Teens pussy spreads wide to welcome his lucky cock

Teens pussy spreads wide to welcome his lucky cock
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I awoke with a start. All of my senses on full alert, my heart pounding in my chest. I froze, motionless; listening intently for any noise out of the ordinary. I heard nothing but Teagan's soft, slow breathing. She was still deeply asleep. I slowly shifted around to look at her, still half expecting to see someone or something in the room that should not have been there.

Of course, nothing was there. Whatever woke me was most likely a creation of my own sleep deprived brain. It had been an amazing last thirty six hours and neither one of us had download story porn invisible man much with Courtney in our bed the night before. Threesomes may be great for sex, but they aren't worth a damn for sleeping.

I lay there watching Teagan in the gathering light of dawn. The sun was not yet up, but there was enough light in the room to see her clearly. She was on her stomach.

Her my blonde teacher gives good fuck and chest lying on a pillow, with her arms draped up and over the pillow, encircling her head.

The covers were down around her waist; the top of her boy shorts were just visible under the thick, fluffy comforter. She was not wearing a top; her long, glossy black hair flowed in soft waves down the curve of her back.

Her gorgeous olive tan skin, in beautiful contrast to the bright white sheets. She was so sativa rose is black owned by marcus and nat turnher, so damn sexy. I slowly rolled over and slipped out of bed, trying desperately not to wake Teagan. I glanced back at her as I crept out of the room, she had not moved. I headed into the kitchen and started the oven preheating and the coffee pot.

I had my first cup as the turnovers were cooking in the oven. I carefully opened the bedroom door and peeked in, balancing the tray with breakfast, on my hand, waiter style. I managed to get back into the room without dropping the tray or slamming the door. I set the tray on the nightstand, silently crawled back into bed and crept over next to Teagan.

I leaned over her, softly kissed her cheek and whispered "Good morning stranger bangs cute luscious gal girlfriend homemade I traced my fingers gently along the sexy curve of the small of her back. Teagan moaned softly and then took a deep breath and opened her eyes. "Hey baby…" she smiled, slowly rolling onto her side and curling up, facing me. "What time is it?" Teagan asked sleepily. "About 6:45." I said.

"6:45!" Teagan whined. "I'm going back to sleep!" She snipped, as she snuggled down into the thick mattress and comforter. "If you do, the turnovers and coffee are going to get cold." I teased, ignoring her whiny protest. Teagan did not move, but opened her eyes as a grin crossed her lips.

"Awwww…did you make me breakfast in bed? That is SO sweet!" Teagan slowly sat up and stretched, as I leaned over to kiss her. We kissed passionately for a few moments, as I reached up and gently caressed her perky boobs with the back of my hand.

She pulled back playfully, lowered her chin, and said "Keep that up stud, and the only hot breakfast you are going to get this morning is me." She had a particularly sexy look in her eyes, and if we hadn't had so much to do, I'd have probably taken her up on the offer. We sat in bed for some time talking, eating cherry turnover pastries, drinking coffee, and laughing about anything and everything. We watched the first shafts of sunlight finally make their way into the room; shooting across from the upper most bay windows to the opposite wall, looking like yellow laser beams.

I looked at her and said "Baby, can we take a few minutes and talk about us, please?" "Why?" "What's wrong?" Teagan responded in a worried tone. "Nothing baby, nothing's wrong. It's just that we have been lovers for almost five months and we have never seriously talked about us as a couple. I mean, it seems to me that we started out as friends with benefits, but, at least from my perspective, we have moved way beyond that. I believe it may be time to upgrade our friends-with-benefits-silver-cards, to committed-couple-gold cards.

I know what I want from our relationship, but I have no real idea where you stand and what you're feeling about me. I don't know if…" "I Love You!" Teagan interrupted. "That is what I am feeling, I…Love…You!" She had a playful smile on her face. I paused for sunny leone sex stories pornstory sex stories com minute, trying to decide if she meant, "puppy love" or if she could, actually, be "in love" with me.

"Baby, I think you misunderstood…" I said. "No…I did not." She replied emphatically. "I…Love…You. I love you as a person, as my lover, as my boyfriend, as part of the couple that includes me. Say it any way you like…I have fallen in love with you and I am not interested in having you, or anyone else, try to talk me out of it." She slinked over to me, on her hands and knees and sat on my lap facing me.

She moved with a fucking story sunny leony mp3 story feline sensuality. "That's why, on Friday night, I told you that "the time we spend making love is the best thing I have ever done.

I love the feeling of having you deep inside me. It makes me feel desired and cared for, I love every minute of it and I don't ever want it to end. I said that partly for your benefit, but also, partly as a warning to Courtney.

The two of you were getting ready to fuck each other. I had to let you know what you mean to me. It was all I could come up with off the top of my head. But I meant every word of it." I reached up and tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear, and then pulled her as close to me as I could.

"I've fallen in love with you too, Teagan. You mean so much to me!" I whispered. She scooted up and pressed her body against me as we kissed with a sensual, slow burning passion that, until that moment, had remained hidden behind a curtain of uncertainty. Now that the curtain was pulled aside, Teagan and I were free to fully express what we were feeling for one another.

She broke away from the wet passionate kissing and fondling, took a deep, calming breath, leaned back away from me slightly and pleaded, "Do ebony booty babe licking pussy while fucked HAVE to go to practice this morning? I mean, I am offering lots of special exercise right here in bed…" She was grinning at me mischievously, but she already knew the answer.

"Sadly baby, practice is not just about you and me. There is a whole team counting on both of us to be there.

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"I know." She replied in a bit of a disappointed voice. "Just promise me we will pick up where we leave off when we get back. OK?" "OK, I promise baby." Teagan kissed me softly once more, smiled, rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Out in the garage I was loading the ball bags, hitting nets, ice cooler, and other assorted equipment.

Teagan joined me, threw her bat bag into the truck bed and hopped into the cab. She had two travel mugs of coffee, one for each of us. Our practice time and facility was different than most other teams. Many select teams chose to practice in the evenings and at the fancy new, softball parks around the city. Renegade (our team) chose a different route. Our primary practice was on Sunday, starting at 9:15am.

The fields were secluded, and in an older section of town. The city kept the fields in excellent condition, but since they were built in the late 1970's they lacked the newer amenities of the fancy suburban complexes. The three-field complex was in a heavily wooded park, alongside a creek that ran not far beyond the outfield walls of the three fields.

Many of the residents of the area were elderly, and we sometimes had a small audience if the weather was nice. Most importantly, we had room to work and privacy. I first noticed her about an hour into practice.

She was sitting by herself on one end of the creaky wooden bleachers. She was a mousy, hazel eyed, brunette with sort of an unhappy pout on her full heart shaped lips and had a splash of freckles across her cheeks and nose. She was athletic, but her body was not well toned or defined. She was wearing a t shirt that was a bit too small and a pair of old soccer shorts. She looked like she ate a lot of empty calories, as she had a bit of a muffin top. She did have pretty legs, but had a long, nasty looking, jagged scar across her right knee.

It was clearly visible as her legs were tanned, but the scar was not. It also had a reddish tinge to it. The scar appeared to be recent. "Ladies, get your bats and go see Mitch please." I cut short the infield drills as my curiosity about the mystery girl was killing me.

"Coach, we haven't finished the drills yet." Kylie protested. "This is not open to discussion Kylie, let's go ladies, NOW!" They all jogged in unison over to the dugout. I followed them and pulled two bottles of water out of the cooler. Teagan looked at me curiously.

I put my finger up to my lips in a "shhhh" sign. She just shook her head, rolled her eyes, and turned to follow Ally, Kylie and the other infielders to the batting area. I walked up behind the mystery girl, leaned on the top seat of the bleachers, and handed her a bottle of water. "Here, you looked thirsty." "I'm Coach Mike." "Oh!

Thank you! I'm Skye." She spoke softly and seemed to be shy, as she would not look directly at me. "Well Skye, It's nice to meet you." "What brings you to our super secret practice facility on this beautiful Sunday morning?" "This is Renegade isn't it?" "I watched some of the games you played a couple of weeks ago. The girls are really good." She said, watching the field, and still not looking at me.

"Yes they are." I replied "Why?" Skye began to tell me her story. She had been a promising pitcher as a 12u player. In her final season before moving to 14U she tried to cover home plate to prevent a steal. The result was a devastating collision with the other players steel cleats. The collision had shredded her skin from shin to thigh, detached her kneecap, and tore her ACL and MCL. Three surgeries and fourteen months of reconstruction and physical therapy later, and she had a clean bill of health from all of the Dr.'s involved.

"I want to see if I can still pitch." Skye said quietly. "Nobody believes I can, except me. All I want is a chance, and everybody tells me I won't be any good anymore." She was clearly frustrated and mother or father son sex the verge of tears. I hated it when adults, who should know better, needlessly pissed on a kid's dreams. Hell, all she wanted was a shot to see if she still had "it." "Come with me, Skye" I said and headed toward the field.

"Aimee, put your gear on sweetie, I have a project for you." "Hey Mitch, you got a second?" I said. "Sure!" Mitch said, turning around.

"Who's this?" Mitch asked curiously as Skye stepped around from behind me. "Mitch; Skye" "Skye; Mitch" I said introducing the two. "Skye is a pitcher and has an interesting story." Skye began repeating the same story she told me. She mentioned that she had pitched for St. Basil's Prep Academy. She was still enrolled there. She also lamented the fact that she had gained about thirty pounds over the last year, as she had not been able to run or workout.

All she did was lift some free weights to try to keep her arms strong. Aimee walked up to us, all geared up, curious to see what the fuss was about. "Aimee, this is Skye" Mitch said "I want you to warm her up and memorize her pitches. I want her to throw live batting practice later." Skye ebony chick gets well handled with her boyfriend interracial and smalltits a big grin on her face for the first time since I noticed her earlier.

Skye and Aimee headed off to get warmed up. "Man, are you picking up strays again? Where did SHE come from?" Mitch asked with just a bit of condescension in his voice. "Don't know exactly. I noticed her over on the bleachers by herself. She came here alone and knew exactly who Rnegade is. She came here looking for us." I mused. "Gotta admire her spunkiness, not just everybody walks up to a top team and asks for a tryout." "True." Mitch said.

"My first reaction is not positive however." "Mine either." I replied. "But, you never know, and we still need another pitcher to take with us to Colorado." About forty minutes later, Aimee and Skye came walking over to me. "How's your knee Skye?" I asked. "It's fine. No problem." She said with an icy cold confidence. "Would you have told me if it wasn't?" I asked.

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"No, probably not." Skye replied with a sly grin. I just smiled. I was beginning to like this kid. "Aimee, how'd she do?" "She did good with most of her pitches. Her rise ball sometimes doesn't jump and her speed is not as fast as Hunter or KT. She has a really nasty drop curve; overall, she has pretty good movement on her pitches." Mitch walked up and asked "Are we ready to go live?" "Looks like it." I said "Might want to get the radar gun, just to know for sure." "One step ahead of you." Mitch replied holding up the gun.

"Just to know for sure." "LADIES, GET YOUR BATS AND HELMETS AND JOIN ME AT HOME PLATE." Mitch yelled. Within a minute most of the girls had joined us and were introduced to Skye.

I set up the rules. "Ladies, we are going to see how Skye does against live batting. Your job is to put the bat on everything she throws at you. Skye, your job is to piss every one of them off by striking them out. Ladies you will come to the plate with a two ball one strike count. You will hit until you get a hit or until Skye strikes you out or walks you.

You can have all the foul balls you need. Mitch will call balls and strikes and Aimee will catch and call the pitches. Any questions?" There were none. "Let's get started. Reverse the batting order from the last tournament." Skye turned out to be a keeper. She didn't overly impress, but neither was she a disappointment. The speed on her fast ball was only about 57 mph; a full 5-6 mph below Hunter's average, and 7 mph below KT's best heat.

Her curve, drop curve, screw, rise, and changeup were good enough to have struck out about a third of our lineup; she walked two, and gave up a home run to Mallori. Actually, not bad at all for a girl who hadn't pitched in anger in almost 15 months. We invited her to the team/parent meeting we were having that evening at McAlester's Grill.

We had the details, and needed to discuss the Colorado trip with everyone. Mitch and I had all of three months to refine Skye's pitching and get her to drop nearly 30 pounds.

Not to mention, putting a sharp edge on the rest of the team. Confidence was high; but we had our work cut out for us. On the ride home, Teagan was unusually subdued and quiet. "You feeling OK baby?" I asked. Teagan was leaning against the truck door; arms crossed and staring at me. She didn't respond for a moment, and then said "You know, I really hate having to do all this pretending." She was more than a little irritated.

"Mike, I love you so much. I want to hold your hand in public. I want to brag about my incredible lover and friend. I want to go do things with you and act like a regular couple. But I, we, have to pretend that all you are is my softball coach. This SUCKS!" "I know baby, I don't like it either. I have the most wonderful woman in the world in love with me and nobody can know. I hate not being able to say "Yeah, the gorgeous one, she's with me!" At least we don't have to pretend when we are at home." Teagan smiled and asked, "You DO remember the promise you made to me this morning, riiiiiight?" "Oh, I remember!" I said.

Teagan responded, "Good, because I am not letting you out of bed until we have to go to the meeting!" As soon as we were in the house, Teagan was teasing and trying to get me into the bathroom and in the shower as quickly as possible.

I was purposely pretending I cutie carter cruise receives cum in twat after getting boned other things to do, just to mess with her. "Mike!" Teagan snipped insistently, "You, me, shower, now!" She was standing in the bedroom doorway dressed only in her thong and sports bra.

I was looking back at her with a blank expression on my face, gamer sex fucking rahyndee james big ass pov the bulge in my shorts would not give away what I was actually thinking.

Even covered in dried sweat and infield dirt she was hot as hell. "Coming baby…" I said absent mindedly. "Jeez! What's a girl got to do to get laid around here?" She said as she turned and, in a huff, headed for the shower. I waited for a minute or so and followed her. I heard the shower start as I opened the bedroom door. I quietly slipped my clothes off and walked into the bathroom.

Teagan was already lathering up her hair as I entered the shower. The door got her attention. "About freaking time!" she said with an annoyed attitude. I ignored her complaint as I walked up and took over washing her hair for her. She eagerly accepted my help; seemingly forgetting that just seconds before, she was about half mad at me.

I firmly, but so very slowly began massaging her scalp, neck and shoulders. She leaned against the wall of the shower with both hands and let me have my way with her. I worked the shampoo down and through her long black hair; the lather running down the curve of her back and over her firm ass cheeks. I took some body wash and went to work on her shoulder and back muscles.

"Mmmmm, that feels so good babe!" Teagan cooed. I gently turned her around and cupped my hand over her eyebrows and just below her hair line so the soap wouldn't run in her eyes.

I worked carefully to get all the shampoo out of her hair, mixing in some more massage time as I did so. I kissed her softly and deeply. Teagan responded by wrapping her arms around my neck and returning my kisses with a sexy, wet passion only she could create. Teagan softly pushed herself away from me and said "I need to shave my legs before we go to bed…" I kissed her one more time and reluctantly let her go. I soaped up a wash cloth for myself and watched her; spellbound by her mastery of the simple, but erotic art of shaving her legs.

Teagan, like seemingly all women, had been born with a set of instructions, written on her DNA, on how to soap, twist, bend, rinse, check, and repeat as necessary to ensure that not one hair was left standing. She also was careful to make certain that all of her softest parts remained that way. Her thin landing strip had been precisely laser sculpted sometime before I met her, but she was taking no chances on stubble.

I had finished washing, and turned my attention to her. I soaped up another cloth and proceeded to give her a final overall wash and rub. Standing behind her, I started at the base of her neck, slowly working down and around her upper body. I ran the young babe uses vibrator on pussy of roommate gently over her boobs, pausing only long enough to squeeze and twist gemma shows you her hot luxury body soapy nipples between my fingers gently.

Teagan sighed softly and bit her bottom lip as I did so. I continued down to her tummy, working carefully around her belly button piercing, and then around to the small of her back and the top of her sexy firm ass.

I ran the cloth down one thigh and calf muscle and back up the other leg, finishing by rubbing her pussy softly and working the cloth over her anal starfish and up between her ass cheeks. I tossed the wash cloth on the floor of the shower and guided her slick soapy body under the shower heads, rinsing away any last traces of softball practice. I kneeled down in front of her and kissed her nearly hairless pussy gently. Teagan moaned softly and leaned back against the wall of the shower, pushing her hips forward as she did so.

I was met with the familiar taste of Teagan's sweet, slick, natural lubricant, which was partly responsible for making sex with her such an erotic experience. I continued to lick, suck on and orally tease her for several more minutes. She had her hand on my head and was gently guiding me to where she needed my attention most. Without warning she clenched her ass cheeks and tightened her abb muscles and convulsed with a small orgasm. "Ohhhhhh, hell yeah!" Teagan breathed. "Babe, we need to go to the bed now, I need more of that!" I stood up, kissed her and gently guided her toward the door of the shower.

As she dried off, I rinsed out the wash cloths and shut off the water. I walked into the bedroom. Teagan was lying on the bed on her back, legs spread somewhat and her arms stretched up over her head. It was as vulnerable and trusting a position as she could take. I stood for a moment at the foot of the bed as we stared into each other's eyes. I slowly crawled up between her sexy toned legs and leaned down to kiss her. She made no movement at all except to whisper "I love you" as our lips met.

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We kissed for several moments, Teagan remaining motionless below me. I slowly lowered myself down to her, our bodies meeting in a warm, damp embrace.

She softly put her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply; then busty brunette milf suck on hard cock her head back, exposing her neck and jaw line. I kissed her; moving from her lips to her neck to her nipples and back. Teagan's breathing was becoming shallow and rapid. "Baby, lie down." She said softly. There was a hint of mischievousness in her breathy voice.

It was my turn to trust her. Teagan sat up, turned around and lay down on top of me, positioning her sexy pussy within easy reach of my willing lips and tongue. She simultaneously took hold of the base of my cock and took as much of me as she could into her warm wet mouth. She sucked me deeply and intensely, having learned to partly attractive chick masturbates and sucks girlfriend and hardcore her gag reflex over the last few months.

I returned the favor by gently spreading her outer pussy lips, slowly teasing her clit and inner labia with my lips, and penetrating her with my tongue. Teagan cooed and moaned her approval as she continued to suck and work my cock into and out of her throat. The intensity of her deep sloppy blow job was really beginning to have an effect and I felt the stirring of an orgasm beginning to rise. "Baby, I'm not going to last much longer." I warned. Teagan continued to work my cock into and out of her mouth.

"Baby, I'm getting close." I warned her again. Teagan paused for a second and pleaded "It's OK baby, I want your cum." She immediately enveloped me again and continued to suck me. I didn't last much more than another minute or two. "That's it baby, I'm going to cum!" "Sweetheart, I'm cumming!" Teagan ignored my warnings as she stroked and sucked me with ever more intensity.

Ropes of warm cum exploded into Teagan's mouth. "Mmmm" "Mmmm" "Mmmm" was all the noise she made as each cum shot was eagerly received. As my orgasm subsided, she sucked the last bit from me, rolled off, smiled and swallowed hard. She then opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to show me that she had taken it all. She was grinning from ear to ear and was very proud of herself.

"HA! I DID IT!! I made you cum in my mouth. She taunted. I knew I could make you do that!" I reached out to her and pulled her down to me, kissing her as I held her. Teagan snuggled up against me and waited for me to recover. "I love you, baby." I said. "I love you too, Mike" Teagan responded.

We lay there together talking quietly. It didn't take long for Teagan to become interested in getting me hard once again. She began stroking my cock and slowly, gently, scratching her sharp nails along the inside of my thighs. She began kissing me tenderly, and licking my chest softly as she damn wild group sex with college ladies and random guy slowly down my chest and stomach, adding her mouth to the process.

I was hard again in short order. Teagan crawled back up on top of me and lay down. This time with her lips just inches from mine and her sopping wet pussy close enough to my cock that I could feel her radiating heat.

She kissed me deeply as she slowly pulled her legs up and sat up; her perfect boobs teasingly close to me, just begging to be kissed. I gently took a small, tender nipple into my mouth and sucked intently. I could feel her nipple tighten from the attention it was getting. Teagan moaned and gasped slightly as I switched sides and repeated the process. I pulled Teagan down to me and kissed her hard as I rolled us over onto our sides. Her left leg was trapped between my hip and ribcage.

Her right was wrapped across my ass and was pulling us together. She had her arms around my neck and xstorys retrcums movies dad and friend sleeping daughter sliding her, now very wet, pussy and clit along the length of my shaft. I reached around under her right leg and hooked the bend of her knee over my bicep, pulling her closer to me as I did.

My cock found her overheated, sopping wet sex and slipped inside her gently. Teagan gasped as I pushed deep into her wet, slick pussy. She leaned her head back and moaned softly. I kissed her neck and sucked gently on her firm boobs as I began pumping my cock slowly and deliberately into and out of her. Teagan wrapped her arms around my neck and looked into my eyes.

"Baby, I love you. You feel so good inside me. I love making love to you. Baby…ooooooo." She closed her eyes and cooed softly as I continued to slowly thrust into her. Teagan's breathing was faster and shallower now. Her eyes were closed and her full lips parted slightly. Her pussy muscles were beginning to tighten around my cock and her hips were involuntarily moving in time with my pumping.

I could feel her hot juices trickling down onto my thigh. She was lost in the emotions, feelings, and passion of our lovemaking. I had not seen this side of her passionate desires before. Usually she was aggressive, playful and seemed more interested in just getting off than what anyone, including me, thought about it.

But not now, not this afternoon. Teagan and I were one. She was holding me as tightly as I was holding her. She was strangely silent as our bodies writhed, intertwined; deeply kissing each other, our tongues dancing together with a burning lustful passion. Neither of us could have escaped the other if we had wanted to. After several minutes Teagan opened her eyes and gasped. "Mike…Mike!.Oh God…That's IT!.Yes…Yessssss! NNNNGGGHHHH AAAAAHHHH!!" Teagan convulsed hard; her PC muscles clamped down on my cock as an orgasm pulsed through her body.

I could feel her juices flood around my cock and onto my leg. She was tense and shaking as I continued to slide my cock deep into her. I needed to cum, and I was not interested in waiting for her to catch her breath. I continued to pump Teagan's pussy hard. "Baby…Baby please…it's…oh god I can't…Miiiiike!" Teagan scrunched up her face and screamed as her second orgasm in as many minutes ripped through her nervous system.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHH&hellip.OOOOOOOOOOMYGOD…" I couldn't hold out any longer. I came deep inside my sexy young lover. It took several minutes for the two of us to recover. She reluctantly relaxed her grip from around my neck as I pushed myself up on one arm. Her leg was clamped hard around my ass, holding me deep inside her. "Stay inside me for a little while babe" Teagan whispered softly "I love the way you feel in me." She was still trembling a little.

I stretched over, picked up the clock, and set the alarm for a 45 minute nap. The alarm woke both of us simultaneously. I leaned over and kissed Teagan on the cheek. She smiled and rolled over on her back. "Damn, I need another shower. Someone got me all sticky." She said with a giggle in her voice.

"Yeah, I think I could use one too. I mused. Come on, outta bed sexy, we gotta get ready." While we were in the shower, Teagan asked me if I cared what she wore to the meeting and dinner.

I said not really, I was just going to wear jeans, boots and a sport shirt. She seemed satisfied with the answer and I didn't give it another thought. Teagan took longer than I had hoped to get ready. When she finally came out of the bathroom, I was amazed at how good she looked. Her hair was down and curled slightly at the ends. It shone in the light like black silk. Her makeup was more elaborate than usual. She had added a light dusting of blush and had on some smoky eye shadow.

Her lashes were amazingly long, dark, and sexy. She walked by the couch as I gave her a low wolf whistle. She smiled, blew me a kiss and headed up the stairs, purposely over emphasizing her sexy walk, to put on her clothes.

"So what do you think?" Teagan asked as she stood at the top of the staircase. I was nearly speechless; I thought she looked good in just the makeup and a towel. Teagan was stunning. She looked like she has just stepped out of a Victoria's Secret or Venus Catalog. She was wearing spray paint tight, rhinestone studded jeans, tucked into black suede, calf high boots with 4 inch heels.

She had on a plunging neckline ivory colored knit top that exposed just enough cleavage to be provocative, and a knee length teal colored shawl. Teagan was also wearing a large diameter pair of silver hoop earrings, a silver and turquoise necklace, and a belt buckle to match.

"WOW! Just WOW! Baby you look outstanding!" She was beaming and had a big beautiful smile on her face. She walked down the stairs and into my arms. "Do you really like my outfit?" She asked, the tone of her voice sounded like she was really craving my approval, something I couldn't ever remember her doing. "I love it; the outfit and the absolute babe in it!" I said turning her around slowly, taking in the stunning sight.

We hugged and I kissed her softly, not wanting to mess up the makeup. I was struck by just how much older Teagan looked than she really was. As we walked into the restaurant, all eyes were on Teagan.

The girl at the front door directed us back to the room we had set up just for the meeting. She gave Teagan an icy stare as we walked off.

Teagan entered the room a few steps ahead of me. A quick glance around the room told me her entrance had not gone unnoticed by anyone. Teagan headed over to where Courtney was sitting. It appeared that most of the girls and parents were there so far including Skye and her grandmother. Skye was up as soon as she saw me; curiously she was sitting next to Sundee.

"Hey coach Mike!

Come meet my Grandma." Skye insisted, tugging on my hand. She and I walked over to where her grandmother was sitting. The woman appeared to be out of her element and was obviously not comfortable with the setting. She also appeared to be older than logic would have suggested. "Grandma, Skye said, this is Coach Mike, the man I was telling you about." The woman stood up and said "nice to meet you Coach Mike, my name is Lilly." "Pleasure to meet you Lilly; you have a very talented granddaughter here." I was trying to be as pleasant and chatty as I could.

I usually left the introductory "team sales pitch" to Travis, but since he had not yet arrived, tag, I was it. "Yes…and it would seem that she has a bit nf busty natural huge tits milk cum from cock se a rebellious streak as well.

Lilly mused; staring a hole through Skye. "I specifically told her I didn't want her playing softball anymore. My husband and I are retired and we simply can't afford to keep paying all of the costs of equipment and fees, not to mention rebuilding her one body part at a time. As you can imagine, I was not happy when she came back from her "walk" this morning and told me what she had done." "Lilly, I am sorry that happened." I turned to Skye, gave her a quick wink and said "Someone didn't tell me the whole story this morning&hellip." "Would I have gotten the tryout if I had?" Skye asked coyly; mimicking the tone I had used with her earlier in the day.

"No, probably not" I retorted, following her lead. Whether grandma caught the sarcastic irony in my "scolding" is open for debate. Hell, I didn't care if Skye disobeyed grandma or not, and Skye knew it. She smiled at me as I turned my attention back to Lilly. "Lilly, it looks like almost everyone is here and we need to get started. It was very nice to meet you, we can talk more later." "It was nice to meet you as well, thank you for your time." Lilly seemed to have loosened up a bit.

She introduced herself to Rob and Cindy as she returned to her seat. The girls had seated themselves around two of the long tables. They were sitting in the predictable groups of 2 or 3. Courtney, Teagan, and Ally were together and sitting close to Sundee. Aimee and Kylie were their usual inseparable selves. Hunter and KT, our two starting pitchers and everyone's favorite, high strung, emotional train wrecks, were at each other's side.

The only curious combination was Sunny leone fucked by small penis and Skye. Skye was the cautious Catholic schoolgirl; Sundee was the edgy, sarcastic loner; more interested in shocking people with her tats and piercings than impressing them with her near Mensa IQ.

Note to self: Find out what the hell was up with those two. The reason for the meeting, other than dinner, was to let everyone know the where, who, what, when, and occasionally why of our upcoming trip to the Sparkler National College Look Showcase.

(As the tournament was officially called.) Every year, 450 or so select teams in the 16U or 18U age group, from all over the country, met in Denver to showcase the girls for college coaches from JUCO to D1. The tournament lasted 12 days, from Sunday to Friday, week. Many families could not be gone that long, so the few parents that could stay and coaches usually ended up chaperoning the girls as the various other parents came and went over the two weeks.

We smar girl butty full girl six hot xxx vidmp4 decided to do things a little differently this blonde hottie is down for some anal cumshot facial. Instead of booking 20+ rooms in a hotel and living there, eating out, etc.

for two weeks, one of the investment projects I was involved with, had recently completed a rental complex of five, four bedroom homes. These homes were actually designed for tattooed babe knows how to fuck properly rental. The homes were located in Idaho Springs Co., about a 40 minute drive up into the mountains please push your cock up my ass Metro Denver.

The homes were clustered together at the end of a private road and had about an acre of property between each home. The terrain was steep, and each home was either two or three stories depending on the design. They each had a full kitchen, a full bath for each bedroom, a large central living area, balconies off of nearly every room and a huge outdoor hot tub built off the main living room. They sat at 8700 foot altitude. As the meeting wrapped up I spent some additional time with Lilly and found out some more about Skye.

Her parents had split up when she was eight. Her mom is currently serving a 36 month prison sentence for possession with intent to distribute. Story was, new boyfriend's car, drugs were in the trunk, she didn't know, etc. Yeah, right, whatever. Probably wasn't really her fault, but, prosecutors don't like meth. She is due for a parole hearing in about 4 months. Her dad had made some noise about trying to gain custody, but nothing so far.

Time will tell. I also let Lilly know that the team could sponsor Skye for the summer. That way she could continue her training, see how the knee holds up under game situations and then decide what she wants to do from there. Teagan and I said our goodbyes and headed out of the meeting just as it began to break up.

Teagan was nervously looking around as we walked back out to the car. I had seen Mitch talking to her while I was talking to Lilly. Teagan didn't look happy. "SHIT, why can't everybody just leave the two of us alone?" She said slamming the Ferrari's door.

"Mitch giving you a hard time?" I asked, pretty sure I already knew the answer. "Yeah!" She replied complaining. "He said I was dressed too nice, and that was calling too much attention to the fact that I live with you, and some people might start asking the wrong questions.

"He's probably right you know. Not that I really care. We'll be OK baby. As long as use our brains and just make sure we are cool around those people who don't know about "us." I was trying to diffuse the situation, Teagan was pissed.

"Why does he care anyway?" She pouted. "Probably because he and Sundee are fucking each other and he is worried that people will start asking questions, and start looking for dots to connect. He knows neither he and Sundee, nor you and I, need that kind of attention. Either from parents or anyone else for that matter." I had let the cat out of the bag. Now I figured she WAS going to be pissed. "WHAT! YOU TOLD HIM ABOUT US?" I was right, she was pissed. "Why Mike? Who you are sleeping with is none of his damn business.

What? The two of you couldn't help bragging to each other about your conquests?" "Are you finished?" I asked quietly. "Maybe, it depends on your answer." There was a little bit of hurt in her voice to go along with the righteous anger. "First, I'm sorry I didn't tell you Mitch knows about us. I should have told you months ago. The reason Mitch knows about us, and I and now you, know about Mitch and Sundee is that we are alibis for each other. It's easy for us to be together, you live with me half of the time.

No one knows for sure which bed you sleep in, so were cool. Mitch and Sundee aren't so lucky. They have to hook up when the moment presents itself. They have to try to make it work. He texts me what he wants me to say if anybody calls looking for him while he and Sundee are together. I do the same thing when I need to. Like tonight, I was hoping you might want to go and get desert at The Cheesecake Factory. There is one out in Ft.

Worth. No one out there will know who we are, and we can actually be a real couple. But I'm going to text Mitch and let him know where we are…" Teagan sat in stunned silence for several moments. She reached over and took my hand. "Wow. Babe, I am so sorry. You guys are just trying to protect yourselves and me and Sundee. God, I was such a bitch. I owe Mitch a big apology. I feel like an ass for being so defensive and angry.

And yes, I would love to go on a desert date with you; assuming you still want to go out with me." "Sweetheart, I said, I am always up for doing just about anything with you. I think hear a couple of big slices of Chocolate Turtle calling our names. Let's go. I fired up the 458. Teagan dropped her seat back a couple of clicks, closed her eyes, and began trying to make sense of everything she just learned. Living life as secret lovers just got a bit more challenging.

Teagan was once again back home with her mom Becca. She would be for at least another ten days. We went through this here and gone routine every two to three weeks as Becca came and went on business. I hated not having Teagan around. I hated the silence in the house. I hated cooking for just me. I especially hated showering and sleeping alone. Every time she went back to her house, I missed her more than the last time.

That said, I figured things were about to get even more difficult as Tory, my daughter, was due back from college for the jacqueline amp marcella group fetish rough teen fuck at tamed teens perfectgonzo and tamedteens. Tory had just finished her freshman year at Gonzaga University.

Spokane Wa. is a hell of a long way from north Texas. Tory's best friend from high school, Lindsey, had invited her to tour the campus with her when Tory was still deciding where to go. Tori fell in love with the high desert of western Washington State. The mountains, climate, the homey feel of the city, and Lindsey as a built in roommate; one visit was all it took.

Because of the distance, Tori's time at home was limited to summers and semester break over the holidays. I tried to make at least one quick trip up there in the spring. Tory and Lindsey's flight was due in this afternoon. Having her home was going to be great, but I also owed her the truth about Teagan and myself. I truly hoped Tory would understand, eventually.

DADDYYYYY! Tory squealed as she stepped through the revolving door from the terminal into the baggage claim area. Tory threw her arms around me and hugged me tightly. I returned the favor, picking her up and twirling her around.

I gave her a kiss and set her down. Tory is a tall gorgeous, 19 yr old. She looks a lot like her mother. She is about 5'6'' with long dirty blonde hair and bright emerald green eyes. She is also rail thin; always has been. Tory weighs only about 118 lbs and is a size 0 or 1 with perky 32C boobs. She has the same body type as Ally and curiously also played first base. It was nice to have her home.

"Hey sweetheart?" I asked Tory. "Yeah dad, what's up?" she replied happily. Tory had been home for two days and it was time to fill her in on the details of the relationship that had developed between Teagan and me over the last six months. "When we're done with breakfast, do you have some time to talk about something or do you have other plans for today?" I was having a hard time listening to myself say the words; no going back now.

"Sure dad, we can talk. Is everything OK?" Tory was already sensing the unease in my voice. "Sweetheart, nothing's wrong. It's just that some things have changed since you moved off to the wilds of Washington State and I need to let you know what's going on." Tory was looking at me with that "what-the-fuck" look.

Usually I was very direct when we needed to talk, and she was confused by my evasiveness. "Ok daddy, what's going on?" We had done the dishes and moved to the couch to talk. "First of all, I want to apologize for not telling you sooner about this, but, this talk needs to be done in person. Secondly, I want you to never ever doubt that I love you, and I loved your mother more than life itself. But…" I paused to consider my next sentence; Tory interrupted.

"Daddy, do you have a girlfriend?" My daughter knew me all too well. I nodded my head. Tory took a deep breath and said "I knew this day was coming. I mean, once mom died, I knew you were alone. I knew you had to miss her as much as I did. She was my mother, but she was your companion and lover. There is no way your needs just disappeared over the last couple of years. Its Ok dad, I knew you would find someone to take mom's place one day.

Soooo&hellip.do I know her?" "You've met her, but I'm sure you don't know her well." I said. "So who is she?" Tory asked insistently. "It's Teagan." I replied. Tory once again got the what-the-fuck look as she was running through names and faces in her head.

"Dad, the only Teagan I know is your second baseman, the really pretty girl that stays here sometimes. Daddy, that's not a common name…" "Sweetheart…It's Teagan, the only one you know." "Ummm…Dad, how old is she?" Tory asked, though she already knew the answer.

"She's almost seventeen" I replied. "Daddy, are you insane! I mean, I know she's hot and all, but guys your age can not be going around seducing sixteen year old jailbait! Dad, you gotta break up with her, you can't do this!" Tory was trying to protect me from myself. "Sweetheart. I said in a quiet tone of voice.

First of all, I didn't seduce Teagan, she came to me first. She explained what she wanted and why and at first, all it really was, was a friend with benefits thing. But now, over the last six months we have fallen in love with each other. I really don't see an end to the relationship anytime soon, if at all." "Oh my god.

You've been screwing each other for the last six months? I…I can't believe what I'm hearing…there's what, 20 years between your ages?

How the hell does that even work? It sounds to me like she is just a slutty little gold digger that's taking advantage of you and your desires." "Tory!

That's enough! Teagan is a kind, intelligent, beautiful young woman. You could at least try to give her a chance and get to know her, before you piss all over her. "Dad, I don't' want to get to know her. I want to hold her down on the bottom of the pool until she stops squirming!" Tory scooted up next to me and said, "Daddy, I'm scared something terrible is going to happen to you. She is going to get you thrown in jail, or she is going to get pregnant or something…" Dad, I love you so much!

You are all I have left for a family. I can't lose you." Tory paused, her eyes welling up with tears. "Dump her and I will stay home and go to school here; I can take care of your needs for you. I can take mom's place in your bed. I'm legal for christsakes! No one will care! Daddy please!" I reached out and pulled Tory close to me. She began kissing my cheek and neck and placed her hand on my leg. She was desperately trying to convince me that her plan would work.

This was my daughter, and she was every bit as sexy as Teagan, but there was no way I could go there. I took hold of her wrist and pushed her back away from me slightly.

"Ok now who is being insane? I asked her. Sweetheart, I love you with every fiber of my being… "Then let me be your sexy little cum dumpster." She cooed, interrupting my thought. "Tory, no; I can't. Sweetheart you're my daughter, I can't make love to you." Dad, it happens all the time.

There are several girls I know who are, or were, screwing their dads. Girls hate to see their dads having to go without sex. Their wives get fat or frigid, or they get divorced, or they just don't get it enough.

No girl wants their daddy to be miserable. It works for both of them. He gets to fuck a tight sexy teen, and she gets to learn about sex from someone who loves her and knows what he is doing. It happens more often than you think, trust me." Tory and I continued to talk. After about an hour I got Tory to agree to at least be civil to Teagan when audrey bitoni full wet in raidn came back in about a week.

Tory was still upset and we didn't talk much the rest of the day. She went over to Lindsey's house and said they were going to the movies. Teagan texted me later in the day and asked how it went.

I filled her in on the details. She wasn't happy about Tory's reaction, but it was pretty much what she had expected. I told Teagan I loved her and asked her to be sure and stop by after school tomorrow if she could. "Is she here?" Teagan had snuck into the house and all the way into my office. "No baby, not right now." I said.

I got up, went over to Teagan and hugged her. She wrapped her arms around me tightly and told me she loved me. "I love you too, baby. So much." I returned her embrace, and kissed her softly. "Mike, I'm scared I'm going to lose you." Teagan's voice was stressed and it sounded like she was ready to burst into tears.

"I don't want to fight Tory for your heart and your love. I can't win a battle with your daughter. I know you can love us both. I just hope she can eventually see that I am not a threat to either one of you." "She will baby, she will. Please be patient with her.

This whole thing has been quite a shock for her. I mean, suddenly, there is the real possibility of a permanent replacement for her mom in my life, and it just so happens that, possibly, her future step mom is younger than she is. Think about that for a second. Tory is pretty freaked out right now. I know she does want to get to know you better, and she promised me she would at least be kind. Teagan stepped back, put her hand on my chest and looked into my eyes.

"Please babe, never forget how much I love you. You mean everything to me. Please&hellip.I love you…" "I gotta go, Petite slut fucks her own swollen pussy is waiting on me." I pulled Teagan to me and kissed her deeply. She responded, with a burning passion, nearly choking me with her tongue and biting my lower lip aggressively.

"I'll be back in a few days babe. I love you, and I am going to fight for what I want if I have to." "I know baby." I said as I kissed her once again.

She smiled, blew me a kiss, and disappeared around the corner of the office. Becca dropped Teagan off as usual about 5:00pm. Tory was waiting for her when she arrived. Teagan came in, hugged me, took hold of my hand and turned to face Tory. "Hello Teagan." Tory said coldly. "Hi Tory, nice to see you again" Teagan replied, equally coldly. Tory continued, "I would like to spend some time talking with you, if that's OK; I have some wine chilled." "I'm OK with that." Teagan responded, softening the tone of her voice somewhat, and actually managing a smile.

I had to step in. "I need both of you to understand that you both are very important to me and I love both of you very much. I am not going to choose one of you over the other. I can love both of you; I have more than enough love to go around.

I hope that each of you can see the point of the other and come to some sort of understanding about all of this. If you can't, it's going to be a long life for all three of us." The girls nodded in agreement and headed out back to sit by the pool and talk.

Inside I was hoping that the girls could find some sort of common ground and at least agree to coexist in peace. I had also decided to hold off cooking dinner pending the outcome of the conversation. I went back to my office and tried to look busy. It took almost two hours before Tory and Teagan came back inside. It was obvious the minute they walked back in that the time spent together was successful.

They weren't on each other's Christmas card list yet, but the temperature of their relationship had warmed considerably. They were still talking, smiling and taking the time to really get to know each other.

Teagan and I agreed to limit our PDA's when Tory was around. We knew that it was going to take time for her to accept that. For the time being Tory still considered Teagan a guest in our home. In reality Teagan had gotten pretty comfortable with her sleepover time and had full run of the house. It didn't bother me, but again, Tory was just not there yet. Tory did agree to "allow" Teagan "to continue to sleep in her dad's bed." This is where Tory was the most uncomfortable with Teagan's and my relationship.

Teagan's presence forced Tory to officially close the book on the life that her mom and Latina teen feet webcam friends getting wet together shared. It was tough for her, but I was proud of her for being willing to do it. Dinner was great; Italian sausage tortellini with Vodka sauce, sourdough garlic bread and a grilled heart of romaine salad with a honey balsamic dressing.

Here was the first look at how the three of us were probably going to stack up as a "family" over the next few years. It was still early, but everything was pointed in the right direction.

It had been a very long drive. The girls, their parents and siblings, and the occasional pet began piling out of the cars as our makeshift caravan came to a stop in the central great area surrounded by the homes we would be spending the next two weeks in.

Everyone looked in awe at the five Swiss chalet style homes. They were beautiful. Lots of wood, huge balconies, picture windows; this was going to be perfect. I had told Teagan that she and I had to be careful where and around whom, we could be a couple, over the next two weeks. Only a few knew just how serious the relationship between Teagan and I had sophie dee treats you like her fuck pig. To keep up appearances Teagan and Courtney roomed together.

I had a room to myself. Sundee and Skye roomed together. It turned out that Sundee and Skye had been close friends when they played T ball when they were six. Family changes had caused them to drift apart and it was cool to watch them renew their old friendship. Skye had undergone a physical transformation as well. Since we had invited her to join the team she had lost 35 pounds, as well as adding muscle tone and endurance. The overweight girl with the shattered self confidence was gone.

In her place was now a certified babe. Teagan, Courtney, Ally and Sundee, the four most physically fit team members, had made it a personal goal to whip Skye into shape; both physically and mentally. Living with a set of uptight grandparents, who sheltered her, kept her in a strict Catholic school, and limited her out of school activities, had created a wildly curious and mostly clueless hottie.

Skye had cut her hair and learned how to do her makeup. She stood about 5'5'' and now weighed in at 128 pounds. Gone was the muffin top, the chubby cheeks and the fat under her chin. Her freckles had obviously stayed, but they were now splashed over well defined cheek bones that contrasted beautifully with her now sharply defined jaw line.

Her smallish, pouty, dick sucking lips had thankfully not changed at all. Neither had her boobs. It seemed that she had lost weight everywhere except on her chest. She had kept her sexy soft 34C tits. Dressed in cargo shorts and a black spaghetti strap cami top, Skye was now just as capable of turning heads as any of her four hot friends.

The problem was, she was completely in the dark about how to handle the attention and the new, updated body that was attracting it. I slowly became aware of a warm wetness on my cock, but my brain could not yet make sense of it. There seemed to be a presence in the room. My brain snapped to full consciousness. It was Teagan. She had snuck up to my room and was in the middle of giving me one of her slow sloppy blow jobs. Whether Courtney knew where she was or not, I didn't know.

The clock said 3:17AM. I reached down, grabbed a handful of her hair and gently pulled her up toward me. "Oww, oww, oww, babe that hurts!" she said in a soft, forced whisper. She let go of my cock, moved up, and lay down on top of me; her lips just inches from mine. She was completely nude. "What's up beautiful?" I whispered.

"I need to be with you; besides Courtney talks in her sleep." Teagan was giggling and trying to be quiet at the same time. I pulled her to me and kissed her. She moaned softly as we passionately made out. I rolled her over and sucked her nipples gently; moving next to her neck. Teagan moaned softly and shuddered as chills from my kisses washed over her. "Oh my god, babe stop, stop.

She whispered, giggling. We're going to make too much noise!" She was right. All of the wood in the house did nothing to absorb noise. Sundee and Skye's bedroom was almost directly under my room, one floor down. "Come on!" I whispered. I quietly rolled out of the bed and took Teagan's hand. She followed me out onto the balcony, where the cold night air washed over both of us. I pulled her to me and kissed her hard; all the while running my fingers along and into her soft wet pussy.

I turned Teagan around; she took a couple of steps forward and leaned on the balcony familystrokes sexy milf joins stepson daughter in threesome. I walked up behind her, leaned against her, wrapped my arms around her and kissed the back of her neck. Teagan wiggled her sexy little ass approvingly. We stood there looking out at the view. Illuminated only in the waning light of the setting moon and a billion stars, we could see the silhouetted mountains in the distance through the open stand of tall pines that surrounded the house.

The air smelled cold and fresh with traces of flowers and pine trees. Teagan reached back with her left hand and pulled me closer to her.

"Babe, make love to me. I need to feel you inside me. Please baby&hellip." I didn't really need any convincing. I stepped back a little as Teagan moved back spreading her legs and resting her arms and chin on the balcony railing.

I rubbed the head of my cock along her tight, wet pussy slit, coating it with her warm wetness. She moaned audibly as I sunk my shaft into her. I took hold of her hips and began thrusting into her as quietly and forcefully as I could.

Teagan was trying her best to be quiet. It wasn't really working. I stopped pumping her pussy for a second and reminded her to try and be quiet.

She giggled and said "yeah, right, got it!" I continued to slide deeply into her. Her bent over position, combined with her tiny tight ass made it easy to slide every millimeter of my cock inside her. Teagan was rocking her hips in time with my thrusting, her pussy muscles beginning to tighten around my cock. I reached up, squeezed and kneaded her boobs. They were cold to the touch and her nipples felt like marbles in my hands.

Teagan purred softly, from deep in her throat, as I squeezed her rock hard nipples. I slipped my hand up, covered her mouth and pulled her head back gently. Teagan did not resist; she responded by shaking her ass and clamping down on me with her pussy muscles. I was getting close to cumming.

So was Teagan. I kept my right hand over her mouth, took my teeny with braces loves a big facial thumb, and without warning, shoved it deeply into her tiny asshole. Her reaction was as I expected. She came instantly and violently. Her PC muscles crushed down hard on my cock and thumb. Teagan screamed in muffled ecstasy and shocked surprise as an orgasm poured over her.

She shook violently as she came. I held her tightly as I thrust into her for a few more times. I was close to cumming as I pulled out of her and spun her around.

Instinctively she dropped to her knees, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I stroked my cock, still covered with Teagan's natural lube. She leaned forward in anticipation. I put my hand on her head to guide her and rested the head of my cock on her tongue. I exploded into her waiting mouth.

Jets of hot cum shot into her mouth and onto her chin. She swallowed; took hold of my cock and sucked the last of my cum and her own juices off me.

Some of the cum had dripped down onto her chest; she sensuously massaged the still warm stickiness into her skin. Teagan stood, reached up and slipped her arms around my neck and kissed me softly. She smelled like sex; a warm musky sent of passion and sticky lust.

"Babe, I love you. This is so cool out here but, I'm so cold. Can we please go inside?" I can't lie, I was cold too. Back in bed and under the covers we held each other for a while, chasing away the chill in our bodies. I massaged her clit gently, giving her another soft orgasm as she relaxed in my arms. I kept an eye on the time. We had a physical training morning meeting and run at 6:30. It was already 5:25am.

Baby? Hey beautiful. I gently caressed her boobs as she woke up. Baby, you have to go back to your room. We have PT in an hour." "Shit. OK." She opened her eyes and smiled at me. She kissed me again and said "I love you. This is going to be a great two weeks." "I love you too baby." I replied. "Come on, out of bed." I gave her one last hard kiss as she quietly opened the door jav jav free porn actress samantha sex sex story for for free free story crack to see if it looked like anyone was up yet.

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She gave me thumbs up, slipped out the door and headed downstairs to her room. Teagan made it to the bottom of the stairs and turned right to go down the hallway to her room. Teagan didn't notice Skye stretched out quietly on the big couch in the living room.

Skye had not slept well and had moved to the couch for a change. In the dim light, she watched Teagan, leave my room at the top of the stairs, dressed only in her sophie shorts and sports bra, and hurry to get back to her room.

It didn't take a genius to figure out what was going on…our secret had slipped out.