Sheena shaw all anal xxx

Sheena shaw all anal xxx
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The Brother and Sister Next Door (3) Brad took off after her.

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She giggled and hid upstairs in mom and dads bedroom. Brad thought she was downstairs and search all around. He heard a key in the front door. It was mom, got off early and came in carrying groceries. There he was naked in the den. "Oh Shit", he thought. She lugged the sacks in the kitchen, and Brad made a mad dash for the stairs, just as mom came out of the kitchen.

"Brad!, what are you doing???" she said. Panic set in, there he was naked, his hands over a boner that wouldn't go down, his mom blocking the stairwell, he didn't know where Lisa was and mom wanting him to explain. He held his boner down, as best he could and said: "I&hellip.I…a&hellip.was chasing a mouse!" His mom covered her mouth and began to laugh, while staring at his boner.

Finally she paused, and said: "Was it a GIRL mouse?" and started busting up at her own reply. "Ha Ha, mom made a funny, ha ha." Brad said, and pushed by her and up the stairs he flew.

Now for Lisa, he didn't know where she was, and he had to warn her. He yelled down, "Mom, how come your home early?" as she replied, he saw Lisa tip toeing out of their parents bedroom. Brad whispered: "stay down, mom's home!" She giggled and slipped in her room as Brad swatted her on the butt.

Brad's heart was beating like a drum. It was the weekend, and Brad and Lisa counted the minutes till Monday. They would pass in the house, check to make sure no one was looking and cop a feel, a quick long kiss and leave their bedroom doors open and flash each other. Sunday night, they took a walk over to Rob and Jens garage. Pretty elena and her boss big hard dick did the action were in and playing ping pong.

Soon it was Rob and Lisa against Brad and Jen. Brad checked out Jen's ass and tits as they played. Rob kept missing because of looking at Lisa's cute butt. Lisa giggled and noted a tent on Rob. She thought, I bet they get hot knowing we watch them fooling around in the back yard. Jen was more forward. She had noticed Brad a long time ago, and liked what she saw. She swatted him on the butt with her paddle, when he missed a ball.

He swatted her back when she missed a ball. After a few swats, Jen smiled and rubbed her butt. She pulled her shorts down on one side, and said: "See what you did, Brad!" "Did you want me to kiss it and make it better Jen?" Brad said. Jen smiled and said: "You made me bump my lips, a while ago, you can start there." Lisa watched and giggled. She swatted Rob on the butt with her paddle, bdsm xxx innocent teen sub gets shock ran around the table with Rob right after her.

"You can't catch me, 'stripper boy'." "Well, peeping Lisa, how about a 'close up' at what you were looking at." Rob said. Brad whispered: (" we gotta cool it you guys.

Tomorrow is clear at our house, come over after 9am, and we'll play 'mommy and daddy' aren't home.") Jen ran her fingers over Brads dick as she walked by and went in the house. Lisa saw her do that and she just had to back her little butt into Rob's tent, then smiled as she walked away.

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At 9am, Rob and Jen came in the back door and they all went up to Brad's bedroom He had a big bed and they all spread out. Brad just had on boxers, Lisa had on her little red T top, no bra, and a red skirt, no panties, Rob had on a T shirt and baggy shorts, Jen had on a blue T shirt, no bra And tiny blue shorts.

They all talked as each one eyed the others sister. Brad asked, "Has any one been with more than one person at a time?" Lisa and Brad said they hadn't, but Rob and Jen just smiled, and then Jen spoke up.

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She giggled and said that Rob and two of his buddy's fucked her when she was 12. Brad and Lisa gulped and said, tell us about it. Jen said she started fucking at 11, and couldn't get enough of it.

She talked Rob into fucking her all the time. Then she heard about a gangbang and thought how hot that would be. She asked Rob to bring over 2 of his buddy's and they could all fuck.

Lisa said: "Wow, you got a head start on us. Did you like the gangbang?" Jen said "Hell yes, three dicks to suck on and cum on me and fuck me. It was great." Brad now had a boner to the max. He knew Jen was a nymph, and sex story badshah merexstory badshah main der wanted some of that.

Rob just smiled at Lisa, and said: "It was so hot, all of us fucking Jen." Lisa thought, wow, he's done a lot, he could teach me a lot.

As they talked, Lisa layed her head in Robs lap, and could feel his thick dick on her head. Rob reached down and felt her tits. Brad scooted over to Jen and she reached down immediately felt his boner.

Jen got right to it and pulled his boxers off and started sucking his dick. Brad lifted Jen's top off and undid her little shorts as they turned 69. Lisa, started taking Robs pants down as he lifted her top off. He undid her skirt and now they were paired up and all naked. Rob and Lisa went 69 also and 4 people began to moan. Lisa was sucking on Robs thick dick as he licked her pussy real hot. He had his hands on her tits, massaging them softly.

Then Lisa felt a hand reach between her legs and fingers go in her pussy. Rob was licking her clit and both of his hands were feeling her tits. Who's hand was it? It was Jen's hand. Lisa liked this. ( continued)