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Introduction: Harry starts a new term with a great start. This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author. [u]Chapter 1[/u ]Harry and Ron were just about getting ready to sleep. It was the day before 1st term began and Harry and Ron had spent the entire of summer at the Burrow. There summer so far had been largely uneventful. Hermione stayed for a few weeks early on in the summer and both Harry and Ron were amazed by how stunning Hermione had become.

Gone had the fuzzy, messy hair and it had been replaced by a long, straight look, which accentuated her heart shaped face. Harry and Ron also noticed johnny sins and pete jensen much her breasts and figure had changed.

Her breasts must have grown at least 2 cup sizes and were now a beautifully round and plump D size. Her hips had also developed and whilst slim, had developed a gorgeous hour-glass figure. Safe to say, both Harry and Ron had many wanking sessions with the image of Hermione in mind.

Hermione however seemed oblivious to her friends longing for her and she left them to go on holiday with her parents. Ginny, much like Hermione had also developed over the summer. She had let her flaming red hair grow so now it reached the nape of her bum. Her breasts were slightly smaller than Hermione's at a C size but Harry still admired there beauty.

Harry often saw her often sun-bathing in the garden in just her bikini and bra and admired he beautifully pale skin, her round, full breasts with large nipples poking through her bra, which was much too small for her, as well as her slim figure. Ginny often noticed Harry's longing gazes and she mutually longed for him too. However, because the Burrow was always so busy with people coming in and out, she never got the chance to fulfil her sexual fantasies on the Boy Who Lived.

Ron had had a frustrating summer. He was still a virgin and going into his 6th year, felt quite ashamed by this fact. 'Harry mate,' Ron said from the bunk above Harry, 'you are still a virgin right?' Harry was quite taken aback by this question, but Ron was like a brother to him and so answered him truthfully.

'Yea mate, I am, whats up?' 'It's not fair Harry, we're both 16 now, we're both good looking guys, we should be getting some, even Neville fucked Pansy last year!' Harry just stared blankly at the ceiling.

What Ron was saying was true. Harry, though still slim had started to grow some muscles and had developed a wiry build.

His cock had also grown and was now a full 7 inches when erect. Ron had also started to develop and had really grown a strong, muscley body and had a fat, 6 inch cock. 'I tell you what Ron, let's make a pact, this year will be our year, lets fuck as many girls as we can this year by any means necessary,' whispered Harry. 'Deal' grinned Ron. Both boys fell asleep very happy that night. * The 1st week at Hogwarts had flown by and Harry, Ron and Hermione were sitting together at breakfast, enjoying the start of the weekend.

Just as Ron started wolfing down his 4th plate of food, the post arrived and an owl dropped a letter on Hermione's lap. She quickly opened it and read her mail. Suddenly she burst into tears and ran off out of the Great Hall and up the marble staircase. 'Whats up with her,' quizzed Harry. Mmumphh' shrugged Ron, too focused on defeating his 10th ration of bacon that morning. 'I'll go check on her,' replied Harry as he quickly dashed off in pursuit of her.

Harry found her in Gryffindor Common Room, sat in the corner next to the fire with tears streaming down her face. The common room was deserted as most people having gone home to their families after the 1st week of all sex storys miah khalifa had finished. 'Hey.hey,' Harry said walking over to her, 'what's the matter Hermione?' Harry questioned, whilst gently rubbing her back. 'It's Viktor,' Hermione sobbed as she passed Harry the letter, 'he just sent me that, he's left me, for another girl in Bulgaria.' Hermione's head sunk into Harry shoulder as she grasped him in a gentle hug.

For a split second, Harry forgot this was his best friend of 5 years. The sweet scent of her hair in his nostrils and the gentle touch of her hands around his middle had sent shivers down his spine and he felt his cock starting to harden.

Remembering the pact he had made with Ron, Harry sensed his opportunity to finally lose his virginity, and not only to lose it, but to lose it to one of the fittest girls in the year.

'Aww its ok Hermione, I'm here for you,' responded Harry, taking Hermione's slender frame in his arms. For a while they both just sat there hugging, Harry's fingers gently caressing her spine whilst Hermione slowly started to calm down.

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Harry's soft breathing on Hermione's neck along with his gentle exploration of Hermione's back lead to her releasing a quiet moan from her soft lips.

This only excited Harry more and his cock was aching to be released from its cage. Hermione's body suddenly moved and she raised her face off Harry's shoulders and looked him straight in the eyes with an innocent, but querying look.

'Harry, what's it like being the famous Boy Who Lived? You're the most famous wizard of all time, you do realise that every girl in the school wants to shag you silly.' Harry looked startled by this, ',' he stammered, 'I didn't know, I've never got anywhere with the ladies, even me and Cho only had a quick kiss.' 'Really,' said Hermione, moving herself so she was now straddling Harry, 'how did she kiss you?' 'Ermmm, soughta, normally I guess,' stammered Harry, not quite sure where this was going.

'Mmmmm,' Hermione said, 'You know Harry, you really have got quite hot, I noticed in the summer.' Harry's brain was going haywire; tingles were spreading across his body as Hermione started eyeing him seductively. 'Wow. well Hermione, you're really hot too, actually your amazing, you're the prettiest girl I know,' blurted out Harry.

Hermione giggled and then suddenly Hermione was giving Harry a deep, longing kiss. Harry for a moment was stunned but soon recovered when Hermione's tongue dove into his mouth and started exploring his mouth. They kept on kissing passionately for a few minutes till they broke apart. 'Did she kiss you like that,' said Hermione teasingly. 'Something like that yea,' grinned Harry. 'So you've never even had sex then Harry?' Hermione said deliciously. 'Nope,' Harry replied in a adorable babe gives dick a lusty sucking voice.

Could this be happening, was he really about to fuck Hermione Granger. 'Well.,' Hermione replied deceptively, 'I think it's time that the famous Harry Potter got to fuck a girl,' and with that she lifted up her t-shirt, revealing her fantastic breasts. Harry's mouth dropped in awe.

They were absolutely perfect. They were perfectly round, with rosy nipples the size of tic-tacs. Hermione arched herself backwards, stretching her breasts upwards and then she moved her chest towards Harry's face, so his lips were barely an inch away from her breasts.

The animal in Harry suddenly erupted. His moment had come. He grabbed both breasts roughly with his hands and started to fondle them. They felt perfect, firm but squishy at the same time. He dove his mouth onto Hermione's right school girl forced rape classmates and began sucking quickly on her nipple, his tongue flitting in and out onto her nipple, soaking it in his saliva. He did the same to her left breast while Hermione moaned out loud.

She shook her chest left and right so her breasts slapped Harry's face gently.

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Harry smiled as she did this and opened his mouth, trying to grab each breast with his teeth as it hit him. Harry then pulled in Hermione by the head and kissed her fully on her soft lips. Hermione kept kissing as Harry lifted up her skirt and felt her round, firm ass. He quickly slapped it hard to which Hermione let out a playful moan. Hermione kisses became lower, first to Harry's neck and then she ripped open his robe revealing his body.

Hermione was shocked by Harry's slim, but powerful body and began, feeling every inch of it. She kept kissing, first at his nipples and then to his stomach, until she was sat on the floor, at the bottom of Harry's chair, her face directly in line with his cock. Harry's cock by now was bursting to be freed and as Hermione slowly removed his trousers and underwear; his cock suddenly sprung free and slapped his stomach which made Hermione give out a girl-ish giggle, which made Harry only want to fuck her more.

Hermione's eyes had widened by the size of Harry's shaved cock and balls and seized it with her hand and gently rubbed it up and down. 'Hmmmm,' Hermione said gently, 'where shall I put this?' she said playfully.

Harry, whose eyes were closed in silent ecstasy suddenly looked down at Hermione who gave him a sly grin as suddenly she lowered huge natural tits teen and big school first time outdoor sex face onto his cock and took all 7 inches of Harry's cock in her mouth. 'Urghhhh,' moaned Harry. He gazed down to see Hermione's head, bobbing up and down on his cock, completely engulfing all 7 inches of his rod.

Hermione's tongue coated his cock in her hot saliva as she felt Harry's hands in her hair, pushing her gently down onto his cock.

Harry's cock tasted delicious and she kept bobbing up and down for a few minutes until she released his cock from her mouth with a pop. She pulled Harry's cock upwards and started nibbling and sucking on Harry's balls which only lead to more moaning from Harry.

Harry stood up as Hermione continued to suck on his cock and Harry began to thrust his hips with the motion of Hermione's bobbing. Hermione placed her hands on Harry's tight bum and gave it a quick, hard slap which caused Harry's hips to thrust forwards ever more, forcing his entire cock into Hermione's mouth. 'Ohh my God,' Harry panted, as Hermione released his cock and looked at him devilishly.

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'I am gonna fuck you so hard.' Hermione smiled as Harry picked her up by her bum, wrapped her legs round his waist and forced her up against the wall. Hermione gasped as Harry ripped off her knickers, exposing her wet, pink pussy.

Harry grabbed his long rod and placed it on her pussy, coating his cock even move with her pussy juices, which had started oozing out of her cunt. 'Ram me Harry,' Hermione whispered encouragingly in his ear, 'fuck me hard.' This sent Harry over the edge and he forced his cock into her pussy, which immediately took 4 inches of his cock.

Both of them gasped in pleasure, Harry never before having his cock in a vagina before. She was tight, very tight and the feeling felt amazing to Harry. Hermione was no virgin and with the added lubrication, Harry was soon pounding in and out with ease. Hermione had her arms draped around Harry's shoulders whilst Harry kept a firm grip on Hermione's ass, giving it a little spank between every few thrusts.

Harry collapsed onto the chair with Hermione still on top and she soon took control, riding Harry faster and faster whilst Harry relaxed in the chair, watching her breasts bounce all over the place.

'Harry.Harry.I'!' panted Hermione. Harry felt Hermione's pussy tighten around his cock and all of a sudden, a gush of pussy juices engulfed his cock and balls. Hermione lowered her hand towards Harry's balls and licked the juices that had collected on them.

Harry continued thrusting, feeling a tightening sensation in his own balls occurring. 'Hermione.I'm close,' he said as Hermione picked up the pace even more. 'Cum inside me Harry!' Hermione begged. 'uhhhh.urghhhh.URGhhhhh.URRGGHHHHHHH!!' Harry cock went into spasm and his body stiffened as he grabbed Hermione's tits and shot off 5, thick loads of sperm, deep into Hermione.

Harry soon felt his own cum, mixed in with Hermione's spill out of her pussy and onto the floor. They both sat there for a few more minutes, Harry's softening cock still inside Hermione's vagina. 'Harry,' Hermione said eventually, 'that was incredible,' and she gave him a long, passionate kiss on the lips. 'Thank you Hermione,' he said. They shared one last kiss then cleaned up and re-dressed. 'You know Harry, we must really do this again sometime soon,' Hermione said with a wink, as she departed into her dormitory.

Horny college masturbate herself in cam sexroom grinned; he had a feeling that this was going to be a good year. Hey guys, this is my first ever story, if you would like more please comment and any feedback would be much appreciated. :)