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Busty stepmom threesome sex with teens in the bedroom young old pornstars
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Opening the door. "Miss Laurey, please come in. Welcome to my home, if you will please follow me." He welcomed her as they walked downstairs to his office. "Doctor Gilles, you have a beautiful home." Drilling of a squelching vagina hardcore blowjob gushed "Yes well, I get by." Walking into his office they sat at his desk, high backed office chairs.

"So Miss Laurey, what was it you needed to see me about." Opening and closing her mouth, trying to say something. She couldn't manage to say the words.

"May I assume that this has something to do with what occurred in my waiting room the other day." Staring at him she turned beet red, immediately tilting her head down to avoid eye contact. She didn't know what to say. What is happening to me she thought. "Oh yes, I know what happened. Im not so sure I can use you in my study after what happened." Her heart sinking, a tear formed at the corner of her eye.

"Have you tried a, Purple Onion?" Instant deep sleep "Malinda, can you here me?" "Yes" "Malinda, I want you to tell me how you feel." He said playing with a mini lava lamp at his desk. "I'm so horny, so tired. Frustrated. Embarrassed." She answered in her sleep state. "What do you want Malinda?" "Sex, orgasm, cock, cum." "Malinda I want you to open your eyes, you are going to get up and follow me.

When you do I want you to feel relaxed, clear your mind of everything but the sound of my voice." Getting up she followed him as they walked to the anal penetration in brazilian wazoo hardcore blowjob. "Malinda I want you to sit here. I want you to watch the movie screen.

You are in a movie theater. Getting ready to watch a movie you really want to see, you don't want to miss any details." Lighting up the projector from the other room. A multicolored wormhole moving from side to side lit up the screen.

After several minutes the screen would flash every thirty seconds or so with a picture so breif it was barely perceptible. Flipping on the mike he began. "Malinda, you are feeling very relaxed. Your mind is clear of any thought. I am going to ask you a series of questions and I want you to answer them honestly. Do you understand?" "Yes" "Malinda, do you have family you are close to?" "No" "You have two brothers, what of them?" "Frank my oldest brother died in Fallujah.

Donnie my youngest brother had a brain aneurysm." "Do you have anyone you are close to?" "Not really no." "Do you often feel lonely? Nobody to be there for you?" "Yes" "Malinda, you will feel comfortable when you are here.

It will feel as if this is home. No other place will feel like home. When you are here you feel safe. I make you feel safe.

You can tell me anything. Here you can try anything sexually and trust that you are safe. You want to please me in any way. Your burning desire is to be my submissive and I your master. You will derive pleasure in being used as merely a fuck toy.

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Here you will be cared for. Here you will get attention. Here is were you want to be. Tell me what you want Malinda. Tell me." "I want to stay here, I want to make you happy.

I need people who love me." "Malinda, when I wake you. You will begin to follow what I have told you without any recollection of me telling you anything. It will feel like an awakening. A realization of what you want. What you need. All you will remember is that we had a discussion about your problems and that you should come back to see me. I want you to wake in four, three, two, one." Waking out of her trance, she looked around for a moment.

In thought for a bit she crossed her legs and spoke. "Thank you Doctor Gilles for understanding my problems. You must think I'm a complete mess." Her mind was filling in the blanks perfectly. 'Excellent' he thought to himself. "Actually Malinda, these are quite normal feelings. You have a much stronger drive than most people your age. So others may not understand but I do.

It's okay to feel this way. Your actions are the problem. It is not safe to have indiscriminate sex with anyone anywhere. You could find yourself in a dangerous situation very quickly." "Yes but, how do I take care of these feelings, my cravings. They are becoming hard to resist. Yesterday after masturbating half of the day I almost went to one of the frat homes at a local college in DePere to be ravaged by all the guys there." She told him uncrossing her legs and spreading them just enough to expose the fact that she had no panties.

"Well, I could give you a safe environment so you can satisfy your urges here if you are all right with that." "I would really like that. If I may be so bold to ask, do you need any help here? Cleaning, secretary, cook, relieve sexual build up?" She asked giving a seductive grin at that last one. "Well, since you mention it. Yes I do. Are you asking for a job position here with me?" "Actually, this place is huge.

It needs someone here on a more permanent basis. If you let me have one of the guest bedrooms to stay in while I am here, i think we could come to a mutual agreement." "Hmmm, that is something to think about. I don't mind giving you one of the bedrooms. Hell you can live here if you want." Scratching the stuble on his face he thought. "There would have to be some rules." "Anything" she she said shaking her head yes in excitement.

"When you are here in this house, the only clothes you wear are sexy revealing lingerie. I want you to buy a slutty maids outfit for when you are working here. Bbc deep anal hard sex crotchless panties or none.

Are you okay with this so far?" He asked her knowing already that she was. "Yes, yes" she said perched at the edge of her chair and clapping in excitement. "You will refer to me as Master or Master Tony, I will refer kolkata nika kole molik xxx you as my pet or slut. You will do anything that I ask of you without question. You absolutely are not to get jealous of me fucking other women here.

You are to sexually satisfy anyone who comes here if they ask you to, unless i say otherwise. Your vagina and your rectum are to be cleaned each and every day. You will always wear a buttplug. Ohh and your belongings stay in your bedroom, no exceptions. Are you okay with this?" He explained standing up at his desk. "Absolutely Master." She agreed pulling her dress off. "Alright then. Slut I need my cock sucked, I need a good cum. I haven't blown a load in days." He ordered dropping his pants.

Starting to approach he yelled. "Stop! Crawl to me seductively." Getting down on her hands and knees she stuck her ass high in the air, her ass cheeks swaying with each step. Tits just scraping the floor.

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At his feet she got back up still on her knees. Grabbing for his cock with one hand and his nutsack with the other. Feeding his limp prick into her mouth, even limp he was still a good five inches with an almost three inches of girth oh yes fuck me more ahhhhh sex storys. Using her lips to slowly jerk him off, her tongue did a dance all over the underside of his circumcised helmet.

Feeling his growth with in her mouth she held his scrotum in her hand using her finger nails to lightly scrape his taint. With the sexual energy building with in him, he rolled his head from shoulder to shoulder. Grabbing onto her head almost like instinct, he let her do all the work.

"Aaaah, fuck yes. That's the way. Work for your meal, show me how bad you want my cum." He moaned. His cock fullly hard started oozing from the tip to mix with her saliva.

Sucking, slurping and grunting as his cock bounced off the back of her throat, the wetness around her mouth started to run down to her chin. Pulling off she used his member to smear the drip all acrossed her face. "Do you like your new pet, your dirty slut.

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I will swallow all your loads, even if your cock has been in another woman's ass." She moaned rubbing his meat all over her face and cheeks. "I will definitely hold you to that.

Now shut up and do your job slut." He ordered her. Shoving it back in her mouth, she began pushing it past the back of her mouth. Gagging as it entered her throat, her eyes began watering. Inching it in slowly till her lower lip was at his sack, she held there. Backing off again, strings of saliva and precum hung between her mouth and his cock. Stroking him, she took a moment to breathe before going all the way filthy adorable bitches in a group sex down on him again.

Much easier this time she began up her teen ass lets soiree you allys sons of bitches up and down. Full deep throat each time. His cock almost a constant flow now filled her mouth with that slick salty fluid. To much to contain it drooled down the sides of her mouth to her chin, dripping in long swaying strings that fell to the floor or landed on her.

Her eyes a river of tears an mascara running down her face she was determined to get her reward. "Fuck! Fuck! Ohh my god slut, you are a professional cock sucker." He yelled out, the hairs sticking out on his back and neck. He was close and she knew it. Using her hand she began jacking him off to the point of no return waiting for that tell tale sign. Giving him the O look, mouth open, she stared up at him.

Tonguing the bottum of his head and sucking it a little at a time as. She stroked him vigorously to coax out her creamy goodness, never losing sight of him. Taking a deep breath as his testes sunk up into him, she latched onto the head of his cock while her tongue rubbed back and forth on the underside. With a grunt his cock gave a twitch. A fat lazy load spilled out onto her tongue. "Ooh fuck!" He shouted. Another twitch sent a heavy jet of cum striking the roof of her mouth.

Trying to swallow before the next one, a twitch sent another fat load overflowing out of the sides of her mouth and down his nutsack. "Aaaa shit yeah! He shouted again mouth wide open, eyes closed.

Twitch, spraying in her now empty mouth. Then just a steady flow oozed out. Stroking every last bit out, she started licking the cum that drooled down his balls. "Wow! That was great! I think this might just work." He huffed out of breath. Licking off the last remnants she backed away a step still on her knees.

A sight to be seen, her face streaked with mascara, drool and cum running down her face. It dripped off her chin in long strings. Smilling she asked. "Will there be anything else Master?" "Yes." He said pulling up his pants. Grabbing a pen he wrote a number down on a stick-it note and handed it to her. " Call this number for the movers to bring your possessions over." Pulling out his wallet he fished out a credit card and handed it to her.

"This will have to do until I can get you your own card. Get your lingerie and a three inch butt plug. Personal hygiene and cleaning supplies, house cleaning supplies, the maids outfit. I want a low cut breast line and bottom. Your nipples and ass should show. Can you cook?" "Three generations of Italian recipes, plus all of my own. I am an experienced cook. Is there something you would like for me to make?" "Go to the grocery store and stock the fridge.

I will text you a list of necessary items for me that you can add to the list. Before you do any of that go to Gandrud Chevrolet. I will have a new SUV waiting for you. Leave your car. Now, as for tonight. If you are here at three, you are to stay in your bedroom unless I call you.

Otherwise you call me first before you come in.

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Second, Iam having friends over tonight. I will text you a list of alcohol. I want orderves and pizza for tonight. You will serve in you maids uniform. I want you to tend to their every need. When our game is to begin, you will be naked. Finaly you are not to make any of them sister begs for brothers dick until I tell you it is okay.

Understand?" He told her. "Yes Master Tony." And she got up grabbing her dress to start her tasks. Chapter Two Sandy After making phone calls, pouring through his studies, and sipping on some fine rum. Time had gotten by him as three o'clock neared. The doorbell ringing snapped him back out of his thoughts. Walking up to open the door. A stunning young lady stood before him. Average height, long red hair, face a cross between Jenna Jameson and Qwen Stephani, large breasts that filled out her top forcing out cleavage, dressed in jeans and a shirt.

His cock stired in his pants san and mom san xx x again. This girl was in a fragile state of mind, you could tell just by looking at her expressions.

Jumpy, always looking around, defensive in nature. Classic signs of PTSD. This one he would have to be very careful with. Playing around in a damaged mind could have unexpected results. If he could use his process to help her to get back to the woman she was without turning her into a vegetable or worse.

That might open up more possibilities, more funding. "Sandy, welcome to my home. I'm Doctor Gilles." He greeted with an outstretched hand. Arms wrapped around herself, she made an attempt to move her arm.

Instead she looked at the ground saying only. "Hello." Putting his hand back to his side he stepped to the side allowing her to enter. "Please, come in Sandy" Hesitantly she walked in. Looking around for a moment, she began quietly sobbing. "Sandy, why are you crying?" He asked softly, caringly.

"I don't know." "Well, okay. Why don't you follow me to my office. Alright?" "Okay." Turning to walk down the stairs. He looked up to see she was stuck at the top stair. A frightened look in her eyes, tears rolling down.

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She was in worse shape than he expected. "I, Brunette pawn shop doggystyle and mounted fucking pov, I can't." She balled openly. Snot running down her nose.

"That's okay. It's all okay Sandy, you don't have to go downstairs. We can sit up here in the living room." He tried to sooth her. It was a good idea hooking up his lab to the receiver in the living room.

He was hoping to try it out on his friends first, but it looked like she would be riding in the pilot seat on this one.

"Why don't you sit anywhere. I'm going to turn on the tv and I will be right back. Flipping it on an episode of NCIS began playing. Heading down to his lab, it took him a few minutes to port everything to his receiver. Finally coming back up, he stopped.

"Sandy, can I get you something to drink?" He asked. Once again she wrapped her arms around herself. Shaking her head no. "So Sandy, I am going to put an image on the screen and I want you to relax while you watch." He explained to her taking the couch directly across from her with his back turned to the screen.

Taking the remote he switched the screen to the spiraling wormhole. As she watched, eventually she let her arms fall back to her sides. Putting earplugs in, he turned up the sound and reached over for his laptop. With remote acces to his computer in the lab. After several minutes he looked over and began. "Sandy, I want you wife comes out and he bangs her hot mom keep watching and can you tell me how you feel?" "Relaxed and kinda tired." "All right Sandy you are going to feel very tired.

I want you to keep your eyes open and keep watching the screen. Your getting tired, your eyelids are getting heavy.

Its getting harder to keep them open. How do you feel Sandy?" "Tired." "Sandy your eyelids are so heavy you just can't keep them open anymore. You are falling asleep, a deep sleep, you are falling into a deep sleep. You can here only the sound of your heart and my voice speaking to you from far away. Can you hear me Sandy?" "Yes" "Sandy, you are in a dream. You feel safe and comfortable. I want you to raise your arm." He said getting up. Raising her arm she sat there eyes closed.

Walking over to the bar in the California room he began mixing a drink. Walking over to the bay window he stared out for a moment taking a sip before coming back to sit down. "Sandy you can lower your arm. I want you to tell me how you feel." "Relaxed, safe, comfortable." "Sandy you are dreaming about what happened early in the day before your traumatic incident. You can see it as though you are looking from somewhere far away.

Your safe, comfortable, and relaxed. Sandy can you tell me what you see." "I'm with my friends and we are on are way to a frat party in DePere at Saint Norberts College." Her face contorting just a bit from the stress boiling at saat samundar par se guriya ke bazzr seams of her psyche.

"You are safe Sandy, just having a dream. If you stop feeling safe I want you to find a happy moment in your life.

I want you tell me what happened when you get there to the party." "We payed twenty dollars at the door. Walk in. There is music coming from the basement. People, lots of people. Talking to some other friends, surprised to see them here." " Are you feeling safe and comfortable Sandy?" "Yes" "So what happened next?" "Me and Megan go downstairs." A tear forming at the corner of her eye told him he was pushing her but she was still good. "Tell me what you see Sandy." "The wall is painted with graffiti.

Nine one one. Who you gonna call for a beer emergency. The Anthrax grumpy man character. Names and dates." Thats weird he thought. Another tear rolled down her cheek. "If you don't feel safe anymore I want you to think of a happy moment in your life. What happened next Sandy?" "All you can drink beer. Leinenkugel Origanal yuck. Budweiser. Me and my friend Megan drink whiskey we brought in a flask. Too many people.

The music is rave music. I smoke a joint that is passed to me and pass it on. We are talking and dancing in a corner.

I start feeling drunk. A guy starts talking to me. He is cute and nice so I go with him upstairs." Tears streaming down her face.

She stops talking and begins to smile. "Sandy how do you feel?" "I am happy with my dad at the state fair. He won a prize at the skeet ball for me.

My teddy lion." That was it, she didn't want to go through that door. This wasn't going to be easy. It was going to take many sessions in order to get to the heart of the matter. The only thing to do now was let her mind adjust and try to make her feel comfortable during the process.

"Sandy, from now on when things that remind you of that night start to creep up on you and make you feel scared. I want you to stop and look around. Realise you are not there and try to relax yourself. Do you understand Sandy?" "Yes" "Sandy, when you wake you will only remember the both of us talking about how you feel and discussing your time with your father at the state fair.

You will feel better, safe, more confident. Now if you hear me say Purple Onion, I want you to fall into a deep sleep. Okay Sandy I want you to wake in four, three, two, one." Opening her eyes she looked around for a second. "I feel so much better talking to someone. Thank you Doctor Gilles. Can I come see you again?" "Of course, your welcome back anytime.

Sandy if you need to call me for any reason at any time, here." He told her handing over a business card.

"Now Sandy, this was just a start. You need to come back regularly to see me if we are going to get anywhere." "Tuesdays at three" she smilled. "Well then, Tuesdays at three it is." He chuckled. Getting up she walked over and hugged him."Thank you so much.

I haven't felt this good in so long."she cried. Chapter Three Game Night After Sandy left it wasn't long before the text from Malinda came asking if she could come in. Pulling into the garage, she shut the garage door and striped out of her dress. Putting on her new outfit, she buckled the garter straps to her stockings leaving the panties akshra ji ke xxx storys. Grabing personal gel she reached into her shopping bags to pull out the butt plug.

Black three inch plug she rubbed the gel around it dominant bossladies making me bust a nut her asshole. Putting the tip to her hole she slowly pushed it in, the lubricant allowing it to slip in easy. At about three quarters in, her hole was stretched wide. Giving it a moment to get used to something so big she would twist it a little. Her crotch was on fire with a growing need to be touched, sucked and fucked. Her other hand going directly to her clit, she pushed in a little more.

The burning feeling in her ass with the stimulation from her clit she pushed it the rest of the way, her hole resting in the groove. Her lust boiling over she sat on the counter with her leg up. Two fingers deep, thumb rubbing her clitoris. Desperate to have an orgasm, she fucked herself wild with her hands for twenty minutes.

Always getting close but never climaxing. Frustrated she picked up her phone to text Master Tony. With his response to come in she grabbed as many bags as she could. Master catching the door for her could tell something was up as she stormed past him saying nothing. "Slut! What is wrong with you? Spit it out now." He commanded. "I'm sorry Master. I'm just so damn frustrated. Arrrrrrgh!" She huffed. "I haven't been able to have an orgasm since my debauchery at your office.

I've tried over and over. I just keep getting so fucking horny, I'm afraid I will just drop my pants in public and start fucking everyone and everything!" She yelled as her yelling turned into tears "Put the bags down on the dinning room table and sit in the living room." As they walked toward the living room she wiped the tears from her face sniffling.

Once she was comfortable in her seat he sat towards the edge of his seat with elbows resting on his knees rubbing his palms together. "I want you to start to feel calm and collected. Save all your lust for when my company shows. When they are here I want the slut in you to come out. Be as provocative as you can but remember, no one cums till I say so. Tonight during sex you will have several extreme climaxes.

You will keep rolling from one orgasm to the next each varying in strength till everyone has been satisfied. Do you understand Melinda?" "Yes" she looked at him oddly about to start asking questions.

"No questions! Are you done unloading the SUV?" Being dismissive. "No." Getting up to finish unloading. Tony heading to his office, disappeared for the remainder of the time. While Malinda set out to prepare for the nights event. Cooking and setting up according to his instructions, then heading upstairs to make sure she was cleaned out for the night. As the guests arrived they sat in the living room watching the sports channel and discussing last weeks football loss to the Vikings.

Scott was the first to arrive. A man of medium build and average height with curly hair and a Patrick Swazy look.

Studying to be a doctor he and Tony had run into each other at the campus. Helping him out from time to time on his studies the two became quick friends. Kraig stepping in right behind him stopped in his tracks at the sight of Malinda. A heavier man his staulkiness was always mistaken for being overweight. Woman always being just slightly out of his grasp, Malinda being dressed in her maids outfit with a push up that exposed all of her breasts.

He couldn't help but stare. No more than ten minutes later another knock came at the door. Opening the door Steve and John walked on in. "Please if you will wait in the living room Master Tony will be up shortly." "Well, well. Who might you be?" Steve asked looking her up and down. "You can call me Slut but my name is Malinda." She answered smiling. Turning to walk back to the kitchen he smacked her ass.

"Whoa! Is that a butt plug?" John asked surprised. "Yes, Master says I should always have one in. Can I get anyone a drink?" It wasn't long before Tony came up from the basement.

Welcoming them all, he then had a few drinks. Waiting for her to leave he began explaining to them his expirement and the progress, Malinda. "So you mean to tell me she will do anything you tell her? Complete control?" Kraig asked sceptical. "Instead of me telling you, how about I show you. So tonight I fat rod in her taut cunt hardcore and blowjob bringing back an oldy but a goody.

1997's GoldenEye on Nintendo64. You each take a bedroom upstairs. Computers are set up in each room, ready to go. We all have headsets to communicate.

The game tonight is the multiplayer shoot out, kill the Captain in a last man standing mode. The Captain is to avoid being killed while we hunt for him. The person to kill the Captain becomes the next Captain. Now here is the reward. While being Captain, my slut will come into your room and suck your dick until you die. She is under strict orders not to let any of you cum. That way you are ready for the end of the night entertainment" Tony proudly announced.

All of them sat there speechless, trying to process what he had just told them. "Well then let's get this game rolling shall we! Who is going to start as Captain?" John asked eager to get started. "Winner from last weeks Halo party was Scott. So Captain goes to you this week Scott." "Awesome." He smilled getting up and running up the stairs.

Entering the room a 42" tv hung on the wall in front of the bed with wireless controller and headset on the night stand. Taking off his pants and underwear he jumped up on the bed. Lining up all the pillows as back support, he was ready. The door opening, Malinda walked in wearing only a headset and nothing else. Climbing up on to the bed she crawled between his legs. Scotts penis not even hard yet was about as long as Tony's, just not in girth.

"Okay, everyone ready?" Tony spoke through the head set. "Ready" "Roger that." "Ten-four good buddy" "Just start the fucking game." Malinda grabbed Scotts cock and swallowed it, bobbing on it as it grew in her mouth. Definitely distracting teenpies filling up bushy teen with cum cum in pussy and missionary playing skills he only lasted a minute before being shot by Kreg.

Getting up she walked out and entered Kregs room. Ready, they began again. For several hours Malinda went from room to room sucking cock, serving drinks and feeding them pizza as they played on. The night winding down Kreg won with most kills and longest hang time as Captain. Everyone moving into Kregs room, Malinda sat at the edge of the bed. "Alright Kreg, here is your reward. You can do anything you want with her." Tony applauded. "What the fuck, Kreig always wins." Scott complained. "Shut up Scott." They all chimed "If nobody has a problem with being naked, I say we all take her now.

Is that cool with you Tony?" "That's fine by me." Tony okayed heading for the door. "Hey aren't you going to get some too?" Kreg asked watching him head for the door "No, not this time. You guys go have fun. Hey, and feel free to stay the night. Slut will take care of anything you need. Isn't that right." Not even waiting for a response he closed the door. "Yes Master Tony." She squeeked.

"So Kreig what would you like to do to me or me to do to you? I am all yours." "Is your pussy clean?" He asked "Why yes. All my holes are clean for your use." "Good, why don't you come over here. You can ride me on top since I am already hard as a rock. Hey if someone wants her mouth it's open game." Climbing on top of Kreig she positioned his hard cock between her tight but now wet hole. Sinking down onto him her butt plug could be felt bulging inward from her anal cavity. The black rubber seperating her ass cheeks.

John climbing ontop of the bed stood in front of her. Eager for cock she swallowed half of him while stroking the other half. Steve reaching out grabbed at her plug fucking her slowly with it. Pulling it out and pushing it back in. Kreig playing with her breasts swaying in front of his face latched onto a nipple sucking and nibbling.

All these spots in her body being stimulated at once she felt like this is what she was meant to do. Pleasure and be pleasured. "Holy shit, that feels wild. I can feel that from inside her pussy." Kreig exclaimed from the side of one of her tits. Looking up at her, she was lost in a world of bliss stroking a cock on the side of her face. "Kreig I hope you don't mind but I have to get some of this." Steve told him tossing the rubber toy on the floor. Her brown chute stayed open from being accustomed to the rubber plug.

Sinking it in all the way he sighed. Her eyes however shot wide open, a bolt of ecstasy bore down on her as a major orgasm ripped her mind apart. A constant babble of moaning and sqeeks she stuck his cock back into her mouth. She wanted his thick warm sauce now, at this moment. Stroking and sucking she gagged trying to force it back down. Her ass and pussy being split open she couldn't get enough of that full feeling.

This confirmed it, from here on out her life would be dedicated to being a cock hungry slut. 'I wonder what else I've been missing?' she thought, just as John grabbed her head and began shoving his thick member down her throat.

"Shit, here it comes. Take it, oooooh yessss." He moaned out dumping spurt aftet spurt down her gullet. Slurping the last bit off the head of his pecker she motioned for Scott to come over and take his place. "I need more." She opened her mouth wagging her tongue. Big grin on his face he happily climbed ontop of the bed to take his freinds place. Without missing a beat she began bobbing her head up and down on his pole.

"My god her pussy is so tight, I don't know how long I can go." Kreig grunted "More, give me more. I want you both to cum inside me. Let my holes take everything you can give. Oh yes fuck me good, give it all to me." She cried before going back down on Scott again. Her asshole and vagina stretched wide open. Steve and Kreig both pounded her now sloppy holes making all kinds of wet squishing sounds as her juices soaked the two men from behind.

After sometime of sinking deep in and back out, plus the prick she desperately was sucking on like a popsicle. Malinda let out a long gutteral moan as her body began to shake and spasm. Her holes clentching tight she could only hold on to the cock in front of her to keep from falling down on Kreig, smothering him to death in her tit flesh.

"Fuck! That's it! I, I, can't, Aaah!" Kreig grunted as he shot his tommy gun fuck amy anderson up into the semi-responsive woman. Slowly pumping her vagina till his cock plopped out. He basked within the feeling of a good cum. Her tits still swaying slapping his face as Steve kept pounding at the hole on the other side of him. "Okay! Break time!

I need a drink!" Kreig yelled out from under. Malinda rolling over, flopped down next to him still shaking and half responsive. Her holes now empty of any cock, she sighed coming back to this planet of reality. "I will, mmmmm, drink,, just a minute." She replied still coming down from that incredible orgasm. "Wow, it looks like you are having even more fun than extreme daddy fuck worlds greatest stepchums daughter are." John laughed from the chair still stroking to the scene in front of him.

Looking around after a minute she hoped off the bed in all her naked beauty. "So what can I get my boys, the same or do any of you want something different?" "Crown Maple on the rocks." Scott piped "Captain and Coke." John followed. "I just want some water." Kreig said smaking his dry mouth and tongue together. "Right on the end table over there.

I brought some up. I figured you boys might need some water after playing with me."she smilled wiggling her ass with her hands at her side. "Oh we are not done with you yet my dear." Scott eyed her with a lust filled grin. "Well I should hope not. I haven't given you boys my surprise yet." All of them chuckling together in anticipation.

"How about you, my Stevie? What can I get for you?" She said in her sexiest pouty voice she could muster. This made Steve shiver just at the sound. "Honeyweiss beer. Gulp" "Back in a moment boys." Walking out into the hall she could hear them all talking.

By the end of the hall they broke out into a boisterous laugh. Downstairs she got all the drinks together on a tray with a large bottle of champagne in the middle.

Making her way back, she got to the stairs that lead back up or down to Master's basement. She could hear her Master talking to someone but couldn't quite make out what he was saying till she heard him say her name. Putting down the tray she tip toed silently down the stairs to get closer.

He was talking to someone on speakerphone. "Look Tony, I understand. You have come a long ways with your research and are very close to an end product. But, and I say 'but' cause there is always another end to this business, you should know this by now.

The Senate Committee wants to see results from the almost twenty million that they have invested into your research. This is politics Tony, plain and simple. You need to come up with a presentation to these people or they will pull your funding. They are politicians and bureaucrats, you need to handle them as such. So what of this Malinda you just mentioned?" "Look General, I say this with the utmost respect so please take no offense.

Malinda is off limits, she is my prototype. The first. I am still in the testing stage with her. The mind control sessions seem to be a success so far, but that is just it! So far! I have not had enough time yet to justify a response to the committee yet. You know just as well as I General, that as soon as they see her, they will want to rush things without concern for any adverse effects.

I have one person. If something goes wrong, I can handle that. Two, three, four people, that is too much to handle. And before you say it, NO!!! I do not want any outside help. I alone should control this environment for fear of an imbecile taking advantage of this project inappropriately, or immorraly, ruining all of my extensive work!! As shock set into poor Malinda, a tear formed at the molly jane in mom earn extra money of her eye, then dropping along her cheek.

She was being used, manipulated, controled down to the most basic of her instincts. She suddenly felt an ache in her heart for the realization of the acts that she had performed the other day and now. Another tear formed at her other eye and trailed down.