Tattooed pinup rides cock pornstars and hardcore

Tattooed pinup rides cock pornstars and hardcore
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This is a slight revision of an earlier story ---------------- *********************************************************** "It's your 28th birthday next week, I want to make it special for you so what do you want sweetheart, I'll grant you any wish." My wife looked up from her book, "We don't have enough money to get me what I want, but your so sweet to offer, I'll think of something that won't cost a bundle." Angel was right, I had a good job but just like everybody else we knew, my wife worked a job too so we could have a comfortable life.

Sometimes it irritated me that she thought she had to work because I know she was feeling Father Time creeping through her womb. She wanted a family but her full time job stopped her. Maybe twenty minutes later Angel put down her book and made a pass at me. In our five years of marriage we enjoyed a fantastic sex life, she was beautiful, hot, sexy and creative as hell in bed. She told me I was her ideal partner and we were mated by our love, lust and drive for the other.

She took me to bed and we celebrated another night together. I was always up for a good fuck with my wife. Two days later after dinner Angel said to me as I settled in front of the TV "Hey, turn that off, I want to talk." "About what?" "About what I want for my birthday, I know now but it isn't something I can just throw out casually." My wife was beginning to blush as she looked at me. She got off the sofa, went to a side table and poured us both a double shot of JW Black then handed me one.

I was intrigued, what ever was on her mind made her serious enough to demand my full attention and ease the message with alcohol. My anticipation was growing, what did she want?

"Do you remember how we met?" she started. "Well, good looking brunette girl fucked hard and fast in pov, you came into your dorm room and caught me screwing your room mate. You didn't say a word, just sat there and watched us fuck for a half hour. After that she introduced you to me. "And then what?" "And then the third time I came over you stripped and crawled into bed with us.

That was the last time I ever fucked Sharon but we've been together ever since. I fell in love with you that night and still am." Angel smiled at my little declaration, "Yeah she was pissed about that.

How was it, two women at once? I never asked you if you enjoyed us or how you felt. Did you ever do two girls before then?" I didn't know where the questions were taking me but I admitted, "In high school, two of the cheerleaders used to keep me busy almost a full year before we graduated. We weren't in love but those two sure liked sharing me at the same time." "So you're used to doing threesomes?" An idea was forming in my mind, I was beginning to think I knew where Angel was going "Yeah, two girls at once can be pretty intense." I expected to hear her say she wanted to invite another woman over for her birthday but she surprised, shocked and stunned me with something completely different.

Angel put her empty glass down, pulled mine from my fingers then held my hands in hers as she looked me in the eyes. She swallowed nervously and said "I want to try that, on my birthday." I was still oblivious to her true intent "Do you have another girl in mind or do I have to find one?" Her eyes widened in hesitated surprise then she said "No, not another girl," she paused nervously, "another guy.

I want to have two men at once, at the same time." It was my turn to be startled "What?

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You want to do a three way with two men?" She blushed bright red "You promised me anything I wanted for my birthday, this is what I want." I was dad i xxnx with hot girl, I couldn't say anything so I got up and poured another half glass of JW. Angel came over and held her glass out so I splashed a shot in hers too. She grabbed my arm and pulled me to face her "I'm sorry, I should never have said anything" then she left the room looking very embarrassed.

I went outside and stood in my yard for fresh air and thought about her request. The subject didn't come up again but for days Angel avoided intimacy or even eye contact with me, I could tell she was embarrassed by what she had said. The night of her birthday I invited her to dinner and dance at one of the better nightclubs in town.

She looked beautiful in a red form fitting sequined mid thigh sheath; dark nylons and heels showed off her very shapely legs. She wore a ruby charm on a silver a chain around her neck, the trinket rested firmly in the cleavage between her breasts which were firm and round, peaking pleasantly from the low cut front of the dress.

Silver and rubies dangled from her ears and a decorative silver chain rode around her waist as a belt. Angel looked as hot and sexy as any time I'd known her.

I was fantasizing about her even before the evening started. The maitre d' escorted us to our table and pulled the chair for Angel.

She looked at the table then at him, "this must be the wrong table, there are three settings." He answered her "I assure you madam, this is the correct arrangement." Angel looked at me and I nodded "Three. It's your birthday." My beautiful wife caught what was going on in a second and began to turn red "You didn't!" "I did, tonight you get your birthday wish, I promised." She stammered a breath then sat heavily into her chair "I don't believe this, you listened to me?" When I nodded she looked with disoriented eyes at me for several long seconds then her blush began to fade and she asked beguilingly, "Who's coming to dinner?" "He'll be here in a few minutes, I thought you might need time to get your nerves under control before we start your special night." Angel reached across the table, grabbed my hand in hers and whispered "I love you so much!

I could give you a job right now!" As appealing as that sounded I answered "Save it sweetheart, we'll have time later." She smiled sexily and ordered a drink from gf with perky tits jerks and sucks for his cum server.

She tried to keep her curiosity at bay but she asked again "Who?" Just as I was about to say something back her eyes grew to saucer sized as she looked over my shoulder, she gulped and squeaked "Your brother! Your brother is here! Does he know what I want?" Panic was making her voice barely a whisper.

"Yup" I replied casually, "he knows." Angel shot me a look of complete desperation but I tried to reassure her "Mark and I share a history with those cheerleaders, this won't be the first time we've seduced a girl together. I think you'll be surprised." "I already am" she croaked just as Mark came up. "Hi Angel" Angel was flushed scarlet across her neck and cheeks when my older brother leaned over and kissed her quickly, politely on the lips and said "Happy Birthday Beautiful." She shivered visibly, looked at me with trepidation then back up at my older brother "Where's your wife?" Mark glanced at me then back to his sister-in-law "Cassie is at home watching some DVD chick flick." Angel shuddered again blonde in tube socks plays with herself ordered another drink.

Dinner started slowly, I could see that Angel was embarrassed that my brother was my choice to help us celebrate her birthday. I don't know what she imagined but I knew that if she wanted a good night with two men then I couldn't have made a better choice for her. Mark is a year older than me and as we grew through our late teens we both were very successful with girls.

When he got mixed up with two hot cheerleaders it was almost more than he could handle so he asked them if they would party with me too.

Those two girls screwed us relentlessly for over a year. I never thanked him for setting me up so when Angel made her birthday wish, Mark was the only man that came to mind. After a long dinner and more strong drinks I asked my wife to dance. We went to the floor, stepped into each others arms and began to sway with the music "How you doing?" "Fine, dinner was good and I'm starting to feel a little tipsy" "That's not what I mean." Angel tilted her head back, pushed her groin tighter against me "I know, but I'm still a little ruffled about who is sitting at our table.

You really asked your brother to fuck me?" "Tag team sex, you're going to have a good time later, you ready to leave?" She kissed me softly, "I need to talk to Mark first." Angel stepped away from me and led me back to the table, "Dance with me Mark." My brother and my wife put their arms around each other and began to dance slowly to the music.

Angel was talking to him as their stomachs rubbed, their thighs brushing together. For half the song they talked then Mark put his mouth over hers, his hands slipped lower to cover her butt as they necked. She wrapped her arms around his waist and clung to him tight as the band faded to silent. They moved apart and bombshell brooke wylde straddles hung driver pornstars and hardcore back to the table Angel said with more confidence "Let's go home." We left but we didn't go home, I surprised my wife again by taking her to a downtown hotel where I had reserved a room.

Mark and I rode up the elevator with Angel standing between us. She took my hand in hers then put her other in my brother's hand, as the elevator rose to the 17th floor her grip on me got tighter.

Inside the room she went straight to the balcony to look down on the brightly glowing city. I came up behind her, put my arms around her stomach and kissed her neck, Angel leaned forward to give me more access to her skin then stood straight, turned around and pulled me back to the room where Mark was standing next to the king sized bed. She trembled visibly then said into space between us "Okay boys, I want to enjoy this." Mark started with the zipper at her back while I reached around her waist and undid the silver chain.

As soon as the dress fell to the floor Mark pulled Angel into his arms and began to neck with her again, I caught flashes of their tongues fighting for domination while their hands were groping for sensitive parts of the others body. Angel managed to pry herself loose from Marks arms so she could finish taking off her undergarments. Mark and I took advantage of the pause and shed our clothes and in seconds Angel was looking at her recreation for the night.

She was standing between us so she reached for both erections at the same time. Mark and I were getting stroked by my hot beautiful wife which caused our cocks to grow even harder. I'd seen him like this before, with the cheerleaders, but Angel stared at his swollen erection and her eyes grew wide with some emotion I couldn't read. I don't know if she was turned on or turned off. She wanted to try a second man, well she certainly got one.

Mark's hard-on is too long and heavy to stand from his body, even turned on his dick points toward the floor, not toward the pussy he was hot for. Mark touched the nipple of her left tit with his fingers and pushed it into the soft flesh of her breast. I saw her shiver and her eyes flared sparks. I put my hand on the other breast and teased that nipple, pinching it as Mark worked on his.

This was too much for Angel; a visible vibration ran down her back as the two of us fondled her. At my suggestion Mark put one hand on her ass and the other on her shoulder; I did the same on the other side of her. We picked her up, tilted her back until she was horizontal between us then threw her onto the bed.

Angel laughed when she bounced then invited us to join her. We went to each side of the bed then sandwiched her soft hot body between us, she closed her eyes, got comfortable then let us play on her playgrounds. I bent over Angel and pulled a nipple between my lips and suckled it while Mark caressed the other.

He stretched an arm down and cupped her pussy and pressed against the clit which caused her to arch her back and expel a loud 'UHHH". Angel was beginning to pitch and roll under our hands and kisses. She was getting hot to touch and moving her body in waves, bending and twisting in sync with Mark's hand between her legs. She grabbed my free hand and urged it down her body and pressed it on her thigh.

I extended two fingers and stroked one side of her cunt while Mark slipped a finger into her. Angel kicked her legs wider apart and rolled her ass even more when I pushed a finger into her too. The sensation of getting fingered by two men caused a major disruption in her breathing. Her stomach muscles began to flutter as she dug her finger nails into our backs where her hands rested. Her body was undulating over the waves of a small orgasm, her pussy overheated.

Angel kicked away from the hands assaulting her sex and grabbed my shoulders and urged me over her. I rolled into position between her legs and drove my wooden shaft hard and fast into her hot slick cunt. She reached for Mark's cock and wrapped her fingers around it, he covered her hand with his and together they started pushing and pulling on it while I fucked her.

I humped Angel and she got hotter. I wasn't sure when she might hit her climax but I didn't want her too until she had experienced Mark so I reluctantly pulled out of her and rolled away. Mark told her to turn over to her stomach. She flipped over then went to her knees, her ass in the air, head on a pillow. Mark got between her legs and put the end of his erection against the lips of her pussy. Angel reached between her legs and held the end of his cock against her body while he pressed into her slowly.

I watched the opening to her body stretch wide as he pushed about half way into her then stopped. Angel paused for a moment, getting used to the size of the weapon he had then rocked her hips, working her body back even farther on the thick 8 inch cock jammed into her. Her eyes were burning with untamed passion as she eased her body onto the swollen prick.

She pressed onto him until his ball sack was rubbing her slit then she urged him to fuck her. Mark started pumping, taking Angel on a sexual odyssey; a trip of sensations and pleasure she had never before experienced. While Mark was pounding her from behind she twisted her head to me then patted the bed just over her head.

I moved up and lay close enough to her that she could put her mouth around my hard-on. Angel began to suck my cock as she got fucked by my brother. The longer she got screwed, the more active she got on my steel.

Angel pulled her mouth off me to gasp for air, her body began to shake as the second series of orgasms raced through her. She moaned, raised her ass even higher for Mark and reached for me again. Mark pulled out of her and rolled her to her back.

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She spread her legs as wide as she could get them then invited him back. He slipped back into her hot eager body, her head was bent over the edge of the bed.

I stepped close to her andAngel tilted her head backso I pushed into her mouth again, she put her hands on my ass and pressed me deeper until the head of my erection was sliding down her throat, the tip of her nose tickling my nuts. Mark screwed Angel for a few minutes while she sucked my balls and cock then he slipped from her, slid his head between her legs and began to lap her cunt with his tongue.

As my brother kissed and tongued my wife she damn near bit off the end of my erection when she climaxed yet again. When she stopped moaning, I stretched out on the bed and invited Angel over me, she straddled my cock and lowered herself. I pulled her into a long tongue licking kiss while Mark went to his knees behind her. As my wife and I necked my brother put the end of his prick against her anus and gently eased between the cheeks of her ass. Angel gasped, pulling the air out of my lungs then threw her head up and looked over her tight bbw pussy banged thick freak of nature bbc reality and amateur shoulder.

The fire in her eyes let him know he was doing something she liked. Angel experienced her first double penetration, me fucking her cunt and Mark her ass. We assailed her beautiful body for ten minutes until she went almost catatonic with another string of explosive orgasms.

My brother and I moved away from her to let her catch her breath, to relax in the ecstasy and afterglow of the sexual encounter. Angel was completely still, her tits shaking with every deep breath for a minute then she rolled off the bed to her knees.

She reached for my brother and me and started giving both a blow job, moving from one erection to the second. It didn't take long for either of us so succumb to the magic of her tongue on our cocks. Mark gave it up first, spraying her face and hair with long, heavy strings of cum. My wife put her mouth over the end of his big cutie sucks dick before hopping on top and sucked down the last two surges then turned her attention to me.

I let go the forces of my balls all over her tits and body. We were lying on the bed, Angel between first her fucking duo, "God guys, I never got tag team fucked before, that was awesome but not something I want to every day." "Why not?" I asked her. "Because I couldn't concentrate on either of you exclusively, I like being able to give a man my full attention." Mark rolled to his side, "Why don't you and I pay exclusive attention to each other, when I'm done, you can fuck your husband again.

You up for it?" Angel flipped to face him, threw a leg over his waist and challenged him seductively "Are you up for it!?" As an answer my brother guided her right hand to his swelling erection.

She kissed him lightly "Oh yeah, fuck me any way you want Mark, I'll do anything you want while he watches." I sat to the side and watched my older brother and my sexy young wife make love with the passion of newlyweds.

They rocked and rolled all over the king sized bed for twenty minutes before Mark lost his nuts into my wife's deep hot cunt and she cried out a series of strong sexual profanities. Angel was done. I know Mark could have fucked her again but her body was so sated she wouldn't have reacted. When my brother was leaving he bent to her for a goodnight kiss, she accepted the affection then watched him scan her nudity once more and asked "What are you going to tell Cassie?" He smiled, "She knows where I am, in fact, she asked me to find out when you two would be ready for a foursome." I said goodbye to Mark then went back to bed with Angel, I kissed her ear and whispered "happy birthday." She opened her eyes and took a deep relaxing breath "Can you screw me one more time?

I don't need to get off again but I want you to cum inside me, mix your sperm with Marks, that will be the last present you can give me tonight." She rolled to her side, her ass against my stomach, then rested her leg over my hip as I guided my quickly expanding erection to her again. I screwed Angel softly, slowly. She rested her head on a pillow cradled in her arms then murmured and purred the entire time, enjoying the long slow fuck.

When I sent my discharge to mingle with my brothers Angel arched her back and gushed lovingly "Oh god I love you!" Just before she drifted into a deep exhausted sleep she murmured "A foursome? Could you do sexy stepmom and teen babe nasty ffm threeway session threesome blowjob with Cassie?" I whispered a long held secret in her ear, "Cassie is one of the two cheerleaders, I've fucked her dad douther mom son group sex times, but not since she married Mark." Angel rubbed her ass against my groin and whispered softly as she closed her eyes "Mmmmmm, maybe it's time to renew an old acquaintance."