Multiple internal cumshots in stretched fuck holes for nasty tart squirting creampies

Multiple internal cumshots in stretched fuck holes for nasty tart squirting creampies
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I'm tied, blindfolded and kneeling in a kiddie pool. A dental gag holds my mouth open. Porn is playing in the background. I don't know what to expect, other than mistress plans it to be degrading. She caught me looking at sissy porn again and told me I was to be severely punished. That was a week ago.

"So I may as well tell you. I took out an ad on Craigslist, telling people there's a free sissy in chastity to be used at their pleasure, today from noon to seven.

They have permission to do almost anything. I received at least ten replies, and I sent them all the address. Anyway, I'll be close. Not too close though. Have fun and swallow like a good gurl. Hahaha." She leaves me alone. It feels like a long time of listening to a pornstar get screwed. Maybe nobody will show, and this will just be an exercise in submission.

A thrill of fear goes through me when the door opens. He walks heavily in a circle around me, and I feel the trickle of piss run down my leg as I wet myself in fear. "Ahh?" I whimper quietly. Big hands are exploring my body. He's looking me over, I can feel it. I hear a zipper. "Here it comes," I think.

The fat cock rubs my lips. I shudder as he slaps it across my face. A strong male smell fills my nostrils. Suddenly he fills my mouth. The touch luxury lingerie and pantyhose on cheerleaders with strapons lesbians erotica him isn't so horrible, it's the helplessness I feel as he begins to use my mouth. He grabs my hair, pushing me down on him. His cock slides into my throat, and I gag. He begins fucking my throat, pulling out then pushing in.

"Use your tongue, slut," a deep voice commands. As I am told, I begin massaging his shaft with my tongue. He responds immediately, breathing heavier. I think he's about to cum but he slows down, wanting to savor my mouth. I am focused now. If I think about my position I will break down so I treat his cock like mistress' strapon, which I have had the honor of sucking for her regularly.

It's hard to pretend his dick is a strapon when he starts puffing and spurting across my tongue. Salty, thick cum is unmistakeable and disgusting, and he leaves most of it in my mouth, although a considerable amount is on my lips.

"Swallow it, girl." I raise my tongue lusty girlfriend aaliyah hadid anal banged and recorded the roof of my mouth and obediently take the slimy load down my throat. I think he's done, but it is only a second before a stream of hot, acrid liquid hits my face, filling my mouth.

I can scarcely believe he is, in fact, pissing on me. I begin swallowing his hot piss down if just to avoid drowning.

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He wordlessly zips up and leaves me. Again all I hear is porn and my own heartbeat. It is a while before the next time the door opens. "What is that on his dick!" A man says. "That's a chastity cage.

Keeps him from cumming or even getting hard," a young feminine voice says. "Kinky, huh?" "Yeah! What a charming czech bombshell lexi dona fingers and orgasms amateur and babe Another guy says. A hard slap to my ass makes me yelp into my gag. He roughly bents me over and spreads my cheeks.

He is not gentle as he shoves his cock in. Mistress had fucked me with a strapon before, and harder, but the live male phallus is especially humiliating. Bent over, my mouth is soon Filled by his buddy, and I am being spit roasted by the two of them. My cock pushes at its boundaries in futility. They are young and energetic, and they don't last long.

Hot goo erupts in my ass followed by semen filling my mouth. I whimper, cum dripping from both ends. "The ad said we should piss in his mouth before we go," one says.

They both did just that. It tastes awful, but I swallow as much as I can. The rest runs down my exposed body. I am crying under the wet blindfold, never so humiliated. Plus I am so full of piss and cum that I am feeling bloated.

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"Hey, I want a turn!" The girl says. Suddenly I feel the heat of another body and the smell of wet pussy. She was suddenly riding my face. Her wet pussy replacing the acrid taste of urine for the moment. She is already sopping wet. She turns around. "Lick my hole, cunt!" She orders.

My tongue works frantically on her rosebud and she is very quickly breathing heavy. Her cheeks are smooth and firm, I am sure she is a well built girl. She shudders in orgasm. "Swallow my nectar now, hun," she says tenderly. Her hot pee streams across my face. My sissy clit strains at its cage as I drink it all down as much as I can. The guys leave another load each across my face and then they leave. Man after man comes to me, and I service them blindly. I never get another woman.

I taste my own ass several times that afternoon too, as they move without a thought from my back to my front. The shame is a blur, and I am so full of cum and pee that I am cramping.

It's a long afternoon before mistress returns for me. She laughs when she sees me, letting me stay there in shame in front of her for a few minutes. She removed my wet blindfold and a bright light hit my eyes. "That was a complete success, I think." She took of the gag and the cuffs.

I closed and opened my stiff jaw, and waited for permission to speak or stand. "Did you like that slut?" "No mistress, it was awful," I said. "Everybody online liked it, they're asking when we are doing another one so they can come and help," she says slyly.

My stomach turns. That went out live? I say nothing, but she giggles at the expression on my face. "Go dump this pool and take a shower, slut." In a daze I do as I am told, unbelieving about my public degradation.

She is on her computer when I get out of the bathroom. "I am thinking November 9 for your next live humiliation session. This guy says he has a big Great Dane who would like to get to know you." She looked at me wickedly. Of course there was only one response I could make.

"Yes Mistress."