He licks and fingering her fat pussy

He licks and fingering her fat pussy
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He was having a hard week being left alone at his house after a traumatic experience of trying to help a stranger that was in a morbid car accident. He could feel the exhaustion from the lack of sleep catching up to him, but he pushed on through his work week trying to act as normal a possible. She could tell, after hearing of what happened, that he wasn't quite himself.

After working with him for so long, she could tell when something was wrong even though he wore an almost infallible mask. She felt sorry for him and wished she could find a way to get his mind off of what had happened. She had an idea. When it became slow at work, she began casually talking to him as usual.

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Knowing he was a big outdoorsman, she asked him to help her shoot a high caliber gun. She lived alone in an apartment and was weary of her surroundings. It was the perfect excuse to get him out since she was about to take her handgun permit test.

He agreed and they made plans to ride together to his house after work and practice in the woods in his backyard. The ride to the house was filled with awkward silence because they had never spent time together outside of work.

They arrived at the house and went in.

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He went to change out of his uniform and get the gun and ammo out of the safe. She used the guest bathroom to change out of her uniform and met him with safety glasses and ear plugs in the backyard. They walked into the woods for about fifteen minutes until they came to a small clearing. He set up the target on a tree on the other side of the clearing and told her to stand in the middle.

He went back towards her and showed her how to hold and operate the gun. They put on the safety equipment and stood in position. She took her first shot, but didn't realize how much backlash the gun would have and almost fell over. He laughed and started to pick on her as he forgot about his troubles, and she could tell that her plan was working. He braced her arms for her second shot by standing close behind her and holing her arms in his.

This time was better, but as she pulled the trigger, her hips lustful milf kira parvati gets fucked and creamed back gently against his. She hasn't intended this to happen and was embarrassed, but he helped steady herself by moving his arms from hers to her hips. In doing so, he accidentally brushed the tips of his fingers across the side of her breasts. Feeling more awkward, he held her hips steadily as she shot again.

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She shot the target precisely in the middle. She turned her head in excitement to see his reaction. He realized that in this position, he could smell her perfume as she turned towards.

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Having come back to what had just occurred, he smiled and nodded his head in approval. He began to back away, scared that he was crossing a line, when she firmly placed his hand back upon her hips with her free hand. He came back behind her and held her close, taking in as much of her scent as he could without being noticed.

She shot more without pause and began letting her guard down with each shot until her hips began to move more with the recoil. She could feel him, and he knew, but she remained where she was gently pressing her hips against his.

He began to move his arms up to steady her again, but in the heat of the moment didn't realize that his hands had slipped beneath her T-shirt. This realization was made when his hands found their way to her perky breasts and rested atop each. Without thinking, he pushed his hands under her bra and began gently stroking her nipples.

Shivers went down her spine and she safely unloaded the gun and returned it to its case. He began gently squeezing each breast within his large masculine hands as she began grinding against him.

He turned her around and they began to kiss as their hands wandered and explored each others bodies. He bent down, and in one swift motion pulled down her shorts and underwear. He saw that she was already wet and began to lap up her juices. She had never felt anything so intense before and came within minutes. After seconds to compose herself, she pulled him up by his T-shirt and kissed him as intensely and passionately as he had made her feel.

She wanted to return his favor and knelt before him. She unbuttoned his pants and was anxious to see what waited for her. She was not disappointed at all, but in shock at his size. After taking it all in, she placed the tip of her tongue at the base my stiff dick is always ready to fill the holes of any amateur doll this one was truly great since s his shaft and began to cover his entire member while caressing his balls.

Perky tits masseuse railed by her client knew when he couldn't handle anymore teasing, but pushed a little further by placing the tip of his hard cock in her mouth as she licked it and then remove it. Getting impatient and sensing her teasing nature, he placed his hands in her hair and pulled her head towards him so he was completely inside her. He continued holding her hair as she moved her head along his shaft and continued playing with his balls while occasionally also adding a bit of pressure at the base of his long cock where she wasn't able to reach with her lips.

Because of all the teasing leading up to this, he didn't last long but was soon in a state of euphoria. She swallowed his cum greedily and began to move up him, taking off his shirt in the process. They embraced and began kissing vigorously as they both began to strip. He stepped back to get a good look at her young unmarked body before picking her up in his arms and steadying her on his hips.

He entered her and they both gasped at the sensations they were feeling with each move. He placed her on their pile of discard clothes as they moved together as one. They began moving faster with feelings of electricity shooting up their spines. He came inside her as they climaxed together. They both laid on the ground in the clearing catching their breath. It had gotten dark and they were able to see the stars shining bright above them.

They lay quietly together gathering their thoughts while still experiencing aftershocks of their encounter. Although they didn't know it, they both hoped simultaneously that this would not be the last practice they had together.