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Show our funxparty babes your big dick with all that teasing live group sex and brunette
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Chapter 4 Adolph, the big German Shepherd, had a dynamic hard-on. He was lying on his belly and his prick was so hard that it jerked spasmodically up and down. His long, red tongue was lolling out, drooling and his black nose flared as he inhaled Jennifer's succulence.

The dumb brute was confused. His instincts told him that sex was taking place, yet he could plainly see that Jennifer's fuck-hole was being neglected.

He only knew that his balls were full and his cock was hard as a stone and that he was desperate to sink that huge prick into something hot and wet. He whined -- and waited. * * * Licking her lips, Jennifer leaned forward. Her brother's prick was swaying up banging my sexy big tit uber driver down, neither hard nor soft but sticking straight out from his loins.

She sucked his cock-head into her mouth again, wanting just another taste before she enjoyed the other half of this oral sex. Panting, Joe sank down onto his knees. Holding his prick in her mouth, Jennifer lowered her head as he descended.

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As her head went down, naturally, her ass rose higher. Joe was kneeling before her now and Jennifer was on her hands and knees, her blonde head jammed into his groin and her trim little ass hiked up. Her plump tits dangled like ripe fruit under her, ready to be plucked. As she mouthed her brother's cock, she purred and squirmed, wriggling her ass about.

Without realizing it, Jennifer had assumed a position very familiar to her doggy. She was, in fact, in the doggy-fucking posture -- and Adolph became less confused. Her vacant cunt was streaming, spilling juice down her thighs and pouring a flood of pussy perfume over the dog's nostrils.

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Adolph inhaled deeply. His whole shaggy body trembled spasmodically and the great lever of his cock pried his haunches up from the ground. Head lowered and ass hiked up, the big dog was in the same position that Jennifer was in. Neither Jennifer nor her brother was aware of the dog's interest. Jennifer was happily suckling away and Joe's cock was beginning to stir and swell again, inside her mouth, thrilling the naughty blonde teenager.

She wanted to get her pussy sucked off now, yet she was reluctant to give up that succulent mouthful of cock-meat. She drew her lips away and kissed his balls. "Wanna cum again, Joey?" He grunted and moved his loins, rubbing his balls against her moist mouth and sliding his prick up the incline of her freckled cheek.

"If I suck you off again, promise that you'll tongue-fuck me, afterward s?" she panted. "Yeah -- Yeah!" Jennifer purred. She ran her tongue over his ballooning balls, then slurped juicily on up his towering cock-shaft.

She lapped up and down, tracing along the pulsing ventral vein, saliva running down his prick. She sex xxx live com 2019 her tongue against the sensitive spot where his cock-head wedged out from his prick, causing that meaty slab to flare and throb and glow an angry red.

"I love sucking you," she admitted in a sultry, husky tone. "We can suck each other off a lot, from now on, Joey, we can suck each other silly!" He moaned, humping and sliding his prick through her parted lips. She licked up and down his cock, her tongue criss-crossing on the underside of the fat tube and then flashing against the bottom of his knob. She bathed his cock with spittle, then licked it up again.

Her saliva tasted lovely, spiced by the flavor of his cock-meat.

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She fitted her pursed lips against the base of his heavily japanese mom and boy tanpa sensor cock-shaft and began to run them up and down, as if his prick were a meaty flute on which she was playing a tantalizing tune.

Jennifer buried her lovely face in his groin, sniffing and licking, rubbing against his cock adoringly. Then she took his cock-knob into her mouth and nursed on it. Her blonde head began to rise and fall in the classic blow-job action, lips pulling up and down his stalk.

Joe frigged into her face, feeding her prick as her head ducked down. His cock-head pumped into her throat and she gulped, but held it. Her chin was brushing against his balls and her little up-turned nose was nestled in his wiry pubic thicket. "Jeez, Sis, you're swallowing the fucker!" Joe croaked, staring down, amazed to see that all of his cock was buried in her magic mouth.

She pulled up slowly, suckling with relish on every inch of his cock-shaft and then, lips collaring him just below his knob, she mouthed that flaring hunk of hot prick rapturously. Her lips nursed, and her tongue fluttered against the underside, then she twisted her head and wound her oval maw around on the pivot of his prick. She bobbed down toward his balls again, gorging herself on his cock. She sucked, blew, then sucked again as her lips pulled up and pushed down.

Joe was fucking into her face in counterpoint, shoving his cock in as his sister bobbed down and withdrawing as her lips dragged and slurped back up to his smoking-hot crown. A trickle of slime oozed onto her tongue, like gorgeous glue bonding them together, promising the cock-hungry girl another bellyful of cum. She began to move her head up and down faster now, eager to drink his cum-juice and also to get her pussy tongued. But unknown to Jennifer, Adolph was sneaking up behind her ass, head first, following the aroma of her steaming pussy, his fat red tongue lolling out and slobbering hungrily.

His prick was so stiff that it was humming like a vibrator, his hard-on seeming to begin in his asshole. Thrusting his muzzle out, the big dog sniffed at Jennifer's wriggling ass. His lapper slurped up the backs of her kneeling thighs and ran into the crack of her ass, dipping into her tangy shit-hole.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, in surprise, her big blue eyes opening wide. She pulled her mouth off Joe's prick and turned to look over her shoulder.

Joe groaned, finding his thundering cock neglected. His eyes had been closed. He opened them now and gazed down, seeing his rampant prick standing up alongside his sister's face, her frothy saliva steaming as it evaporated from the hot prick. Why had she turned away?

he wondered, panicking, thinking that she had decided not to finish the job. Then he looked down at her up-thrust ass -- and gasped. Jennifer blinked, then grinned, when she realized that it was the German Shepherd's nimble tongue that was titillating her tight little asshole. A day -- even an hour -- ago, Jennifer might have been shocked and pulled away from the dumb brute's questing lapper, admonishing him.

But following Tracy's revelations concerning canine tongues, the girl's attitude had changed. She squirmed back against his snout as his lapper shot right up her asshole. The doggy rimmed merrily away, slobbering into her tiny brown ring.

Then his head dipped down and his tongue slapped at her cunt. "Oooooh!" she squealed, wriggling and rubbing her foaming cunt onto his muzzle.

"Sis -- holy shit -- the fucking dog is licking your cunt!" Joe cried, scandalized. "Ummmm, I know." She giggled. Joe gaped in amazement. His naughty sister wanted the dog to tongue her pussy! It was disgusting, he thought. But, if so, why was his cock pounding and throbbing even more in response to that dark knowledge? Maybe it wasn't so disgusting, after all. Maybe it was just fucking delightful.

Joe began to grin like a fiend. Jennifer glanced up at her brother with an impish look and, seeing by his expression that he was not about to discourage the doggy, she looked back over her ass. Adolph was whipping his hot tongue into her cunt-gash enthusiastically. Tracy hadn't lied about that, she thought. A dog's eager tongue was a real treat for a cunt! "Yeah, boy, lap my pussy," she moaned. "Slap that hot tongue right up my fuck-hole." Adolph whimpered, burrowing in as if he wanted to bury his muzzle up her cunt.

His lapper slurped at her unpeeled cunt-lips, washed her pussy, bathed her frenzied clit and shoved on into her smoldering cunt-hole. Her cunt pulled on his tongue just as if it were a mouth being French kissed, dragging him deeper. Pussy-nectar hot young natural tit babe fucks roommates big dick after shower out of her cunt and the dog lapped it up, spraying slobber into her cunt as he lapped her perfumed pussy-cream out.

Jennifer reached behind her ass and dipped her hand into her cunt, spreading her cunt-lips open wider so that Adolph could slap his tongue right up into the intricate inner folds. His tongue slurped and her cunt squished.

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Pearly ribbons of spunk ran down his hairy muzzle, dripping in gooey shards from his jowls. "Sis, suck my cock!" Joe pleaded. She turned back to her brother and pounced on his prick again, sucking hungrily. She held her brother's balls in one hand and spread her pussy open with the other as she wriggled blissfully between boy and dog, driven wild by the double sensation of a mouthful of cock-meat and a cuntful of doggy tongue.

Her brother bucked into her face and her dog slurped into her cunt-hole. Teenies poke guys asshole with huge strapons and splatter charge fat tongue splashed into her drenched cunt-gash with frantic enthusiasm, lathering her with slobber.

He slurped up through her gaping cunt and on into the crack of her ass, tonguing her with long, rippling strokes. As the flow from her cunt got hotter and creamier and more fragrant, the dog yelped and growled and whined.

His head ground around, twisting and turning like a terrier shaking a rat. Jennifer jerked back against the dog's snout, then rammed her head down to the root of her brother's prick, relishing both, wanting to cream the dog's tongue and swallow Joe's jism-juice at the same magic moment.

Her cunt was starting to swirl with foaming cum and her hot mouth was salivating as if it, too, were about to cream. She moaned, squirming sinuously, her trim little ass churning and her blonde head bobbing up and down as if she were ducking for apples in her brother's groin. As the German Shepherd shoveled his lapper into her fuck-hole, stuffing her with hot tongue meat, she fed Joe's delicious prick into her face balls-deep, whimpering softly.

Joe's pisshole was spilling out pre-cum onto her tingling tastebuds but, since he had already shot one enormous wad into her mouth, he wasn't quite ready to cum again, she realized. She struggled to hold back her own creaming, wanting to drink her brother's fuck-juice at the same time that her cunt juiced on the Shepherd's lapper. She forced her ass and hips to jerk more slowly while her head rose and fell faster in an effort to milk off Joe before she soared to the peak. But there was another prick involved -- a big, hairy prick that needed to be emptied more than Joe's.

Adolph slapped his tongue into her cunt, spraying juice out. Then he raised his head, whining, his cock like an armed rocket under his belly. Jennifer wailed, reaching sweet sweet blowjob tube porn her ass and groping for the dog's collar so that she could haul his head back into her cunt.

Devoid of a tongue, her pussy was fluttering desperately. But then Adolph hunkered down, braced his hindquarters, and sprang up, mounting Jennifer's ass. His forelegs wrapped tightly around her hips and he clung to her haunches, panting over her back. He humped, flanks rippling, stabbing his smoking hot cock out into the girl's soaking steaming cunt. Jennifer gasped on her brother's prick. "Jesus, he's trying to fuck you!" Joe wailed.

Then naughty Jennifer smiled. Wouldn't that be something to tell Tracy!