Indian newly married wife used in the afternoon by husband

Indian newly married wife used in the afternoon by husband
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With the door closed, and her parents downstairs, Kacey figured she and Sam could talk over what Liz had told them. The room seemed a lot bigger with the second bed gone, even though the bed Kacey slept in was now bigger. She felt like she had a lot more room. She sat down on the bed and looked at Sam questioningly, and felt her body tingling once more.

She'd expected to have been repulsed at Liz's suggestion that she practice kissing on Sam, but she wasn't. If anything, she felt strangely excited by it.

Further, she began looking at Sam in whole new ways. She tried to remember what Sam looked like in her bikini when they were swimming, but for the life of her couldn't conjure up an image.

Looking at her now, in her loose tee shirt and cutoffs, she got an idea, but not like she wanted. She admired Sam's legs, though, as the girls sat on the bed. They were toned, firm, and long enough that she could stare at them forever, it felt like. They ended in petite, cute little feet, with thin toes that for some reason seemed especially graceful. She wasn't sure why these thoughts were racing through her mind.

After all, Liz had only suggested they practice kissing on each other, to preserve their dignity when it came time to kiss a boy. It wasn't like she was supposed to be trying to get Sam naked or anything! Worse, she knew what masturbation was, at least in theory, just as she knew Sam did. They'd gone over it in Human Development classes at school. She wasn't exactly sure how to go about it, but she had an idea, and sitting here with Sam was making her want to, she found out, and that confused her even further.

Kacey seemed to want to talk, probably about what all Liz had to say, Sam thought, as she scooted up on the bed. Kacey's older sister made a lot of sense, and she respected her opinions and words greatly, as much as if Liz were her older sister, too, even. Sam had to admit, though, that after talking with Liz, she saw Kacey quite a bit differently. She was no longer just fitness coach gropping sexy babes while practice fitnessrooms and yogabanging coolest girl she knew, and just crazy pretty.

Oh no, not by a long shot. She was still the coolest girl she knew, but Sam was thinking now that Kacey was beautiful, not just pretty, and the more she thought about the idea of practicing kissing on Kacey, the more she wanted to kiss her best friend. More, she found herself thinking that Kacey was even beyond beautiful.

Kacey was fine. Kacey was hot. Several boys in their classes thought so, that's where those particular thoughts had come from. Now, looking at her through changed perspective, she could see why they thought that, and she agreed with them. Further, like Kacey, though she didn't know it yet, she had that burning itch to attempt to masturbate, sitting here alongside her best friend, and the fact that Kacey made her want to masturbate confused her as well.

She wasn't sure she knew how to masturbate, exactly, but she was sure trial and error would teach her. "So, what do you think?" asked Kacey suddenly, sitting close to Sam, so that they could whisper and easily hear each other. Besides that, it gave her the opportunity to touch Sam, and feel her arm and leg against her own. She could feel herself starting to shake, just thinking about all the what ifs, if they were to actually go through with what Liz suggested.

"About this whole learning to kiss by kissing each other thing, I mean? I mean, it's not gross, like it would be if we were thinking about practicing with Jessica or anything. You're my best friend. You're like my sister. I trust you with anything and everything." Now she was sort of babbling, she knew, but it was understandable, she reasoned. What they were talking about was a huge and major step, and it would have ramifications in their relationship that stretched to every corner of creation.

Sam didn't object to Kacey's nearness. In fact, she was relieved by it. She felt herself starting to shake a little, and Kacey's touch helped soothe that somewhat, at least to where it wasn't nearly as noticeable. Finding her voice, she gazed into Kacey's chocolate eyes and almost lost herself. She felt like she was riding a roller coaster, and had suddenly hit a steep downhill slope, unexpectedly. Her words came out a little hoarser than she wanted, "I think it's a good idea. You're right.

It's not gross, not at all. I think of you the same way, Kase, and I trust you too, with anything and everything." Great, they agreed that far, Kacey was thinking as she continued to stare into Sam's startlingly green eyes.

Her whole body felt incredibly hot, despite the coolness of the air in the room from the air conditioner. Her mouth was also incredibly dry, and she kept working her tongue around, trying to generate a little saliva to wet it a little. She wanted to kiss Sam so bad she couldn't see straight, but she was afraid. She didn't want Sam to think she was some nutcase lesbian or something, but at the same time, Sam seemed to want her to.

She was torn, trying to figure out what she was feeling and experiencing, and why she was feeling it. Sam finally broke the ice. "You, uh, maybe want know, take a test shot?" she asked, looking up at Kacey once again.

Her tongue was slowly moving over her top lip, just barely sticking out of her mouth. Looking at Kacey, how beautiful she was, she felt her body doing strange things. Her nipples got hard, like when she was cold, and she felt herself getting wet between her legs again.

The urge and desire usawives hot milfs and sexy matures compilation be touched down there flickered through her like a wildfire. She wanted badly to run her fingers over her sex, but she found herself hoping Kacey would do it for her instead.

Kacey mumbled something that resembled a yes, and leaned closer, turning more towards her. Awkwardly, they put their arms around each other, trying to do it like they'd seen Liz and Amber do it, and their lips moved ever closer to each other's. Soft breath washed across both girls' skin as they drew nearer and nearer, and both could feel the cold sweat of fear and anticipation. Finally, their lips met, and it was a startling experience for both of them.

The others' lips felt so smooth and soft, and each though the other's breath tasted sweet, and gentle, like a summer's breeze. Emboldened, they pressed closer together, breast meeting breast as they mashed up against one another, and their tongues snaked out to touch the other's lips, and finally, the other's tongue. The sensation was incredible, both girls thought, but unable to resist the fact that they were also young teenaged girls, they pulled apart suddenly, dissolving the kiss in a fit of giggles.

They'd never experienced anything like it, and each wanted more, but they were afraid of what the other might think or feel, and of the fact that Mrs. Callahan could come and knock on the door at any second, or worse, Mr. Callahan. The giggles finally subsided, and they rested their foreheads against one another's, smiling at each other. "That was awesome!" exclaimed Sam in a heated whisper, feeling her nose press against Kacey's gorgeous little upturned nose.

Her breath was still labored, she'd gotten so excited by the sensation, despite the fit of giggles each girl had had.

"It sure was!" agreed Kacey, brushing her nose back and forth big black cock bangs a hot blonde girl Sam's, looking up from under long lashes into Sam's beautiful green eyes.

"But we don't want to get too worked up, not while there's other people in the house. Maybe we ought to stick to pressy kisses with no tongue until tomorrow?" She searched Sam's eyes, hoping Sam understood why she suggested that, and hoping that she didn't think she hadn't liked it. Sam thought about it a second, and decided that Kacey beguiling blonde maiden symbia is slowly taking off her clothes era right.

It'd be much safer if they were sticking to what Kacey called "pressy kisses," because they could easily and quickly pull apart if necessary. "I think you're right, Kase. I sure don't want your Mom or Dad coming in and catching us with our tongues down each other's throat!" she giggled, hugging Kacey close impulsively.

Kacey smelled incredible, even though Sam doubted she was wearing any kind of perfume. Her body smelled fantastic all on its own. With Kacey in her arms, she pressed her slightly larger breasts against the smaller girl's body, and she was sure Kacey could feel the hard points of her achingly hard nipples stabbing against her skin from beneath the shirt and bra she wore.

A soft moan escaped Kacey's lips as Sam squeezed her in the hug. Her own nipples, standing straight out from her smaller, but firm, breasts stabbed back against Sam, causing her to wiggle pleasurably as well. At a sudden impulse, Kacey pressed her lips against Sam's once again, and though they didn't part lips and allow tongue action, she felt her unease with kissing Sam disappearing, little by little.

She was beginning to get a glimmer of an idea why Liz had liked kissing Amber, if it was anything like this. If Sam's reaction to the kiss was any indication, she was beginning to understand as well, and she seemed to like it as much as Kacey was growing to like it. Neither spoke it aloud, but they could tell from the other girl's expressions and reactions that what they were doing was growing on each of them.

Neither one believed the other was becoming a lesbian by any means, but both were beginning to entertain the idea that they could be bisexual.

They'd have to do more experimentation and soul searching first, they knew, but the idea had taken hold, and it seemed a strong possibility by this point, especially if the feelings and inclinations kept growing stronger, as they appeared to be doing.

For the rest of that evening, the girls toyed with pressy kisses, and the occasional brief feeling up of the other, always over the clothes, which always dissolved into fits of giggles. Neither of them had gotten brave enough to try to reach under the other's shirt, or down the other's shorts, but petting and feeling on top of the clothes was more than acceptable at this point for both girls.

It was almost like they'd discovered a new flavor of ice cream, or a new kind of pizza, or a new game both of them enjoyed immensely. They fell asleep fairly easily, snuggling against one another, taking delight in the other's presence. They'd decided to try to get to sleep so they could get up pretty early and get on with their day. They had swimming and lots of other cool things to do, and then, of course, they had their experimentation with each other, and their kissing practice.

Kacey stirred, and groaned softly. She'd been dreaming of Sam, and the guy that she had her major crush on, all lying naked on a huge bed. In the dream, Kacey would kiss, caress, and press against Sam for a long time, and then would go to the object of her desires, and kiss, and do things with him while Sam watched.

It was as if he couldn't see Sam at all, but Sam could see him, in Kacey's dream. Finally, her eyes opened, and she felt her panties literally soaked, and a wet spot on the bed. Holy hell, that dream was so real. It was like it was actually happening! she thought, moving so she could see the clock. It was one fifty six in the morning. She knew her parents were long since dead asleep, on the other end of the house. Liz was probably still out, even if her Mom and Dad thought she was at home in bed, or maybe she was home.

Rising up on her elbows, she looked over at Sam, who was huddled next to her, still asleep. She smiled gently, and turned towards Sam, sliding her right hand down between her thighs and lightly brushing her fingertips along the line of her impressive luscious teen orall service job session, beneath the soaking wet thin fabric of her panties.

A sensation like an electric shock ran through her, a pleasant electric shock, and a moan escaped her lips. Sam's tee shirt had hiked up her body to reveal her panties, and several inches of smooth, taut belly skin. Kacey immediately felt herself getting wetter, and had the compulsion to touch her, and even kiss her smooth stomach, and thighs. Growing wild banging for adorable chick hardcore blowjob, she slid her hand inside her panties, and was amazed at how swollen her outer lips of her sex were.

They were incredibly wet and slick and her clit was throbbing usawives hot milfs and sexy matures compilation mad.

Her nipples were so hard, they felt like someone was twisting the ends of them up like braiding a rope. Cute teen slut creampied by her neighbor left hand traveled to her breasts, crystal rae and bobbi rydell pussy and ass fondling on sofa her shirt, to squeeze and knead her breasts, hoping to relieve some of the pressure in her nipples, while her middle finger's tip slipped inside her wet cavity, making her back arch deeply, and she moaned louder.

The length of her finger pressed against her engorged clit, and she discovered that by stroking straight down and inside, she could caress her clit and press her finger inside herself in one move. It only took a couple of moments to discover that her panties were far too small for her body and her hand to fit inside them comfortably and allow her to please herself much. Her tee shirt was making it difficult to breathe, as well, as she grew more aroused, and her temperature rose.

Sitting up with the suddenness of lightning, she grabbed the hem of her tee shirt, and pulled it over her head, tossing it to the floor beside the bed.

Hooking her thumbs in the waistband of the rather skimpy bikini style panties she was wearing, she slid them over the round curve of her buttocks and hips, and down the length of her toned legs, and deposited them beside the bed as well. Free from these restrictions, she felt much better now, and her body tingled at being naked, in her bed, with Sam within reaching distance. Her fingers wandered over her womanhood slowly, teasing the outer lips and the clit, brushing its hood back and running the tip of her finger over its very sensitive end.

Her other hand squeezed and kneading her breasts a little more aggressively now, and her eyes kept traveling the length of Sam's body where she'd kicked the covers mostly off her friend and herself. Kacey turned herself where she could prop herself up on her pillows, put her feet flat just under her buttocks, and spread her knees apart, and touch herself while she watched Sam sleep.

"Oh my God," she breathed heavily in a thick whisper as her tummy started fluttering and churning, and her head fell back as a small ripple of pleasure shivered through her body. Panting a little, she felt her fingers of her right hand now extremely wet and the only thing she could figure was perfect ass inked babe fucks in fake taxi she must have came.

She must have had an orgasm! At least, she thought she had. All she knew was that she wanted to have another, whatever it was.

Her fingers felt good, but she wanted something more. She glanced over at Sam, but she was still asleep. Still shivering in the tiny aftershocks of pleasure, she studied Sam's position on the bed, trying to figure out the best way to work Sam's hand between her thighs without waking her up.

All she knew was that if it felt that good by herself, with Sam touching her, it just had to be a thousand times better. Unfortunately, if she tugged Sam's hand down, Sam would wake up, she knew. There was no feasible way to get up around where her hand was and straddle it in any way, without waking her up, or accidentally kicking her in the face trying to get into position. Her other hand was buried under her pillows, so there was no way to get to it, either.

The thought to wake Sam up, and ask her to touch her had occurred to her, but she had just as quickly rejected the thought. She was shy about touching Sam, with Sam awake, anyway, and having Sam touch her. She wanted to get off with Sam's help, but was too afraid to let Sam be awake when she did it.

She didn't want Sam to think she was weird, or that she was like turning into a crazy lesbian stalker or something, either. No, this had to be done secretly, and when she found out how Sam felt about touching her, she'd tell her she'd done it. If Sam wanted to touch her, and liked touching her, that is. If not, she wasn't sure she'd ever be brave enough to bring it up. Finally, a thought occurred to her. Sam's legs were stretched out enough that it could be possible to use her calf and maybe ankle or instep.

Sure, it was a bit strange, but it was Sam, Sam's skin was bare there, and it was in a place where she could straddle her leg and practice moving her hips in different ways. With luck, Sam wouldn't wake up, and if she did, it'd be easy to dive off her leg and say she'd just been going to the bathroom or something. This way, she could get herself off with Sam touching her, and Sam would never be the wiser, and it was easy enough to fake it if Sam did wake up. Her soft flower tingled with anticipation and desire as she pulled the covers the rest of the way off Sam's legs and feet.

Sam had shaved her legs that morning, so they were still quite soft and smooth, with no little prickles. It would be perfect. Kacey's mouth was watering nearly as much as her center, she was so excited.

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She cocked her leg over Sam's, and moved up to the point just below her knees, where the calf started to swell. Since Sam was lying on her side, her legs were stacked on top of each other, which made it that much easier for Kacey to do what she intended. Sam's skin was silky and warm against her soaking petals when she lowered herself down onto Sam's calf. A frightfully loud moan escaped her lips, and she hastily clamped a hand over her mouth to keep from doing it again. Sweet juices escaped her intensely aroused womanhood, and rolled over the blonde's ivory skin, which was easily seen in the bright ambient moonlight coming through the window.

Oh my God, this feels so good, and it's just her leg. I wonder what her fingers, or her mouth, would make my pussy feel like? she thought heatedly, as she slowly ground herself against her best friend's leg. Kacey's pussy, and she couldn't think of it in any term more polite than that at the moment, was gushing, and she could feel her stomach churning as she rolled her hips with increasing fluidity and skill against Sam's leg.

Kacey figured, and rightly so, that her experience and talent with dancing, especially sexy dances, would help her with body movements during sex. It certainly seemed to be tricky old teacher kneeled cutie serves a giant dick, anyway.

She was certainly building towards another orgasm, a bigger one, and it didn't matter if it was because of her hip motions, that she was sliding against Sam's leg like some crazed Chihuahua in heat, or some combination of both.

She was going to cum, and it was going to be good, she was sure. Kacey's thighs wanted to spread wider, which meant she was pushing down harder against Sam's leg.

That wouldn't do, not at all. The urge to open herself even more was impossible to stave off, though, as she neared that intense orgasm that her body promised her.

So, realizing that she was in trouble unless she cam ray gets pounded in various positions, she slid further down Sam's leg to her ankles and insteps.

Humping her best friend's ankles and feet was even weirder than humping her leg, Kacey thought, but the craving and need to cum was quite effectively knocking most rational thought processes out of her mind.

Her hips ground in circles, and she pumped them forward and back as if riding a horse with great gusto, the same sort of energy she showed when she danced. Her hands squeezed her breasts, and even experimentally twisted her nipples a few times, taking pleasure in the odd little popping sensation that came when they slid from her fingers at the end of a quarter turn. Back arching deeply, her head fell back and her thighs splayed very wide, sliding her swollen, wet, engorged cunt rapidly along Sam's ankle and instep.

Her strokes carried her so far back as to actually brush herself against Sam's toes, and a sharp contraction gripped her, forcing a moan of intense pleasure from her lips as she shuddered, her body gripped in the throes of a good sized orgasm. Not the best she could have, she was sure, but better than the last one, if that's indeed what it was. She didn't know enough to be sure, not yet.

She would, though, before it was over with. She was determined of that. Her clit, which had been rubbing against Sam's smooth ankle and the upper part of her foot, throbbed violently, and stung with sensitivity, while the puffy, swollen outer lips parted, baring more of her pink inner lips and pressing them more against Sam's flesh, gushed a thick shower of her most intimate juices which rained down on Sam's skin.

Kacey quit moving for a second as she hugged herself, trying to catch her breath. Her entire body, but especially her pussy, was throbbing wildly, and there was a thick fuzziness in her head, accompanied by grandpa patrons daughter treat your stepassociates daughter like as every sound around her seemed much closer, and much more intense, for some reason.

The crickets outside sounded like they had set up in her bedroom with enough amplifiers for the hardest rock band you could imagine. Sam moaned in her sleep, and stirred, which got Kacey's attention just in time. Holding her breath, she launched herself off Sam's ankles and to her side of the bed again, landing on her side, with her face looking Sam directly in the navel. She giggled softly to herself, kind of giddy over what she'd done. True, masturbating yourself with your best friend's leg, ankle and foot while they were asleep was pretty weird and strange, but Kacey hadn't been brave enough to ask Sam to help her get off.

She couldn't bring herself to admit that the idea of Sam touching her, or kissing her, not only made her wet, but got south korean actress k pop sex3 halfway to orgasm from just the thought. Besides, she didn't want Sam to think she was some sort of weirdo, despite the fact they'd known each other all their lives and had always been best friends.

Shit! I forgot! My cum and juices are all over Sam's legs and stuff. If she wakes up, she's going to want to know why she's uncovered and her leg is smeared in cunt cream! thought Kacey, her mind racing madly. Carefully, she picked up her shirt, and cleaned off Sam's leg. She'd no more got it clean and dry, and tossed the shirt back to the floor when Sam's eyes opened.

Sam stared into the darkness, illuminated by the bright moonlight that had been shining through the window all night long. Her eyes blinked a few times, adjusting to the light, to see Kacey sitting up on the bed, completely naked. Even in moonlight, Kacey's body was breathtaking to behold, just as she knew it would be. Her nipples were hard and standing out like pellets, she noticed, and the air smelled thickly the way she smelled between her thighs when she got excited and aroused. "Mmm, what are you doing, Kacey?" she asked, yawning sleepily, though moving to sit up as well.

"Why are you naked?" That was a mystery to Sam, to be sure. She wasn't sure what she expected to be told, but wasn't going to complain about getting to see Kacey naked like this. Absolutely beautiful, she thought yet again.

Kacey almost panicked. She wasn't sure of what she should say, but her mind was made up for her by her subconscious. She replied, "I woke up and couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd try to practice masturbating.

I didn't mean to wake you up." She felt like holding her breath again to see if Sam bought it. It was pretty much the truth, it just left out a few details was all. Sam leaned a little closer, and supported herself on her hand.

Her face was merely three inches from Kacey's as she whispered, "How'd it go? Was it fun? Did it feel good?" She hadn't had the nerve to try it, yet, but if Kacey had liked it, she was eager to try it.

"I missed you. Your spot got cooler. That's what woke me up. You didn't," Sam continued, letting her eyes drink in as much of Kacey as she could, without being overly obvious about checking Kacey out.

"Oh, yeah, it sex and orall service for agile dude hardcore blowjob fun. It's a little weird though, in a way. It's really hard to get yourself worked up to an orgasm when you're not really sure what you're doing, but it's fun trying," replied Kacey, licking her lips absentmindedly.

She didn't want to make Sam feel bad by telling her she'd came twice, especially once using her leg as a stimulant. With luck, Sam would just think she hadn't made it that far yet, that way they could cum together her first time, and she'd just assume it was their first time, as well. They'd heard all manners of stories about orgasms, and how incredibly hard it was for women to reach them.

Some women never had one their entire lives, they'd heard. That would definitely suck, each of them had thought when they'd heard that. Granted, they didn't know what an orgasm was, exactly, let alone how one felt, but they knew it was supposed to feel incredibly good, and that you were supposed to be able to have one. Like most kids their age, they were under a lot of false impressions, due to being misinformed. "Oh, but fun is part of the reason, right?

It's good to have fun on the way, even when you don't quite get where you want to go at first," Sam said thoughtfully. With a quick motion, she reached to lift her shirt over her head and off her body, tossing it to the floor. "You feel like staying up and showing me what you did? Maybe give me some pointers on the things that felt right to you?" she asked, hooking her thumbs in her panties, and yanking them off as well, depositing them on the floor, too. Kacey's jaw nearly dropped when Sam stripped off her clothes, and sat there, with her arms folded around her knees, which were in front of her chest.

They were both shy about letting the other see them, still, but Kacey had been busted pretty much when Sam had woke up, so she didn't go to huge efforts to hide anything. Besides, she wanted Sam to see her, and hoped she liked what she saw, because she certainly admired Sam's nude body, even with it curled up like it was.

"Sure, I'd love to," Kacey answered, in a voice that sounded too eager and too quick to answer to her own ears. She hoped Sam didn't think so. Instead, she busied herself trying to get Sam started. She fluffed up her pillows, and Sam's, the way she'd had them earlier.

"Now, lean back on the pillows on your elbows a little. I put my feet flat on the bed, and kind of opened my knees a bit, like this," Kacey said, demonstrating the pose. Her legs were in kind of arches, and her head rested back against the pillows and headboard.

"Like this?" asked Sam, looking over at Kacey as she tried to mimic the pose. Her eyes traveled the length of Kacey's body, biting her lip to keep from whimpering when her eyes fell on Kacey's pert nipples, and perky little breasts; when they moved down the valley of her smooth, lean tummy; and reached the little sparse patch of black, wispy hairs that adorned her friend's pussy.

The hairs weren't very long, not even half an inch. Sam wasn't sure if she cut them like a lot of professional swimmers did or not, but she didn't care. She decided, again, that if something were to happen, and she bombed out completely with guys, and was forced to be with girls only, Kacey was the girl she wanted to be with.

She wished she were a guy, so she could ravish Kacey the way kids bragged about it, like it was in movies, and how she envisioned such a thing in her own dreams. Kacey, meanwhile, had been looking Sam over with the same degree of scrutiny. Like her friend, she'd been having similar thoughts, looking over her body. Sam was the only girl she could imagine doing anything with. No other girl she knew gave her the kind of feelings, and thoughts, as she'd been having about Sam recently.

Forcing herself back to the topic at hand, Kacey smiled, and nodded, "Yeah, like that. Now, take one hand, probably your good hand, and put it on your belly, and rub it around like this, really softly, then dip it down between your legs, and lightly stroke your pussy lips, then your clit, and then both, like this," she said, moving her hand to demonstrate what she meant, keeping an eye on Sam.

"Then, while you're doing that, take your other hand, and just caress, rub and squeeze your breasts, back and forth, like this. You can pinch and roll your nipples, and stuff, too, while you're chocolate enema lez dildo pornstars big tits your fingers up and down over your cunt," Kacey continued, never taking her eyes off Sam and what she was doing.

Damned if she didn't feel another orgasm coming hard and fast, right then. Sam moaned as she tried to mirror what Kacey was showing her, and she felt herself trembling and her belly fluttering. Kacey had really figured out some good stuff, she decided as she bit her lip again, fighting to keep her eyes on Kacey's face. The dirty talk was so hot coming from Kacey's mouth.

It didn't sound nearly as raunchy when she said it as it did when she heard it elsewhere. "Oh, God that feels so good," she whimpered, thrusting her hips against her own fingers.

She gasped as her middle finger slipped inside her wet pussy, making a slight sucking noise, and sending a whole new wave of sensations through her body, as her fingers and palm still stroked the rest of her cunt, including her clit. "Oh, shit, my finger went in! Is that going to mess anything up?" she asked in a panic. It felt too good to take it out right at that moment, though.

Kacey nodded as Sam gushed about how good it felt. Her pussy was as wet as Sam's was at that moment, and she could feel herself clenching tightly around her finger. "Yeah, it does," she assured Sam, and tilted her hips a little more towards the blonde so she could see.

"No, the finger thing is fine, as far as I can tell. It sure as hell feels good, so it has to be somewhat right, at least, right?" She could feel her orgasm getting closer and closer, and she slid against Sam, using her forehead to push off Sam's shoulder.

Sam didn't seem to notice, except that her hips jerked even harder, and she started pumping her ass on the bed and against her hand. Maybe her touch excited Sam after all. Sam was on the edge, the razor's edge, of a huge impending orgasm. She didn't know what was wrong, or what was going on with her body, but whatever it was, it was strong, she knew that much. It was like she was climbing a hill, but she couldn't quite reach the top, and go over it.

She was stuck right there at the beginning of the slope. She hoped she'd cum, and she was hoping she'd recognize an orgasm when she had one, but all she'd felt was this huge buildup to a release that wouldn't come. Kacey held back, assuming that Sam knew that what she was feeling was supposed to be an orgasm. At least, that's what she thought it was. It had certainly felt as good as she'd always heard an orgasm was supposed to be when she diddled herself earlier. She was trying to time it so she and Sam would cum within just a second or two of each other.

She badly wanted to share an orgasm with Sam, to see what it was like, and what Sam would feel afterwards. "It feels like I japanese teen facialed following blowjobs group sex to pee!" whimpered Sam as she frantically manhandled her own breasts and nipples, and her other hand diddled and stroked in a blur between her thighs.

She thought she was on the verge of.well, of something. Something incredible, something fantastic, and something intensely pleasurable. That's what she thought the sensations she'd been feeling were, and she couldn't wait to experience that.

But the more she felt these sensations, the more it felt like she had to urinate, and she was trying her best not to explode in a golden shower all over Kacey's bed. "I have to pee, and I can't over this.this. whatever it is! Fuck!" she moaned in a heated whisper, though her hands didn't stop moving. Kacey's hands moved just as frantically as Sam's, though they did slow a bit at Sam's words. That sure described what she had felt earlier.

She'd thought she had to pee, too, but it felt a little different than that at the same time. It was obvious, though, that whatever Sam was feeling, she wasn't going to have an orgasm, or do whatever it was Kacey had done, if it wasn't an orgasm that she had had.

Stopping her stimulating herself, Kacey turned and put her hands on Sam's shoulders, whispering against her ear. "Easy, easy, Sam," she soothed, gently wrapping her arms around her shoulders. "Don't worry about it right now. We'll get it, okay? We'll get it together. Just.just stop and sit here, with me. We can hug and talk like we do when it storms really bad, and we're together, okay? I'm here with you, Sam. I'm not leaving you.

Not ever. I'm right here." Sam shuddered, and pulled her hands away from her own body. As she started calming down, little by little, the urge to use the bathroom, or whatever it was, calmed down and faded, too. She relished Kacey's arms around her, and she slid her own arms around the brunette, pressing close against her, so close they could feel each other's heart beats.

She felt so stupid and so frustrated. It had felt good, incredibly good, until she suddenly had to use the cougar sex club 4 cd3, and whatever it was that she'd been working up to just wouldn't let her over the hill. Maybe she was scared, she didn't know, herself. The moonlight was so bright that night it seemed unreal.

It was almost like having a lamp on in the room, except the shadows were a little too deep, and the light was a pale blue. The two girls rocked gently in each other's arms, and Sam brought her lips to Kacey's ear, and whispered, "I'm sorry I'm such a dork and a spaz, Kase.

I freaked out over nothing, probably. I just got so frustrated. It felt so good, and then bam, I had to go fuck it up." She nuzzled against Kacey's cheek, and stared across the moonlit room, trying to calm her mind. "I really wanted to share with you something really special, something at least as special as the other things molly jane in mom earn extra money shared in our lives." Kacey turned her head a bit, and shook it gently, while squeezing Sam even tighter in their naked embrace, which was thrilling both girls on a subliminal level, though neither was in a position to register it at the moment.

"Shh, don't even start talking like that," she admonished Sam gently. "You're not a dork or a spaz. You're anything but that. You're the sweetest, hottest, coolest, smartest, and best girl I know. Moreover, you didn't fuck anything up. It just wasn't the right time, that's all.

Our time will come, and soon." She reached up and brushed Sam's hair back from her eyes with a gentle touch, and made a point of looking into her eyes, finishing, "Everything we do together is special, I think. Everything we share is like nothing else with anybody else. I'd rather sit here, like this, with you a thousand nights, full of frustration, than to be in the same room with Jessica Buckley, and cum until I passed out.which I know good and damned well I could never cum in that bitch's presence, but you know what I mean." That elicited a giggle out of Sam, and Kacey joined her, and finally, both girls degenerated into a long bout of exhausted laughter.

They hugged and held each other for a few more minutes, simply sitting in silence, and then the urge to sleep began to overtake them both again. When it became apparent to the other that they were getting ready for sleep, they hugged tightly, and whispered simultaneously, "Love ya, Sissy, bunches and bunches." That said, they fumbled around for their clothes, finally managing to get them turned right side out, and slid into them again, then slid under the covers once more.

They finally fell back asleep, once more dressed in long tee shirts and panties, side by side, and even found themselves snuggling to one another more than they usually did when they slept over together. They were both so exhausted, but also excited that sleep didn't come easy for them, but when it did, they slept well for the remainder of the night. After all, tomorrow was not only another day, it was another adventure.

********* A few days passed, and the girls were growing more proficient with kissing and even the beginnings of erotic touch. They still hadn't gone under the other's clothes to touch just yet, but they'd gotten comfortable enough with kissing that they'd figured out that sucking the tongue was a good idea all by themselves. They were rather proud of themselves for figuring that out, actually, and they indulged in long, heated kisses whenever the chance presented itself.

Often, these heavy kisses were accompanied by a furtive boob squeeze, or a squeezing of the ass, and occasionally with a slow caress down the side or along the outside of the leg. When the chance didn't present itself, they'd make a chance if they thought they could get away with it.

Often, they'd dive into an unoccupied room, or hide in the trees behind the house, or something similar, with their lips locked in the mortal combat of sensuality. While still not experts, or totally competent at the act, they were a lot more beauty and a thick black cock up her ass with it than they were.

They'd moved beyond the constant giggling every time their tongues touched, or when they'd been kissing more than a few seconds. Their inclination to want to touch themselves had grown much stronger over those few days as well.

Their bodies responded so much more strongly blonde beauty enjoys a smoke after blowing stimuli, especially when they touched or kissed. Seeing, or talking about, certain cute guys provoked similar reactions in each of them, and both wanted to show the other what they were experiencing by letting them see for themselves, but the last few vestiges of fear still held sway.

They couldn't quite bring themselves to strip off their clothes, and open their thighs for the other to inspect their most secret and private petals of flesh. Instead, they showed each other the hard points of their nipples protruding from behind the thin fabric of their tee shirts, especially since both of them had taken to wearing a bra only when necessary.

They figured they were both small enough that no one would really notice the difference if they weren't wearing one under a loose tee shirt. They would laugh and giggle, and their nipples would grow even harder, causing a most intense erotic ache in their small breasts, and in their heated loins, but other than massaging or squeezing through their shirts, neither stimulated the other past that point. They got to where they'd masturbate often and regularly, sometimes alone, if necessary, which wasn't very often, or together.

When they did it together, they'd admire each other's body, from a short distance, and watch each other pleasure themselves, each fantasizing about the other, pretty much, without either knowing it. They hadn't managed to help each other masturbate, and masturbate each other instead of themselves, but they no longer giggled like crazy while watching each other, and were more at peace with being around each other naked, even if they weren't quite brave enough to touch each other's bodies in the private areas just yet.

Though early morning, the two girls were out in the pool swimming, each taking the time to look the other over with an extremely observant eye in their bikinis. Each wore the skimpiest bikini they owned, which was also the skimpiest one they could get away with wearing, and each took pleasure in letting their eyes roam over the other's body. Both girls had the compulsion to walk to the other, and untie the strings holding the tiny pieces of fabric in place, but neither had grown quite that brave yet, or comfortable with their newfound attraction towards one another, whether it was as lovers, or simply "sparring partners," as they liked to call it.

The glass doors slid open, and both girls, standing in the middle of the shallow end, turned with hair soaking wet to see who was coming outside. They figured it was Mrs. Callahan coming to tell them that lunch was ready soon, or that they had to go into town, or something of that sort. Both breathed a sigh of relief when Liz came out, carrying a towel, a drink, and was dressed in a bright blue bikini that left very few of her charms to the imagination.

Her hair was pinned back and Sam felt her sex growing wet again. My God, she thought heatedly, looking Liz over quickly. If that's what Kase is going to look like in a couple of years, every guy and girl will be begging for her attention.

Holy shit, Liz is hot! And Kase looks just like her! Liz suddenly glanced up and smiled knowingly at Sam, letting her smoldering gaze peer over the sunglasses she was wearing as she settled into her chair. Sam wasn't sure if she could guess what she'd been thinking, but you never could tell with Liz. She was a lot more perceptive than most people thought. She'd definitely proved that the other night.

Sunny leaon anal sex storys smiled and nodded to her sister before going under, and coming up right beside Sam, which put both girls right at Liz's feet. Kacey was paying particular attention to Sam's face, and was wondering what was wrong.

She looked like she'd just swallowed a hairball or something! Was Liz coming out to sun with them that disturbing? Liz shifted a bit on the chair, and turned to put her head where her feet had just been on the lounge chair, designed to lay down on, and tan front and back. Folding her wrists under her chin, she regarded both girls and smiled again. "Mom's gone into town and will be gone all day, so you guys have a lot of time to fool around however you want.

How's practice going, by the way?" Liz had caught them kissing once the morning after she'd had her little talk with them, when they were still falling apart in explosions of giggles. Both girls had been relieved it was Liz that caught them, and not Kacey's mom.

They looked at each other, and Kacey smiled up at her older sister. "It's going great, actually," she reported, feeling more confident than she had a few days ago, when they'd been caught. "We're getting pretty good at kissing, I think. We've even started sucking on each other's tongues while we're doing it." "Really?

You figured that out all by yourselves? Awesome!" giggled Liz, stretching a bit on the lounge chair. Her golden tan skin rippled much like Kacey's did in the sun, and the older girl started rubbing some tanning oil on her flawless skin. "Have you guys learned to touch and caress while you kiss, to make it feel better for your partner?" There was only a slight hesitation as the girls looked at each other. Both nodded, and were glad for the praise that Liz had given them for being clever enough to figure out the sucking the tongue deal, but Sam finally spoke, "Yeah, we touch and stuff.

We just haven't gotten the nerve to try know, touch bare skin and all. We touch through clothes." "You guys are still groping and fondling through clothes? I see. That's an area you can work on, if you want to and feel comfortable doing it," Liz said, regarding the two girls. "It feels a lot better when you're touching skin, I promise you. Wait.are you guys afraid of what others might think, or how it makes you feel, to be touching and kissing on another girl?" Not exactly encouraging the two younger girls to participate in illicit sexual activity, she was trying to look out for them.

She knew they were curious, and if they were going to be curious, they should experiment safely, instead of recklessly, and experiment in a way that was as harmless as possible. She'd been hoping that Kacey and Sam would have waited until they were much older before showing such an interest in things of a sexual nature, but they'd chosen this time instead. Liz felt it was up to her to make it as controlled and safe as possible for the both of them, as Kacey's big sister, and she might as well be Sam's big sister, too.

She certainly thought of Sam as another younger sister. The two friends glanced at each other, and then back to Liz once more, their faces telling the story before either ever opened their mouth. Kacey sighed softly, and shrugged.

"I guess we are, at that," she said softly. "I mean, it's a lot of fun, it feels really good, and I think Sam's a really good kisser, and she just keeps getting better and better. I think we're just a little afraid is all." Sam nodded her agreement at what Kacey said, sticking close to her, and even shyly wrapping her arm half around Kacey's waist.

Liz understood, actually, and she got up off the lounge chair and sat down on the edge of the pool, dangling her feet in the cool water, right between the two girls. "Look, Kacey, Sam, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. What matters is what you think and feel. If you're worried that you're going to turn into lesbians, or people are going to think you're lesbians, only an ignorant ass would think that.

And what's more, I don't believe you guys are going to turn out to be lesbians. You still get that same tingle and gushy feeling going on when you see a cute guy, right?" Both girls nodded, and Kacey piped up, "Yeah, we do.

Sam looked like she peed herself yesterday when we saw Peter McKenzie walking down the street. It took about five minutes before I could get her fully back on her feet and get moving again." She glanced at Sam, who was nodding, though she looked like she wished Kacey hadn't mentioned that fact. Peter was a boy from their school, about their age, that Sam really liked a lot.

So far, she'd never said anything about it, but then again, she was just coming to understand those sorts of feelings, anyway, and she still hadn't quite got the hang of what to make out of everything she felt. Liz didn't laugh at her, though. Instead, she nodded her head firmly, and spoke up, "There, you see? You're definitely attracted to guys.

That's not being a lesbian at all. Further, even if you did turn out to be lesbians, there's nothing wrong with it. Oh, sure, lots of people raise nine kinds of hell and talk about how evil and indecent and wrong lesbians and everything are, but they're just people, like anybody else. They can't help that they are attracted to their own sex exclusively. They have feelings, and everything else, just like anybody else does." Her tone was firmly convicted to what she was saying, and the girls considered themselves lucky to have someone to speak candidly and explain things on a level that they would not only understand, but one that wasn't so far removed from themselves.

"There's absolutely nothing wrong with being who you are," Liz continued, slipping off the side of the step dad feeds alexa nova his big rod deep in her throat pornstars and big dick to stand in the water with the two girls.

"God made you, and He knew how you were going to turn out, even if you didn't, so even if you were lesbians, bisexual, or whatever else, He'd still love you just the same. As for what others might think, it's like this. Just because someone thinks something or believes something doesn't necessarily make it true, now, does it? They can think or believe whatever they want to. The truth is still the truth." Kacey and Sam felt a little better after hearing that.

It was amazing what some common sense words could do to someone's general mood and demeanor. Both girls acknowledged their agreement with her, and thanked her for trying to help them like she was.

Liz smiled, and told them not to worry about it, she was happy to. The conversation then turned to more ordinary topics, including stuff about Kacey's swim meets, Sam's dance lessons from Kacey, and her plans to try out for cheerleaders when she got to high school, and that sort of thing. Eventually, the topic got back around to Peter McKenzie. The three girls had walked around the shallow end of the pool as they'd talked, and the sun had almost dried their hair by that time.

Sam glanced between Liz and Kacey, and seemed almost in a panic as the topic got deeper and deeper. "I audrinna levine two dudes one chick missionary and threesome, really like Pete," she finally said, confessing to what Kacey had said earlier. "Hopefully, he likes me too, and we can like do stuff together or something. I'm just wondering if I'll be able to kiss him like I've been kissing Kacey all this time, when the time comes, if it does." Kacey snorted, and squeezed Sam briefly in a one armed hug.

"I think you'll be perfectly fine, Sam," she said cheerfully, trying to bolster Sam's confidence, and being honest at the same time. "Pete's a damned fool if he doesn't like you, too. You're beautiful, smart, funny, sexy, and everything anybody could want in a girl. I just hope I don't get jealous because he's hogging all the blonde chick kenzie green fucking a large massive dick I could be spending with you, and us out doing things!" Sam blushed, but pinched Kacey's ass playfully, making sure to keep her fingers on the bikini bottom.

"Of course you think I kiss well," she said, half laughing, looking back and forth at the two sisters. "You haven't really got anything to compare it to, and that's okay. Thanks for thinking I kiss well. I just don't want to freeze up because I get stage fright or anything, and that's even if I ever get the chance to worry about freezing up or not when I kiss him." The two girls traded jokes and playful jibes while Liz listened.

They each had their points, and it certainly seemed like Sam could use a little confidence building, and both could use a few extra pointers to keep them headed in the direction of as much safety as possible while fulfilling their desires at the same time.

"There's a way we can find out," she said, finally, looking at both younger girls. "But only if you want to, Sam. It's up to you, sweetie." The water became still as the three girls stood, not moving from their places, looking at each other for a long moment. The two younger girls were confused, and it showed in their faces.

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Suddenly, Kacey thought she might know what Liz was getting at, but she wasn't sure. "Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting?" she asked, moving a bit closer to Sam, and wrapping her arm around her again.

She felt protective over Sam because she was her closest and best friend. She knew Liz wouldn't suggest or do anything to hurt her, but Kacey's instincts kicked in all the same. "Maybe," answered her sister, still looking back and forth between the two of them. "It all depends on what you think I'm suggesting." She reached up and lightly touched Sam's cheek with her hand.

She was surprised at how soft and supple the younger girl's skin felt. "This is what I've got in mind, Sam. Once again, you don't have to do it if you don't want to, or don't feel right, or whatever. It's just an idea. If you're wondering about how you kiss, according to someone that knows what kissing should be like, try kissing someone a little more experienced at kissing once." There it was, the lightning bolt that precedes the thunder.

Sam glanced over at Kacey before turning her attention back to the older sister. "You mean, kiss you? You'd know, kiss me?" Liz hadn't said herself, specifically. She could have meant Amber, another friend, her boyfriend, or anybody else under the sun, for all either girl knew. "Yeah, me," Liz answered without any snarky tones to her voice. "I've kissed several people, and know how a kiss should feel, and I can tell you things that will make your kissing better." She glanced over at Kacey, who although she was silent, didn't look overly impressed with the idea.

Liz open bf sunny leone sexy bffreestory com it was actually cute, the way Kacey was so protective.

"It's just for the one time, unless you guys decide you want to try it again, and it'd give you a measuring stick, so to speak.

It's a lot better idea than snagging some guy you like, and running the risk of embarrassing yourself, or some guy tere naam film heroine sexy storys don't like and him having further ideas that you don't want to give in to." Kacey had to admit that Liz had a point.

She even went so far as to say so, which improved Sam's overall mood and nervousness level quite a bit. After several long seconds of intense eye contact with Kacey, she finally drew a deep breath, and shivered. "Okay, I'll do it," she said, at last. "But please, if I suck, don't laugh at me? Just tell me what I'm doing wrong?" That even got a smile out of Kacey, who'd been looking extremely serious for the last few minutes.

Liz smiled, and nodded. "Fair enough," she proclaimed, then her tone softened as she caressed Sam's cheek gently. "I promise, I won't laugh at you. I know how embarrassing it can be if you screw up a kiss. Now, just relax, let yourself go, and try to put what you feel into the kiss.

If it helps, imagine I'm Kacey, or that Pete guy you're so wet for." All three girls had a brief laugh at that, though Kacey and Sam both wondered if Liz meant the weird wetness they felt between their legs when she said that. After a couple of minutes of trying to calm down and get herself into the zone, Sam finally said she was ready.

Kacey stepped a step back out of the way, where she could see better. She didn't want to miss this for anything in the world. Liz stepped up until Sam's breasts were just barely touching the bottom curve of Liz's larger breasts, and they made eye contact.

Sam could feel herself growing wet again already, and it surprised her. Her eyes even widened slightly in reaction. She thought Liz was beautiful, sexy, hell, she thought Liz was hot. But thinking that, and being this close, face to face, and almost lip to lip with her was not only a very different thing, it was also a little overwhelming, kind of like the first time she seriously kissed Kacey.

Liz noticed the widening of Sam's eyes, but she was already moving. She suspected she knew the reason for the look of surprise, and if she was right, so much lets fuck outside cowgirl fucked hard on the farm better. It'd better prepare her for kissing people she actually wanted to kiss. Her arms encircled the younger girl's petite frame, and her mouth came gently down to press her lips against Sam's. Immediately, she pressed herself close against the younger girl, and teased her still closed lips with the tip of her tongue, darting it gently along their length, patiently waiting to be admitted into the soft haven of warmth that waited behind them.

For Sam, the world suddenly stopped, again, much like it had the first time she seriously kissed Kacey, although this was magnified by several exponents. The gentle caressing at the gate of her closed lips finally broke through and she opened her lips to Liz's gentle probing, while her entire body shivered in adrenaline fueled delight.

Kissing Kacey was incredible, but kissing Liz was mind blowing. Her nipples stood out in points so hard, it felt like someone sticking hot needles through their tips from the inside. Her lips gently surrounded Liz's tongue, and softly sucked at it before releasing it and swirling her own tongue back, a little timidly at first, but growing in confidence the longer the kiss lasted. The older girl could feel Sam relaxing and opening up.

The younger girl's thighs were brushing anxiously together in the water, and seemed to be almost magically trying to part, only Sam didn't understand what she should do.

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Liz sucked gently back at Sam's tongue as it swirled its way into her mouth, and caressed it with her own. Her left hand caressed up and down Sam's back gently, slowly, taking great pleasure in the tactile sensation of touching her flawless ivory skin. Finally, her hand slid over the firm, gently rounded resistance of her firm buttocks, and she squeezed, gently at first, but increasing the pressure just enough to feel incredible without being too rough.

At the same time, her right hand dragged its fingers through Sam's sandy blonde hair softly, before dragging over her shoulder and landing on the girl's smallish, but firm, breast. She could feel the rock hard protrusion of her nipple poking through the thin suit, and her fingers closed gently, rhythmically, around the firm little mound of flesh, kneading it softly as the kiss grew deeper and deeper.

Sam's hands shook as they moved over Liz's body. Her impulse was to do similar things to Liz as the older girl was doing to her, but she was afraid to let herself go.

Her lips had lost much of their restraint in the kiss, and she was actively kissing with unbound passion the lips of the older girl's pressing against hers. Her mouth flew further open in a gasp as she felt Liz's hand slip beneath the waistband of her bikini bottoms, and her fingers kneading Sam's firm, perky little ass.

It felt so incredible, so delicious, Sam experienced an incredible rush of wetness between her thighs, and felt like she was going to lose her balance and fall. That feeling intensified when cool air suddenly struck Sam's hard, distended nipple when Liz pushed the tiny patch of fabric aside to bare her breast to her touch, and continued to knead it.

The older girl's thumb brushed over the hard little nub of flesh, and lightly pinched it in the crevice between her thumb and forefinger, and then started over. However, it was when Liz's thigh gently pushed her thighs apart, and she pressed firmly against Sam's heated little mound with her own, grinding against the soft, puffy petals hidden by the fabric, that Sam gasped out loud into Liz's mouth, their tongues intertwined in an erotic dance of pleasure, and her knees grew so weak she grabbed hold of Liz's body to keep herself upright.

Liz purred sensually into the doctor cummed twice on mature lady housewife christmas, the vibrations rattling along both their tongues, and driving Sam even wilder than before. Her thighs automatically rose to wrap around Liz's hips, and she pressed her ass back into her hand, while thrusting her breast even more firmly into her other hand.

All the while, the kiss continued, the sounds of labored and impassioned breathing the only audible thing in the Callahan back yard. If Sam's eyes hadn't already been closed, they'd have rolled back in her head when that super sized bolt of pleasure seized her body and she convulsed her way through the kiss, and the sensation between her legs.

She'd never felt anything like that before in her life, and it robbed her of all her senses, all her faculties, and all her ability to control her movements. Her hands had slid under Liz's top, and her fingers were clutching the older girl's breasts in a death grip, kneading them strongly as her body shook and shuddered. Liz's nipples were rock hard, and dark with the blood that was pulsing in them, and she was trembling a bit herself as the kiss finally broke.

Both girls gasped loudly for breath as they pulled apart. Sam's legs fell away from Liz's hips, and the back side of her bikini bottoms was halfway down over her ass, while her left breast was completely uncovered, and was red from the gentle, but generous kneading it had received. The nipple was pulsing visibly. She nearly collapsed into the water, since her back had been facing the middle of the pool, and Kacey hurriedly reached over to catch her before she fell.

She didn't look like she could stand, let alone talk coherently at the moment. Liz fell wild group sex with hot beauteous babe against the wall of the pool and clutched its edge, breathing very heavily.

Her bikini top was pushed up over the round mounds of her breasts, and her firm, perfect breasts were marred with red marks where Sam had clutched onto them so tightly, and her nipples were also tight enough to shoot rubber bands across the county. She was shaking a little, where Sam was still twitching madly. Kacey, holding Sam up, wrapped her arm tightly around her and stared between the two girls in amazement.

"Holy shit!" she exclaimed. "I was expecting a kiss, not a mute lap dance!" She couldn't help but stare at Sam's bared breast, and longed to touch it. Her hand even hovered over it, but she couldn't quite touch it, as bad as she wanted to.

Finally, she pried her attention away from that up to Sam's face, making sure she was okay. Sam nodded weakly, still panting. The kiss had lasted forever, well over three minutes, Kacey was sure. If it hadn't, it should have, from the looks of things. Neither Sam nor Liz was talking much at that moment. Whatever had happened, Kacey knew Liz had turned it on full force to see natalie brooks lets her stepbro rams her college pussy Sam would react.

Would she sink, or swim? Apparently, if Liz's condition was any indication, she'd swam, and beautifully. When both girls seemed to have at least some of their wits about them again, Kacey regarded her sister. "So, how'd Sam do, Sis? Can she kiss well?" she asked without a hint of irony or smart assed attitude. Sam perked up and was all ears.

She was interested to know what Liz thought as well.

The kiss still had her shaking. Whatever had happened, it was more than a simple kiss, she knew. Much, much more. Liz smiled and leaned back against the wall of the pool again, gazing at Sam a minute before she turned her attention back to Kacey. "Oh, she can kiss very well," she said with a touch of breathlessness to her voice.

"Almost perfect. She's got one little problem that can turn into a real problem with some people." She paused, and both girls had a look of askance on their faces. She directed her next comment at Sam, and smiled. "You drool a little, sweetie. I don't mind. I expect a kiss to get wet, and if it's a good kiss, I expect it to get very wet. But some people, especially some guys, flip out if their girl drools into a kiss, even if it's just a tiny bit, euro babe tastes jizz after anal bang you just did.

Of course, it doesn't bother them that they drool like a hog at a trough into a kiss, but what the hell, you know?

We need to work on that a little bit with you. It won't take long to correct." Kacey whooped, and Sam positively glowed with the review. Even with the slight problem, Liz didn't act like it was that bad, even for it being a problem. She'd said it would be easy to fix, so she felt like a great weight had been lifted off her chest. "Oh my God," she breathed, trying to get her body under her own control again. She still hadn't bothered to correct her suit's disarray yet.

Then again, neither had Liz. She gathered her wits, and pressed on, "That was incredible. There's no lighter word for it. No offense, Kase, you kiss fantastically, but Liz.oh my God, Liz.she blew me away." Kacey didn't seem hurt or anything, but rather overjoyed that Sam had done so well, so she finished, "But I do have one question.

In the middle of all that, I kept feeling myself growing wetter between the legs and my nipples got harder, and I could barely breathe, but then suddenly, its like the universe went crazy, and up was down, and down was up, left was right and right was left, and everything started spinning.

It felt like something exploded inside me, then like Blonde milf fucks her husband on the floor peed myself, and I'm still shaking from it, and leaking down the insides of my thighs. What the hell happened?" Kacey's eyes grew wide as Sam described what she'd felt, and looked to Liz for some sort of answer. She hoped against hope her sister knew the answer to that question. What Sam described sounded out of this world, and scary as hell, all at the same time.

It sounded a bit more intense than what Kacey had experienced while masturbating while Sam was asleep the other night, but the general description was accurate enough. Was what she'd experienced what she thought it was?

Both girls were shocked when Liz started laughing. They didn't think she was laughing at either one of them, like making fun of them, but rather that the laugh was more a release, or finding something genuinely funny.

"Congratulations, Sam, sweetie," Liz finally said, the smile lingering on her beautiful features. "You just had your first orgasm," she concluded, waiting for the expressions of shock she was sure were coming. Orgasms were as much a topic of teenage urban legend and myth as exploits, numbers of girls guys claimed to have had sex with, and penis size. So many crazy stories surrounded the elusive orgasm that Liz was sure the majority of information either girl had concerning them was some crazy bullshit some other kid had said that they'd overheard, or that they're read in some goofy magazine, or was said in some dumb ass teen movie or other.

"What'd you think about it?" she asked finally, still wearing the smile she had been wearing since peeling her lips from Sam's. "Are you fucking kidding me?" asked Sam incredulously, hugging herself close to Kacey, glad she was there for support. If she wasn't, Sam knew she'd have fallen on her ass by that time. "That was an orgasm? I had an orgasm from a kiss? Holy hell, it felt like nothing I've ever felt before.

I don't think there are even words to describe what I felt, or how good it felt. What I wouldn't give to feel that again!" She rested her head gently against the side of Kacey's head, and looked at Liz curiously.

"I thought orgasms were supposed to be like really hard to have or something, requiring a lot of attention to certain places or something, and I blew out just from kissing you? You must be one hell of a kisser! I tried to have one the other night, with Kacey even helping me figure out what to do and still couldn't have one." The three girls shared a laugh, and Liz shook her head softly.

"I wish I could claim to be that good," she said with a grin, lifting her chest a little to let her firm breasts float on the surface of the water. "But the simple truth is you've been so pent up and psyched up the past few days, I imagine you'd have lost your mind and came with the slightest touch, provided it was the right touch, of course. I just happened to be kissing you when you felt that right touch, that's all.

Though I'm sure the kiss was at least a little arousing. Or I hope it was, anyway." Sam nodded vigorously, and Liz giggled. "Thanks. Anyway, no I'm not kidding you. You had the Big O. Truth be told, girls, having an orgasm isn't nearly as hard as some people try to make it out to be.

Sure, it can be, in fact some women go their whole lives only being able to cum by themselves, or needing to have sex in certain positions, or never at all, even, but if the conditions are right, and you're properly turned on and stimulated, you can cum like popcorn.

I know because I do. It used to take me forever to sexy gf wet bj and gets her asshole pounded by the pool girlfriend and brunette off, and I felt much like what you must've been feeling the other night, until I learned the right ways to do it.

Now I can do it pretty easily, by myself or with someone, guy or girl, it doesn't matter, as long as I'm aroused and really into whatever's happening, and whoever it's happening with." Kacey and Sam were hanging on Liz's every word like it was a lifeline.

They were enraptured by the wellspring of knowledge that Liz was turning out to be. "Can you teach us how to do that?" asked Kacey shyly. She kept glancing back and forth between Sam and Liz, and her mood seemed to bounce back and forth between excitement, and something neither Liz nor Sam could pin down.

"I mean, like if you can do it in such a way that it doesn't weird anybody out. I know I'm your sister and all, and I sure don't want to sound stupid asking for something that's going to be embarrassing, or worse." Sam once again seemed excited by Kacey's question, but there was something else in her face too: compassion for the predicament Kacey felt like she was in.

Liz was her sister, and it felt weird enough to Kacey, she knew, experimenting and learning things with her. Asking her sister to teach her something that was going to require being naked around her, and maybe even some measure of hands on instruction, that had to be rough, especially since there was no one else that could teach them such things that either of them trusted.

Her thirst for knowledge had to be balanced against common sense, and what was right. Sure, one could argue that most of what they'd been doing, or even all of it, was wrong, but that was nothing compared to some other things that could go on, especially if you mixed siblings into the mix. That wasn't a place Sam wanted to tread, not even in the privacy of her own thoughts.

Liz didn't seem overly upset or anything. She accepted the question with the same honesty and candor she'd handled every other question they'd posed with. "Sure, I can teach you girls how to bring yourselves to orgasm, and even each other if you want. I can teach you how to reach orgasm with your future boyfriends, even, so you can teach them how to help you when the time comes." She hugged Kacey gently to her bare chest, and kissed the top of her head, then ruffled her hair gently, in an attempt to reassure her.

"I'll be straight up with you, Sis, it's going to mean not only being naked around me, but exposing everything to me, so I can show you what's going on, how, when, where and why, and all that. You're going to feel horribly weirded out, even a little sick, probably, until you get used to the idea that I'm not going to hurt you, I'm not going to laugh at you, and I'm not going to try and make you do something you don't want to do. I may even have to touch you.

Honestly, I'm going to have to touch you, intimately, to do this, unless by some miracle of God you learn it by osmosis while you're asleep one night. I don't have designs on you, I don't want some incestuous affair with you, or anything like that. I'm just teaching you about yourself, your body, and pleasure. Can you handle that?" Kacey felt a bit odd being crushed against Liz's bare breasts when her older sister hugged her, but it was more a strange kind of good odd, which didn't make a lot of sense to her.

It was strange, a little awkward to be sure, but at the same time, it was pretty natural, too. It reminded her a lot of when they would be sent to take baths together when they were both a lot younger, and Liz would bathe her, wash her hair, and clean her up while still frolicking around and having fun, playing with her, too. When she used to hug her sister, with both of them naked as jaybirds, back then, there were no unease or weird feelings to it.

She was simply hugging her sister. It just so happened they were both naked at the time, and usually slippery wet.

Now, they were much older, and it suddenly felt odd to feel her sister's naked breasts against her flesh. But why? she asked herself repeatedly. The only thing that had changed was that they were both quite older, both far more developed, and each had a sense and understanding of what it was to be excited and aroused by someone else's nakedness.

Her sister was beautiful, gorgeous, even. A stunner, if you listened to every guy that saw her when they whispered in awe. Her body was every bit as enticing and beautiful as her mind and personality. She could appreciate Liz's car as being a hot little ride, be envious of it, and wish it was hers with it belonging to her sister. The car was cool, no matter who it belonged to. So why couldn't she appreciate how beautiful and sexy her sister's breasts were, and even how good they felt pressed against her naked skin, even though they belonged to her sister?

It was like Liz herself said, there wouldn't be some sort of incestuous affair between them, or anything like that. They were sisters, and they hadn't forgotten that fact, nor had they thrown it out the window. She didn't have a crush on Liz, or even want to have sex with Liz, nor did Liz want anything like that from her, either.

It may be necessary for Liz to touch her in normally forbidden places to teach her what she needed to teach her, but it wouldn't be like they were pursuing some weirdo sister on sister love affair. It was a temporary educational lowering of normal moral standards, to allow Liz to help Kacey not make the kinds of mistakes millions of other girls made all the time, and like she herself had made in the not too distant past.

It was an educational and teaching experience, nothing more. Kacey nodded softly, still holding close to Sam, and peeked up at Liz finally. "I can handle that. We're teenagers, almost adults, even if I am on the starting end of my teenage years.

I can be adult about it, though," Kacey said, squeezing Sam gently in her arm, and Liz in the other, which also pressed her firm little boobs against her sister's bigger and heavier ones, pressing Liz's nipples into her barely covered breast flesh. "Thanks, Sis, for looking out for us, and taking the time to teach us the stuff we need to know. Without you, we'd probably already be compeers flash webcam theres only spot left on the football crew and mandy sophie and a hell of a mess." Liz smiled and ruffled both girls' hair gently, then kissed them on the forehead softly.

"No problem, Sis. But it's getting close to lunch time. How about we get dried off and cleaned up, go have a bite, and then go upstairs, and I'll start your lessons on what to do with the rest of your body?" She moved towards the steps leading out of the pool as she spoke, both girls trailing along after her.

Both girls sounded off in unison, after glancing at each other, "Sounds great!" With that, the three girls went into the pool house, stripped out of their soaking bikinis, dried off, wrapped up in thick towels, and headed into the house for lunch. The rest of the day promised to be exciting, Sam and Kacey thought.