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Big tits amateur blonde woman banged in her bubble butt homemade blowjob
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Tegan felt a great deal better now that she'd spoken with Brandon. She didn't know if Angus and Sam were equally troubled by the situation but she doubted it and she hoped any other concerns would be easily alleviated.

She just hoped she didn't run out of sexy stories to tell about her past exploits to get them excited, because there weren't really that many for her to fall back on. Now that her brief fling with Bethany was a secret between her and Brandon her well of experience was starting to run a little dry. She one girl bathing and one boy looking and sex japines doubted any of the guys would be pleased to know about her liaison with Trevor in the back room of a gym, so that was going to be her own little secret for the foreseeable future.

Mid-thought as she turned to step into her bedroom she was suddenly pushed roughly from behind and stumbled forward sprawling across the bed. As she tried to push back to find her feet she was pushed back down and a gloved hand pushed her face into the mattress, muffling her startled scream of panic. She felt something cold and metal clamp around her right wrist and heard the ratcheting of a handcuff closing. The hand holding her head down changed as the person grabbed her cuffed wrist and brought it across the back of her body to close the other cuff around her other wrist.

She kicked violently with her legs flailing at the air, but with the person's weight on her back she wasn't going anywhere. The hand suddenly gripped her hair and pulled her head up and as she gasped for air a heavy wad of cloth was forced into her mouth and she felt it pulled tight and deftly knotted behind her head.

She tried to scream but what came out of her sounded more like a muffle grunt of irritation. She felt light headed and logically she knew she must be hyperventilating. She pulled uselessly at the cuffs and tried to steady her breathing. The gag was easy enough to breathe around so her immediate fears of suffocation were allayed, but then a dark strip of cloth was pulled over her eyes and she tried to struggle again as this one was also knotted behind her head, blocking all light.

Her next attempt at a scream came out only as a fearful whimper and she realized she was shaking. She tried to gather her thoughts. This had to be one of her roommates. She doubted Brandon, sequestered in his room with his books and music, and generally a more timid character, would have taken upon himself to accost her like this especially after she had so recently attended to his needs.

She couldn't guess based on the person's weight, Angus being shorter and slightly stockier actually weighed about the same as the taller more muscular Sam. She also knew she couldn't compete with either of them in terms of strength so the fact they overpowered her so easily was no clue either.

But both men were supposed to be at work, for at least a few more hours. It wasn't unheard of for them to sneak away early, and Sam sometimes worked nearby and would slip home for a sweaty 'nooner' if possible, so again it could be fucking my stepsister in the virgin ass of them. What about psychology?

Angus was very dominant while Sam was unpredictable she felt either of them could potentially pill something like this. She let out a frustrated groan as she realized she was no closer to figuring out who her unknown assailant was and until she had it figured out the lurking terror that it might actually be a stranger wouldn't leave her mind.

Tegan felt the person's weight leave her and she immediately tried to get up from the bed again to get away only to have the person grab her ankles and pull her down again. She felt and heard another pair of cuffs close around her ankles but her ankles were not locked together.

Her left leg was pulled and she heard another cuff close, and realized her ankle was now locked to the middle leg of her bed.

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A second later and her right leg was pulled and locked to the leg at the end of her bed. She heard the person step back, presumably to survey their handiwork. She was bent across the bed with her ankles cuffed to the legs of her bed. With her small build this spread her legs nearly as far apart as they could go, and she could tell that her ass and pussy were on display to her unknown captor. Her upper half was still face down though she had her head turned to the side, forcing herself to take deep, even breaths.

She heard the door close and a rustle of fabric that told her they were still in the room with her, and undressing. A minute passed and they stepped closer to her, running their hands up the backs of her thighs and grabbing her ass cheeks. Their wandering fingers caressed her hairless slit and a finger slid inside her. She was unsurprised to learn she was wet her reminiscing about her girlfriend while with Brandon had definitely stirred up some friskiness and there was a different kind of excitement stemming from her current predicament.

Was it possible to get wet from fear, or was this actually arousing to her? She wasn't sure. She tried to struggle, uselessly, as the person pushed a second finger inside her and worked them around a little before withdrawing. She heard the person walk around the bed and lean across, moving her head gently to she assumed inspect her blindfold to make sure it was secure, then began rifling through her bedside table drawer.

She grunted in protest, not knowing what they were after and feeling annoyed at the violation of her personal belongings which was much more of an affront than the violation of her body, something she had just grown to accept as part of everyday life. The rifling stopped, but she wasn't sure if it was because of her protest or because they found what they were looking for. If she had to guess, it was probably the lube that Angus had kindly gifted to her.

To her that was another clue that this was Sam or Angus rather than a genuine intruder, since both of them hot school girl porn story where the lube was and used it fairly regularly. This seemed like a lot of effort just to have anal sex with her considering the pornographic amount of willing use her asshole had received over the last month, but she guessed it was all part of the game to whoever was in the room with her.

She cast her mind back to the first morning Angus took her while she pretended to be asleep and mused about history repeating itself.

Still, there was a churning knot in her stomach, a niggling fear that this might not be a consensual game and would not be relieved until she actually knew who it was. Sharpened by her blindness her ears picked up the sound of the lube tube uncapping and was surprised to feel the cold jelly touch her pussy lips and the slippery fingers push inside her.

She was confused she knew she was wet enough to take a dick, so what the fuck was going on? She had another moment of panic and tried to pull away, her memory fresh with the vivid memory of the time she had fisted Bethany and became terrified that someone was going to try it on her. What if this was Brandon? He'd openly admitted that hearing about her getting fisted would have been hot.

Surely he wasn't going to just up and try it. She thrashed her shoulders and tried to move her hips away as the fingers pushed more lube deep inside her. She could feel tears welling in her eyes to be absorbed by the blindfold, her panicked cries completely absorbed by the gag.

She let out one long plaintive wait as she felt an object touch her lower lips and begin to enter her. It was not, as she feared, a man's fist. However it was a sizeable object. She had to assume it was a dildo, and whoever was wielding it wasn't messing around. She felt the soft walls of her cunt yield as the dildo pushed into her. Maybe she wasn't great at estimating sizes, maybe because it was an artificial object that was harder, firming that a normal erect cock, but she was certain this was the largest thing she'd ever taken inside her which had otherwise to date been Trevor's pornstar-sized package.

She bit down on the gag and let out a super cute girl full story xnxx com, trying again to pull away from the invader, to no avail. The dildo begin to twist as it was worked inside of her, and whoever was controlling it began a gentle in-out motion to help work it in deeper. Tegan whimpered, her legs trembling as she was forced to take the dildo all the way in, until she felt the head of it push up against her cervix and the person finally forced trying to force more of it inside her.

She heaved a sigh of relief, feeling her muscles clench inside the fake cock. She fancied she could feel the texture of bulging veins and the flare of a circumcised head, but that could just have been her imagination. She could definitely feel something pressed up against her lips and imagined a set of rubbed moulded balls pressed up against her body, a thought that would be a lot more amusing if she wasn't currently quaking with anxiety. Now she felt a cool probing finger touch her exposed asshole.

She felt innately exposed in a way she couldn't really describe and wondered if her little star was distended by the object buried inside her.

The coolness moved inside her and she realized the finger was lubing up her backdoor. For the first time she mentally begged that a cock would enter her ass, and that her unseen torturer wouldn't try and jam another huge dildo inside her. Taut ass slammed by long dick hardcore and russian tried to convince herself that they wouldn't do anything to permanently hurt her. She knew her holes were muscular, elastic, that they could stretch and recover, but still, she worried that too much punishment might make her permanently loose, like some used up whore with gaping holes no man would want anymore.

That train of thought was abruptly derailed as a dick penetrated her ass. Lost in thought she hadn't noticed the person lining up behind her and the swollen head of their cock pushing past her sphincter to bury itself in the warm velvety softness of her colon. It eased in slowly but she felt so full that even that gentle pressure made her feel like she might split open. She whimpered when she felt the hairy crotch of the man behind her press up against her spread cheeks.

There was a moment of stillness while she tried to guess who was inside her but it was too overwhelming to reliably guess. After a busty babe cocksucks before sex on the floor girlfriends and amateurs they began to move and she let out a groan, feeling every inch of his cock drag inside her ass as he withdrew before slowly pushing back in. After a minute he built up a slow but steady rhythm, while all she could do was lie still, occasionally a twitching leg or arm pulling at the cuffs and reminding her that she was completely helpless and this was going to continue to happen whether she was willing or not.

Eventually she felt the rhythm change and the man's breathing with it as he reached his peak. With a groan he pulled out of her ass and she felt hot semen land in the small of her back just above the cuffs keeping her wrists connected. She hadn't recognized the man's voice from the groan, it was a guttural sound, too indistinct for her to guess who it belonged to.

But she signed with relief, as now the game was over and her tormentor would release her so she could recuperate before her next visitor. She waited patiently, silently, as she heard the rustle of clothing as the man redressed. She felt something lean on the bed and waited for her blindfold to come off… but it never happened. Whoever it was gently caressed her back and then the weight left, the door opened and closed and the sudden stillness in the room told her she was alone.

Tegan tried to take stock. She'd been pinned down, restrained, blinded, gagged, stuffed with a fake prick, and when done fucking her in the ass the jerk who'd done all this had just left her? She still didn't know who it was. The paranoia filled her. What if it really wasn't one of her roommates?

She needed resolution, and she needed it now. She struggled against the cuffs, surely they were trick ones with a hidden catch that would let her out, right? She groped around, but had no luck. She tried sunny leon xxxx imran hashmi akshay kumar the blindfold off against the bed but it was too snug for her to get any friction.

She tried to get her feet free but with her weight on the bed she couldn't get any leverage to slip one of the cuffs out from under it. She screamed again, hoping someone would hear her and come in to assure her the game was over. Eventually she gave up. She wasn't going anywhere and with the gag she'd be lucky if anyone could hear her, even if they wanted to help her and she had no confidence of that.

She felt tears well in her eyes again as she heard the door open.

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She lifted her head and groaned into the gag, rattling her chains to make it clear she needed help. Instead, whoever had just entered the room simply stepped up behind her and she felt another cock enter her ass. A sudden sob escaped her and she went limp, resigned to lay there and take it, as if there was any choice in the matter. As the second man violated her back passage she at least resolved herself to the belief this was her roommates doing. If there was more than one person involved it had to be some fucked up conspiracy cooked up between Sam and Angus.

Well, she hoped they were enjoying themselves. With her movement restrained and her eyes covered, unable to let out much noise, all she could do was lie there and listen to the squelching sound of a lubed up prick sliding in and out of what had once been her most private place, and was now apparently a wide open playground, some backdoor free-for-all.

With the gentle rocking and rhythmic sounds, Tegan lost track of time. It could have been thirty seconds or thirty minutes when she felt the cock pull out of her and another spurt of cum land on one of her limp cuffed hands. The same sensation, sexy babes gets taped while masturbating masturbation teen caressed her shoulder and then they were gone. She was unsurprised when another cock immediately replaced it, and this being the third person either one of the guys had an excellent refractory period or Brandon was in on it too, which felt like something of a betrayal after what she had shared with him she had opened up to him to alleviate his issues with the open arrangement, but apparently he had also secretly plotted with the others for this endless assault on her ass.

Before too long, though it was becoming harder to tell, he pulled out and blew his load on her back as well and she wondered if the ordeal was over. If she had hoped for it to end, she was disappointed.

For the fourth time a cock slid inside her increasingly sore hole. Her aching pussy clenched around the large dildo in response to the penetration, causing her to whimper into the gag. While she had spent her time up til this point questioning every decision she'd made that got her into this predicament, her body apparently had other ideas and was beginning to respond favourably.

Was that sweat or lube or her own juices starting to trickle down her thighs? She felt like she was on the outside of herself watching herself be violated and wondered how she could possibly begin to enjoy it. As she lay there being sodomised for the fourth time she could feel the subtle motion of the dildo shifting around inside her, occasionally starting to be pushed out by her clenching muscles only to be forced back as the man thrust against her.

She was in pain, yes, but it was beginning to blend with the subtle throbs of pleasure she supposed a body starved of pleasure will find it wherever it can into one overwhelming blur of sensations. She realized the muffled sounds escaping from her were not from despair or frustration but approval, encouragement. Whoever was fucking her seemed to realise this and she let out an agonized cry as they started to fuck her faster, abandoning the slow hypnotic rhythm to frantically pound her tender anus to completion, burying themselves deep inside and unloading into her bowel with a satisfied grunt.

She was sure that was Angus she knew what he sounded like when he came inside her ass and would recognize that grunt anywhere. He withdrew as soon as she felt the hot seed drain inside her and was again replaced immediately. She didn't even hear the door this time. They must be hot-swapping, literally standing waiting their turn she assumed the man starting to fuck her now was Sam, presumably on round two. He was the least squeamish about fucking her when she freshly used. He didn't waste any time picking up the pace.

He'd apparently applied a fresh coat of lube to his cock because it felt cool, almost soothing going in, eliciting a gentle moan from her as he began to ramp up quickly.

She was again lulled into an almost trancelike state, listening to the lewd squishing noises as he pounded her lube and cum-filled hole. She realized her legs were shaking and she clenched her fists as her soft whimpers became more desperate gasps for air. It wasn't long before she felt who she assumed to be Sam begin to release inside her, continuing to thrust against the soft walls.

Instinctively she clenched her tired ring to milk his cock and shuddered as the sore muscles sent a jolt of pain in protest. As soon as he was finished and stepped away another cock replaced him. This time she was certain the arrhythmic movements and urgent humping were Brandon. His cock felt different and she wondered if he was using a condom to safeguard himself from having to sink directly into her cum-glazed hole.

This time she did truly lose track of time, and of cocks. It was repetitive, silent but for the slapping sounds of flesh on flesh, cock in well-used hole. More semen was shot on her back but for the most part it seemed like they were happy to keep cute tiny black chick fucked hard by white biker it inside her.

Eventually, the ceaseless fucking lulled her into unconsciousness.

---- When she awoke, it was morning, and she hurt. The first thing she could not ignore was the deep ache in her ass. Not just the tender ring of her anus that felt like it had been turned inside out but a dull ache that ran deep into her core. Her pussy ached too, but not as much.

She gingerly cupped her sex and ass for signs of any permanent damage from the marathon sadism inflicted last night. No sign of any permanent harm. She was surprised that she didn't seem to have any residual fluids on her and assumed the guys must have kindly cleaned her up, which she felt slightly unnerved by as if they'd wiped her down and put her away like a used sex doll.

The next thing she noticed was that her entire body was stuff. Aside from the more urgent pains in her orifices, her jaw was sore presumably from being held open by the gag. Her back and thighs and arms ached from being locked into position for what was probably hours. There was a little bruising around her wrists and ankles where she had occasionally strained or pulled against the cuffs. She slowly stood up and stretched out her muscles, wincing as her calves cramped a little.

She flicked on the light and inspected herself in the mirror, when she noticed something on her left shoulder. She moved closer to the mirror and looked more closely tally marks. That's what they'd been doing when she felt them touching her back, leaving a count of how many times they fucked her. There were eleven marks, eleven assfucks in total, going on for hours. Each guy had managed to fuck her three or four times, at least she hoped that was what it meant.

Strictly speaking she couldn't be sure they didn't have eleven different guys lined up to go once each. She felt sick in the pit of her stomach at the idea but took a deep breath and composed herself, assuring herself that would not have happened. Wild oriental titty fuck and oral pleasure more she moved around the more she felt sore, especially, and unsurprisingly, in her ass.

She didn't know what possessed them to abuse her poor anus that way, but she felt like she a slutty pregnant ebony chick takes white cock and satisfies her needs going to remember it for a long time. Beyond her reflection in the mirror she noticed the dildo sitting on top of a book on her side table and sat down gingerly on her bed to inspect it.

It wasn't as big as it hard felt but it was exceedingly firm. It was probably about the size of Trevor's cock, though admittedly that would have been a struggle to take had she not been dripping with pent us sexual frustration that day in the gym. She gave a wry smile and tossed the rubber prick aside, turning her attention to the book it was sitting on, which turned out to be a photo album.

Her stomach did a somersault as she guessed what it probably contained. She took it in her hands and held it in her lap for a long minute before daring to crack it open. Predictably, it was full of photos. Polaroids, she was relatively relieved to see which meant there was no negatives, no photo studio who had seen these in order to develop them, no digital copy floating around in the cloud waiting to be stolen and leaked online.

The first page was photos of her restrained and lying across the bed from various angles, including a helpful close-up of usa sxe girl shool fuckinf pussy and asshole in case she wanted to know what she looked like from that angle. She slowly turned to the next page, a series of progress pics of the dildo being inserted into her until it was buried to the hilt.

On the opposite page was a photo of her lubed pucker and a cock halfway into it, accompanied by a corresponding photo of her face, her teeth gritted on the cloth gag, her cheeks flushed red. She was fairly sure the cock belonged to Angus, so she at least knew he was the first to violate her that night, and probably the ringleader of the operation.

As the pages progressed there were more photos. At first they were taking from the point of view of whoever was having sex with her, point of view shots of them entering her. Photos to update the streaks mausi ki nayi chal episode 2 japanese cum left on her back, the increasing tally count on her left shoulder. After a while it became clear they remained in the room together as the photos were taken from different angles.

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Every few pages was a close-up of her battered anus, as if to update on it's status. By the time she'd been fucked to completion six times there was obvious visible swelling. By the ninth she realized it was no longer fully closing despite the swelling, and cum was trickling out of her ruined hole. Once the tally reached eleven the dildo was removed and she was rewarded with some photos of her wet, glistening pussy, her lips spread manually by an unseen person's fingers to expose every private detail to the camera's lens.

There were a few more photos of her lying prone and as best she could recall definitely passed out. Another page and the scene was suddenly different. The cuffs, gag and blindfold were removed and she had apparently been cleaned up, though she didn't know how.

Body wipes, she assumed. There were a few pictures of her raunchy slut deepthroats multiple thick shafts brunette big tits on her back sprawled across the bed, apparently snoozing peacefully.

There were a few photos of her face from the tits up, the photographer apparently unwilling to take even a single picture that wasn't inherently sexual. Then there was a photo taken from between her parted legs, capturing the entire landscape of her body with the soft forest of her ginger pubes in the foreground, and one final picture of her sleeping on her side with the blanket pulled up over her, captioned underneath with a brief note: thanks for being our princess, next time you can be the queen, love from the boys xxoo.

Tegan traced her fingers over the words staring at them for a long time. "What the fuck does that mean?"