Milfs erica and merilyn take a facial grandmother and grandma

Milfs erica and merilyn take a facial grandmother and grandma
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CHAPTER 11 Nearly six months had passed since the day the escaped prisoner had arrived and in one day altered Becky's sex drive and her life. She had spent several nights with Amy and with Rita as they had explored the wonders of lesbian sex. For Becky, it was a highly enjoyable outlet, but she also realized she was not totally committed to the lesbian lifestyle. She still thought and fantasized about getting fucked by a hard, male cock.

One of her oldest friends was Sally, whose husband, like Becky's ex, had been successful in real estate. She was a few years older than Becky and while they were busy raising their kids, they hadn't socialized much. Becky decided to call Sally, a licensed counselor, to meet for lunch. During their conversation, Sally got the impression that Becky was expanding her horizons after her divorce. Becky didn't go into detail, but Sally suggested that perhaps some formal counseling sessions might be in order.

"Look, I don't think you have any serious issues," Sally said as they wrapped up the conversation. "I realize we're friends but if we can treat this as a client-patient relationship, I hope you'll feel that you can just open up and talk about your feelings. Sometimes the best therapy is just hearing yourself express your thoughts out loud." Becky started seeing Sally on a weekly basis.

Through Sally's savvy questioning and Becky's desire to have someone to talk with she considered Sally more a friend than a professional counselor Becky talked about her experiences with Amy and Rita.

She left out the part of the escaped convict. But as she discussed her explorations of her lesbian side, she also made it clear that she missed being with a man. She didn't really like the idea of getting back in the "dating world" and the more she thought about teen fight hd first time associately family competition situation, the more uncertain she was how to proceed with her social life.

Because of their friendship, Sally wasn't reticent to come up with a plan that could help Becky while also having some extra benefits. After the most-recent session, Sally mentioned that they hadn't seen each other outside of their professional relationship. They decided to meet the next morning for coffee.

Sally mentioned that she thought Becky, either because of the counseling or just her own fortitude, was looking like a beautiful, confident woman.

She had just celebrated her 40th birthday an occasion which she basically ignored as just another day on the calendar and Sally told her that she believed Becky was primed to "blossom." To that end, Sally had a plan to help her friend and client.

"If you don't have any plans Saturday night, why don't you come over to the house for drinks," Sally said, trying to keep it innocent and low key. "We're good friends with this couple, Steve and Jennifer. They're both about our age and lots of fun, great conversationalists. Brian and I always enjoy getting together with them. Why don't you join us?" "I, well, it sounds nice but … won't I kinda be like a fifth wheel?" "Nonsense. What, do you think it's something where you have to be paired up?" Becky didn't notice the twinkle in her friend's eyes and Sally felt a familiar sexual tingle when her friend agreed to attend.

When Saturday afternoon arrived, Becky couldn't decide why she felt nervous. It was almost like she was going on a date. After debating what to wear, she selected a simple red dress with a black belt. And when elder sister and her small brother arrived, she immediately felt overdressed.

Sally was wearing jeans and print blouse. "Shit, I should have called and asked what the dress was," Becky said with a frown. "Don't be silly. You look great." Sally's husband Brian soon walked up and gave Becky a quick hug and peck on the cheek.

"It's been too long," he said. "You look fantastic. We're really glad you could make it." Becky followed them into the den where she met Steve and Jennifer.

Like Brian, Steve was wearing a polo and jeans. Jennifer was wearing a short black skirt and a dark gray blouse. Her long, sleek legs were crossed as she sat on the couch.

Just then, Becky was a bit surprised to see another couple walk in from the kitchen. "Ah, this is Brian's brother Eric and his girlfriend," Sally explained. "Eric just got out of the Marines after 15 years and has started a private security company. They just got into town last night for a surprise weekend visit." Eric was a few years younger than Brian. He was wearing a tight crew-neck t-shirt that emphasized his rock-hard physique and his muscular arms.

He had steel-blue eyes and a military buzz cut. "Nice to meet you Becky," he said. "This is Lilly." She appeared to be in her late 20s. Becky immediately thought that she looked like a young Diane Lane, the actress.

She was wearing jean shorts and a blouse that was tied at the bottom to reveal a tight and toned midriff. Becky made a mental note that if Eric was in such great shape, he'd likely not be dating a girl who wasn't also a fitness buff. As these types of gatherings often do, it moved into the kitchen where the men stood around drinking and talking while the women drank and talked while sitting at the table.

The conversation flowed and so did the wine and beer. There were snacks and sandwiches to munch on and the words and laughter made for enjoyment for all seven participants. Around 10 p.m. Becky was feeling a pleasant buzz from two or was it three? glasses of wine. Brian and Sally were excellent hosts and made sure everyone was well-served. Becky as sitting at the table with Eric and Lilly, who explained that she was a personal trainer.

Eric's stories of his time with the Marines were fascinating and Becky enjoyed his sense of humor. "Well, I wonder where the others have gotten off to," he said as he finished one of his tales. "Let's go see if we can find out." He extended his hands to each woman and they walked toward the living room. CHAPTER 12 Becky thought she could hear some muffled voices? moans?

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but when Eric led them into the room, she let out a soft gasp. On the couch, Brian and Jennifer were making out, their lips locked in a deep soul kiss with their arms wrapped around each other.

On the recliner, Sally was sitting on Steve's kinky tranny babes love sharing cum after threesome. Her blouse was unbuttoned, and his hands were fondling her breasts through her lacy bra. "Sally … what the hell? What are you guys …?" "Becky, sweetheart, what we are … we're swingers. Steve and Jen are two of our best BEST friends. And we've got other couples we hang out with.

It's my opinion that you are more than ready to try this lifestyle." Eric slipped his strong arm around Becky's waist and pulled her close. "We do it, too," he whispered in her ear. "Last night, the four of us Sally, Brian, Lilly and me we had quite a wild time." Becky's brain started whirring with the idea of the two brothers swapping the two women in their lives. And thought of the petite Sally together with Eric's ripped body painted quite the erotic picture.

Lilly was on Becky's opposite side and she reached for the zipper of her dress and started sliding it down her back.

As the skin was exposed, Lilly covered it with light kisses. "I've been thinking of this sexy body all night long," she cooed. "Hey, you too, slow down," Sally said, untangling herself from Steve and getting up. "We need to move this into the den." The two couples led the way with Becky, Eric and Lilly following.

The den was down the hall from the living room. The furniture had been pushed back to the walls and the floor was covered with a couple of small mattresses and dozens of large pillows. Becky also noticed that there were three padded benches arranged around the floor. Sally and Jennifer each stripped down to their bras and panties and led their two mates toward the center of the room where they laid down.

Becky remained standing with Eric and Lilly by her side. "Mmmmmm, time to finish," Lilly purred as she unzipped Becky's dress all the way to just above her ass. Eric unbuckled the waist belt and tossed it aside. Lilly's hands pushed it off her shoulders and then helped ease it over her hips, so it pooled at Becky's feet. She was wearing a matching bra and panty set, lavender trimmed in black, with black thigh highs. In a word, hot.

In another word, sexy. Brian and Steve's hard cocks were out and were being stroked by Jennifer and Sally. Seeing Becky standing there in her lingerie caused their dicks to jerk and their eyes to narrow in appreciation. "Damn, Becky," Brian said. "You're smokin' hot." Lilly moved around to face Becky while Eric moved behind Becky, his strong hands moving over her hips and sides.

"Your turn. Undress me, please." Becky briefly closed her eyes as she felt her insides churning, her heart pounding.

She then reached for the knot holding the blouse together and undid it; Lilly was braless. Becky's hands moved inside the collar and pushed the garment over her shoulders.

It slipped down her arms to the floor. Her breasts were full and natural and firm. They sat high on her chest and their upturned tips were topped by gum drop nipples. Becky felt a shiver of desire race through her nervous system. Lilly unsnapped her shorts and shoved them down, stepping out of them. She was wearing boy shorts panties, their thin straight strip accentuating her tight abdomen and ass cheeks.

Eric had slipped off his shirts and jeans, his erect cock was tenting his boxers. He moved behind Becky and his strong hands grasped her hips and then moved around to her stomach and up to cup her bra-encased breasts. Again, he was whispering in her ear. "Since you're single tonight, is it OK if Lilly and I help make sure you don't get lonely?" She couldn't see, but she could almost hear the smile in his voice as his hands expertly fondled her mounds.

Lilly watched Eric's hands on Becky's breasts and smiled. She grabbed Becky's hands and pulled them to her tits. "I saw how you looked at 'em," she said. "They're all yours." And then she leaned forward to kiss Becky's cheek before moving her sensual lips to Becky's mouth.

With her hands fondling Lilly's wonderful breasts and the kissing starting to increase in intensity, Becky moaned with pleasure. Lilly's right hand moved down to Becky's panty covered mound and started to rub lightly. The gusset of the garment was moist. Lilly pulled away and looked Becky in the eyes. "Mmmmmm, sweetie, busty blonde wife shares her man with hot pal are gonna have so much fun." The other two couples were fully engaged as well.

Clothes had been discarded and each couple was 69ing. Jennifer and Sally now had the best and only view of the threesome and they occasionally paused their cock sucking to assess the progress.

Seeing Becky being handled by Eric and Lilly caused the two women to grind their crotches hard against their male's mouths and groan with pleasure. Eric unsnapped Becky's bra and Lilly pulled it down and off. They both started to fondle Becky's naked breasts, flicking nipples and molding the fleshy peaks. Becky could feel Eric's hard cock pushing against her ass and she pushed back. Lilly knelt and her thumbs hooked the sides of Becky's panties, pulled them down over her hips and to her feet where she stepped out of them.

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Lilly then took Becky's hands and pulled her down to the cushions. Eric stood above the two women. He pushed his boxers down over his tree-trunk thighs and his erect cock bounced after the elastic waist band was pulled free.

It was a solid and thick nine-incher and curved upward like a scimitar. It was a cock that matched its owner's physique. It was also uncircumcised. Becky had never encountered one and Lilly seemed to read her mind as they knelt next to each other and appraised Eric's manhood. "You ever had an uncut prick," Lilly whispered, leaning close to Becky's ear. "Playing with the foreskin can be a lotta fun." To demonstrate, she fisted Eric's cock and slid her hand down, revealing his purple cock head.

A pearl of precum indicated his arousal. There were loud groans and squeals of satisfaction from nearby as the two couples completed their orgasmic journeys. Two cocks emptied their seed in two willing mouths and two pussies pulsed as Jennifer and Sally ground out their passions on their partners' faces. Both women rolled off and the two men turned their heads to see what else was happening. Soon all four gathered around to watch the threesome and to let that erotic scene restoke their passions.

With her hand around the base of Eric's cock, Lilly pointed it toward Becky and her free hand went behind her neck, pushing her toward the erection. Becky needed little encouragement. Her desire was rising steadily, and her breasts rose and fell with her fast breathing. She extended her tongue and lapped around the tip of Eric's cock, gathering the dollop of salty precum. His rod jerked and she heard him groan. While Becky started her oral explorations, Lilly slipped her panties down and off.

She moved behind Becky, reaching her hands around to cup her breasts as her mouth kissed, licked and nuzzled Becky's shoulder, neck and ears. Her soft lips elicited moans from Becky and those vibrations around Eric's cock head provided pleasurable sensations.

The other two couples, returning to their "regular" unions, cuddled together, propped against cushions. Breasts and cocks were being fondled in languid manners as they watched the sex show. Becky was enthusiastically sucking Eric's cock, her head bobbing back and forth, her mouth and tongue making slurping sounds.

"Oh, guys, this is gonna be such a fun night," Sally said as she sat between her three friends. "Becky looks like she's gonna be a great addition to our group." "You bitch," Jennifer laughed. "All you care about is getting your hands on that body and your tongue in that pussy." "That's true," she responded with a sly grin.

"I've been lusting after her for years and wasn't sure how she felt about swinging … by the way, have I told you how much I love being a counselor when things work out this way?" Lilly had one hand fondling Becky's breasts while the other explored her soaked snatch. Becky briefly pulled her mouth off of Eric's cock. "MMMMMM, gawd, I'm soooooooooo fuckin' turned on," she gasped. Just before she could return her mouth to Eric's prick, black lesbian teens discovering their body under the shower hands grabbed her head.

"I wanna fuck you until you can't walk," he growled. He laid on his back, his prick pointing due North. "Climb on," he commanded. Becky wasted little time straddling his hips. With one hand at the base of his cock, she rubbed the tip over her wet pussy lips, slicking his head with her juices and his leaking precum.

"Sally," Eric said in a low, passion-filled voice, "come over here and sit on my face." Becky felt her never endings jangle as her petite friend disengaged from her husband. She straddled Eric's head and his hands grabbed her thighs, pulling her hot cunt to his waiting mouth. She groaned as his tongue began to lick around her pussy lips. Lilly swapped places and fell into an embrace with Brian, whose cock was returning to hardness. Becky could wait no longer. She made sure Eric's cock tip was lodged at her vaginal opening and then slowly lowered her hips to allow his rod to fill her completely.

"AAAHHHHH GAAAWDDD. What a great hard prick." She rolled her hips to enjoy the sensation of being skewered. Sally leaned forward and her hands gently held her friend's face, her thumbs brushing over the smooth, soft skin of her cheeks. Their soft lips met. Sally's pointy tongue licked Becky's full lips and then both woman's tongues were out and pushing against each other. Sally's hands moved down over Becky's neck and shoulders and then slipped down to capture her friend's full breasts, her thumbs flicking and toying with the button-like nipples.

When their kiss finally broke, they were gasping for breath. Sally was grinding her pulsing pussy against Eric's mouth and Becky was starting to slowly raise and lower her hips to fuck his prick.

Sally continued to fondle Becky's boobs and the women made eye contact. "Becky, this is what I was hoping you would enjoy," Sally said, her voice trembling with emotion. "With the right people, there's just so much to enjoy sexually. Brian and I might not still be together if we hadn't discovered how much we enjoyed swinging." Both women then returned to concentrating on the male organs that were pleasuring their slick slits.

Eric's talented tongue was circling Sally's vagina, licking at the full labia that were pulsing. He kept his tongue moving, slipping up and down her slit and at times pausing to tease the hard nubbin of her clit. Then his lips would attach to her opening, sucking the flesh inside his oral cavity.

His teeth would nip at her pleasure bud, capturing it with his tongue whipping over the smooth, nervy nodule. Sally ground her crotch against her partner's mouth. "Yeah, Eric, God, you know how to eat pussy," she said.

"I'm gonna stay right here and keep you at it until I cum." Becky also was enjoying her ride. Kneeling astride Eric's hips, she bounced like she was in an exercise class, her breasts bouncing erotically. Eric thrust himself to meet her downward moves and their crotches collided with breath-taking force, Becky grunting with each impact.

His cock filled her deeply and each time it did her pussy clenched, enhancing his pleasure with its velvet grip. Eric reached one hand up to cup Becky's right breast, the thumb flicking over the hard nubbin on its peak. His other hand reached down to between their crotches and began to stroke the top of Becky's slit.

His index finger found her engorged clit and began to lightly tease it. "AAAAHHHH HAAAAA MMMMM YESSSSSSSSSSSSS." Her orgasm caused her entire body to shudder as she slammed herself hard on Eric's body, impaling his cock deep inside her. He could feel her pussy spasming and he was breathing heavily as heavily as he could with slutty teen finds a gloryhole dildo school wall cunt plastered to his mouth.

As her orgasm abated, Becky was drunk with passion and desire. She saw Sally's pretty little pussy being licked and eaten and her own slit was pulsing.

She lifted herself free of Eric's thick dick, eliciting a groan as it left the hot wet grotto. Becky sat back on her haunches and looked at the fuck stick that had given her so much pleasure. It was slick with her juices and the foreskin was slightly concealing the cock tip. She knew that Eric had a load of cum and she wanted it.

She leaned forward slightly and spit on the ravishing blonde britney young delivers a blowjob big tits cumshot head, then both her hands began to stroke up and down, twisting and teasing the prick.

As she jacked Eric with her right hand, her left hand moved down to cup his swollen ball sack. She used her fingernails to lightly tease and scratch his scrotum and she smiled as his hips jerked in response. "I want all of your cum, Eric. I bet you have a big load ready and I want it all." Sally was approaching her own climax and seeing her friend fisting the large erection while talking like a slut pushed her over the edge.

She emitted a high-pitched squeal as Eric once again found her clit with the spearing tip of his tongue. She leaned forward with her hands on his muscular chest as her pussy throbbed with its climax.

She then rolled off to the side, landing on her back, her hips still heaving as she began to slowly recover. "C'mon, Eric. It's your turn. You need to cum." Becky's thumb rubbed over the sensitive knob, using the leaking precum to further slicken the sensitive flesh. That proved to be the clincher. "SHHHHIITTT YEAAAAH, you sexy bitch. Here it comes." Eric thrust his hips upward and his cock twitched. The first glob of sperm exploded and went about a foot high, drawing a gasp from Becky at its power.

She tilted his rod more toward her and the ensuing loads of jism landed on her face, chin and breasts. His cock spurted at least eight times, each one with a slightly diminished load. But it was still a copious amount of jism.

As his cock quivered, Becky leaned forward and captured the shiny cock head in her mouth. Her tongue licked at the residue and coaxed a few more small squirts of his jizz. CHAPTER 13 While one threesome had completed its sexual journey, Lilly was in the middle of her own three-way. With her hands and her mouth, she had Brian's cock hard and throbbing. She laid on her back, put her feet flat on the cushions and splayed her knees wide.

She reached down and parted her labia, revealing the glistening pink walls of her pussy. "I want you to fuck me hard and fast," she hissed. Brian needed no further encouragement. He got on his knees and held the base of his cock, rubbing its swollen head over her labia. There was a squishing sound as his precum mingled with her juices.

He then angled the head so that it lodged in the opening of her sex. He reached his arms around her hips, grasped her butt and lifted her slightly so that his cock was level with its target. Then, with one lunge, his cock impaled her fully. Her firm breasts bounced, and she grunted her approval. Brian's hips began to rock back and forth, sawing his cock back and forth. Each time it completed its journey their crotches slammed together. Steve laid down next to Lilly and she turned her face to give her a deep mom and son sex vidos kiss.

His left hand moved back and forth over her firm boobs, alternating light teases with slaps and grasps. Lilly mean lesbian boss uses dildo on her assistant pornstars and hardcore her back and growled into his mouth as their tongues danced.

When he broke the kiss, Lilly grabbed his head with both hands. "Suck my titties and if you do a good job, I'll suck your cock." Jennifer made sure she wasn't left out. She had observed the hot scene with Eric, Becky and Sally.

Since meeting Becky earlier, she had been thinking unpure thoughts desi dalton gets fucked in various positions the newcomer to the group. Becky had fell back on her side after taking Eric's cum shots.

She had been sated by her own orgasm and she watched as Sally and Eric cuddled and kissed, slowly and gently running their hands over each other's body as they attempted to recharge their batteries. Becky felt a hand on her shoulder and turned slightly to xxx bp big bobs story Jennifer kneeling next to her.

"Good gawd, that was hot watching you three," she said. "Everyone else seems to be occupied and I've been lusting after you since you walked in." The two women exchanged sultry smiles.

Becky noticed Jennifer's c-cup breasts had thick nipples that seemed to be half an inch long. She felt a tingle in her cunt indicating that she was again ready for fun. "Why don't you just lay back and let me make you feel good," Jennifer said.

"I'd also like to lick the cum off." Becky closed her eyes and sighed deeply at those words. Jennifer wasted little time, her tongue lapping at the streaks of jizz on Becky's torso. Jennifer then leaned over Becky's mouth and opened hers. A thick glob of spit and sperm hung from her lips before plopping on Becky's tongue. Jennifer then brought her lips to Becky's and their tongues stirred the potion.

Jennifer sucked some of it out, swallowed it and smiled. "MMMMMMM, tastes so good, doesn't it?" Jennifer then moved down and mouthed Becky's left breast, her tongue licking and teasing the turgid nipple. She lifted her mouth slightly and dropped a bit of spit on the nub, her fingers rubbing and massaging the slickness.

She then cupped her breast and leaned forward, using her nipple to tease and rub against Becky's spit-slicked bud. As the two nipples rubbed against each other, they bent and yielded to the passing, pressing flesh in a delightful way.

Becky had craned her neck so that she could watch. Seeing another woman's breast rubbing so sensually against hers, seeing nipple teased by nipple, was raising her sexual heat. She grasped Jennifer's other breast and her fingers twirled the thick bud. "Please, feed me your boob; I want to suck your breast." Jennifer moved up so that her mound hung over Becky's face. Becky's lips closed around the nubbin, her tongue flicking the smooth flat surface back and forth.

She opened her mouth and sucked the top of Jennifer's breast into her hot mouth, her tongue continuing to twirl and explore. "That's it, babe, that's perfect. Just like that," Jennifer whispered/hissed. "I love having my breasts played with but it's even better when it's a woman doing it." Jennifer's hands kept busy with Becky's breasts, rolling and molding the firm mounds and teasing the erect and sensitive nipples.

Becky moved to Jennifer's other breast and copied her ministrations. Meanwhile, Eric and Sally were heating up. His hands had been mauling her pert tits with one hand. His other hand was busy playing with her pussy, rubbing the clit and inserting first one and then two fingers into her tight snatch. Sally's hand was jacking Eric's cock, working the foreskin back and forth and using his flowing precum to lubricate the stroking.

She kissed him deeply and then pulled away. "I need you to fuck me with that big cock of yours." Sally's tight little body was a huge turn on for Eric. And he had a special plan to give her a special experience. He stood up, then reached down and grabbed her ankles. He bent her back so that she was on her shoulders, lifting her body up and pulling her legs far apart.

He then straddled her. His size and strength took her breath away as he handled her like a doll. "Grab my cock," he growled. "Grab my cock and put in your pussy." She had to stretch her arm to capture the rock-hard dick that was pointing up at an angle. Her small hand pulled it while Eric crouched a bit to improve the angle. Sally then was able to lodge the tip of his cock between her labia and at the entrance of her vagina. She thought she could feel his cock head pulsing as it made contact with her soft snatch.

Eric took a few moments to adjust his position and that of his partner. "Sal, you ready? I'm gonna fuck you through the floor." His eight inches plunged deep in his sister-in-law's clinging cunt, whooshing the air out of her lungs. Once she could breath again, she let out a high-pitch squeal as his cock withdrew only to begin a powerful jack-hammering fucking motion. Jennifer was in the process of kissing her way down Becky's body when Sally's scream of satisfaction drew their attention.

They observed the athletic coupling and then looked at each other with wordless awe. The pause didn't last long. Jennifer was intent on eating Becky's pussy. She kissed and licked her way down her torso. When she reached the pleasure zone, her fingers parted Becky's labia which were slick with juices and swollen with passion. "Hmmmmm, so pretty," Jennifer purred.

"I love to go down on a woman. I hope later tonight you get the chance to return the favor." With that, her tongue slipped its way through Becky's heated slit, passing over the clit to start and ending near her pink and fluttering ass hole.

Becky shuddered when Jennifer's tongue tip slipped over her pleasure bud blonde get fucked hard and sprayed with cum she gasped when she felt it near her ass. Her partners had never paid much attention to that particular erogenous zone and she had never been partial to anal sex play. Jennifer sensed the taboo feeling and her tongue continued to play at Becky's pink star fish.

The strong tongue tip licked and prodded and Becky raised her ass in response. Jennifer licked her index finger and replaced her tongue with the digit, further pushing at Becky's clenched sphincter. Then her finger popped into the first knuckle and Becky's body arched off the floor and she shuddered from head to toe. "DAMMMMNNNNN … my ass … never felt anything like that. Feels … GOOOOOD." Jennifer sawed her finger in and out but never pushed further.

"We'll save some for later," she said, pulling her finger out with an audible plop. Becky collapsed back on the floor. She had experienced a mini-orgasm from the butt play and her stomach was quivering with uncompleted passion. Jennifer then took her partner to yet another level. She positioned herself between Becky's splayed legs. "Use her hands and open your pussy for me." With her pink inner flesh exposed and ready, Jennifer cupped her right breast and pushed against Becky's pussy.

She then began rubbing it up and down her sopping slit. Becky recalled her first Jennifer guided her tit to the top of Becky's vagina and the nipple made contact with her swollen and sensitive clit. The two erotic buds were opposites that attracted in a most delightful way. Jennifer then rubbed her mound, topped by the hard nipple, up and down Becky's slick slit. The feeling of her partner's soft thrilling oral job from sultry lovely babe hardcore and blowjob against her pulsing vagina caused her to arch her back and thrust her hips.

"MMMMMM, WOWWWW. Love having your tit on my pussy… SO HOT." Jennifer rocked her body back and forth, forcing her tit against Becky's moist slit, the hard nipple making contact with her nervy pleasure bud on each upward stroke.

Becky was breathing hard. Jennifer then broke contact and moved up to offer her breast to Becky's mouth. "Lick it, taste your pussy on my tit," she hissed. Eric was pile driving Sally with his thick cock. She was almost standing on her head as Eric held her splayed legs by the ankles as he drilled her with hard strokes.

She groaned in pleasure with each powerful stroke. Brian's fuck session with Lilly was nearing its end. His buttocks were a blur as he steadily stroked his rod in and out of her clutching pussy. She had taken Steve's cock in her mouth and watching her tongue lick and lap around his friend's hard cock was increasing his excitement. He could feel the tingling in his scrotum as a load of jizz was ready to be delivered.

Eric was also nearing his climax. He looked down at Sally, her pert breasts bouncing in rhythm to his strokes, her eyes closed, and her face contorted with pleasure. With a last, powerful thrust, he impaled the petite woman fully on his cock and his hands pulled her legs upward. She was almost completely suspended as he arced his back and he felt his cock surge with its orgasm.

"URGGHHH AAAHHHH MMMMMM GAHHHAGGGAHHH," Sally was gurgling as she felt his creamy load flooding her clasping love tunnel. Her arms flailed as her orgasm hit, enhanced by her feeling of helplessness, the feeling of being totally controlled by her partner and his cock. Hearing his wife's reaction and realizing that Eric had well-fucked Sally, Brian could no longer hold back.

His cock impaled fully in Lilly's pussy, he felt her 15 masoom xxx story sex stories muscles milking his rod. His lower body tingled as his load of jism fired off inside Lilly's snatch. Eric had gently laid Sally on the floor where she was splayed like a rag doll.

She heard the familiar sounds of her husband coming and turned to see the end of the tryst between Brian and Lilly. Brian pulled his cock free. It was semi-hard and a string of jizz trailed from his tip to Lilly's slit, which was oozing some of his cum.

Lilly pulled her mouth off of Steve's cock but continued to stroke the spit-slick rod. "Sally," she purred, "my pussy is full of your amateur teen gives a sensual blowjob and sexy cum. Come here and use that pretty little tongue of yours and lick it up." Those words seemed to electrify the room.

Eric was laying on his side, propped up by his elbow. He closed his eyes and licked his lips. Steve's cock jerked against Lilly's slick lips. Becky felt her spine tingle at the idea of what was to happen. She exchanged looks with Jennifer and they both decided to move for a closer look. Sally, on her hands and knees, moved like she was hypnotized. She approached Lilly's splayed legs and saw that her snatch was leaking her husband's sperm.

Almost robotically, Sally dipped her face until her mouth was covering Lilly's pussy. Her tongue started to lap, and she tasted the salty cum mingled with Lilly's juices. Lilly had gone back to sucking Steve's cock, which was throbbing and close to orgasm. Lilly's pelvis arched and one hand grabbed Sally's hair, forcing her face deeper and harder against her crotch. Jennifer had yet to orgasm and she was far past the "edge." She stood up, grabbed Becky's hand and then took Eric's hand and led him to one of the benches.

"Lay down, stud. You're gonna get ridden." Eric did was he was told, lying length-wise. His cock was semi-erect, but Jennifer quickly stroked and licked it to full erection. "Sit on his face," Jennifer told Becky. "Find out if he knows how to eat pussy." Seeing that threesome scene start to unfold was more than enough for Steve. He grabbed Lilly's head and pulled her close against his crotch as his cock began to spew its creamy seed.

Then, he released her head and pulled out, firing off a couple of shots that painted her face with jizz. Lillly reached down and grabbed Sally by the hair, pulling her up. "C'mere," she growled. Lilly still had a mouthful of cum and as they kissed the creamy jizz was swished and passed back and forth. Sally swallowed some of it, broke the kiss and began licking the creamy icing from Lilly's face. Jennifer had climbed on Eric and was easing his hard, thick cock into her vagina.

"Ummmmm, FUUUUUCCKKKK. That is such a great damn cock. Feels soooo good." Becky was on Eric's face, facing Jennifer. She could observe their coupling as she enjoyed Eric's strong and talented tongue teen girl train orange you glad im so tiny her pussy.

His big hands were on her ass, pulling her cheeks apart to give him greater access to her crotch. Jennifer leaned forward and deeply kissed Becky, her hands coming up to fondle her full breasts. Becky reciprocated. As the two women's pussies were being stimulated by mouth and cock, they enhanced the feelings by kissing and fondling each other.

Her feet on the floor, Jennifer was able to ride Eric's cock as hard as she wanted. And she wanted hard. She broke away from Becky's kiss and started bouncing up and down on the rigid rod, her breasts bouncing delightfully.

With Eric having to do little to satisfy Jennifer, he concentrated on pleasing Becky. His tongue circled her vagina, licking the lips several times before opening his mouth wide and sucking as much of her into his mouth as possible. His teeth lightly clamped on sex xxx family sex com distended clit with this tongue flicking over the erect bud.

Becky ground her crotch hard against his mouth. He reached his right hand toward Becky's mouth and offered his index finger. She gladly took it in, sucking and wetting it.

Eric then pulled it free and quickly moved that finger to her ass hole. As his tongue and mouth worked on her aroused pussy, he felt the need to add to her stimulation.

The tip of his thick finger toyed with her pink opening, teasing around the tight ring as Jennifer had earlier. Then he slowly started to penetrate, his finger slowly sawing back and forth until it popped through to the first knuckle.

He then wiggled it around, trying to relax and loosen her anal muscles. Becky's upper torso stiffened with the forbidden stimulation and Eric's talented ministrations of her pussy. She brought her hands up to fondle her own breasts, teasing the nipples as she liked to when masturbating. The foursome had sated themselves and relaxed to watch the threesome's sex play. Sally was in her husband's arms while Lilly cuddled with Steve, idly fondling his semi-flaccid cock as he languidly toyed with her breasts.

Jennifer's pussy was clasping on Eric's cock as she rode it hard and fast. Then, she leaned back, placing her hands on his legs for a different angle as she twerked her hips. By leaning back, she exposed her glistening pussy. Becky saw that and leaned forward, laying across Eric's torso as he continued to pleasure her pussy with his mouth and gently ream her ass with his finger. Becky leaned forward for an up-close-and-personal view of Jennifer's pussy sliding up and down Eric's cock.

Jennifer's clit was rock hard and distended from its hood. That was what had drawn Becky forward. She moved her mouth closer, hearing the squish-squish of cock and pussy. Her tongue flicked out and she began to lick at Jennifer's nervy bud. "AAAAHHHHGGGGAAAAWDDDD what are you doing? GGHGNNGHHHAAAAH. That's so good.

YESSSSSSS LICK MY CLITTY." Jennifer's body was quivering like she was experiencing an ice bath. She continued leaning back, driving her crotch against the hard dick and the soft mouth that was pleasuring her. He breasts were pointed up, the nipples erect and the puffy ends of her mounds. Eric felt the vice grip of Jennifer's pussy walls on his cock while his tongue twirled around Becky's cunt and his finger probed and teased her ass.

The stimulation of her two holes plus having her mouth so close to Jennifer and Eric's connection was enough to fire off her orgasm.

She crushed her mound against Eric's mouth and pushed herself up on both hands, moaning and groaning as she came. Eric's balls tightened and he felt his cum ready to explode inside of Jennifer. When Becky rolled off, he gave words to his feelings.

"Your cunt is so FUCCCCKINNNG TIGHTTT ON MY COCK. Ride that prick… YESSSSS GONNA SHOOOOT. HERE IT CUMMMMMSS." Eric's strong legs bucked off the bench and nearly unseated Jennifer, but she was impaled on his cock as it spewed streams of jizz deep inside her and that sensation fired off her orgasm. "YOUUUU BIG FUCKING STUDDDDD. OOOOHHHHHH THATTTT'S SOOOO GOOD. CREAM MY PUSSY WITH Hard penis enters anal gape hardcore and russian CUM." When she pulled off Eric's cock, strings of jizz dribbled over his crotch and his cock flopped back against his stomach.

Jennifer was still on a high and still stimulated. She moved forward and her extended labia moved against Eric's prick, sliding back and forth with a combination of his jizz and her womanly secretions. He moaned as his cock was almost painfully stimulated by the silky caress of Jennifer's pussy.

Finally, Jennifer dismounted and lay down beside Becky. Eric sat up. "Ho-leee fuck," he said. CHAPTER 14 It was after 2 a.m.

and despite the allurement of continued love making the group decided they were tired, and their sexual energy nearly spent. Sally and Brian wouldn't let Becky drive home and insisted she spend the night. There were three guest rooms, all adjoining a large guest bathroom. Sally gave Becky one of her sleep shirts and helped her get set up in the smallest guest room.

Becky was pleasantly exhausted. Her mind replayed parts of what had happened, and she had to admit that "swinging" had been more than enjoyable. She then fell into a deep sleep. She awoke and glanced at the bedside clock and saw it was after 10. Her body felt sticky, especially between her legs. She knocked on the door to the bathroom and then entered to take a shower. It was a walk-in with a sliding door but not as large as the master bath at her house. Becky had just stepped under the water when she heard the bathroom door kerala aunty sex teen hidden story. Brian walked in, slid open the door and stepped in.

He was naked and his cock at full attention. "Mind if I join you?" he superfluously asked. He saw the look on Becky's face. "Sally knows I'm in here; she suggested it. Everybody else is up and gone." He moved closer, filled his hands with liquid soap and began to suds her back. Brian leaned close and Becky could feel the tip of his cock against his thigh.

"I've been lusting after you for years," he whispered. "When I confided to Sally, it was one of the things that got us started as swingers. We knew there was a lot of fun out there, a lot of great people and it's just sex, it's just enjoyment." His hands began to move around her sides, and he pulled her even closer, his rod trapped against her back. "I was glad when you got divorced. I knew your husband was playing around on you and that's not right.

He's a stupid fuckin' idiot." At those words, Brian's hands captured Becky's twin mounds, soaping them up and further hardening her nipples. She groaned and reached behind her to grab Brian's cock. She started to stroke it and she could feel it quivering in her hand. Brian turned Becky around and pushed her against the wall away from the spray and kissed her deeply, a kiss she gladly returned. He reached down and grabbed her legs behind the knees, lifted her up and then pushed his erection against her mound.

Becky reached down to help him position his swollen prick against her slit and then he thrust home in one move. Becky threw her arms around his neck and she began to hump against him as black young couple black suspect taken on a harsh ride hips moved back and forth to saw his rod in and out of her clinging pussy.

Becky was a bit surprised that her pussy was so read to fuck with so little foreplay. Maybe fucking the husband of a good friend added to her excitement. Brian also was feeling this encounter deep in his crotch. Becky's breasts were crushed against his chest, her hard nipples evident.

Because of their position, his strokes were short and steady, but he could feel his scrotum beginning to tighten. Becky's cunt walls were gripping his cock on each thrust and the sensation was eliciting a groan with every stroke. "Becky … gawd damn … this is so fucking great… I want to cum deep inside you." She moved her mouth over his, their tongues passionately entwined as they each moved closer to a mutual climax. Becky's thighs clamped around Brian's hips, trying busty stepmom threesome sex with teens in the bedroom young old pornstars draw him deeper inside.

He pulled his cock to the very edge of Becky's vaginal lips, then thrust home so that their crotches slammed together. Brian's cock started to spurt his seed and Becky could feel it deep inside her. She shuddered as her orgasm crested. Their legs were shaky, but they moved back under the shower and cleaned themselves. Gobs of Brian's cum leaked out of Becky's pussy as she washed and massaged her mound.

Brian turned off the shower and they stepped out, with Brian handing Becky a towel. As they were drying off, Sally came in carrying a cup of coffee.

She was wearing a t-shirt and jean shorts. "Well, I hope you two had fun," she said with a mischievous grin. She handed the coffee to Becky, who took a sip. After fucking her friend's husband in her house, Becky felt a surge of guilt. Sally quickly picked up on her friend's vibe.

She stepped close and gave her a hug. "Girl, you have nothing to worry about," Sally said, stepping back from the hug. "You have no idea how many times I've watched Brian fuck someone else. And he's seen me fuck plenty of guys. That's what we do or what we've been doing. It's the happiest we've ever been as a couple." Becky finished drying off and babes wodumbeing fucked by tira the towel around her body before walking back to the guest room.

Her clothes from the previous night were draped across a chair. Sally followed her. "Becky, I hope you had fun last night; it certainly appeared that you did," Sally said with a small laugh. "We've played with Steve and Jennifer several times, but Eric and Lilly brought a lot of energy; first time we had swung with them was this weekend.

"We realize this lifestyle is frowned upon by a lot of people. But for us, it's all about fun and having pleasure. Marriages, relationships can go stale. We've found a group of folks who are mature, responsible, sexy. No drugs, other than booze. No pain, no bondage. We just like to get together … and fuck." Becky was getting dressed while Sally was talking. "Anyway, since your divorce and after talking to you, I got the feeling you were ready to do something to jump start your sex life.

You're more than welcome to become a regular with our group." The two friends hugged. "Time for me to get home. But … I'll be back. Let me know when the next orgy will be," she said with a grin.

Driving back to her house, she decided she would agree to become part of the group. She thought she'd ask Amy and Rita to see if they might be interested.

Her libido buzzed at the thought of her two female friends involved with her in a group orgy. Becky realized that she was feeling better about her life than she had in years maybe ever. She remembered how this recent journey had started by being "captured" by an escaped convict. And now, she felt her life and especially her pretty amateur gf offered her ass on her bfs birthday life was on the right track.