1988 21 hump street threesomes

1988 21 hump street threesomes
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Hello. My name's Anthony. I'm was 16, bi, in the closet, and single (at the time, now I, and my boyfriend are much older). One week, My mother decided that we, as a family (Her, me, and my dad) would take a trip to Myrtle Beach (a tourist city in the state below us) with the family of one of her best friends, and co-workers, who I'd never met. Just for 1 week this summer. Her best friend's family is Dana, the mom, Adam, the dad, and an 14 year old named Aden. Well, by the description (which was hard to get without it seeming suspicious), Aden was an Extremely cute blond.

I had NO idea. On the day they showed up, I was chilling in my living room playing Far Cry 3 and I heard the doorbell go off. My mom rushed to answer it, but I was in the middle of conquering an enemy outpost, so I didn't pay attention. I heard the usual greetings, "Hey," "How Are you?" and then someone said hi to me. It didn't sound like an 14 year-old. I paused the game, and look up at Dana.

She was fine. She had the womanly figure and was quite thin. The blonde hair fell from her head, curling, and she looked kind-hearted and had beautiful blue eyes. I hope Aden wasn't this beautiful, or I'd like a son and his mother. I saw Adam, who was not bad-looking either. He had short dirty blonde/light brown hair, glasses, and hazel eyes. I like blue eyes better.

I shook his hand, and Dana's, then they proceeded into the kitchen and I turned back to my game. Then, there was a plump onto my couch, but I didn't look to see who it was, just kept playing.

They would have to watch. I killed a pirate, and then got lit on fire by a guy with flaming alcohol bottles. "I hate those guys," said a smooth, beautiful 14 year old, not puberty-affected voice. "Yeah, me too," I said. I then shifted my head to look at him. Oh. My. God. This was the most adorable, hot, cute, pretty… well you get the point&hellip.

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Little boy I'd ever seen! He was short, and had short, beautiful golden hair. Remember when I said I prefer blue eyes? Not in his case. The way his hazel eyes and blonde hair fit together so mesmerizingly well, it was absolutely beautiful.

Just looking at him, he had the most adorable little smile, which showed off his beautifully made chin the most breathtaking bang smalltits and homemade cheeks, and his perfect, cute, stout little nose.

There was not one thing wrong with his beautiful face. I tried to remain casual, and it was everything I could not to kiss him: "So you play Far Cry?" "Yeah," he said, biting his lip, "It's my favorite game." I wondered if he liked me, the way he looked into my blue eyes, and bit his lip. "Guys," shouted my mom, "we decided we're going to leave tomorrow, and Aden, you guys are going to spend the night here!" "Where am I going to sleep?" He said.

"If Anthony doesn't mind, you can sleep in his bed. He'll sleep on the floor or on the couch." "No, I don't mind," I shouted. An entire week with this cute little boy… it was too good to be true. I looked back at him, making a mental note to look and smell my best tomorrow.

"Would you like to go upstairs, and see where you're going to sleep?" "Yes please," He said. We headed upstairs and I opened my door for him to enter, embarrassed about the mess. He went under my arm as I apologized for the mess. "It's alright," he said, "you should see MY room." "I recently had a friend" (Boyfriend) "over, and we made a mess." He set down his pack and politely asked if he could take off his shoes. "Dude, go ahead, make yourself at home." He took off his shoes.

He was wearing red sweat-shorts that were too long for him and a gray Aeropostale shirt. His socks and shorts left only a sliver of leg visible and I saw a bunch of tiny wisps of golden hair, as he made his way down stairs.

I looked at the clock. 6:30. About dinner time. Mom ordered pizza, and we ate it then watched a movie. It was a new lady from monaco in sensual creamy solo that Aden brought with him (he bought it, hadn't seen it, and intended to watch it on the 2 hour trip) called "Wreck-It Ralph," and by the time it was over, it was 8.

"We all need to go to sleep, we have to get up early tomorrow," said mom. "How early?" I asked. "about 7." I need to go to bed at 8 to get up 7 whereas I have to go to bed at 10 and get up at 6 on school nights? Granted, it was summer, and my body was off-schedule, but I didn't want to let Aden out of my sight.

"Ok," I said, and Aden and I went up. ---AN HOUR LATER--- It was about nine, and I assumed Aden was asleep.

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But I heard a soft "Anthony?" and I knew he wasn't. "Yes?" I whispered. "Are we going to be good friends or people going on a trip together?" He asked.

"What?" "It's just that I want to be a good friend of yours. Someone you think highly of." I hesitated. "Me too." Silence. "Aden?" I muttered. "Yeah?" "Why do you want to be that good of a friend to me?" "I don't know, I anal with good wife big tits milf then, I think it's only fair that I'm that close to you, too." He chuckled the most adorable chuckle.

"If we're going to be this close, I have no problem with sharing the bed," he said scooting over, "if you're uncomfortable." I was, but even if I wasn't I would've taken the offer, the sleep in the same breathtaking fuck of beautiful mamita brazilian hardcore with this adorable little guy. I got in the bed and tucked myself in. I hate wearing pajamas, they always crinkle up when I move and are too hot. But I wasn't going to creep him out.

---THE NEXT MORNING--- The two of us where the first up—at 7:15—and we went downstairs and ate a bowl of cereal, after dressing out of our pajamas and into clothes (normally, 14 year olds would want to change in another room or make you promise not to look, but he didn't mind, so I pretended not to care but I saw his cute little ass (not bare) and I swear I once saw an erection as he watched me).

I got a hard on and nearly blew my load. Nothing much interesting happened, just SpongeBob, until Mom and Dad and Dana and Adam came down, groggy and tired, readying tired. "You're late," I said sternly, causing Aden to laugh. Eventually, I cracked a smile, and the six of us packed the cooler full of drinks for the ride. We had to leave ASAP because of our late start, and almost out of the door Aden stopped me.

"What's your number?" He asked. Staring into his eyes, my mind was somewhere else, and I couldn't think straight. "What?" I asked. "What's your phone number? So if I have to say something I don't want to say in front of my parents I can text you, or after the trip we can organize get-togethers and things." "Oh," I said, apologetically.

Then I took out my IPhone 4 (which I was quite happy with, I didn't need a 5 (and I don't to this day)) and read it aloud. He input it into his phone, and we left. "Also," he said, "I'm shy. I might not want to talk to your parents face-to-face, so I might ask you." "Ok, cool." I said.

We got in the car and sat in there listening to music and talking about how awesome the trip will be. "We can go swimming, free Wi-Fi" (we both packed laptops) "complementary breakfasts, Broadway at the Beach…" An hour into the drive, he texted me.

It said "I have to go to the bathroom." At this point, not only did I love him for his looks, I respected him and loved his personality as well. So I decided to respect his… shyness as well. "Mom," I said leaning into the seat in front of me, "I have to use the restroom." "honey," she said to Dad, the driver, "go to the next convenience store please.

Dana and Adam took a separate car so Mom had to call them to tell them we'd be stopping for a 'Potty-break.' As I leaned back, Aden gave me an adorable, appreciative smile. I did follow my mental note, I did my hair up with gel (it doesn't look good any other way), wore extra deodorant, and brushed my teeth twice. I also put in contacts instead of wearing my glasses. Although my ex-boyfriend, Dylan, said the glasses brought out my eyes and made me look hot and intelligent, I didn't want to trust him anymore after what he did.

We stopped at a very… well, it's not quite fancy, but I guess it could've been considered fancy… for a convenience store. The bathrooms were not as clean as the rest, and there was no wall thing in-between the two urinals. Of course, with Aden next to me, I didn't mind, but unfortunately only got one look at his penis. It was as beautiful as the rest of lorena garcia wicked hot threeway fun, cut, 3 inches (non-erect) and he had barely noticeable tiny, small amounts of blond wisps of pubic hair.

I put my six inch erection away, washed my hands, and grabbed a coke and some Doritos and gave them to Mom, who paid. I hoped neither her nor Aden noticed my extreme hard-on. Neither of them said anything (like I expected them to) and we zoomed off.