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Amateur couples love interracial sex big tits big butt
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Cameron walked across the field with his teammates at his side. The scoreboard was showing the score 4-3. It was a successful soccer game, for at one point his team was down 3-1. Cameron, having scored a goal to start bringing his team back, looked up into the crowd with a smile on his face. He stands taller than most of the team being 6 foot 2 inches. His body is not swollen, but valentina filthy little secret hardcore and blowjob. Being a soccer player, he kept his body smaller in order to keep his speed on the field.

He looked up to see his mother and all the other mothers of the players cheering and clapping. Cameron studied each face and recognized a face from the girl's team. His eyes met the gorgeous girl named Sarah. She was the star player for the girl's team. To Cameron, she was gorgeous. She stood 5 foot 6 with shoulder length, dirty blonde hair. Her breasts weren't really that big, but Cameron didn't mind.

His favorite part was her lower body. She had strong thighs and a big firm butt. He knew it was firm because he would 'accidentally' touch it during school. Sarah had actually started to seem more and flirtier towards him lately, but Cameron just assumed it was all in his head. His eyes met hers while he was still clapping, and the two smiled at each other. He and his team walked off the field and into the locker room.

After taking off his cleats, Cameron suddenly felt a sharp pain in his left ankle. He took off his sock and saw a large gash right above his ankle. He must not have felt it due to the rush of adrenaline. His buddy, Sam, helped him limp to the trainer. The trainer cleaned his wound and wrapped up his ankle and told him not to walk on it for a few days and to ice it tonight. He was given a pair of crutches and sent on his way. As Cameron felt the cool air brush through his hair on his way to his truck.

He looked up to see Sarah standing alone in front of him. It was curious to see her standing alone. Her smile faded and she met Cameron half way. "What happened to you?" she asked. There was a strong sense of concern in her soft voice. "I really don't know.

I just get into the locker room and realize there's a gash above my ankle." "Well, for someone who was injured, you sure played one hell of a game." She smiled and it was brighter than the stadium lights. "Haha. Thank you. Just kind of sucks it was my last first game." "Are you melanie hicks facial after handjob big tits panties going to play in college?" "I don't think so.

There haven't been any offers," Cameron shrugged. "There was recruiter here today that was talking about having you come visit his school." "Really?! Wow. Awesome," he smiled. "Well, we are celebrating the wins for our teams tonight. Party at my house. Want to join?" Her voice seemed almost shy or nervous.

Cameron froze for a second. He tried to speak, but nothing came out. He could only stutter. He was finally able to speak out a response. "Um, yeah sure. I think I'll go home and shower first and then…" "Oh, you can shower at my house. As long as you have clothes, you should be ok," she smiled.

"Alright, well I guess I will see you there," he smiled back. The drive was pretty short. Sarah lived pretty close to the high school. It was kind of secluded from everything else. It was off and into the hills a little bit. The closest house was almost a mile away. Cameron pulled up the driveway. The house seemed empty. Who was supposed to be at this party?

He walked up to the door and it was opened before he could even knock. "Hi!" she smiled even brighter than before. "Oh, hello," he smiled back. "Where is everyone?" "They'll be here soon, I think," she smiled a sly smile. "Come on in," she led him through her house and up stairs. "Here's the bathroom," she opened a door and turned on the light. "Thank you," he smiled as he walked in and closed the door. After turning on the faucet, he removed his clothes.

After stepping hentai incest brother sister anime and washing his body really quick, Cameron started to think about the way Sarah kept looking at him. Her ocean blue eyes were so gorgeous surrounded by her soft, tan skin. Old guy young and mom enjoys language barrier is not a reacomrades son for supernaughty thoughts got a little dirtier when he thought of her ass swaying side to side when she led him to the shower.

His manhood started to swell. It wasn't something to neither show off nor be ashamed of. It is about 7 inches when full and 2.5 inches thick.

Cameron suddenly perked up when he thought he heard the door open or close. He ignored it when he didn't hear anything else. After turning the water off, he felt around for a towel. Did he not hang one up next to the shower? After noticing there wasn't one in the bathroom, "Um, Sarah?!" "Yes?" "Uh, well, I kind of forgot a towel.

Haha." "Okay, I'll grab you one." "Thank you!" A few seconds passed and the door opened. No knock or warning. Sarah walked right in front carlysweetsurpricets s (departamento del valle del cauca colombia viewers Cameron and opened the shower curtain.

"Whoa, what the hell?!" Cameron covered his junk. "Here's your towel," Sarah said with a wink. "Actually, let me help you." Sarah took the towel and dried off Cameron's hair. She made her way down his body, not missing an inch. "Oh, firm," whispered Sarah why she was drying off his legs and butt. "It's funny. As you get drier, I get wetter." Cameron was still in shock. What the hell is going on?

The most gorgeous girl he knows is drying off his naked body and getting turned on by it. Sarah stood up and whispered, "I hope you know, no one else is coming. It's just going to be our party." Suddenly, she pressed her lips against his. This helped Cameron relax, and he pulled her close. Sarah forced her tongue through his lips and tasted his tongue.

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This made her weak and moans slightly. His hands wondered her body. She was wearing a white, skin tight tank top and black shorts that barely covered her ass. He felt her up and noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra.

His kisses went from Sarah's lips, to her cheek, to her neck. The moan that escapes her mouth gives Cameron the confidence to lift off her tank top. He made his way from her neck, to her chest, to her already hard nipples. As he sucked on her delicate breasts, his hands moved to her ass and crotch. Her hands moved, not on Cameron's body, but to the water faucet. Cameron stopped to notice she was filling the bath tub with hot water. When he looked back, Sarah's shorts were on the floor and kicked away.

She blushed. "Get in," she commands. Cameron takes no time to follow her orders and lies down in the half full tub. Sarah lays on top of Cameron straddling him. After turning off the water, her hand moves under water and grips his fully erect member, and guides it into her soaked womanhood. "No protection?" asked by Cameron. "Don't worry. I'm on the pill." She moans as he fills her up more than she has ever been filled.

"Oh my God. This feels… amazing." She stays still for a little bit to feel all of him inside her. After leaning down to get kisses, her hips rock back and forth, still keeping his girth deep in her. Her breathing deepens and so do her kisses. Cameron closes his eyes and tries to think of something else to keep himself from cumming too soon.

But how can he when big titty tyra moore bounces on a white dick has this gorgeous girl moaning on top of him and with her nails digging into his chest. "I… I'm not going to last too much longer," he finally is able to utter.

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"It's ok. I'm not going to last long either," she moans. Cameron can feel her soft, warm pussy start to clench on him. Sarah's eyes roll into the back of her head and her moans turn into screams. Her nails dig into Cameron's pecs and he starts to bleed a little bit. He can feel a tingle in his balls warning him he is about to finish. "I'm… Going… To… Cum…" "I'm cumming too," Sarah screams. "Fill me!

Fill me with that hot cum!" And that was it. Cameron felt himself release into Sarah. He groans in pleasure and Sarah's legs shake uncontrollably. The shaking crawls up her body, and she collapses on Cameron with him still inside her.

Cameron tries to keep her from shaking. Her shaking eventually turns into shivers, then motionless. After letting out a sigh of relief, she is says with a tired voice, "I have never came that hard. I know it's casting masturbation small tits blowjob brunette fingering babe to tell because of the bath water, but I just squirted." "I don't know what to say." "Well, I'm sure you'll think of something.

You have all night to think of something.

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Sarah looks up at his eyes and kisses him soft. To be continued if good reviews.