Overweight discussing luscious bitch sucking dick striptease hardcore

Overweight discussing luscious bitch sucking dick striptease hardcore
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Her name is Heather. She is the most beautiful women I've ever meet, 5'4", 130 lbs, wavy red hair. She has a nice body, 36 D. When i got to the room she was already setled in. By all her things, I could tell that she loved pink. We hit it off right a way. She was a very bubbley person and it was hard for anyone not to like her. She had lots of guy friends and most women were jelouse of her, and I was no exception.

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At night she had her boyfriend, whoever it was for that week, over and they would fuck whether or not I was there awake or not. I tried not to watch but she made love like art. Every move was like a dance and every sound she made was beautiful music. I had never been with another women beforr, but i was allways curiouse about it, and Heather, wow, she turned me on more then any other man I had ever seen.

I also had my fair share of lovers. She was not the only slut in the dorm. I love sex almost as much as Heather. I'm 5'8", 150 lbs, 34 C breasts, curly blonde hair,and blue eyes. When Heather was wam ebony lez squirt milk pornstars big tits the room when I fuck, I have a performance just for her.

It didn't mater if the guy was bad in bed or the best fuck ever, I did my best to show her how hot I was. After a while when Heather brought a guy over, I would pretend to go to sleep, and watch her fuck her new man. As I did, I played with myself very slowly, so they would not know I was up. Whenever she had an orgasm I would cum within seconds.

I got obsessed with her, and followed her around all the time, with or without her knowing.

When she slepped she was always naked and I would watch her, blonde takes two dicks tall lanky hoes are a no gentley pet her breasts and shaved pink pussy. When I was all wet, I would take out my 7 inch vibrator and fuck my neatly trimmed wet pussy immagining what i would love to do to her. We would both be naked and I would first slowly lay her on the bed as I was kissing her neck.

I then start slowly kissing my way down to her fantastic breasts. I start on the right side licking and nibbling on her nice pink nipple untill it is to sensative and over worked, then I would lick to the left nipple and do the same untill it was to worked.

I then sit up and look at her nice beet red nipps and smile sexily at her then I would smack one hard. I would slowly kiss my way down to her moist pussy and dive in playing with her breasts the whole time. I would suck, lick, and bite on her clit,and pull on her nipples. She would have her legs wrapped around me and her hands on my head, pumping her body into me making it hard fo me to breath.

I would eat her until she came and then I would give her a deep hard kiss. I would go over to my dresser and pull out my new toy that I bought for her. Its a doulbe headed dildo. I'd slip it in her and give her an nice hard orgasm.

Then she would get on her knees and i would add the other end in to me. I would start to hump at her, it would take 5 or 6 thrusts before we get a nice good rythm going. "Oh god it feels so good," I scream. "I'm going to cum Heather.


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fuck." Then I wake up from my fantesy, cum dripping all over my purple vibrator. The next weekend our dorm had a party. Heather just broke up with her boyfriend and was looking for her next sex toy. She was loking so fucking good i decided this night will be the night. I will taste her love juice. I kept her bussy so she could not find a fuck that night, I also kept her drink full. Around 2 the party died down and Heather was plastered. I took her back to the room and helped her get undressed for bed.

I went to my bed qnd waited untill she passed out. As soon as she made her sleep noises, I took my chance. I got my vibrator out and found her handcuffs. I cuffed her wrists to the bed. I was all wet thinking about it and preparing. I spread her legs open and stared at her for a minute or so.

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I slipped my vibrator in my pussy and got on my knees on the end of her bed. I slowly lowered my head to her warm pussy and started to lick slowly, she was as tastey as I imagined.

Meanwhile, I pumbed my vibrater in and out of my horny pussy. I started to cum and screamed into her pussy. She woke up and started to yell at me. I quickly got a pair if my panties and shoved them in her throught and went back to work. Now that she was not asleep I could be rough with her. I slapped her ass and stuck my tongue deep in her pussy.

She was crying and trying to get her hands free. Whenever she kicked me I would slap her face as hard as I could, after a few times she stoped trying. I felt kinda sad about slaping her, but was so fucking hot I kept licking her clit. I got off again and took my soaking vibrator out and slid it in her pussy. I looked at her and said "You're lucky I cum so much, or this might hurt." I started to pound the vibrater in her pussy as fast and hard as I could. With my other hand I started to play with her ass, first 1 finger then 2.

She was crying so hard she was choking herself on my panties. I didn't stop. I took a beer bottle off the desk and put lubricent on it and shoved it in her ass. I was fucking her ass and pussy so hard.

I loved it. I put my head closer to her pussy so I could get a better look at what I was doing. Oh god, this was so hot. I continued it for about 40 minutes and the whole time I was looking at her pussy. I didn't notice that my panties had fallen out of her mouth she screamed like nothing I had ever heard. Oh shit! Within 2 seconds two stunning lookers and one hard shaft door swong open and I was thrown to the floor.

Now I'm in jail looking at 3 to 5 years and I get what is comming to me every night when I'm forced to eat a 300 lb.

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bitches smelly pussy. The end.