Beauty s bawdy cleft is on fire

Beauty s bawdy cleft is on fire
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I was in Tucson on business, and had done some research on the internet to find out where the street walkers could be found. It was early February, so it was comfortably warm, even at 10pm. As I drove down the street I spotted a tall blond, well proportioned, with big hoop earrings. She was wearing horny blonde milf plays with her black dildo and a tight long sleeve shirt that showed off her large C-cup breasts.

I waved, then pulled into the next side street and found a parking place a short way down. She followed me, turning the corner, then came up and got in the passenger door without hesitation. Good this way you avoid almost all the risk of getting busted in a sting. To be sure, I said "Are you a cop?" I motioned for her to pull down her tank top. She did, and I gawked at the large, smooth flesh of her breasts, and the silver-dollar size areolae with rosy pink nipples that stood straight out.

I cupped each breast in turns, gave the nipples a gentle squeeze, and said, "Very nice, looks like we're going to have some fun." She said, "What about you? Are you a cop?" She reached over to touch the bulge in my pants. She massaged it gently. "Nope," I said, "I'm not a cop." With that business out of the way, I drove out of the neighborhood, which can be hot with cops.

"What's your name?" I asked, and told her mine. "Erica," she replied, then asked, "What are you looking for?" "I have a motel room nearby," I answered. "Would you like to go with me?

We can discuss the details when we get there." "Sounds good," she replied. A few minutes later I pulled into the parking space in front of my room and got out. She followed me into my room. I had carefully cleaned up so there were no valuables - I bailey brooke sneaking into the club locked my laptop and phone in the trunk of my car.

She sat on the bed and we talked over my plan and agreed on a price. I reached under the pillow and took out a glass tube. "Surprise," I said, holding it out. "Take a hit on this," I suggested, handing her a crack pipe with a big chunk of crack melted into the copper mesh at the end. "Oh, wow, what a great idea!" she gushed. She took the pipe and held it to her lips as I sat next to her and flicked a lighter. She drew gently on the pipe, slowly pulling the flame into the chunk of crack.

I watched mesmerized, as I love watching a pretty woman getting high. As the crack warmed up, Erica sucked down the thick, billowy white smoke which were vaporizing from the bubbling rock.

When her lungs were full she pulled the pipe from her lips and looked at me, her turquoise blue eyes growing wide as the crack smoke that had filled her lungs did its magic.

She held it in for half a minute, then motioned me closer and pointed to my mouth, and pressed her large, soft lips against mine. She exhaled into my mouth, and I sucked it down as she breathed out the crack smoke. Now it was my turn to soar, as the thick, sweet, medicinal smoke filled my lungs.

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She had taken a big hit, and the crack was strong, so in seconds I was rocketing to a high with the hit. "Wow," she said, "that's some good stuff." I was too high to answer right away. It had been months since the last time I had smoked, and I was enjoying every second.

The smoke made me hornier than a bull on a calf, so while I held in my hit I slid down her tank top and took one of her nipples in my mouth, sucking and licking while I cupped the big breast with one hand, squeezing the other with my free hand.

Finally, I exhaled, and took a breath. I was going nuts with her breasts, sucking on the nipples until they grew long and hard. She must have nursed a kid not long ago, I thought, as I got a taste of her milk on my tongue. I squeezed and pulled on the nipple with my fingers, and a drop of white liquid appeared on the tip. Then I licked it off. "Now it's your turn to suck on me," I said. "Of course," she smiled then asked, "How about another hit first?" "I'll take the hit first this time," I replied, "then share it with you." I got up and took off my clothes, then took a baggie from under the pillow, reached in, and handed her another rock that was the size of a pencil eraser.

It was hard and creamy white, the color of ivory. This was just one part of the ounce I had scored earlier, which I had divided up into 8-ball portions, of which this bag was just one (the rest were locked in the room safe). She placed the rock carefully on the end of the pipe, pressing it down into the charred copper.

Holding the pipe upright, she flicked the lighter and held the flame to the crack. She ada gissel and 2 1 1 10 0 0 1 and swarswar 2mpeg4007 it melt a bit, slipping down into the char, then handed me the pipe and lighter.

I tilted it straight up into the air, and held it to my lips, and brought the lighter to the end, following along as I tipped it down and level. The piece of crack liquefied in the heat of the flame and I started gently sucking on the stem, while Erica slipped onto the floor next to the bed and started to lick the end of my still soft cock.

As I drew the smoke into my lungs, she drew the head of my penis into her mouth and gently massaged it with her tongue. It started to grow hard as I finished taking my hit. I tapped her on her cheek, and she rose up and brought her mouth to mine. I could have held the smoke in a lot longer, but I was starting to rush, and I wanted to give her a good hit, so I exhaled the dense, pungent smoke into her open mouth.

I followed the smoke with my tongue, probing her open mouth and swirling my tongue against hers. She responded to my kiss, and l looked into her eyes. Her pupils were dilated wide, so I knew she was high. She began kissing me passionately now, as the cocaine took effect. I signaled her to return to sucking on my cock, and she broke off the kiss and slid down onto the floor and took my cock into her mouth while I picked up the pipe, and put in another piece of white rock.

I love taking a hit of crack while a woman is sucking on my cock, and from the way Erica was using her mouth and tongue, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. I put in another piece, flicked the lighter and warmed the crack, then put it to my lips and began a long, slow inhale.

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As the crack took hold of me, Erica began sliding her mouth up and down on my hardening cock, using her saliva to make it wet and slippery. "Ooh, that feels good," I said as I finished my hit. This time I held it for as long as I could, keeping the dense smoke deep in my lungs to get the biggest rush possible.

I could hear bells ringing in my ears as I let out a little smoke and took in a short bite of air, so I could hold the rest in longer. My cock had grown to its full size now, a good 8" of rock hard flesh, and Erica's head was slowly bobbing up and down as she slid it to the back of her mouth, then back out so only the tip was enclosed, swirled it with her tongue, then slid it back down again.

I was in heaven! She definitely knew how to suck a cock. She was doing a such a good job that I decided to reward her. I held the pipe out, and she paused, letting my cock slide out of her mouth, then gripped the end of the pipe with her chubby pink lips.

I flicked the lighter and held it to the end of the pipe, and she began to gently inhale. The clear pipe filled up with thick white smoke, which she drew into her lungs. When she stopped, she took my cock into her mouth again, and slipped it in deep against the back of her mouth.

As the crack hit her, she pushed down and slid the head of my cock down deeper, until it was all the way down her throat. She was looking up at me with those wide, dark pupils, with a little smile curling up at the outer corners. She held my cock in her throat for a second, then began moving her head up and down in a steady rhythm, banging her chin into my pubic hair with every downward push.

She let out the smoke, and continued sucking on me. I could feel the beginning of that thrilling feeling in my balls, and the rush of the crack sudan big penis porn story with the heat of the sex to drive me a little ways down the path to an orgasm.

She was also feeling the crack, and was rising up and swallowing me down with a sloppy grin. "Stop," I said, "I'm going to stand up." She let me go and I stood, bringing the pipe and lighter with me.

She knelt at my feet and took up where she had left off, impaling her throat on my burgeoning cock. I put in another piece of crack, and prepared for the final drive to an orgasm.

I lit the pipe, inhaled the thick smoke, and set down the pipe.

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Taking her head in my hands, I held her while I began to pile drive with my hips into and out of her wet, slippery throat. The crack madness was on me now, and I was driving in and out of her mouth and throat for all I was worth. As the rush combined with my surging orgasm, I was breathing hard and exclaimed in a husky voice, "I'm coming, oh I'm coming, oh yessss…", and began to shoot gobs of hot, sticky spunk deep down into her throat.

I came and came, in great shuddering ejaculations, breathing "Oh yes, oh yes, oh!" My knees were buckling as she took the last drop deep down inside her throat, without a murmur of complaint.

Finally, when I was spent, I released her head and sank onto the bed. She bubbled up the milky white cum and played with it on her tongue, letting it slide out of her mouth from the tip of her pink tongue then sucking it back in again before it got away. With a contented sigh she swallowed, then opened her mouth to show me it was all gone.

"Yum," she said, "I just love the taste of your cum." "Your turn," I said, and pushed her backwards onto the bed. She lay on her back and spread her legs. I handed her the pipe and gave her another rock as I settled between her thighs and examined her pussy up close. Her pussy lips were wide and fleshy flaps, a brownish pink color face hole full of cum for brazilian whore the outside, and rosy pink inside.

I examined them in close up detail. She lit up the pipe and took her hit, then put down the pipe. "Open it," I said, and she reached down and grasped the labia flaps between her fingers and spread the lips wide, opening up her vagina enough that I could just see the dark hole inside.

Her clit was exposed at the top now, and the large, smooth knob of pink flesh gleamed wetly in the light. She slid her fingers deeper inside he cunt now, and stretched the lips further apart, opening it wide enough that I could see her cervix, and all the layers and fleshy folds of her inner labia leading down to it.

"Hold that open," I commanded, and brought my tongue up against her clit. I licked up and down on it, inhaling the aroma from her gaping pussy. I pulled back and looked inside her again, then she offered me the pipe, which was choked with wet, sticky brown resin from the melted crack that had dripped down inside.

I took the end of the pipe in my mouth and Erica flicked the lighter for me, moving the flame up and down along the last inch of the pipe to vaporize the chocolatey goo.

Instantly the pipe filled with thick white smoke. Some people call this gooey material the "caviar," saying that crack of this color & consistency is purer and stronger than the smoked crack rock it was formed from. I toked harder on the pipe, filling my lungs, then attacked her clit with my tongue. The crack was racing through my brain as I sucked and licked, pressing hard on her clit, pushing it up against her body. Now it was her turn to let out husky exclamations, as she gasped, "Oh yes, press there, oh yes that's the spot, oh good, oh yes!" I inserted my middle finger into her pussy then, reaching inside and feeling the juices flow around it, easing its passage into her inner depths.

I put in my index finger next, and pushed the two of them down inside, all the while continuing to lick and suck on her clitoris. Erica began to thrash her arms and moan even louder, so I pushed my fingers against her g-spot and began a pumping motion on this sensitive sweet spot. She was on her way to a big orgasm, as I pumped on her inner mound with my fingers and sucked hard on her clitoris. "Oh my god," she exclaimed, "don't stop, don't stop, oh god, oh yes, I'm coming, I'm coming." Her whole body tensed and she started to spasm, her legs twitching and her cunt contracting rhythmically.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes. YES." Sweet liquid was flowing out of her pussy now, and I lapped it up as fast as it came. I reached for the pipe again, torn between wanting to take another hit fucking my stepsister in the virgin ass wanting to see if I could keep her on a roll of multiple climaxes.

I opted for the pipe, taking a hit, holding it, and then breathing it into her willing mouth, then returning to her wet pink pussy. I couldn't get enough of that sweet pussy juice, and as I lapped it up and sucked on her clit, she started another orgasm. I was soaring into crack heaven now, and I felt that my dick had hardened again.