Sex and orall service for agile dude hardcore blowjob

Sex and orall service for agile dude hardcore blowjob
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Looked myself in the mirror. 6'1'' jock just graduated college trying to get a hold of myself. Left my boyfriend to seek a job in this new town. It was just before summer when the weather was not too hot but never cold.

Short brown hair and soft toned muscles. Nothing that needed a daily workout to sculpt but my metabolism has just never caught up to me yet. I decided to take a jog to take my mind off of things, it helps me get through these stressful days of job hunting in this new city. I did not quite know where i was running but, as long as my feet were moving i didn't care.

Starting off my run i realized how long its been since i have had sex.

The masculine aroma i was emitting in the air needed no cologne cover. i was wearing an ass less jock, which was what i always wore when feeling frisky. My small running shorts helped me feel a nice breeze, i was defiantly going shirtless. Starting off my run it was dusk, not dark but a sexy orange skyline lit the evening horizon. i took a path going west of the house on a nearby running path i knew was scarcely occupied except for the occasional avid runner.

i was in the zone. a light job really helps the blood flow and i was feeling the freedom to be loose. I could start feeling the sweat and arch that back brittany shae 00557 tube porn recently shaved body was starting to act like a nice naturally oiled machine.

i could feel my muscular butt sliding against each other longing for the space in between to be filled. The forest path was winding along when i noticed my first stranger in the distance.

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i slowed my pace to make sure i got the full view. It seemed to be a well in shape, toned, muscular, large, dark haired and tan beauty jogging toward me.

as we passed it felt like timed slowed i bit my bottom lip and gave him a big wink. he slowed. my heart raced as our eyes met and all of a sudden i was stopped in the middle of a running path stopped dead in my tracks by this model of a man.

i backed a few paces as he said, " well hello there, i have not seen you around these parts, the name is Jack." barely finding words i muttered, "oh, Scott" that was all the talking that needed to be done as i found myself cock to cock with jack in a moment of pure madness. This madness was nothing short of heavenly as my primal instincts took over. he grabbed my 6 in member and i froze. Really? here and now?

It was a dream i prayed i was not going to wake from. His firm grasp on my cock aroused me so fast i was hard in a matter of seconds. I reciprocated and grabbed his cock in mia khalifa 1 hour story upward soft scoop and was not prepared for the 8 in monster on the end of my grasp.

He led me to a spot just off the path and this seasoned veteran showed that it was not his first trip to the woods of gay returns. I apparently hit peak hours of the local running trails gay adventurers. I didn't care nothing could stop me from dropping to my knees instantly. My favorite part was now. The unveiling of his hard member was nothing short of perfection.

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I slowly pulled down his running shorts and slowly popped out his rock hard, already juicing cock. My heart was beating out of my chest as i inched closer. His throbbing cock slid into my mouth with ease. In my over zealousness i chocked on my first intake.

he then grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer to his shortly groomed pubes. I instinctively pulled away and my eyes watered. After i backed away coughed i knew i was going back for more. My mouth went back and forth on his monster cock to where i did not notice a stranger approaching. he came up from behind and grabbed my head. In one motion pulled my hair, yanked it back and said, "You like sucking on that big dick don't you slut?" i instinctively replied, " yeah so give me yours you fucking bitch" This man was just as large as the man who cock was in my hand but bald and tattooed.

He was not fucking around and i didn't care what happened next as long as i was plowed by these gods of men. He unearthed his 6 inch cock ready and hard. i took the two cocks back and forth, one after the other as these two men engaged in hardcore making out. I was in paradise, if paradise meant filled with man meat and ready to be tenderized.

After awhile Jack pulled me off his shimmering, veiny monster of a cock and threw me to the ground. I was harder than i have ever been and the front of my shorts was covered in oozing precum. i threw off my shorts revealing the jock.

The two men cracked a smile and tossed me over. Jack the went straight for my ass hole. The euphoric feeling and my muscled tensed as his drenching tongue hit my tight hole for the first time. I let out a groan that could be heard for miles. Then the bald tattooed man took his place in the front of my and shoved my mouth so far on his cock my nose crashed against his shaved pelvis. i coughed but he held on to my head. i chocked on his dripping dick flexible exercises for nami honda ending up in sex let out a moan from the enormous pleasure.

They were making me the bitch and i loved it. I took my hand and worked his cock. slobbering everywhere now his slippery cock went in and out of my mouth with ease. I was so concentrated on his cock that i was surprised when a cock sunny leone shraddha kapoor xxx storys my loosened asshole and with a yelp his cock entered me with pain.

The pain quickly subsided and my eyes rolled back in pleasure. i was getting worked like the school boy bitch i deserved to be. This was beyond any of the consensual, regular fuckings of me and ,my ex. this was how you fucked. Raw and hard. He entered and exited me each time i moaned and each time the man in front of my massaged the back of my throat with his cock. I worked his dick with my tongue.

I demanded, "give me your cum, now." the tattooed man replied, " oh, you will get your load you selfish bitch." I worked his cock and felt the beginning of his muscles seize. He let out a moan and my mouth was filled with the biggest, warm load I have ever taken. he quickly closed my nose and mouth and ordered me to swallow. I obliged as then Jack finished in my ass behind me.

I could feel his cock, deep inside me let out its juices. I felt every squirt and it filled my anus. he then pushed me down to the ground. i felt like a slut and i layed there wanting more. Jack took a few deep breaths, put back on his pants, and walked away.

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The tattooed man had already vanished into what was now a dark night. I turned over to gaze at the starry night sky, cum oozing out of my spit soaked ass.

I had been fucked so hard as i sat there in the grass a sweaty mess. I found my way back to my house, my legs gave way as i fell onto the couch. my eyes closed and i drifted along into the perfect wet dream. i got my fill.

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Tell me what you think and if you want more, please. My first erotic short story and so criticism is needed and/or wanted.