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Athina outdoor dp perfect butt and ass to mouth
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What a Teenager does with mind control. P1. (repost) BY ANDREAS2 Just a fantasy I've had for a while. Wasn't really sure how to begin the 'obtaining' of the powers, but that wasn't really part of my fantasy, so I decided to write my real fantasy first and if I get good feedback make it into a bit of a series with a prequel etc.

So please rate and constructive criticism appreciated! (Posting again because I accidently published it, was only meant to post it to my account as a jessica filming herself masturbating and showering private video draft. Anyway this version contains grammatical fixes and slight errors with the story. Enjoy). This secret was bursting to get out of me and I really needed to talk to someone about it.

Brainstorm. Get some ideas of how to use it, how to abuse it. Man, the thoughts of what I could do were giving me so much excitement, I couldn't sit still. Ok, I was showing off a bit by telling someone but what's the point of having a power if you don't share it with a mate? Besides, who wouldn't want to be mates with someone who could get you laid with any girl or soaked legal age teenager twat is nailed hardcore blowjob of your dreams?

Now I just needed to figure out whom to tell.took only a second to think about. Tom. I've always liked Tom, he's a great bloke. He's the kind of guy to keep the party going and just generally enlighten the mood and atmosphere.

He never tells others anything and I always liked talking about shit to Tom, I mean about girls and stuff. I can't really describe it but whenever Tom enters a conversation he keeps the vibe going.

He was always a great bloke to have around. I went to sleep with a plan formulating in my head for the next day of school.

Well, I'd hardly call it a master plan, but a way to break it to Tom. I'll just say, that although Tom is a bit of a party animal, smokes weed gets drunk when he can, he is still an innocent, sweet virgin who hasn't gotten further than second base. Like I said, our group is rather innocent.

----------------------------------- I woke at 6am to my alarm. Normally I'd be pressing snooze over and over until it was 7.30, but today I was instantly wide awake and put my 'plan' into motion. I got my mobile and dialled Tom's number. I knew he'd be asleep but if I sounded urgent enough he'd listen.

"Hello." What'd I say; half asleep. "Yo Tom, sorry to wake you up, but I got something fucking awesome, so awesome you'd jizz in your pants if I told you.

Look, can I pick you up and we go to school early?" "What? Dude I'm in bed. Nothing can be more awesome than sleeping another hour." He has no idea. "Dude, look I'm dyyyying to tell someone. Or did you just want to meet at school?" "Jeeeez man. You sound like a little kid who just got their first erection." This was more awesome. He continued, "Seriously though dude, did you like win tats-lotto or some shit?

You sound reallllllly happy." "Better." "What? Better than winning 20 million dollars?" Ohhh yes. "Yep." "No shit?" "No shit. I'm sharing the holy grail with you mate." There was some silence then he said, "Pick me up at 7. Better be worth it!" then hung up. "You have no idea." I said aloud as I hung up and went downstairs for some breakfast.

---------------------------------- I picked Tom up and he immediately wanted to know the score. I told him to wait until we got to school; I couldn't really talk and drive at the same time, well I can, just not know, and it doesn't set the right mood.

My plan required us to be at school anyway. To pass the time we just put some AC/DC full blast until we got to school. Once there we unloaded our bags into our respective lockers, met in the study area, chose a small study room and closed the door. These rooms were sound proof because they were next to teachers offices and students could talk and study in them.

The school was basically empty because it was so early, only a few early-rising teachers were there, but they camped at their offices so there was no chance of being overheard.

"So Aaron, what's the big thing that's better than 20 million dollars?" He asked.

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I looked at him funny. I didn't know how to word this. "Are you still a virgin Tom?" Asking this was always a touchy topic for him. He hated to admit it; I think he was rather ashamed to be basically 18 and still a virgin.

"Yes.what you going to get me laid or something?" He sounded annoyed. I realised that I'd struck a nerve. I instantly regretted asking it.

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It was hardly relevant anyway. "Actually sorry, I didn't really mean to ask that. I was just wondering in my head if you were a virgin still and it just came out-" He interrupted, "Dude it's cool, go on." "Right. Well, we can change that. But I'll just tell you what I wanted to say. Man I'm finding this hard to word. Now I know you're gonna say that you don't believe me blah blah blah, I certainly wouldn't believe me either.

But I'm just saying that what I'm gonna tell you is gonna sound fucked up and like total BS. You'll think I'm nuts." I paused to let him process all that. "Right OK. Go on." I took a big breathe and then I suddenly decided that I couldn't be fucked breaking it him slowly. Better to just get it out there. "I can control girls. Everything. Their thoughts, feelings, desires. Anything about them." He blinked slowly. "What?" "You heard me. I can basically control a girl like controlling a SIMS character, like a puppet." He was silent for a few seconds before bursting out laughing.

I kept looking at him seriously, unappreciative of the laughing. He noticed my sternness and stopped. "You're serious?" "Dead serious." "So you can make a girl do anything you want?" "Yep." He smirked at that and said, "Well you're right. I'm gonna need some proof." I was expecting him to say that.

"Fair enough. Tom look out the window, into the hall. You see her?" "Britt yeah?" "Yeah. Would you like to lose your virginity to her? Would you like me to make her your girlfriend? Or would you simply like me to make her strip off right there so you'll believe me?" Tom stared at me wide eyed.

I knew mocha skinned stunner bethany benz anal ripped and facialed big tits and big dick. Brittany, kinky young pretty girl enjoys old boner oldvsyoung and hardcore Britt, was one of the hottest girls in our year level. She wasn't part of our group, and I barely knew her, but smoking hot she was!

She was part of the athletics team and was a championship ebony wife with white boy on hiddencam. Her being there was no coincidence.

Hardcore fuck for a tight cum hole know she comes to school early to do work; I come to school early myself a bit and she's always there. A lay with her wouldn't be denied by any sane, straight man. Just the thought of her tanned, long, fit legs wrapped around you.Fuck!

I was getting aroused. Stop thinking about her no stop! Shit, she's looking at me. I've put some thoughts into her head. Calm down, calm down. I've just made her a bit horny. Bloody hell, I'm going to have to control myself better. If I got too horny I reckon every girl in a miles radius would be on top of me.

I made a mental note to practice stopping my subconscious thoughts about people being transmitted to them. Tom hadn't noticed though, which was good, I'd rather explain the details of the power later.

For now I just wanted to keep police girl fucking in police station simple.

I was still eagerly waiting to hear Tom's response, so I was looking at him. He just kept staring at me, still wide eyed, and then would glance at Britt. I think he was half expecting to wake up and find out it was a dream, or me to burst out laughing and say 'had you going there Tom didn't I?' Hell, I don't blame him; I still can't believe it myself. Eventually, he laughed a little, breaking the silence.

"Alright Mr. Mind-controller. Do it." It was clear he wasn't convinced, and thought I was nuts. "What?" "Make her strip off right there." I thought for a second but decided for obvious reasons it would draw too much attention, not to mention that it would be dog to her. I mean, controlling a girl's desires for you without them knowing is bad, but they don't know it, so it's not so bad, but ruining their life.another story.

"I could do that, but she would get in trouble and I don't want to drag too much attention yeah? But I'll do this." I sent a little command and she reached under her school shirt and started unhinging her bra, which she placed on the table, then reached up her skirt and began sliding her panties down off her outstretched feet, placing these with her bra.

I made her turn around and wink at us, for the icing on the cake. Tom was flabbergasted; his jaw literally touched the ground. "Satisfied?" I grinned. With a quick mental push she picked her up underwear and strolled towards us, opening the door and throwing them on Toms lap. "I thought you might like these." She smiled at him, standing in front of him.

"Britt, your ears are now muted, and close the door." I ordered. She obeyed. "So man what do ya think? "I.don't.I can'" To skip the freak-out part, I decided to quickly preoccupy him. "Strip off, quickly" I commanded. She immediately ripped her clothes off standing naked in front of us.

I got up and cupped one of her luscious tits in my hand, and slithered in her ear, just audible enough for Tom to hear. "You will have an uncontrollable need to rip Tom's clothes off and fuck him senseless or until you physically can't anymore. I suggest in the corner there so teachers don't see you." She immediately was grabbing at Tom's clothes, unable to get them off fast enough, at the same time kissing him with Tom completely shocked at the whole situation.

His face was priceless. "Britt, when the bell goes, you will stop whatever you're doing, get dressed here, go back to your desk where your books are, and then forget this ever happened. You will not remember a thing since you looked at me from your desk.

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Nod if you understand." She looked at me and nodded, before swiftly returning to Tom. I started walking out as I saw her mounting him on the ground, furiously grabbing at the belt to his pants. I walked out and went next door to a teachers' office.

I told a female teacher to lock the study room for me, without looking inside. They are unlocked from the inside since it is a school, but I just wanted it locked for the benefit of Tom and his fuck buddy. ------------------------------ I sat through my first two classes without really paying attention.

Just hoping Tom would accept everything, and that he enjoyed himself. I'd find out soon enough at recess. Eventually the bell rang and I put my books away and grabbed some food. I was on my way to our group's turf before I got winded by a stray fist, dropping my alison helps tiffany get over a breakup as I hunched over, before I got gripped in a tight head lock.

I must say I was caught completely off guard. "Start talking." Tom said. After I recover I knew I could overpower him, but I decided to let him keep me in his grip to let him feel better.

"Tom, Chill.

I got this.power.ability or whatever you want to call it on the weekend, I don't know how or why." I wheezed. "I found out by just wishing mum to do something for me, like make me a smoothie, to give me 50 bucks, and she actually would, which she would never do. I thought she was sucking up to me or something, but I noticed something was odd cause she started complaining to me that she was missing money and that I was leaving smoothie ingredients out on the table, like she had no memory of doing it." He eased up on his grip so I pushed his arms off me, standing back up.

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"I also noticed that whenever I thought about any girl sexually they would look at me funny and most would blush. I soon discovered I could influence girl's feelings by like simply feeling anything about them, thinking about anything that was about them. But if I simply focused I could control them like a puppet, and I could decide whether or not they remembered anything." There was a pause as he processed this.

"So you basically can control woman's minds?" He asked "Basically, yeah." After a bit of a pause, I asked. "So dude, what do you think?" He seemed to have regained some composure.

"Un-fuck-ing-be-liev-a-ble. What is this shit?" He stared at me with disbelief. He seemed genuinely frightened of me and shocked at the same time. It was quite confronting seeing your best mate look at you like that. "Dude relax I'm on your side." I trailed off as he began laughing his head off, slapping me on the back. "Man dude, that is so fucking awesome! Have you told anyone else?" He asked sternly. "Nah man, you're the first one, probably won't tell anyone else, at least for a while." He smiled.

"That means a lot man. You must trust me a bunch. We're going to have so much fucking fun orgy in college real amateur and cum in mouth this. I must admit, when you told me about this last night.I was thinking of all the things you could were going to say.this wasn't like any of the scenarios I imagined!" I laughed. "I don't blame ya." "Man, I can't believe it. I'm no longer a virgin, and I lost it to one of the sexiest woman I've ever seen.

It's too much." He smiled, looking away nostalgically. "Keep it in your pants dude, before you knock someone over." We both laughed, I continued, "We'll talk about this later, but mate, you might want to call your parents and say you're sleeping at mine tonight.

It's Friday, my parents aren't home and my sisters are overseas. Opportunity of a life time mate and we're going to make the most of it." I winked knowingly before heading back to the crowd, leaving him with a massive grin on his face. ------------------------------- Throughout the day I proceeded to ask all the hot girls in our year level at school if they had anything on, demanding an honest response, and to all the ones that did, I told them to forget I said anything.

But to the ones that were free, and were allowed to go out and stay the night at other people's houses, I asked them to come to my house after school for a pool party, and if it was going to be a problem to their parents if they said they were staying at my house, I asked them to lie to them about where they were staying. I compiled a list of everyone who could come and then just waited out the day with great anticipation.

Finally school ended and I dashed to my locker, packed my bag and met up with Tom. Normally we'd have a chat with the crowd but we had a bit of preparation to do. We headed to the car and I roared the engine to life and drove off. "So, who'd you invite?" He asked. "Girls I'd only rate 8 or higher, and they had to have nothing on and be able to lie to their parents that they were staying the night elsewhere." "Fuck, you did your homework.

Give me some names." "Nah wasn't hard man.

I just asked them and if they couldn't I told them to forget all that I said. Dude it's going to be weird. I've got like 5 girls from our group going, yes, our sweet little innocent group and about 10 to 15 other girls from random other groups, like half a probably virgins half a probably sluts." "Should be interesting." Tom grinned. About half-way home he pointed to the side of the road, "Hey dude, pull over here. Gotta buy some shit." "Some grog yeah?" "Yeah and some protection." He winked knowingly.

"Shotty alcohol." "Meh, I'll use self-checkout." "Smart. You'd be judged pig wanking outdoor schwein wixxt outdoor tube porn if you bought like 10 black gal bailey brooke takes it good in one hit." I laughed.

"Hehe true." He grinned. We arrived back at the car with our respective supplies and resumed the trip home. Once home, we got changed and waited. Tom broke the silence, "Dude, do you reckon after tonight, you could do me a favour?" "Anything man." He paused for a second, then said, "Make Kara my girlfriend, and only change her desires for sex; to be the same as mine." Kara was a smoking hot girl from our group, very nice girl.

Although she was probably a 9.5 in terms of the body, she isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and I couldn't imagine having any intelligible conversations with her, and Tom was smarter than me. Each to his own, I suppose. "Sure man, easy as pie." He smiled at me in appreciation. "But if you're going out, I can't let you join me and my endeavours as that is.well, it's unethical." "Dude, everything we're doing here is 'unethical'." "Yeah I guess you're right.

I can't really talk. Well it's unethical but as long as their minds are kept clean, I think it's ok. But I still don't like the idea of cheating on girlfriends, mind power or not." Tom nodded, even though I was aware he didn't agree, I was letting him know I wasn't going to be supporting it if he was.

I had such strong views because this girl, Ashley, whom I lost my virginity to, cheated on me, and it hurt, a lot, and he knew this. The intercom sounded. "And so it begins." I said, smiling widely, as I went to the intercom to let them in. ------------------------------- Eventually all the girls were in the house; all that said would come came, about 15.

Now they were just talking to each other like it was any other normal day. The fact that Tom and I were the only guys didn't bother anyone the slightest, not even the fact that quite a few of them barely knew us at all. However, this 'chatting' was not really what I had in mind.

"Want to go for a swim everyone?" I shouted above the conversations. Based on all the 'yes' answers I heard, it was a dumbass question. "Only downside is that some forgot their bathes, but they don't really care, so they're skinny dipping! Just so no one is singled out; I think it would be only fair that we all skinny dipped." Everyone was all too happy to agree with me, even heard a few 'that's an upside not a downside' comments.

Everyone started stripping off, throwing their clothes down and heading towards our heated, indoor pool. I waited by fat tits blowjob the plumber gets his pipe cleaned pool door as I watched the 15 smoking hot chicks walk past me, naked as the day they were born.

What was really funny was that none seemed to notice they were naked. They just kept talking to each other like it the most normal thing in the world, some just commenting on each other's bodies, and some simply saying that it was a bit cold. I'd have to look into that later, but right now I was as hard as I was ever going to be. I started taking my shorts off as Tom pulled me to the side. "Hey dude, do you reckon you could just do the girlfriend thing now, and I take her upstairs for the night?" "Umm I guess.

Not interested in the group?" I asked. "Nah man, I just, look, I really like Kara. I've liked her for ages. So I really just want to be with her, I don't want to screw others in front of her, mind spell or not." I sighed, "I guess man, you could of told me and I would of brought another dude to share these girls with." "Yeah, sorry man, I should've told you not to invite Kara." I was pissed but I didn't show it, "Well ok, but remember if I do this you can't join me as long as you're going out with Kara." "Yeah I know dude." I called for Kara just as everyone started jumping in the pool.

She approached us with her nice luscious tits bouncing as she came to us. "What's up?" She asked. "Everything I told you about coming to my house, all commands and parameters, you can forget. You're now Tom's girlfriend, you've always had a crush on him and now you've just said yes to him asking you out. You're excited about it and will do your best to make it work out, and you will always be happy to have sex with Tom. Tonight you want to consummate your relationship. You will forget that I talked to you about this big ass tits teen solo and sunny fuck assslave yoga you will think that Tom and you both asked me if you could use my house while it was empty.

Nod if you understand." She nodded. "Thanks for letting us come here Aaron." She then suddenly looked at the pool with all the naked girls jumping around, and then at herself. She reached up and covered her tits and pussy. "What.why am I naked?" She gasped. "Oh yeah, you will not remember any other girls being here once you leave the house. You will not realise you are naked until you are upstairs with Tom, and you will think he undressed you.

Nod if you understand." She nodded. Tom smiled and said, "Let's go upstairs babes." "Sure." She smiled back at Tom.

I whispered to Tom, "Just giving her enough parameters of programming so she doesn't wonder anything." "It's all good mate, I understand." He responded. "Make sure to tell me if I forget anything, like if she finds something wrong. Remember, if I stuffed anything up I can just undo anything, no permanent damage done." "Thanks man.

I'll keep it in mind." Tom took hold her firm ass as they hobbled around the pool to go upstairs to the guest room. I looked at the pool and looked at all ass traffic huge ass gape for anal loving teen female bodies throwing beach balls around and splashing on each other.

Even without Tom here, all I could say was, this was going to be one hell of a night. I sat down in the spa and asked Alara, a short sexy girl, if she wanted to join me.

She got out of the pool and jumped in the spa, and went to sit on my lap, facing me. I flipped her around so she would sit on me facing away, and as she descended down I lined up my already rock-solid cock so it would enter her. Slowly she a squatted down, I closed my eyes as I took in the feeling; her depths being stretched and her warmth enveloping my mate until I was fully buried inside her, a moan escaping her lips.

For a few minutes we didn't do anything, she was still quite content sitting still and I was simply admiring the view of all the beautiful bodies playing in the pool while I savoured the feeling if Alara's hot love hole gripping my member. I reached over to the controls on the side of the spa and turned 'jets' and 'air bubbles' on. I decided I wanted to know what people were thinking of this party, I still didn't fully understand the effects of my commands on people, just knew that they worked.

So it was as good as an opportunity as any to ask Alara. I leaned her back and gripped her hips to hold her still. "Hey Alara." "Yeah Aaron." "Why did you come to my house?" "Because you invited me." "But you hardly know me." "I do now." "No you don't, we hardly speak to each other." "Well I feel like I've known you for years. We should talk more often." "Ok, have you every skinny dipped with 15 girls and 1 guy before?" "No." "Don't you think it's weird?" "No." "Why not?" "Because you asked me to Aaron.

Nothing is weird with you. I can do whatever I want when I'm with you, without any worries." Ok.I don't remember commanding that, "Why is that?" "I trust you." "Really why?" "I don't know, you just seem a very trustworthy person.

I've never trusted anyone as much as I trust you." So, me commanding it simply making them 'trust' me more than comprehension, more than anything, and that is why they do whatever I want? "So if I asked you to jump off a bridge and kill yourself, would you do it?" "Probably," She turned back, looked at me and smiled, "But I know you're joking." "Yeah you got me. Ok I have another question. When I asked you to come into the spa, did you actually want to?" "Yeah of course." "Why didn't you just come to me and talk to me yourself?" "I don't know.

I was talking with some of the girls and you just seemed you were busy talking with Tom and Kara." "Oh ok. What about now?" "Now?" "Did you find any problem, or wonder even the slightest, when you sat down on my cock?" "No, I was going to try to anyway, but then you took the lead. I've never felt hornier for someone in my life." "Thanks." I smiled.

I glanced up as two more girls jumped into the spa. One was Lara and another was Shez. Lara was my dream girlfriend, something which I might make a reality later; she was smoking hot, really nice to everyone, and really smart. She was part of our group, very conservative, so she was probably still a virgin. Shez was best friends with Lara but they were exact opposites. She hung around with the jocks, bit of a slut, but still really hot and fairly nice.

"Bit cold in the pool is it?" I asked them, noticing their rock hard nipples. "Nah." Lara said. "Just wanted to join you guys and get in the spa." "Yeah, it's a good temperature." I said.

Wow, I'm talking in the spa with 2 girls that were naked…and just unbelievably hot…while my cock was buried in another. Wow. "So Shez and Lara, are you guys having fun?" "Yes!" They said simultaneously. "Wow, you really are!" I smiled. "I don't know, I just feel like I pretty teen babysitter caught rubbing her pussy be myself here. and everyone else is saying it too.

Do whatever I want, and be happy. I can't explain it." Lara said. "Just gotta relax a bit. Do your own thing." I said. Man I'm such a lying dog, "So you guys are ok with skinny dipping?" "Yeah, I've always wanted to do it with heaps of people." Shez said.

"What's the problem Aaron?" Lara asked, "You seem bothered by something." "Yeah I am. I'm just worried a little.I don't really know why you guys are acting so normal about everything, as if you've all come here tons of times. I feel like I forced the skinny dipping thing and the coming here in the first place thing on you. Do you feel that way?" "No, Aaron. I don't feel like I've been forced to comendo a buceta da casada gostosa veja mais bit lyaumentope tube porn anything.

I wanted to come here, and I did. We all did. I wanted to go skinny dipping. Trust me. Everyone is happy to be here. You're right when you say that it seems like we've been here a lot, it sure feels like we have, but I know we haven't.

I feel like I could live here without a single care in the world." Lara said, "So long as you're happy with it." "Why would you want to keep me happy?" "So you keep inviting us here!" She giggled.

"Well ok. I just don't want anyone to feel like they've been forced to come here or do anything they don't want to do." "Don't worry. We're all actually just talking about how awesome your house is and the pool" Lara said. "Cool." I smiled, "I will say, the pool is pretty nice, my parents did a good job designing it." I was more confused with those answers, but it was worth it knowing that all this seemed to make the girls happy, and they didn't feel like they were being forced to do anything.

My commands must have made them think everything I told them was their own ideas, their own thoughts. I wonder why…I'd figure it out later…for now… I started moving Alara around my cock. "Let's get to it." I said. "Finally! Thought you'd talk all day, no offense." She replied, as she proceeded to begin bouncing up and down.

"None taken. Well now that I've done my host-duties, and I know everyone's cool, I feel better." I groaned at the sensations and I reached around her and grabbed her tits, helping her up and down, "and now I feel a loot better." I said.

"I do too." She sighed. I began matching her puerto rocks fucks her mixed lebanese pussy strippers amateur and descents with my hips, thrusting into her as she came down, and pulling back down as she went up.

I heard some splashing and looked around as I saw some other girls getting in the spa. Lara scooted next to me and grabbed me around the waist as a sign of ownership and another girl named Neha, a small beautifully tanned half Indian chick, came to my other side. I took my hands of Alara's tits and looped them around Neha and Lara.

Alara couldn't keep her balance without my hands, so she leaned back and grabbed my thighs and grinded her hips in a circular motion around my cock, leaning her head back in pleasure, her long hair draping onto my ticklish chest. I looked around and saw that all the girls were in the spa, they all must have gotten sick of the pool or just wanted to join in, it was pretty cramped, some girls were sitting on each other's laps.

Other than the girls preoccupied with me, Alara, Lara and Neha, all the girls were talking among each other, just about school work and stuff, nothing in particular, but it was just weird because they were seemingly oblivious to me having cute girl makes a homemade sex tape right in front of them.

I guess this was the same thing when I thought that they would think it would be weird to have 15 girls skinny dip with 1 guy. All of a sudden Alara squealed, "I'm cumming!" and then I felt her pussy walls grip and squeeze my cock, pushing me francaise girl angela fucked the first time with boyfriend the painful edge of just about cumming too. I looked at Alara and she was just sitting on my cock very still, she wasn't passed out, just in a daze.

I noticed my hips were squirming underneath her, taking a mind of their own trying to get a few last pumps so I could get off, but I couldn't get enough thrust. God, it was killing me sitting on the edge. I was suffering from a major case of blue balls; I needed to get off. "Lara, get her off and finish me off would you?

I'm just about to cum but she's in fairy land." I said. "Let's do it doggy." She whispered, "It will be hot doing doggy in front of everyone, even only for a few seconds." Well, she wasn't wrong. I sat up and heaved Alara off me, sitting her down where I was sitting, before standing up in the middle of spa.

Lara had wasted no time and already had her hands on the edge of the spa, between the shoulders of two chicks, with her ass sticking up proudly above the water. She was looking at me eagerly, wiggling her ass at me. I gripped her hips and lined up my cock, and in one steady push was buried in her, she gasped and so did I. This was the fourth pussy I had ever been inside, including Alara's, and my god, was it the tightest, and the best by far! "You're so fucking tight Lara.

My god!" I looked around to see what others thought of what I said…and a couple doing it doggy style right in front of them (not that there is anything weird about that at all). A few were looking at us, just taking the view in as if were a TV show. Some were fingering themselves from what I could see, and another few were just talking to each other as if it were normal, same as before.

I thought about how hot that made it; the normality of the situation to them just made it seem so sexy, especially the ones that had their eyes on us.

And with that thought I started giving Lara the root of a lifetime. I drove my cock all the way in, before pulling out so only the head was in, then rinsing and repeating. Lara was meeting my thrusts, pushing back on me every time I went in and then easing up as I pulled out.

Each thrust was met with a loud slap as my hips crashed into hers, and my balls slapping her on the ass. The consistent splashing of the water was making it seem louder than it was. Lara was gasping and moaning softly, and I was too. The feeling of her pussy was just incredible; it was so hot, wet and just so fucking tight. I'd have to check my dick for carpet burns afterwards, it felt like there was too much friction.

Too bad I was already at my peak, would have been a great one if it lasted. After about a minute in I came back to the feeling of being on the edge and before I warn her I gave it one last push I squirted my load inside her, holding her hips as close to me as I could while I emptied my payload into her. Gasping and panting I pulled her back as I bent my knees to sit down. Since the was no room I ended up sitting on another chick, who happened to Shez, with Lara sitting on my lap, my deflating cock slowly easing out of her.

Shez reached her hands around me and Lara and gripped Lara's hips, pulling them as hard as she could towards herself. This prevented my deflating cock from leaving Lara's womb, which would make me hard again in no time. "I always imagined losing my virginity to doggy style. I don't know why." Lara said. I actually forgot about that, her hymen must have already been broken somehow. "You should have told me you were a virgin! I wouldn't have asked you to do that, I didn't even make you cum." I felt a little bad.

"Don't worry Aaron, I could've said no. It's not liked you raped me or anything." Hm, I wonder if mind altering counts as rape, "And you didn't make me cum because you'd been screwing Alara for ages." "I guess." I said.

After a few minutes, a girl named Madison said, "I'm getting out now; chlorine is starting to dissolve me." "Yeah, me too." Another said. I decided I'd get out too. "Towels are in the cupboard there if you forgot one." I suggested, "Don't leave the pool room wet, dry off here or in the bathroom.

Just don't want water getting in the house. It gets pretty slippery." I told asked Shez to let go of Lara so she could get off me, and she did with a plop as my dick popped out of her. It was already becoming hard again. I ascended out of the love-spa, grabbing a towel and drying myself off. A few decided to stay in the spa. I thought about telling everyone to stay naked, but it was a bit cold, so I didn't bother.

After getting dressed, I went into the back room with the alcohol, grabbing a beer and started pouring shots. A few girls emerged, some with their clothes on, some with a towel around them and a couple had dried off but were still nude.

One of the ones without clothes on was Britt, the same Britt who raped Tom. "Aren't you cold?" I asked her. "A little bit, but I love being naked." She smiled.

"Fair enough." I laughed. Still don't know why they love it here so much. I never issued a command saying 'love my house and love being yourself when you're here'. "Anyways, who wants some shots?" I raised my voice so everyone could hear. A few didn't like alcohol that much, so they new xxx story kartrena kafe, but most were all over it. ------------------- 7 shots later, I was off my face. I had them way too quickly.

Probably had them over the course of 15 minutes. Was not a good idea. I stumbled around the room until I hit a couch and slumped on it. I was perfectly content resting there until I had a weird thought go through my head. Normally I'd think twice about it, but being drunk, you don't tend to do that much thinking. At the top of my voice, focusing as much as I could, I shouted. "All of you come fuck the shit out of me!" Silence filled the room as I noticed every female looking at me.

Realization slowly sunk in to the problem with what I just said, my smile slowly going down as I started to make a break for it. I only made about two meters closer to the door before I literally got spear tackled onto the ground, and about four girls jumping on top of me, winding me, and all their womanly flesh covering my mouth, removing any hope I had to make a break for it or reverse the command.

I wasn't strong enough to command them all off me at once without talking, and I yelled the command which makes it even harder to break. Being drunk didn't help much either.

A girl with a towel around her, called Maddy, jumped on top of me, to towel going up to her hips like a skirt, our privates making contact. I tried to push her off but she was gripping me tight. I glanced behind her and noticed about five girls charging like bulls towards us, before all of them leaping into the air to land on us. I screamed and instinctively reached and grabbed her back and ass firmly and flipped us around, almost simultaneously I felt the painful hit as all the girls crash landed onto my back, which also pushed also pushed our well-aligned genitals into each other, burying my already hard dick inside her.

I gasped as I felt the pleasure of her hot, moist, velvety glove gripped me tight. Her towel had fallen off to the ground behind her, acting as a somewhat comfortable mat. I couldn't move myself with all the weight on me so I put all my weight fall on her and just laid on top of her, probably not all that comfortable for her but it felt good to be pushed to the hilt inside her and held there.

She grabbed my face and kissed me deeply. I don't think it bothered her either. The kiss was cut short as I was quickly pulled around by the strength of all the other girls, my dick slipping out to the fresh air again before almost immediately entering another girl's warm tunnel. Three girls laid on my face, their mouthful sized tits being forced into my mouth as the culprit that had mounted me and proceeded to 'fuck the shit out of me'.

I couldn't tell who it was cause her back was facing me while she bounced on top of my cock like there was no tomorrow. A couple more girls had managed to get underneath me and was pinning my body by wrapping their arms around my chest and their legs around my thighs and body, the shear heat of their pussys and the poking of their tits pushing against me all too apparent.

I tried to reach and sunny leone fuck in bathroom story the boobs away from my face so I could speak (and breath) but my hands had been pinned underneath some other girls, their ass facing me and them doing, what it felt like, furiously trying to push my fingers into their cunts; Wow, they were fucking my hands.

The nipples in my face were brutally thrown into my mouth, as if I were a baby that wouldn't shut up and they were giving me a suck toy, making the act of talking all the more difficult.

Gorgeous teen model first time sometimes it takes a stranger to flash us exactly what we

I rolled my eyes and gasped (through my nose) as the pussy gripping my cock pulsated as it continued to be furiously forced up and down my pole, faster than I had ever felt, nor thought was possible. I had a look and managed to see through the tits my face and saw the girl bouncing on my dick now had two girls were gripping her hips helping her go up and down faster, and another two had her arms and legs out stretched and were wiggling her sideways, left and right, as she went up and down.

Oh my god, I wonder how many people have experienced that before.It felt fucking fantastic. Another two that were underneath my legs each had a testicle in their mouths, which felt mind-blowingly wonderful.

My hands were being furiously pulled into girls cunts, as if it were a dick. My entire body was being masturbated or fucked in some sort of way, if that makes sense.

Sunny leone and dirrty 99 piece of my flesh was in contact with some feminine part. The pleasure I was feeling was just utterly overwhelming. Since each girl wanted to obey my command of fucking me but the volumes of girls were preventing them, many were still jumping on my chest, furiously trying to get in contact with me, but many couldn't since there wasn't enough surface area of my body to touch them all.

I had so many girls on top of me.and beneath me; it was like swimming in an ocean of naked woman. The sheer amount of sweaty bodily heat being emitted into the room was steaming the windows, not to mention the heat of all the bodies on me was adding to the already over-the-top sensations. Every now and then my dick would slip out of someone's hole for a second before it quickly re-entered someone else's warmness.

Sometimes it would only last in someone's hole for only a few seconds. It seemed there was massive competition going on for my pole. So much weight was on me, I couldn't get up nor see much of what was going on with so much flesh in my face. All I knew was that the sensations were pure bliss.

I couldn't even suck on the nipple that was stuck halfway down my throat because I couldn't focus for than a few seconds; the pleasure was overloading my brain. The tits in my face were suddenly being forced away towards my chest, the one in my mouth was removed and I took a huge breath as I was about to command them off me but I couldn't as the tight, tanned ass that been pushing all the boobs away sat on me, the weight of the chick landing on my face.

Noticing the tanned chick was short, I guessed it was Neha, the half Indian. She crossed her legs as tightly as she could around my head, forcing her cunt into my face. I couldn't see anything, she was forcing it so hard into my face I couldn't see barely anything, I could just feel and smell and taste her cunt right next to my mouth. My concentration lapsed for a few seconds, the first signs of losing consciousness. The cunt in my face was preventing me from getting adequate oxygen; the overdose of alcohol also wasn't helping.

I knew that I'd have to terminate that command before I passed out or they could all potentially fuck me to death while I was unconscious.

What a way to die. I tried to move my arm but they were still each stuck under a girls pussy, and my legs were out of the question with about five girls sitting on them and a couple of girls I was on top of had their legs wrapped around them.

I couldn't move any part of my body. I realized I was completely and utterly pinned by all the girls. I couldn't speak and get them off with a girl's legs lisa ann and lexington steele full story around my face and my entire body was next to immovable.

I was in a prison of pleasure and potential death awaited unless I could get up somehow. Adrenaline was pumping through my veins, both sex adrenaline and the fear of imminent death adrenaline. My orgasm was approaching but since I couldn't speak I couldn't really warn them.

The inevitable happened and I started plastering the mystery rider's vaginal walls with my jizz. I heard a faint scream saying, fuck with little young boy forced coming!" and then more girls started squealing saying they wanted some.

I felt the screamer being pushed off while the hose was still pumping, and the girls squealing at, what I can assume, the final moments of my sprouting fountain. The next few minutes were a mystery to me as I lost myself in only what I could describe the best orgasm of my life.

As I came back from my high, I noticed that the girl that was on my right hand was gone now; my arm was completely free to move. Knowing it might be my only chance, I ignored the painful pleasures of the blowjob on my sensitive dick and reached to my left arm and pushed the girl off balance a ripped my left arm from beneath her and with all my strength pushed the girl off my face. I managed to prop myself up by my hands and wasted no time and screamed "Everyone go to sleep until I say wake up!" All the girls passed out, landing on the ground, heads flopping over.

The girl that was blowing my sensitive dick passed out with her mouth on my dick. I squealed in pain as her mouth relaxed and her teeth grazed my sensitive dick's head. I slowly eased out of her and then just relaxed in the ocean of body heat.

I had a think. Some commands seemed to just 'command' lana tailor movies sex story, where others made them 'trust' me to the point of doing what I wanted. Like for example, my mum would forget she made a smoothie when I told her to, and I assumed this 'fuck the shit out of me command' bigflip pumping till rock hard tube porn the same sort of thing, as well as when I told Kara to forget 'everything' I told her, she couldn't put her finger on why she was naked.

But before that when I told them to skinny dip, they did it as if they thought it was a great idea, not because I told them to. They wanted to do it.

They remembered doing it. And then there's the feelings transfer, like when I thought about Britt sexually, I transmitted my feelings to her somehow.

Not only that, why did they like being around me so much? Why was skinny dipping so normal? Better yet, how did I get my abilities in the first place? So many questions, I'd have to figure out the extent of my abilities when I got the chance.

Not long after concluding that, I just passed out on all the womanly bodies from mass sexual exhaustion and drunkenness. Sexy, hot, naked women make one hell of a bed.