Shakeela firstnight with old man

Shakeela firstnight with old man
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I returned from my camping trip that year a different person. Now that I have had my eyes opened to what a real cock and cum felt like as well as tasting piss other than my own, a monster was brewing inside. My new found love for cock, piss and being fucked would have to be contained now back at hometown and back at school.

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Things were ok for awhile jerking off and dreaming but I could not get over what had happened and wanted more.but didn't want anyone to know I was gay or fag.

Several months later I was out to visit my cousin at college and on the way back late one night we stopped at a road side rest not to far from where I lived to go the bathroom. I went cute asian girl leaving voicemail for boyfriend the bathroom and realized there was writing on the wall with phone numbers and all sorts of smut.I wrote some of the numbers down. I went to a pay phone on night and called one of them and this deep voiced man answered on the other side.

I said that I found his number and immediately he asked if I was a cock sucker.I stayed silent.I then said I wasn't sure.He said, listen fag you either are or your not.

Have you sucked a cock yet? I told him I had and that I had been fucked.he murmmerd perfect.

then he said listen my little mancunt I want you to meet me at the corner of main and elm st at 9PM tonight and don't be late.I was sort of freaked but I decided to at least go and see what he had looked like. He pulled in a nice car and rolled down the window and asked me to get it.I hesitated but went inside.

His pants were undone and his massive cock was already hard.with out any conversation I knew exactly what I was to do.I layed down on his lap and began to suck him.I thought he would cum and let me out.NOOOOOOOOO! This was only the beginning of Faggot training.

He kept telling me what a good cock whore I am and that he had a amey rose s66 phorn hub place to take me tonight.we went out of town a bit and stopped at this old adult book store.

I had seen it there and just thought they had magazines.

Sexy teen alex mae into some kinky and rough stuff always wondered why there was a fence and cars parked out back.out of site from the road.He got out and said he would pay my way in and they were expecting me. Pay? expecting me? I had no freaking clue until we went in.there was porn but in the back there was a theatre and booths with what I know no as glory holes.he took me to a booth and I knew exactly what to do when a cock came through the wall.the guy blew a load in 1 minute.he said you are a good cock sucker.

He then began to fuck me as cock after cock came through the hole and I sucked and swallowed every bit.but the guy fucking me didn't cum.after a dozen cocks he told me I had graduated and could go to the basement.he stripped me naked at the top and led me down to this old smelly smelt like, piss, cum and smoke. It was totally dark. he guided me through the rooms and I could feel hands reach out of the dark and grab me but he kept leading me.soon he told me to sit down in want I thought was a leather swing.he said he wanted to fuck me in it so I laid back.I could feel all sorts of guys around me and soon they began touching and fondling me.I was laying back enjoying all the attention until I realized my hands and ankles were bound.legs up in the air spread apart.

Then the guy came up to my ear and told me that he was going to fuck me, cum deep in my ass, then leave me to all these men.That he had whored me out for $200 bucks to be strapped in here and anyone that paid to get it could do what they wanted with me.I freaked out and yelled but he shoved a piss soaked rag in my mouth.He fucked me wildly and shot a hot load inside me.I could feel it dripping out.soon there was another cock and then another.chain fucking me over and over.My mind was blown, how many were there?.

Then I guy came to my mouth and tore out the gag.before I could say a word he shoved his cock so far down my throat I gagged and puked.then he did it again and again. soon I was dry heaving and guys were fucking my almost lifeless body from both ends.

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What had I gotten myself into? I am going to tell the cops.fuck no.I don't want anyone to know I am gay.what would the kids at school say.thats when the guy who brought me came back.he whispered in my ear that I was a good faggot and I was finished.

He would give me a ride home.we didn't say a word all the way home and I asked him to drop me off in the middle of the town so he didn't see where I lived.Instead he turned down my street and stopped in front of my house. He had looked in my wallet and found out who I was and where I lived.Before I got out he said.Listen faggot you are now my cum whore and when ever I come calling you better meet me or I am going to tell the whole town you are a faggot.Holy shit!

what the fuck am I going to do. To be continued for the next 4 years literally until I left for college.I became a total whore and loved it. Well almost all of it.Some it go pretty rough and my eyes were opened to how sick some people really are. I also found out that I not only had a high pain threshold but that I actually like it. It gets hotter, kinkier, sick and even super sexy teen model really knows how to move than that.BDSM, piss, breeding, shit, cross dress and fisting.