Britney in tube socks gets drilled hard

Britney in tube socks gets drilled hard
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He invited me over one night and to my surprise his friend, James, was visiting from Dallas. James was a long, tall Texan, very toned and in shape. His hair was dirty blonde and he had sexy brown eyes, I have to admit he turned me on in his tight jeans and cowboy boots.

I was totally clueless as to what the night had in store but they definitely had plans for me. I was dressed to kill ( I knew what Jonathan expected when he just "Invited me over") I wore a White, man tailored shirt showing lots of cleavage with a red plaid sweater and a matching skirt - very short with white stockings and heels. I found it difficult to keep my eyes off of James, his eyes were dark and sexy, he made me blush when he smiled at me. I was feeling very warm.

We had a few glasses of wine, smoked a joint and the topic turned to sex. The guys were sitting on either side of me on the couch, I had a drink busty milf jaclyn sucks an irresistible teen cock bzhotpornscom masturbation and pornstars one hand and the other on Jonathan's thigh.

I started to stroke him slowly. James asked me about the craziest thing I've ever done sexually. I told him a few things, most of which Jonathan knew about, some he didn't, I have to admit I wanted attention.

I guess in a way I knew what was coming. Jonathan took charge, as usual, and he asked if I would be interested in a threesome. "Now?" I asked. "Tonight?" "Well," Jonathan looked at James.

"Why not?" I thought for a moment, my inhibitions lowered by the alcohol and more than a little aroused from the weed, then I smiled my sexiest smile and said, "Why not?" Jonathan didn't waste any time, smiling like a kid who just got permission to stay up late, he started to undress me. He slipped my sweater off my shoulders, brushed my dark, curly hair back and slowly unbuttoned my blouse while James stood up and unbuckled his belt and started to inch out of his jeans. I bit my bottom lip.

"Would you mind leaving the boots on?" I asked. "You got it!" he said with a smile.

I traced the bulge in Jonathan's pants with my fingertips as he removed my bra, my nipples were rock hard and I suddenly felt very exposed…until James removed his underwear.

He was huge, at least as big as Jonathan, who was close to 12 inches and thicker than a beer can. I started to wonder if I could handle this, then Jonathan kissed me. He was so sexy, confident and in control. I reached for his belt, anxious to get his pants off but he stood up instead and stripped for me.

James was already naked, except for the boots, of course. They both stood there in front of me, stroking their big, thick cocks. It was intoxicating, both of these sexy men wanting me. I felt so sexy, I was dripping wet! Jonathan instructed me to slip my skirt off. I did as I was told, looking back and forth between them, wondering how these two guys with huge dicks got together, I couldn't have been the first girl they had talked into this.

Was there a big-dick double-team club somewhere? A girl can dream.

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Anyway, I took off my panties and leaned back on the couch, naked except for my white thigh highs (very cute, with little bows in the back), I'd slipped my shoes off at the door, like I always did. "Play with your pussy," Jonathan commanded. I smiled sweetly, my eyes moving slowly between the two of them, drinking them in. I looked James in the yes and smiled, I looked him up and down and noticed the head of his cock glistening, pre-cum running down his thick shaft busty babe loves to get fucked hard over his fingers.

I ran my finger between my wet pussy lips, then sucked my sweet juices off my fingertips. I think that did the trick because Jonathan got down on his knees in front of me, grabbed me by the hips and pulled me forcefully to the edge of the couch. He buried his face between my legs, moaning and smacking as he sucked my pussy lips into his mouth and lapped at my swollen clit.

I reached out my hand and James took a couple of steps toward me. I took his cock and held it tight, feeling it throb, watching as a bead of pre-cum appeared at the tip. I leaned over and took him in my mouth, moaning as I sucked hungrily. I let saliva fill my mouth and drench his dick as I stretched my mouth around him. I looked into his eyes and stroked him with one hand as I sucked the head, with the other I massaged his big, heavy balls.

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I was in heaven, the center of attention. Jonathan was driving me crazy, making out with my pussy like a horny teenager, he knew how to push all my buttons.

He slipped his finger inside me. I could barely breathe, sucking and drooling all over James' thick cock. I looked up at him and smiled, he was watching me intently.

I blushed, I didn't exactly have any experience with the proper etiquette of such a situation. Jonathan got on the floor on his back and motioned for me to straddle his face, I positioned myself so I could look him in the eyes.

I was really surprised he was into this, sharing me with another guy. but why not? Our relationship had been pretty casual up to this point. James stepped up and took my head in kinky anal sex in boots and fishnet stockings hands and shoved his cock right back in my mouth.

I held his balls gently with both hands as I sucked on the big round head of his cock, it was all I could comfortably fit in my mouth. I stuck my tongue out as he filled my throat and let the drool stream out and drip down into Jonathan's mouth as he licked my pussy. Jonathan's hands were all over my body and his tongue deep inside me, I thought I would cum any minute.

I felt so out of control.

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I decided to let go. When I cum hard my whole body shakes, my eyes roll back and my eyelids flutter, I realized I was drooling uncontrollably (THAT doesn't usually happen). The guys both moaned approvingly. Jonathan pulled me down on top of him, he kissed me as I reached down and guided his cock inside me.

I came again as he entered me, which often happened due to his size. I always saw stars when he fucked me. James was positioning himself behind me and I suddenly felt him spank my ass with his cock, it was so hot! I hadn't actually thought about this possibility until that very moment, accepting both of these big cocks inside me at the same time.

My heart was beating faster. I really didn't think I could handle it and began to whisper "No, no"! I rode Jonathan's cock slowly, bracing myself with my hands on his chest. When I felt James press the head of his cock against my tight little asshole I arched my back in an attempt to accommodate him. I stopped moving when he entered me, I gasped and collapsed in Jonathan's arms and tried to relax as James filled my ass with his full length.

My mouth opened wide and I felt like I couldn't breathe, then I squealed. I came so hard, it was so incredibly intense. Jonathan held me still, his big hands on my hips as he started to fuck me. James gathered my hair together in a ponytail as he started to pump my little asshole.

They fucked me slowly, when Jonathan was balls deep inside me, the head of James' cock was just stretching the opening of my anus. They moved in perfect sync, triggering multiple orgasms. I was trying to catch my breath as I felt Jonathan shoot his hot load inside me, I hugged and kissed him as I climaxed again. The two of them manhandled me like a little ragdoll, although they were quite gentlemanly about it all.

James flipped me over and Jonathan held me in his lap, his arms around me, playing with my drenched pussy as James fucked my ass. He pumped harder and harder, I pinched his nipples as he pulled out and came all over my belly. Jonathan kissed me tenderly on the neck as James bent down to kiss and lick my convulsing pussy. ***