Son fuck and come in side mom pussy raping storys

Son fuck and come in side mom pussy raping storys
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"Right give me the car keys and get out" Toby ordered. Rachel handed over the keys and saw Toby slide them into his jacket and as he pulled his hand out the gun came with it. Rachel looked at it with trepidation remembering what it had just done to her and worried about what it might still do to her.

She sighed and pulled herself together, knowing the best course of action right now was to keep Toby happy. She opened the car door and exited the car, feeling the presence of the gun pointing at her spine the whole time. She rummaged in her bag for a few seconds. At first she was looking for some weapon; but there was nothing in there to use.

Just her iPhone, her purse, her make-up and a tiny hand mirror. She kicked herself. Her mum had always told her to get some pepper spray and she had never listened. She resigned herself to waiting for another opportunity, and pulled her keys out to unlock the door to the house. Meanwhile Toby had walked round the car and as Rachel slid the key into the lock she felt his hand slide under her coat and squeeze her right arse cheek. Her whole body squirmed at his touch.

She was rushing so much to get the key into the second lock she dropped them. This meant that as she bent down to pick them up her arse pressed into his hand. She felt him squeeze tighter. "Look at you enjoying my hand on your arse.

You filthy slag!" Rachel knew better than to argue. Finally she got the door open. "Go on bitch! Get inside! And get your coat off!" Rachel stepped inside and removed her coat, and hung it on a hook by the door as she always did. She turned to her tormentor completely naked except her black heels. She covered her pussy as he looked her up and down. "God you really are so fit." He drooled as he admired her long, smooth legs, accentuated by the high heels; her curvaceous hips and flat stomach; up to her mammoth bulging out from her body; and then her sexy, scowling face, staring at him with such hate.

He didn't like that look and so before she could react he had stepped forward, clutched her breast in his right hand, pushed her back up against the wall and moved her hand aside, to slide his left hand between her legs.

She shuddered and squealed as his digit slipped inside her. "Let's change that look on your face!" He whispered into hidden cam bj gay str8 ear as he molested her.

"Please stop" Rachel begged. She was no longer scowling but grimacing; as his finger started to flick around inside her, and his hand squeezed and pulled at her breast. She felt so abused; but instead of stopping, Toby just put his lips to hers to stop her complaining. She now had to contend with being assaulted in three places as his tongue slipped inside her mouth.

She kissed him back, she didn't really have a choice with her tormentor still holding a gun, for whilst one finger was inside her. The other four maintained a firm grip on the weapon. This also had the added effect of the shaft rubbing on her clit from the outside, pinning it between it and his internal finger. Rachel's pussy ached from the amount it had been inserted tonight; it had already taken Vinnie's massive rod, Toby's finger and that fucking gun.

And Rachel had a feeling another hard object might be going in there later tonight. Toby continued to kiss and grope her for a few minutes; loving the feeling of her warm body both inside and out. But eventually he pulled away, he had stuff to do. "Come on let's go make some dinner. I'm starving" Toby said, and he bent down and picked up his suitcase and they walked alongside each other into the kitchen. Rachel had an enormous kitchen, it was her favourite room in the house, which was saying something as the house had cost her over a million.

It was open plan, with black marble tops running along three walls and a large space in the middle for a mahogany table to seat six. Although Toby had seen it before he was still impressed. He dropped his case by the table and took Rachel by the arm and led her over to the fridge to see what he could make for dinner. He pulled the door open and had a rummage inside. Rachel gasped and shivered slightly as the cool air washed over her naked body.

Toby was turned on by the way the cool air hardened her nipples. He gave one a sharp tweak causing Rachel to yelp and scowl. "Ooh salmon" Toby shouted, pulling out two large salmon fillets. "I was saving them" Rachel moaned. Salmon was her favourite and she had been saving it for after the meeting tomorrow as a sort of celebration.

"Yeah, for our first night together! I love salmon; we're going to have it now." And he put it in her hands and started to pull out some vegetables to go with it, some carrots and some broccoli. Rachel was getting scared now at how much they had in common. 'Cars, salmon, what next?' "Put that all on the table!" Toby ordered as he went and turned the oven on.

"Right while that's heating up. Let's sort you out and then I can focus on the veg. Sit down there!" He ordered pointing with the gun at the chair at the end of the table. Rachel did as she was told. Toby then picked up his brief case and put it down on the table; opening it carefully so that Rachel could not see the contents. After a bit of rummaging Toby pulled out a coil of rope. Rachel looked at it with trepidation as Toby stepped up to her.

"Hands out!" Toby ordered. Reluctantly Rachel did. Toby created a loop, lassoing her wrists together before snaking the top in a figure of eight around her wrists before looping it a few more times and tying it well out of the reach of her fingers.

"Please stop" Rachel begged. But Toby ignored her. Instead he couldn't help give her soft breasts another squeeze. He then took a second piece of rope and looped it round her midriff, before tying it in a knot against the chair back. "Right now you are secure, you can make yourself useful" Toby said throwing her the carrots, a bowl and a peeler. Rachel sighed before setting about peeling them. Meanwhile Toby prepared the potatoes and broccoli, cutting them up into even sizes.

He could see Rachel weighing up the value of the peeler as a weapon. There was no way he was letting her near the knife. Once the oven was warmed up and the carrots were peeled. Toby decided it was time to get Rachel in position.

"Right slide the peeler across the table!" Rachel sighed; she had been hoping to stab the peeler in his thigh as he came up to her. Reluctantly she flung it across the table; almost making it fly off the other end. "Careful. We wouldn't want to up the punishment points, would we?" Toby teased as he undid the rope on the chair.

He helped her to her feet. "Put your hands behind you!" He ordered. "I can't" Rachel blurted out, as she stood, holding her tied hands out in front of her, to show how stupid he was being. "Well you better work it out. You have ten seconds!" Toby mocked.

Rachel started to panic as Toby started counting. How could she do it? She couldn't pull her hands apart; and the knots were too well tied to get out of them. "Four" She started panicking, what would be her latest torment if she couldn't obey? She tried to go over her head but her shoulders screamed when she went much beyond vertical. "Six" What was she to do? "Seven" Now she was really panicking. "Eight" she suddenly realised what she had to do. She bent down so her hands were on the floor and half stepped half jumped over her arms and collapsed in a heap on the floor; but at least her arms were behind her as she stood up.

"Good girl" Toby said. "You'll learn that I really don't like the word can't. If I tell you to do something; you don't complain! You coarse oriental threesome sex stockings and japanese whine! You don't tell me you can't!

You find a way to do it! Got it?" Rachel nodded her head. "I didn't quite hear that" Toby said squeezing Rachel's left nipple tightly. "Yes" Rachel squealed. "Yes, what?" Toby repeated, gripping her other nipple in his other hand. "Yes, Master" Rachel sobbed, her nipples throbbing painfully even after he released them.

"Better. You'll learn to be more polite to your master" Toby said; spanking her breast to emphasise the point. He loved the way those gigantic jugs jiggled as he did it. It turned him on so much to know that with her hands tied behind her back there was no way for her to protect herself. He took hold of each breast in turn in both hands and placed his lips around the nipple.

He felt the already hard point slip between his lips. He flicked the tip with his tongue, whilst gently sexy harlot alicia star gets bent over and drilled the rest between his lips.

He started to suck, increasing the pressure as it hardened and enlarged at his efforts. Soon she started to gasp as pleasurable sensations rushed through her. He bit gently but sharply to bring her back to reality. Once both breasts had been serviced this way Toby stepped back. "Right we better start cooking." He said, taking the salmon and putting it on a tray, before sprinkling some salt, pepper and lemon juice over it. He then opened the door and put it in the oven. Now that was cooking, it was time to focus on Rachel.

"Right, kneel down there with your feet against the base of the oven!" Rachel sighed and knelt down; she winced as the cold tiles sucked all the heat out of her legs. What was worse was how hard the floor was on her knees.

It hurt to kneel down. As she did this Toby went to his bag and pulled out another two lengths of ropes. Rachel looked at them in trepidation. Toby dropped one coil on the floor and then whilst holding the other. He took hold of her wrists. Which were hanging limply around her bum, he started to pull them away from her body.

So they were stretched out behind her. When they were about level with about half way up her back, her shoulders started to ache. But Stephen wasn't stopping.

When her arms were level with her shoulder blades, she started to cry out as her arms were pulled horizontally behind her. Her shoulders were throbbing in pain. They were not meant to be bent back this far. Rachel was so overcome with pain that she didn't realise he had stopped adjusting the position. For what he had done was place her wrists on the horizontal bar at the top of the oven.

He was now using the other rope to tie her arms in this extremely strenuous position. With her arms pulled behind her at over ninety degrees, she could feel the lactic acid already building up. What made it worse was this position had forced her to lean forward slightly, placing more pressure on her knees. She shifted her position slightly trying to take more weight on her feet.

But to make matters worse Toby used the other rope to tie her feet together. Once he had finished he left two long strands which he tied around the bar and pulled until Rachel's feet were just off the ground. Rachel groaned in pain, she wriggled relentlessly; but no matter how she moved, her entire body weight was pressing her knees down onto the hard floor beneath her. "Please stop" she begged. "Stop? I'm just getting started. That salmon takes half an hour. So you can stay in that position until it's ready.

I've just got a couple of additions to make." He said as he was rummaging in his bag. When he turned he was holding a gag in his hand. The thing looked terrifying to Rachel as Mother id like to fuck receives large cock to play with japanese hardcore approached. He was holding it by one strap and it fell from his hand with another strap at the other end, and between them was a large metal circle.

She already knew what the point of that circle was. She shook her head as Toby knelt down in front of her, keeping her mouth tight shut so he couldn't insert it into her mouth. "Come on open up" Toby teased. "Nn nn" Rachel replied, refusing to open her mouth. "I said open up!" Toby shouted, gripping Rachel's nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

Rachel couldn't help screaming in pain and as she did Toby was ready; quickly sliding the gag inside her open mouth. Rachel bit down hard trying to bite his fingers off but all her teeth came into contact with was the hard metal ring, almost breaking her teeth in the process. Quickly Toby secured the strap behind her head, locking her mouth in place. Her lips closed around the edge of the hole, she could feel the air rushing through the gap and down her wind pipe. She tried to speak but nothing but an in audible mumble came out.

Then suddenly a horrifying thought went through her. Toby had said that he had a 'couple' of additions to make. That meant there was still something else. And sure enough, as Toby knelt in front of her, Rachel saw a glint of metal in his right hand. Then with his left hand Toby started to all internal patricia gets messy creampie deepthroat and cumshots and pull her nipples.

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Not hard enough to cause pain but she did notice them getting harder and more erect. What was he doing? Her innocent brain couldn't work it out. Then suddenly once her nipples were fully erect a horrible thought came through her head and suddenly she knew exactly what he was doing. She started to struggle against her bonds but it was no use. It just made her shoulders ache.

She just looked on in horror as Toby opened his palm and sure enough as he did her worst fears were realised. In his hands were two horrible looking nipple clamps.

All she could do was watch as he reached for her right breast and pulled the crocodile clip apart before closing it around her nipple. She squealed as the teeth bit sharply into her; crushing her teat between its jaws. She then had to endure as he did the same to her left breast. The bite was horrible; the two rows of tiny spikes being permanently pushed into her from both sides. However worse was class room ka sex vedio to come as the clamps had a short chain with small lead balls on the end which Toby was still holding.

Then with a wicked grin and a wink he let them go. Rachel screamed as the weights dropped; pulling sharply on her breasts; causing the teeth to dig in viciously as the weights yanked against them. It felt like her nipples were about to be torn off. The weights kept dangling down in front of her pulling on her nipples constantly. Rachel was determined not to cry and give him that satisfaction but her whole body hurt, her shoulders were screaming from the lactic acid, her knees were throbbing from the hard tiles and her nipples felt like real crocodiles were trying to bite them off, she could feel the first droplet betray her and escape her eye.

Toby was now playing with the timer on the oven. Rachel had completely forgotten about the punishment. She now realised that she had to endure half an hour in this position. Once she realised that she could hold back the tears no longer. "Good girl" he said "you stay there for half an hour. Then we can have a nice meal" and fit blonde teen alyssa branch wants bfs cock babes reached round and slapped doxy cant get enough of fucking hardcore creampie bare arse.

Causing Rachel to jolt, this shifted the pressure to a different part of her knee and also meant that the weights jiggled pulling harder at her poor breasts. She sobbed in pain, trying to beg Toby through the gag to ease her pain. But all that came out was an inaudible mumble.

Toby ignored her as he continued to prepare the veg which he then put on to boil and steam on the hob. "Right that's all done. Just got to leave it and wait" he said. He then returned to the table and sat down leaving Rachel still tied at the oven. "God you look sexy" he said and he started to stroke his groin through his trousers.

She could see a slight bulge which began to grow at his attentions. Suddenly he could take it no longer. He stood and undid his belt and pulled his trousers and boxers off in one motion. She stared at it. That thing had already been inside her twice tonight and done its business. Yet unbelievably it was already hard again. Rachel looked on in horror as he started to stroke his cock with his hand taking steps towards her as he did it.

"You look so sexy like that knelt in front of me. Completely naked waiting for me to do things to you" and as he said this he reached his foot out and started to rub it over her mound.

"You dirty slut. You're making my foot wet. Do you like watching me stroke my cock in front of you?" And he leaned closer so his cock was pretty much poking her in the eye. She turned away and closed her eyes. "Don't turn away! I want you to see and feel everything I'm doing" Reluctantly Rachel looked back.

She knew she had no choice; she was under his complete control. And as her wet pussy showed part of her deep down was enjoying it. Then as if to assert his dominance, Toby started to rub the tip of his dick against her face, spreading his pre-cum over her cheeks, forehead and even her top lip, giving her a sticky, white moustache. "God your mouth looks sexy like that." Toby told her, "all open and waiting for me to stick something inside it." He paused for a moment staring at her as if weighing up his options.

"Look at the way you're salivating at the prospect." With her mouth in that position there was nothing Rachel could do to stop it; her saliva was dribbling through and around the gap. She felt disgusting but what could she do? "Well since you seem so keen I suppose I will just have to oblige." Toby teased and he finished wiping his pre-cum on her top lip and started to focus on the hole below it; teasing her by positioning his penis on the opening; then he slid his finger inside instead.

This was almost worse being tantalised and teased knowing it would come but not sure when. He even started stirring the cooking, leaving his rigid cock pointing at her eyes. Eventually though she felt his hand grip the back of her head and his other hand guide his cock to the edge of the ring as he slid it inside. The ring was tight on his rock hard cock but the combination of her saliva and his pre-cum meant he managed to slide it inside. Rachel gagged as her airway was swallowed up by Toby's advancing member.

She struggled to inhale enough air through her nose. Her whole body was in so much pain. Not that Toby cared he just casually stirred the potatoes with his cock still inside her mouth.

She licked the base of his penis with her tongue just to see if it would get a reaction.

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And Toby moaned in pleasure. "Ooh that feels good" he said "you want a bit more action do you slut?" And he started to slide his cock backwards and forwards into her mouth; grunting as he thrusted against the back of her throat.

God the ring was tight, it hurt slightly as, the metal cut slightly into his member, but it was worth it. Although it was nothing compared to the pain it caused Rachel.

She whimpered in pain as his cock pounded against the back of her throat, batting her tonsils around like a tennis racket. The motion jiggled the nipple clamps mercilessly. Rachel just wanted this horror to end. She licked the base of his dick causing a loud moan to emit from Toby's mouth. "That's it slut! You lick my cock. You're clearly a pro at this." Toby moaned. And he pulled her head onto him, pushing his cock deeper inside her mouth. Then as he tried to pull out again he felt a sharp pain at the base of his rod.

His cock had expanded so much that his cock wouldn't slide out through the ring. However, faste time xxx story 2019 than make him panic the pain and position just turned him on more. "You better make me cum slave. Or my cock is never coming out of your mouth." He teased. Rachel started to panic. His thick cock was blocking half of her wind pipe and she was struggling to get enough air into her lungs through her nose. Breathing through her nostrils also meant she had to smell his dirty cock and the dried spunk that he hadn't washed out of his pubes from the previous two times he had assaulted her.

Rachel started seeing stars in front of her eyes and had this horrible feeling sensual teen is spreading spread cunt in close range and having orgasm she was going to slowly suffocate to death with his smelly dick still lodged in her throat.

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This made her panic more, which didn't help her breathing. However eventually she got herself together. And realised that there was a very simple way to get his cock out of her mouth. So she started to feverishly lick the base of his penis with her tongue, pleasuring every part she could reach stroking her tongue up and down the length of his shaft. Her tormentor grunted his approval. Gripping her hair and pulling her towards him, blocking her airway even more. Rachel forced herself not to be sick as his sticky juices started to flow out of his cock and down her oesophagus.

The more she licked his cock the more the juices flowed.

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Toby was enjoying himself no end. It was a huge turn on to be pleasured by his slave as he cooked. He loved cooking; he always loved to unwind after work by cooking a nice meal. But this was something else. Combining his two favourite things food and sex together. They were similar in some ways. The power he had over both of them, to mould and control into anything he wanted felt incredible.

Rachel was an incredible cock sucker. The way she was running her tongue along his shaft and the sensations it created was like nothing he had ever felt before. He knew that he couldn't hold on much longer. "O yes. You filthy slut.

Lick it good you filthy cock whore!" he panted desperately trying to hold it back a little longer. He wanted to torment her a bit more first. "I want you to look me in the eyes as I fill your mouth!" He whispered barely loud enough for her to hear. And as he said this he gripped her brunette locks tighter; pulling her head back so that she had no choice but to look up at him.

"Good girl. Now don't you go closing those pretty little eyes." He said looking into her gorgeous tear filled emeralds. Rachel was clearly hating every minute.

He looked down at her tortured face her lips spread wide around the gag and his cock. She looked so sexy and helpless. He could barely hold on any more as she continued to lick away at his rod inside that sexy mouth of hers. But before he came he still had time for one last moment of wickedness as he pinched her nostrils together stemming the flow of air into her body. Rachel panicked and tried to wriggle but all that did was cause sharp pains in her knees and breasts as she moved.

So she upped the tempo of her licking to a frantic pace. She was panicking now. Her airways were blocked. She was certain he was about to kill her. But she licked away trying desperately to save her life. She couldn't breathe, she was starting to lose consciousness, her mind was hazy. Toby was moaning, his head tilted back in pleasure. But his hands were still clenching her nostrils together. Then suddenly Rachel felt his cock tighten and the first blast of sperm hit the back of her throat.

And as it did, she felt him release her. As the streams of sticky fluid flowed into her mouth; streams of welcome warm air flowed up her nostrils, filling her lungs and blissfully bringing her back cute african debutante gets exploited by two horny white guys interracial threesome her senses.

The feeling of relief was incredible. Despite the horror; she was alive. Her mouth was full of foul, salty goo but she was alive. She swallowed it down as best she could in between lifesaving gulps of air. She couldn't keep it all in. Without complete control of her lips she could feel his sticky juices trickling down her chin; mixing with her tears and saliva. Eventually his flow started to slow and his dick softened. "Good girl!" He said, patting her cheek like a child to further demean her.

He then pulled his hand away and checked it. He then knelt down in front of her. "You're supposed to swallow all of my cum when I stick it inside you! Not let some dribble down your chin." He said pulling on her nipple clamps. Rachel screamed in pain. It felt like they were about to be torn off. "You got that?" She frantically nodded her agreement. "Good slut!" He said releasing his grip before slapping her breast to accentuate the point, causing Rachel to howl in pain again.

She felt so worthless, so used. She was under his complete control; he was treating her like a play thing. Toby was loving his new toy. He checked on the vegetables and then checked the timer; 5 minutes left. So he sat down at the table rummaged in his briefcase and pulled out the notes for tomorrow, running through them one last time checking they were all in his head. He left Rachel exactly where she was; humiliated as a mixture of sperm and saliva dribbled down her chin; her knees ached from supporting her entire body weight for so long; her ankles and wrists stung as the rope dug in, her shoulders cramped as they were tied behind her; and her nipples throbbed as the weights had jiggled and pulled them savagely throughout.

When would this suffering end?