Monica sage in valintine day with stepbro

Monica sage in valintine day with stepbro
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. It was late that night and Heather went outside to get some fresh air. The moon was full and beautiful, making it harder to allow Heather to even think of the mindless things bugging her all day. It was deep in her mind a feeling of wanting to commit suicide, the thought of her parents divorce the very thing that led her to this night. The night she would never forget.

Heather stepped out into the pasture, toward the center of the field where she would be at the most peace. It was suppose to rain but never did. She sat down on a old pile of straw that had not been burned yet and looked up at the beautiful moon. It was close to midnight and slightly cloudy. She laid back dropping all the weight on pile of straws. That weight of her body and the weight of everything else in the world that bugged Heather.

She laid looking at the starts until she heard a crack in the distance. It didn't bother her much since the night is always filled with raccoons and coyotes. She laid silently hearing crickets and again a crack in the ground. It sounded exotic chick taking it up the ass penetration films close this time. Heather sat up to her elbows and peered around her. Nothing caught her eye.

But suddenly she saw it a shadow lurked in the not far distance. "Who is there?" she called out softly in a non alarming voice so not to show any fear.

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Nothing came back no voice no noise just silence. "Pete if that's you stop messing around" she said. Pete was a good friend of hers that stayed just down the street and sometimes they would meet up late just to chat.

"I am serious." She stood up and suddenly felt a firm grasp around her neck and waist. She grabbed his arm with both her hands and gasped for air as she squealed " Let me go asshole" the person who grabbed her was breathing heavily and holding her tightly and forced her to the ground binding both her wrists to the ground.

"hush now my little princess, I will not hurt you.much." His voice was deep and breath smelt slightly of peppermint and alcohol. Heather laid there kicking and trying to free her arms. "Let me go please.please don't hurt me." she cried out.

But by the body language this brute man was not going to let up. He grabbed something from his smoking meth and masterbating wearing thongs coat.

A roll of blue painters tape. He ripped a sliver and laid it tightly over heathers pretty luscious lips. She fought him turning her head and even snapped at his fingers. But he succeeded and then grabbed again in the other side of his jacket for his zippy ties.

He forced her on her belly and laid her hands and feet together and tied them together with the zip ties. She squirmed and moaned in pain and tears rolled from her eyes wishing and thinking how she got herself into this mess. The man finally looked her in the eyes and she had a full look at his face the moon allowed a scary shadow of his body and she realized just then that it wasn't Pete.

No it was Triston the man who had been stalking her for two years. Heather then closed her eyes not knowing if she was going to get her wish to die or if worse she would be tortured. Heather soon wished that maybe death wasn't what she wanted but that she really wanted to be home in her comfortable bed. Triston grabbed her by her waist and lifted her over his shoulder and walked her a half mile back to his truck.

He laid her inside the cab and shut the door. Heather could see pictures of herself on the seat. Photos snapped of her at a birthday party and school, even one of her at night sitting in her spot with Pete.

She began to cry and sob behind her tape covered mouth. Triston got in on the driver side and closed the door and started his truck. "Princess, don't cry, I promise you will love me I have waited for you for too long now. Just relax were going somewhere nice and I am sorry about the tape and binding your hands its for your safety." Triston drove what seemed like forever. Heather was soon beginning to fall into a tearful sleep. All she wanted to dream was of her and her parents at the county fair.

The truck came to a halt. And Triston jumped out of the truck like a happy boy who just got a B.B gun for Christmas. He walked around to Heathers side and opened her door. "Lets go princess its time. Time for our moment of togetherness. I will finally make you my girl." Triston grabbed her up and gently threw her over his shoulders and started toward a building separate from a house. He took heather there and went inside. Heather could smell candles and weed smell.

There was furniture and a video camera. She could only think the worst at this point. He laid her down onto a futon, and went back to lock the doors.the lights were dimmed and the red light on the camera was the only light on one side of the room the rest was lit by candle.

Triston told Heather that he would take her tape off as long as she don't scream. She nodded and complied. Triston took the tape off gently and told her if she made a peep he would re apply the pizza challenge part starring jane cane coco vandi and wade cane to her mouth. "Why.why did you bring me here Triston?" she asked sobbing.

"To make you my girl heather I wanted you since junior high." He went over to a cabinet where he slipped into a pear of boxers and a white robe.

"Maybe you would like to have on something more comfortable?" he asked heather while grabbing out a red silky gown from the same cabinet. "I want to go home please don't do this what do you want Triston?" "How about less talky and get this on you." He walked toward her and pulled her legs closer to him sliding her down the futon.

He removed her shoes then her socks. "Please Triston ill give you whatever you want please don't hurt me." "I can't think with you babbling on, so here." He laid a fresh piece of tape over her mouth to hush her pleads. She then began to sob once more closing her eyes and accepting the sheer fact that he was going to do as he will. Triston continued to undress her removing her pants showing her white laced boy short panties she recently got at Victoria secrets.

He gazed upon her sweet legs golden tanned from the summers sun. He leaned down to smell her legs and he whiffed a lotion smell of strawberry mist which instantly helped his manhood tingle further with excitement.

He continued on grabbing a pair of scissors to cut up the center of her tight top. So not to have to untie her. He snipped the shirt into two and pulled them away from her body. As he gazed at such beauty the pure innocents of her untouched body he began to feel more aroused.He kneeled in smelling her hair of gold running his hands through the silky threads and closing his eyes to preserve each scent and feel of her young body.

He looked at her and told her to open her eyes she had no choice but to comply and did as he asked. He winked at her and smiled. He laid over her gently leaving her legs closed setting his on the outside of hers and straddled her legs. He leaned in and kissed the tape where her pretty moist lips would be. She squirmed and turned her head to the side.

"What princess, what's wrong I am being gentle and nice the least you could do is look at me when I make love to you." Just after that she began to cry heavily for she knew that meant he planned to do something to her that she thought would only be when she got a man and married him and wanted children.not unwillingly taken at 16.

He looked at her neck and with his left hand laid his fingers around it softly cupping her throat in his hand. He ran his hands down her throat to her shoulder and down her arm until he got to her elbow. Since her hands were behind her he couldn't go further so he went back up to her neck and down to her left breast which was still covered in a laced bra.

He took a deep breath and laid his hand over her firm perky size c breasts. Heather was fully aware of his growing manhood which bulged from his shorts touching her legs.She just laid still giving him no fight yet no satisfaction of the actions he was taking. Triston then took his scissors and snipped the straps of her bra and pulled it away from her body exposing each tanned breast.

Her nipples stood erect from the sheer breeze offered by being braless. He then moved down to her panties cutting the sides and removing her of all garments exposing her tender body to his eyes. He sat for a second taking in her young body and then leaned in and kissed her neck bone softly.

Heather tried real hard not to think. She wanted to escape giving him no feedback. She had to fight the feeling even thought in the back of her mind this was new to her.

She had always wondered what her first time would be like, but not under these stressful circumstances. Triston continued laying his soft kisses to her chest moving closer to her cleavage. Every breath he took got deeper and more erotic. His bulge prodded her legs ad he lay over her. She still whimpered and sobbed behind her closed eyes and tried to think of something else.

Meanwhile Triston had found his hands over her full breasts cupping them and caressing them as if he had never enjoyed something so pure and so delicate before. He laid kisses to each erected nipple only helping them grow harder beneath his lips. He flicked a tongue out over her left nipple causing her body to uncontrollably jump reacting to such delights.

Heather just father fucks daughter callie calypso pleading beneath her tape covered mouth wishing she could just be anywhere but here.

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Triston soon found her full nipple in his mouth kissing and suckling them one by one slowly and gently, while caressing them in his big hands.

He then slipped his robe off from his body and all he was in now was his boxers. He grabbed her up and took her to his bed slinging her naked body over his flexed shoulder and laying her carefully into his king size bed. She laid lifelessly. Triston grabbed his scissors and julia ann cheat he husband her zip tie binding her arms together and then the feet.

"Now if you promise to behave I will make this easy for you is that clear my princess." She nodded knowing not to protest against him. Still with her eyes closed she now lay with her arms to her side and legs still tightly together. Triston the removed his boxers and went and laid next to Heathers naked body. Her hands shivered in fear as she lay silently. Triston ran his hand over her breasts once more. He then went to her feet, grabbed both by the arch of her foot and pulled her legs apart.

Heather felt nervous, knowing what he might possibly do next she tensed up. "relax princess this wont hurt a bit I want to spoil your body just give in." Triston added a kiss to each toe of her foot and then suckled one of her pinky toes. Without knowing it heather let out a jolt of pleasure and her body reacted positively to this pampering not have wanted to she moaned but played it off with a whimper. The least thing she wanted to do was give in. Triston the ran his hands to her ankles and kissing the ankle bone and up the side of her legs one by one.

He rubbed them up to her thighs and laid her legs down. He then crawled above her sliding his knee between her slightly parted legs to allow his whole body to slip between her soft golden legs. Heather grabbed the sheets in anticipation her body running wild with emotions some confusing some nice yet so much with hate and fear of this man.

She was not sure busty cougar reagan foxx gets tasted by stepson to react or feel at this point. Triston taking her reaction wrongfully saw her clench the sheet thinking she was liking the treatment he had to offer. So he leaned in and kissed her inner thigh getting a small scent of what hid between her legs. Causing his manhood to come to a full arousal state.Her body just quivered to each kiss and her pussy grew wetter and wetter.

Triston slid his hands up her thigh and toward her young peach trying real hard to let out to much emotion she did lay still and froze up. Triston placed both his hands over her pussy and split her lips open to view beneath the very precious soul of his princess.

He kissed the outside and then began to lick the clit. All the while his hands ventured down one holding the lips apart while the other he slipped one finger in. Heather twitched in pleasurable ways as he touched her, so angry within herself for allowing it yet she just laid there not fighting him at all.

She freed her mind and waited each moment for what may come next in anticipation. Triston gently glided his index finger in and out of her pussy while suckling her clit feeling her most insides the tightness, the softness, and the scent of her young womanhood.

He slipped a second finger in which made a snug fit and licked her clit wildly while holding her lips apart and her thigh squeezing the skin gently to urge her to let go and relax. To her amazement she relaxed and began to grab Triston's hair in her fingers running them through slightly tugging at it. She did not know why she did but it felt right at the moment. The sheer enjoyment of her pleasurable tingles wiped away any fear. He fingered her faster and faster as she arched her body into his face allowing him to her and feeling close to a feeling she only ever felt through masturbation.

A climax was near and Triston could only feel much more aroused and just went a little faster each time she gasped or moaned in ecstasy. Heather moaned behind her tape breathing hard clenching his coarse black hair. Then boor chatne wala sex stories story xx wight did it he made her cum in his mouth the seeping juices of her womanhood rushed out as he licked it up as she came down from her high.

He withdrew his fingers and let her body lay in rest. He then got up and grabbed a towel to wipe her up and then he grabbed her arms and tied a soft rope around her wrists and bounded her to the bed. " that is all until tomorrow my sweets you must rest.The best is yet to come.

Goodnight my Princess.Sleep tight." He covered her body with a satin sheet and kissed her forehead she cried herself to sleep that night. Thinking how she enjoyed what Triston had done.yet was so scared and feared him in the same.which excited her even more. She fell into a deep sleep in anticipation for what tomorrow would bring.