brittany led us over to a couple, they were naked and chatting with another naked couple. They smiled as we approached. "Hi Brittany, how are you sweetie." Said the woman, greeting her with a kiss.

"I'm good, I have a young couple I'd like to introduce to you and Clint if that's okay." Said Brittany. "Of course, we were just catching up with Mark and Claire, Clint honey, come here." "Hi, I'm Clint." Said the man.

"I'm Clara and this is my boyfriend Marcus." Said Maya. "Real nice to meet you, I'm Lisa and this is my husband Clint." Said the woman. "They're both keen to swap with a couple older than them and Marcus is curious about pleasing a man." Said Brittany. I felt my face go red. "And he's a little shy about it." Said Maya, playfully elbowing me. "Well we've both been where you are before and we're not pushy, come, lets go have a chat in one of the rooms." Said Lisa.

They led us to a room closed off with stranded legal age teenager tali dava sucks ramrod hardcore blowjob curtain, the main room had a few couches and chairs but the rooms off the side had beds and loungers and were clearly meant for sex.

"You can leave your robes on the hook there, take those cuffs off too, I'm sure you won't want to run away." Said Lisa. We sat on the edge of the bed as Lisa suggested, they both pulled up chairs and nude pics of mayanti langer chatted for a little, they asked what we were looking for as they both looked us over.

I did the same, she was pretty with short brown hair, nice pert 36DD's with great tan lines and a shaven pussy, he was well built, short hair and was also shaven with an impressive looking cock. "Well, I know my husband would love to fuck you Clara and I'd enjoy your boyfriend.

Want to make out and see where it goes?" Said Lisa. Maya and I looked at each other and nodded our heads in unison. Clint sat on the couch next to Maya and had her sit on his knee and Lisa got on the floor in front of me, opened my legs and took my cock into her mouth. I groaned as she started sucking me, Clint already had Maya's nipple in his mouth and big titty brunette ivy rose sucking dick in pawn shop office started to finger her.

Satisfied she had me hard enough, Lisa got up onto the bed and straddled my lap and fed my cock into herself. Her pussy felt amazing and as she began to ride me, Clint had Maya get into the same position on him which she did so eagerly. Soon both women were pounding away on Clint and I, Maya was cumming in no time and Clint groaned that he was close. Maya increased her thrusts and Clint pushed up into her as he exploded his seed into my sister. "So much for making out first, that felt amazing." Said Clint, his wife was still riding me.

"Sit on Marcus's face Clara, give him a taste of what Clint sprayed into you." Said Lisa. Maya looked at me and smiled then when Lisa had me lay back, she looked down and mouthed 'I love you' as she lowered her pussy to my mouth.

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I knew I had no choice, I slid my tongue into my sisters pussy and began to lick her as Clint's cum oozed out of her and down my throat. I kept licking until she had came a couple of times then when she got off, Clint pushed his cock into Maya a few times then pulled out and fed his cock to me.

"Yea that's it, suck your girlfriend's cum off my cock." He said as I began to suck him. I didn't really get time to think about what I was doing, Maya watched me suck him, biting her lower lip and touching herself as I did my best to emulate what had been done to me before. When I felt Lisa cum for the fourth time it set me off and while I was still sucking Clint I pushed up and sprayed the contents of my balls into Lisa.

Lisa gasped in pleasure, telling her husband I was cumming into her, he groaned then held the back of my head as he came too, blasting the back of my throat with his cum.

I had no choice but to swallow and he only let go when he was sure I had it all. Lisa climbed off me and got on her back. "My husband can cum a few times before he cute blonde teen small tits alone with a drone soft, Clara, why don't you eat your boyfriends cum from my pussy, I'm sure he'll want to fuck you while you do." Said Lisa.

"I gave him a Viagra before we came, he'll be hard after a few licks." Said Maya. Maya took my cock into her mouth and sucked me until I was hard again then clamped her mouth on Lisa's pussy, stopping only to look back at me to mouth 'fuck me'.

I pushed into her slowly, I couldn't believe I was fucking my own sister and it felt so wrong but so good. I built up my pace and was soon slamming into her, Lisa came then pulled herself away from Maya's mouth and sat with Clint to watch us fuck. I lasted longer since I'd already came once but when I felt Maya cumming and shudder pretty hard I driving instructor katy jayne gets pounded by pervy student in deep and sprayed what seed I had left into her.

We collapsed on the bed together after I pulled out. "That was amazing, pretty nympho is geeting pissed on and ejaculates wet slit you both." Said Maya. "It was our pleasure, Marcus, think you could take my husband in you? He likes to fuck and has been a while for him." Said Lisa. "I think you could baby." Said Maya, touching my face. "I uh, sure, I guess I'll try." I replied. "Well I'm going to the bathroom real quick, Clint honey, go find some lube." Said Lisa, they both left the room.

"So how did it feel fucking your big sister you dirty boy?" Said Maya with a grin. "I'm sorry, I felt I didn't have a choice." I said, looking down. "Dude, I'm messing with you, I enjoyed it. You have a nice cock." She said. "But we're not supposed to do that." I replied.

"The same people saying that say men shouldn't suck cocks or take it in the ass but here we are. If you're that hung up about it I'll try not to let it happen again, if you liked it, which I'm pretty sure you did, then you can fuck me as much as you want when we get home. I told you, I love sex, I don't care that you're my little brother." "It felt amazing." "Then it's settled, you're my new fuck buddy." She said then kissed me softly on the lips. Clint and Lisa came back a few minutes later.

"Sorry, they have lube here but a few people hadn't returned it to the table, had to go find it." Said Clint. "I'll get him hard for you sweetie." Said Lisa, getting to her knees before him.

I'd never thought about being on the receiving end of anal, I'd given it to one girlfriend before but oral was about as far as I'd wanted to try bi but as the bulbous head of Clint's cock pushed passed my ring I knew I would like it. He took his time to let me get used to him then gave me deep hard thrusts. He lasted for ages, my cock started to get hard with his cock rubbing against my prostrate and when he groaned then sprayed his cum into my ass it felt wonderful and I was a little sad when he pulled out.

"Oh fuck that was good, have you ever had that before?" He asked. "No Sir, you're my first." I replied. "Well thank you, you were both awesome, we'll make sure you both get a card from us, will ensure you get invited again but you can play with us anytime." He said, still catching his breath.

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"Come join us in the shower, we're both done but I'm sure you two could handle some more." Said Lisa. "Oh hell yes, I won't be happy until he has to carry me to our car." Grinned Maya. We showered with Clint and Lisa then rested a little, Lisa spoke to our mentor then a couple of people as they left then waved goodbye to us, Brittany came to sit by us on the loungers. "So, you are both being given gold cards, they said you were so much fun to play with.

Gold card gets you invited to exclusive parties and more, they're not easy to come by but Clint and Lisa are diamond members and making them happy set you two off on a great path. Have you had enough or looking for more fun?" Said Brittany. "Are you allowed to play with us? I've watched my boyfriend gazing at your tits every time you come over, I'd love to know how you taste too." Said Maya.

"As much as I'd love that I'm off the table for now, my monthly visitor surprised me so I'm a little pissed off about that. Next time I'd be happy to fuck you both." She replied with a smile.

"I'll look forward to that." "So, want the same again or something different? Clint was the only bi guy here this time but if you just want to swap with a couple there's a few about the same age as them that would enjoy you both.

Oh, gimme a sec, I'm being summoned." Said Brittany, she went to talk with a woman. When she came back she brought a couple who were about our parents age.

The woman was pretty sexy though, the man was in shape but wasn't very hung. "Hi, I'm Denise and this is my husband Ted, may we take you to a room? Ted's worn out but we have something fun we'd like to try with you." Said the woman.

"Uh, sure." Said Maya. "Thank you Brittany." Said Denise, she walked away. We followed the couple into a room similar to the one we played with Clint and Lisa in, Denise closed the curtain behind us and had us sit on the bed while they sat in the chair. "We spoke with Clint and Lisa as they were leaving, they told us all the fun you had with them. We asked Brittany who you were and she said Marcus and Clara but you're Maya aren't you?" Said Ted.

"What's this about?" Said Maya. "Please, this isn't about exposing you or anything but my husband and I have a very lezdom lesbian fingers matures ass tube porn taste in porn that we don't really share with anyone. We both love incest porn and we'd love to watch you two fuck.

We'd pay you $500 and would keep your secret safe." Said Denise. "Marcus is my boyfriend." Said Maya. "Honey, I told you, your secret is safe. You don't remember us but your father works for our company.

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We met you both when you were younger, your father has a family picture on his desk." Said Denise. "Is this blackmail?" Said Maya. "No, of course not, is why we want to pay you. Please, this isn't about exposing you, I'll tell you a secret only my husband knows, when I was a younger woman, I would make love to my brother all the time, my husband knew and he would watch but he passed away a few years back, plane crash but being given the chance to be close to that special connection again would make us both really happy." "Sorry, I wasn't sure if you were just trying to make me admit it.

How do I know you're not calling our bluff?" "In the picture on your fathers desk you're wearing a blue dress, your brother is wearing a red tie and you both look like you hated posing for the picture." Said Ted.

Maya and I looked at each other. "Christmas picture from two years ago, can't believe he still has that out." I said. "Well you two may have been unhappy in it but your mother looks so beautiful in that picture, is probably why he likes it." Said Ted. "May I have a quiet chat with my brother before we decide?" Said Maya. "Of course." Ted and Denise stood outside the room. "I was going to fuck you again anyways, $250 gets me the rest I needed for that laptop and you need some new clothes.

I'm in, want to spray another load in your big sister baby?" Said Maya. "Fine but I'm going to last ages." I replied. "Mmm, good, make my pussy ache and I'll wake you tomorrow with a blowjob." Maya took off her robe and our cuffs and brought Ted and Denise back in. "We happily accept your proposal." Said Maya. "Good, please act like we're not here." Said Denise, they both sat in the chairs. Maya had me get onto my back and made a show about sucking my cock, once I was hard she got on her back and had me eat her pussy, moaning things like 'oh yea little brother, eat that pussy' and more.

I was still hard as steel when she'd finished cumming and I got between her legs and pushed my cock into her. I lost count of how many small petite teen frannkies a hasty learner she came, eventually she had me flip her over to all fours and slammed into her from behind, watching my cock as it went in and out of her pussy.

I looked over to see Denise fingering herself and by the cum oozing from the end of his cock, Ted had been jerking off too. I finally got close and breathlessly moaned something about cumming into my sister, as I came I watched Denise shuddering too as she fingered herself and I almost roared as I came into Maya for the second time that day.

We collapsed together on the bed and spooned each other facing Ted and Denise. "That was so wonderful, thank you. We'll get your money when we leave, we'll make a deal with you too, if you want a place to make love as loud as you want, you can come and use one of our spare rooms. We'll make up a story about work experience, we have a wonderful home network set up that you can tinker with, we'll pay $500 each time you perform for us and also pay $250 for any videos you make for us.

We ran into you at the electronics store and that's how we connected again." Said Mother and pals daughter men xxx movie night madness. "Today was our first time together, can we talk to each other about it and call you?

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I kind of want to enjoy him in private a few times first." Said Maya. "Of course. We really did enjoy watching you two though, you might not be able to see it yet but you have wonderful chemistry, really looks like you belong together." Said Denise. True to her word, Maya woke me with a blowjob, once I'd woke up she mounted me and rode me quietly until we both climaxed.

We cuddled together as we caught our breaths. "So, what do you say, shall we start taping these for Dad's pervert boss?" Said Maya. "I don't see why not." Our video making was a lot of fun and very lucrative, we had very nice bank balances by the time Maya and I realized we'd fallen in love. We knew we weren't meant russian boy fuck his mom feel the way we did but in and out of bed we couldn't bare to be apart.

Our parents didn't understand when they found out but they've since grown to accept it and let us move in to our own place together. Life goes on for us, both of us happy, both of us enjoying our love and fantastic sex.