Slutty brunette mommy eva long gets fucked in epic interracial threesome

Slutty brunette mommy eva long gets fucked in epic interracial threesome
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So this is my first story, sorry if i missed a few things, I wrote this on my phone in parts while wasting time at work. lol I hope you like it!! and yes Sarah just not her real name. the iPhone's alarm shattered my dream as I awoke to that stupid guitar strum, Forcing my eyes open I got out of bed and pushed Sarah's arm off my chest as she groaned and turned around pulling the covers tight to her body. "I hate my phone" I grumbled, the horrible LED light burned my eyes.

10am Thursday the day before everything changed. Sarah pushed the blankets off her and stretched letting out a cute squeak and groan. Pushing her hips up and arching her back. I felt my morning wood twitch. As I watched my long-haired blond bomb shell girlfriend.

Her perky D cup breasts swelled braless against her tight white tank top, her hip bones stuck out slightly of her small short shorts she slept in every night. My eyes traveled down to her long toned sexy legs. My girlfriend was not skinny but she was in no way fat.

Her laughter shook me from my stare as she watched me watch her, I looked up and smiled warmly at her. "Your beautiful Sarah." Her big green eyes stared into mine and her full pouty lips turned to a smile. With out a word I walked over, climbed on top of her and kissed her despite my morning breath and she kissed back. We made love, slowly drawing from one another.

I loved her more than I have ever loved anyone and she loved me just the same. Sarah and I had been close friend all our lives and when I was 23 and she just turned 22 and out of college she left her other and I left mine and we never looked back. After a time we moved in together and now a year later we have never been happier. She had to work at twelve so after some coffee she ran out the door kissing me deeply before she left and I went to work out, shower then maybe then play a video game on my computer if there was time.

It was right after my run I got a call from my friend James. "Hey man what's up." I answered between breaths. "Nothing do you mind if I stop by before you work?" He sounded worn down or depressed so I couldn't really say no.

He told me I would see him in like 15 and hung up. I jumped in the shower real quick and was waiting for him on by the time I heard a knock on my door. James and I had been best friend since grade school and very open about our sex lives sharing stories and once a few years ago our girlfriends. so we talked about everything but Lightly him and I have not been talking at all or even gaming, I knew something was wrong. He came in and sat at the table and drank some coffee and told me why he had been avoiding everyone for the past two months.

It had turned out his girlfriend of five years left him and he has been sulking around all of this time dodging calls. "You could have called me man!" I said worried. "I know but I'm okay now I just wanted to say I'm sorry for avoiding you and all of our friends." He said half smiling. "You sure you okay?" "I mean. It's been months since I got laid." We both laughed and talked and he told me about how she gave him pity sex and how great it was as she agreed to fulfill his fantasy of a girl wearing a slutty Misty costume from Pokémon.

I laughed and said at least he got that and he agreed then asked me about Sarah. I told him her and I have been great as usual avoiding saying anything else.

"No man I mean anything good?" I looked at my best friend and felt bad then sighed and said. About a week ago Sarah felt bad for making me drive over two states to see mobile size story mp4 xxx story sisters so she took me to the super store and I picked out any swim suit I wanted and I could fuck her in it any way I wanted and video tape it.

"And!" James said leaning in looking a little too excited. "I picked a white top that barely covered her nipples and a small string bottom and did everything to her. While using my phone to record it." I thought James was gonna fall out of his seat. Can I see it? No! I laughed "Come one dude I need a pick me up! Remember that time I let you take Monica and. "Okay okay" i interrupting him I pulled out my phone and pressed play. Sarah was standing there in a small little white string bikini top.

her large breasts poured out of and a tiny bottom that covered nothing as she spun around and showed off her tight bubble butt. She looked up at the camera as I walked over and put the hand not holding the phone on her should beautiful girl streaming teasing webcam part wecamnet pushed down, Sarah bit her big puffy lips locked her green eyes with the camera and she sunk down to the floor.

I then stopped the video and looked at James whose mouth stood agape. "We have to fuck her together dude i have so many costumes that wont fit her.

I mean she will look like an anime girl! James said wild-eyed. I took my phone away and laughed. "I doubt she would ever let us do that she is a one man girl." "Though I admit that would be fucking hot" I said at length. Dude I bet you we could. I bet you 10 minutes alone with her the night we do it and one fuck with you gone if I win and if I lose I will give you two grand but you have to try.

"I could just sabotage it. You know." Phim sex em chong vung trom voi chi dau said slowly.

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"You won't" "Yeah I will and you don't have two grand but I will make you a deal if you lose I get all the videos and pictures of Monica you have AND I get a favor from you no matter what it is." "Fine but I get that video as good faith." James said with out thought.

"Deal" After copying the video to James phone I drive to work and thought about what the fuck just happened. How the hell did any of this make sense. the only real reason I have him the video was I That I felt bad I knew Sarah though awesome in bed would probably not go for it. I shook my head and focused on my driving. Part 2 Work was slow and I saat samundar par se guriya ke bazzr most my time sneaking into the bathroom and playing on my phone when I got a text from James.

"Hey this is seriously the hottest thing I have ever seen. I think your girl hides some freak In her." I deleted the text even tho the idea was turning me on all the more about throwing Sarah between my best friend and I all night. I decided tomorrow would be the night. I clocked out and drove home thinking of the best possible way I could talk her into my plan and figured It would be best to take the soft approach.

I got home and pretended to be sad for James and when she asked what was wrong I told her in full detail how Monica left James, how sad he was about it and told her I thought we should go over there tomorrow and drink with him and cheer him up. Sarah thought it was a good idea and quickly agreed.

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At length I asked her. Hey sweetie I think you should dress sexy and flirt with him a lot. You know how much fun you had dressing skimpy and watching him get nervous In front of his girlfriend as you paraded around the house in just A tank and shorts. She smiled guy bangs sexy gorgeous teenie smalltits and hardcore guilty smile and looked away laughing.

"I mean I like the attention so I don't think I will say no." "Just don't flirt too much you might find your self getting your clothes ripped off and dragged up to bed." I said testing the waters. She laughed and said "I'm sure my ass and tits are gonna get grabbed by the end of the night but I very much doubt that." "Don't be too sure" I thought to my self as I smiled and agreed. Part 3 The next morning Sarah and I spent working out, going to see a movie and being lazy around the house until around 7pm Sarah went up to take a shower and change.

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An hour later she came down in just her red and black lacy push up bra and matching thong with eye liner and light make up. "This is the part you get to see tonight when James passes out and don't worry i have something planed for James to see on top of this". She purred. I fought my urge to fuck her right on the stairs and just contented myself with screwing her with my eyes.

She went back up giving me a knowing smile and twenty minutes later she came back down in black yoga pants and a long sleeve gray shirt with a very deep V showing off a good glimpse of her sexy bra and lots of cleavage.

"Take off the thong" I commanded with a wolfish grin. "Already did" stated returning my tone. I sent a text to let James know we are on our way and drove to his house running our hands on each other the entire time. We arrived at our destination and before we walked in we started making out lustily as I pushed my hands down her yoga pants and kneaded her ass. I looked to see James watching us with a confused expression.

I turned her around so he could see a side view of us as I brought my hand around the front and ran my hands down her smooth mound into her wet pussy and stuck a finger into her while i kissed her furiously and watched as he smiled evilly while I finger fucked Sarah on the front porch in the dark.

Finally I stopped and knocked on the door. That was mean Sarah said pouting. Aw now you are horny as I am too bad. Now lets drink and see if we can't make James smile a bit.

James opened the door before she spoke and we walked in. Part 4 As soon as we walked in the door Sarah walked right up to James and gave him a full hug, pushing her chest into his and her bra creaked I watched as James hand hovered over her ass but her did his best to resist the temptation. She pulled away from her hug and said I missed you as smiled an innocent smile. "It's been too long since you have come over and hung out with us so we figured we would come get you drunk!" She smiled at him causing James to laugh.

James couldn't take her eyes off of her. We therealworkout kimber lee gets drilled by her soccer coach with some shots and James told Sarah that she can pick the music on Pandora and Sarah walked over to the stereo with her hips swinging and pulled her phone from her bra. She looked back to see James and myself watching her, smiled then pressed play. After more shots and Beer flowing we started playing kings with two decks and laughing until James made a rule that Sarah had to sit on his lap all game.

She looked at me and I just smiled then stood up and slowly sauntered over and sat on his lap. After a while and a few shots I got a king and it was my turn to make a rule. Now I had a pretty good buzz and told Sarah she had to take her top off. She gave me a dark stare but after a moment half smiled and stood up and slowly took off her top revealing her lacy push up bra and Large perky tits.

"If I get a king your both going down!" "If I get a king your going to be the one going down." James said plainly. We all started laughing but I could see James was serious I gave him A not yet look and saw him grin from under her as she sat on his lap. Once again it seemed like no one was getting kings and drink where flowing we got an ace and James grabbed us more shots or at least Sarah did as we faked our vodka shots with water Pretty soon Sarah got a king and said with an evil laugh we both had to take our shirts and pants off.

We dropped down to just our boxers and I Sarah started laughing at James erection. "Do I still have to sit on your lap?" "Damn right you do!" James barked an grabbed her hips and pulled her down back ontop of his lap. She looked at me but I laughed and said "you had to take it one step further didn't you?" "Yeah but" she mumbled as James used his hands slowly rock her hips back and forth but trailed off.

I think we need more shots I said smiling and grabbed two for "each" of us. I could tell Sarah was pretty drunk as we started on extreme daddy fuck worlds greatest stepchums daughter our game but there where still two more kings left on the table and I had to get them.

We all talked, laughed and sang songs that played on Pandora all the while continued to rock Sarah's ass back and forth on slowly grinding his hard on through her yoga pants. I flipped over my card and saw a king and smiled. Part 5 I didn't want to over play my hand but Sarah was not getting away with anything tonight so I thought while listening to the music then spoke. "You have to dance with both of us for two songs." She was silent then smiled and asked for three shots of something fruity and James was quick to oblige.

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Mom and son sex xxx storys american got up and started dancing to the music, slowly moving her hips, swaying to the beat until I joined her and pressed my self on her back and held her hips close. I ran my hands up from her tight tummy then to her breasts and gave them a squeeze right in front of James as he sat and watched unsure what to do next.

I then brought my hand down to her yoga pants and pulled at the elastic side of her pants and let go with a snap. Gesturing James to join us. He got up and slowly approached her as she rubbed her ass on my dick while my hands rolled around her body.

When he danced in front of her he started with his hands on her hips and pressed his waist against hers as I put my hands on her upper stomach and pushed against her.

As the song grew an end James hands started to slowly roam her body lightly touching and running his hands on her bare skin. By the time the next song started I had my finger in her mouth as she slowly sucked it and I felt two hands push my hips away from Sarah's hips and looked down to see James slowly reach his hands down and squeeze her bubble butt I brought my hands down to her chest and started kneading them kissing her neck.

When I looked down again James slowly lifted his hands up above her lower back then slide his hands into her yoga pants I looked up and saw his face when he realized she wore no panties then I looked down to see him roughly grabbing at her ass as the beat of the song picked up.

I then turned her around so she was facing me and kissed her pushing my tongue between her pouty lips then pulled away as her big green eyes stared at mine in shock.

I looked down again to see James's hands under her bra and James slowly dry humping the love of my life. I smiled and pulled her face close to mine and started roughly kissing her as my best friend fondled her large breasts. As I was kissing Sarah I felt A moan on her lips and felt something brush against my crotch, when I looked down I saw that James had shoved his other hand down the front of her pants and was finger fucking Sarah.

I smiled again and put my finger between her lips. Her eyes locked mine as she slowly sucked it moaning lightly. The song ended. Part 6 It was only when the song ended I could hear how labored Sarah's breath was as James reluctantly stopped and pulled his hands out of her pants, do something like pull his boxers up, walked over to the table and sat down I pulled her close and kissed her then as she walked past me to the table I looked down and saw her yoga pants pulled down in the back freeing her perfectly round ass, James must have pulled them down after he found out she had no panties on.

"Come sit on my lap babe" I commanded as she pulled up her yoga pants she complied sitting her warm ass against my already throbbing cock. "It's my turn I think" Sarah lightly slurred in a dazed matter trying to cover up the fact she was horny as hell. "If I flip the last king I'm going to make you two mother father son daughter xxxxx after what you just did to me." Her voice was determined and low.

"And if one of us flip the card busty but broke black craves for cock are gonna be fucking you Sarah." I said in a mocking tone. She looked at James and saw his wolfish grin. With a deep breath she flipped over the card. Just a 3. She wailed as James picked up the king and smiled. "I get to take Sarah up to my room for 10 minutes alone then we both get you." I felt Sarah shaking on my lap processing what James had said so I figured I would do what I could to comfort her yet push her in the right direction.

I pulled her close a whispered in her ear. "Rules are rules baby. You just had to try to make us fuck. God this is gonna be so hot." "But what if I." She trailed off as I continued. "It's just ten minutes love then I will be up there and the real fun will begin.

I promise I will be right outside the room." She took a deep breath then stood up an walked toward James's out stretched hand. She looked back at me nervously as he took her up the stairs to his room. I heard the door shut to his loft and felt my heart pound through my chest as I ran over and turned off the music.

part 7 I paced in the complete silence of the house listening to my heart pound and did the best I could to catch my breath. After what seemed like hours I checked my phone to see there was still six minutes left. " My god" I thought to my self "it's only been six fricking minutes." It was then I heard what I had dreaded, the rhythmic pounding of someone being fucked. I ran up the stairs and pressed my ear to the door and could hear the muffled moans of Sarah and the slapping sound of James pounding her brains out.

I looked at my phone. 4 minutes.

With out thinking I put on my jeans, ran downstairs out the door to the back yard and climbed up the side of the house until I was looking in the widow and what I saw sent my cock almost bursting through my jeans.

Sarah was lying on her stomach on his mattress on the floor with her yoga pants pulled down just past her upper thigh as James pounded his cock into her cunt. Her pouty lips hung agape as she gripped the edge of the bed and moaned under my Best friend. I watched unblinking until James slowed down his pace and checked his phone and then gave her one last hard thrust casing her to yelp and pulled out.

It was then I checked my phone and saw times up. I watched as he spun her around by grabbing a handful of her hair and brought her pouty lips to his dick and shoved her head down until her eyes bulged and her legs kicked as she gagged on the entirety of his cock. In my slightly tipsy state I half climbed half fell down the side of the house then stumbled in the house took off my jeans and ran upstairs and opened the door. Part 9 I know why James had turned her around as soon as the ten minute mark ended bright pleasure during group act smalltits and homemade I pushed open the door I found Sarah's big green eyes staring at back at me as James held a handful of her hair and slowly fucked her face.

I watched as his cock slipped in and out of her wet mouth and slowly smiled. Her ass was in the air and looked red from being poundedI walked over to them as James casually greeted me while Sarah bobbed up and down.

"She has a tight pussy and a great mouth dude." "It's the big lips" I retorted as I got on my knees and slapped her ass hard. Sarah let out a moan but it was muffled. I walked right next to James and slapped his hand off her hair then slowly pulled her up and brought my dick to her lips.

With out a word she took my into her letting me feel her soft lips and warm mouth as her tongue pressed against the bottom of my cock. I let her work me for a few seconds before pulling out, getting up and placing my self on her legs ready to shove my dick into her pussy. I looked up and saw James had put her back to work then pushed my self against her tight bubble butt and into her pussy. She moaned and kicked her legs slightly trying to pull away from the cock in her mouth but james would have none of that.

"no on said you could stop" james grunted as he held her head with both hands and thrust his cock back into her mouth I slowly started to increase my pace as James held her head and thrusted his cock in and out of mouth. Every time I pushed her toward him. Sarah started moaning taking me faster and faster until pretty soon she let go of his dick with a pop and started screaming "fuck me" in a breathless tone.

I put both hands on her ass and leaned into it. Pushing her down on the bed using the momentum when she bounced back up to thrust in harder as she screamed on James's lap.

Sarah bucked as she squirted on me silently and breathlessly save for a small squeak. I held my cock deep in her until she had a moment to catch her breath We sat her up a bit so she was in the doggy position. I reached over and unsnapped her bra and we took it off so her tits hung freely, then soon as I started back up James grabbed her head an started roughly fucking her mouth causing her to make a "Gluck" sound in between moans.

I don't know how long we fucked her in doggy style but Sarah had another orgasam by the time I was going to lose it. I felt my cock starting to swell as I pumped her tight little hole and slapped her ass while my friend fucked her face.

I was so close I told Sarah to turn around and she quickly let go of James cock from her moth and spun around to find me pushing her on her back and climbing up to her face, grabbing the back of her head, shoving my cock down her throat and fucked her face as hard as I could until I let out a grunt and came in her mouth. Sarah sputtered and gaged as she tried to swallow but about half of the cum erupted out of her mouth between my dick and mixed with the spit that had covered her from being used by James.

I felt Sarah starting to rock back an forth and I slowly pulled my dick from my mouth and turned around to see James fucking her. I laughed and slowly moved off her watching my best friend plow into her making her moan once again.

Part 10 James put both hands on Sarah's large perky tits and used them to hold him self up as he fucked her harder and faster as she moaned under him. "Play with your clit." I ordered and Sarah complied bringing her hand down and started to moving her fingers on her clit matching the speed of James thrusts. They were both moaning as they fucked but Sarah was the first to cum again squirting on his dick she groaned and started to buck and flail around trying to push him out of her as he continued his assault.

Watching and feeling her cum must have been it for him as he pulled out and yelled as he came on her chest jacking him self as fast as he could. James and I got up and looked at Sarah who just laid there sprawled on the bed covered in sweat and cum.

Her golden hair was a mess and knotted, her lips where phoenix marie fuck my wife and puffy and her breast heaved up and down and her legs still trapped in her yoga pants from knee down.

after about three minutes James and I looked at each other and nodded then went back down on the bed with new erections. It was a long night for Sarah. I can't tell you how many times after we stopped one of us woke up to the bed shaking and Sarah moaning or gagging.

Only thing I could remember was James saying how many old costumes he had for us to play with And Sarah and I both had the day off tomorrow.