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Amateur teen get fuck and cum in mouth on camscom
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The next time I saw him again was 2 weeks later. The whole department went out to Happy Hour to celebrate a big contract award that we won. The place was a hotel bar not too far from work. I wasn't dressed up that day as I had to go to the Archives Room to pull some files. I was wearing faded blue jeans and a red sweater that my mom got me for Christmas so it was very tight.

Mr. D'Angelo was at the other side of the bar and gave me a wink and a smile. I smiled back. There were about 30 people there and the bar was crowded. Since guys at work were buying me drinks, I never got proofed. I looked across the bar and wondered if he would talk to me. I had been feeling guilty since the Christmas party. I shouldn't have let that happen.

He is older and married. It isn't right. Besides nothing career wise happened to me. I decided I am going to tell him that I don't want to do this anymore. I had it all worked out just in case he did talk to me. By 8:00 many of the people had already left. I was about to go myself. Mr. D'Angelo walked up to me and said "Hi how are you doing?" I said, "I am doing ok". "I have to talk to you about a possible promotion", he offered.

I wasn't prepared for that, "a promotion?" "Yes, but we need to go somewhere private to discuss." "You are not just saying that to get me alone again are you, I said hesitantly. I don't want to do that anymore, as I looked away." "Shhhh, as he put his finger his mouth. I have a room upstairs, room number 302. If you sunny leone fuck full sex rajwap serious about your career I suggest you show up.

And he turned and walked away towards the hotel entrance." I went out to my car. I sat there a moment and had to think. Promotion?? That would be good. Maybe he is just saying that in order to get in my pants again. I thought about the last time. It did feel good but I shouldn't, I couldn't. What if he gets mad at me? Oh, what should I do? Go to his room, a room with a bed. All these thoughts went through my mind. What would happen? What would he want to do to me?

The only reason he got my panties off were because I lost control (I had a habit of blaming myself for everything that went wrong). I could keep control. Worse case we would do the same thing, that wouldn't be too bad. It did feel good. Ok what if we are on the bed and he wants to do things. He wouldn't force me to do anything, he is too nice for that. I'll just let him do what he did last time no more. Ok, I got out of my car quickly fucking the shit out of my friends daughter to lose my nerve.

I went in through the main hotel entrance so no one from work would see me. OK room 302…I went up the elevator and found his room.

I took a deep breath…you can do it&hellip.I knocked. He answered the door but looked different, he had changed.

He was wearing sweat pants and a tee shirt. So I see you are a girl who is interested in her career. Come in. I went into his room and couldn't help but notice the king sized bed. "Let me take your coat, he said. I have never seen you in jeans. You look nice, I love your sweater, sit." Where? On the bed of course he said. I reluctantly sat. He sat next to me. So I think I may be able to get you a promotion.

Would you like that? "Yes", I said reluctantly There is just one thing. "What"? My mind immediately pictured him wanting a blowjob something I have never done. "Well there is a girl more qualified than you. She has worked here longer as well." "You mean Lisa?" I reasoned. amazing ebony babe with beautiful natural boobs does a striptease Lisa".

"Oh". I looked down. "Well I can help you Kat. Do you want the job?" "Of course" Here comes the catch I thought to myself. "Well Kat, I tell you what. The job is yours." "Really?" "Really!!!" Thanks, Mr.

D'Angelo "How about a hug? Kat" I hugged him as he said congratulations to me. "I really appreciate it, Mr. D'Angelo". Do you Kat? Do you really appreciate it? "Yes" "Well why don't you show me how much you appreciate it? Well Kat, I appreciate you beautiful body but I never really saw it though… I'd really like to". "You mean you want to see me naked? as I blushed and looked away." "Yes, I would. Can you do that for me? Just let me see that hot little body you have that's all." He sat back down on the bed.

The words "that's all" rung in my head. "But I never took off my clothes in front of someone." "Never, he questioned, you said you weren't a virgin how could that be?" "No, I have but that was different. They have been boyfriends and it has been in dark." "So just pretend I am your boyfriend," as he smirked. "I feel funny" "OK then&hellip.puts your hand up in the air, he said." "My hands up? Why??" "Just make believe this is Simon Says, he said" I thought to myself, ok, at least I am not taking my clothes off.

I put my hands over my head. "mmm, your tits look so good like that." "Now jump up and down" he instructed. I did thinking this isn't so bad "mmm, they jiggle so nice.

Now bend down and squeeze you arms together. Mmmmm, now that I like. Now turn around, spread your legs a little wider…now bend over…" He would command me and I would do as told. "Now stand up and put your hands in the air. Keep them up." My back was to him. All of a sudden from behind me he reached around and squeezed my breasts with both hands. I instinctively started to put my hands down but he told me to keep them up.

Next he grabbed my sweater from the bottom and pulled it over my head in a quick tug. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Well you are so ww dot xx storys come, I thought I would help. Keep your hands up." I kind of knew what was coming next and I was right.

He undid the clasp of my bra. "Ok put your hands down", as he slips my bra straps over my shoulder and my bra falls to the floor. He sat down on the bed. "Ok, now turn around". "Now that's better. They are even more impressive in the light." As he just stared at them. I felt uncomfortable. "OK, now take off your boots and socks. I had to sit on the bed to do that." "Ok, stand up in front of me". He reached out his hands and softly outlined my breasts with his fingertips.

He circled my nipples with his fingers and gently tugged on my nibbles. See your nibbles are already all hard, you must be excited are you? I didn't respond. Kat, are you? I shook my head yes. He reached up and squeezed both breasts holding them straight out in front of his face.

He busty stepsis liza del sierra sucking stepbros huge dick to suck on my left nibble then the right and keeps alternating.

His hands went down to my waist pulling me closer. He reached around and squeezes my ass firmly. He stands up while holding my hips firmly. You got some body on you girl, he whispers into my ear.

I have to see you completely naked. "Please can we stop now, Mr. D'Angelo?" "No hun, I have to see that teenage pussy of yours. Just let me see it." "If I show you, can we stop after that?" "Sure hun…" I reluctantly step back as he sat down on the bed. I undid my belt and popped the button on my jeans and slowly unzip the zipper.

His eyes are transfixed on my hands. My jeans were really tight as I wriggled out of them and threw them on the chair. I had on hot shiny pink bikini panties. "Come here hun". I did and he reached out his hand and gently rubbed my pussy through the fabric.

"Oh fuck, he said under his breath…now take them off" I looked at him, "Do I have to?" Yes hun… "I pulled my panties down as they dropped to the floor at my feet. I crossed my hand in front of me. "You have to move your hands hun". "Ohhhh so you are a real blond, very nice." Ohhhh…turn around. I did a slow 360. "Now spread you legs a little for me so I can get a better view." I did.

"Now come close" "Sit down hun". "Can I go now, Mr. D'Angelo?? I did what you wanted" "Just a few more minutes hun" He stood up and put his hands on my shoulders. He lightly pushed my shoulders back and told me to lay down. "But…" "I just want to get a good view. He put my feet flat on the bed so that my knees were up in the air. He got on his knees at the foot of the bed. Open your legs a little for me. A little more… At this point I just wanted this to be over misty blowjob first time chop shop owner gets shut down. All of a sudden he has his head between my legs and his tongue goes right for my clit.

It shocked me and I let out a loud Ooooohhh, what are you doing? Please stop. But he didn't he held my legs open as he was licking my pussy. "Ummmm your pussy tastes so good" Mmmm, I replied (It did feel good).

No one had ever done that to me before. He stopped focusing on my clit and started to lightly lick up and down my pussy.

Ohhhh.please stop, not sounding very convincing. He was holding my pussy wide open with his fingers as his tongue explored each inch of my pussy much like a dog laps up water His tongue was going inside my opening then out.

He was tongue fucking me and it felt good. Oooooh&hellip.ohhhhhh He stopped using his mouth and was now petting my pussy up and down with his fingers. You like that Kat? "Yes" He moved up onto the bed next to me. He had me move up higher on the bed as we paused.

"Maybe we should stop", I offered. His one hand was now on my breast. The other was slowly going down my body and he found my clit again slowly rubbing. mmmmm His finger was now circling my opening slowly applying more and more pressure. He slowly inserted his finger. "God you are so tight", as he was slowly fingering fucking me. "I love your tight little cunt", he alternated rubbing my clit and fingering fucking me.

He was now sucking on my breasts. The double sensation was driving me crazy. Then he inserted 2 fingers inside me…"ahhhh, ohhhh" was my response. All of a sudden he stopped. He started to take off his tee shirt What are you doing?? "I am just a little hot. I'm just taking off my shirt." I didn't say anything as I was thinking, it's just his shirt and he is hot I rationalized. His chest was hairy. Both his hands were back on my breasts, squeezing pulling rubbing.

"God I teen babes veronica and melissa in a hot lesbian fuck theses tits. I could play with these all day, he proclaimed." With a breast in each hand, his mouth went back and forth left and right.

He started to kiss his way down my stomach. I tensed up. I am weird about my stomach even to this day. Hot teen scores a huge facial on webcam difference is back then I had a flat stomach, I shouldn't have been tense. He was kissing my pussy now. You like that? "Yeah"' "You want me to lick your cunt, don't you?" I bite my lip and shook my head in a positive response. I knew I should stop but couldn't, not now.

He got up off the bed and got on his knees at the base of the bed. I slide down like before with my knees in the air and my legs opened. I was ready. His tongue was teasing me, lightly outlining my pussy. "Mmmm" You want me to make your little cunt feel really good baby?

"Ok", thinking he meant he was going to lick my clit like he did before "Close your eyes and enjoy baby. Open your legs as wide as you can." I spread my legs as wide as I could and closed my eyes anticipating his hot tongue. Lightly I felt it on my pussy.

Slowly and ever so lightly, up the length of my pussy. Feels good doesn't it baby? Mmmm, shaking my head yes still keeping my eyes closed. Again he did it. Then his tongue went a little deeper. Better?

Mmmm, nodding my approval. Open your eyes for me hun. To my shock there he was holding his cock in one hand as he started to rub it on my pussy. It wasn't his tongue. I pulled back. What are you doing? You're not going to have sex with me (I could say the f word directly to him being shy and all). "No hun. You trust me don't you? I want to do something that will make us both feel good at the same time, ok?

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You liked it when your eyes were closed". When he took his hand off his cock I noticed his cock was big, really big. Long and thick, way bigger than the 4 boy's dicks I had seen. "Oh my god, your dick is so big!" (I couldn't believe I said that out loud) "But we shouldn't, Mr. D'Angelo". "But we did and it felt good, just a little longer ok hun? You have to admit it does feel good." "Yeah" "Close your eyes and relax hun, trust me".

I decided to take his advice. "You want to have an orgasm and well…so do I" So do I? What does that mean? Does he want me to jerk him off ( I had done that before) or does he want me to give him a blowjob? (that I never did before) or does he want to fuck me.

All these thoughts went through my head. His cock was pressing against my pussy. It did feel good. Up and down, he was rubbing his big round cockhead on my clit. "mmmmm", I was enjoying it. See doesn't that feel good?

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"Yes" "Umm your pussy is so warm, so wet" "I am just going to stick the head in a little bit" he didn't wait for a response and I didn't respond…maybe it was the booze maybe I wanted to have an orgasm, I don't know why. I could feel his cockhead starting to push ay my opening. He slowly pushed in… I looked to see.I wanted to see He glanced at me.

He was holding his big cock in his hand. uuuhhh, I reacted… Then out. Slowly pushing back in this time a little further. mmmm… biting my lip. Back out, then in a little more forceful… "OOOOOH", as my tone got louder. "Your pussy is so tight", as he held his taut ass slammed by long dick hardcore and russian he started to rub my clit with his finger.

mmmmm… Why does it have to feel so good, I pondered. He pulled out. We made eye contact. My mind raced. Is he done? He said just the head. What if he wants to fuck me, should I fuck him? His cock is so big. What will it feel like, will it hurt I wondered.

His cock was rubbing the length of my pussy again. It feels so good doesn't it Kat? I shook my head yes. It was like he was reading my mind. Kat, I want to fuck that little pussy of yours. I was shocked at his boldness. He was looking for my reaction.

What do I say? My mouth moved before my brain could stop it. But your dick is so big! He lay next to me on the bed. "What are you doing?", I said. He started to whisper in my ear. Let's try, just get on top of me. He moved me on top of him holding his dick point it upwards.

I was on my knees over him. He pushed me onto his dick.

Put it in Kat. I grabbed his hard dick. It was firm, thick and long. I shifted in position over his dick. I slowly lowered myself…"Mmmmm" "ohhh, it is BIG", I said. I would slowly lower myself than rise up, repeating, each time taking in more of his dick. He was playing with my breasts. "Ahhhh, you're doing good, half way there,"he said. Each time I went down, "Ohhhh", as I continued. He was very patient and I was very determined.

It was now a challenge to me. It took a while but I had gotten a lot of him inside. I went as far as I could take. As I held me ground. He put his hands on my hips. "Now we are going to fuck", he said, as he guided me to bounce up and down. Up, down "ohh", up, down "ohh" each time, even if I wanted to I couldn't stop "ohhhing" and we were going slow.

He pulled me closer. He started to thrust upwards to encourage me to go faster… Him."mmmm", Me "ohhh"… my hot webcam girl fucks bf so hot was getting quickier… "You like fucking me, Kat?" "oooh, biting my lip, yeah, just don't' cum inside me".

He held me and rolled me over with his dick still inside me. Now he was on top of me. He held down my arms by my wrists. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, "You ok?" uh huh… He started to pick up the pace. "Ooohh", as my breathing was now panting… ohhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhh, Mr D'Angelo was all I could say…he started to fuck me a little faster&hellip.OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

as my body started to twitch. I am having the best orgasm of my young life…He continued to fuck me for a few more minutes. He pulled out his big dick and jerkd his dick hard and fast as he cummed on my stomach. He collapsed onto me, his body was sweaty. All I could think was, what have I done? There is more but I am not sure of I should continue or if I am boring people.