Mean lesbian boss uses dildo on her assistant pornstars and hardcore

Mean lesbian boss uses dildo on her assistant pornstars and hardcore
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It was a hot July morning and I was just getting up. I skipped work so I was home all by my self. With nothing to lesbo idols open up their deep anal holes and poke huge dildos I got cleaned up and sat down in front of the T.V.

with my breakfast. After breakfast I went to get a pack of cigarettes, I've got a habit of smoking after meals. I find that it completely relaxes me and I feel pretty good. Anyway I came out of my place and made my way to the closest store. On my way back I noticed a feminine figure go pass me, it was the neighbors maid. Now the neighbors maid, is really hot.

She the kinda maid that everyone has fantasized about and wants to keep. She is not older than myself, 20 and her body is just prefect her breasts are the most beautiful pair of breasts that I have ever seen and a slit that's wet almost all the time.

She's a 34 D but believe me, you will have to see her tits to believe. They needed no kind of support, they stood all by they own round luscious pair of flesh with nipples dark brown almost half an inch out. And that ass well, what can I say perfectly shaped like a heart and when she moved, her ass would sway from one side to the other. She was all around very hot. I had used to watch her a lot back when I was in high school, she used to come with her mom back then. I've flirted with her a couple of times as well, but never thought much of it.

After all I had a girl friend and all and I didn't want her to get the wrong impression, me and my girlfriend well what can I say we've have been going steady for some time now, we've got a very open kinda relationship with each other, that is we tell each other everything, be it good or bad. She has indeed put up with my shit as well, but then again so have I. We both love each other very much, and have found ways to satisfy our thirst/hunger for sex, she masterbates when I am away and I well with the bad boy repo I got, I go out have a quick session with someone else.

She knows all about it and is kool about it as well, coz she knows that my love for her is endless, and I will not stop loving her. But she takes good care of me when we are together, as do I. Anyway coming back to the story, she as in Anita (the maid) passed me and then turned around and saw me looking at her ass. I looked up at her and got a little embarrassed, wondering that she must jade nile sharing her ass with my husband thinking what a pervert I am.

She just simply smiled and walked to the neighbors house and rang the bell, I passed her still watching her body move. Before she went into the house she gave a dirty / wicked grin and there was this sparkle in her eyes that I had never seen before.

She bit on her lower lip and shut the door. I went back home thinking what the hell just happened. I mean I used to do a little flirting with her before but I never received such a response from her ever.

Back home I lit a fag and was trying to figure out what just happened, when it hit me, maybe she was ready now or maybe all the flirting I did with her in the pass is taking effect now. "Ohh cmmon that's just stupid, its impossible that after so long she has now taken a liking to me" I thought. "But then again it could be that she liked my flirting back then also but didn't say anything, because she wasn't sure of her feelings or wasn't sure how I would react or perhaps it could be that I stopped the flirting way to early with her coz I was not getting response from her".

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What ever is was I could not figure it out exactly. What was up with her??

So I decided to play the game till the end and see what happens. It was not that my girlfriend would not know about it coz there are no secrets amongst us, and since she was in some college on the other side of the country, and we would hardly ever see each other, we would talk over the phone and all, but the sexual tension in me just kept building and building, as I don't believe or you could say that I don't like masterbation, I have wanked off a couple of times but thats only in very rare cases.

I always had my girlfriend around me to help me out. But now that she was away, and I had to find some way to relive myself. Comparing all the circumstances I needed a fuck real bad!! I knew what had to be done and I also knew what time Anita leaves my neighbors house. So basically I had formulated a plan. I checked on a few essentials (i.e. drinks, beer and condoms), after which I headed outside and hopefully get Anita back to my place.

Anita was 15 minutes late as per her daily routine, and I began to wonder if haven't already missed her or something, but as soon as that thought entered my mind, I saw Anita coming out from the neighbors door. I was a little scared thinking what if Anita took it in a different way like what if she accuses me of being a sex offender, or accuses me of trying to rape her or something. After all I didn't know her or even get to know her at all.

These thoughts and many more were going through my mind. But when Anita came out of the house and took a few steps out, our eyes made contact. And from the looks of it I think that was totally game, coz her face completely lit up. She gave me a cute smile and began walking towards my place. I smiled back and made facial signs indicating towards my front door. Anita stopped while still cute amateur gets facial from three guys group sex and groupsex at me, a little bit of hesitation appeared on her face, then she bite down on her lower lip and walked rite up to me.

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I was smiling at my success when Anita pushed herself up into me and gave me a passion filled kiss, if I wasn't leaning back on the door post I would have fallen, taking her along with me. She then finally breaks of her kiss and moves up to my ear bites my ear lobe and whispers "long time no see STUD, where have u been" to which I replied "Ohh.

. . I've been around" and I gave her a small peck. "So are we going to go in or are we going to fuck outside here" Anita said, to be honest I was a bit surprised to see Anita talk like that, never before have I heard her say something like that, DAMN IT I have been waiting so long for her to give me some kinda sign and now after so long she finally does.

WOW. . Anyway I lead her in and closed the door, but the minute I did that and turned Anita was all over me. She kissing and biting my neck, she even stuck her tongue out and ran it from the underneath of my chin almost up to my ear.

I guess Anita was really turned on. Then we locked into a 5 min French in which her tongue was exploring insides of my mouth as if it was looking for something. I broke off this time and told her to slower down.

" We have all the time in the world sweety, you want something to drink?" She looked a little confused as to why I broke of the kiss, but I wanted this moment to be a memorable one for her, that whenever she dreams of me or dreams of having sex, her thoughts will bring her back to this moment. Now getting myself to say "We have all the time in the world was harder than it seemed" but it had to be done. Or else the all the fun I planned would go to waste. To be Contined.

. .