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Born and raised in Canada, I am proud to be Filipino-Canadian. Canada is known for multiculturalism, great landscapes, and of course, humble people. The Philippines is known for their incomparable hospitality displayed by the people, cuisine, and beaches and climate. Did I mention that the Filipino people are one of the best pageant fans? Their support for pageants are crazy, especially when it comes to Miss Universe. The list can go on and on for what these two countries are known for, but they are definitely great countries filled with many good people.


Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016 featured in the Balita Newspaper

After winning the title of Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016, I have received great support from the Filipino community in Canada. This accomplishment was published in the newspaper “Balita.” I was very happy to share the news with the community and gain the support of many. I’m sure they will continue to support me throughout my journey towards Miss Teenage Canada 2016. I am definitely grateful for all of the support!

Soon after, I was given the opportunity to meet the Philippine Consul General of Toronto, Rosalita Prospero. I shared the news that I won the title of Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016 after competing in the Miss Teenage Ontario pageant in January, and that I will be competing in the Miss Teenage Canada pageant in July held in Toronto. She was very delighted to hear the good news and wished me luck on my journey towards the crown. I hope to make the Filipino community very proud after the Miss Teenage Canada pageant is over. Ontario for the crown!


Meeting the Philippine Consul General of Toronto, Canada-Rosalita Prospero

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-Ranielle, Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016


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