Gag factor rough ass fucking fuckfest for lexy banderas birthday

Gag factor rough ass fucking fuckfest for lexy banderas birthday
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This is part 4 of a long story/fantasy of mine. Some parts are true, some are just fantasy. This part will have more of the same as last session and then some. I hope you like it. Any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading. *************** "So, how much did you like that?" Amy leaned in and whispered in my ear.

"I have no idea what has gotten in to me, but I have to admit that I like it." "I have to admit that it was different. Now, as for you, I am loving this new you.

I never knew you had a dominant side." "I know! I must say that it surprised me… but I liked it. I may just want to keep this up once in awhile." Michele walked around the couch and put her arms around Amy and said "If you really like that, we could take you to a fantastic new club… specially designed for doms and subs." Amy looked at me with a quizzical look, obviously trying to read if I would be interested.

I just gave a smirk and a shrug to let her know that I might be game. "So, it is a date for tomorrow night. But we still have the rest of tonight." With that, Michele slowly started undressing my wife pervs on patrol pop billi cory sd clip front of me.

I could tell that Amy was still feeling great from the Ecstasy because she would shiver with every light brush of Michele's fingertips across her bare skin. Gloria and Steph had collapsed on one of the couches and were making out and I was still sitting with my pants around my ankles. The two men that were in front of me earlier had moved up to the couch. They were kissing each other and stroking each other's cocks.

Michele guided my now naked wife over to the small love seat across from my couch. She sat her down on it and knelt down in front of her. Amy locked eyes with me as Michele began to kiss down her body and burying her face between her legs. Amy jumped and gasped as Michele's tongue made contact with her labia.

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With one hand, Amy wrapped her fingers into Michele's hair, but with the other she blonde passenger sucks off and banged in the backseat to me and then at the two guys sitting next to me. She winked and then snapped her fingers and pointed again, getting a semi-stern look on her face.

I got the message - she wanted to see me with the two guys. It had turned her on enough before to actually start to masturbate in front of me… something I had never seen her do before. I was nervous. She knew that I had messed around with a guy before in college, but I was not attracted to guys. I enjoyed the physical contact and the idea of a penis wasn't a turn off.

I just wasn't really attracted to men. But this was the new Amy and we were here to rekindle our marriage. I was willing to try anything for that. I looked over at the guys but had no idea if they wanted me to join them.

I had no idea how to even ask something like that. I looked at Amy and shrugged at her with a stupid look on my face. Amy knew what the problem was. She tapped Michele on the shoulder and excused herself for a moment. She stood up and walked over to me.

She gently tapped one of the guys on the knee and leaned and talked to them for a moment. She then walked over to a table in the back corner and looked around. She came back and walked behind the couch. "Trust me?" she whispered into my ear. I nodded and the next thing I know she placed something over my eyes and cinched it in the back. I could not see a thing.

The next thing I know I feel two people sit down right next to me, one on each side. I feel hands grab ahold of my hands and move them until I can feel two cocks right next to my palms. I instinctively begin to stroke each of the penises. I feel a set of lips begin to lick, suck and kiss on the right side of my neck and my ear. Another set of lips begins to suck on my left nipple.

I can't help but groan from the sensation and my own cock starts to twitch. I feel a hand begin to stroke my penis up and down really slowly and another begin to cradle my balls and play with them. Across the small opening, I hear Amy begin to moan in pleasure, building to an orgasm. Michele must really know what she is doing. I hear Amy reach orgasm and I moan out loud again. That is one of the sexiest sounds in the world, and not being able to see it actually made it even hotter. I hear Gloria and Steph get up from the other couch and walk over.

"So Steph, what do you think about that?

Do you think it is hot to see him like that?" She was obviously talking about me. Steph affirmed that she liked what she saw and walked around behind the couch. "I am sorry Amy, I just have to do this." With that I feel hands slide down around my jaw line and pull my head back over the couch. I felt soft lips plant on mine and kiss me, her tongue flicking in and out. She let go of my head and ran her fingers through my hair before letting go. "That is okay, I don't mind. Now Michele, I need you to change places with me." I heard some shuffling around in front of me and I assume Amy was now between Michele's legs.

Dear God, what I wouldn't pay to see that. But I was where Amy wanted me. I felt some shifting around on the couch next to me and the cocks were slowly pulled out of my hands.

I nervously sat there wondering what was happening… between the ecstasy and being blindfolded, my senses were on overdrive. I felt two hands on my knees and sensed that super cute girl full story xnxx com had knelt down in front of me.

I suddenly felt pressure on both of my shoulders, being pushed into the back of the couch. Quickly I felt my penis engulfed in a warm mouth and the lips reach all the way to the bottom of the shaft and the tongue flicked at the very base.

In shock and pleasure I gasped and before I knew what was happening, I had a cock shoved into my mouth. I felt the cock slowly ease back but not leave my mouth… very slowly, obviously giving me time to adjust, he started to slide back and forth, slowly fucking my face. The mouth on my own penis slid up and down, almost in nearly perfect timing with his great french girl in stockings does anal. This went on for a few minutes when the penis in my mouth quickly pulled out with a soft plop.

My own penis was released as I felt some more shifting. I felt some hands on my arms, helping me get up. Tentatively I followed their physical manipulation until I was on my hands and knees on the floor. I felt someone slowly shimmying underneath me until there was a soft, warm tongue licking the head of my cock.

There was a slight pressure on the back of my head as someone lowered my face down until I felt the tip of a cock at my mouth. I slowly opened my mouth to take it in when I realized that it was pretty big… bigger than the one that was in my mouth before.

I am glad they let me have some semblance of control instead of forcing this huge cock into my mouth. I began to work my way around the cock and eventually got it into my mouth.

As I was doing this, I felt the mouth below me slowly envelope my own penis. After about a minute of this, I felt another mouth begin to lick and suck on my balls.

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Having two mouths on me like that was incredible. The tongue slid upwards until it was probing my anus and swirling all around it. This continued for a little while until I felt the body underneath me begin to buck and shake a little bit. The mouth around my cock sucked in deeply and held it there. The next thing I know I feel a hot gushing liquid start filling my mouth. I had never had a cock cum in my mouth before and in my panic I started to swallow.

Having started, and realizing that it didn't taste bad, I continued to swallow the best I could, although I could feel some dribble out of the corner of my mouth. I continued to suck until the man below me began to pull away.

After his slowly softening cock slipped from my lips, I felt him begin to slide out from underneath me. I felt someone grab my shoulders and pull me sitting up on my knees.

I felt the now familiar feeling of the tip of fucking with sexual butt pinches pornstar and hardcore cock pressing against my lips again. I opened up and started sucking. It felt about the size of the first one that was in my mouth, so I figured I should help him finish since his friend had already cum.

As I was sucking, a body slipped down and sat behind me, legs straddling around my hips and holding me in place. I felt a hand reach down and begin stroking my own cock. As they slowly stroked me and I sucked their friend, I felt their arm slide down between our bodies.

There was a slight pressure against my ass when I felt a finger slide up and in me. I hopped a little as I tried to get used to the invasive sensation. Soon the finger began the slip up and down in time with the hand stroking me. It started to feel really good and I couldn't help but moan around the cock in my mouth. This caused him to moan and begin to move faster. Suddenly there were two hands wrapped up in my hair and holding my head in place. The man in front of me began to fuck my face quickly and the man behind me increased his pace with both his hands.

The pleasure caused me to moan even more and suddenly I felt the familiar twitch on the cock in my mouth as he shoved forward as far as he could go and held my head in place.

I could barely breath as the cock began to push down into my throat. The twitching got faster and suddenly I felt the pulsing of liquid shooting into my mouth. A lot of it went straight down my throat but I swallowed all that I could before any of the extra escaped.

The finger in my ass suddenly pushed as deep as it could go and pressed against a spot inside me that made explosions of feelings swim through me. Without even realizing it was about to happen, my cock began erupting as I came over and over. ************* As the two men began to untangle themselves from our little pretzel, I heard Amy tell them not to take the blindfold off. I heard them step away and begin to get dressed as I sat there, covered in sweat and my own cum.

Suddenly I heard Steph's voice near me asking if Amy would mind. She must have nodded yes or something, because I suddenly felt soft lips licking all over my stomach and cock, cleaning up the cum that had spilled on me. I couldn't believe it… it was one thing to let a woman kiss me but to actually lick my cum off me?

I was surprised. After Steph finished cleaning me up, she stood and took my blindfold off. I looked around as I let my vision adjust to the light again.

Steph was still dressed and standing with her back to me, tossing the blindfold onto a table. Amy, Gloria, and Michele were entwined on a couch, naked and rubbing on each other. Amy seemed a little disappointed. Gloria asked her why. "I think the ecstasy is wearing off because I am not feeling the same sensations as I was before." Michele slowly removed herself from the group and knelt in front of Amy. "Do you trust me? I know a way to bring the rush back for awhile, but it may seem a little strange or unorthodox." "Well, I have trusted you guys so far, so why not now." Michele helped Amy sit up a bit and Gloria shimmied her way behind her so that Amy was leaning with her back to Gloria's chest.

"Okay, when I tell you to take a deep breath I want you to hold it until I tell you to slowly let it out." With that she placed Amy's hands on top of her chest almost like she was laying in a casket. "Okay, deep breath." Amy took a big breath in and held it. After a few seconds, Michele leaned forward and put her weight on Amy's hands. "Okay, slowly let it out." As Amy slowly exhaled, I could see her head start to turn to the side and her eyes begin to close.

As the last of her breath escaped her lips, she passed out. I started to get up in a panic when Michele said "Don't worry, she will be waking up right about now." As Amy slowly started to move and her eyes fluttered, I could see confusion flash in her eyes.

Then she started moaning and shaking with an immense orgasm. As her legs shook, a stream of liquid splashed up all over Michele's stomach and chest. Holy crap! Amy just squirted with her orgasm… she has never done anything like that before! "I had girls fuck a guy after party reality blowjob that sometimes women can orgasm with that move, but never heard of a girl squirting before." Gloria said as she stroked Amy's hair.

Her eyes came into focus and she took a deep breath. With a sheepish grin, Amy reached up one hand and put it on Gloria's hand, put the other on Michele's cheek, and Steph leaned in and gave her a big kiss. I slowly stood up and began to get dressed. My knees were shaking from exhaustion and I was trying to catch my breath.

Amy came up behind me and gave me a hug from behind. I turned to look at her and she smiled. "Are you sure everything is okay?

I remembered what you said about not really being attracted to men but like nina north eats jelena jensens sweet pussy pornstars and fingering other parts… that is why I blindfolded you.

Does anything bother you about tonight?" I thought for a moment before responding. "You know, surprisingly enough, no. It has definitely been a night of firsts and I have enjoyed them all. Never thought I would see you with a woman, or have such a dominant side in our sex life. I jasmine bryne gets her first blow bang group sex and cumshots that by the way.

I also appreciate you letting me explore my bisexual side and still understand my comfort level with that." "Are you really up to going to the other club tomorrow night? I would love to, but only if you are really sure.

Michele and Gloria said they know a real neat adult shop a town over that sells stuff saxhb sax mom vary good night sax I might like." I bent down and kissed her on the lips. " I really am up to trying anything at least once with you. This has been an amazing night, and I am willing to explore what you like and want to bring home with us.

I want this to work." Amy smiled at me again and gave me a kiss back.

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"So here is the thing, I really have more that I want to explore tonight, but I think I need some time with the ladies before I bring it back to you. Do you think that would be okay?" I had to admit that I was disappointed because the idea of actually being able to see Amy with another girl instead of just hearing it was a turn on. But I understood so I just nodded.

Amy stepped back and started to get dressed as she talked with Gloria and Michele. Steph came over and they all started giggling. Steph walked over to me and took my hand. "So I am to walk you back to your room while Amy goes with the girls. I will get you tucked into bed and then I am going to join them.

Take tomorrow to relax, rest, and prepare yourself for tomorrow night. Good? Good." I shot Amy a smile and began to follow Steph towards the bar. As we got to our room, Steph followed me in.

I turned to tell her goodnight when she started to unbutton my shirt. I started to protest when she put a finger to my lips to silence me. "I was supposed to tuck you in, remember? Amy's orders." With that, she slid my shirt off my shoulders and it fell to the floor. Steph caressed my chest and down to my stomach. She tugged at the waistband red hot stranded teen zaya cassidy fucked inside the van pornstars and hardcore my linen pants and they also fell to the floor.

With one hand one my chest, Steph began to slowly trail her fingertips from the base of my penis to the tip. Even though I had already cum twice tonight, it began to react.

She slid her fingers around it and grasped it at the base, giving it a squeeze. Her hands were cool next to the heat radiating from my member as she began to stroke it slowly. Steph's hand on my chest began to push gently until I backed up next to the bed. I pulled Steph close to me, with one hand firmly gripping her ass through her white leather pants.

She turned slightly sideways to give herself room to keep playing with my penis. I slid my free hand along her side and made my way to the front of her pants, hoping to play with her through the thick leather material. Steph took her free hand and pulled mine away from her. "Not this time… this one is about you." She pushed against me again and I fell back onto the bed.

Instead of climbing up on the bed with me, she knelt down on the floor. "I saw how much you liked this earlier." With that, she held my balls and penis back towards my stomach and began to lick around my anus.

She probed with her tongue and I could feel all the saliva building up down there. She pulled away and started licking my balls when her finger started to push into me.

I moaned and squirmed a little. She continued to slide back and forth in me and moved up from my balls to flick the tip of my penis with her tongue. She slowly slid her finger to the very edge of pulling out and then deftly added another. With both fingers sliding in and out of me, I tried to breath and let my body adjust to the new sensation. Steph quickly brought her mouth all the way down on my penis and pressed her tongue to the underside of my penis.

I could feel the pressure of her tongue as it pressed against me as she slid up and down on me. Drawing her fingers out to the very edge again, I felt Steph lightly but firmly bite down on my penis… enough to hit the very edge of being painful but not enough to go over that edge.

I jumped a little and clenched up. Right as I started to relax, I felt Steph push a third finger into me.

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It was getting uncomfortable, so Steph just held them in there until she felt me start to relax. As I breathed deeply to try and get myself to adjust, Steph lifted her mouth off of my penis and began stroking my now sloppy, wet penis. She gave a slight twist as she brought her hand up and rubbed her thumb right across the slit when she reached the top. It was incredible. Steph had stood up next to the bed, my legs now riding high with my heels on her shoulders.

Suddenly I felt the strange sensation of leather against the back of my thighs and buttocks. I felt her fingers sliding in and out of me.

Her fingers would slowly slide out and then quickly back in at the same time as she thrust her hips forward and I would feel and hear the slap of leather on skin. I looked down at her and it looked just like she was fucking me. With each forward thrust and slap of leather, she would reach the top of my penis and flick the slit with her thumb. Surprisingly enough, it wasn't just the physical sensation that was so good, it was the erotic sight of Steph simulating having sex with me that was so incredibly hot.

I began to moan with pleasure and Steph noticed. She began to quicken her pace and force herself against me with more force. She began to moan just as much as I was. Suddenly she gasped out in pleasure and pushed against me hard, pushing her fingers deeper than before.

She began shuddering under the force her orgasm and seeing/hearing that pushed me over the edge. I began to shoot thick streams of cum across my stomach and chest… more than I hollywood xxx story dubbed in ebony have expected after already cum twice before.

As I tried to catch my breath, Steph slowly pulled her fingers out of me and I was surprised at the sudden feeling of emptiness I had. She slid my legs off her shoulders and set my feet on the floor. She then leaned over and began to lick the cum off of my stomach and chest for the second time that night. She slid up to my face and gave me a kiss.

She had not really swallowed all of my cum and I could taste it as some slid into my mouth off her tongue. Getting up from the bed, Steph started to walk towards the door.

I couldn't help but stare at that amazing ass clad in skin-tight leather as she walked away. Looking back over her shoulder, she reached up with one hand to the door handle and the other to the light switch.

Opening the door, she started to step out. She turned and stuck her head back around the door. "Good night, sleep well, and we will see you tomorrow." With that, she flipped the switch and let the door close behind her. **************** (to be continued) ***************************