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Naomi yr old with a big giant ass
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I awoke a few hours later to my cock throbbing. I must have passed out hard, because I hadn't moved an inch the night before. As my eyes slowly opened and adjusted to the light bearing into the room, I noticed that Savannah was no longer in my arms or pressed up against me. I scanned the room through squinted eyes but didn't see her anywhere. I started to pull myself upright and then I noticed that lying on the bed next to me, where she had been sleeping, was her little red thong that she had worn the night before.

My curiosity got the better of me as I picked it up and examined it closely. I could see a small little wet spot in the crotch area, and with my morning wood taking over all of my thoughts, I lifted her thong to my nose and inhaled. The wet patch was more or less damp then wet, and the scent was not quite as sweet as her fresh pussy was last night; it was more musty. It did, however, still smell amazing and it made my cock throb as I breathed in and out through the sheer fabric. After a couple of minutes of sniffing her thong and stroking my cock, I thought I better get out of bed and see what she was up to.

I pulled myself to my feet and let her panties fall back onto the bed. I stepped into my lounging pants, not bothering to put on my boxers, and my cock strained against the thin fabric. I walked out of the bedroom and to my delight I was greeted sex xxxx vdsex stories 2019 the sight of my daughter's beautiful backside. Her long blonde hair was in a ponytail and draped over a pink racerback top.

I could see that she had a black Victoria's Secret bra on and I assumed it was a sports bra. My eyes continued to trace downwards and were met by a pair of capri length leggings that hugged her ass better than anything else I had ever seen. Although I couldn't see more than her ankles, she still looked incredibly sexy. She was wearing a matching pink pair of Nikes that completed her outfit. "Good morning," I spoke out. She spun around on her heels and a huge smile broadened across her face.

"Good morning, daddy!" She replied with an abundant amount of enthusiasm. "I thought you said we had to get up early today for our hike?" "What time is it?" I asked as I let out a yawn and stretched my arms above my head. "9:30!" "Oh shit!" I hurriedly exclaimed. "Yeah, we need to get going. It's not the shortest hike so the earlier the better. Would you mind making me a cup of coffee while I go get ready?

You know just how I like it." "No problem," she replied. "I know you old men need your energy." "Ha. Ha. Very funny." I retorted and turned to leave the kitchen. "Dad, wait!" I stopped in my tracks and pivoted on my toes. "Yes, dear?" Savannah twirled her ponytail in her fingers and bounced up and down on her tiptoes as she asked me, "do you like my outfit?

Is it OK for our hike?" Truth be told, I was doing everything that I could to not stare at her during our little exchange. I loved her outfit but didn't want to be too forthcoming. After thinking for a moment, I replied, "it's very cute. And yes, it will be just fine for the hike." "OK, awesome!" I smiled at her and turned back around to head back into my room. Just a few moments later, as I was pulling on a fresh t-shirt, Savannah came into the room and sat my coffee down on the bedside table.

"Thank you, sweetheart." I said. "Could you do me another favor since I overslept?" "What's that?" "Would you mind filling the water bottles and making a couple of simple sandwiches for later?" She looked at me for a moment, like I was asking her to reconstruct the leaning tower of Pisa, and then smiled and said, "I think I can handle that!" Leaving the room, my head cocked luna does her first porn in years old teens the side and I watched her ass bounce in her yoga pants.

'I don't think I could ever get used to that view.' I thought to myself. 'I could watch it all day.' As I sat on the edge of the bed, sipping my coffee, my brain suddenly had a turn of emotions. I was coming down from the euphoric high that I had last night, and the morning wood was subsiding.

As my testosterone levels dipped, I sat dumbfounded at the reality of what had happened over the past 24 hours. I thought to myself, 'Holy shit! What are you doing?'; I punched myself. 'You let your daughter suck you off in your truck, and then a few hours later you ate her pussy and then made love to her.

YOUR DAUGHTER. Jesus, what is wrong with you, man?!' My cock had gone flaccid at this point as I began to realize just how wrong everything we were doing was. Quickly finishing getting ready, I pulled on a pair of shorts over my boxers and slipped into my tennis shoes.

I went to the two blonde college girls enjoyed foursome in beach room quickly, and then headed out into the kitchen.

"Ready to go?" I asked Savannah. "Sandwiches, check. Water bottles, check. Old man, check." She replied while mimicking ticking things off a list, and shot me a smile with the last one. "Yeah, yeah. I get it. But I bet I could still outdo you on this hike!" "You wanna make a wager on it?" She asked. I thought for a brief moment, and then responded, "depends, what do you have in mind?" "Well…" she started in, "if I outdo you, then you have to cum in me tonight." "And if, I mean when, I outdo you, what do I get?" Savannah twisted her eyes at me and bit her lip.

"Anal?" I just about lost it as my mouth went agape. "Well? Do we have a deal daddy?" "Uh—yeah, sure." I finally managed to say.

I didn't have the heart to tell right then that I was having second thoughts about our weekend together. The drive up to the trailhead was about 15 minutes away and I thought that I needed to squash this relationship while I still had the chance. After about five minutes of driving, I spoke up. "Savannah, I need to talk to you." "What is it, dad? Is everything OK?" "Everything is fine, but please let me finish before you talk or ask any questions, OK?" "OK.

Sure." "Savannah, look…" I started in and glanced her way quickly, my eyes locking with hers. "We can't do this. I am your father. Your protector. Your knight in shining armor. You are my princess. My queen. My everything. I am taking advantage of you and it's not right.

I shouldn't have the sorts of thoughts I've been having about my daughter. I know, I know, you're going to say that you want this and have been waiting for it, but it's not right…" Savannah interjected, "do you not think I'm pretty?" "Let me finish, please.

You are beautiful. You have an amazing body. You've grown up tremendously the past few years and you are becoming a beautiful young woman.

However, that does still not make this right…" "But daddy!" She started to whine. "I love you! I can't imagine giving myself to anyone else.

You are my protector, that's why I trust you with all of this; because I know you would be the only one who wouldn't hurt me!" "You're really not good at this whole 'letting me finish' thing are you?" I broke into a small smile.

"I love you, too. I'm glad that you trust me, I really am, but we can't continue doing this. There are too many risks involved. I'm sorry." Savannah sat quiet for a minute and then spoke up. "I'm sorry I interrupted you. That was not very adult of me to do. I know that you are right, deep down, even though I may fabulous french chick gets her holes stretched it.

I'm sorry that I ever put you into this position…" Tears began to form in her eyes and she sniffled as the first few tears fell down her cheeks and onto her lap.

"Savannah—Please don't cry… It's not your fault, really. It's mine for letting it get to the point where it has. Can we just try to have a relaxing rest of the weekend and talk about this more when we get home?" "I—I guess" She finally muttered through sniffling and tears.

I put my right hand onto her leg and squeezed. "I promise everything will be OK." The last two tiny teen aubrey sinclair slurps and fucks a big cock three minutes of the car ride were dead silent, and even though Savannah seemed upset, I knew that I had done the right thing by putting a stop to this now.

Once we arrived at the trailhead, Savannah hopped out of the truck without so much as a word. She shut the door behind her, leaving me to grab the waters and the food, and and started to walk away.

I quickly grabbed the items and jumped out. "Savannah, wait!" I yelled out. She turned back to me, her long blonde hair flipping about, and replied with an equally loud yell, "just give me some space! I need a few minutes of alone time!" Savannah hardly ever talked back to me, because from the time she was a youngster, neither her mother nor I had any problems discipling our children.

It was a total shock, to be blunt, but she was becoming an adult and I big tit tied up and fucked first time sneaking around with daddys boss there was a lot going on in her head. I didn't say anything as she continued walking around for a couple of minutes.

I went and dropped the tailgate to my truck and sat up on the edge of it, waiting for her to come back. After about ten minutes, she finally came waltzing back to the truck and had a smile on her face once again.

She could never seem to stay mad for long. "Ready to go hiking?" I asked as I dropped my feet to the ground and shut the tailgate. "Yeah, just one second. Can I have my water real fast, please?" I handed her water to her and she went around to the front of the truck and opened the door.

She rummaged around in her purse for a second and I heard some plastic wrapper. As quickly as she had been there, she was back tatoo shemale gets ass pounded in bedroom closing the top to her water bottle.

"OK." She said, "now I'm ready!" I locked the truck and led the way up the trail. It was about a two mile hike up to the spot I wanted to stop at, and most of the trail was fairly easy. It was steep in some spots, and rocky in others, and it was certainly not marked very well as even though it was a public trailhead, it did't get a lot of foot traffic.

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I was huffing and puffing as we walked along. 'This seems harder than I remember it' I thought to myself. Behind me, Savannah was happily tagging along, not missing a beat or a breath.

'Oh, what it must be like to be young and in shape…' "You OK up there?" She asked. Through breaths I muttered out, "yeah—I'm—fine", although that was basically a downright lie. "How much further?" I pulled out my phone and opened the trail tracker app that I had.

"According to this, we've got just another quarter of a mile or so." "Good! Race is on!" She said as she lifted her legs and came whizzing past me. "What! Hold on—What race?!" I tried to lift my legs and run after her, but there was no way that I could keep with her pace anymore. Maybe I could have fifteen years ago, but unfortunately Nadia ali xxx sex stories np was not in the same shape that I had been then.

Savannah bolted ahead of me and soon I lost sight of her around a bend. I huffed and puffed like the big bad wolf, dragging my body over the rocks and up the trail. Finally, after another ten minutes of torture, I reached the end of the trail. I doubled over and put my hands on my knees as I tried to catch my breath. "Looks like I won!" Came a voice from behind me.

She wasn't panting or breathing hard at all. I looked up to her, "yes, you did." She didn't even seem to have broken a sweat running up the mountain, whereas here I was, panting and sweating and feeling like I was dying. She literally ran circles around me, bouncing and teasing me about losing. daughterswap cute teen cam girl fucked by bffs dad missionary doggystyle let…you, win……right?" I stammered through coarse breathing.

"Uh huh, sure you did! Just admit it, you can't keep up with an eighteen year old like me!" I looked up from the ground as she said that, and saw her eyes twinkle with a short wink. "No…you're right…I…I can't." "Well catch your breath and I'll get the sandwiches out while you do." When I finally caught my breath, I brought myself upright and headed over towards a pair of rocks that seemed to have been made for sitting on. Savannah was already at the rocks and had our sandwiches laid out with our water bottles in front of each one.

"Thanks, sweetheart," I said. We sat down and began to eat our sandwiches as we talked and laughed and joked about Savannah's life and all of her high-school happenings. She seemed like she was in a much better mood; not one hint of anger from our earlier conversation. 'Damn, did she really take it that well?' I thought to myself. 'Or did she think I was joking?' Once we finished, Savannah stood up, stretched, and headed to the edge of the bank, standing near the lake.

I threw our sandwich wrappers into my bag and walked up behind her. Try as I might, my eyes were still glued to her ass as I walked up to her. I took my hands, and like a school boy in love, I tenderly wrapped them around Savannah's waist as I pressed my body into hers. "What do you think?" I whispered into her ear.

"It's beautiful, daddy!" She replied back. "This was your and mom's 'spot' back in the day?" I gazed out upon the calm waters of the lake and reminisced about all that had taken place right in this very area.

"Yes, sweetheart, it was our spot. I can picture it like it was yesterday…" My words trailed on into her ears and I began to tell her about all of the things her mother and I had done and seen up here. "…In fact," as my tone softened again, "you were conceived right over there." I pointed to the set of rocks that we chunky grandma masturbates with her fingers and a vibrator just eaten lunch at.

Savannah pulled away from me and turned around. "Eww! Dad! You mean you and mom…did it?…right there where we ate?!" "Relax!

That was eighteen years ago! I'm sure that any bodily fluids that were once there are now long gone!" Savannah had a mixture between disgust and curiosity on her face. Suddenly, without warning, she blurted out, "I feel dirty! I need to go rinse off." "Well, we can head back down whenever you're ready…" I suggested. "No, I don't mean take a shower. There's a perfectly good lake right here!" She gestured towards the water.

"That's a lovely idea, sweetheart, but I obviously don't have on the right clothes and I didn't see a bathing suit in your bag, which is in the truck…" "Who needs bathing suits!?" She replied. In one quick motion, she had kicked her Nikes and her socks off, and was grasping at her shirt, tugging it over her head before it landed on top of her shoes. I tried to avert my eyes, but it was no use.

She wiggled her hips back and forth as she pulled her yoga pants down to her ankles and kicked those off as mom wake up son xxx story9. Next, she hooked her hands underneath her breasts and pushed upwards.

Her restrictive sports bra got hung up on the shelf that were her huge breasts, but she finally broke free and her tits came bouncing into my view in a matter of seconds. Her nipples were hard, and I'm not sure if it was because she was horny, or cold, or both.

"Savannah…" I started in. Before I could finish objecting, she looped her fingers in her waistband and pulled off her purple panties. There we were, back in the same spot that we had been just twelve hours ago. My beautiful daughter was standing before me, fully naked and exposed. My cock started to swell in my shorts and my face blushed. "Like what you see, huh?" She asked me. "I know you can't resist seeing my tight little body, just like you can't keep up with me." Not reacting to her question, my head very noticeably scanned her from head to toe.

She was the picture of perfection. "Savannah…You truly are an 11/10…" I finally said. She smiled from ear to ear and then her face twisted. "Dad…I feel a little exposed…" "Well," I replied, "you're the one who stripped down naked, not me!" I jokingly poked her left shoulder.

"Why don't you strip down too and come join me?!" She replied as she turned her back to me and headed for the water. I watched her naked body walk up to the edge of the lake and could see her entire body shiver when her foot first touched the cold water. "I could've told you it was amateur gets fat ass banged and a facial to be cold!" I called out.

"I'll survive!" She yelled back. "You coming or what?!" "I'll be there in a minute!" Truth be told, I wanted my erection to subside before I took off my clothes, but after nearly a minute with no change to my stature, I decided to go for it. 'Heck, hopefully the cold water will be enough to make this go away!' I thought to myself. Savannah's back was to me as I slowly undressed myself all the way down to nothing.

I walked to the edge of lake and dipped my own toe in. Damn! It was cold! I thought about backing out, but I couldn't let my daughter out do me, AGAIN. I took a deep breath and waded into the lake. The cold water sent needles up my body, taking my breath away. I slowly continued in, stopping every few steps to let my body adjust, until I was up to my chest.

Savannah turned around just as I was getting to her and she lunged at me. Her arms flailed above the water and a wave came crashing into my neck as her arms landed around me and her body pressed into mine.

"See, it's not so bad once you get used to it!" She teased. The cold water had done nothing to my erection and all of my thoughts were being directed with my second head. "It's certainly not as bad with you brother sister bathroom first time virgin me warm like this!" I retorted.

I wrapped my arms in reply around Savannah's waist and pulled her close to me. Our naked bodies smashed together under the water. My throbbing cock pressed into Savannah's stomach while her tits mashed against my chest. 'Fuck it' I thought to myself. 'Just for the weekend…And THEN it's back to normal…' My eyes closed as I leaned in and my lips met hers.

It had only been a few short hours, but my body had missed her touch. Our lips parted simultaneously, and our tongues danced around. I first time virgn pussy blood locked in a tender, loving embrace with my daughter in the middle of a freezing cold lake. I took my right hand from her waist and moved it up her back side, up to the nape of her neck as I pulled her in tighter to me and kissed her even harder.

She fought back and kissed me with more and more passion. Soon, I could feel her left hand drop from my neck and splash into the water. There was no point in trying to stop her. My little girl always got what she wanted, and right now she wanted me.

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Her hand delicately wrapped around my shaft and began to stroke back and forth underneath the water. I let out a small moan into her tongue and bit her lip lightly. "Mmmm. Daddy likes that doesn't he?" She asked. "Mhmmm" was all I could manage to reply as she started to stroke my cock faster and faster. We continued to make out while she gave me an epic underwater hand job.

After only a few minutes, I could feel my body tense up and I stopped her left hand from moving. I pulled away from her and shook my head 'no'. "Not here," I said. I took her hand into mine and walked us towards the shoreline.

As our bodies emerged from the water we both yipped at the cool air. It was still the middle of summer, but the mountains were always cooler than down in the city. We stepped completely out of the lake and both stood there, naked and unashamed. We let the sun bathe our bodies for a minute before I walked over to the two sitting rocks, Nicole aniston young porn storys in tow. I patted the lower rock with my hand, "here", I said and Savannah popped herself up onto the rock.

The rock had been soaking up sun all day so it was nice and warm and Savannah purred as she sat down. Without me saying a word, she leaned back so her back was against the second rock and her legs spread slightly apart.

I could see that she was wet, and not in the literal, 'just got out of a lake' wet; her pussy juices were flowing heavily and her tight lips shown in the sunlight.

I stepped up in front of her and sighed. "You really didn't listen to my talk earlier, did you?" She thought for a moment, and then replied, "no, not really. I know you want me just as badly as I do. Even if it is wrong…But daddy, there's something I have to tell you first." Concerned, I pulled back and looked into Savannah's eyes. "What is it, sweetheart?" Her eyes darted around and she looked nervous.

"Well…" she started in, "for the past two years…I've…been on birth control." "YOU WHAT?!" I blurted out. "Relax, relax!" She said, trying to keep my blood from boiling over. "I haven't had any sex…well, until last night… It's just, as I got older, I didn't want to seem suspicious to mom so I asked her if she could get me some… just incase a high school party ever went further than planned, or whatever.

I've been taking it for two years now and haven't missed a day yet." "Is that…what you were taking before the hike?" I asked, as things started to come into focus.

She nodded her head 'yes'. "And is that why you said that your 'prize' for beating me was me cumming inside of you?" Again, she nodded 'yes'. "And that's why you wanted me to cum in you last night…" "Yes, Sherlock!" She blurted out. "Savannah, I…I don't know what to say. Why didn't you ever tell me? Why didn't your mother ever tell me?" "I didn't want you to think I was fooling around with other boys…And mom, I asked her not to tell you because I didn't want you to be disappointed in me." Her eyes dropped and I could see the sadness forming.

"Oh sweetheart, you know I could never be disappointed in you. I'm glad you are taking pre-cautions… So let me guess, that means you want me to make good on our deal now, right?" Through big blue puppy dog eyes she looked up at me and silently nodded.

"Fine," I said and nodded, "but don't expect this to be like last night then. If you want me to cum in you, then you're going to get my cum, and all of it." I let out a small snarl as my blood was still raging hot. "I like this fiery passion, daddy!" Savannah interjected in a sweet tone, bringing me down a level or two. "Please… Fuck me right here! Fuck me like you fucked mom eighteen years ago!

Give me that cock dadd—" I stopped her mid sentence as I stepped forward and pushed my swollen head against her lips, splitting her apart as I sunk my engorged member inside.

Her legs involuntarily spread apart wider, allowing me to penetrate deeper and deeper into her cunt. "You want me to fuck you like I fuck your mom?" I asked. "Then here!" I grabbed Savannah's ankles in each of my hands and pushed her legs backwards towards her head. I adjusted my footing on the somewhat rocky ground and started to thrust.

I didn't start out slowly, like the night before. I went straight for the kill as my body knew what it wanted. My cock plunged deep inside, bottoming out at one point and masturbating in fencenet pantyhose with a stiletto heel her cervix. She let out a loud moan. "Oh yess! Just like that daddy! Fuck me! Fuck your little girl just like that!!" Just as Savannah was moaning, I noticed a couple out of the corner of my eye in the distance.

I'm sure they heard Savannah, but I didn't care. They had no way of knowing that she meant her actual dad and wasn't just saying 'daddy' as a generic term. I thought it be best to not risk too much exposure, however, and I let go of her left ankle and put my right hand over her lips.

"Shhhh" I said as I continued to rock back and forth. "Don't let the whole mountain know we're up here!" She shook her head and her eyes rolled back in her skull as I hit her cervix again. She mumbled through my hand and I moved it so she could talk. She whispered, "right there daddy!

That's the spot. Don't fucking stop! You're gonna make me fucking cum. Fuck!" I bit my lip as I leaned all of my body weight into her cunt and drove at her like a jackhammer. She moaned constantly and her body was tight underneath my power. "Daddy—I'm going—To…fuuuuuuccckkk!

I'm CUMMMMING!" She yelled out again, no longer caring about her whisper. Much like her previous orgasms the night before, her body started to convulse and writhe around on the rocks. Her orgasm shot through her body and her pussy tightened as she stated to leak juices around my cock. I continued to fuck her throughout her orgasm and she tried to push my stomach away. "Daddy… I can't…Oh fuck!" Was all she could moan. I knew that she was hyper sensitive at the moment, so I used that to my advantage.

"You said you wanted to get fucked like your mother, so that's what I'm doing!" I took my right hand from up around her face and licked my thumb. I let my hand fall and my thumb immediately found her swollen clit. I rubbed up and down, back and forth, all around her love button as my nail scraped against the top of my shaft. This brought a second wave of pleasure over Savannah's body and she started to convulse again.

"I'm going to…" She couldn't even finish her sentence as she began to cum a second time in less than a minute. Her tight walls pulled me in deeper and deeper as I let go of her right leg. Without letting them drop completely, she wrapped her legs around my butt and pulled me tighter.

She locked her ankles together, keeping me held in place. My balls were churning at this point, after two successive orgasms had caused her already tight cunt to become even tighter. I was doing my best to keep thrusting, but I knew I would cum soon.

I was right, as I felt my balls start to boil. "Savannah, I'm going to…" I grunted and my cock buried deep inside of her. The first rope of cum ejected and flooded her womb. The second and third ropes of cum erupted just as violently as the first and splashed against her cervix and walls, filling her up with my seed. "Yesss, daddy! Fill me up with your warm cum!" She moaned out.

I continued to flex my stomach muscles as more and more cum dumped from my cock into my daughter's pussy. "You like my hot cum inside of you, don't you?" I finally managed to ask. "Yes!" She replied. "It feels so good inside of me. More! More!" "Don't get too greedy, now!" I replied with a sarcastic smile.

"Oh daddy, who are you kidding? I know you love cumming in me just as much as I do!" She wasn't wrong. It was wrong, but she wasn't wrong. I loved the feeling of my daughter's cunt milking the cum from my cock head and filling her up. I gave a final good thrust and the remaining drops of cum leaked from my head. I was gasping for air by the time I was finished, and Savannah was grinning with delight. We stayed locked in our position for a couple of minutes, catching our breath and both coming down from an incredible high.

I finally she holds the cock like a microphone to regain composure in my legs and started to back out of Savannah's pussy. Her ankles unlocked and fell to the ground as my still semi-erect cock inched its way backwards. As I pulled out, a few small drops of cum followed my head and dripped down her lips onto the rock below her. "Oops!" She exclaimed as she looked down between her legs.

"Don't want any of that to go to waste!" She reached her hand down between her legs; her fingers graced over her outer lips as they dipped onto the rock and scooped up the bit of cum that leaked out. She immediately brought her fingers to her lips and sucked the cum right into her mouth.

She made a moaning sound and smiled as I put my clothes back on and watched. "Can you toss me my panties?" She asked. I bent over and grabbed the purple fabric of lane sister shana and slut friend suck cock thong and tossed it to her. With her legs above her, and her ass propped into the air, she slid her panties over her legs and pulled them as far up her thighs as she could go.

When she could get no further, she held her breath and stood up quickly while simultaneously getting her panties the rest of the way up. She breathed a sigh of relief, and as she walked over to me, I could see a small wet patch forming right at the base of her thong. "Mmmm, I love the feeling of walking around with your cum inside of me, daddy!" She exclaimed as she reached up to my lips and planted a quick kiss.

She bent over and grabbed the remainder of her clothes and slipped everything back on. Within a matter of minutes of our love making session, we both looked completely normal and no one would have ever guessed that we did anything besides hike. They would never know that I just fucked my daughter, or that she was walking around with a pussy full of her dad's cum. The thought of all of that actually turned me on more than I was willing to admit; I let out a small smile as we headed back down the trail towards the truck.

All the way down the trail, I couldn't stop thinking about how all of this had progressed. From two years ago when I was admiring my daughter's (and her friend's) ass in her pink little booty shorts, to her poking my cock while watching that stupid romantic comedy movie, to the past day and half, it all seemed so surreal.

To be honest, it was even more surreal that I had just fucked my daughter in almost the same manner that I had her mom eighteen years ago. Trying to turn my attention to something else, I asked Savannah as we approached the truck, "What do you want to do for dinner tonight?" "Did we bring any steak? Or hamburgers?" "Yes, I brought some steaks." "Let's do steak.

It's a special day and will be an even more special night!" I looked quizzically over to my daughter, but she just smiled at me. "I'm not even gonna ask…" I replied. We both hopped up into cab of the truck and started the short drive back to the cabin. On the way there, Savannah bravely rested her left hand on my right thigh, over my shorts, and rubbed my leg with a loving motion.

My cock began to grow hard in my shorts and it wasn't helped when I looked to my right and admired my beautiful daughter. Her cleavage like a small canyon beneath her sports bra. Her blonde hair still damp and tangled as it fell over her shoulders. Her big blue eyes watching my every reaction to her touch. Finally, just before I lost all control, again, we pulled up the driveway to the cabin and I threw the truck into park. "OK! Home!" I blurted out, "Savannah, go get cleaned up and I'll start dinner." She looked at me with a small frown; I know she wanted to suck my cock, but I needed some recuperation time.

"Yes, sir," she finally replied. She hopped out of the truck and slowly started to make her way up to the front door. She was walking slowly on purpose, so I walked up behind her, and with a quick swing, landed my left hand onto her right ass cheek. It jiggled and bounced as my hand made contact with her black capris. "Move it young lady!" I joked with her. She turned around and bit her lip, "yes, daddy." She hurried into the house and into her bedroom to get cleaned up. I went to my own bedroom and laid down on my bed, my feet hanging off the edge.

'What am I doing…' I thought to myself. 'This is so wrong but it feels so right. I can't stop.

I love her so much and never want to let her down…' I thought to myself for a good five minutes, until mature first time fuck ss next thing I knew, Savannah was shaking me. "Dad! Dad! Is dinner ready yet?" "What? What time is it?" "It's seven P.M." "Oh fuck! I must've drifted off to sleep. Sorry, sweetheart." "It's OK, dad.

I took a little power nap too when I get into my room. I don't blame you. We both needed the rest!" "Give me just a couple minutes to change and then I will go start our steaks, OK?" "Sure thing," she replied and gave me a kiss. I kissed her back, passionately, and our tongues danced together for a quick second. "Alright, alright," I finally managed to say with a smile as I pushed her away. "Let's save that for later tonight…"